WWHL With Dorinda Medley and Jules Wainstein

WWHL Dorinda Andy Jules


Andy is wearing a Ralph Lauren Olympic team jacket that glows in the dark. Interesting. I think I like him better with no tie at all because I am so distracted by his wonky ties each and every night.

Jules has a new haircut and has cut off more than a foot of hair it seems. She looks great. Her face looks fuller as well.

Andy wants to start by talking about Jules failed marriage. Jules and Michael still technically live together. He still has his stuff there.  Jules would only state that they are divorcing and she did know the woman he is sleeping with.  Jules said she didn’t suspect a thing. Bethenny has claimed that Jules knew she was getting a divorce before she even started filming.  Jules says Bethenny claims to know this because they share a mutual friend. The thing is, she and Bethenny have no mutual friends and that what Bethenny said is not true. Both Dorinda and Jules say that Bethenny thinks she has a mutual friend with everyone and she thinks she knows everything.

So of course I go to Bethenny’s twitter and she is insulting Dorinda and Jules on her twitter. She also retweeted that a blind gossip site posted about Tom’s makeout sesh right when the engagement went public. That is probably Bethenny’s “mutual friend” source for the Tom story.

WWHL Dorinda Jules


Dorinda has a great attitude about her drunken toast. She is a really likeable person. So is Jules. It’s a shame that Bethenny is such a bitch to them.  She’s on Twitter saying she knows so much more than what we see on the show. Yes, Bethenny. We understand how the show works. And you constantly make it clear that you know more about any given situation than anyone else in the world.

Dorinda and Jules both stick up for Tom when someone asks if he dated three housewives in order to get famous. Dorinda basically says Tom is a playboy who has dated a lot of women on the UES. Both of them say that Tom and Luann are very happy together.

On the sneak peek for next week, I have to say that the scene where Bethenny unloads her ammo into Luann looks very staged and scripted. Luann goes to Bethenny to ask her why she would ask if she is monogamous with her fiance? Why would she do that?

Some calls in and tells Andy that “those white pants are showing your package, totally.” I think that may be the first time I’ve seen Andy embarrassed.  Her question was about Dorinda stirring the pot and Dorinda says she has no ill intent.

Dorinda and Jules both think it was wrong for Bethenny to spread the Tom gossip to Carole and Ramona, neither of whom are good friends of Luann’s instead of telling Luann directly.

Jules is not particularly close with Bethenny and Carole. She says it’s water under the bridge with Bethenny at this point and Carole is “irrelevant.”  Bethenny tweeted that she should not use words that she can’t even spell. So no love lost there. Still being a bitch. What did Jules ever do to Bethenny? Oh yes, Jules has an eating disorder. That is why Bethenny hates her. Who is it that says all hate is self hate?

The WWHL poll was Trump or Hillary. 62% of the voters picked Trump. I need to stock up on doomsday supplies.


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72 responses to “WWHL With Dorinda Medley and Jules Wainstein

  1. Will

    I like both of them a lot. A waaaaay more fun duo than Bethenny and Carole.

    Also: During the After Show, some weird caller asked Jules if she’d want Howard Stern’s penis inside her vagina, and Andy thought it was so funny and went bonkers laughing and (of course) didn’t defend her at all from the perv.

    • swizzle

      Wow. Andy continues to reach new lows.

    • Matzah60

      I didn’t watch the after show. My son and DIL just had a second child and I’ve been running back and forth to Philly. Thrilled, but have missed watching shows and haven’t gotten time until today to read all of Ms. Tamara’s tea. So glad to read here.

      I have to believe that all calls are screened and that had to be a set up. Of course, I haven’t watch the after show yet, but that is beyond gross to me. I wonder if one of Bethenny’s ‘friends’ called in with that question. Yes, it is perverted, not funny, and was clearly meant to make Jules uncomfortable and humiliated. Therein lies the reason why Andy Cohen and Evil Bethenny are such close buddies.

      Thanks for the post, Tamara. So excited to be reading all your posts and so much catch up reading to do!!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      What?! That’s disgusting.

  2. Bugg

    How stupid is Andy Cohen to ask Jules if she would want to know if her man was cheating in reference to the info Bethenney had about Tom. I felt so bad for her!

  3. Not Andy Cohen

    Was there more to the poll question lol? As in “who’s crazier?” or “who won’t win?” Haha.

    Anywho, Bethenny is odd this season. Like she came like a bat outta hell this season with guns blazing. Clearly, the audience or cast are on Team Bethenny. TT, do you think Bravo/Andy will let go of Jules and LuAnn and introduce new cast members to appease Bethenny (if she comes back next season) and she’ll do a “come to Jesus” season and do a making a amends tour to clear her name/image or get rid of Sonja to bring in a new girl and have Bethenny go at it again with these girls? Spill the tea and give us your opinion on casting (if you had to take a wild guess).

    • tamaratattles

      Andy seemed pretty pleased with both Jules and Luann this season. Who knows what he would do but I’d like to have the same cast. I do NOT think Bethenny will soften up next season. She wears her bitch like a badge of honor. Someone asked Carole why she was so much nicer in scenes without Bethennny and she totally denied it saying she is the same bitch all the time. That is NOT what we are being shown.

      • Matzah60

        “She wears her bitch like a badge of honor” truly sums up everything one could say about Bethenny. It encompasses all the meanness and hate that is in Bethenny’s black soul. It is so childish for Bethenny to start tweeting hateful remarks about Dorinda and Jules (also my two favorites on the show) on Twitter. The comment you posted that Bethenny wrote on Twitter that Jules “should not use words she can’t spell” sounds like something a pathetic, mean bully in middle school would write on her Twitter account. It doesn’t sound like a 40 plus year old woman.

        Bethenny thinks those kind of zingers are funny and underestimates Jules. Jules was composed and is much stronger than she might appear. It must burn up Bethenny that Jules has a ‘brand’ out that is quite successful at Whole Foods. Interestingly, Jules stated on the show that she wasn’t trying to start a business and never wanted to start a business and while I am oversimplifying what occurred, it seems that the success of this drink came to Jules unlike Bethenny who worked like a dog to get where she is. I am not minimizing Bethenny’s success, but a real woman would also be happy for the success of another woman.

      • Spunky2015

        Brilliant post, Matzah

      • Dee

        Congratulations MATZAH, very happy to hear of the birth of your grandchild. I agree, Bethenney is the typical bully, has to have all the attention. She is vile! Love Jules new look!

      • Minky

        I was wondering where you were Matzah. I’m very glad that you had a happy reason to not be posting. Congratulations on the new little ball of sunshine!!! Yay!

      • Evaree

        I don’t comment much but… I never miss a day reading here! Your insights into almost everyone but particularly Bethenny is amazingly comforting. Thank You!!

      • Matzah60

        @Dee and @Minky, Thanks for the good wishes. I am very touched!! 👍😊

    • Amber

      The poll was a simple, ‘who will you vote for’ and the second time the question was asked on WWHL and, also, the second time Trump beat Hillary by a 2 to 1 margin. Last time was prior to the conventions and Andy remarked more people responded to the WWHL poll question than any other poll question before. Interesting … seems there are more closet Trumpies out there than imagined.

      • Surprised by that poll. Andy hates Trump. I thought it would be rigged.

      • The poll results were surprising each time, with Trump outnumbering Hillary by such a wide margin. I wouldn’t have thought that WWHL would have such a high Republican following, given the general perception that Democrats are much more liberal and non-traditional. Andy and his thoughtless questions certainly qualify as non-traditional. Anyway, we all know that any election held now wouldn’t have such a disparity in numbers, one way or the other.

      • Leelee

        It made me think, holy shit. I watch a stupid show that stupid people watch. And The stupidest of these people are so invested in that they actually vote in a poll for WWHL. It’s like skimming the cream, only the cream is low intelligence. Dorinda looked mortified: THESE are the people upon whom my paycheck depends?!

      • Cathryn Coleman

        I’m with you LeeLee. I started questioning my own intelligence! Kind of makes me think that the demographics for WWHL are similar to those of Honey Boo Boo and the likes

  4. A Little Birdie

    Jules looked beautiful. I felt bad for her when Andy was questioning her about her divorce. Did you notice though how he shut her down when she was saying Bethanny thinks every one is mutual friend and how she thinks she knows everything?

  5. Minky

    I love the 1940s beach house glam look that both Jules and Dorinda have going on. They both look stunning and Jules looks healthy and glowing. Her outfit and hair remind me of a young Yvonne DeCarlo.

    Andy is trying to look like Ricardo Montalban, the Captain on the Love Boat, but with a preppy twist. Haha! 😂

    Bethenny sound like she’s losing her shit on Twitter. When oh when will all the wretched plebs get off her jock! Poor wounded dove of peace and love. My heart is bleeding.

    • Major James

      Ricardo Montalban was Mr. Roarke on Fantasy Island with his sidekick, Tattoo.
      Gavin MacLeod was the Captain on The Love Boat.

      • Minky

        Thank you so much. I got my old shows mixed up. Even while I was typing that it felt off. It’s a good thing that I didn’t say the captain on Gilligan’s Island. 😜

      • Captain Stubbing of the Love Boat. Why do I know this and can’t remember what I need to pick up at the store on my lunch break?

    • Meri

      I disagree about Dorinda being “nice”. She is a terrible trouble maker and many of the fights have been as a result of her big mouth which she seems to excuse and take pride in. I would NEVER trust her with any information. As for Luann not being friends with Sonja and Ramona…they go waaaay back while Jules and Dorinda are new to the group dynamic. Bethenny does what she is paid to do and that’s what Bravo and Andy want her to do. She is a professional bitch and obviously, that’s what she is supposed to be. Luann is a fool but she and Tom are alike so they kind of deserve each other. Soul mates indeed. They will wind up having an open marriage like Lu did with the Count. It’s just in their nature to screw around. Monogamous? Never.

      • OmgOmg

        Dorinda may be a gossip but she is nice — she’s not a “b–tch” like Bethenny is she’s not mean spirited. I’m happy for Lu and Tom. It’s interesting what you say about Bravo and Andy wanting Bthenny to be a “professional b-tch” but that was not her previous image. Not at all. Her previous image was a wise cracking super funny career woman and underdog who’s a rags to riches story. Not at all the vile nasty disturbed mean destructive controlling sabotaging character image that’s emerged this season.

      • Vet

        I think that Dorinda is a good friend. She listens to what they say and runs back to tell her real buddies what those bitches have been saying. I would love to hang out with Dorinda, Jules, Sonja, and LuAnn. I really hate that they call LuAnn, LuMan I think it is disgusting, as much work as those bitches have done!!!

  6. Major James

    Sorry Minky, but Ricardo Montalban was Mr Roarke on Fantasy Island who had the sidekick, Tattoo. Gavin McLeod was the captain on The Love boat.

  7. Amy V

    I can recall back in the day when Bravo was commercial free before DVR. Of all the reality shows and characters who presented themselves on my boob tube Dorinda Wins. Think.

  8. SJ

    Bethenny should stop trying to be the Hedda Hopper of reality tv. She just isn’t good at it. Her behavor is becoming too Trump like where everyone has to bow down and kiss her ring or they won’t get the good edit.

  9. I love Dorinda. When she went & told Luann that they were talking shit & then announced it to the other girls was great. I loved the drunken toast. We could have fun together.

  10. I can’t wait for Brynn’s future tell-all book titled, “Zero Fucks”.

    • Sali

      Jules looked gorgeous and agreed, healthy. She did seem a little distracted and Dorinda kept holding her hand throughout. That was sweet. I can see that Dorinda truly cares for Jules. I just can’t with Bethenny’s cruelty. You’re right, TT. She wears bitch like a badge of honor. I guess she’s not considering what her daughter will think when she eventually sees her behavior on tv. A while back, someone on Twitter asked her if she was kind and loving to anyone and she said only those close to her. I follow her on Snapchat out of sheer curiosity and she always travels with her staff. That is her family but they don’t really seem that close or like they have a kind, nurturing relationship. I don’t get her.

  11. JustJenn

    Bethenny probaby contacted Blind Gossip with the text messages as a way to get the info out asap. Me thinks Ramona is also barking up the wrong tree about her leaked story. Things like these are the only things that make Bethenny happy.

    Anyway I love Dorinda and Jules looks healthy.

    Also the poll? Crazy. I’ve never seen so many people switching sides..it’s going to be an interesting few months for sure.

  12. Nila

    Jules looked stunning and gorgeous. Divorce looks magnificent on her! I thought both ladies handled themselves well. Jules stuttered a little bit over some questions but I think that is what makes her real, no pre prepped answers.

  13. Megan

    I agree with others who comments that both look great. I would rather hang out with these two in a garbage dump than Bethenny in paradise. But Jules seemed really off to me, though. She had a hard time completing her thoughts. Her eyes seemed off and wandering. I was thinking of referees to drug use with this cast but I really hope it is not true because (a) I really like Jules and (b) someone needs to parent her kids and we know Michael won’t.

    • Nila

      Well I think if I was on television and someone was grilling me about my husbands affair, I would seem off too! Seriously? That was the only time she was struggling to speak.

      • Matzah60

        @Nila, I agree. The first year after a separation/divorce, your feelings are so raw and any references and interrogations about your husband who betrayed you feel like stingers. I know that he can ask her anything he wants and she signed her life away on those ridiculous contracts that Bravo makes each reality ‘star’ sign, but Andy didn’t grill Bethenny like that and we all know that Bethenny had the worst/longest/most expensive divorce in US history.

    • Major James

      Jules has always had a problem formulating thoughts/sentences. Don’t know if it’s some sort of medication or what. She was very pretty.

      • Nila

        The only times I’ve noticed her having trouble speaking is when she’s nervous. When she was filming with Bethenny (before she got to know her well) was the only time I seen that.

    • Vet

      Since Jules is going through a divorce, she has to be careful what she says. Dorinda has been divorced, Jules needed some help. Hell I would be a mess if my husband was cheating on me with a friend, who probably used her psychological expertise to mess with her head. She has two young children and is forced to live with that little person, while he goes on dates and shopping with his new girlfriend. If his girlfriend was knocked up and still married he would probably work this divorce on forever,

  14. Meri

    It was Dorinda who egged Jules on to scream at Bethenny and since Jules is a sweet and rather innocent person I don’t think that it was good for her. I really wish that Dorinda would STFU. I don’t find her funny or nice or less of a bitch than Bethenny. She just covers it well. Am I the only person that doesn’t trust this woman? Everyone seems to love her and excuse her terrible behavior. She is a shit disturber of the highest level and I don’t get the warm and fuzzy remarks about her. Who wants a friend you can’t trust with what you tell her in private? I have known people like Dorinda and I avoid them like the plague. What am I missing here? Since when is stirring the pot and gossiping about everything everyone tells you a good trait.The only one she seems loyal too is Jules. I also loved Jules new look. he She is truly a nice person and the perfect victim for Bethenny and Carol who are bullies. I agree that Carol is irrelevant. Andy is a schmuck in every way possible.

  15. eggnaug

    What was up with Jules eye? it was freaking me out

  16. Microop

    Ummm, Bethenny doesn’t really have friends. She admitted this many times on her show to her therapist and Jason, and we all saw her wedding, she invited like 6 people. There is nothing wrong with that but puhlease no one is buying the “mutual friend” bit.

  17. Margaret Shepard

    I have never liked Bethany and why Andy loves her is such a mystery. She is queen of the mean girls. Carole sticks with her for job security, how could anyone stand her voice and constant babbling. I do like D orinda and Jules. Ramona is awful this season.

  18. Jernis Marconi

    When it comes to Bethanny, Thank goodness for mute.

  19. If any1 is interested in B’s rapid behavior & a good laugh go onto @Thehoppydiarries twitter which is a parody acct, but who Knws, to me it sounds just like jason. You make the decision, I’m sure B is not happy about it, As another tweeter send B a tweet saying “doesn’t she consider herself sloppy seconds”. Because shields married this beautiful woman first. @TheHoppydiaries has B’s response along with shield’s estranged wife on his twitter feed & she is just gorgeous! I thgt dorinda was a good companion for Jules @ this x in her life.. Jules looks great for what she has been through.

  20. Whenever I see Dorinda, Carmela Soprano pops into my head…after tonight’s episode, I will now think of her as, Slurinda. Even though she stirs the pot on the show, it was nice to see her become protective of Jules when Andy rolled into his, “Hey Jules, I know your life is shit right now…but let me twist the knife a little more here on live TV” routine.
    Jules looked great tonight. Thankfully, she looks healthy. I once had a neighbor who battled anorexia and her putz of a husband knew all the right buttons to push to control her and her disease. She had put HIM through law school right after they married and they had two great kids. He announced that he was leaving her for his pregnant mistress whom he had bought a house for two streets over….on their 20th wedding anniversary!!!!!!! Even with a strong support system, her disease came roaring back.

  21. Amy V

    Its apparent Jules was nervous and uncomfortable being there. Jesus. .I hope and pray that Bravo doesn’t dump her because she has great quirky goodness. Hopefully her champion… Dorinda will go to bat for her because she will need the bread.

  22. I truly like Dorinda and Jules. I see a little of Dorinda in a lot of people. But she is fun and easy and crazy all good! I am really liking their friendship and it makes all the nastiness of the triple threat, Ramona, Bethanny and Carol seem a little easier to bear. But not much…..I dislike them more and more each episode. Bethanny would have redeemed herself if she had kept her mouth shut and just talked to LuAnn. Unless the world is ending, I would not be texting my friends at 2:00 Am.M. (esp. if they had a child) to tell them their arch nemisis’s boyfriend is making out with some random chick…unless of course I had been commissioned to do so.

  23. RHofND

    Is Slurinda a shit-stirring, hot mess? Yep, but she really stood up for Jules and was a good friend. I’ve noticed that she likes to stir things up and then step aside and watch it boil. Not cool, but it would still be fun to hang with her.

  24. Sosueme

    Congratulations, Matzah60.

    Jules looked stunning, possibly stoned or her eyelashes were too heavy. Loved her bombshell hair.

  25. Annie Marie

    I never understood the appeal of Bethany. She just seems soo negative and mean all the time. It has to be exhausting. It has to, right?

  26. Dee

    I wonder if Bethenney has ever been kind to anyone. I wouldn’t want her representing my company. She doesn’t seem to know how to act, how to be a professional.

    • Kika

      It would really be interesting to go back to the Season where she was friends with Jill and watch from the beginning and really “inspect” Bethenny’s behaviour at that time knowing what we do now about the “real” Bethenny. We would probably see things that we overlooked at that time.

      I would really like to see the progression to what she has become.

      • OmgOmg

        That would be interesting. Was it all an edit or has she changed? Or was she this vile all along? I do remember when she and Jason fled Jill and her engagement party thinking at the time something was “off” about it. I remember thinking it was like Bethenny wanted to make a big stink and make Jillnfeel bad and it seemed an odd thing to focus on over being happy about your engagement. Jason went along with all her drama running into the limo. But I don’t remember the details and haven’t seen it since so I could be misremembering. In sure Jill wasn’t nice but Bethenny had a big to-do like she was only interested in making the point that she was fighting them and ditching them — rather then like Lu this season — just being happy. I really think there is something psychologically wrong with B.

  27. Dexterpie

    Andy is aging badly. He has a bad breath face. Jukes is a sweetheart and she stood up to Bethenny. She is a keeper.

  28. Heidi

    I think Jules looked beautiful on WWHL. It seems she put on a little weight and looked healthy.

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