Real Housewives of New York Recap: Body of Evidence



We are back on the yacht for Luann’s engagement party, but unfortunately no one really seems happy for her. I continue to be shocked that some of y’all think Luann is “too happy” and “too excited” about her engagement. I am thrilled that there is actually a happy storyline that is not about someone’s vagina.

Ramona continues to stir the shit about the engagement despite having no real relationship with Tom herself. I can understand Sonja having some emotions lingering about Tom, but Ramona needs to have several seats.

Luann’s friend the “yacht owner” is rather um, interesting.

Ramona has to get right in front of the camera to interrupt Tom who is speaking to a party guest with Luann by his side. She literally sticks her head under Luann’s armpit to jockey for position.  Tom is super uncomfortable around Sonja. Ramona is making a huge scene talking to some woman about how she met Tom ten years ago in a bar and they have been out several times.  First of all, the meeting was filmed on camera and he didn’t seem to have any interest in Ramona who was married to her cheating husband at the time.  Ramona is really trying to make make her relationship with Tom into more than just a dinner date or two. Ramona thinks Tom is flirting with her. She is also dancing alone while apparently extremely intoxicated.

Why is Carole making a big deal out of Tom telling Ramona that she smells like a grapefruit? Why is everything such a huge deal with these women? Ramona is busy trash talking  Luann to Carole saying that she is very insecure and so is Tom. Ramona is so delusional. Dorinda gives a completely incoherent toast to the future bride and groom. 

RHONY Ramona Sonja
The next day, Jules calls to check on the kids only to discover that Michael has gone to The Hamptons for the weekend and left them with the nanny.  Dorinda and Carole gossip about how many times Ramona actually dated Tom. Now the story is that Carole met Tom when he was dating  Ramona.  These stories just keep growing with every telling. Now Ramona says she went home with Tom to learn how to play backgammon. This is all such utter bullshit. It’s like they wrote this script 20 minutes before they got on the boat.

Dorinda really is a little pot stirrer lately. She goes to Luann to tell her that Ramona is telling Tom stories to Carole. Luann is really pissed at Ramona and screams at her and threatens to throw her ass overboard if she doesn’t stop making up stories about her dates with Tom.  Ramona, who lives for her name in the press, is carrying around an article that she is mentioned in as someone who used to sleep with Tom. She blames Luann for that story. She tries to pull off some sort of hissyfit that is not in the slightest bit believable. Ramona says her dating life is discreet. Does she really believe the crap she says? Ramona keeps on and on repeating that the press said that Ramona was the friend with benefits. She has said it at least six times on this episode alone. For someone who is unhappy with a story she certainly has brought attention to the story over and over and over again.

Are we seriously not going to get to the newest dirt on Tom during this episode? How much longer are they going to drag this all out. Bethenny tells Carole and Ramona that Tom is not really that wealthy and that he has already been unfaithful to her. Bethenny says that Tom was making out with a Playboy bunny for over an hour at a bar on the Wednesday before the engagement party on Friday. Bethenny says she has a photo of him and the girl making out.

To be continued…..


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118 responses to “Real Housewives of New York Recap: Body of Evidence

  1. JoJoFLL

    This hot mess has jumped the shark.

  2. Naike

    Ramona should look in the mirror and she’ll see the one who is insecure. I really don’t like Ramona, she’s the author of confusion much like Bethenny. I do feel for Sonja, but if Tom wanted her as a wife; he would have proposed to her instead of LuAnn. Michael is a first class jerk, Jules is better off without him. Carole’s face looked really blotchy and tired at the beginning of the episode. It was nice not seeing Bethenny for most of the night. As for Dorina’s speech…xigskalakenc, talk about incoherent. And next looks like epic drama. Thanks for the recap.

  3. Naike

    Oops. *next week…

  4. This whole dumb ass story makes no sense. So it’s ok for Ramona to date Tom while simultaneously effing Sonja but it’s not ok for Luann to settle down with him? The blonde aunts are the biggest joke of this. Sonja is sad bc she’s the oldest side-chick in history and best kept secret and Ramona can’t decided if she wants the world to know she dated him and Luann stole him away or how dare her business of dating Tom be out in the open because it’s a secret that everyone knows including Bethenny. lmao… oy vey!!

    • Actually, Andy brought up an interesting question on WWHL: why isn’t Ramona angry that Sonja has been sleeping with her “date”? Or was it why isn’t Sonja angry that Ramona “dated” Sonja’s Friend With Benefits? It was one of those. I got mixed up but thought, ‘Wow, Andy does have a brain.’ He hides it well.

    • lavidaLinda

      Or how about Dorinda, who has been “good friends” with Ramona for years before the show, doesn’t know that Ramona is datining her other friend Tom? Ramona may keep her dating life quiet, but surely she’d tell her good, close, IRL friends, right? Why is she not also pissed at Dorinda for setting her “boyfriend” up with LuAnn?

      • sliceo'pie

        Because Ramona never really, “dated” Tom – they went out once or twice – she’s built it up into a romance for air-time. God knows how many men Ramona goes out with in an average month-how was Dorinda to know? If I recall correctly, Ramona has never said she told Dorinda she dated him.

  5. T D

    Is there a body of truth? In any of this mind rot?

    • No. Bethenny’s hair follicles and venom spit are all over this incoherent storyline. Bethenny has incriminating evidence but she won’t show it or sell it to the tabloids? No. That’s not how Bethenny works. Bethenny would sell her grandmother if she had one. The evidence of Tom coating some woman’s larynx with his tongue for an hour in public is too juicy for Bethenny to sit on. Bethenny tweeted Andy that she’s “not a rat.” She must be watching old Cagney movies and eating her one Skinny Girl Popcorn meal for the day. Seriously, when she took off her robe and showed off her bones, I was shocked. The poor kids on Feed the Children posters look healthier than Bethenny. But I digress. This is a Bethenny get-back-at-Luan shit show. Hopefully, it won’t work.

      • tamaratattles

        She seems to have a lot of body confidence. I don’t think she sees what we see. I kind of understand how that works because I have a bit of body dysmorphia myself. When I see how fat I am, I feel like it isn’t real. I am small framed and was thin most of my life. I don’t really believe how fat I am. Like it is some sort of mistake or something. It’s hard to explain, but I get that she thinks she looks great. I’m in denial myself in some ways.

      • Dexter

        We always look better than we think. Except Bethenny and Carole. How many times do you see an old photo and say wow I looked great. Wish I could look that good now. We get old. Some of us get fat.

      • Minky

        I know exactly where you’re coming from TT. My advice: Be kind to yourself. You’re amazing!

        I spent my whole entire life hating myself no matter how many people told me I was pretty. A lady I know who worked in fashion once told me that I was lovely and that I have a very beautiful face. This women worked dressing Cindy Crawford and other 90s super models, so I guess she knows a beauty when she sees one. I replied that I simply don’t think of myself in that way. And she said “That’s because you’re too much with your books.” Haha! They never should’ve taught my ass how to read.

        And that attitude drove me to bulimia. It took my guts and my sinuses years to get back to normal after I stopped. Bethenny is one of those “you can never be too rich or too thin” women. In the world that she inhabits thinness is the physical manifestation of virtue. It’s all very puritanical.

        When we see people like Bethenny in a bathing suit we see someone who’s self-concept, when it comes to the appearance of her body, as one that is grotesque and vastly divorced and removed from reality. When she looks at her sinewy, boney, starved form, she sees evidence of her success and value as a person. That almost makes me overlook her horribleness to others. Almost.

      • Miguel

        Thanks for the insight, TT & Minky – you are both so confident, smart and courageous!!! I continue to be in awe of your candor, which you both flavour with intelligence and wit – as opposed to a malice & condescension. Fondest wishes to each of you :)

    • Matzah60

      Although most of the BS coming out of Ramona’s mouth was beyond the pale, she did say that she meets these guys in what amounts to four upscale hotel bars in NYC. I would assume that the same group of characters meet up in these places on a regular basis.

      Tom has never been married and never had kids AND he is 50. There is nothing negative about not being married or having kids, or for that matter being 50, but the trifecta would make one wonder why the woman he chose to marry was a woman who was married 15 years, first marriage, two kids that while grown, will still be hanging around for vacations, holidays, although I am uncertain of their ages.

      I don’t believe Bethenny’s exact story. From the previews, it appears that she is coming in as an anointed angel to spare Luann from a man who is trying to ‘ride her fame’ and isn’t the millionaire he claims to be. I think there is always some truth in gossip.

      I recall Delores from RHNJ on WWHL last week. When asked by Andy if Teresa has changed, she said that she is essentially the same but a bit calmer. She also said that most people don’t change their core personality; who they are essentially. I find that to be a truth. I think Tom was and still is a playboy and I find some untrustworthy about him. I hope that he makes Luann happy, but second marriages have a high failure rate. Of course, much has to do with the age and circumstances of the two people, but I am concerned that Luann’s going to be disappointed. JMO

  6. ChrisT

    I hate Bethenny.

    • Tamara, I don’t know many women that don’t have some body dysmorphia. It’s less now than it used to be twenty odd years ago. But it still exists, thanks to the Hollywood stereotypes. But Bethenny is so shockingly thin that I doubt a doctor hasn’t said something to her. Osteoporosis would be a big concern for any conscientious doctor treating Bethenny, especially at her age. I can easily imagine Bethenny dismissing anyone, even her doctor’s, advice. Bethenny clearly sees what she wants to see. So, yes. I believe Bethenny is in serious denial about her weight. As much as I dislike her, I can see her dysfunction in those bones and feel badly that Bethenny is unable to see it for herself.

  7. Elizabeth

    I feel so sad for Jules :( Ramona brown dress on a yacht??? I do like that Luanne is happy but her laugh is sooo annoying! I feel bad for Sonya too! Carole and Bethanny who?

  8. AUDGE

    Watching Ramona dance just makes me stronger in my resolve to never dance in public. Some of us just shouldn’t.

  9. DrumNRoll

    it just occurred to me… Bethenny forgives Sonja for trying to destroy her brand and next few episodes are about Sonja suddenly having strong feeling for Tom?! Luann is such a whore for stealing Sonja’s men (plural!!) , don’t you think?

    made me think of a somewhat recent blind item Tamara posted…

    (if I were cooler and more tech savvy I would hyperlink the below link to the “Engaged By Beavo” blind item Tamara had not too long ago in the words “recent blind item”. I am not but please imagine it’s there and just search for that post!)

    • Minky

      Good eye DrumNRoll. The SkinnyGirl brand of forgiveness does not come cheap.

      • Minky

        Oh, and lets not forget about the “Zero Fucks” t-shirts and Erika from BH extending a hand to help out Sonja. But regardless of all of that, Sonja’s groveling is so gauche.

  10. Coco

    A drunk, dancing Ramona! Poor Avery… Ramona almost head-butted that poor woman in the white dress when she was “dancing.” She’s a mess!

    • Deirdre

      She straight up tripped over her own legs while “dancing” and boob-butted the woman in the white dress. Even more hilarious in slo-mo

      • Miguel

        ROTFLMAO&O&O times two, Deirdre!!! I had to read this for my wife whom happened to catch Ramona’s act last night! We can barely catch our breath!!!

  11. K

    I wonder if Bethenny’s secret texting source is a production assistant tasked with following Tom around Manhattan while he wasn’t with Luann.

    • Minky

      Okay, so what if Tom and Luanne have an open relationship? What if they’re “about that kind of life”? If so, that’s their business. That’s why I believe that Luanne doesn’t really care about Tom’s past. They seem happy. Their arrangement is their thing. Nobody else needs to know.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        That would be a possibility, but Bethenny asked Luann about this and Luann acted horrified by the suggestion. I mean, maybe she just doesn’t want to admit it…but it would be perfect for Luann.

  12. Blondesense

    I am in the ‘Luann is full of shit’ camp I’m afraid. When she was talking about Tom to Ramona and Avery (getting hair extensions) and the night she had wine with Bethenny and invitees herself to Mexico there was something about her affect I found odd. To me she was acting. I also think she and Tom were lying when they related the story about meeting on the phone. I just find Luann and Tom (who wants an apple) to be acting. The way she jumps up and down and gets excited just seems like behaviour you would instinctively try to suppress (especially when you are 50) as opposed to revel in. That’s just my observation. I am not surprised either that like everyone on these shows – Tom isn’t rich.

    • Librarygirl

      Oh my, so much scripted BS here that no one can keep their stories strwight. This whole Lu and Tom thing gave the season three extra episodes. Of pure boredom. Tom is rich, he played the field as did Lu, who is quite well off herself. Lu is happily in love and I wish the two of them the very best. All that Beth got out of this wasnto add this season to her list of fails.

      • If anyone has been around a girlfriend in love or god forbid…engaged, we know how annoying they can be. Every single topic comes around to the beloved. We eventually want to shoot them or ourselves. It’s just the nature of the beast. So Lu acting like a school girl reminds me of my many women friends that have prattled on endlessly about their new found loves. Good friends, however, listen silently and think about something else. We don’t bring our friends down and obsess about their beloved’s past, especially if we were a part of that past (we keep our mouths shut and pray they don’t know or care).

      • Minky

        Well, Onegaes, one would hope that a mature person would behave like a good friend. But these are not mature people. At least not mentally mature.

        I totally understand having twinges of jealousy when your friend is doing well and you’re not. We’ve all been there. But to go to these lengths in order to pour the acid rain of their envy on Luanne’s parade is just too damn much. What’s next? A fatwa handed down by Bethenny?

    • Dexter

      I think she is genuinely happy and excited. She is a divorced woman who lost companionship status and wealth. From an upper east side townhouse and hamptons manor to a rental with no closet space. She is happy to have a man and the Palm Beach and penthouse life back.

      • JoJoFLL

        She didn’t lose wealth. The Hamptons house she got in the divorce (free and clear) sold for around the 10 million mark.

      • Vet

        They sold the townhouse and split the proceeds, she received alimony and child support as well as the Hampton’s house. She received an offer she could not refuse and sold the house. If you recall how mad Ramona was about her settlement, she was jealous because she said Lu would never have to work another day in her life. Ramona said it in her talking head. Ramona had to pay Mario to keep both of her properties, Sonja lost her settlement and had to sell all her other properties except the townhouse she had to go bankrupt to keep, Bethany lost millions too in her divorce.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Dexter, now I DO buy that she’s overjoyed to be back in the life she’d become accustomed to. That I am believing. True love? Please.

      • JoJoFLL

        Vet, the Townhouse was a rental.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I’m with you Blondesense. Luann’s really overdoing it.

      • Agree. She needs to stop with the shrill school girl thing, clearly no one actually gives a shit so stop trying to make fetch happen with a bunch of made for TV frenemies. I kind of feel bad for her in that she is trying so hard to push this love story thing and everyone is relentless in knocking her down a peg, but then I remember what a narcissistic asshole she is 99% of the time and I get over it. I know it is a fake attempt of a show, but Tom’s body language was pretty OL (over Lu) on the yacht.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Bang on, mrsmuffinss!

  13. Toonskie

    This whole engagement seems fake to me. If they actually get married, I give it 6 months tops. This seems like a lame ploy to get a wedding show. Too funny.

  14. Tara

    Not 4 nothing but Carol looked like shit in this episode. I have such an easy time saying this because I really can’t stand her ass. Especially when she claimed Jules was soooooooooo much skinnier then her.. (Which is ridiculous) Carole is just as skinny. Jules
    Just happens to be taller that’s the only difference

    • Minky

      Carole needs to shut up. She’s a malnourished twig. Jules actually looks healthier when I compare her to both Carole and Bethenny.

      • Ktina

        When you get older you can’t be that skinny. It shows in your face no matter how many fillers you get. Jules is still young so she can get away with it

  15. Rach

    I don’t find the engagement fake at all. Luann said herself with her kids and Jacques gone she was EXTREMLY lonely. Fast forward and she’s met a guy that she’s really into and in love with and wants to marry him. Who wouldn’t be excited? She’s head over heels in love. As twisted as this world is especially as of late it’s actually quite endearing to see on TV.

    Bethenney needs to stop with the remarks about the other wives being on drugs and meds. Her behaviour and demeanour is very manic and all the excuses about her healthcare are just as convincing as the deflection about eating disorders she’s trying to pull with Jules.

    • tamaratattles

      I find the whole reaction to Luann’s engagement odd as well. For people who are faking it, they sure do go on a lot of expensive vacations and post lots of happy photos from Aspen and Austria and Germany and Switerland….and…. well all of this faking of happy trips around the world sure must be exhausting.

      People seem way more bothered by Luann’s happiness than Bethenny and Caroles atrocious behavior.

      • Rach


        If they were acting up for cameras and only together during filming I could understand the doubt but this man is whisking her away on romantic trips all over the world. For a self confessed bachelor he’s made sure she’s not a “secret” like he has done some other women and is showing off his lady. Personally I think it’s lovely

      • Minky

        That’s what I don’t understand. Even if all the people who don’t believe Luanne’s relationship are right, so what? If Luanne is faking and if Tom really were just a giggolo, then that still doesn’t make the behavior of the others okay. They never behaved this way when Luanne was dating Jacques.

      • Aunt Sassy

        I so agree. I’m saddened that so many of us are so jaded and cynical. I got engaged at 49 and together for three years.

        We will be married in October. He is younger and people’s reactions have run the gamut. I don’t care.

        I have been giddy and probably obnoxious. I wish LuAnn and Tom the best

      • Misha11

        Absolutely agree. I would rather watch Luann’s euphoria being in love than listen to the snarkiness of the other two. I think their relationship is real and I wish luann the best. And aunt sassy happy you found love too!

  16. Will

    People sure hate Ramona, but I feel like you have to admit, she is a perfect Housewife. She’s crazy, completely self-UNaware, and, in her best moments, honestly really funny. The whole dancing scene just cracked me up, as did the fact that she traveled to Palm Beach with newspaper clippings in her luggage! I totally have a soft spot for her. There’s something real about her craziness that doesn’t feel so overtly staged as the other ladies often do.

  17. Rach

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again in bored to the death of Ramona. I honestly think she should’ve gone when Jill went. She’s positioned herself runner up in the up Bethenney’s ass fanclub for a reason. Even she knows she has no storyline. The Ramona Act got stale in season 4.

  18. Erica

    Set aside your dislikes and suspicions about Bethenny, Carole, and LuAnn.

    So, a woman you know and are sort of friends with gets engaged or is married. Clearly loves her fiance/husband.

    Someone gives you information about the guy, that he’s cheated. Either it is someone you trust implicitly or they give you concrete evidence.


    I actually respect B for asking the questions she did first, before immediately telling Luann.

    • tamaratattles

      I don’t. Carole has spent the season defaming Luann. She is not her friend. Ramona will do anything to be part of the mean girls table. Bethenny is NOT a friend to Luann. And she ran to her enemy camp to tell them first.

      I could ALMOST see her talking just to her BFF, Carole. But she let the cat out of the bag and it seems to have dribbled back to Luann. Not cool.

      • Erica

        Yeah, saying it in front of Ramona may be an issue. However, if I were in her shoes (without cameras, etc) I would need to talk it out with a friend or two first. It is my understanding that she IS friends with Ramona, even off season.

        Actually, if she had thought it through she would have been really smart to go to Dorinda.

      • Minky

        And lose the opportunity to see Luanne’s spirit crushed when she delivers the news? NO, not Ramona. She wants to drive Luanne to tears and be there to bathe in them.

      • SLM

        That’s what I was thinking, too TT. If Bethenny was ACTUALLY Luann’s genuine friend and got some sort of (allegedly) incriminating info on Tom’s character, I could see her debating when/if to share that with Luann. BUT she is NOT Luann’s friend, doesn’t care about Luann’s happiness and certainly isn’t looking out for her even as a fellow human being. The only motivation for this ‘tee-hee, I have dirt on Tom’ gleeful talk is to HURT Luann and make her look bad. It’s sick. Genuinely twisted. I really hate Bethenny now.

      • Jaded

        Exactly. Bethenny herself said that if she and My were really friends Lu would have called to tell Beth about her engagement. They are not friends. Not Beth’s place.

  19. yrakme

    Did anyone elso notice Ramona’s camel toe during her scene with Bethenny and Carole in the hotel room? I couldn’t concentrate on Bethenny’s revelation about Tom.

    I lived for Ramona tonight. Her Miami wardrobe choices and her fabulous moves on the dance floor were must see TV for me. I could watch her all day.

  20. Gino

    TT apatently we are leading to something right? … seriously heart you sic str8 male that knows what’s up… # haveajob #checkoutmyattemptatrecaps tWitter = go micha3l

  21. Gino

    TT apatently we are leading to something right? … seriously heart you sic str8 male that knows what’s up… # haveajob #checkoutmyattemptatrecaps tWitter = go Michael

  22. Kristen

    Was anyone else shocked to find out the guy from the bar in season 1 was Tom?? How is this the first time I am hearing this? I remember that scene! Now it really seems like he is chasing housewives from the start.

    • I totally remember that bar scene & was shocked to realize it was Tom. I know I’ve been watching too much Unreal but my first thought was whoever included that scene ten years ago probably got an extra bonus! Brilliant.

  23. If you were someone’s “real” friend you would express concerns privately. And if anyone got footage or whatever w/this Tom dude playing throat doctor they would call the Post and sell it.. why are they sending it to Frankelstein? Who also seems to know the entire island of Manhattan, knew Jules marriage was falling apart first, claims to have “got” Jules on the show.. yet Jules is quite clear they did not know one another and have no relationship.

    So why of all parties you would trap people on a yacht that have issues socializing in normal situations let alone these women who “claim” to have all been with Tom and the other odd cravat wearing guests.. resembling a Golden Girls Episode… is to say the least ODD so yes it is clear this is planned/scripted… we know from past housefraus that much planning, debating, alpha dogging goes on prior to filming on who’s in and out, etc.. and this appears to be that.

    Frankelstein is the Donald Trump of the fraus.. she “hears” things, “knows” people, “read” it somewhere, “talked” to someone and that extends to the exaggeration of her business, her health – both mental and physical – and her relationships with others.. name calling, abusing, excusing and justifying. I think we found wife number 4, they are perfect for one another. They can have their engagement on the Trump Yacht or Mar a Lago and then guests can get away from one another, bang each other in the toilet or dance (or whatever that was Ramona was doing, clearly those lessons worked)

  24. Peej

    I kinda feel like Bethenny is acting a little yolanda foster..too sick for somethings, perfectly fine for everything else. Maybe that’s a little harsh? I can’t stand her self righteous attitude though. Sitting there on the bed cool as a cucumber with her tea and acting like she’s trying to be a pal.
    Ramona LIVES for her name in the press..I thought she was acting crazy when she was flipping out on Lu. “KEEP YOUR GD MOUTH SHUT ABOUT ME IN THE PRESS” errr ok? Dorinda was a pot stirrer this episode. Poor Jules. You really feel bad for her.

    • Jen

      I totally agree. And also feel badly for Jules’ two kids. I hope Michael feels some kind of heartache when he sees his son asking for him so sadly like that. Crappy Dad move.

  25. OmgOmg

    I love Dorinda. Loved her toast. I don’t know what happened to Sonja this season she used to be a lovable goofball and now she’s boring. Ramona is funny. Luanne really keeps her cool and you can’t help but root for her.
    I feel bad for Jules. She had an actual storyline of sh1t happening in her life and the producers failed to see it.
    Unfortunately, Bethenny is vile. There is something really wrong with her. I don’t hate her anymore because I think she has a mental illness. Like narcissistic personality disorder or sociopathic tendencies or drug use or something. I find her behavior so weird. like for example when Ramona and Carol came into her room and complimented her she said, “really? You really think I look good? I have bags under my eyes so I didn’t think so” in this weird tone — almost challenging tone. It’s bizarre. If you gave her a compliment you’d feel self-conscious that you did so. She’d rake you over the coals for the slightest comment and/or fish for you to either a) keep complimenting her “yes you REALLY do look good or b) want to hurl yourself overboard rather then spend another second with her.
    I just can’t with Bethenny. She’s one of those really really difficult *not nice* people you have to avoid in life and figure out a way around all her craziness to just be a decent functioning adult. I end up fast forwarding her scenes.

    • Kika

      Bethenny has had bags and dark circles around her eyes for sometime now that even the best makeup artist is having a really hard time hiding. She must be suffering from anxiety/insomnia also I would imagine. She is a miserable human being this season.

    • Auntie Velvet

      Yes, it was a little odd about Bethenny…she came into the room looking fairly peppy in her tiny bikini (my mind didn’t WANT to go there, but I couldn’t help thinking that’s not what I would choose while bleeding, even for a normal heavy-period day) —

      Then the girls were coming and filming is really starting in earnest — and she puts on a shroud, gets some tea, lays down and starts gently coughing.

      • Minky

        Shroud. Hahahahahahahaha!!! 😂

        Golly Velvet. Bethenny sounds almost like Yolanda here. Are the dark circles under Bethenny’s eyes brown eyeshadow too? Hmmmm?

        And that totally explains why Bethenny was surprised when people said she looked good. She didn’t want to look good because she was trying to look not good, a.k.a. SICK! Oh, how ridiculous.

      • SLM

        Yes! It reminded me just a bit too much of when Yolanda on BH would be up and around and then visitors would arrive and she would be sure to dive into bed and look wan…with a tragic little cough 😒

      • Miguel

        Hilarious and true, Auntie Velvet!!!

  26. Sweet T

    The best part of the episode was the ship full of hot topless naval officers. Why wasn’t that longer? Sigh.

    Why do Ramona, Sonja, Bethanny and Carole care so much about Tom and Luanne? Because she stole the spotlight of the show and her storyline is the main one. They don’t have any storylines without luann. Shockingly, bethanny’s fibroid story wasn’t a hit.

    Jules doesn’t need a storyline because her quirkiness adds comic relief and she is battling an actual medical problem. No one, as far a viewers, seems to mind Jules’s storyline of an eating disorder because it is real and she approaches the topic honestly. Meanwhile each franchise has a medical storyline and the viewers do not like them because they are full of lies and exaggerations. Honestly makes reality tv worth watching. Honest problems. Honest bad dancing.

    Dorinda is a serious shit stirrer. But I still love her and her incoherent slurred speeches

  27. I feel badly for Jules. If only she had waited a few months to delay her drinks then perhaps her cheating, scumbag husband wouldn’t have the opportunity to get his hands on a piece of her new, Whole foods drink line.

  28. RHofND

    Dorinda was a total pot-stirrer this episode but I still love her. Ramona’s exaggerated posture drives me crazy. She shoves her chest out in every man’s face and it looks ridiculous.

    • Vickie

      I like Jules, no one deserves to go through what she is… time out with the girls only to find out that hubby has shirked his duties also.. not cool!

      I’m loving Luann and that nothing can phase me attitude. She’s happy in her own skin and ‘we’ need to be more like that in the world.

      I just can’t with Ramonna, of all the housewives I detest her the most. She has no self awareness and doesn’t have a clue about how to behave. She needs help imo.

      Bethanny and Carole are just your typical mean girl cliquey friends that no one will ever fit in with. I pay them no mind.

      Dorinda I’m never sure about, sometimes I find her endearing and other times I can’t stand her drunken lush behaviour…. I’m more on the side of disliking her that warming to her.

  29. JoJoFLL

    If Tom wasn’t rich, the UES bitches would have sniffed this out a long time ago and no one would have dated him. They are ruthless.

    I think the Countess has found her man.

    I personally want to see a rich, Palm Beach Wedding By Bravo.

    Those people on the yacht were typical Palm Beach and Jupiter/Boca people that wanted to be filmed. I’m sure a lot of Tom and LuAnne’s real friends did not want to be seen on tv.

    • …and just as an aside, the boat owner looked like an archetypical ‘First Former Wife of a Nouveau Riche Person with Insanely Lucrative Real Estate Investments from 90s Who Got Their Seed Money from Producing Porn, 1-900 Psychic Informercials’ – and acting as an agent renting out homes as film locations for abovementioned shoots, as back in the day (mid to late 90s) that actually used to be a “thing” in Boca. Her whole look reminded me of one of my former Miami Beach slumlords, lol…

  30. SitaAva

    I think Ramona wants all the spotlight on her positive or negative. She talks out both sides of her minute Luann was suppose to know they dated cause it was in the press the next minute how dare her name be in the press associated with Tom.
    Then there is Sonja who was friends with benefits for years her own words and now her feelings is hurt??..why cause he never wanted you as a girlfriend or a wife..dated lots of other people during the last 10 years..before he met LuAnn. I think they are jealous and sad he didn’t want to marry either of his dool made of gold? Is he the last eligible bachelor in UES?
    Happy for LuAnn Happy that Tom finally found a woman he wanted marry. I don’t see why Ramona and Sonja keep embarrassing their own selves over Tom. He just wasn’t in to Either of You. End of Story.

  31. Auntie Velvet

    I had to pause the show out of shock when it was revealed that Tom was the famous douchebag from the very first episode. That guy was SO obnoxious and insulting that it always stuck in my mind. Gotta tell ya, I’m thrown now 😉

  32. Kimoe

    Did anyone else see Tom with his hand on some brunette’s thigh during filming? I backed it up and sure enough! He tried to casually move his hand away when he realised he was on camera and the woman turned her upper body away so your eye went up not down.

  33. I was surprised to see Sonja admitting to Ramona that she was hurt and upset by Luann’s engagement. She always gives the impression that she’s this woman of the world, like an 18th century courtesan, who takes her lovers whenever she wants with no strings attached. Sonja, learn a lesson from this situation – if you’re friends with benefits with some guy for ten years, you’re sending the message that you’re free and easy and come without expectations. He’s going to treat you just as casually. Not a recipe that ends up with you sporting an engagement ring. I don’t know what Luann’s strategy was, but you might want to watch how she operates and learn from it if you’re really looking for a husband, not just someone with a handy penis. It was sad to see you cry, but it might be time for a change in your game plan.

    • oh please. The only reason Sonja found herself “sad” was bc Ramona was in her ear every 5 min reminding her how effed up the situation was. I don’t think Sonja would care at all..but misery loves company. If any one seemed to be acting it’s Sonja and Ramona.. the fake hurt just to make Luann feel bad for being happy is really getting old.

  34. RHofND

    I think Sonja would like everyone to believe that she’s a carefree bon vivant but she wouldn’t be human if she wasn’t hurt by the rejection of a long time lover, especially one who quickly entered a committed relationship with a good friend. No matter who you are or what you claim to be, that would cut deep. I think she is finding out that very openly sleeping around is a turn off for a quality man who wants a committed or permanent relationship. No one, man or woman, wants to walk into a social gathering wondering how many people their date has slept with.

  35. To see Luann crying & begging Bethenny “don’t do this to me” in the preview broke my heart. Petty bitches.

    • Vet

      It makes hating Beth so much easier. I am writing to the production company and Bravo regarding this sick behavior. I encourage everyone to do the same. I joined in with a letter writing to the liquor company and they are distancing themselves from her. Write write write, that is the only way Andy can’t save her.

      • reelaxalready

        Vet, would you please outline briefly what you wrote in your letters to J.Beam, production and Bravo? I feel compelled to send letters but was a tad concerned that perhaps the letters would be misconstrued as just more negative press, and end up helping B., as any press is good press. Do you think this possible?
        I think that the show is suffering from Bethenny’s dictatorship style of production. She is an angry farce that cannot even fathom the ugly truth about herself. She is quick witted but the majority of her humor is based on demeaning others with cutting and hurtful remarks. She would literally sob and shake if someone ever used any of the nasty adjectives that she has used on her peers.
        In the first season I found her amusing however she has been taking it way too far of late and should not be rewarded. Bethenny, this century’s Napoleonette needs to live on an island far far away and do some serious soul searching before she has time to get any worse. Thanks Vet.

    • Minky

      Oh my goodness!!! Bethenny’s out of control. This isn’t even funny anymore. It’s just raw, demonic, sadistic abuse.

    • Shae

      But if Tom did that, and Bethenny is just telling her, why act like Bethenny is “doing this” to her? The person “doing this” would be Tom. Don’t shoot the messenger.

      • Katherine 2.0

        Shae, the situation stinks because Bethenny is not a friend to Luann, and she is outing her man and humiliating her on national tv. Maybe that’s why people think Bethenny is “doing this” to her. It’s all about intention. There’s no good intention here.
        I think Bethenny – who I like – has harbored ill will towards Lu, and maybe rightfully so, since season one. Doesn’t make her current behavior any more palatable. Bethenny used to have a detached wry eye on the RH shenanigans. Now she seems like a woman on a mission, and it’s not a good look.

      • Shae

        I don’t think they’re “besties” by any stretch, but I don’t agree that she’s doing this with malice. She didn’t ask for someone to send her that info, and once you have it, what do you do with it? You’re damned if you do and if you don’t tell. I just don’t see the darkness others see in Bethenny. She can be incredibly harsh and crass, but I think that’s more a result of who she is and her experiences rather than an attempt at being vicious. Often people who are that rough on others, are ten times rougher on themselves- that’s what they know. I don’t think that’s an excuse, per se, and I certainly don’t agree with all her behavior, but I think that’s what drives it, not venom.

        She’s more likely to hurt someone absentmindedly speaking her mind than being calculatedly vicious. I just don’t see her that way.

        But I agree, there is definitely some bad history there with her and Lu, and she may have a grudge about it, I just don’t see her coming for Lu in this situation. She looks legit stressed out about it to me.

      • Minky

        Ay! Que la chingada!

        Bethenny feels that she has somehow been shortchanged this season by Luanne because Luanne’s story line about finding new love and getting married was supposed to be Bethenny’s story line. Now that Bethenny can’t have that, she’s moved on to what appears to be a very hastily constructed Plan B story line consisting of both her fibroids and of being the bringer of bad news.

        With the fibroids it’s all about sympathy. She wants the audience to feel for her plight. With the “bad news” story line she’s trying to hijack the attention being paid to Luanne’s relationship with Tom. She’s been aided in the latter by the other cast members who are afraid for their jobs (because Bethenny’s the boss who can buy them and sell them, dontcha know), and who also don’t like Luanne (Carole, Ramona, Sonja). I assume that Sonja’s doing it partly because she really, really needs her job on the show, and not so much because she really cares about Tom.

        Bethenny did not see any of this coming. She’s in a tailspin. While I’m sure fibroids are no picnic, her behavior regarding her health problems has been incongruous to their claimed severity (headstands, wearing itty bitty bikinis while allegedly losing a lot of blood, etc.)

        So Bethenny IS “doing this”. And by “this” I mean she’s heaping layer upon layer of what Bethenny believes is salacious information about either Luanne or Tom into just about each and every episode of the show this season, taking short pauses only long enough to draw attention to her vagina.

        In addition to “doing this”, Bethenny has also managed to get camera time, and by extension pay, docked for Sonja, someone everybody knows is doing poorly financially. As well as being more than beastly to a woman who quite possibly has an abusive husband, who’s going through a bad marriage’s death throes, and is actively battling a severe eating disorder.

        She’s not doing this because she’s a crazy perfectionist who’s her own worst critic. She’s doing this because she thinks of RHONY as the “Bethenny Show” and she refuses to concede defeat to Luanne or share the spot light with anyone else. She won’t give it a rest in part because of her wounded pride, and in part because she’s a bitch.

  36. They’ve ruined this franchise. :(

  37. iloveearlgrey

    Michael is a piece of shit. Who leaves their kids behind like that to go cheat on their mother? An asshole.

    I don’t know if it was editing, but Tom seemed very uncomfortable with Sonja around. Also, the part where they greet each other, he totalllllyyyy checked out her titties, but then again, I would too given they were front and center.

    Is Luann really in love with Tom or the idea of marrying Tom? I’m happy for her because she is so giddy about it, but I hope she doesn’t get her heart broken. Also, while I like Luann, she is so self-centered. They all are except Jules and Carole, though I can’t stand Carole.

    I’m convinced Ramona has Asperger’s. Bethenny is just annoying me at this point. She’s so bitter and negative.

    • Katherine 2.0

      I think Lu has been so miserable for so long that she was desperate to regain her financial and marital footing. Enter Tom. He’s not an ugly old geezer. He seems to have some dough and a good sense of timing.
      Lu is like lots of middle-aged women whose lives were pulled out from under them. Vulnerable and lonely.

  38. Flo

    Picture or it didn’t happen B! #concoctedbybravo

  39. Dandy Lion

    Wow, just when I think these women can’t get more petty, bitter and jealous they just turn it up a notch. They must be mortified seeing how pathetic they look on film. Then again…

  40. Jessica White

    Did anyone notice how red Dorinda’s nostrils were when she was making that sloppy incoherent toast?

  41. DalaiMama

    From my perspective it was Sonja For The Win in this episode, keeping her head level and her deportment classy in spite of the relentless goading and manipulation of others. At the moment she seems to have an excellent sense of when to step back and eschew attention. Like the lady said in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, “There are certain shades of limelight that can wreck a girl’s complexion.” I’m glad Sonja’s doing so well. Recently saw a picture of her with her daughter at some event and wow – Quincy is a bombshell. Bella Hadid could get a run for her money.

  42. Flo

    And Carole the writer calls it a worldwind…

    • tamaratattles

      I thought I heard that too! I told myself I must have misheard it.

    • Jill

      I heard her too say “worldwind.” I even backed up my DVR to listen to her again. Maybe it was her overbite or slurring from being overserved too much SkinnyGirl.

  43. captivagrl

    I do not believe Luann’s “soulmate” crap. No way. She’s happy, very happy that she has a story line, a big one that will ensure lots of attention. They have an arrangement. That’s fine.

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