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I was actually OUT IN THE WORLD today and watched some of the Opening Ceremonies before coming home to feed the boy.  I’d love to hear your take on the opening before the athletes showed up.  I found it sort of confusing.  Apparently the commentators were not given any information on the opening scenes at first either because they literally didn’t say a word for like the first twenty minutes. The person I was watching with and I kept making up hilarious imaginary scenarios trying to make sense of what we were seeing?

Finally several minutes on Matt Lauer or whoever that is let us know it was something to do with a rain forest. Nope. Never would have guessed that!


Will you be watching the Olympics? What events are you most interested in?


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84 responses to “Daily Tea: (Open Forum) Olympic Opening Ceremonies

  1. Swizzle

    Made a Brazilian feast for dinner complete with Brazilian cocktails, and am enjoying the opening ceremonies. The first part was fun. The climate change part was long, but I liked how it ended to say all the athletes are planting seeds. Now I’m brushing up on geography with the parade of countries.

  2. Sequoia

    I can’t believe they interrupted the opening ceremony for commercials.

  3. Buttercream

    What were the people in silver dancing with the puffy silver blown up balloons all the while with a countdown on the platform?
    My niece works for NBC and is producing segments while in RIO for The Today Show ..will let you know her take on her experience ..

    • tamaratattles

      I assumed it was about that time that BraziL was invaded by Martians. Which apparently happened before rappers in tin foil descended and the Asians showed up to destroy the rainforest and build favelas.

      But I may have misunderstood the whole thing. Like the manual ferris wheel and the giant crabs.

      • Meri

        I enjoyed some of it and was confused by some of it. I got too tired to stay up after the U.S. made it’s entrance in the parade of athletes so I turned it off and went to sleep. I missed the lighting of the torch but I guess they’ll show it in reruns. They did okay considering that they didn’t have much money to spend on the Opening so I congratulate them. I prefer the Winter Olympics so it’ll be Gymnastics for me and that’s about it for my watching.

      • Fizz

        Lololololol!! Thanks for explaining that to me!

    • Billie_bee

      They looked like Hershey kisses to me. But I’m craving chocolate right now, so I may not be a partial observer…

  4. tamaratattles

    Also, why do they have orphans carrying pot plants walking with each of the flag bearers? Where is that irritating Brazilian bitch when we actually need her?

    • Meri

      The diva made her long walk across the entire field and that was boring. I can’t stand her so I wasn’t impressed. Brazil has so much more to offer than a self-absorbed model. The pots with plants were to start a forest of trees representing each nation that they hope people will come back to visit when the trees grow up. It was a sweet idea.

  5. Jill

    My thought was it was nice to see Michael Phelps be the flag bearer. His accomplishments have been pretty great and he’ll forever be linked to the Summer Olympics from my lifetime. I still think China’s opening ceremonies were pretty spectacular with all the drumming and optical illusions, light show.

  6. tamaratattles

    I missed alot after they made a wall out of paper boxes only to immediately take it down. Oh and when they invented paper airplanes.

    • cc101

      Okay that part was soooo weird. My kids were like ‘why did they just put all those boxes together and then take them apart straight away?’. Ummm no idea.

    • Sandra

      Tamara, you are hilarious, lmao! Funny, how out of that totally confusing display they ended it all by saying, in your face America. We invented planes first! Bizarre, Lol
      Thanks though, for giving us a spot to discuss it. You seem to be the only one online right now that will even touch it. No one wants to say anything. lol

      • Miguel

        Hahaha, Sandra!!! Peter Mansbridge (the Canadian commentator) said that this Brazilian was not credited with the invention of the plane, because, his “did not ever take flight; but, tonight it will.”

  7. Jill

    I think the Rio Opening Ceremonies has been odd with too little details about what’s going on. I’ve been to Brazil on business and I think it’s such a cool country. I feel all we hear about here in the US is about the filth problems in the bay where they are doing some of the sailing events and the lodging issues and the Zika and crime threats. I was hoping for more.

  8. cheychey

    I can’t wait! I adore gymnastics and track and field. I will catch some swimming also.

  9. Jill

    Oh and how about Matt Lauer calling that one singer the Brazilian Aretha Franklin?

  10. Cherry Bomb

    Love the Olympics…. I try to watch everything…. Equestrian , swimming , diving , basketball , track & field , soccer and especially gymnastics. I hope they show trampoline on one of the channels showing Olympic coverage…. Can you believe trampoline is an Olympic sport ? (I certainly didn’t know ). I didn’t watch all of the opening ceremony … I changed the channel after the US team marched in the parade … Kinda glad they were alphabetically an E instead of a U… Changed over to Real Housewives of Melbourne and the Houston Astros game. Anyway so excited to watch the Olympics for the next two weeks… Also so many interesting personal stories about individual athletes from all over the world. Such a testament of perseverance dedication and sacrifice from so many.

  11. I actually enjoy the Winter Olympics much more than the summer ones – love the ski jumps, slaloms, ice skating, bobsleds.. With all the bad publicity regarding the polluted waterways, and other problems, hope it all goes well in Rio. The athletes train for so many years, and I’d hate to see them disappointed.

  12. ChancesR

    One name: Pita Taufatofua, from Tonga. The shirtless flag bearer. Sigh. ‘Nuf said.

    • Jill

      Omg, I was going to say that. He was THE best. I wondered if he rubbed that baby oil on himself or… I’d volunteer to touch him up.

    • BeckyMay

      The highlight of the opening ceremony for me was the Tongan flag bearer. What a beautiful man lol.

  13. SweetM

    Tam did you hear..about the black kiid in Chicago? Stole a black jaguire ..he was 19.. Chicago cops blocked him…he Rammed the cop car bad..cars were totaled…the kid ran…cops ran after him…shot him in the back..this shit is is so fucked up. This is not about black or white…it’s about who breaks the law. This kid was a ball buster…these cops deal with this …it’s a.no win…the kid stole a car and rammed a cop…I mean..who does that! The consequences will be. I’m so sick of hearing about poor criminal……give me a break! You charge a cop car with a stolen vehicle and run..I mean …now I should feel sorry for this kid? Ugh? All should learn respect of cops.. Shut your mouth …actions have consequences..these cops deal with crazy to protect. There is so much crazy we have no idea. If you do t listen to an officer.. You will suffer the consequences. It’s called just be quiet and respect…unless shit is wierd..then record the asshole..I’m just so sad. What do you expect when you hit a cop car in a stolen Jag and the run? Ha..crash into a cop car! For real!..NO respect for the law and now we feel bad for this kid? Let’s talk to his parents. I will not tolerate I’m black excuse..that kid could be purple..he posed a major threat….it’s just how to be calm when dealing with officers. See guys see so much crazy

  14. Off topic, but I’ve been a casual lurker on this site for years. Where the hell was I when Melissa Gorga and her husband were on an episode of American Greed?? The episode was sitting in my DVR with eight others that I had recorded. The focus of the show is Bobby Khan, a greedy luxury car dealer. Is this the same guy that was in the episode involving the car he gave them?

  15. Margarett

    I thought they did a great job considering that their budget was cut by 90 percent. ( The producers said during an interview.). I loved the seed planting idea.

    The opening ceremony in Beijing was so spectacular that my expectations are now unrealistic.

    • Margarett

      The team for refugees was wonderful. The story about the young woman from Syria who is now a refugee in Germany. The overcrowded boat she was in when fleeing Syria began to sink. She and her sister jumped in and swam for three hours all while pulling the boat. Unbelievable!

      Sorry for two posts. Sunny Boy had to go for his bark and run…immediately!

  16. tamaratattles


  17. tamaratattles

    According to TMZ the mens basketball team has already “accidentally” gone to the whore house.

    “Several Team USA hoops stars made a bonehead move in a foreign land — thinking they were walking into a spa that turned out to be a whorehouse.
    DeAndre Jordan, DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins, DeMar Derozan and possibly 3 other players went out on the town Wednesday night in Rio and strolled into Termas Monte Carlo … which Rolling Stone called “one of the high end brothels in Rio.”
    When you call the place, they’ll tell you it’s a spa that plays music … and it’s just for male customers. Oh, and they have a full bar.”

  18. Minky

    You guys have got a lot more patience than I have. I understand that the Olympics are a big deal, but I guess my attention span is nix when it comes to watching TV. I do love a bit of theater though.

  19. Blondesense

    The olympics always brings up a lot of feelings for me. When they were held in Australia I was attacked by a visiting official with one of the teams and he left the country before I got the balls to go to the police. Every 4 years the guilt of letting him go free resurfaces, so I try and avoid them. It’s hard because Australians love the olympics and they are everywhere. When I was living in Michigan I was always surprised at the lack of interest in the games, people didn’t seem to follow them much.

    • Jill

      Oh wow, sorry that happened to you, Blondesense. Hopefully you got the support and love from friends and family. You aren’t alone.

      • Blondesense

        Thanks Jill. I did and do. I have a little mantra I say to myself at rough times ‘you will not leave your fingerprints on me’ (literally or figuratively).

  20. Oh TT, you need to get a job on Mystery Science Theater. I have three days off, so I am going to watch some Olympics, hopefully. I am totally rooting for Team Refugee. What an amazing idea.

  21. Synchronized swimming is the most underrated sport of all the games!!

    • ingrid

      I was actually a synchronized swimmer in high school (not a very good one). I do know how very difficult even the simplest moves are. Will be watching it!

  22. Rach

    I enjoyed it. Team Jamaica looked amazing! I love the Olympics. I’m a sucker for it all

  23. Jrleaguer

    Wish that Bravo was not devoting so much time to the Olympics. If I wanted to watch, then I could just watch my local NBC station. I want to see my mind numbing, soul sucking shows.

    • Librarygirl

      I just realized that Bravo is covering the Olympics it seems all day every day. I agree, if I wanted to watch, I would catch it in NBC. It’s going to be a long haul but I will have weeding to do after this rain. And walking, and some indie movies to catch at our tiny cinema. Not to mention a stack of books to choose from. Maybe not so bad, after all.

  24. Diane

    I found it boring boring boring. None of it made sense. When the dancers finally came I thought well now the party starts and instead it was like some science project gone bad! WTF were those costumes. I know they copied that from some 1950 B sci fi flick about Mars. Awful.
    I did choke up when Kosovo marched on in their first appearance saying “this is the first time we are equals” and again with the Refugee Olympic Team but otherwise it was about as entertaining as my living room wall. No wait…my living room walls ARE/IS entertaining with its one wall of Day of the Dead and Voodoo dolls. Its a conversation starter. So, yeah Rio ? My wall? The gold goes to my wall and Mon Cherie Voodoo doll.

    I do love watching all these people compete. They give up so much and I am happy for them when they do well! Hoping it goes well without anything awful happening. Security is an issue. Health is an issue. Its a nightmare in my opinion.

  25. I love watching the summer Olympics. Basketball, gymnastics, swimming, track. I love it all. I remember when they were in LA in the 80’s. I was like 5. It was very exciting. Go USA.

  26. Miguel

    The Canadian commentators had the 411; and I hope I do this justice. The presentation was meant to show the mosaic that is Brazil; and how history has enriched this tapestry.

    First, they were tracking the evolution of the rainforest itself (silver, white green); then looked at the Indigenous peoples (the red ‘thonged’ costumes); their colonization by the Portuguese(the pirate ships); eventual slavery of Africans (the wheels & ‘blocked’ feet); then the arrival of people from the Middle & Far East.

    We had a commercial break here; and came back to a contemporary Brazil, as organized around megacities (pink & white costumes). I think that was about the first 20mins.

    I hope that helped,though I’m sure I would have enjoyed your commentary better.

  27. JoJoFLL

    I thought Gisele looked amazing and her walk was moving but it was just weird. It was pretty ho-hum for me. I was expecting a lot more. I did not realize that the budget was slashed for the opening ceremonies.

    • Jill

      Yep, it was in the news leading up to the games. Like in Sochi, there’s been a lot of faulty materials being used to build all these complexes and a lot of corruption and builders taking a lot of bribes under the table & kickbacks going back to the heads of these Olympic build committee in Brazil. Think the first guy is going to trial soon. It didn’t take me long to find it on Google and be pretty disgusted.

      Then the second guy they put in charge of building the Olympic complexes was charged with using faulty materials, kickbacks, corruption, (the same stuff as the first guy but manslaughter too) because a walkway collapsed & killed some workers and he’s getting ready to go to trial pretty soon in Brazil. That man is probably going to go to jail for the deaths from that walkway.

      It was pretty terrible what these guys did but basically after all this, lots of money was lost & budgets were cut.

      • Jill

        Well correction, how it’s like Sochi is just the shotty buildings & materials. Not the kickbacks & corruption. Russia would neeevvvver let those other shenanigans occur in their Olymipic buildup. Heh.

  28. GirlMe

    Can I say how much I HATE Caitlynn Jenner! She is working her little ass off to make sure transgender people get no rights.

    She actually said “republicians will bring this country back to where it used to be”. Guess she’s not a fan of women, civil, and gay rights. Guess she’d like all those rights taken away so others can be oppressed til they are 66+.

    Now I never wanna see her face or see her show. Shes doing more harm than good. Now I understand why the Espy people said she’s not a hero.

    PS this is not a Rep vs Dem thing. Are there Reps who support gays? Dunno. But this is a why work with people who HATE you. Conservatives HATE Gay people. Like want the government to pay for conversion “shock therapy” for all gays. Yet Caitlyn is advocating for them.

    This makes me so mad because I always try to support lawmakers who support gays otherwise I dismiss them. But I get pissed that I care about gay people more than some real gay people who are intent on getting rid of gay rights.

    Thats like me advocating for the skinheads and the KKK as a black woman. Absurd. Hope this post is ok. Had to get it out.

  29. GirlMe

    Sorry I saw Open Forum and thought anything goes. Sorry its about the Olympics. My bad.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Caitlin is a major disappointment, but did she ever claim to be a role model? Just because a conservative Republican undergoes gender change doesn’t mean she automatically becomes a liberal, rainbow flag waver.
      When she was Bruce at the Olympics in 1976, he was a glorious sight to behold. I refuse to let bitter Caitlin erase that image from my mind.

      • GirlMe

        You’re right! But why can’t she be a Republican who supports gay rights. Is that a thing? Why identify as Conversative Republican – the sect that SUPER HATES GAYS.

        She had so much power and since she’s refusing to use her power for good, it should be taken away. Definately not used to harm the gay community. Thats stupid.

      • tamaratattles

        GirlMe, I don’t think you know what conservative means. I’m not saying that in my bitch mode, I’m saying that you really don’t understand the word and how it is misused by democratic liberals as an insult. The fact that you wonder if the entire republican party hates gays,and wants to convert them through weird religious programming is kind of disturbing. Kaitlyn Jenner is no more of a spokesperson for the Republican party, or what is left of it, than Donald Trump is.

    • tamaratattles

      It is an open forum, GirlMe. And your post was fine. How do you think I feel about gay people, just out of curiosity?

      • GirlMe

        Tamara I think you support gays. You hate when people call them “my gay” so I’m gonna say you don’t think they are going to hell just because.

        I don’t know about Republicans but have read about the “conservative republican” who super hate gay people. Donald Trump running mate, conservative Rep., fought to get govt to pay for conversion therapy.

        Guess my problem is the word conservatives. They hate gays and I don’t understand how gays can support conservatives. I don’t support the KKK.

        Anyway, just pissed Caitlyn Jenner isn’t using her platform to get the message out that “things have to get better for trans people”. Instead her message is “I agree trans people arent a big deal please continue to make their lives hell and discriminate against them. I support your hatred of them”. Not cool. Thats why she’s dangerous for trans people. She has the mic and instead of passing it to people who can help she’s hogging it with her “i approve of your hatred of trans people, tell me more” yuck

        K got it all out. I HATE CAITLYN JENNER!

      • tamaratattles


        I’m sure that comment will go straight over your pointy head. Your problem with the word conservative is you have no fucking idea what it means.

        Other problems you have are vast generalizations where one idiot who is a conservative republican according to you, means that ALL PEOPLE who are conservative republicans, or maybe all republicans or maybe just conservatives, or maybe all idiots, or maybe all men feel the exact way that Pense does.

        You should worry less about labels, especially when you don’t know what the big words actually mean, and focus more on spreading dramatic falsehoods on the Internet about people who “SUPER HATE GAYS.”

        Once your education evolves you can move on to bigger concepts like “Know your audience.”

      • GirlMe

        Hmmm Ok. But for the record I LOVE Transgender people from afar and on a personal level. Thx for the space.

  30. Margaret Shepard

    Gisele walking across the stadium was just stupid. I think she is one of the least attractive Brazilian supermodels. Tom Brady girlfriend Brigitte Monahan was pregnant when Giselle came along and he dumped her. She was on sat and now blue bloods. Always thought she was much prettier than Giselle. I loves watching the countries coming in. I sorta liked our ralph lauren outfits, but a little busy. Seeing Andy Cohen wearing it with his midget body and no socks kinda ruined it for me though. Yes to that Tonga guy, muy caliente.

    • Swizzle

      Giselle is gorgeous and can certainly strut, but I’m glad that my best skills are a bit more complex than a great walk. I’d certainly love to have her legs though.

  31. Margaret Shepard

    I mean’t sex and the city. Bridget played Big’s wife.

    • Matzah60

      Wow! I remember Big’s wife was tall and blonde, but never made the connection. I have been watching reruns of Sex and the City forever and never seem to tire of it no many how many times I watch the same episodes.

  32. ZenJen55

    The Atlanta 96 Olympics was what took me to the river. The Ocoee River hosted the kayak and canoe portion of the event! We still have the Olympics Flags up at the Whitewater Center where you put in at. I still have a sense of pride when I see them flying! So I’m watching the kayakers.
    And RUFUGEES, remember the Jamaican bobsled team??? How great was they…

  33. Chloe

    As I watched the parade of nations, I thought how wonderful our world is…all these different cultures coming together as one. You saw athletes from Iraq, Israel, Russia, Cuba all smiling and reveling in the moment. No violence…just peace and happiness. If only nations could get along like this all the time…

  34. Jen

    I felt like they should have had a parade of the Brazilian supermodels walking, not just her. I thought they did well considering what they were given. The London opening ceremony was more of a let-down for me. The constant commercials were super annoying though.

    I enjoy the Olympics but miss the days when they didn’t pick and choose what they thought you wanted to see. I know trampolining is an Olympic sport because when I was a child it would be on tv every time!

    The Olympics also remind me of a former colleague who had represented his country at the Seoul Olympics, playing baseball. He had some amazing stories.

  35. hannahkingrose

    My favorite sport has always been gymnastics. Those althletes are so graceful and strong. I was so impressed even when I was young. I remember watching as a small child and having learned how to do a cartwheel deciding I could do what these people were doing. So my stupid little 7 year old ass climbed up onto the couch and tried to do a front flip. Needless to say it didn’t turn out too well. I ended up flat on the floor with my right arm at a slightly strange angle screaming for my Mother. The cast was still on when I started school that year and a reminder not to do another flip off the couch. I never became a gymnist but I did finally learn to do a front walk over, handstand, and a split. I was happy.

    • Toni Lee Gildea

      Hannahkingrose- Forty years or so ago, my 4 yr old son decided to try a 2 1/2 gainer off the arm of the sofa during the Olympics, He didn’t win a medal, but he did get 12 stitches in his head.

  36. Jill

    OMG, if you haven’t checked out a pic of the US Men’s Gymnastic team, DO IT NOW. You won’t regret it. Eye candy.

  37. NAA

    The goalie for the water polo team. Sigh.

  38. Pitypat

    I really enjoy the Olympics! Maybe I am just cranky because I only have 1 week of vacation left but just saw a commercial for that blond volleyball person and am not looking forward to her pulling her tiny bikini out of her butt after every hit. Last Olympics we had a drinking game for her doing that and got really buzzed very quickly.

  39. We just love watching the Olympic swimming events at our house! This is the first August in years without 5:00 am swim practices for my oldest. (She starts college in 11 days!) Was readiing an article about the athletes and thought of Shannon Beador (never thought I would talk about Shannon and the Olympics in the same sentence!;)) Apparently many of the athletes are doing that “cupping” thing that Shannon does-LOL! Apparently Michael Phelps does it quite a bit-who would have thought that Shannon would be on to something???!!!!

    • Matzah60

      I heard about that too. I was shocked. Subsequently, I was watching a WWHL with Terry Dubrow and Dr. Nassif. For what it’s worth, they both said it was complete BS

  40. JKR

    TT, I know you used to follow couple’s therapy and watched the mother daughter experiment along with me..
    Did you see that Courtney Stodden was pregnant and miscarried? She shaved her head yesterday. I feel so awful for that poor girl. I see something very broken in her, and I fear this may have pushed her over the edge.

    • tamaratattles

      Oh God. This breaks my heart. :( For real.

      • JKR

        Me too :( After seeing how terrible and disgusting her mother was, I perceived her seeing this baby as a way to correct the mistakes/role models/betrayal of her childhood. Maybe that’s projection.
        I can’t seem to help but bring the bad news here, maybe I need to get out more and try to find some positivity before I bring us all down.

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