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I had to take a break before blogging this episode. If it were not for Dolores I probably would have just deleted it from my VCR.  I cannot STAND Reza. I really can’t.  And Andy isn’t much better.  We all know that Dolores is on the show tonight just so that Frankie can be the bartender.  From the moment we all saw Frankie, we knew that Andy would be obsessed with him.  Frankie is not even old enough to vote, let alone drink.

Andy says Vida will be on the reunion and it is going to be “scorched earth.” He’s giddy at the demise of the mother daughter relationship.

I totally had no idea Sharknado was on. I am taping a rerun now but it’s over an hour in already I think. I will have to catch the first part on demand and then flip over so I can skip the commercials. It actually looked kind of good.

Dolores said she and Teresa had lunch the day before she went to prison and Teresa didn’t mention it. She said she felt like Teresa didn’t think it was really going to happen. Oh, but it did.

That time he tried to drown MJ

That time he tried to drown MJ

Please God let Andy ask Reza about all the shitty things he has done to everyone on the cast of Shahs and when he is going to apologize.

Wow, on the sneak peek of the re” union, Asa says that MJ is knocking on doors constantly trying to sabotage her business.  It sounds like MJ is very jealous of Asa’s success.  They hid that storyline from us this season if true. MJ says she and Asa will never be friends again. That would be a big loss for MJ. In the commercials for the reunion we see Reza crying and leaving the reunion in tears. Does this mean that GG brought the sex tape? Please make it so. Reza so deserves a long hard fall.

Dolores doesn’t think that prison changed Teresa. She is just a bit more calmed down and in control of her temper. We will see how long that lasts.

Reza goes in on “some queen named crazy divina,” that would be my co-defendent Funky Dineva, an Atlanta blogger who claimed he had filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy. It was not true. I was sent the story at the time he posted it and I found nothing to support the claim.  Wrong county. Wrong name. Not true.

That time he cancelled the wedding and went on the trip without Adam

That time he cancelled the wedding and went on the trip without Adam

Someone asks if Reza has apologized to GG after seeing that she is getting treatments. He says he has but the he says, “But Mohammed told me that GG’s p…” which I have to admit is pretty fucking funny.  But then he goes on to say more horrible things about GG.

Some asks why Reza is always all up in everyone’s business.  He says he loves hard and he cares hard. Really? He is completely delusional.

Dolores was a cop in the sheriff’s office for six years. This really seems to impress Andy who says, “Wow, you are like a Charlie’s Angel.” Which makes zero sense. Much like that dark purple tie he is wearing with a lightweight cotton suit. Why doesn’t Andy have a stylist?

Andy springs a boner when Frankie shows off his abs. The really were something to behold but I don’t think it’s legal to admit that for at least a few more months.

Dolores is fresh of a Brazilian butt lift so she is sitting rather gingerly.

The poll question was whose side are you on?  GG or Reza? I was almost afraid to look but GG won with 63% of the vote.


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23 responses to “WWHL With Dolores Catania and Reza Farahan

  1. Minky

    Okay, I gotta ask. I know this might sound inappropriate or mean, but I honestly don’t intend it to be cruel. I’m asking because I’m trying to find a rational, logical reason reason for Reza’s behavior that makes sense: Is Reza kind of slow? When I’ve heard him speak on the show he sounds a little bit like Lennie from “Of Mice and Men”.

    Or does he have some sort of disorder that erases his compassion and empathy? Like Anti-social personality disorder. Why did he try to drown MJ?!!! He just doesn’t seem totally okay in the head. You know what I mean?

    • Piper

      I think Reza tries to talk like a Kardashian. . He thinks it’s cute!

      • BeerWenchinTX


      • Jill

        I agree and I think he also thinks it’s cute when in his talking heads he tries to borrow black cultural references to seem witty. The other 90% of the time during his normally scripted interactions of filming, he doesn’t talk that way. Then again, this is the idiot that degraded that guy Sasha (sp?) that Adam brought back to his apartment 2-3 seasons ago when he called him FOB (fresh off the boat) and a fa***t. UGH!

    • BeerWenchinTX

      I think Reza has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I also think he was fairly chill on Wahl because he was being careful of what he said. He knows people see his douchebaggery and he’s trying to back track. I also think he and Adam are at least estranged due to events at the reunion. Just my 2 cents.

    • J Stone

      I called it about Frankie on episode 2, but everybody on here was like “oh no Andy doesn’t like underage boys” haha. Andy loves a hot twink.

      • Minky

        Okay, I don’t know the terminology here. I though “twink” just meant a man who’s petite and delicate and young looking. I had no idea it meant underaged too.

      • @Minky:

        “Twink” does NOT mean underaged. You were correct originally: a Twink is young, hairless, thin and boyish. This guy behind the bar is too built to be a Twink regardless of his age.

  2. Cat

    Reza suffers from a very rare birth defect. He has an asshole that covers 100% of his body.

    That’s the only way to explain such behavior.

  3. Bobbi

    All four Sharknados will be shown again this coming Friday and Saturday evenings. Check your local listings but the original starts at 5 Friday on the Syfy channel. You should be able to catch them all.

  4. Reza is probably one of the worst humans ever on reality tv. I can’t think of any words that can express just how evil a person he is.

    • KaraW

      I originally enjoyed Shahs for learning about their culture and seeing all the excess of their lives. Sure, they are beyond shallow, but it was interesting. It was Reza who caused me to turn it off. He makes me nauseous.

  5. Amy V

    Reza s shirt is very distracting. He laughs aloud when Andy mention that he thought Dolores was black…as if! Dude is such a fucking scalawag to the lowest of scum.

  6. Andy is truly starting to give me the heebie jeebies. I feel like I am in the middle of something disgusting. In no way would I have let my teenage son near that predator. Ugh. With Reza there too. Those two are disgusting in every way. I can’t even with Reza. he is seriously delusional and needs some help. I am seriously beginning to wonder what he treats Adam like in private. He is emotionally and mentally as well as verbally abusive. Adam doesn’t talk back, just kind of shuts up when he talks firmly. Makes decisions without consulting him, that affect them both. That flower trick he pulled at his “best friends” event? Was absolutely uncalled for. He is a total not nice person.

  7. Angie M.

    Reza is Reza’s No. 1 fan. He thinks he’s hilarious and brilliant. It is so obvious when he moves the storyline. He thinks he’s LVP when in reality he’s more like Rinna

  8. blargh

    At first I thought Adam was a nice guy. Then I realized he couldn’t possibly be nice and support Reza and what he does. I think that Adam is just like Reza and hides it really well. What else would explain why he’s with Reza?

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