Shahs of Sunset Reunion Part One: The Reza Show



Shahs cast season 5
I am totally confused about why the Shahs reunion is tonight. What are we missing for this to be on tonight? I slept an entire day away after staying up all night again. I really have to try to be awake during the day. I think I could sleep another ten hours right now, so I’m going to bang this out and go back to bed.

I love how this is the only series where they have champagne tons of food. So we start with all the food scenes from the season.

We all pretend that Shervin is straight. Suddenly, Shervin and GG are BFFs. Even though Shervin did not stick up for her.

Reza interrupts Andy’s little Shervin time to start going in on Golnesa right away. He is super pissed about the sex tape thing. The show can’t even discuss anyone else at all with Reza making it all about him and we are not even ten minutes in. Reza just screams at Golnesa and says she needs mental help. Her BFF, Shervin just sits there while Reza screams insults at Golnesa. I’m bored already. Let’s get to the part where Reza cries.

Shahs Shervin reunionAndy stops the fighting to completely suck up to Reza. He loves Reza. He thinks he is a gay icon. Reza is going to have two eggs implanted in two different women one his and one Adam’s. We do not need Reza to procreate.

For some reason we start ganging up on MJ. Mike and Asa both have issues with Mercedeh. They are actually arguing over the fact that Asa eats too fast.  Asa says that MJ is not a loyal friend and she badmouths her businesses to anyone who will listen. Why didn’t we have any inkling of this during filming? Apparently, the basis of the issue between MJ and Asa stems from when Vida was on WWHL and said that Asa needs to stop making the show all about her businesses.  MJ says that Asa thinks MJ told her mother to say that. Asa says that MJ is jealous of her success. MJ says that Asa is just thin skinned and can’t handle Vida’s comments so she blames them on Mercedeh. MJ says that she and Asa are never going to be friends again and ends it with “With all do respect, Fuck You!”  This is so weird, I never saw any of this on the show. It’s kind of sad.

Time to discuss all the trips. Apparently GG got thrown out of the first class lounge at the airport for twerking in a thong and acting crazy. MJ says they never reenter the country without have to go through extra security. Golnesa said watching the camping trip back was very difficult to watch. GG says she has her drinking under control now.  Mike says GG has made a lot of progress. Reza goes back into attack mode and says over and over that Golnesa is mentally unstable and he is afraid of her.

Mike seems to still be in love with Jessica. They are not officially divorced yet because is is a long process. We do a whole montage of their relationship. It was really sad to watch. Mike says he really fucked up. You can tell he still wants Jessica back.

Shahs Reunion food tableAndy wants to talk about Jessica dating another man. Reza asks Andy to “get off Mike” yet he thinks it is just fine for him to continue to verbally abuse GG every time he opens his mouth.  Mike says watching her move on to someone else was worse than the actual breakup itself.  Andy shows us a Twitter war between MJ and Jessica.  MJ claims that Jessica moved on from Mike to the guy accused of rape for a Land Rover. Jessica shoots back that MJ bounces from dick to dick for no car.  It is odd that she is attacking Jessica when I was told that the entire cast was angry at Mike for cheating on Jessica in the first place.  Reza and Jessica also got into it.  Reza says he doesn’t want to say anything bad about the new guy because he doesn’t want to end up dead. Andy says he heard he was in jail or something. Mike says he is dating for physical relations but he is not interested in a relationship. Mike said he spent months listening to Justin Bieber and crying over Jessica.

MJ says the first time she met Tommy she noticed him standing there with an erection when she got out of her Uber. Then they went to his apartment, watched some episodes of Friends and had sex. Well then. When you know, you know I guess.  Reza says that Tommy is perfect for her. I will refrain from sharing the whole dick shaking and pissing metaphors replete with gestures I wish I could unsee.

Vida still hates Tommy.  Time for Vida and Tommy to come out. Vida says Tommy is immoral. She was unhappy with the photo shoot in Belize. Unfortunately we have to watch him essentially eating MJ’s ass once again. I have to agree with Vida that was pretty disgusting. Vida really can’t stand Asa either. She tells Asa if she wants to take ass photos she needs to use her own giant ass. Wow. Vida says Asa took filthy pictures of MJ and called it art. MJ says the are getting married in June of next year. Tommy says he will not allow the baby around Vida.  Mercedeh gets very emotional talking about having children. This is something she has wanted for a long time.  MJ talks about her dad who everyone says is the nicest guy on the planet. She was raised by her father. I think Vida sort of abandoned the family at some point.  Mike and Reza are both very supportive of MJ. Reza starts crying and making it all about him again. He says that Vida and MJ’s dad were there for him when he was young before he came out as gay. He says he will be forever grateful for their support during his stressful youth. Andy points out that Reza got the love and acceptance that MJ always wanted from her mother.

Mike tells MJ she is going to regret the things she is saying about Asa. I finally agree with Mike about something. It looks like part two of the reunion is tomorrow.  That is when we see Reza cry like a little bitch. So, something to look forward to.


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45 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Reunion Part One: The Reza Show

  1. Bunniecarrot

    I got everything I needed when Andy greeted Shervin and skipped Mike. Because why? Shervin is the cleaner, more successful, physically fit version of Mike. And I’m the words of TT somewhere Mike is shitfaced!

  2. Asa seemed unusually subdued. I hope she is okay.

  3. I was completely blindsided by the problems between Asa and MJ! Was all this happening behind the scenes and why wouldn’t they give us a clue before now? Interesting to see where this all goes. Mike is an idiot. Here he is now, sitting around, listening to Justin Bieber (highly unlikely) and sobbing his cheating little heart out. Boo hoo, you fool. You’re not an unintelligent man, so how could you possibly think you could cheat on someone like Jessica and not be found out? You’d still be doing it, if you had your way. Despite being such a douchebag, you managed to find yourself a decent woman who actually converted to Judaism for you, came from a seemingly rich and prominent family, and was completely in love with you. What sex with other women (who had to be low-class bitches to sleep with you, knowing that you were a newlywed) could be so mind-blowing that you’d risk everything for it? It’s so easy to be devastated after the fact, but I bet you didn’t give it much thought while you were banging your way around town. You’re way too old to be so irresponsible and unaware. Hopefully, you’ve learned enough from this disaster of a marriage to do better if you ever find yourself another woman worth marrying. P.S. If I were Jessica’s parents, I’d be making vodoo dolls of you and cutting your penis off. They spent so much time and a small fortune on that wedding, thinking you were devoted to their daughter. What a joke. I sometimes see a nicer side of you, but when it comes to these divorce blues, sorry, no sympathy at all.

    • Minky

      Hear hear! Mike’s nicer side is good when it presents itself, but the fuckery with this one is too much. Literally and figuratively.

    • Dexter

      Asa and MJ have HATED each other since day one. If for no other reason MJ hates Asa for trying to label her a drug addict thief on season 2 with that pig Reza.

      • Minky

        Mmm hmm. Like I said, I’m side-eyeing Asa too. She’s come out of this situation a bit too unscathed.

    • Karebear

      Spot on!!! Love,
      you said all what I’ve thought of this shit show of his very sad

  4. Jessica

    Reza cries like a bitch and asks, “is she really eating”

  5. Mrs. Smith

    I think Jessica would have stayed with Mike if he would have had more money.

    • Sware84

      This. I think she saw potential in him and was disgusted how these 40 something and 30 somethings act line 16 year olds because she knew it would throw him off of his game of focusing on getting that money.
      Even if her intentions were questionable she ended up being right.

  6. Joanplus2dogs

    This whole group need to wise up & get off reality TV. This show has not helped their lives besides giving them some fame which is very fickle. They were a fun group but now it is vicious & demeaning.

    Of course Asa is using the show for profit – that is the point & what everyone does who has actual products/projects. MJ is simply jealous. Mike does seem to be humiliated & hurt who hopefully has learned something. Reza did originally help Persian gays by being out but now is more likely what parents of gays are fearful of their sons acting like in public. GG should focus on repairing her life & health. Out of the limelight would be huge help however they probably all hate that idea.

    • Minky

      I can’t imagine being Iranian and glad that these people are representing your people or culture on TV. I’ve met and been friends with so many nice Persian people. This show is an embarrassment.

    • Sware84

      I agree. Asa has every right to use this platform.
      I don’t believe it has helped MJ or reza or mike in their ventures but apparently it’s helped Asa and gg and her extensions line.

      I think Gigi will eventually get her act together and find her a man that wants a Persian trophy wife and it’s clear she wants to be that and raise kids and be a mom and since it hasn’t happened she’s wasting her life away in pain and dealing with an illness.
      I hope things go well for her because deep down I think she has good she is just a spoiled rich girl that needs a purpose.

      Tommy is full of it.
      Mike is right. If a guy is pushing that hard then something is not right.
      Tommy loves the camera just as much as vida.
      Vida is mama Joyce of shahs
      She’s right in her assessments ( minus her take on ASa) but so evil and bitter that it’s not received well.

    • Dexter

      Reza helped Persian gays so much when he raged that cute boy Adam brought home and bullied him and his brother at the club and even Mike and Asa had to side with the strangers attacked by big fat Reza. But it’s all ok. Reza cried and explained waa waa waa. Pig.

  7. Babs0909

    I love all the food. I wish they had shown more dinner close ups of the kebab, saffron rice, bbq’d tomatoes, yummy. Makes me crave Persian food. Just like on Below Deck, seeing Ben’s food makes me crave delicious fish or omelettes or fruit. These folks used to feel like a visit with my long lost Persian Armenian cousins on my dads side. Lots of yellow gold wearing, Cologne dousing, overly dressed, over spent, show-offs, but familiar & fun nonetheless. They liked to party & dance.

    This bunch of aging goof balls (except Asa), need to grow up. Not be stuffed shirts like Lily was, but care a little less about fancy cars & caviar. I like that Reza adopted the stray chihuahua, and I love Adam. I like Tommy, and like him w/ MJ. Vida has borderline personality disorder, GG too, perhaps, though her parents seem nice. Why do they keep supporting her? Shervins gayness cracks me up. Mike, meh.

    One thing is for sure: when they hate on someone, they go full board. I don’t know how I would recover if I was attacked by a group of friends. Vicious, man.

    • caroline

      Totally agree about when they hate on someone, although really don’t understand their thinking about who they hate on/ defend. Jessica was only nasty when she was defending her fiance & she put up with alot, and reza is just a foul human being – his stunt with GG in the last episode was so awful & wrong – yet they all defended him!

  8. Erica

    Geez… I can’t even blame PMS for tearing up when Andy made the actually profound comment that MJ is looking for the love and acceptance from her mother that she gave Reza. If you are gonna be the cool parents like that, you gotta be cool with your parents.

    I noticed that MJ didn’t actually contradict Tommy when he said he wouldn’t let the baby around Vida if she was going to be toxic.

    Oh, and if Asa’s only beef is what Vida said on WWHL and that MJ didnt tell her mother to shut the fuck up – Asa is fucked up. SHE didn’t say anything to Vida when she had the opportunity at the cemetary because of “cultural respect” – why would she expect MJ to tell her mother off?

    • Erica

      oops… gotta be cool to your kids.

      • Minky

        I agree. I would not blame MJ if she resents Reza for that. It’s fine to be cool with my parents, but they’re MY parents. I come first in my own family!!! You’re welcome, but you’re just a visitor. And I would have no problem expressing that to anybody. LOUDLY. Knowing Reza he probably took advantage there too. I’m sorry. That dude officially creeps me out.

      • Erica

        Minky, we may agree on everything in this situation except MJ resenting Reza for that. Not Reza’s fault that Vida was nicer to him than she was MJ.

        Both of them have parents who are fucked up.

      • Blondesense

        I totally agree Erica. This situation reminded me of Cher. She has been a gay icon for decades but cannot seem to come to terms with her own child’s gender identity. It’s really hard to imagine as a mother.

      • Erica

        Thing is… Cher came around. For her, it was just a period of confusion and grief when her child transitioned. I have had trans (and gay) friends who have talked about how the best thing they did in terms of parental relationships was let their parents grieve – grieve for the ideas and dreams they had for their kids. (One friend so wisely even said that a friend’s father went through a similar “grief” when none of his kids took an interest in taking over a 3rd generation family business.)

        Vida – not sure what her disappointment is other than MJ is not a mindreader and doesn’t kiss her ass in the way she wants at that moment.

  9. Kdra

    I don’t believe Mike is “destroyed” over losing Jessica, I think he is use to keeping up appearances & this sad act is a failed attempt to win over the fans & be likable. I also think there is way more to this story that we’re not getting, because Mike has changed his tone tremendously from when he first addressed this situation on watch what happens live, and I think he put MJ up to go in on Jessica while he pretends to go into defense mode.

  10. Sware84

    Reza is a narcissistic hypocrite.
    I don’t feel bad for Reza at all.
    At first I didn’t believe Gigi’s claims then I did now it’s clear she did that in retaliation; however this loon (reza) was the ONLY pushing this campaign that gig was FAKING her illness.
    Some didn’t feel the stories added up…some thought she was exaggerating; however on more than one occasion he said she is faking ra.

    I don’t condone retaliation but i don’t blame Gigi for hitting back after he was so ruthless and disrespectful and now he wants to play the victim.
    How soon he forgets that he turned on another gay guy, lily, MJ, mike and now Gigi.
    He won’t turn on Asa because she tolerates his bs.
    Shervin is too much of q coward to stand up to another man but can get sassy and in his feelings about Gigi because, closet case.
    Two snaps.
    P.s no REAL PLAYER is gonna quote fat joes im not a player I just crush a lot…they just actually do it. Mike has the m o of a player. It’s covert and sneaky and downplaying it not embracing it and quoting rap classics because, cornball.

  11. Sware84

    I respect Asa so much for being level headed because mjs mom is the pits.
    Asa has EVERY right to use this platform to grow her businesses…and they are businesses that have substance (minus that stupid diamond water mess-who was she kidding)

    It’s clear that mike realizes what we lost however she wasn’t the best catch either

    Which reminds me isn’t it weird how they were so against Jessica last season and the. Reza was all buddy buddy with her only for them to show their snake side again when she RIGHTFULLY moved on.

    I appreciate when Asa tries to talk sense into Gigi
    Gigi would have won if she didn’t take the bait and did what Asa suggested and turned it around.
    It would have made reza look worse.
    I feel like Asa feels embarrassed wit rezas actions but he is her biggest ally.

  12. Coco

    Thanks for the recap, TT! I am sad about the conflict between Asa and MJ. I always thought they supported each other. Their scenes together were the funniest. Apparently, Jessica knew about Mike cheating before they were married. Why did she marry him and go through the embarrassment and pain? To keep up appearances and make their parents happy? So very sad!

  13. Coco

    Everyone on these shows promote some business venture. Remember when MJ handed out business cards at the drag queen bingo. Does MJ even work anymore? This season I don’t remember her showing one house.

  14. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    I can’t with these people. I watched Born this Way instead. Love that show, so uplifting!

  15. LauraJo

    Did Reza write his name on a piece of printer paper and tape it to his trailer door? This guy.

  16. LauraJo

    Did Sherbin seriously just say that Huntsville, AL WAS A BAD PLACE FOR “brown people” in the 80’s? Um… Huntsville, Alabama is the home of NASA and one of the largest Army bases in the US. Not at all a “hick town” where “people with sheets knock on doors”, Mike.
    Ignorant people kill me.

    • Kimberly Copeland

      Shervin is correct. Huntsville AL has a reputation of being racist.Don’t act like you don’t know this.

      • sarah

        I didnt watch this show and I dont know where “Huntsville AL” came from but I randomly know a couple people from there and one of them asked “where are your horns” (I’m Jewish). It was a joke but Ive never heard anyone from anywhere else say that…..ever!!

      • LauraJo

        Do you even know what you are talking about? Have you ever been there?
        Just because it’s in the South does not mean it is a place draped in racism.
        Stay ignorant. It looks good on you.

  17. Reza turned me off during the camping trip when he said that Persians always will retaliate because that’s just how they are made.

  18. Jill

    Just curious, did anyone see the quick cut in the beginning of MJ adjusting her wig as it showed the cast getting ready in their trailers? I LOL’ed. I thought she said she didn’t wear wigs anymore and it was all her own hair now…pfffffft.

    Mike was suuuuure looking pretty glassy-eyed, I’ll agree to whoever pointed that out.

  19. StubbyG

    I thought I have seen episodes where Gigi refers to Shervin as her cousin. Last night, Andy asked how long they knew each other. Am I wrong?

    • Vet

      Her cousin is the other guy that went to Belize and was explaining what they would do in Belize. He is always there, just in the background.

  20. JKR

    I like that they showcase the culture with the food and champagne, but it pains me each reunion to see the cast (this time, MJ) seem to get louder and more out of control as the reunion progressed. I think Andy offers them booze less to showcase the culture, and more to showcase the drunken antics this group is known for.
    I really like MJ, and this may have just been me, but the way she was yelling toward the end screamed alcohol-induced anger to me. I have a feeling she will regret the things she said to Asa, as well. I don’t think it was in a clear state of mind.
    Reza? Shut up. Don’t complain about someone trying to destroy your “credibility” when it is your goal EVERY SEASON. Even GG looked at a loss for words at the pure irony of that statement.

  21. T D

    This too shall pass and we won’t be dooled again. Such a shining example of friendship. When they pat each other on the back they’re feeling where to stick the knife.

  22. H

    This was a magical recap! Thank you! I laughed my buns off

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