Brandi Glanville Spills Some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Tea

Drunk Brandi


My friend, Jacques recapped a recent Andy’s Girls Podcast interview of Brandi Glanville. She has some interesting things to say about Lisa Vanderpump. Jacques is in my collections of gays AND my collection of Aussies. :) Read his thoughts below and click the link to follow him on Twitter! 

On LVP being manipulative:  “Our friendship quickly turned into constant strategizing.”

“Kyle had been saying it for years but no one wanted to believe her, she was calling her Bobby Fisher. Then Lisa and I became friends, and that friendship quickly turned into contstant strategizing. It was exhausting to be honest. We couldn’t just go to dinner. It was dinner and “Let’s talk about the show.” “Let’s talk about what’s going to happen next.” Almost planning everything, and I was like “Oh my god, this is not how I roll.” Because I can’t plan what comes out of my mouth, and that’s the truth. I wish I could because I would not be in the lawsuits that I’m in!”

On LVP always bouncing back: “She can get away with murder.”

“I was kind of relieved to see that the other women saw what I saw [last season],  but at the same time, Lisa’s like a cat — she will always land on her feet. She’s not gonna go down. For some reason, the audience just loves her so much. I always say that she could BBQ a baby, and people would say “Oh, but she loves dogs!” She can get away with murder and do it with an accent and a smile. But I’m telling you, the girls that crossed her, she will come for them next season. And not just on the show; she will try to ruin their entire lives.”


Brandi then implies that LVP tried to ruin her by lying in the Krupa fishy pussy lawsuit

On how Lisa tried to ruin her and Lisa using Vanderpump Rules to intimdate the other women: “Andy loves her and she has Andy’s ear.”

“I know that she was telling people that she wouldn’t shoot with me. And you know, Andy loves her and she has Andy’s ear. And beyond that, she would always say “Well I have two shows. I have two hit shows.” So we always felt that Lisa had the power. All the other girls were like, “She’s gonna get that edited out, she’s gonna get this or that because she’s got Vanderpump Rules as well.” So we kinda believed what she would say to us. So we were all a little fearful of really going in [on her].”

“Because she’s an executive producer on Vanderpump Rules, we all joked that she was executive producting the Housewives too. Or she thought she was, even though she wasn’t, but then it kinda seemed like she was to all of us!”

On Lisa destroying anybody that crosses her: “She’s going to ruin Eileen’s life.”

“You could learn everything about her that she does, and she just gets forgiven. But anyone else, the public takes them down. And that’s why I was like, “I kinda like Eileen this year! She’s not letting her get away with this stuff.” I didn’t think she had the balls. I thought she was too nice, and too boring, and didn’t want to make any waves. I was really shocked, but happily shocked that she wasn’t putting up with her [LVP’s] crap. And if Eileen is back, and I believe that she is, I have a feeling that Lisa will go out of her way to try and ruin Eileen’s life.”

Brandi wouldn’t do RHOC: “It’s like a Stepford community.”

“No. No offense to the OC, but there’s nothing to do there. It is all bored Housewives and beautiful tract homes… It’s very very very white. There’s no culture, there’s no anything. Everyone looks perfect and acts perfect, it’s like a Stepford community. I don’t fit into that mold and I never ever want to.”

But she would do New York:

“If i was going to go on a different franchise, I lived in New York for six years, I love New York, New York was my home, I have a tonne of friends there. It would make more sense for me to go to New York.”

Source: Andy’s Girls Podcast 


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102 responses to “Brandi Glanville Spills Some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Tea

  1. Not Andy Cohen

    I almost feel Brandi kinda sorta hates Lisa Vanderpump lol.

    Any who, Brandi needs to move on. She keeps talking about vanderpump as if that’s gonna sway people. She comes off desperate and in the world of housewives, someone who wants to bring someone down which makes her have no credibility. If that makes any sense. Brandi can say Lisa got her fired but Brandi was too self aware and played up this “truth cannon” persona and it backfired. The audience hated her, the cast didn’t like her and Brandi came out swinging at her final reunion but it was all dirty. says something that Rhinna and Eileen didn’t even take Brand’s compliments at the last reunion for coming for Lisa. They simple brushed them off and threw some shade at her ass haha.

    • @notandycohen

      Brandi isn’t bitter about it. If you listen to the podcast audio it’s the interviewer that is asking her these really specific questions cos he’s a housewives mega fan. And Brandi says it all with a laugh and a smile, she actually sounds like she’s in a really good place. Getting away from the show has done wonders for her I think. If she ever returns I think we’ll see a different Brandi until the stress and drama eventually catches up with her and she reverts back to being aggressive and combative.

    • Spunky2015

      Yes, Brandi does hate LVP. Last Xmas Brandi sent a text to LVP stating it was karma on why LVP’s dog died and called her the “C” word. Then Brandi got pissed because LVP showed it to her friends that were attending a Xmas party she was hosting when she received the disgusting text. Brandi is vile and will never change. I hope LVP has hired security. Brandi now blames her for being fired from show and the Krupa case.

      • Um she didn’t text karma because of the dog, she didn’t even know LVP’s dog died. LVP took the text to the media and spun it with that angle to make Brandi look bad.

    • Sierra

      Yes TT Kyle does have the best life besides her dying sister, which no money in the world can fix. I can relate. In my opinion LVP is a narcissist, textbook perfectionist and cannot apologize sincerely, I have seen nothing but forced apologies and really good at hiding it. All her surgery screams insecurity. I’m not a Brandi fan, but she seems a lot more pulled together on famously single and she is one of those girls that does well when she feels in love. BTW since when is it illegal to say someone’s pussy smells like fish?! First ammendment?!

  2. Margarett

    Okie Dokie… I’d take it back and watch if Brandi went up against Bethenny ! I don’t know where the “smart money” would be, but my money would be on Brandi.

    • Minky

      I would enjoy watching that. Now that Brandi’s gone I feel that something is missing from BH. No, I’m not her biggest fan. Not by a long shot. But when I see her acting normal and making sense it makes me realize that these shows are ultimately scripted with story lines.

      I mean, I already know that, but you get caught up in the drama. Is there a chance that Brandi has been treated similarly to Danielle Staub? Especially in light of what Danielle’s daughter wrote.

  3. Jaana

    Oh Brandi. You will never be joining the New York Housewives. Bethenny would chew you up and about you out in a minute. I guess her and Sonja couLisacome drinking buddies.

    Yes LVP is manipulative and I dislike her, but this is not the way to get at her. Lisa will fall. Just give her some time and let it happen naturally.

    • I agree Bethenny would destroy her. And I don’t think she’d fit in on New York, although you never know.

      She’d be incredible on OC though. I wish she moved there into a nice house with her boys and then joined the cast. Her truth cannon persona would work well there because she’d call out Vicki’s BS and drag Heather for being a snob. She could also be a drinking buddy with Tamra. It’d be so good.

      • Minky

        Brandi would drink Tamra under the table. Now THAT would be the clash of the Titans!

      • Jaana

        Yes she would be perfect for the OC. I would love to see her go up against Tamra. I feel like Vicki would ignore her. Shannon would combust in any argument she had with Brandi. That I would love to see.

      • Brittany

        tamra hates brandi- listen to heather mcdonalds latest podcast, half of the tamra part is spent talking crap about brandi

      • gessiewtf

        Truth Cannon? I’ve never heard or seen anybody lie more than this hot mess.

  4. Jaana

    Ugh sorry for the typos.

  5. “…she could BBQ a baby, and people would say ‘Oh, but she loves dogs!’…”

    Yep. Exactly.

  6. Samara

    I was team Brandi until I wearied of her immaturity. I still support her as a single mom who clearly loves her children. I admire that she is working and hustling without a degree. But I agree w/ her about LVP. LVP is disengenuous and manipulative to the nth degree. She will support an under dog but you better fall in line. I do believe she tried to get Brandi to bring the tabloids and I also believe that she heard Mohammed say that about Joanna. Brandis problem is that she cuts off her nose to spite her face and she is not strategic at all – not even to save her ass. No one can outplay vanderpump. I really hope that Rinna (who annoys the fuck out of me but was right about LVP) and Eileen DON’T Buckle under. I also hope that Kyle gets some cajones.
    I was a former LVP Kool Aid drinker but eventually got a clue.

    • Agreed. Except for the point about Kyle. Kyle learned the hard way several seasons ago that it’s better to have at least a leveraged relationship with Vanderpump than to cross her in any way. Lisa’s fans are so rabid and willing to crush the brand of anyone they perceive as her enemy Kyle will most likely avoid any action or situation that antagonizes Lisa in any way. Personally I find the bootlicking and ring kissing we’ve witnessed on Kyle’s behalf after the treatment and gossip seed planting she’s endured from Lisa, well…disturbing.

  7. Amber

    Why whould Brandi expect LVP, or anyone for that matter, to lie to save her sorry ass? Seriously!

    • LVP is lying to destroy her ass. She wants LVP to tell the truth cos it’s the right thing to do.

      • PaganChick

        Brandi has been pushing that line about LisaV lying for a while now. The problem was, Brandi’s story had changed too many times to be believable. First, she said that Mohommad told her the fish thing. Then she said that Lisa V. told her that Mohammad said it. Then she said that Mohammad told her while Lisa V was present. Then she started saying that LisaV lied in a deposition, when the deposition hadn’t even take place yet. So, yeah, Lisa may be manipulative, but Brandi has ZERO credibility in this this lawsuit mess.

      • Spunky2015

        Yes, exactly. Brandi been reading the Bethenny hatred and bringing up LVP hopes fans will feel the same way about LVP so Brandi can play victim.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Um if I were LVP I would not be involving myself in Brandi’s lawsuit. Brandi should have shut up about it when she had the chance, and not expect others to pay the price for her mistakes and her ego. And first she claimed Mohammed said it to her, now she claims LVP did. Please.

      • Amber

        It’s ridiculous to believe Brandi Glanville’s accusations that others are lying and not her. If she didn’t want Joanna Krupa to pursue her legally, Brandi should have kept her big, fat filler filled mouth shut!

      • gessiewtf

        What truth? Brandi had a nice couple who seemed to love her like a daughter and she spit in their faces. Where do you find all of these wonderful qualities in this woman? Her only friends are the insane Yolanda and the addict Kim. What does that tell you.

  8. Kdra

    Brandi is mad because she let Kyle manipulate her into thinking they could be friends & she turned on Lisa & Kyle hung her out to dry & became friends with Lisa again, and when Brandi apologized to Lisa, Lisa wasn’t having it & then Brandi found herself on the out’s with no one at the cool table to have her back. After that she just didn’t have no fight left, she lost the fans & made herself look bat shit crazy on national TV. Everybody thinks Lisa is the manipulative one but I still say Kyle is the one that runs the bs on that show.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Kdra, exactly. I don’t think LVP’s an angel but I also don’t believe the rantings of someone with borderline personality disorder. Brandi has done a fantastic job of destroying her own life, it’s not LVP’s fault.

    • getreal2014

      That’s exactly what I saw. Kyle played Brandi big time. Kyle is the manipulative witch in that franchise to me. She even exposed her own sister’s drinking problem. Kyle is so jealous of LVP that she can’t sleep at night. I see it the same way as you.

      • Lawstangel

        Kyle is not jealous of LVP..for what exactly? For the 900th time Kim’s drinking promlem was already out there, frankly after all the nasty bullshit Kim has pulled not only on her own daughters, but her entire family, I cannot believe you would even consider defending her!!!

      • tamaratattles

        Kyle has BY FAR the best life. She is richer than LVP, she has the better looking husband, she is younger and her kids are adorable. The are ZERO reasons that Kyle would be jealous of LVP. Y’all may not like her, but she has a WAY better life than LVP and she only works because she wants to.

      • Margarett

        Thanks for the recaps. I always enjoy the ole’ purple pen.

        Actually I like both Kyle and Lisa. If there are no illness storylines, I look forward to RHOBH. With Yolanda gone, it could prove to be a fun show again.

      • Janet

        I agree with that. For someone to be jealious of you, they have to be lagging in one of the main areas in life that matter, in comparision to you. And those main areas are money, looks, age, and lastly lifestyle personal happiness(marriage and kids). To me, Kyle has every advantage in every one of those areas. Younger, richer, younger hotter husband that she is still attracted to and can still have sex ,more kids, and a young child living at home to look after. And on top of that , doesn’t have to assume any heavy lifting of making the family income. Now, I think someone younger could be jealious of an older woman, and I’ve certainly seen that, if she was richer and had a happy marriage and the younger one was poorer or unable to find a spouse or both (Brandi comes to mind). But no way when the person is on top in every single catagory. That doesn’t happen and would make no sense at all.

      • Janet

        I agree with that. For someone to be jealious of you, they have to be lagging in one of the main areas in life that matter, in comparision to you. And those main areas are money, looks, age, and lastly lifestyle personal happiness(marriage and kids). To me, Kyle has every advantage in every one of those areas. Younger, richer, younger hotter husband that she is still attracted to and can still have sex ,more kids, and a young child living at home to look after. And on top of that , doesn’t have to assume any heavy lifting of making the family income. Now, I think someone younger could be jealious of an older woman, and I’ve certainly seen that, if she was richer and had a happy marriage and the younger one was poorer or unable to find a spouse or both (Brandi comes to mind). But no way when the person is on top in every single catagory. That doesn’t happen and would make no sense at all.

    • Lawstangel

      Brandi took Kyle on that hike and flat out lied to her about the magazine issue, she then got her to believe that Lisa was trying to come after/manipulate her. No one had Brandi’s back because she is a vile vicious human being who stabs anyone who gets close to her in the back.She floated the rumor about Yo’s daughter being an alcoholic after they became friends, then at that dinner party she tells Babyface his engagement ring is too small, she then gets shitfaced drunk and leaps into Davids lap. Lets not forget her throwing wine in Eileens face, then there is the Kim debacle. That is why she is off the show, it has nothing to do with LVP or Kyle.

      • Janet

        That’s true, and another reason I think was Brandi’s strange allegiance to Kim was spinning out of control. The other ladies didn’t want to film with these two volatile soul sisters. It was getting scary to be around either one of them, together they were a nightmare as a team and egged eachother on.

  9. Karen

    So what Brandi did to Kyle who is a producer has nothing to do with her being off the show? Clearly Brandi still has an ax to grind, but she leaves out the fact that she had beef with multiple cast members past and present including Adrienne Maloof.

  10. Lisa j

    LVP never hit anyone or outed family secrets or drunk herself stupid or any of the billions of other inappropriate things Brandi has done. Take LVP out of the equation, Brandi has only Brandi to blame. She screwed up every relationship on that show especially the Richard sisters which is unforgivable.

  11. Sali

    @Karen & Lisaj – yes, yes! to your comments!

  12. Blondesense

    That is the best production yes I have ever read! Thanks TT and Jacques 😘

  13. Dan

    Nothing she claims is surprising to me.. Vanderpump has Andy by his dick and everyone knows it. Brandi isn’t saying anything that we all already don’t know.

  14. JustJenn

    Brandi, please. Her last and final season had nothing to do with LVP manipulating her or not filming with her until after she slapped LVP unprovoked – I wouldn’t want to film with her either after that. She threw wine in Eileen’s face, mentally and physically got between the Richard sisters (which turned out AMAZING for Kim IRL) slammed her good friend Yolanda’s daughter, and was overall an inappropriate mess. But it’s a good story if you’ve never seen the show.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Yeah I feel like people are forgetting what kind of person Brandi is…

      • getreal2014

        So do I. I’m not believing one word that Brandi says. She’s a destroyer. She tears up everything in her path. She has no allegiance to anyone and is in need of serious help. Between her and Kyle, I don’t know who is the worst.

      • Minky

        I am certainly not forgetting what kind of person Brandi is. But I’m also not forgetting what kind of people LVP, Kyle and Kim are. You can’t do a square-dance alone. Now I just wanna know who the “caller” is.

      • JustJenn

        I think so. That season with Joyce was when I reallly started to dislike Brandi. She was awful to her.

      • gessiewtf

        How quickly they forget.

  15. Realityjunkie

    Brandi needs to move on. This is getting ridiculous..I don’t care if someone else is asking the questions or if she’s freely sharing. I’m over the LVP discussions.

  16. PaganChick

    Lisa V is not the reason Brandi was fired. NO ONE wanted to film with her. She alienated every single member of the cast except for Kim. Does anyone else remember her losing her shit in the streets in Amsterdam because she couldn’t bait any of the women into arguing with her? There was no story left for her to tell, plus the audience was sick of her drunken antics. In the end, she just was not likable, relateable, or entertaining.

  17. swizzle

    Brandi can be all kinds of crazy, but she is right about LVP. LVP can do almost anything and fans brush it off. It’s fascinating. She can also rewrite history and they believe her. She’s saying she was the victim all last season and that people went after her. Not really. Eileen just wanted a flipping apology, and LVP couldn’t muster up one. Fans write off LVP’s behavior as being British, but really she’s just a heartless bitch. Yes she loves her animals and family, but I think it stops there…oh no, it now extends to the ex-husbands of HWs she does not like.

    • Oh please she apologized more than twice. Eileen just didn’t like the way she did it. She should’ve just wrote off LVP after that apology but she kept bringing it up and looking like a crazy person.

      • swizzle

        LVP never offered a sincere apology, and that says so much to me about who she is. Yes, Eileen should have dropped it after the first two attempts. But really how hard is it to sincerely say I’m sorry I hurt your feelings…and mean it? For LVP, it seems impossible since she doesn’t seem to care about how anyone else feels.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Yeah I was real sick of Eileen’s apology tour. WhatEVER Eileen. Please move on.

      • PaganChick

        Yeah, it was weird the way Eileen kept expecting a different type of apology. After the first couple of times when she realized that she wasn’t going to get a sincere apology, she should have just taken it for what it was and kept it moving. Her constantly bringing it up and manipulating LisaR to jump on the bandwagon, was just not a good look for her. In her situation, I think I would have accepted the fake apology just to come out looking like the bigger person and left LisaV looking petty. Of course, I grew up on Soaps and am addicted to Reality Shows, so I spend way too much time imagining how I would deal with people like LisaV and Kyle.

      • All she wanted was a sincere apology, not a rude condescending one that was designed to make her look petty and stupid and absolve LVP of all wrongdoing. Then Eileen graciously accepted LVP’s coached apology on the tower in Dubai, even though she knew it wasn’t sincere but she let it go, only to them have LVP brag to everybody that she didn’t mean the apology. Then it became a whole different issue altogether. It’s not that hard to understand. Eileen is a smart classy woman, she’s not going to hound somebody like that over something so small. Her issue was LVP was trying to make her affair a storyline on the show, which is pretty rotten thing to do.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @PaganChick that’s exactly how she SHOULD have handled it. Accepting an apology is the gracious thing to do, whether you feel it’s sincere or not. I think once she’d made it clear the first time that she didn’t think it was sincere she should have dropped it after Lisa tried again. Lisa would have looked small and petty and Eileen would have looked the bigger person. Instead it was the other way around.

      • gessiewtf

        Eileen owes me an apology. Such a trivial idiot.

  18. Microop

    While I agree with Brandi on certain things Her words ultimately hold no weight bc she is immature, manipulative, and a liar as well.

    Eileen on the other hand, I could listen to and not have to qualify it.

  19. Rex Yachty

    It’s kinda crazy that LVP fans will defend and deny all allegations that LVP manipulates. Maybe they haven’t been watch the show close enough but it’s been brought up MULTIPLE times by MULTIPLE RHOBH… FOR GOD SAKE’S KYLE HER BFF CALLED LVP BOBBY FISHER!!! Taylor, Camille, Adrienne, Kyle (HER BFF), Faye Resnik, Brandi, Yolanda, Lisa Rinna, Eileen, Erika Jayne…. But to her fans it’s so much more logical to believe LVP is the one telling the truth and the rest are liars/haters & jealous….🙄

    • Jess

      I’m actually having a hard time understanding where is that fan love coming from?? Ar those just the (sorry) stupidest people that watch this show? The ones that are brainwashed the easiest?
      I’m reeeaaalllly waiting for the moment Lisa finally screws up. I’ll be clapping hands and dancing hahah

      • Rex Yachty

        I don’t understand it either… & yes I’m waiting for that moment too!!! But with these crazy LVP fans they’d just ignore it & somehow blame it on the other housewives 🙄

      • Minky

        Yep. This is the ONLY reason why Yolanda would be useful on this show. As a counterweight to LVP’s hegemony.

      • LVP fans are so dumb. They’re mostly just dull old ladies who take everything at face value and can’t read between the lines

      • gessiewtf

        Yes. All Lisa Vanderpump fans are stupid. Eileen should have (by now) developed a thick skin about her second marriage and how they met instead of going into some sort of Emily Post shock. And then asking for an apology over and over and over, and then at the reunion saying she wouldn’t accept it anyway.

    • Lor

      In a LVP fan and I do think she manipulates but I think, being in the service industry, she’s always looking at the entertainment angle. She has a vision of her audience and tries to create an interesting show. The audience wants fun, glamour, quirkiness, a touch of conflict, drama, humor, luxury. The problem last year was the story balance skewed too much on conflict (Eileen/Lisa) and drama (Munchausen/Lyme). I think Lisa has a good instinct for when the balance is off and tries to nudge it back on course. I don’t think she’s ever after anyone unless they go overboard and gang up on her.

      That’s my take.

  20. Marilee May

    Please see below.

  21. PaganChick

    I must be in the minority. I am a fan of Lisa V, but have no problem admitting that she is manipulative. I have never seen her as some innocent. I just see her as good TV. It’s like watching Joan Collins on Dynasty, it’s her deviousness that makes me a fan. I also think it is hilarious and downright entertaining that she is able to manipulate grown as women to do her bidding. It’s like they check their brains at the door or something.

    In other words, I don’t need all of the housewives screaming about manipulation from LV. I know it and see it and am constantly amused by how easily they fall for it.

    • JustJenn

      I agree and LVP may have manipulated Brandi for a season or two, but ultimately Brandi was the largest contributor to her own demise.

      • PaganChick

        And honestly, she didn’t even have to try that hard to manipulate Brandi. Brandi strategically targeted LVP for friendship. It was obvious in the way she propped herself up as Lisa’s sole defender at Brandi’s first reunion.

        And I agree that Brandi’s demise was her own doing.

      • Jessica White

        i Agree, Brandi is in charge of her own behavior. none of LVP’s fans care about the claims of manipulations because its not like LVP is holding a gun to their heads, or blackmailing people into acting a certain way or saying certain things. She is attempting to make the show more interesting and move storylines along. It makes for a much more interesting show.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya


    • Katherine 2.0

      PaganChick, I agree. I am no “fan” of any of the housewives. They morph from likeable to unlikeable, season tonseason. Allegiances change so quickly, why bother even picking a fav?
      Yes, Lisa’s manipulative. And scheming. And underhanded. And the only difference between her and the rest of the bunch is she’s more skilled at the game.
      However, her luck can’t last forever. The longer she plays, the more she risks.

      • Indeed. Add to that the fact that she does carry herself with a certain degree of infallibility, always muttering about leading the pack, winning the game, making the actual rules to the game, ect…she’d be wise to remember the old adage pride goeth before a fall. Since Puerto Rico and the outcries of fans on her behalf, that head of hers has been swelling. She wields the most power on the show no doubt, but there are too many glimpses of an ego left unchecked that I believe will definitely lead to her tripping herself up in the foreseeable future. That is, unless lurk-reads our comments here and decides to modify her leadership style style on the show.

  22. Jess

    I actually have exactly the same thoughts about Lisa.

  23. Frosty

    I really heart Eileen and even still like Yolanda (yes and I don’t care either lol). I finally feel like seeing Brandi on the show again. Now THAT would be some drama!

    • Jess

      I agree with you completely.
      I actually feel that without Lisa the show would me much more likable… would be interesting to see how it’d go without her.

      • Frosty

        I actually like LVP, she’s certainly amusing to watch, but I also find her really opaque. No other housewife has such a controlled presentation revealed so little of herself, which has worked well for her as far as it goes, but I do find the general deference to Lisa’s image grating at times. Only here at TT”s for instance did we learn anything about the lawsuit, etc. a subject I’d guess is absolutely a no-go zone with LVP. Often is only with Kyle that Lisa finally loosens up and seems to act spontaneously. Underneath the careful presentation there’s something louche about Lisa, and I bet that’s the most interesting part, by far. That’s not going to happen though, and the current vision of the show as one endless catfight is b-o-r-i-n-g.

        Contrast all that with Yo – Much as I like her, Yo’s lyme storyline was excruciating. But, really, who made the production decision to base almost the entire season on fighting over the truth or falsehood of Yo’s illness? Answer: Not Yo. There just seems to be so much more meat on the bone with the behind the scenes decisions. I’d like to be a fly buzzing around production calls!

      • Frosty

        Rambling again, as I’m wont to do in my fast approaching dotage!

      • Frosty, if that’s rambling, I’m frequently guilty of the same thing, but I’m already in my dotage so I’ll blame it on that! Your comments are great, so don’t edit yourself at all.

  24. Toni

    Brandi constantly going on about lvp’s manipulation–it’s tiresome. Does this excuse Brandi’s actions? Nope. If someone tells you to jump off a building, should you do it?

    They all plan what they are going to do, say, etc. to call lvp out for something they all do is ridiculous and hypocritical

    • PaganChick

      I agree. All of them prep before filming. I mean LisaR and Kyle admitted to having a discussion about Yolanda and Munchausen at dinner before Lisa V was even in the picture. It was obvious that Yolanda fed her opinions to Ericka off camera so that it would influence what she said on camera and around the other women. Eileen and LisaR admitted to discussing how they would handle Lisa V off camera – Eileen even admitted that LisaR had already given her the full dirt on the Munchausen conversation before it was brought up on screen. All of these women strategize and manipulate – it is part of being on the show.

      The fact that they all do this and still fall over themselves to do LisaV’s bidding is really hilarious to me – especially when they call it out. If they want to take LisaV down, they really need to stop with the “she’s manipulative.” “she is Bobby Fischer” nonsense and just not allow themselves to be manipulated. If they didn’t play into her game, her game would be so obvious that there would be no need to call it out.

      • Margarett

        I’m sure you’re right, PaganChick, but what fun would that be?😉
        I love watching Lisa play her game…watching her move the chess pieces around. Frankly that’s what keeps me watching this franchise while abandoning most of the others.

  25. PaganChick

    @Margarett, I enjoy watching her play the game too. I just think its hilarious that the most these women can do is cry “manipulation” when it comes to Lisa. They know going in that she is going to do everything she can to control and manipulate her image and the viewers perception of her and still fall for it every time.

  26. T D

    Historically the favorite often has more influence than the Queen.

  27. Tre

    I may be in the minority here, and I am okay with that. But I see this as less of Brandi telling the truth, and more of Brandi trying to get whatever attention she can from LVP. If you think about before she left RHOBH she was almost STALKERISH in her attempts to get back on LVP’s good side… LVP paid her dust! Even when someone brings up Brandi, LVP brushes the question to the side, because in her world she doesn’t exsist! The only time she discusses her in depth is on the show, and that is because if they are asked something they kinda have to answer. Now I am by no means saying LVP is a saint… We ALL have our personality flaws. But I think it is killing Brandi that LVP does not address, acknowledge, hell even call her by name when someone asks about her on twitter LOL… It’s always “she” but she never calls her name because she is a non factor. And this attempt to get LVP’s attention or response will be useless because the woman has A LIFE! She has businesses to run, she is on two shows, etc we all know her resume…. Brandi strikes me as the kind of woman that would stay in an abusive relationship just for the sake of being loved… She is not wrapped too tight IMO. She hates LVP and it is killing her that LVP could care less…. So these little “truth” interviews, are her way of trying to draw her out, while LVP is probably sitting back somewhere chuckling at how sad and pathetic Brandi is and how she just can’t move on. Think about it, if she hated her SO MUCH why even discuss her… IDK about anyone else, but anyone that I despise, I don’t talk about, I don’t even acknowledge, they could be on an elevator with me, and in my mind nobody in on there but ME! Every battle that is brought to you, you don’t have to fight… Or is this case… Every question that someone asks you about someone you “HATE” you don’t have to answer! Sorry for the long post, Brandi Glanville just burns my toast LOL

  28. Mm in OC

    Brandi is paranoid. Lisa treats housewives like a job. I think they would all benefit from the same strategy.

    Im tired of folks crapping on orange county. Its the suburbs for sure, but its definitely not all white. My high school was 70% hispanic. There are large asian and arabic populations. Just because you only visit newport doesnt mean it’s not diverse.

    • Minky

      Maybe Brandi is paranoid. But you know the saying: “Just because you’re paranoid don’t mean they’re not after you.” Lisa treats RH like a job just like Bethenny and Nene do. They both believed that they had an incredible amount of power and that they were set apart from the rest of the cast because of their specialness. That didn’t work out so great for Nene. For Bethenny it might be true, but it’s still causing her to have a whole bunch of trouble. They could have made Luanne look a lot WORSE this season and Bethenny look a lot BETTER with just a couple of well placed edits. They do have that kind of power with editing. So why didn’t they? The Bethenny backlash was planned. So is LVP’s. And Lisa took a helluva beating last season with the Yolanda thing. Lisa’s go-to obfuscations didn’t even help her that much. Hmmm?

      All 3 (LVP, Bethenny and Nene) made or are making the mistake of thinking that being Andy’s favorite and apparent BFF is a good thing. Andy’s BFF is ratings. No more and no less. He thinks of every Wife, including his favorites, as “the help”. Period. While he might be miffed about Kenya not dancing precisely to the beat of his drum, he probably secretly respects her a lot more than the others.

      The problem with LVP’s strategy is that it’s underhanded and malicious. And, if we’re to believe Brandi at all, it’s also resulted in some people being hurt. Do you really believe that it was Brandi’s idea to expose Adrienne’s “pregnancies”? That was the beginning of the backlash for Brandi. That season Brandi and LVP were the best of friends. The next season LVP dropped Brandi like a hot sack of shit. So what happened?

  29. gessiewtf

    The only woman Andy is genuinely friends with going way back is Carole Radziwell. He would never cut her. Other than that it is strictly business and ratings for Andy.

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