Why Is Phaedra Parks Defending Drama?

RHOA Phaedra Divorce Atty
I’m completely confused by this TMZ story about Phaedra and Drama. I’m just going to purple pen the parts that make no sense and then y’all can let me know what you think.

“Phaedra Parks is standing up for the rapper who got busted for threatening to blow up her office, and believes he was racially profiled by someone in her office building. Phaedra tells TMZ she considers Drama a good friend, and knew he was going to come by her office last week to drop off his new CD. The ‘Real Housewives‘ star says things started going south though when Drama went to the wrong floor.”

Phaedra was in Philadelphia at the Democratic National Convention for the week. If Drama is a good friend he would know she was out of town instead of demanding to see her. A good friend would also know where her office is located. Why would he show up with a book and an envelope if he were dropping off a CD? Why not mail it to her since she was out of town for the week. Why not drive by the house and stick it in her mailbox?

RHOA Phaedra face
“According to Phaedra … Drama demanded to see her, and when the receptionist asked him to leave — because he wasn’t in Phaedra’s office — he refused, and she called security. Here’s where it really gets messy.”

Why aren’t there any quotes in this article if they talked to Phaedra? Why would Drama refuse to leave if he was not in the right office? Was he on something?

“We spoke to Drama’s mother, who says her son told the guard, “I have a bomb CD. It’s about to blow up.” She says the security guard followed up by asking if he had anything else about to blow up — and Drama replied, “I got that bomb ass CD in the car” … referring to a package full of CDs in his vehicle.”

If you have a CD wouldn’t you be holding it up when you mentioned it with such an unfortunate choice of vocabulary? The news stations report that he claimed to have a bomb strapped to his leg. Is the mother trying to say that he left the CD he was taking to give Phaedra, who he clearly believed was in the building, in his car?

“Moments later cops descended on the building and evacuated the place. Phaedra thinks whoever called the police just saw a guy in a white t-shirt and baggy pants with gold teeth … and assumed the worst. She admits Drama had a poor choice of words, but says that’s just the way he speaks — plus, he thought he was having an innocent convo about his music.”

For the record, the long white t-shirt is a sign of gang affiliation around these parts. They are banned apparel at many high schools. Drama refused to leave a law office that Phaedra has no affiliation with and caused enough of a disturbance that security was called. His conversation with the security guard raised enough of an issue that the police were called. Never in any of these scenarios did Drama say, “Hey, I am just dropping off a CD to a friend.” The police were concerned enough to call in a bomb squad and arrest Drama for terroristic threats. 

So why is Phaedra defending him? Did she actually call in to TMZ? What is her angle now? Is she trying to keep him from talking about something? Does this make sense to you guys?


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65 responses to “Why Is Phaedra Parks Defending Drama?

  1. Toni Lee Gildea

    No sense whatsoever.
    Please don’t let this be her “story” this season.

  2. Theresa

    He’s got something on her for sure! Or she’s sticking up for him in hopes he doesn’t finish the job when she’s home. Wonder where his bomb cd might show up next!

  3. shellbelle

    Sounds to me like she wants him to stay quiet. I agree with you, TT. He would have known where her office isn’t ( cause we all know she doesn’t have one.) and that she was out of town. Why didn’t he leave and send her a quick text? Lies. It’s all Lies!

    • Minky

      I assume that Drama hasn’t been in contact with Phaedra for quite some time. So him getting the wrong address and not knowing that she was out of town isn’t such a stretch. I just don’t know how crazy Drama is. He doesn’t sound very stable. He was prepared to commit murder, after all.

      I have a feeling this will not be on the show, unless Kenya mentions it. Now I can fully see why Kandi is distancing herself. Phaedra seems to know a lot of people in the music industry, as does Kandi. Kandi’s probably been worried that being too close to Phaedra will make her look guilty by association. And Phaedra maybe expected Kandi to support Phaedra in a way that she could not do without also having to engage in some criminal activity herself. Oh! What a tangled web.

  4. NeverBeenJaxed

    Because, #idiot. She’s scared to death of him and is trying to make nice through the media to save her worthless huge, fake ass.

  5. TheoriginalAmanda

    Angela Stanton met Phaedra through Drama, so I’m guessing she’s trying to keep his mouth shut because he knows all about her shady ways, and really has nothing to lose by exposing her.

  6. Jaana

    He knows things she doesn’t want made public. Phaedra Parks; what a woman.

  7. oh yea she’s def trying to get him off the charges so he doesn’t rat on her. Classic “race card” move. Total BS. She should have her credentials stripped away for this. Why more people can’t see through her is beyond me? She’s not even slick or charming.

    • SnookumsLynn

      Confused about the race card move? I’d call it a cya move. Nothing to do with ‘race’

      • Briannatozer16

        Did you not read the story? Phaedra is trying to blame it on the fact that since he is black they assumed he was threatening the work center. As in; if he was white this wouldn’t have happened.

  8. deadra

    Shady Ms Parks, Girl you can run but you can’t hide, girl don’t she see this is not going away, maybe you should ask your mom about the stories of what done in the dark will surly come to light, Good for her shady ass.

  9. My theory is this will be on of #PhaeDrama’s storylines. If you remember last season’s trip to Washington, she started talking about how black males are treated so unfairly in this country. Saying Drama was racially profiled is a way for her to bring that storyline into this season and use it as a platform. Maybe she is thinking about beyond the #RHOA and a possible political career.

  10. pfffttt

    She most likely set all of this up to give her a story line for #RHOA, with Apollo gone and her feud with Kenya drying up, she has no story line.

  11. deadra

    I don’t know about a story line, she wants this HUSHED UP IMMEDIATELLY. This is what she gets for TRYING to Ruin Angela Stantons life. See god don’t like ugly

  12. Minky

    I’m agreeing with just about all of the commenters so far. However, if this guy was already prepared to bomb and kill her, then what makes her think that not having him charged would save her ass. I see how she wouldn’t want him to go back to prison, because then he would probably go ahead and have a very frank tete-a-tete with the feds. Did she also bribe him?

    If Drama is at all smart, then he should blow the whistle on her and become very visible. That’s the only way for him to be safe from someone like Phaedra now. Yes, I believe Phaedra is that bad.

  13. JKR

    Am I way out of (conspiracy) left field in thinking maybe they planned this together to support her “political” agenda coupled with some publicity for him? If they are familiar through her criminal avenues, and somehow convinced him that her testimony would get things dismissed.. It wouldn’t be outside of her talents to convince people to do dirty work for her benefit while thinking it was for theirs. (Publicity for your new album! You’ll be fine!”
    Maybe it’s the wine.

    • Minky

      That sounds like a total possibility. The only reason I doubt that theory is that Phaedra is THE reason Drama spent 12 years in prison. That’s not an easy thing to overlook or forgive.

      • JKR

        That’s true, Minky. I do love a good conspiracy theory, though. Haha.
        Correct me if I’m wrong, because RHOA isn’t really a show I keep up with anymore- but wasn’t there some discussion here (a while back) about Phaedra knowing Apollo prior to his first stint in prison? For some reason I am under the impression I read something from TT about them being (allegedly) involved before his first prison stay and reunited after, hence her getting pregnant so soon. Forgive me if that’s incorrect.
        If that was the case? Maybe not so hard to forgive after all..

      • Minky

        Yeah, I think that’s about right. She didn’t meet him when he was fresh out of prison, from what I can gather. But I haven’t memorized all of the particulars of their relationship. Look up Angela Stanton for that info.

        The other Wives on RHOA gave Phaedra a lot of hell regarding her due date when she was pregnant with her first child. Which she deserved,and then some. She was obviously lying about it and she’s has so much contempt for the other Wives that I guess she believes none of them can do basic math.

      • Dee

        Thank you Minky! No way was he talking about bringing her a CD if he was recently released from prison, he wanted to blow her or her office up. If the bomb squad was called it was serious . She’s a nut trying to make it sound like a misunderstanding.

    • I think this is a cover up. She has paid Drama off, and is now trying to make this go away with this nonsensical story.

  14. cjbomb

    A good friend would know that Phaedra doesn’t even HAVE an office.

  15. T D

    Everbody knows Ms. Parks likes a felon on an air mattress.

    • JustJenn

      Lol. Birds of a feather..

      • T D

        Takes one to know one. Where is the prayer cloth in all this?A prayer tent offerrs no better coverage. Everybody but Phaedra is within eyesight of judgement and she’s the only one in clothes.Was she baptized in the river Styx?

  16. Not an ounce of sense…her time is running out. The truth is about to come out.

  17. CupcakeScholar

    Phaedra needs to move on away from reality television. There is too much pressure to put on airs which is all she is doing now with this ridiculous rouse. This story would have gone away if she had kept her mouth shut. I fast forward all of her segments during the RHOA season.

  18. T D

    It’s only natural to defend what we love. The lord knows how Phaedra loves drama. She’s drawn to a camera as a moth to a flame. Spolier alert, this doesn’t end well for the moth.

  19. Chase

    I’m sorry but a the long white shirt isn’t a sign of gang affiliation. Total BS.

    • tamaratattles

      It totally is. The local police here come to the schools to tell them what to look for regarding gangs. Students are not allowed to wear the shirts to school. I live in the ghetto and am well aware of the local gangs and their dress and tags. My hood in particular has a lot of SUR 13 gang members.

  20. @immelza

    People still use CDs??

  21. Rex Yachty

    This definitely makes zero sense… The only thing I could think of, is SHADEdra (Phaedra) is trying to convince him not spill the tea on her skeletons. You know pretend to be on his side maybe offer him legal counsel in trade for him remaining silent on anything that would tarnish her perfect Southern Hell (I mean belle) image. Since s3 and her boughetto (Bougie/ghetto) christening with angels hanging from the ceiling & rhinestone eye lashes… I knew something was off about her

  22. Chris

    Drama’s got something on Phaedra she wants to keep a secret. That woman will pay her dues one day. Shadiest of the shady!

  23. Sherry Lee

    Umm, I don’t know of this drama person, but he can’t be in a gang affiliated with high schoolers especially if he’s round here still saying “bomb” and “blow up.” Now, he could just be out of touch with today’s lingo, but mostly high schoolers describe everything with “lit” , “turnt” , “1 hunnit”

    • tamaratattles

      What the hell does “gang affiliated with high schoolers” even mean? You really think lit, turnt and one hunnit are the new hip lingo? Nothing in the comment makes a lick of sense.

      • Sherry Lee

        I actually don’t think I KNOW it is new lingo trend used by teens/early adults and even a few older ones trying to be “hip”. You may be a bit of snooty and out of touch as well but phrases such as “bomb” “blow up” died in the late 2000s. I’m just saying what really doesn’t make any sense this grown ass man being in a gang with high schoolers. And, justifying it by saying “long white tee shirt?” come on tamy, dont judge a kid or a person by their clothes when has that ever did anyone JUSTICE?! There sure wasn’t any for the Trayvon Martin case

      • tamaratattles

        Perhaps if you had graduated from high school, you would learned to read and write. No one has said anything about Drama being in a gang with high schoolers. Phaedra is one that mentioned the long white t shirt, and that is because in Atlanta is is considered gang attire. Please read the commenting rules regarding literacy and stop commenting until you have the literacy skills of an eighth grader.

  24. Bria

    wow, interesting piece. Phaedra is sure afraid of what might come out of Drama’s mouth. she’s taking the easy way out to keep Drama silent by defending him.

  25. Awwwww….Look at all of those ‘bones falling out of Phaedra’s closet’……hahahahahahaha

  26. Phadrea is out right lying. Drama has something on her. RHOA needs to dump her. She moves her office around everytime there’s a story line. Who are her clients? She doesn’t have any except herself. She should stop lying because the truth is going to come out sooner than later.

  27. Userious

    Of course this man never had a bomb. You actually believed some guy from the hood was at home making bombs to use on Phaedra. Like he can’t just get a gun? This sounds like the more likely story of two. Maybe he stopped by her office b/c it was the middle of the day, so he didn’t expect her to be home. This is 2016, nobody under 35 MAILS anything anymore. Does Drama really look like somebody who would have any stamps in his house? Get real. So what, he was wearing a long T-shirt. Hane’s makes them so obviously more than gang members wear long white t-shirts. And how exactly do you know how the conversation went? Do you have a transcript? There are plenty of black men who are reporting having the cops called on them just for playing Pokemon go in the wrong white neighborhood, so it doesn’t take much. If he actually had a bomb why would he announce that it was in the car. Clearly it wasn’t strapped to his leg like originally reported. The man said he had a bomb ass CD. Yea it’s early 2000 slang but he’s older and it’s not like he was in an airport so he should be able to speak as he normally does. She’s supporting him b/c now he will have a lawsuit for racial profiling when it turns out all he had was CDs and she will represent him in court giving her a new storyline. DUH!

  28. Microop

    While I believe racial profiling is very real, and there are plenty of completely nonsensical baffling arrests happening all the time, I’m skeptical about this circumstance primarily bc of the Phaedra connection. She is definitely a criminal so I just can’t fully trust anything she says.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Phaedra thinks thinks like Kenya observing that that guy was scary threatening in Miami is what is damaging to black men. She’s completely nuts. She saw an opportunity here – probably twofold – make the Drama drama go away, AND further promote herself as an Al Sharpton-type defender of black rights.

  29. Margaret Shepard

    I sure hope Karma comes knocking on this fake ass woman soon. What does Apollo have to lose by exposing her shady crap? He is locked up for years.

  30. Sherry Lee

    Uh oh, Tammy the online sit at home blogger/English teacher. You really have no argument and already lost when your go to is correcting someones sentence. Stick to the topic at hand, judging ones appearance does not add any substance or validity to their true character. Sheree didn’t tell the media you’re an obsessed tourist who frequently catches buses to her house to take pictures, because its more nice than the trailer lot you look like you live on. Because if she said that it would be untrue, unfair, and judgmental for her to think such a harsh thing right?

    p.s. Phaedra has her masters which says she’s CERTIFIED to judge…..while you sit at home and probably couldn’t figure how to adjust a degree on a thermostat.

    • tamaratattles

      Oh you wound me so. How have I managed to get through life with so few degrees and certifications. I am indeed woefully undereducated.

    • Minky

      Phaedra’s education means nothing. She’s a criminal and a con artist. Her whole life is a colossal lie. A two-bit racketeer and probable pimp’s education is of no merit whatsoever.

      The only way Phaedra’s law degree has helped her is so she knows how to skirt the law and cheat and steal and hurt people without getting caught. Then the twerking legal genius decides to be on a nationally televised show so everybody can clearly see her fuckery and her graft.

      She belongs in prison just as much, and probably more, than Apollo does. Her day is coming. Maybe she can give her stellar legal advice to her fellow inmates when she finally ends up in prison? Being a lawyer will sure come in handy then.

      P.S. Sit your ass down and shut your ass up. Fool.

      • Minky

        Sorry TT. I guess we were typing at the same time. My comment, and especially the P.S., is meant for the alleged “Sherry Lee”, who I suspect might be Porsha.

    • JKR

      Oh, the irony here.
      I thought about typing out a response detailing how you just entirely contradicted your initial point by mentioning appearances but I have a feeling I would be wasting my time.
      The pure stupidity of not thinking that appearance of gang affiliation while dealing with an alleged bomb threat is at all important? It is law enforcement’s job to assess all possibilities when dealing with a potentially deadly situation.
      Gangs are a reality. There is a reason officers/law enforcement/teachers are trained to spot affiliation by tattoos, gestures, and dress. There is a reason that tattoos are photographed and documented in prison.
      And yes, this applies to EVERY gang. White gangs included. Gasp! Those exist as well. This is not a race thing. It is a SAFETY thing.
      Especially if you’re responding to a bomb threat, and live in an area where you have been trained to spot members of known local gangs BY APPEARANCE. How else would you identify them? Through a little chat?
      I can’t even comprehend the level of stupid I’m reading.

      • Dee

        Very true JKR, I’m sure the bomb squad took Drama’s threats seriously. Not clear why Phaedra took up for him unless she’s afraid of him. Thinking if she backs him up he won’t continue to stalk he or talk about why he’s threatening her. She muddied the story, should have stayed out of it.

  31. Tee Tee

    White t-shirts have nothing to do with gang affiliation that’s something the white media wants us to believe. It is also why young black boys are constantly harrassed by the police in their communities. Just like being black and wearing a hoodie makes them appear to be a threat yet when white boys wear hoodies it is assumed they are college students, they wear white t-shirts its for fashion.
    I live in the south (in the suburbs), my boys are 13 and 7, when school is out the first thing my husband and I do is go to Walmart and buy packets of white t-shirts for him and both of our boys as that is the only type of shirt they feel will keep them cool (plus they are super cheap and you can wear them with anything). So as a black man you can’t wear red, white or blue or you could be accused of being in a gang (how ironic).

    • tamaratattles

      I love how people who have no idea what they are talking about tell me that what I am seeing outside of my window and in my community is not happening.

      If you don’t know the difference between the long white gang t shirts and the undershirts sold at Wal Mart, consider yourself lucky that gangs are not something you deal with on a daily basis.

      • Minky

        The most nonsensical part of this “long white t-shirt” thing is that Phaedra herself was the one who brought it up in the first place. Those are her words/assumptions about gangs and the clothes they wear. So, who’s stereotyping who?

        Also Phaedra compared Glenn, the drugged out thug who smacked the marbles out of his own alleged auntie on camera, to unjustly slain, innocent black youths. Seriously Phaedra? Al Sharpton indeed.

      • JKR

        @Minky Yes! I was so focused on the preposterous idea that appearance has no relation to gang affiliation that I almost missed this completely. Sherry, while you’re on your Phaedra defense tirade, perhaps you should chide her on including such an appearance-based detail that wasn’t previously mentioned in any news article. Tsk, tsk. Phaedra the lawyer, with her degree to judge.

      • JKR

        Oops! Sorry TT and Minky, I was responding to these via cell phone and thought I was on the same initial comment with @sherry. My mistake! Technology….

      • Dee

        I don’t think she read your reporting, purple pen or comments. Reading is fundamental 😉

    • Minky

      No, no. I am not insulting Al. I wouldn’t go there. I’m being dismissive of Phaedra’s ambition to be like the next, female version of Al Sharpton. If she thinks that’s even a possibility now, after she’s made such a total fool of her self on RHOA, then she’s smoking some gooooood shit!

      Like I wrote in another comment for a Phaedra-based post by TT: If Phaedra ever did successfully get into politics she’d be more like the next Marion Barry. Remember him? “It was not me!!!”

  32. Sandra

    I don’t believe anyone who is versed in the rap culture would use the word “bomb” to describe how good his music or anything else is. Rap is all about the words. Using the wrong lingo alone would be career suicide.
    A cd is now called a “joint” and a bomb cd would now be “fire.”
    Phaedra was definitely reaching on this one but I am not surprised. She is a known liar and is pulling the race card again to try and cover her own chit.

    … Hope she is unsuccessful at getting him off. That should start some real drama.

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