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Bachelor in Paradise Hurricane Chad


I can not possibly begin to recap that entire two hours. I don’t even know the names of all of these people yet. Last night on The Bachelorette finale fiasco,  the crowd literally cheered for Chad.  Tonight we saw that Hurricane Chad could not last one night in the house without being a total raging dick. It’s a shame because he is kind of cute if you don’t take his personality into consideration. I think his mom dying really messed with his head. He was probably a mama’s boy.

It seems like they let him rage on the group one last time before shipping him off and he attacksEvan from Jo Jo’s season who was always trying to stand up to him.  Apparently the medics in Mexico don’t know how to give an IV. I hope that guy makes it back in the game.

Can we talk about Jarrod? I don’t trust him. His Ashton Kutcher self is just a bit too perfect. He has all the women throwing themselves at him every season and is  just not interested in anyone. Am I the only one who thinks something is off with him? If he is so great, why doesn’t he have a girlfriend? He is just their to break everyone’s heart.



I am thrilled that Lace is there. She is crazy as a bessy bug.  Who is that guy that is already in love with her? I don’t remember anything about him.

I guess we will all hate on Nick once Chad is gone.  He is sort of a slime bucket, noe?

And Josh coming back will totally stir the pot.

Is it wrong that I watch this show for all of the crying? Is it wrong that I watch this show at all? Probably.

Let me know if you guys are interested in discussing this show.


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  1. ChancesR

    I’m in! What a train wreck with chad – more fun than the crying every show-end Bachelorette w/ Joelle…

  2. SweetM

    Tam..I’m back to your comments on Jo Jo. You’ve been fucked over bad..I too. Who hasn’t? Don’t let anyone ever make you feel bad. Move forward and believe.💫 You got friends!!

  3. I love this show!

    I wish Chad was already gone because 2 hours of him is enough already. I want to watch everyone get drunk, hook up and cry. I think production only got rid of him is because he abused and scared the hotel staff and they probably refused to wait on the cast and crew unless he left.

    I agree with you about Jarrod. He doesn’t need to be there to find love. I think he’s there for the free vacation. Production wants him there for the love triangle of him, Ashley the Virgin and whoever Jarod wants to fool around with.

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know who Izzy was. The rest of the cast didn’t know who she was either. I like Vinny (boxing ring owner?) the guy she hooked up with.

    I hope Carly finds love this season. But why can’t she find love either?

    The only thing I don’t care for are the women with little kids on the show. I don’t want to hear about your kids, about how you miss your kids, how you are looking for a father for your kids, etc. And I don’t want to have to feel sorry for you because you are screwed over by a scumbag and how much worse it is because you have kids. Stay away! You really don’t want your kids watching you on this show in the future.

    This is a silly hook up show for single people and should be carefree and unencumbered with the guilt of kids.

    I don’t care for Nick and Josh is as big a scumbag as Nick is. I wonder which girl they will be fighting over. I’m just glad Nick has a better haircut and that it’s to hot to wear a scarf in Mexico.

  4. zoemonster2

    -If Chad is 28, so is Jax
    -Ashley I is coming next epi. She is a world class cry baby. Yay!
    -Jarrod is a creep. But maybe he comes with the same package as Ashton K.
    -Three cheers for the alcoholic crazy that is BIP;)

  5. Happygal

    I’m in too ! I have never watched a season of this before but it was pretty good last night so I’m going to give it a try.

    I did find it funny that Chad had an accident in his pants and that same scenario was just played out on UnReal lol

  6. Jill

    The scene with the clown imitating air humping made me wretch. First, clowns are creepy and I REALLY don’t want to see one imitating sexual acts. Now that is the stuff of nightmares.

    I look forward to many more trainwreck episodes ahead. The day after Chad / Chris Harrison standoff is clearly played up and extended for our viewing “pleasure.” While I enjoyed the drunken Chad/Lace shenanigans, the day after Chad / Chris standoff was #TeamTooMuch. Seems too scripted to me. Blah.

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