Shahs of Sunset Reunion Recap Part Two: Too Little, Too Late?

Shahs Reunion Part 1
We begin part two with a break so that MJ can stop crying about her crumbling friendship with Asa. Mercedeh is very offended that Asa thinks she is trash talking her business.  Mike tries to tell Mercedeh that she will regret the things she said to Asa. MJ is not hearing it. She says she is through with her.

We return to the set and Andy points out that Mike has some new hairbrained scheme every season. We get a package on Mike’s “shoe line.”  Andy points out that Kitson went bankrupt a few weeks after the shoe party. Mike claims he sold them 2,000 pairs of shoes. That seems like a ridiculous number of shoes for one store. If you go in any shoe store you’d be hard pressed to find more than a dozen pairs of the same shoe. Mike says you can buy his shoes on his website. However, someone linked me to the sight a week or so ago and there was nothing there but a not that says “Shoes coming soon!” If he has two thousand pairs of shoes what is he waiting for? Then Andy makes fun of Mike’s instagram. It really is ridiculous.

Asa on the other hand was offered a deal for he kaftans to be sold in selected Nordstorm stores for a trial run.  Her diamond water business has expanded and they provide the water for the restaurant in the Four Seasons Dubai. #Winning

Reza is going to do some sort of a play where he will be cross dressing as the Iranian Medea. Seriously?

Shahs Reunion  more


Andy sets up a segment for people to rag on Asa about keeping her relationship private. It’s called being smart and not putting your partner’s business on a reality TV show. Asa says while she keeps her love life private, there are a lot of people on the show who put fake storylines.  For example, none of them actually work in real estate anymore. MJ swears she closed properties during filming and those scenes never made it to TV. Asa says that MJ doesn’t make her money as a real estate agent, she makes her money from the show. Actually, they all do except for Asa who has two successful businesses now to fall back on when the show ends. MJ is completely unhinged.

Andy asks why Shervin and GG don’t date. Really Andy? You know why. Then he moves on to discussing whether or not Shervin is enabling GG.  GG points out that Mercedeh is really aggressive today and she asks her not to turn on her (like she did Asa). Reza says that Shervin plays the peacemaker on the show just to look good on camera.  You might consider taking a page from that book, Reza. It’s called minding your manners when the entire world is watching you. Why are MJ and Reza saying that Shervin always has to present himself as perfect. He got up in GG’s face this season and threatened her like a man.  He failed to protect and defend her from Reza. He joined in on Reza’s attacks on GG. This segment makes no sense.

Shahs Reza

Finally someone points out that Reza picks a target every season to attack. Andy says Asa is the only one left, is she nervous that it will be her turn next? Asa says she isn’t worried about it.  Golnesa says that Reza tried going after Shervin this season.  Apparently, Reza and Asa didn’t want Shervin to go on the camping trip. Golnesa refused to go if he was not invited.  Shervin hints that Reza and Asa were not happy that he was made a full cast member. Reza says that he didn’t want Shervin on the camping trip because he enables GG and it would ruin the intervention. Because, you know, Reza just wants to help Golnesa.  Oh Please.

Mike thinks he is very respectful of women.

Time to scrutinize Golnesa’s health issues. Reza says he went to a doctor who specializes in rheumatoid arthritis to find out about what Golnesa was experiencing. Even Andy says that is weird and obsessive. Reza thinks it is perfectly normal. Not one thing Reza did or said to Golnesa this season was from a caring heart. Everything he did all season was to mock and attack Golnesa and accuse her of lying about having RA. Shervin sticks up for Golnesa but says he has a problem with her calling her treatments chemotherapy.  Golnesa does have chemotherapy treatments. She didn’t say it’s the same dosage as cancer patients get, or that it would have the same side effects but it is the same drug. Why on earth would anyone attack a friend for saying they are getting chemo? She sits there for hours with an IV drip in her arm. Why must they all try to compare it to cancer treatments and say it’s not that bad.  How bad does the treatment need to be before they can be compassionate to their friend?

Finally, we get to the blowjob video. Golnesa says that Reza is always injecting himself into everyone’s business. She brings up all the accusations he has made against everyone. Reza just starts screaming at her to “Get off my show!” He says it over and over and over and that is what he truly thinks. It is his show and everyone else is just on as supporting characters. I think he honestly believes that people tune in because of him rather than in spite of him.

Andy uses a twitter question to ask Golnesa about the root of her anger issues. He basically goes all show me on the dolly where the bad man hurt you.  Why is this necessary? It’s clear by Golnesa’s need to surround herself with knives for protection and her heavy drinking that she has been though some shit. A reality show reunion is not a safe place for GG to open up about that. Especially with Reza making nasty comments about the question itself.

Then Reza has his dramatic moment where he acts like he goes into an office every day and gets mocked about his sex tape. Shut the fuck up, Reza. Better yet, just keep on crying like a little bitch. Reza has attacked the character of almost everyone on the show, but if it happens to him he needs a pity party. MJ waddles out behind him with Kleenex to kiss his ass. She should be ashamed of herself as well. She has been the victim of Reza for all of season two and yet she is screaming about Golnesa not having compassion for him? Give me a break.

Golnesa and Reza sort of exchange apologies.

Asa is open to making up with MJ. MJ is adamant she will never be Asa’s friend again.

After filming Golnesa goes to Reza and tells him that she really wants them to work their issues out. Reza says he is emotionally spent and maybe they can talk at another point. I’m not sure why Golnesa would bother.


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53 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Reunion Recap Part Two: Too Little, Too Late?

  1. A Little Birdie

    I’m not sure why GG would bother making up with Reza either. He was mean and vile. He wasn’t concerned about her credibility when he accused her of lying. She’s a better person than I am. She looked gorgeous by the way.

    I may be in the minority but Mike looks better than he has in a long time. His actions are a different story as nothing has really changed there. Hopefully he really is growing up.

    MJ and Asa is sad. I think they have the most repairable issues of any of them. Tje fight for Reza’s love is a ridiculous one and all of that other stuff is secondary and not really issues at all.

    Reza really does think it’s his show and I really at this point would rather not see him. He has become like NeNe Leakes. Like one person is bigger than the show

  2. JoJoFLL

    Shervin is perfect.

    My stepdaughter is a buyer for Nordstrom. I’ll ask her about the caftans. I do know they like to test run up and coming designers in small, select stores.

    • Asa’s caftans are gorgeous and quite expensive looking, so a store like Nordstrom’s would seem like a perfect fit. I can’t imagine Asa lying about that – now if it were Sonja, it could be a whole different (delusional) story. Good luck, Asa, I love your choice of fabrics.

  3. Joanplus2dogs

    Again Asa shows why she is more successful in her ventures & in life. She knows where to draw the line & act professional especially compared to the others. I hope she does well with her caftans.

    I don’t believe the others will do any worthwhile ventures except maybe in real estate which most already have experience in doing before the show.

  4. Tara

    lets get this straight Mercedes is straight JELLY of Asa. She can act like she isn’t but she is.

    • Erica

      Here is where Asa needs to practice her love and light – people may think its the business MJ is jealous of, but it is Asa’s MOTHER that she must be pea green with envy over. Asa criticizing Vida, and then basically blaming MJ for not controlling her was really kind of mean – and probably touched the very heart of the wound MJ must carry around with her because of her vile mother. I mean ASA was too afraid to speak up to Vida at the crematory – she think’s MJ is equipped to do better?

      I also think MJ had a slight point about hiding part of her life. Can’t say MJ doesn’t share all her relationships and flaws!

  5. Reza’s “get off MY show” comment (screamed over & over) pretty much sums up this mess of a show. So glad this season is over since I have no self-control & watch even though I hate it…

    • Dexter

      I took it off my DVR list but ended up watching it live v

    • Matzah60

      Hi Lady Cocotte. I was floored when Reza screamed “over and over” get off of my show as well. The first time was telling, but repeating the comment over and over again was a look into the delusion many of these reality show characters see themselves. They actually believe they are stars, even if they are D-listed ‘stars’…..Like you, I don’t have the self-control to stop watching them because I hate them, but love watching them make asses out of themselves.

    • Perfect. I feel the same way.

  6. Minky

    When I read “Iranian Medea” my mouth dropped open. Reza needs some serious counseling. He’s not okay in the head. Like, for real.

    The “get off my show” thing is ridiculous. How did Reza get that idea in his head? GG wanting to work things out with Reza is not a good sign. Especially if she has been a victim of some sort of abuse in the past. I’m worried that people like Reza are GG’s normal. That she’s sympathizing with her abuser, or that she feels that she deserves this kind of treatment. Nobody deserves what she’s endured with these awful people. She needs to heal her mind, body and soul and find the guts to give Reza a serious read. And tell him to kiss her ass until shit shoves him down!

    And another thing! If any of these motherfuckers know about any heinous abuse that GG has endured in the past, the kind that has her shaking with fear and armed with knives to this day, and they still ALL went in on her like they did, then they’re even more despicable creatures than I thought.

    • Sierra

      Spot on minky! GG was abused in the past and they glossed over it like she was about to get sympathy and they would all look bad. I hate Reza he sucks at most things and is narcissistic. That gag about the flowers was the worst thing I’ve ever seen. His premeditated his attack, which leads me to believe there IS a video out there. When he called off his engagement he was deflecting his own infidelity. MJ is like her mom and that lady has messed up her daughter. Asa is a hustler and I admire that but TT her life should be all out there, MJ was right if they didn’t put their relationships on display we would be bored to death by Asa’s diamond water and GGs sobriety. If you’re cashing a six figure check for being on a reality show, you better damn well be keeping it real, it’s what we are paying for… Asa is hiding her true self a lot.

  7. Lindsay

    Love the new font! Or am I just berrrrrzed?
    The perverse joy that Andy gets from picking on the weak person in his shows has gotten to that point where you drag your friend out of the bar kicking and screaming to keep her from catching herpes from a date rape. His treatment of GG is…well, in the words of Serial Mom, just the limit. I’m beyond glad that you are branching out from “reality” by Barfo, although I will watch the shit out of Southern Charm if it comes back, only to see that A Rose For Emily (Whitney?) level of delusion and the lovely city of Charleston (which apparently Vice Principals is set in too? Haven’t gotten to watch yet, can’t wait). Probably RHOBH/A too, not gonna lie…but you’re going in a book club for tv shows direction and I love it.
    I mean, giving Reza a show? He must give the blow job of a lifetime.

  8. Jill

    I agree 100% Minky about your GG assessment. I think Reza has some kind of neurosis or sociopathic tendencies with the way he picks a person to go after every season. It’s always “pay attention to me”, “I need to talk”, “my opinion/read on someone is correct” and so on. And the group (MJ/Asa) seems to follow his opinions, aka. forgiving Mike’s infidelities so easily. Last year they were all about stringing him up about doing the wrong thing. But oh not this year.

    But I started to think Reza was the one with real mental issues when he (or production) wrote those apology notes from GG, which was essentially EVERY single mistake and flaw he found in GG in the past 5+ years on paper and then read aloud to a group of people and millions on TV. That is real mental issues to think that shit is ok. I would be DEAD/SLAYED/MORTIFIED if anyone in my life thought it was appropriate to shame me with a letter or letters read aloud of all my faults and mistakes to my family and friends and on TV. This was despicable.

    And if he truly thinks GG needs help, instead of derided her every step of the way, HELP HER!! Or just step away if you don’t have that bandwidth. He chooses to stay engaged with her and her supposed “mental issues.” I know of no one who verbally abuses someone they think needs professional help to the extent he did. If anyone in my circle heard him doing that, he’d be told to STFU and have a little sympathy for fuck’s sake.

    Ok, rant over.

  9. sarah

    I never thought I’d say this but LILY was the classiest female on this show. She argued with people but never yelled or raised her voice. She also happens to be a very pretty Persian woman – yes there is a lot of fakeness, inside and out, but she is educated and sweet and her exit off the show was a dignified one. I dont care what BS Asa gives, she IS using the show to promote her latest businesses, first with Diamond water (she drank Dasani), then her pop music, kaftans….. btw where could one possibly where a kaftan for an everyday outing – to the gas station, the grocery store…. people would look at you like you re crazy. Maybe on a beach boardwalk or on vacation to somewhere exotic. But even then I would feel VERY uncomfortable walking around like that, when the go to outfit is cutoff shorts. Also i cant STAND Reza’s crybaby shtick all the time…. he just cries so much on camera !!!

    • Nat

      I actually ordered a few of her kaftans, they are barely in stock, overpriced, and It took over 2 months to receive them. They don’t provide any updates. After several very angry enails, I finally received an email back from a “Jordyn” stating the kaftans are stuck in customs and would be sent soon. Basically she has a few prototypes and selling products she doesn’t actually have. Which is a clear indication that she is not having them made until they are ordered, using that money to order them, so Nordstroms carrying her products would mean she would first have to put up front money, to actually have the product on hand and made in advance. At this time I wouldn’t rate her business as real or successful, more fraudulent than anything. They are not cheap either! The cheapest kaftan is $130 .

    • tamaratattles

      “But even then I would feel VERY uncomfortable walking around like that, when the go to outfit is cutoff shorts”

      Porsha is that you? Y’all are cracking me up today. Cootchie cutters are so much more appropriate than a kaftan?

      • RealE

        I can not stop laughing. Literally the best comment and response I have ever read on any blog ever!
        When cut off shorts are THE go to outfit…Lmao… I’m dying

  10. Chris

    If Reza had the idea to pursue producers for the show, it is his show as much as I can’t stand him, but was he smart enough to demand an executive producer credit is the question.

  11. Jaded

    I wish someone would have brought up Reza ruining Asa’s “Together” show with his stupid apologies. ASA should have been pissed.

    • Huntersmommie

      He ruined BOTH of her shows. He inserted himself into Mike and Jessica’s argument and made their argument more of a scene than it was. The venue wanted to cancel her show because of the people fighting.
      Had Reza not gotten involved, Jessica would have probably just left and Mike would’ve chased after her or left in anger…Reza’s behavior at the Together show was appalling. Asa should have been pissed. She worked hard and wanted it to be a nice night for everyone. Reza again made it allllll about himself. He ruined everyone’s night, including Adam’s. GG pushed him pretty hard. Adam looked stunned. Lol

    • Babs0909

      This group of forty somethings are entitled vandals (except Asa, Shervin). They must lose their security deposit everywhere they rent. When disgusting MJ threw the red velvet cake on the yaught, I wanted to throw her overboard.

      And Reza uses Asa’s events as a stage to perform his histrionics of the month. It’s all too common with the middle easterners in my family. ” let’s make it about Mike tonight Act II”.

      My husband liked Asa’s caftan (they are pretty), and said Jermaine Jackson was super talented too, wrote the music for the Jackson 5. I’m glad they keep their relationship off the show . Mazel!

  12. Huntersmommie

    Why would Asa NOT use the show to promote her business? Thats ridiculous. Besides I like watching her and her parents in their business. It’s fun and entertaining and i dont feel like her “brand” is being forced on me (unlike skinnygirl) Vida is jealous of the relationship Asa has with her parents and the success Asa has.
    MJ is mean, bitter and jealous. She and Reza are a match made in hell. MJ is jealous of Asa, and Reza is jealous of Shervin. He is everything Reza is not.

    • sarah

      Its not just one business, its been multiple businesses, and it feels like watching an infomercial, which every time a housewife presents her new products I turn off the TV because its annoying.

      Asa has a very pretentious attitude and acts like she is a saint, and, most of all, makes her parents look pitiful on national TV by saying how she needs to help support them. This is constant throughout the last couple seasons on the show, and it makes me feel bad for how she airs to the world their financial problems, it just takes away their pride IMO. Helping our parents if they need it is something we all should do but never remind them about.

      • tamaratattles

        I can’t possibly imagine how Asa’s parents could be any more proud of her. How you can see a happy family working together to start a business as anything other than a beacon of decency on that shit bag of a show astounds me.

      • Skeeter

        I don’t see Asa making her parents look pitiful at all! I see a daughter who is grateful to her parents for getting the family out of a country in turmoil. She just wants her parents to be comfortable. You seem to have a problem with Asa, period. Just sayin, the other comment I read from you was all about Asa too. By the way, I’d wear a kaftan any time. People wear sundresses all the time that are ‘flowing’ so why not a kaftan??

      • sarah

        Then this is a major cultural difference from where I was raised, you dont act pretentious and tell everyone how you are financially supporting your parents.
        Also, yes – in the hot Florida, low key town I live in casual cutoffs, drapey top and sandals is the go to outfit for young women. It is only hootchey on the wrong body type. A caftan would be way too dressy here, and is aging. Ive watched this show since Season 1 and it has gone so far downhill, if there is another season I’ll probably skip it.

      • tamaratattles

        I think you are the only person on earth who sees Asa wanting to provide for her parents as pretentious. I’m not exactly sure what “culture” you live in Florida where kaftans are too dressy rather than perfect for the Florida weather, but in most places adult children often provide for their parents when they obtain financial success. Most all professional athletes, entertainers buy their parents a new house as their first priority when they become wealthy. Asa is obviously extremely close with her family and had them living with her while she renovated their home. He mother is/was a nurse. They came to the US to give Asa a better life. They did that, and now she is able to take care of them. It’s pretty much the American Dream and quite lovely to watch. Your take on the situation is Bizarre to me. You seem to have little awareness of family dynamics.

  13. kym

    I really think MJ is missing some brain cells or she is turning into her mother.

    • Huntersmommie

      Sadly, I think she is ALOT like her mother. They are both so jealous of the success of others they have to trash people to try and feel better about themselves. Misery loves company.

  14. I actually felt a little sad after the reunion was over. These are a real group of friends and the other reunions didn’t end with them going separate ways like this. I know it’s silly but I honestly felt sad.
    That being said, I was so struck by the picture of GG at the camp site. She actually looked like this little vulnerable child. I don’t know. What ever her reason I think she has something terrible for her, in her past. And with the exception of Asa and of course Sherv has maybe felt not comfortable or safe with these people to talk about it. I can clearly see why, I wouldn’t tell Reza he was walking in front of a truck (jk) or M.J. anything confidential because you know, blabbermouth. M.J. made me cry talking about her Dad and what a great guy he is. He must be because..Vida.
    Reza and his show? I watch, as TT said, in spite of Reza. Will not watch new show and may not watch this again if they come back.
    Well, that’s my 2 cents. LOL

  15. The vile disgusting Reza isn’t a real Persain, he is nothing more than a shepherd and AsA, Mike, GG and MJ are just his sheeple. They all follow Reza because he is the only one who has any real money and I imagine they use him as a bank when they need a loan or investor in their lame product lines. If they don’t like what he says or does, then they can get off of ‘HIS SHOW’, just like he told GG to do last night. You had to noticed nobody even challenged him when he claimed it was “My Show” Thank goodness Bravo brought in Shervin who has loads of his own money. I imagine he will be Reza’s target next season, if there is one.

  16. Toonskie

    I used to love this show, I think it has now run it’s course. I find it amusing that Reza, Bethenny and Andy are so much alike and are seemingly such good friends. Usually that much ego doesn’t mesh well :)

    I wish GG the best, RA is painful and she is so young. Hopefully she will find the right medication that works for her and she can move forward with her life. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again….if she has been dealing with RA the entire time this show has been on it explains a lot. Getting a diagnosis like that at such a young age would be difficult to deal with at best. Painful, debilitating disease. :(

  17. Reza is turning into the stereotype of a bitter, bitchy, spiteful old queen. A show where he dresses up, complete with fake titties (his words)? Who would pay to go see that? I have a very hard time watching what he’s turned into and if anyone needs an intervention, it’s him. The other cast mates should sit him down and tell him he’s turned into something very ugly, and needs to change fast or none of them will have anything to do with him. His ego has grown to astronomical proportions, but unfortunately so has his inappropriateness. Writing all those notes and acting like they were from GG? So weird, and hard to believe since GG just stood there and didn’t say a word. The normal reaction would be to jump right in and say that you had nothing to do with them, but she didn’t. Something very fishy about that scene. Plus, Reza’s ability to turn on the waterworks and blubbering lips is irritating. He doesn’t give a damn how much he hurts others.

    I was sad to see how defeated MJ looked last night. Having the horrendously vile Vida for a mother must be hard, and she’ll have to work hard not to pick up those same character failings. She just didn’t look good – kind of greasy, like she’d just come from the gym. I know about not speaking back to your elders, I grew up the same way, but there comes a time when you have work up the courage and tell people that their behavior is unacceptable and hurtful. Still, Vida is such a cold-hearted bitch, and the exact opposite of a nurturing mother, I doubt any words could change her. Nasty, nasty piece of work and MJ needs to get far away from her.

    Mike still isn’t getting any sympathy from me and his new “mea culpa” routine just doesn’t ring true. Once a dirty dog, always a dirty dog, and saying he respects and loves women is a joke. He is showing compassion for GG though, so that does give him a few brownie points. GG seems like such a damaged person, but asking her on national TV what trauma in her earlier life caused her to be the way she is was just unforgivable.

    I love Asa and think she is the smartest, kindest person on the show. Why was such a big deal made out of why her boyfriend isn’t a cast member? She can still be open about her life without bringing him (not a husband) into it.

    Andy continues to be the biggest dick on the show. Nothing is beyond him when it comes to ratings, but apparently that’s what Bravo is looking for, and I must admit it makes for great, if cringe-worthy, entertainment.

    • Kika

      That was the worst shade of red for MJ! I think that may have been what gave her that greasy look. Just the wrong red!

  18. SitaAva

    Reza is cruel why anyone would want to be his friend is beyond me. He has went after someone every season ..apparently the MJ was a pill head season was true cause she is right back up his ass playing lap dog. MJ is a bitch and she is Vida 2.0

    MJ can’t wait to talk about anyone behind their backs then gets pissed at them caused they get pissed at her Really?? Narscistic much…

    Making fun of GG was just wrong on so many levels. Reza has no idea how much pain she goes thur each day & even if she is causing it to be worse by drinking and smoking have some compassion for her disease instead of belittling her. Rolling around on the ground, screaming, calling GG a liar none of that is friendship.

    Shervin is the best addition they have ever had.

  19. cheychey

    While I find Mike’s behavior and overall attitude towards women despicable his selfie pics Andy showed were quite hot. Probably why he continues to get so much attention from girls. I emphasize girls not women who know their worth.
    As for GG I can understand everyone’s frustrated watching her self sabotage herself with her drinking and partying all night. It’s hard to watch. As a friend I think it would be incredibly difficult to see your friend go thru such a difficult time and know that they are making it so much harder on their health. That being said as a friend you don’t create a “Brooks” situation with a friend where your trying to dispute the validity of their illness or treatments. You’re there for them and support them thru it. Put your energy into finding a more positive way to deal with the hurt and pain of dealing with all this instead of attacking the only outlet they feel they have. It only makes them feel more alone and pushes them further into despair.

    • Kika

      GG is being EXPLOITED by Bravo TV. She is an alcoholic and is in dire need of a true intervention and rehab/recovery. I would almost guess that there are prescription drugs involved here also. She does apparently have some very deep seated mental issues as Reza states. But for Bravo to continually display this season after season is almost criminal to me. This poor sole needs to take stock of her life and GET HELP (without these so called friends).

      Her sister probably feels frustrated as Kyle does about Kim. I am not sure the family has any idea of what to do but they also need to seek psychological counseling to be able to help their daughter with sort of intervention/recovery.

      • Misha11

        I think you’re on target but Kika. I think her drinking explains her despicable behavior of the past more than her ra.

  20. Welp, guess I’m Team GG and somewhat Shervin. The rest of them came across as hypocritical POS to me.

  21. After seeing GG attack Adam (she was going after Reza) – it is time for her to be shown the door. Not the first time she’s done that on the show.

    And her knives…allowing knives with a person who is mentally unstable is just asking for trouble. Bravo shouldn’t endorse this.

    It’s way past time for Bravo to take a stand on this and boot the attackers – including Porsha (she went after Cynthia last season), and anyone else who goes after a cast mate.

    • Misha11

      Agree with you observer2. But I think bravo loves the crazy behavior and it may bring them more ratings, so why stop it. It seems the crazy ones get rewarded for their behavior. Look at Teresa from NJ, she tosses the tables and becomes the star of the show. Porsha jumps on Cynthia and Kenya and is now on dish nation as a commentator. Gg has her knives and cutting remarks for everyone and gets sympathy for her ra. I never heard that gg was abused in the past. If so get therapy. She has caring and supportive parents and sister. Many abused people are alone with no help and would not behave that way. I hope she gets herself together.

  22. Emma

    Season after season I’ve watched MJ’s jealousy of Asa and Asa’s close relationship with Reza. There’s absolutely, in my opinion, nothing wrong with taking advantage of a public stage to promote your business…my hat’s off to Asa for and her kaftans. I own four kaftans now a direct result of seeing them on Shah’s. Furthermore I live in south Florida and find them perfect for the beach, afternoon gatherings and to publix grocery store. I wish I could ask MJ, “do you see Vida staring back at you when looking in a mirror?”

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