Vice Principals On HBO Is Hilarious

vice principals
I am still struggling to get my days and nights straight. A big part of the struggle is that I really like staying up all night. Everyday I tell myself to go to bed at a reasonable hour, and then night comes and I want to watch things I don’t have to recap. I start sorting through my DVR.  I tell myself I am just going to watch one more show. I watch Big Brother After Dark until 3 am. I’m happy playing solitaire and watching TV at five am. But it’s just not practical. I need to go to the bank and run errands during the day.  So it’s a constant battle. Staying up all night feels like misbehaving. The older I get the more I enjoy misbehaving.  I remember my brother saying to me “You are just going to do whatever you want to do.” And I thought, “Isn’t that what everyone should be doing?”  I do feel the need to be more responsible, though.

Anyway, I thought I would share with you what kept me up last night being irresponsible and giggling. HBO has a new comedy called Vice Principals. I don’t watch many comedies these days, but this one has me hooked.  As a former teacher, the only thing worse than vice principals are principals. They are horrible creatures.  In my opinion, good teachers never want to be administrators. They want to teach.  I love that this show has the administrators as the villains. They are both idiots in very different ways. I find them hysterical and tragic all at once.  The show also takes place in Charleston where it was filmed.  What more could I ask for?

vice principals 2


According to the HBO Website, “From Danny McBride and Jody Hill, Vice Principals is a dark comedy telling the story of North Jackson High School, and the two people who almost run it — the Vice Principals. The series stars Danny McBride and Walton Goggins as the school administrators in an epic power struggle for the top spot of school Principal. Told over the course of a single school year, the first season takes place during the fall, with the second and final season to covering the spring term, each with nine episodes. Joining McBride and Hill as executive producer and director is longtime collaborator David Gordon Green.” If you click the link, you can watch episode one for free.  If you have HBO it is available On Demand.  New episodes air Sunday nights at 10:30.

There will be 18 episodes and there are no plans for anymore. It those episodes cover one school year.  There have been three episodes so far. Episode two was by far the best. If you purchase episodes of shows and can only see one, pick episode two.  The humor is crude, rude and socially unacceptable.  The PC police are already saying the show is racist. When I read about that today, I thought it was about Gamby’s remarks on episode three on a field trip to one of those colonial reenactment villages.  Gamby attempts to be PC  and ends up being offensive.  He’s also sexist while trying not to be sexist.  Vice Principals is a dark comedy, people. If you look for reasons to be offended, you surely will be. If you look for reasons to laugh, you will.

The third episode was pretty dark. vice principal Gamby was confronted with the fact that the entire faculty thinks he is a douchebag. This is especially painful for him because the faculty loves vice principal Russell who is also a douchebag.  I can’t wait to see where this show goes next.

This is part of my desire to get you guys off the Bravo teat. Vice Principals isn’t for everyone, you will either hate it, or love it, but I strongly suggest you give it a try.  Especially if you have ever been a teacher. Let me know what you think!


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36 responses to “Vice Principals On HBO Is Hilarious

  1. Jelley

    Thank u for sharing! I’m a poor without HBO but I’m sure I can watch it somehow. I’m a teacher who doesn’t want to be an administrator and totally agree with you about good teachers. I love you!

  2. Sherry

    Oh thank you! I am excited about this one. I have been taping but have not got around to watching them. I soooooo need to drop Bravo. Its bad for the Soul!

  3. Tleighb

    I’ve been teaching (in Cobb Co.) for over 20 years and have always believed that the best teachers want to teach NOT administrate.
    I will definitely watch this! Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Coco

    This show is hilarious! My husband actually laughs out loud when we watch it and that’s rare for him. TT, thanks for your recap. There is hope after Bravo…

  5. Jessica white

    Thanks for sharing. We are Huge Danny mcbride fans. But so out of the loop with new HBO shows! Will be checking it out tonight!

  6. Jill

    I’ve seen the first few episodes of Vice Principals and I feel they are intentionally pushing buttons for comedy in a watered down Lisa Lampinelli-kind of way. They want to portray these guys as less than cerebral (aka. idiots) for the sake of comedy so of course they are sexist and racist (so offensive.) I found it to be funny, especially the parts with Lee (Walt Goggins) and and his family at home. Lee (Walton Goggins) played the Emmy-nominated character of Venus, the transvestite hooker in Sons of Anarchy. That role was dramatic but there were several funny scenes in SOA he played very well. So I was curious how he would play a vicious, vindictive but deliciously funny Vice Principal. And so far, he’s the scene-stealer for me opposite the socially awkward Gamby. This is definitely my “pick-me-up” show after darkness that is Ray Donovan on Sunday night…

    • Crazy in NC

      I strongly suggest that you find a way to watch Justified. Goggins was incredible!

      • Jill

        I hear Justified is good! I’ll have to add to my list. I heard Eastbound and Down is good and McBride is in that.

        In Vice Principals, Goggins(Lee) just kills me the way talks to Gamby the way he tells Gamby to Fuck Off. I feel very juvenile in taking such pleasure in that but I don’t care.

        There’s a scene where the Principal “DR” Brown asked Gamby and Lee to pray with her and they all join hands. Lee started made these three hilarious faces as Dr. Brown prayed that kept me rolling for like 5 minutes. Even my husband laughed out loud. He’s pretty perfect in that roll.

  7. Victoria

    I love that you love the show! I’ve been watching too I think it’s hilarious

  8. Oh I’m happy to see this here. I’d forgotten this was coming on, will have to go find it. I love Danny McBride and Walton Goggins.

  9. Brianna

    Love this show! Always a fan of McBrides HBO series but this one is the best IMO. I hope to see more posts about these episodes. And I agree TT, episode 2 was the best so far. Laughed so hard I cried!!

  10. Lisa j

    It is perfection! Watched back to back and then rewatched! TT since Housewives are going to be on a semi hiatus, can you blog some other recommend shows? The Night of on HBO is enthralling and there’s so many more. You could write about the ingredients of cereal and make it entertaining.

    • tamaratattles

      Ha Thanks. I try to work in other stuff whenever I can. You guys really direct the content here. I am trying to lead you all into new things because eventually, the housewives will mercifully end and I want to know where we go next. You guys will let me know when you are ready by giving other things the attention you give the housewives. :)

      • lisa J read my mind, I want you to blog The Night of….it makes my nipples hard just to think of you blogging it.

      • i just don’t like the houswives anymore but I love your blogs.

      • Cat

        I would LOVE IT if everyone got off the Bravo train. I look forward to the transition. Meanwhile, you know I am a loyal reader, and will support whatever you post..

      • Jill

        I have really been hooked on Preacher this summer after I was let down by The Walking Dead’s “cheap thrills” season finale.

        always enjoy Shameless but I heard it might be wrapping up. I think that show is totally underrated and not talked about enough. I recently watched the rest of this season’s “House of Lies”. I took a lot of negotiating notes off that show and used them in my boring corporate life.

        Then I finished “House of Cards” which I think everyone should watch in this contentious political season.

        I used to watch medical period drama, “The Knick” when I had Cinemax and that was very dark but super interesting. Also like “Homeland” and Ray Donovan.

        I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the FX series, “Fargo.” It’s different every year, they’ve had two seasons so far and they have been fantastic. I’m a fan of dark humor and Fargo is filled with it. I don’t buy many TV series on Blu-Ray but I’ve purchased Fargo, Homeland and Game of Thrones.

        I didn’t mean to do a big TV dump but I would like to hear thoughts on other shows too. I’m a fan of dark humor (clearly) but a lot of the shows I mentioned are studies of interpersonal relationships. I have a lot of downtime during travel so I love recommendations.

        I want to know “what is everyone else watching that is GOOD?”

  11. Miele

    I LOVE that show!!! It has totally become my summer guilty pleasure.

  12. Tulsateacher

    I saw so many vice principals come and go during my fifteen years teaching at an inner city high school. It was entertaining to watch our principal, who I adored, put them through the ringer. It is such an “us vs them” (teachers vs administrators) mentality and I never wanted to cross over to the “dark side”.

  13. “The humor is crude, rude and socially unacceptable” – sounds like my kind of show. I have my days and nights mixed up too – mostly because my husband has Alzheimer’s and likes to sleep during the day and stay up at night. My early morning is at 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon. I saw a great long sweatshirt/nightie the other day that said, “I’d be a morning person too – if morning started at noon”! Bought it on the spot – WalMart and on sale, how could you beat that? I also play Solitaire – for me it’s a great relaxer and mind-number, and I’m up for anything that gives me a good belly laugh. I’ll plan on watching the show tonight On Demand – I’ve heard nothing but good reviews on it (except, of course, for the people who find “crude, rude and socially unacceptable” not their cup of tea). Thanks for the recap, Tamara, I’d probably have forgotten about this show without it.

  14. Bindijean

    I could listen to Walton Goggins talk all day. From the melodic way he says Mo….F….r, to if he just read the phone book. Oh my.

    • Jujue

      He does have this sassy way with words that drew me right in. And his walk/mannerisms are everything.. Love this show! So glad everyone is watching,

  15. Jujue

    I have had a Danny Mcbride hole that needed to be filled since Eastbound and Down ended. I am so happy that this show is equally marvelous 😍

  16. mary

    I waited months for the premier of this show. HBO kept running promotionals for it. I really like Danny McBride in Eastbound and Down.
    To me this show is fall on the floor funny. And Walter Googins is so so funny.
    I look forward to each new episode.

  17. mary

    Oh and the lunch dude is so awesome!

  18. Lanina07

    I love me some Danny mcbride! When Busy Phillips was on wwhl couple weeks ago promoting it she mentioned that Danny mcbride likes southern charm and thinks that’s why they chose to film vice principals there which I found interesting. I am really enjoying this show hope it gets picked up for 2nd season.

  19. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    Already there, TT. And I agree episode 2 was hilarious. This show is what I needed to get away from all the reality BS. I was just commenting to a friend yesterday how we need more comedy on TV. Everything seems so dark, including the election coverage.

  20. Jen

    I’ve also been watching it, the scene where they busted up her house was epic. I just spent the last school year working at my kids’ school, where we have our own VP dramas (and PTA drama and para drama etc etc). Thankfully it is an elementary school so they are a bit more chill!

  21. JoJoFLL

    Watching it now and loving it! For anyone who has HBO the hubs is going to be on Ballers this coming Sunday night as wealthy developer Jim Peterson. It is a non talking role.

  22. Crazy in NC

    Seeing all the Goggins love on here is making me happy. He was on Justified and was simply amazing.
    Sadly, I don’t have HBO. This show sounds like it would be right up my alley.

  23. Pip

    Count me in for more HBO recaps! I am so over the Bravo shows. I only watch them now when they are the last things left on my DVR.
    Vice Principals is fricking hilarious!! And “The Night Of” would be well worth your time. It’s intense.

  24. Joanplus2dogs

    I am watching also. Huge fan of Walton, he is from outskirts of Atl with actual southern accent & was great on one of my fave shows The Shield. Enjoyed his other roles even in B movies. He just has a fantastic way of manipulating his voice & body to match the role.
    I watch almost only cable TV shows now. As mentioned earlier Fargo is excellent. I didn’t think they could match 1st season but they surpassed it with 2nd. Enjoy Tyrant also on fx.
    For comedies cannot wait for second season of Documentary Now – so funny. For those who enjoy British humor, Vicious is great fun. Two gay men together for about 50 yr with wonderful McKellen & GoT actor who played nasty flaying guy.( strange to watch him be silly)

    • Pip

      Can’t believe you mentioned Documentary Now! First season on Netflix- second season starts on IFC in October. That show is brilliant! The Vice spoof (Dronez)… The Grey Gardens spoof… But mostly “The Blue Jean Committee”. Oh my God- I’ve watched that show a thousand times. And sorry, but I am so lame I downloaded “The Blue Jean Committee: Catalina Breeze” on iTunes. The album is awesome and hilarious and that is some serious 70’s music. My husband thinks I’m nuts when I listen to it. God I love that show!
      You would probably also like J’amie Private School Girl on HBO. It’s an Aussie show and it is hilarious!

      • Joanplus2dogs

        Lol – love it! I’ve watched the Aussie shows. The private girl school one & the one that had Maori type characters, both are funny but in that dry British type humor. Dying to see Ab-fab movie even though reviews are not good. Did enjoy seeing them on wwhl.

  25. Sara

    I just watched the first four episodes and this is the funniest show I’ve seen in a while!

  26. MexLech

    Thanks for bringing this show to my attention! It is hilarious!!! I need to deviate from Bravo!

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