Big Brother Sunday Recap – Do I care anymore?

Must you hate the winner of BB18?

Must you hate the winner of BB18?

By LimeBrain

Sorry, this is late, had real life problems that had to be taken care of first before I could play in my Internet life.

So here we go!  Just so you know, I can’t stand blowhard Paul. (Sorry, TT) When I find him on the feeds I have to turn him off. I’d rather watch paint dry, or even worse, Nicole whining about Corey. As this show is on, I also have the live feeds on. I just heard Vic saying that BB is going to wait a week before giving Bridgette an MRI. She may have torn a tendon. Does anyone know how she did that?

The show starts with the HOH comp (that BB refuses to let us watch on the feeds for some unknown reason). I think I explained it in my last recap, but I will repeat it again in case you missed it. They have to roll a red ball down a plank and if you get it in the basket first, you win. If no one gets it in, the one who gets it the farthest (highest number) will win. The 4 with the lowest score become have nots.

They are all happy Frank is gone and they say they all want to win because they are nervous what is going to happen next. Except Paulie. He wants no blood on his hands. So he goes for it first and gets a 6.

They show Natalie practicing with James coaching her and she can’t do it at all. She is being a spaz and can’t even get it through the starter hoop.

Vic goes second and gets a 14.

What's not to love? :(

What’s not to love? :(

Now it’s Paul’s turn. His ball makes it all the way to the end, just misses the basket and gets a 21! It’s gonna be hard for anyone to beat him but there is still a chance. (Please, please, please!)

I would die laughing if Natalie can pull it off.

Now, BB cuts to an earlier scene with Frank and Paulie making a deal for Paulie to work with Bridgette. Why did BB put this scene in here?

Back to the comp and Michelle is still practicing with her yellow ball and keeps making the basket! I have hope. I would love to see Misch win and cause some trouble.

Now Natalie has the hang of it and she is making the basket also! Yay! So, she decides to go for it with the red ball. She spazzes out, drops it and gets a two. I wonder if she did this on purpose. I know she likes to sleep in those bumper cars.

Paul is helping Nicole on how to do it. Day should be getting a clue about Paul from this and that he doesn’t have her back. Nicole gets a 19.

Z’s turn and she overthrows and gets a zero. Which equals what she has contributed to this season so far.

Now Day and Misch are going for it. They get a 16 and a 19 but I can’t remember who got what. It doesn’t matter. They lost and I am heart broken.

Paul is the new HoH and I am considering cancelling my feeds after Thursday.

Paul wants to put up Bridgette. Day is happy that Paul won. Ha! Paulie is also thrilled. He just needs to convince Paul to get rid of Davonne before Bridgette.

The boys are in the storage room (sans James) and Paul wants to put up a guy against Bridgette to guarantee that she doesn’t win the veto. First thing out of Victors mouth is no, he’s not going up. An unwise move on his part because nobody likes him and it puts a bigger target on him.  Paul is pissed.

Nicole wants Day gone because she feels like she is walking on eggshells around her. Day says that she has Nicole on her radar but she has no concrete proof. She was glad to have her feelings confirmed by Frank. I just don’t get why neither one will get together with the other one and talk it out privately and maybe they can work together. But with Corey conjoined at Nichole’s hip, I guess it would be difficult for the girls to be alone together.

Paulie, James and Corey are together. Paulie tells them that he wants Day put up. James lets us know that he likes Day and he hopes that Paul doesn’t get on board with the plan. Hey, James! Why don’t you tell the boys that and maybe it could happen. Instead he leaves.  (#spineless)

When Paul comes in, Paulie starts his misting. Paul tries to convince him to put up Vic instead, but he crumbles quickly and agrees to back door Davonne. He thinks he will be a hero in everybody’s eyes. Ha!

The Hoh/Friendship room is revealed and there is a picture of Paul with no beard. Nicole starts slobbering all over the place.  She is an embarrassment to all of womankind.

Now there is talk of who to put up against Bridgette. Needs to be a strong player. Crickets from everybody. Paulie is sleeping through this. Day walks in. She says 4 have already been on the block. More dead silence. James claims he has nerve damage in his arm from the endurance comp. I’m surprised he didn’t get laughed out of the room. First time I heard him complain about it. (#Wuss)

Everyone knows Nat can’t win it. Z flat out says “HELL NO!” Nicole finally volunteers, reluctantly, and immediately regrets it.

Now some scene where Corey tells a story about adopting a dog and how much he loves it. Nichole is actually jealous of the dog. I just can’t with these people. What is in the BB water?

Meanwhile Bridgette is in the HoH giggling annoyingly. With the PeePees. (Hey! They named themselves that.) She wants to deflect things away from her. They tell her not to trust Nicole or Day. She believes she is working with them. But they are in reality using her. It’s a house full of women haters. Paul tells her that he has a plan and she is safe.

Now a montage of Paulie morphing into Paul, looks wise.  The same shaved haircut, the sleeveless tank tops, speaking the same lingo, etc. It’s all a ploy on Paulie’s part to reel Paul under his thumb.

I fell asleep during the portion of the America’s choice award. I heard that Natalie won it and the other HGs hate her for it.

I woke up for the nominations and Bridgette was first up and Paulie is the second nomination. Because no one else would go up except Nicole and she stinks at comps.

Davonne is finally catching on that something is a foot. She wonders why Paulie is up on the block if Nicole volunteered. Paulie plans to win the veto comp and have Davonne go up in his place.

Which is actually what happened after this show aired. Damn.

EDITED to add a gif of a disinterested Paulie as Z tries SO HARD.

I would feel sorry for her if she wasn’t so pathetic,



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41 responses to “Big Brother Sunday Recap – Do I care anymore?

  1. Ive moved over here and set up camp to hate on Paulie..

    James just came up to the hoh room where PeePee s are asking what’s wrong with Z.

    Paulie is enjoying all this. calling Z’s crying playing the Tiffany card. What a douche.

    • Sherry

      Oh I so agree! I was a fan of Paulie now I can’t stand him. UGH! I want to see these boys shaken in their boots for once!

  2. And don’t believe that Nichole is actually being nice to Z . She’s reporting everything back to Paulie and she told Corey that Paulie had their back 100%.

    I wish Nichole could leave the house and go play in traffic.

  3. I guess what happened is that Z told Paulie that she felt he was withholding info from her.

    He told her that she’s lied to him 3 times. She has no idea what he’s talking about and he is very indirect about it. Ends up that when she gave him some info and didn’t mention that James was in the room at the time when she was tastaslking to Michelle. I guess she forgot he was in there. But James ran to Paulie and reported it to him. When Paulie told her to think about who else was in the room, she said nobody.

    Now James said that Z definiterly knew he was there because he got water for her and Michelle.

    I guess Pee#1 actually believes Day is lying to him. I guess he is giving her more credit than she deserves for being a player of the game.

    Oh, when she was waiting for him in the tunnel, Nichole went to Paulie to tell him to go to her and that she was upset. Paulie told Nichole that Z told him that Z doesdnt like Nichole and wants her out.

    So now Nichole hates Z also.

  4. James told Peepee#1 that he doesn’t think the girls told Day that she’s leaving. Now he ran into Days room to check up what’s going on in that room. He is enjoying this and I have lost respect for him.

  5. Back in the hoh room, Peepee#2 (Paul) tells the guys that he is going to “feed Michelle” and make her paranoid about the girls.

  6. OK, Z’s fatal mistake was that she played the “alone” card to Paulie.

    He told her that she has Day, Nichole, Paul, Mish and him.

    He just told the boys that once she played that card he was done with her.

  7. I just can’t with tytyhese guys. I hope his mother is watching the feeds now to see how horrible he treats women.

  8. Susan

    I can not believe Nicole this season. Jealous, mean spirited, petty, two face….what happened to America’s Sweetheart? She will regret this when PP throw her out Final 4. And what’s with the constant name calling FT for Natalie. Pauline & Paul your Mothers are listening! (Victor is just a loser so who cares).

  9. Day just finished to Z. She just told the cameras that she thinks she has her girl back. She did a happy twirl. She says she hopes she stays and can really play the game. Or something like that.

  10. Nichole just ran up to the hoh room to rat out her conversation with Z. She’s laughing.

  11. tamaratattles

    Nicole is disgusting for selling out the girls like this. She sucks.

  12. tamaratattles

    Why do they whisper in the fucking HOH?

    • rainidaze

      They did a test and found out that people in the Paris room can hear what is said in HOH and vice versa so now everyone whispers when they’re talking strategy/game.

  13. Z and Michelle talking about this now. Misch is pissed. She says that Nichole had been acting shady today and not to worry, she has her back.

    Nichole is back in bed with Corey.

  14. Misch and Z are realizing Paulie is taking the word of Victor over them. Misch now thinking that she may go up next because she is onto Paulie.

    Misch doesn’t think it was James that tattled on them. Ha!

    I hope these two start working with Day.

    Oh! Misch just said that maybe the boys are all working together. Keep that thought, Misch!

  15. Misch is telling Z not to go back to him.

    She thinks Nichole advice to Z earlier to talk to Paulie becasuse he cares, is shady.

  16. Nicole is the biggest little rat I’ve ever seen in the BB house. I pray production brings in a cat.

  17. tamaratattles

    I just came to report how very much I HATE nicole. That is all.

  18. LimeBrain, love your title on this one… Says it all! Lol!

  19. Do you guys think there is any chance they will show how horrible Paulie actually was to Z?

    And what a backstabber Nichole is?

    I guess this is why the show is nothing but clips from the DR. There isn’t to much live feed stuff they can show if they want to keep their story lines about how wonderful these hgs are.

  20. Happygal

    Paulie reminds me of a straight Andy

  21. Ms.Minnie

    The show is unbearable now, it’s a reason there starting season 19 as soon as the current season is over. Just give Paulie the check now, and the way he spoke to Z last night on BBAD was hard to watch. Nicole is the worst kinda player in this game next to paulie and I’m quite sure it’s a couple people that’s gonna be waiting for her ass at the door when she leaves, lol 😏

  22. I’m trying to figure votes for Day.

    She should have Misch, Z and hopefully Natalie. I’m hoping that they convince James to go their way and play on the fact that James lied to Bridgette when he was hoh. But he’s been so shady lately. And I do believe he thinks he has a secret final 2 with Paulie from before the show started. Very iffy. Paulie is probably not going to let James out of his sight.

    But if he does vote for Day, that would make it a tie and I would have to rely on Paul’s giant ego to break with Paulie and justify it later to him. Because he really does want Bridgette gone first.

    A girl can dream. Sigh.

    I wonder what time these hamsters will wake up today.

  23. Forgot to add that I saw Michelle and Day in the kitchen alone together early this morning. Day had 2 pieces of tinfoil and was covering parts of HGS faces on the memory wall with them. They were studying for the morph comp. BB told them to stop that. They got excited because they think that means it is going to be the next comp.

    But then again, Day thought they might have said it because she was actually touching the picture. But they kept studying it.

  24. Theresa

    They all suck! I loved nicole on her other season. Cannot stand her now….

    Meanwhile, is that an eagle holding a street lamp all over Paul? It looks like a bad ed hardy shirt. Fairly atrocious.

  25. Sherry

    There is still hope! Day could have the round trip ticket! Lucky #8!

  26. I am just now watching BBAD from last night/this morning, and I just needed a place to vent – I HATE PAULIE!!!! >8 (

    Nicole is a stupid bitch, and I want to set Paul’s beard on fire.

    Ok, I’m about to take deep a few deep breaths, drink wine some wine, pop an ativan, and burn pics of P & P in effigy.

  27. tamaratattles

    Watching BBAD now. Day, michelle, Natalie and Z are in HOH having girl talk.

    Natalie said “Are there alliances at all this season? Do you think the guys have an alliance?”

    Z says she doesn’t care because girls are strong. Girls have babies. We don’t need the guys. About half an hour later Natalie and Z talk about how the are down with showmances because they are good for their game.

    Nicole was in bed with Corey talking to James and Paulie and Victor. She is in some sort of lacky black tank/bra. Fishing for compliments from Paulie and Vic while Corey is in DR.

  28. tamaratattles

    Also, Twitter trolls are harrassing Paul’s dad about his son’s horrific treatment of Z. I am a terrible person because I have no compassion for Z. She’s a terrible person too.

  29. tamaratattles

    See new photo above of Z really TRYING to make Paulie interested as he drums his fingers….

  30. tamaratattles

    And Z’s mom is supposedly slut shaming NICOLE on Twitter until she took her account private. BWAHAHHAHAHHA Can you imagine being Z’s mother?

  31. tamaratattles

    Apparently the cut the feeds because Paulie and Z fucked again. Corey and Nic may have gotten another one in as well. #Skinemax

    • sandra

      Day told Z she is like a sister to her and she doesn’t want Z seen some type of way. Day tells Z she needs to put some pants on because her ass is hanging out. Z goes to put shorts on and tells Meech somebody told her she needs to cover-up. Meech wants to know who said it and Z won’t tell her. Day says the boys are having a power meeting and Z says I’ll go check it out. Z goes to HOH where Paul, Paulie, Corey and James are. Z goes and lays on top of Paulie, she licks his back, plays with his nipples and fondles his crotch and more sexual things. Z does all of this as all of the guys watch. Paulie tells her to stop. Z leaves the room for a bit and Paul tells Paulie to ask for a BJ. Paulie says he would not embarrass his parents by doing sexual acts publicly and they would be very mad. Z comes back and right on top of Paulie she goes. They eventually go to the bumper cars and start going at it, BB: Z please come to the diary room. I don’t feel bad for Z because she keeps going back for more no matter how bad Paulie treats her. Oh, I forgot to say that Z told Meech that she is in heat. I don’t like Nicole, now, but I did like her on her season. She is not a girls girl it’s female like her that ruin it for other femles. I hope I make sense as I’m really not good at this.

  32. so I read this update from last night

    while talking to/in front of Paul/Corey/James Zak was laying on top of Paulie on HOH couch, in between his Legs. During this time, her complete attention was focused on him and she was in his face, not really talking to the boys, but mostly just talking to Paulie and making comments.

    Zak openly played with his nipples, rubbed his chest, kept staring at him, fondled his crotch with her left hand, fed him raisins, kissed his stomach, picked at his beard, played with his mic, traced his face with her fingers, played with his hair, kissed his arm, put his fingers in her mouth and sucked on his finger/thumb, bit his thumb (he told he to stop, she didn’t), licked/kissed his right side…

    Zak asked Paulie: what are the “black stuff/specs all over him were?…What’s this stuff on your neck?” … Paulie: Lint from the pillows maybe? Zak: Who’s mascara is this! (*And she makes a slapping at his face motion with her right hand) Paulie: There’s only one person who’s been sucking on my neck. Zak: (Play-strangling Paulie’s neck with both hands in response)

    Zak: Where are we going on our date?

    Paulie: There are lots of good places in LA and NY.

    I fully expect bunnies to be boiling very soo

  33. Lawstangel

    Nicole snickered on the couch when Da was nominated. She is a first class cunt!!!! Paulie IS A PIG!!!!!!!!! He is a rude, mean cocky misogynist who acts like he is God’s gift. What happened to my sweet James? Is he really so damn far up Natalie’s ass that he is selling out Da? why?

  34. lori

    Isn’t Corey bisexual? Just watching a quick bit of bbad before tonight’s show, and Nicole, Corey, James and Paulie are talking about porn, and Corey says you couldn’t pay him enough money to be with a man.

    • lori

      Oh, sorry… he just decided he would, but it would have to be a billion dollars. Not for a million though.

      It’s too bad, because seeing the 4 girls hanging out talking like that in the HOH last night was so nice to see for a minute. It’s a shame that they’re such a bunch of morons. It’s a really bad representation of women imo. Or maybe I’m just delusional.

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