Flipping Out Recap: Indecision

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At Valley Vista, there seems to be a new major issue every day. Tempers are flaring and Gage is by far the most stressed out by it all.  Many a marriage has ended during a major home renovation. These two have argued the entire episode and it seems as though it is worse than usual.

In a confessional, Jeff says that Gage has gone three days at a time without speaking to him. This really does seem like a nightmare and Jeff totally makes everything even worse than it has to be.

Jeff, Gage and Jenni all head to Orange County to work a major renovation in Newport Beach. Mary, one of the owners, is getting too many opinions and not just blindly listening to Jeff and Jenni as they would like her to.  Jeff ends up backing out of the deal because the woman can’t make up her mind. Gage says that Jeff is exactly like Mary when it comes to renovating  Valley Vista and he is the one that makes everything take it longer than it should.

Lucky #14

Lucky #14

Embryo #14

On the way to their first ultrasound, Jeff and Gage bicker the entire ride there. Jeff and Gage are super nervous about the ultrasound where they should get to hear the baby’s heartbeat.  Jeff is just like me when it comes to ultrasounds. I really don’t think they look like babies. It doesn’t seem like a real thing at this point in the pregnancy. But then, they heard the baby’s heartbeat and that got both dads emotional.

Am I the only one who thought that #14 looked like it was splitting before it even went in?  So apparently it did but only one twin survived the split. That would creep me out for life. Wouldn’t it be weird to know that your kid was almost twins?  Wouldn’t you think about  that like every day?  Their due date is October 18th.

Oh. And Jenni filmed a commercial for toilets that seemed out of place for the episode and not nearly as funny as production probably thought it would be.


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22 responses to “Flipping Out Recap: Indecision

  1. Jill

    I didn’t understand Jeff getting so worked up about his wall getting demo’ed either. Usually he’s the one who wants it all ripped out, done right, gotta get it all out, fixed, get ‘er done. Maybe it’s just him feeling all out of control, flailing and freaking out when he can’t control every single thing in his life. Like the mood he got into during the Ryan Brown saga in Season 3 when he thought he was taking his business.

    These aren’t my fave episodes when he’s like that. He does have a pattern though. I wish he’d sing about Glow Sharks or harp on Zoila a little instead of this.

  2. Ricky Lee Jones

    It’s not a good season so far. Jeff is spread too thin and his humor is non-existent. I know he’s stressed over money and the baby and the house but instead of trying to control everything, he should ask for help or find ways to relieve that stress without destroying his relationships. I tune into this show for the real estate porn as well as the camaraderie b/t Jeff and his peeps. Both are lacking this year.

  3. Trish

    FYI: TT, the cell splitting thing happened to my Mom when she was pregnant with me. When the cell split it landed on my left cheek on my face. I was born with a fully developed ear on the left side of my face – talk about freaking out. My Parents had a plastic surgeon (back in the 50’s) remove it. I have a scar, but you would never know just by looking at my face why I had a scar. I think my Parents were glad I wasn’t a twin…lol!

  4. Lisanobiglips

    Thanks for recapping so quickly this Week! I was laminating, coloring, and cutting things out before school Starts! I finally took my break and I have a bunch of fun reads. You are the best!s

  5. Sweet T

    Yes. Yes it would freak me out every single day. Chimeras freak me out

    • BamaBelle

      Me too! I once went with a friend who was having surgery to remove a cyst from her upper abdomen that looked like a third breast. This was about six months after a lap band procedure. She gave them permission to tell me everything about her procedure and post op care as she would be staying with me for a few days, and I would be her caregiver. I don’t remember the exact medical term the doctor used but it was a twin that didn’t make it. The procedure was laparoscopic so he showed me pictures of what they removed. It had small teeth and hair in it. It was so creepy I slept with the lights on for a week. I have since learned this is not uncommon. My friend might have never known she had one without the weight loss.

  6. Deirdre

    Does anyone sense any love at all between Gage and Jeff? Jeff seems much more emotionally connected to Zoila.

    • Jill

      I’ve recently discovered this show so I’ve been watching all the seasons on Hulu. I’m pretty hooked for the real estate porn since I’m trying to sell my house & need as many pointers as I can get. Anyway. On the season 5 reunion, they both pretty much admit they aren’t into PDA in general in their life and really don’t want to put it on the show. Jeff kinda busts on Gage a minute or two also for being too conservative in that way but let’s it go after getting a dirty look from Gage. It was pretty apparent to me though that as soon as Gage showed up as the Business Affairs guy, heads rolled.

  7. Toddy

    Gage not speaking to Jeff for three days? Jeff can be an ass, but Gage needs to grow up, especially if they’re going to be parents.

  8. I hate to see them estranged. I love them both. Watching them hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time brought tears to my eyes. It was awesome. I felt bad for Mary, but I can see where that would be so frustrating and costly. Sometimes when you hire people to do things the people hiring you think they own you and depending on the type of job it isn’t so. It shouldn’t be so…especially when you are all working towards the same goal supposedly. Because my hubs and I recently moved I know how horribly stressful that can be, I cannot even imagine the stress of trying to get that work done an working and living there. Yes, Jeff is adding to the stress but I think that’s his outlet and Gage, God love him, he is hanging in. #flushoff!

    • Erica

      It wasn’t that she thought she owned Jeff – she hired him because of his experience, know how, and aesthetic – but kept questioning his abilities based on what the guy down the street said. I would have had more respect if she had said she wasn’t sure SHE liked it.

      Jeff was smart to cut his losses. She was going to cause some costly delays.

  9. Elizabeth

    Jeff did the right thing with Mary she was wasting time and money….

    • Jim

      I think Mary was just trying to be an interesting client to get more camera time. Unfortunately it blew up in her face.

  10. SashaV

    Our second son had a twin that we lost at 10 weeks. At the time I was just so thankful that we were able to maintain one pregnancy that I did not really grieve the loss of the other twin. I even felt like I should have been more sad but getting pregnant was hard for us and I was desperate to have another. Sometimes when I look at him I wonder what his brother or sister would have been like but am just so thankful that I have healthy happy kids it does not haunt me.

  11. More Tea Please!

    Does anybody else wonder about the total absence of physical contact between Jeff and Gage? Seriously, two parents hearing their baby’s heartbeat for the first time would hug, hold hands, SOMETHING! Those two sat there like there was a partition between them.

  12. Thanks for the recap, TT. Andrea Martin has one of the funniest monologues about having a dead twin stuck to her in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I hope Gage and Jeff work it out. I hate that Valley Vista house. I am still loving the season though. The surrogate craving Jeff’s favorite foods was really cute.

    • tamaratattles

      I hate the Valley Vista house and all the negative energy in it as well. Why the hell did they move out of the house that everyone, especially me, loves FOR A SECOND TIME before having a freaking baby?

      • I think Gage was correct when he said Jeff is just like Mary. I can’t imagine them bringing a new born baby into the pit. I am still broken hearted about them leaving the first house, forgot the name–the gray one–started with an M. They might as well just dig a hole in the front yard, throw all their money into it, and start a bar b cue.

  13. Aubrey

    In the words of Zoila, Gage is a b**ch.

  14. Rose

    Gage has grown on me but I still don’t see the love between him and Jeff. I want to hear more glow shark!

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