WWHL With Mercedeh Javid and Carole Radziwill

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Why is Carol on this episode? Adam is there as the bartender. I just can’t. It’s the mutual admiration society between Carole and MJ.  Andy starts right off making fun of Luann in a montage called, Gloating While Boating.  I cannot for the life of me understand why everyone is hating on Luann for being happy about her engagement to Tom. What the fuck is wrong with people? She is in love and happy! Does everyone have such a stick up their asses that they can’t be happy for her? Carole was uncharacteristically happy for Luann. FINALLY.

MJ goes in on Asa saying there is not a shred of truth to her accusations that she was not supportive of her businesses. Mercedeh say she will never get her friendship back and she has already “pandered for it” off camera. She says Asa got offended by an backhanded compliment from her mother on WWHL. MJ basically hates GG and Asa at this point. So sad.

Did Carole just say that Luann is famous for having sex in a restaurant bathroom? What is that about?

MJ has a bigger ring that is two carats now. Really? Do people define their relationship by the size of a ring? What is Tommy’s job other than Shahs? He seems like an average joe.

RHONY Carole


Bethenny tweeted that Kermit the Frog called and wants his tie back. I swear, Andy is the WORST at picking out ties.

Carole says that her ripped couch once belonged to her mother in law and she had it made in the 1960s and it is very sentimental for her. She said it would cost close to 50K to reupholster the whole thing. Seriously? On Planet Earth? It’s some sort of hand loomed velvet. I am not buying this story at all.

MJ says she will be marrying Tommy regardless of Vida’s thought on the issue.

Carole says she heard a bit of gossip about Jules marriage from the beginning of the season but she really didn’t see the divorce coming.

A caller asks MJ what she would say to Jessica if she saw her today. She said, “Shame on you, stop using us. I’m sorry that you thought Mike was going to get a Rolls Royce and a Rolex and a Chanel bag.”  I don’t understand her hatred for Jessica. Mike is the cheater. Oh thank you, Carole for saying just that. MJ is out of her mind. The last time she was on WWHL she was calling out Mike for his cheating and saying that was why she didn’t go to the wedding and now she is defending Mike as if he is the wronged party. What the hell is wrong with MJ? I am telling you the entire cast turned on Mike during filming and it is so odd that now they are all Team Mike as if he did nothing wrong.

Carole was not invited to Luann’s wedding.

Whose side are you on, Asa or MJ?  How the hell did MJ win with 57%? Even she did not expect to win!


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31 responses to “WWHL With Mercedeh Javid and Carole Radziwill

  1. Yes, the tiger-striped sofa belonged to Lee Radziwill, who gave it to her son, and was inherited by Carole.

    It is a custom piece by De Angelis. The fabric is “Le Tigre” by Scalamandré, which is a 100% silk velvet, and goes for about $3,800 a yard. So, I find the estimate to be plausible.

    • Dancing Matisse

      Co-sign on ericzku’s facts about Carole’s Le Tigre fabric sofa. Those of us who are design geeks swoon over it, even with the rips.

      It would take minimum 25 – 30 yards to reupholster it.

    • Blondesense

      Wow ericzku! I’m a pretty smart lady and I don’t impress easily but wow! (I’m impressed at your knowledge and/or research – separate to my awe of the couch)

      • Aww Blondesense…Thanks. But I don’t think it’s “knowledge” so much as “too much time on my hands”. It’s just a coincidence that I went down a Scalamandré rabbit hole a few years ago! 😉

    • Dexter

      She inherited enough from him to fix reupholster it. She could also get it repaired for less.

      • Erica

        Does no one watch Antiques Roadshow? If she reupholstered it with anything but the original, she DEFINITELY downgrades it in monetary and historical value. If she got the same print, she MIGHT not lower its value – it would perhaps take an original piece of the material, made at the same time as the couch, to ensure it wouldn’t depreciate.

  2. Joanplus2dogs

    MJ seemed impressed with Carole but Carole didn’t seemed to be impressed. I can believe the amount for the couch but only if you are redoing it in the exact same material. She can recover in far less costly option as it won’t be original material that the Kennedys sat on either way.
    Andy tie is nuclear neon green, bad choice for everyone including Kermit.

  3. Sware84

    Wow MJ won the poll.
    Asa has every right to use this platform.
    I think it’s clear that he people that ARE NOT happy in their relationships or lack thereof are the ones that have so much to say.
    Luann keeps them seething.
    They tried to get rid of her and she became the ratings magnet, ha!
    Asa and Gigi make a much better friendship because Asa is mature and Gigi can learn from her. She also recognizes Gigi’s flaws and accepts them. I hope Gigi never destroys her relationship with Asa because that’s the only one that will be able to do her right.
    Sherman will throw her under the bus as soon as possible and MJ and Gigi seem like frenemies.

    MJ is jealous of Asa but not for many reasons: mainly because she’s just a better woman.

    • lauraannb

      That’s crazy that MJ won the poll!
      It seems to me that MJ has always been jealous of
      Asa. Asa has a lovely & kind mom, (love her mom), MJ doesn’t. Asa’s friendship with
      Reza pisses her off, her businesses are doing well, & her overall kindness &
      popularity with everyone really gets to MJ. Imo

  4. Sware84

    I’m not surprised Carole is nicer about Luann.
    First 1) Bethenney (her puppeteer) isn’t there 2) she tried and FAILEd to get Luann run off the show to the point of showing the worst parts of herself and now that she looks bad it’s time to accept defeat and play nice.

    • Well she is cordial and she did not get a “save the date” card so their friendship is a showship but she did not say anything nasty when Andy said he got one… Frankelstein on the other hand would have let a barrage of negativity hit the fan. Oddly that MJ person seemed to take on that role

  5. JustJenn

    Carole is on WWHL a lot it seems. I’ve never really cared for her or found anything truly genuine about her..she comes off a little desperate to me.

    • Meri

      The reason why Carole is on WWHL is obvious…Andy loves to be around famous people. Carole had an association the t Kennedy’s so that makes her an Andy person. He is the biggest butt kisser around. As for Luann, she has lorded over many of the cast members for a long time and they have seen her behavior off camera and that’s why they find her sudden “soul mate” declarations of love for a player like Tom to be fake and why they go off on her. I don’t like Luann and although I wish her no harm I find her fake and without substance. She and Tom make the perfect pair…both have a need for fame and sex and they don’t care who did what to whom prior or during their relationship. I can’t stand Carole and where I once found her charming and witty I now just think that she’s a snob and the real her finally came out.
      MJ is a bitter person who is very much like her mother and that explains why she does what she does. I also find that many of the Bravolebrities go on the shows to hawk their wares and Asa is just one of many. It’s old and boring but that’s what they do so I accept it as part of the package. I do find that Asa is a smart woman and that she has a certain talent for promoting herself that is lacking in some of the others. She also apparently has the money to throw at every project she wants to push. Diamond Water anyone? The Caftons are the most realistic and they are beautiful and the photographs were amazing and emotional especially the counting of days that they were together and the theme of relationships. It was a very beautiful thing to do for all of them and didn’t make Asa. As much as she annoys me I have to admit that she is super creative and much more clever than Mike and his shoes, Reza and his real estate, and all of the various housewives and their product placements. I’ll take a Cafton over some creepy wine or make-up line anyday and even GG tried to sell herself with hair extensions. It just goes with the Bravo territory. I wonder if Bravo gets a cut? Certainly not of Skinny GIrl because Bethenny would never share and Andy would be afraid to ask.
      I enjoyed the reunion show and was surprised that Reza still called GG fake after the Chemo episode. NO ONE in their right mind does that for attention. I believe that GG is sick but her excessive lifestyle does make one wonder at her mental status.
      Reza…in a word…PIG.
      Great blog as always.

    • Vet

      Carol has nothing else to do.

  6. Luann had sex at the infamous Boutique.. there was a scene about a season ago or so and she goes to the powder room with one of the young men that same night Sonja hooks up with a young one for a few “dates” hence the obsession with that bar.. ironically across the street from the Plaza Hotel… why not go there but hey a toilet works

    • Dexter

      I went to that bar once. It is so gross. And there was a problem with the bathroom. The whole place smelled of sewage. Left. Forgot I was there before. Gross even with out the stench.

  7. Shae

    I remember MJ saying early on in the season that Tommy does marketing for interlock, the company that makes those breathalyzer devices you put on vehicles when someone is court ordered not to drive drunk, etc.

  8. Ugh, MJ upgrading her engagement ring speaks to what a fake she is in real life.

    OMG about Luann getting it on in a smelly (pay) toilet!

    • Toni

      Why does this make MJ fake? I know a lot of women who changed the stone or setting of their engagement rings to something a little bigger or a little more their taste. You wear it every day, it should be something you love.

  9. Nance

    Andy seems to play a shady montage when ever he has one of his favorites on lately. Carole and lu had their issues, so Andy has to have a clip showing LU in a bad light. Side note……I drove by Sheree’s house last night. They had to be filming, white production van, Sheree’s Porche and a few other cars. It’s still unfinished I have not seen any construction activity since late spring.

  10. Bridgett

    I was surprised by MJ getting seat 1 over Carole.

  11. Margaret Shepard

    What’s up with MJ’s hair? It looks like crap on the show but gorgeous on WWHL. Hard to believe she got a boob reduction.That boob weighing game shows she needs another one.

  12. Vet

    Asa went to UCLA, and graduated with a double major in Psychology and Philosophy. What is scary is the fact that Mike graduated from UCLA too and Mercedes has a English degree. All of them went to good colleges. They are probably the most educated people on Bravo.

  13. At least we didn’t have to watch Andy drooling over anyone . I don’t understand how he is not being called out on that stuff. If any man did that to a woman on national television they would be all over it. At any rate, I thought Carol was very shady. Every chance she got to stick in a little dagger to LuAnn she did. I admit that I like Luanne. She may be a bit phony but as far as Bravo Housewives go she is far from the worst. M.J. was practically sitting in Carole’s lap LOL. I like her too but I also like Asa. I don’t know where all that came from…I was a little surprised. I saw on the T.V. guide that tonight they chastise Asa for not allowing her life to be filmed. So maybe stuff has been brewing for some time…..

  14. Meg

    Carole and Beth are my faves. You go girls!

  15. Meri

    It seems that Asa has a relationship with the ONLY Jackson who doesn’t crave publicity. I think it’s because of him that she keeps her private life private. It’s really none of our business I suppose except that everyone else gets dissected by everyone including Asa. Seems a little unfair. She is smarter than the others for keeping her dirt off camera.

  16. Babaloo

    Why is Andy always defending Bitchenny? I hope she leaves the show.

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