Blind Item: She’s Been Around The Block

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On every reality show that has continued for a few seasons, the cast members tend to form alliances. These alliances can change drastically during the off season and friends can become enemies and enemies can become frenemies as they all jockey for position and screen time in the next season.  If you are in a minority alliance with just two people, it might be wise to attempt to befriend someone in the majority alliance.

Wisdom is not a particularly strong suit when it comes to most reality show participants. The focus of this blind is more lacking than most in that regard. That is why she seemed to think nothing of sleeping with the father of one of her cast mate’s child. He is just another on a long street of “dates” that always seem to supply some sort of financial gain. Last I checked he lived with his latest “baby momma” and three children.

One would think she would keep this on the low down. However, the cast mate was made aware of the situation and it will likely be a storyline. When confronted, the guilty party will once again deny the relationship as being nothing more than good friends. For someone with only one friend on the cast and one in production, she sure has a whole string of good friends that she only sees long enough to acquire some good shoes.


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93 responses to “Blind Item: She’s Been Around The Block

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I agree…but who’s the cast member’s baby daddy?

      • Samir

        I will have to say Porsha and the cast member is Kandi. Her daughter Riley’s father would be the guy Porsha says she’s just “good friends” with. Seems Phaedra and Porsha are really working overtime to become the most hated duo on the cast for next season.

  1. kellie

    I have no idea but I can’t wait to read the comments! This is a juicy tidbit of information.

  2. Aahnv

    My guess:

    Father of Cast mate’s chid: Todd Tucker
    Cast mate who slept with Father..: Porsha Williams
    Cast mate: kandi burress

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Can’t be. The father lives with his current baby momma and their three kids. Kandi and Todd are still married.

      • Kay

        Um, it says in the last sentence the last TT checked the baby daddy Porsha slept with lived with his new baby mama & 3 kids.

      • sarcasatire

        Kandi and Todd live with their three kids.

        They’re married, sure, but “Baby Daddy” could refer to the fact that they have a child together, and be used as a clue to eliminate other married couples, like Peter and Cynthia.

  3. Minky

    This has got to be about Porsha ho’ing around again. I think it must be with Kandi’s baby’s daddy. Riley’s dad.

  4. RealE

    Juicy tea…. Sounds like porsha but I can’t figure out who the man is that lives with his baby mama and three children. I guess it could be Todd IF his other older daughter lives with him. Not sure why it would surprise me if so but just can’t see him stooping to Porsha.

    • Minky

      TT left us a great big whopping clue in the title of this blind. Kandi’s daughter Riley’s father is named Russell Spencer, but he’s known as “Block”. He’s very handsome and Riley looks almost exactly like him.

      • ^^THIS^^
        Minky you are a smart one! 😊

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        OOOH!! Minky I think you got it.

      • Cjbomb

        This is it.

      • Blondesense

        Ding ding ding! Juicy 😦

      • Heather

        The only snag… Is that Block only has one child with Kandi…so can’t be latest baby mama. I am thinking “She’s been around the block is talking about Kandi” and the pic…2 girls with ? Mark between them. I think that means threesome. Also one friend on cast=Kandi and one in “production”…that’s Todd.

      • Sandra

        In Tamara’s narrative, The three kids is relative to the “latest baby momma” not the baby momma who is on the show. The question mark is just a way of asking who is the man that is the common denominator between the two castmates- not signifying a threesome. Minky got it.

      • So the theory is, Porsha slept with Riley’s dad. What if it was Phaedra?

      • lavidaLinda

        The blind says “latest baby momma”; that doesn’t mean that the HW is the latest baby momma, it means whomever has the last baby is the latest baby momma. It has nothing to do with Kandi and Todd still being married or Riley not being the last child born. I think that TT is pretty much making it clear that the “close friend” is not currently living with the cast HW.

        But, I can’t see Kandi getting all worked up about this, from what I’ve read, the sperm donor left Riley to Kandi and has little to no involvement in her life.

        That being said, I think Mikey’s correct about the blind :).

      • Sherry

        Does Block live with his Latest Baby Momma? Do they have 3 kids together?

    • Vet

      Do you remember the show about the Atlanta husbands all talking in Peter’s Bar? He said if he could trade it would be Porsha, so did Peter. Wait I think they all did. The thing is Todd could not stop talking about Porsha while smacking his lips. Keep in mind he used to be part of the crew…

      • Minky

        Wasn’t that gross?!!! Some men are just that stupid. Porsha is not ugly, but she ain’t ALL that. If I meet a handsome man who says anything the least bit imbecilic, I stop caring about his appearance. It stops mattering. And trust me, there are a lot of very handsome, meathead surfers and skaters out here in L.A.

        And to know where Porsha’s been and what she’s been doing, for Todd, and the other guys, to salivate over her makes no sense. They can’t be in denial over Porsha’s very likely exposure to STD’s in her line of work. Can they? Ew!

      • The househusbands do like to drop money in strip clubs. I doubt that they care about diseases.

  5. Valerie

    Peter Thomas – Porscha? There’s been rumors of this dalliance before.

    • Peter and Cynthia don’t have any children together though… Def Porsha and Bob/Sheree

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        The blind makes it sound like the baby daddy only has one kid with the housewife. I think it’s Riley’s dad as Minky suggested. Jesus Porsha, never heard the saying “don’t shit where you eat”?

      • Minky

        I know! Most cats and dogs know about “don’t shit where you eat”. But not the Pricess of Thotland. No.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Ugh she’s beyond gross. So if this is to be a storyline does it spell the beginning of the end for Porsha? One can only hope.

  6. JKR

    First thought? Porsha and Bob Whitfield. I know Sheree has three children, and I know TT mentioned it appeared recently they were together.
    However.. “latest” throws me off.
    I know Peter has a boatload of kids with different women, but none with cynthia.
    Gregg Leakes? But I suppose Nene controls the money.
    I’m stumped, but it’s Porsha and someone.

  7. Jill

    I thought of Portia first off. But Sheree likes pretty things too though. And then I got to thinking of Peter Thomas (but really, does he have much) or possibly or Leon Robinson. And then the thought of Todd occurred to me because of the three kids, but I wasn’t sure about the wording.

    Then I started going thru the casts. I thought about Sonja in NYC because she often sleeps with people, gets perks out of it. She’s not opposed to sleeping with anybody for that matter. No boundaries. And I thought that there was several guys/exes with kids on her cast she could’ve been with.

    I really couldn’t think of any other viable possibilities on any other casts than these two.

    • Karen

      Sonja was my thought and is it possible she bedded Bethany’s father? Is he alive? Yeah, not likely but an interesting thought.

      • lori

        Bethany’s father died a few years ago.

      • lori

        Plus, it’s not the cast mate’s father, it’s the father of one of the cast mate’s children. I had to keep going through that over and over in my head too before I could fully comprehend the scenario. Lol

      • Dexterpie

        In her quest to be the most disgusting person Bethenny will marry count delesseps and will turn on Carole when Carole keeps saying “I am a princess but you are just a countess. “

  8. I think it is Porsha, but I don’t believe it is Todd. Maybe Riley’s dad, because the article said he currently lives with his current baby mom and three children. Cynthia, no Leon would never touch Porsha, Peter says he hate Porsha, but to spite Cynthia, she may do that. Nene, no Greg would get his butt kicked by Nene. Sheree, Bob is too crazy. Kenya is definitely out, she has no children. Phaedra, no Apollo is in jail and P don’t have any children from noone but Apollo. So that leaves Kandi or Sheree (if Sheree has a peach). Process of elimination.

    • How do we know it’s RHOA? It’s a pretty trashy story so I would assume it’s that cast, but what if it’s another city. I mean it really already happened. Aviva had a son with Harry Dubin and everyone slept with him.

  9. Would Todd sleep with Porsha? I can’t imagine that happening.

    • Minky

      In a 3-some with Kandi, maybe. But not on his own. He’s got a good thing going on with Kandi and he’s not an idiot.

  10. Rach

    Porsha and Bob Whitfield

  11. I thought Bob was broke. If that’s true, then Porsha isnt wasting time or her vag on a broke man.

  12. I would be afraid Kandi would kick my ass to hell and back, not make a story line about it.

    • Minky

      Yeah, Porsha’s a numbskull. I can see Kandi being possessive about Riley’s father. For better or worse, Kandi has a history with that man and they created a baby together. Especially when it comes to someone like Porsha. That Nicki Minaj song “Stupid Hoe” definitely applies to Porsha.

      Why does Porsha throw her “business dealings” in everybody’s face. Is she proud of doing that in exchange for a pair of shoes? Does she think that having sex with married men of the “hit it and quit it” variety makes her powerful? She’s deeply deluded.

      • Jill

        Lol, you nailed it, I think with the “numbskull.” I haven’t heard that in the longest. Pretty sure my grandpa used to call us kids that a time or two.

        Think you nailed it with the “Block” reference too. I always try to read between the lines in TT’s blinds but this was a tricky one, not many clues I picked up on.

  13. Fizz

    I can’t remember their names but, doesn’t that one on Potomac live with her ex and their kids? So he could be the guy but, I thought they were broke.

  14. J Stone

    Porsha and Leon Cynthia’s baby daddy

  15. Rex Yachty

    I can usually never figure out the blinds but I think I know this one. I think it’s Porsha (RHOA) + Todd Tucker (Kandi’s husband). My reasons are that TT once mentioned that Kandi & Todd have an open marriage that includes threesomes with other women. Last year Shamea was the third partner of the group as she was always with them on vacations and hanging out the three of them. Shamea happens to be bff’s with Porsha leading me to believe Porsha found out about the open marriage & decided to partake in some Todd Tucker delights herself in order to secure a story line & financial incentives in the form of bags & shoes or maybe a new Rolls Royce rental🤔

  16. Porsha and Leon, Cynthia’s baby daddy. Geesh, I certainly hope this rumor is untrue..that girl is seriously lost and headed down a souless path of no return if it is.

  17. pfffttt

    Porsha and Bob. Sheree confronts Porsha… I’d actually like to see Porsha try to get violent with Sheree! LMAO!!!!

  18. Heather

    Hmmm “a whole string” did u see that? Her X hubby & Sheree’s are both football players.

  19. it’s got to be bob, because kandi would be referred to as a wife and not a baby mama.

  20. Marta

    Sonja and Mario. Duh!

  21. Blondesense

    Block is a stupid name. Sleeping with the guy who abandoned your friend’s kid? Nice. Way to repair friendships Porsha.

  22. Ms.Minnie

    It’s sad that after her and kordell divorced she became an escort. The fact that she’s sleeping with these women husband’s is utterly ridiculous. Porsha is the worst kind of women to be sleeping with all these people from Dish nation, Bravo and so on and I would never have her around my husband or older son’s because she is nothing but a $2 wh$&%. At least Ramona, Sonja and Luann are upfront about what they do most of the time, Carlos king knows what’s going on because him and porsha are best friends and has to follow directions and give porsha a good edit after she doe’s her duties at the motel. I hope Nene make’s appearances because I would rather see her over porsha any day, also people forget Todd had a crush on porsha and if Shamea got some of Todd and kandi, you know Todd probably slept with porsha already. She is ran through and those women better watch there men around her.

  23. Miguel

    OMG, TT!!!!!!! This is the most delicious tea EVER!!!!!!! Can’t wait for the last drop to spill – is it Porsha; Porsha & who???

  24. SaraSally

    When I read the word jockey, my first thought was Southern Charm with Landen having to hang on to the guys as her personal flotation devices to pay the bills.
    Then my mind floated over to NY. Ramona kept talking about dates, & Sonja is notorious for her hustle, & old Harry.
    Now I’ve ended up in ATL, thinking… ‘i thought we exhausted the lurid tales of LadyPorsha already.’
    I’m clueless, but this truly a sad saga in their life story to be exposed. And still they continue.

  25. Ruthie

    I’m going with porcha and Leon. Didn’t read all the comments because I have bad wifi where I am today but that’s my guess.

  26. Ruthie

    I’m rethinking this and maybe it’s Todd but the term baby mama is throwing me. He’s married to Kandi so do you still use that term?

    • Minky

      TT wrote that the THOT in question slept with the father of one of her cast mate’s children. Which means the cast mate has more than one child. The father of the child is not living the cast mate, but with another one of his baby’s mamas.

      The term “baby mama” has a lot of people confused. Baby mama usually means a woman who had born a man’s child, but to which he is or was not wed. It does not mean wife. I don’t believe any man in his right mind would call his current wife his baby’s mama.

      Kandi is not Todd’s baby’s mama. Kandi is Todd’s wife. But Kandi is one of the baby’s mamas of this Block person. Block is currently living with another one of his baby’s mamas who is not Kandi. Block is also a record producer who is supposed to have money. Which is why Porsha would think it worthwhile to hook up with him. In addition to getting Kandi’s goat.

      Am I reaching, or is it plausible that Phaedra’s fingerprints are all over this one too?

      • Minky

        *not living WITH the cast mate

        Aaargh! 😩

      • Happygal

        For sure you made all kinds of sense!!

        I am just so skeeved out to think who in their right mind would ever get into bed w Porsha knowing how many different men she has sex with. Protection or not – diseases can still happen as nothing is full proof and since this tramp has proven she will do anything for money who knows what has been in play before. Perhaps for the right amount protection is an alternative w her and that is all kinds of scary!

      • Ruthie

        Hmmm……this makes sense.

      • JustJenn

        That makes total sense. Upon researching him it doesn’t seem far out of his character, either.

        Excellent work! I hope I’m never that desperate for a pair of shoes..😂

      • Miele

        I think you’re spot on.

      • Sam

        Thank you Minky! You must be a teacher or saint (like TT) to slowly explain everything you already said without added any side comments like “idiots” or worse! 😉

      • Sandra

        You got it Minky. “Block” does it for me. I thought for sure it was Bob till you uncovered that clue. Lol. Good job.

    • Heather

      I was thrown off by “baby mama” instead of wife but I read a TT blind reveal about pregnant RHOP star and she said “baby mama” instead of wife to broaden the field of options…TT said. Check it out.

  27. Sweet T

    Whoever it is they are a pretty desperate person.

  28. lori

    I know this is probably way wrong, especially since she’s no longer a cast mate, but could this have something to do with Aviva?

  29. Blahblahblogeh

    I’m going in the other direction and guessing it involves Potomac housewives…

  30. TracyBrownWrites

    I think it’s Porsha and Cynthia Bailey’s ex/baby daddy Leon!

  31. Bushwick

    Bob Whitfield

  32. Twilly

    Definitely Porsha. For drama’s sake I’ll say the baby daddy is Bob Whitfield!

  33. tsaj1979

    it says baby momma and three children….it’s not saying all three are his. Together, Todd and Kandi have three children.

  34. Rach

    TT this is the best tea ever! Reading the comments has made me change my answer 4x hahaha

  35. Latina2014

    I guess it would be too much to expect Porsha to follow “Girl Code” she’s way passed the point of no return.
    Geez, does this Carlos King guy have more say than Andy? Why why is she still on the show? They haven’t Como up with a more ratchet show where she fits right I know.

  36. Margaret Shepard

    I think Porsche should just apply at T.I.’s new strip club in Atlanta and call it a day. Of all the men mentioned Leon is the finest. He was so incredible playing David Ruffin in the Temptation’s movie.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I thought Leon for a moment but does he have a current baby mama with 3 kids? I hope it’s not him because I really like him.

  37. SJ

    The “wisdom” clue leads me to Porsha, Kandi the castmate, Riley’s daddy is who she slept with and, Carlos King production.

    • Karen

      But would Kandi care? She’s more than moved on so there be a scandal on the show?

      • SJ

        I bet Riley cares. It is so disrespectful, especially toward all of Block’s children.
        I could see Kandi being a momma bear where Riley’s feelings are concerned.

  38. Shanay B

    It’s definitely Porsha. Kandi’s ex is Russell “Block” Spencer. He is Riley’s dad and he is in the entertainment business here in Atlanta. He is a handsome guy, and someone Porsha would run in the same circles with.

  39. TT, your blog has been duplicated. Another blog printed your article today. And no they didn’t give you credit.

  40. Army wife

    There is a new housewife. I believe it’s him (singer) & Porsha or Bob & Kenya.

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