BB Eviction Night – Harsh Hash Tags

Big Brother Casting Director Robyn Kass with Paulie and Cody

Big Brother Casting Director Robyn Kass  with Paulie and Cody


Updated to correct misidentified woman in photo. It’s Robyn Kass the casting director to blame for these horrid creatures.

By Lime Brain

Yay! It’s eviction night! And hopefully, my girl Da’vonne will be able to pull off a blind side on the house guests trying to blindside her.

After a recap of the last weeks events, Julie tells us the house guests are going to find out who their real friends are.

The veto ceremony is over.  Paul took himself down and Day was put up.  Paul is happy as he usually is. Day says it doesn’t make sense that she is up. She thought her and Paul were friends. Nichole is worried that Day might have the return ticket and Day will be coming after her.

Paulie told Bridgette that the only votes Day has are Z’s and Michelles. Bridgette tells us that the veto meeting went exactly as Paulie said it would. She wants to taste revenge and wants Day gone first. She tells Paulie that she is having a hard time not smiling and giving it away.

Day goes up to the hoh room to find out from Paul why she was put up. She tells Paul that Bridgette is starting to save herself by talking to Paulie. Paul starts bullshitting Day that he had to put up someone who wouldn’t freak out. She asks him if he’s afraid of Nichole.  She wants to know where she stands the order.  He assures her that Bridgette is the target.

Paul tells us that he is kind of lying to Day but he still wants Bridgette to go. He hopes the voting doesn’t end in a tie so he doesn’t have to get blood on his hands.  Day knows he’s lying and she says she has to work on getting votes.

BB18 Paulie

Cut to Nicole and Corey in the hammock. This was after the halfway party I believe and she had a few beers and is tipsy and her stomach hurts. Corey gets up to get her some tums and she does a frontflip onto the ground.

Day, Michelle and Z are in the bathroom. Day thinks she has James vote. Michele believes that Paul is telling the truth and Bridgette is going. She is confident of it. Natalie walks in and they ask her how she is going to vote. She says she is going to vote for Day.

In the DR Natalie tells us that she doesn’t know what she is going to do. She knows James doesn’t like Bridgette but Bridgette is her best friend in the house.

James tells Natalie that Day is her good friend and wants to throw her a vote. He likes her a lot. He saya he may have to vote for Bridgette because otherwise he may ruffle a lot of feathers and screw up his game.

Paul, Nicole, James and Corey are in the safari room discussing who to put up for the double eviction. The plan is Bridgette and Victor. Day enters the room and asks what the convo is. They tell her double eviction and she asks the plan. James screws up and say, “B&V”. Day asks who “B” is.  This may come back to bite them in the ass later. Tee! Hee! James looks like a deer caught in the headlights.

James tells us that you tell so many lies in the house, sometimes you make a mistake and the truth comes out.

Day knows the score and tells us that Nicole has the same dumbass look on her face when she is caught in a lie. She knows they are plotting.


Later on, James and Natalie are in the London bedroom and Day walks in. She is going to work on James for his vote. She asks him to have her back on Thursday. She says if they vote with Z and Michele it will be a tie and Paul will break it. She will have a fighting chance.

She says that he is the swing vote and it’s a sucky position to put you in. James tells her that he needs to talk to Paul first to see if Paul will vote to keep Day in.  Really, James? If you don’t vote for me, you will really hurt my feelings.  Is this the best argument Day has? She better start packing her bags.

Day leaves and James asks Natalie what he should do. He doesn’t want Day to leave but Paulie will be so pissed. He’s doing her dirty.  Grow a pair of Balls, James! That’s what you should do if you want to win this game.

Natalie tells him to play his cards right. Sigh.

Now BB visits Paul’s house. The front of it looks like the white house.  Paul is a Momma’s boy. Nothing wrong with that. As long as the mother is nice.  She gives Paul a kiss every morning. She wants Paul to win because he is going to buy her a Bentley if he does.

Time for the live vote. Julie announces that this is the start of jury. Tome for their speeches. Bridgette is grateful for still being there and is grateful and day thanks God, was put up as a pawn and hopes it is actually the case.

As to the voting, it ended up being 6-2 with Day being voted out. Only Michele and Z voted for her. James wussed out. He can go next.

I’m very disappointed that it wasn’t a tie so Paul would have to get some blood on his hands.

As Day is walking out, she leans over to Victor and whispers something to him. What could it be? I can’t hear. She did kiss James as she left.

When she was talking to Julie, Julie asks what she told Victor. She says she told him that they were planning on voting him out during the double eviction. She snitched and laughs. Yay! Day! I just hope Victor believes her and starts shaking up the house.

Julie opens up her round trip ticket and sadly, it is only a one way ticket. This makes me sad. Now I am hoping Victor has the round trip ticket so he can piss off the house again. He’s still not over being voted out the first time.

In the goodbye messages, James says he’s really sorry. He couldn’t show his cards. He hopes she understands. Z says if she sees this, she doesn’t know what wrong. Paul says he is confused why she is there and they both got screwed. He’s pandering for her vote.

Day tells Julie that the game is hard but is amazing and she would do it again and again.

Time for the HoH challenge. Harsh #s. It’s the one where they have to hold onto a rope and stand on a tiny disc and be spun around in a circle. There’s a giant sign that they bump into. Theres also a bunch of signs with hashtags written on them. I refuse to recap them. I am tired. Though I did like the #U Suck sign. The first 3 to fall off are the have nots.

As the comp begins, Julie tells us next week is the double eviction. Julie also tells them to hold on tight because the internet trolls are coming out, and these monkeyish looking things come out threatening to whack them.

Paulie sees the trolls and repeatedly yells out that he can see their “bulges” and they are quite impressive!  And everyone thought Corey was the closeted gay.

After the show ended, they actually let us see the comps on the feeds. It went on for 2 ½ hours. It was down to Natalie and Victor.  Victor finally won.  I truly hope he believes Day and uses that information wisely.


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34 responses to “BB Eviction Night – Harsh Hash Tags

  1. SarcasticMan

    Victor is fine as wine but dumb, I hope he goes off his own instincts and shakes up the game like it needs to be done. I’m hoping Z and Michelle are safe this week.

  2. SarcasticMan

    Victor is fine as wine but dumb, I hope he goes off his own instincts and shakes up the game like it needs to be done. I’m hoping Z and Michelle are safe this week.

  3. GirlMe

    I was addicted but stopped caring after they plotted to get Day out. At least she was playing the game.

    Its boring now. Extremely frustrating to see the dumb girls get picked off one by one. Wish they would play. Hope they feel dumb after its over how their men care so little for them.

    James sucks. Will watch Paulie win on finale night.

  4. Adrienne

    I use to watch but it seems people of color never go far after Danielle.

    • tamaratattles

      Danielle was robbed. There is a “person of color” as HOH right now. James is also a “person of color.” Just say what you mean,”black people.”

    • 25

      Danielle is the best BB player of all time, in mine & many others’ opinion. It’s not a matter of race; it’s a matter of there not being a best BB player of all time cast every season, black or otherwise. Lots of floaters do nothing, make it far, and are immediately forgotten. Especially this season.

  5. Jill

    Nice recaps, Lime, enjoyed last one too. And wow, Alison Grodner is pretty hot, I got to give it to her. Out in Hollywood, looking like that helps.

    As far as this whole game, I’m bored as the game is fairly 1 dimensional at this point. I’m convinced they all could be doing better if they would learn to READ people a little better. Paulie seems to have a good strategy but I think he’s just taking advantage of the fact most everyone in the house is pliable and will go along with the majority (his strategy) at this point. Huge advantage for him and him alone. James and Paul sometimes pick up on clues like body language and inconsistent conversations but many times are too weak to carry out the big or smarter move or figure out a strategic plan based on what they see. They are only seeing the short term and often times just succumb to what Paulie or the “majority” which is still what Paulie wants done.

    Zac, really, girl, you are really minimizing your worth by focusing on any type of relationship with Paulie. Like Sex in the City, “He’s just not that into you, girl!” Please snap out of it. You were one of my faves at the start. COME ON.

    Another thing is I don’t really see anyone else going around at this point strategizing, trying to create any kind of alliance, working their social skills, working a solid strategy for end game, strategy for 2 weeks from now, etc other than Paulie/Paul. Most other years, there would be a lot of times people would be checking in with their alliances to see how they were feeling and a lot of talk like that. I don’t see that much.

    I’m convinced they should have a Big Brother with only us old people (30 or 35 and up) on it who have some darn life experience who can read people, know when they are lying and I think it would be a lot more interesting game. The people who can READ people well (Dr. Will, Derrick, Boogie), have a strategy and manipulate situations/people are the ones who win. And you can’t do that being lax and chilling.

    Ok, I feel better. I just needed to purge that.

  6. Lawstangel

    Wow, I cannot believe how spineless these people are. When did they drop to their knees and anoint Paulie the king? He is vile, sitting there talking about “clipping” this one and that one. As soon as he fucks Z he starts treating her like scum. He has very little respect for anyone. I do not think Day did a whole lot wring this time, other than try to play the game. Maybe she should have not been so focused on Frank? I think part of the reason we have who we have is casting, they get very few people who are willing to play the game. Im done watching, going to read the recaps of course but I no longer care. These people are too stupid…..Olympics starts tonight, looking forward to that. Oh and I still hate Nicole!

    • Wait. Paulie and Z had sex???

      • Jill

        Yeah, no doubt. I had no idea. Who has the details on that??? I don’t get the live feeds so need the details on that one. UGH, after losing my fave in Mama Day, hearing this about Zac makes me want to give up on her chances of winning.

        I feel like Paulie has been coached up by his bro and Derrick. Didn’t he say Derrick came over before the season and gave him some pointers? He’s such a lil punk. And his hair sucks.

        And I can’t stand Nicole either for her smarmy gameplay but that voice tho. Like nails on a chalk board to me. Whiny or something.

      • tamaratattles

        Supposedly they have done it at least twice. I heard at least one of the times was IN A BUMPER CAR! That had to be um…..a tight fit.

      • Jill

        Gee, how romantic. Keeping the bumper cars bumping. (cringe)

      • Lawstangel

        Yes! On one of the recap sites there is a blow by blow….apparently one time “by hand” (Paulie to Z) and then the full act!…allegedly……

      • Jill

        Ha ha, Lawstangel, you said “blow by blow”… I hope that was pun intended.

  7. Victor and his dumb mouth told the house exactly what Day whispered in his ear. Sigh. But lil miss Nicole and her vanilla boyfriend finally figured out that America is in love with James and Natalie and not them. Ha! At least that made me happy. With Day gone this game is now the Paulie show. I think the only person that will put his ass up is Natalie.

    • Jill

      Vic is dumber than a box of rocks. It’s too bad there can’t be like a double evict and then like 3-4 more new vets entering, like Dick Dannato or Brittany, some real players. Otherwise, GO OLYMPICS!

  8. Ms.Minnie

    I’ve noticed since Day left that Nicole and Corey have came out there shell and have been very talkative, energetic, and happier. Interesting 😒

  9. 25

    I stopped watching BB17 after Da’ got evicted. So sad to see her go again. I like Paul, but I’m worried he’ll never make the big move I’d love to see–him turning on Paulie. This would be an opportune time for him & Victor to conspire against Paulie! Who would rise up against them on Paulie’s behalf? No one–they’re all sheep who will vote with the majority.

  10. tamaratattles

    I tried to go to bed earlier, and when I say that Nicole and Corey had to be stopped from a potato peeling contest because they are both too stupid to peel potatoes even with a peeler I just had to come mention that.

  11. Corey and Nichole got in trouble this morning for talking about splitting the money if one of them wins. Corey was called to the DR for it. She keeps yelling out that she was joking.

  12. I dont know what to do. I I don’t like any of the HouseGuest’s that are left. I need someone to root for.

    The feeds are unbearable to watch.

    I was thinking of rooting for Bridgette to win because that would really get Paulie’s goat for keeping her. But I really don’t like her.

    Yep. I think I have to go for Bridgette. Ugh.

  13. Michelle

    Just read a spoiler. Paulie convinced Victor to nominate Michelle and Zakiyah. He is truly vile. He later asked the alliance to vote out Michelle. If Michelle or Zakiyah wins POV, then they are nominating Bridgette.

    • tamaratattles

      Yep, Paulie has controlled pretty much every HOH. He is “clipping” all the girls, but of course trying to keep his fucktoy safe. He also wants Vic out in the DE next week because he is pissed that Victor keeps saying he won the most comps because of battle back and he realizes he is the only physical threat against him. Corey sucking at comps is allowing hims to lumber his way to the end with Paulie.

  14. Marsha Marsha Marsha

    limebrain I guess we will both have to cheer for Bridgette, no one else is left…maybe Nat Nat as a second choice. After Paul said that Michelle sticks her fingers in her mouth when eating I find myself waiting for her to eat and sure enough she sticks her fingers in her mouth when eating gummie treats or whatever that was she was eating. Now I am obsessed with watching her eat. Zakiyah had to be told by DaVonne to put some pants on…wow.

    • tamaratattles

      There are entire posts on the Internet about the way Michelle shovels food in to her mouth as fast as she can. She barely even chews. She eats all the time. She has food issues BAD. She is going to have a nervous breakdown when she gets out of the house. I am very worried about her. One of the guys, Paulie maybe said that he is worried about her when she gets out because he knows there will be a lot of bad stuff said about her.

  15. Is anyone still watching this trainwreck? Anyone have any spoilers that are interesting enough to make it worth tuning back in? Is James growing a pair & using his care pkg to flip the house or is it still the peepee show with stupid girls droning on about stupid guys that don’t give a shit about them? Lol

    • tamaratattles

      I think we may have lost Lime Brain. I worried she didn’t survive her garage sale. And it is still the peepee show. Victor thinks he has a final three with them. Corey and James are both too stupid to know they are at the bottom of the pecking order. Currently, the ones with showmances are jockeying to keep their Victoria til the end while clipping the others one by one.

  16. Jill

    I was pretty disgusted by Vic’s nomination speech. I look forward to your recap, Limey. The misogyny is strong with this group of guys. I kinda hope they face some backlash for it. I also don’t know when Nicole will wake up & stop being a doormat to Corey. All these girls are weak & I just think they won’t see the signs of the guys’ alliance until it’s too late. Which it is I think.

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