Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Frenemies of The State

RHOOC Premiere Party
It’s time for a new episode of RHOOC.  I think if there is one thing we can agree on, (unless you are one of my nice Canookian friends) is we hate Shannon. Therefore, it is important to overlook many of Vicki’s egregious flaws and Kelly’s racist rants, and root for these two. No? Well whatever. That is my plan for surviving this season. It’s the turning a blind eye plan.  In other news, the word ‘frenemies’ is not longer underlined as a misspelled word. I find that fascinating.  Also, I won’t be recapping Kelly on WWHL tonight because I have no appetite and am drinking wine anyway and I have one more post I need to do after this that I won’t be able to get up before WWHL, so I’ll do it first thing tomorrow. And by first thing I mean like probably around 5 pm.


I think that we all need to understand that Meghan was told to uncover Brooks cancer lies by production and maybe cut her some slack.  There I said it. Is it just me that wants to give her a fresh start?  I mean, maybe it is the fact that I too am married to a gay man (In my head, and yes, he knows) that makes me want to try again with her.  But my gay husband treats me like the Queen of Sheba and it is the best relationship I’ve ever had.  Her gay husband is kind of an asshole. I’m not sure that cohabitation is a good idea if you are married to a gay man. Because, you know, they obviously have other relationships.  I mean mine is married and faithful to his gay husband.  This works well for us. He gives me more emotional comfort in a day than Jim has given her in an entire “marriage” and we have never even spoken on the phone. I find this to be the ideal marital relationship. YMMV.  Anyway, she is trying to hatch an egg because in Orange County it is important to have what I call an anchor baby with any man gay or straight. Because, child support.

Also, I kind of like Meghan’s mom. She’s really pretty. She is with Meghan for the egg retrieval. I’m having wine on an empty tummy so I am making this more about me than is necessary.  Meghan is blabbing away on her medication much like I am. While still on the drugs Meghan tells her doctor she met his ex wife with a colorful mouth the night before.  Apparently he used to be married to the purse stealing bitch from last week.




First of all I need to defend Michael.  Some of y’all were attacking his looks and I was not expecting that at all. To each their own, but I could definately date Michael based on looks.  Now his crazy might not interact with my crazy that well, but I think it would be an easier relationship than his crazy plus Kelly’s crazy. I was surprised by the criticism.  Okay now that I am paying more attention to him, there is something about his mouth and his teeth and the way the words come out that are troublesome. So maybe not.  Unless he owns the Malibu house in which case, I’m back in again.  And I am back out. This family dinner at the white dining room table has a whole creepy feeling like The Munsters.  I skeeved out buy the whole setting and Michael irritated me in the kitchen and I feel like I need to see LESS of Kelly’s home life to continue to force myself to like her. This episode isn’t going well for me. Okay, I don’t know why I didn’t just listen to UF in the first place. Micheal is creepy and Kelly’s mom seems like a conehead. Lord forgive me for this, but I feel like this is an SNL skit. Maybe it is all the hideous white on white on nonmatching white decor that is killing me.  But I’m losing my  Team Kelly in this scene.

TamraI like to see Tamra and Vicki getting along. I hate that I know this doesn’t end well. AGAIN. But there is always next season. Vicki says she had nothing against David Beador when she went to the party, but NOW SHE DOES. Yay!   Vicki talks about David talking to women that way. And hey, I have already said I am trying to be Team Vicki, but  Vicki got right up in his face. So, that’s on her. I’ve gotten right of in men’s faces before and gotten more than I bargained for. At some point, the whole “you asked for it” thing comes into play.



Meghan is totally getting the best edit possible to make up for her shit edit last year. Now she is speaking out for cancer causes.  Heather is going with her to glom on to the good edit. I kind of love that Meghan wasn’t the best orator in her speech.  She’s young, she was nervous. And I love that she is using her platform to fight cancer.  I may be going to the dark side, y’all. Hopefully she will piss me off later.



RHOOC I dont make sense


Shannon is going to Dr. Moon to get a cupping session. I find this hysterical because cupping is a BDSM practice. Or so I’ve heard. Not that I would know anything about that. I read a lot of books.  Allegedly.


I’m bored with this physical training stuff. But I must say, as a fat girl, I get the whole “I’m trying to eat” thing.  I wish I would have eaten more today before heading in “to work.”   Tamra’s abs look really odd. And by odd I mean gross. You have to give it to Tamra and Eddie for staring the most enduring business, Cut Fitness.


I have a friend who I used to visit in Orange County. It was a beautiful place.  But is was much chillier than I ever expected.  I thought of California as being hot. But in my experience, Orange County was always a bit chilly. For me this explains the west coast abhorrence of ceiling fans.  We have had several summer storms in the ATL recently that have knocked out power.  If I were only allowed one thing it would be my ceiling fan. I thought I would die without it. I am not a nervous traveler, but I need all the little things that shoot air my way to be on me. If they were not an option, I’m not sure I could fly. I know I could not do coach. /shudder Just the word coach makes me anxious.  So all of these high faultin’ designers and their disdain for the ceiling fan make me want to embrace mine and perhaps write an ode to air circulation.   Moving on.

I can’t stand Briana. I guess I really am Team Vicki.  I love how Tamra says Briana is moving to her neighborhood but “outside the gates.”   It’s like the Atlanta division of living Inside the Perimeter (ITP) or Outside the Perimeter (OTP) with the perimeter being I-285.  The cool kids are ITP and the rest of us are OTP.  But hey, I’m just barely OTP, lol and now near the new stadium so fuck you.  I do hope Brianna is happy and healthy though.


Kelly calls Shannon to meet for coffee.  In another scene, Meghan says basically that she saw Shannon set up Kelly. Kelly is very nice to Shannon at first. She asks about the bitches that Shannon invited to her party. Shannon gets very defensive.  Shannon denies knowing the bitches from the party.  Shannon is in full denial.  Things don’t improve. I am totally,  TEAM KELLY.  Fuck Shannon, she’s lying her ass off.

Next Week: Things are all over the place. IDGI. Please explain.


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173 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Frenemies of The State

  1. Mrs. Smith

    TT, please more wine on an empty stomach then a post! I haven’t finished reading this yet because, LAUGHING!

    By first thing tomorrow I mean 5pm…..
    I’m back in…then I’m back out…..

    Words cannot express how much your site means to me. There are various reasons. XO

  2. Briannatozer16

    I’m not mad at Shannon.. Everyone has their turn being the villian and it’s just hers now. The new girl is lame. Trying wayyyyy too hard to be “it”!..she’s tacky

    • Janet

      Shannon is still my favorite. She’s been given the villian role to play, but she’s still not very mean.

      • mountain

        I respectfully disagree, I think she’s just an asshat-editing has absolutely nothing to do with it.

      • Shae

        Mine as well. It does appear that something shady was up with what Meghan said about Shannon asking the ladies to come sit with her at the party, maybe she did set Kelly up, but that won’t really change my opinion of her. When you have people cancer scamming and getting forgiven, manufacturing drama at a party against a woman you don’t like falls low on the scale for me lol

        I find Kelly revolting, but then again I have a very bad history with people with admitted “anger issues” and it pushes my buttons. Her husband also creeps me out. I felt like she was interrogating Shannon when she arrived? You know her? you’re close? so you’re close? so you’re good friends? It didn’t seem friendly, I don’t blame shannon for getting defensive. I also don’t blame Kelly for being upset at being attacked- I just don’t think the way to respond is to start drunkenly screaming at everyone and insulting them.

        I agree, Meghan seems less evil this year. But god, Jim is so passive aggressive. When she asked if he was golfing well (while she’s lying sedated in a hospital bed) and he replied. “well I was, but then i had to answer the phone, but it’s ok”.

        yea, if it was ok, you wouldn’t have mentioned it. I hate passive aggression in men, so cowardly.

      • I agree Shae. I’m still confused at “setting someone up” it’s not like they jumped in the bathroom and stole her wig. Shannon said she heard the ladies discussing Kelly and she wanted to ask them about it privately..which she did. Then Kelly and Vicki come “looking for her purse” even though it was obvious that Nina lady moved it 1 ft from the table in which her giant purse was in the middle of to the couch…Kelly was looking for fight and she picked the weakest link in that 3some bc Shannon is not a confrontational person. If kelly was so unbothered by what was being she claimed, she wouldn’t had lashed out like that..bc of course she was trying hard for the cameras. Kelly is just disgusting and hits below the belt w someone she barely knows. I don’t blame Shannon for not accepting her apology. Generally the housewives say on camera they will accept someone’s apology and then keep talking shit and throwing jabs so at least Shannon was upfront about it.

      • Miguel

        Hahaha!!! Privately, Briannatozer16? On national and globally syndicated tv?

      • yea as in away from the group and not in the party. .. you do know this shit isn’t live TV right? This was filmed months ago….

      • Miguel

        Thanks so much for clarifying, briannatozer16!!! It had never occurred to me, over the years, that Real Housewives scenes are filmed/scripted months prior, for private use; as opposed to being aired on Bravo, at some future date. In future, I’ll be sure to be more cognizant at being amused by your enlightenment. 😉

      • Briannatozer16

        Makes sense .. Only someone w bad jokes would make a comment that stupid.

        Carry on…

      • Miguel

        Agreed, Briannatozer16!!! And, carry on, I shall; so as not to perpetuate the stupidity!

    • lori

      You can’t blame a bad edit for all of her between season videos, etc. that she posted ad nauseum.

      • Sam

        Lori, this is exactly what changed my opinion about Shannon. It wasn’t producer created drama, bad edit or out of context crazy, it was pure Shannon created and proudly posted batshit crazy. She is one vindictive woman.

      • lori

        That definitely sealed the deal for me. I can flip flop back and forth on liking/not liking different housewives season to season, but I can 100% say that I will never see Shannon in a positive light again.

    • sue kaye

      I absolutely hate Meghan…Her voice, her face, her whole being….She is as effective as a motivational speaker as Stephen Hawking…although he is brilliant with an exceptional brain…Meghan is brainless, SO ANNOYING and just appears to be a stupid person as well as SO fake and SO phoney…I can see why Jim is never around…but could not understand why he married her….Vicki was so right on last season when she predicted their eventual divorce…my money is on her. And her crusade for colon CA makes her look more stupid…”her friend Luann” who just happens to be Jims ex-wife….REALLY? Meghan is a fame whore just like her friend Heather…her greedy sidekick in Washington looking for all the exposure she can to sell her sh…..t that she and Terry selll online or whereever….I have not got time to talk about that wack job….but will say…I like Vicki…with all her flaws…who does not have them….they look like attributes compared to this bunch…

  3. Diane

    At this point I am team no one. They are all catty gals. Looks like Meghan is once again going to stir the pot. Tossing out what she saw and heard to Heather and Tamra seeming a little shady. And here we goooo! All the players are going to switch sides.

    I just do not like Kelly at this point. I started out liking her fire and fun but she keeps going downhill each episode. Plus I do not care what Shannon allegedly did or did not do… the way Kelly behaved at the party was just straight out trash behavior. She lost me there! Spewing hate. Just because another behaves in one way doesn’t make it right to do what she did. Nyet! Really classless.
    Next week looks like a wild ride. Kelly is calling someone a cunt…. once again she shows her trashy low class ways. Now when Erika says cunt its not trashy LOL
    But Kelly? Totally low class….

  4. Jessica

    I am in total agreement with this blog!

  5. KaraW

    Ha ha ha — SNL skit! I love that. I hated that she was holding ketchup in that white dining room. That freaked me out.

    Your post reminded me that I had this comment about the fight between Vicki and David — Vicki was saying, “you don’t yell at a woman”. Why not? You don’t hit, you don’t threaten, you don’t stand over and raise your arms…. but why can’t a guy yell in the middle of a heated argument? She has very different views on men & women than I do. Shannon too. I can’t imagine going to my husband and saying, “They’re calling me stupid” (or whatever it was) and expecting him to come to my rescue. I might go to him and complain or ask him to stand with me, but it looked like she was expecting him to handle it for her because he’s the man and she’s the woman. Then again, I’m not the type to have a drunken argument on camera either, so to each his/her own.

    • Mm in OC

      My problem with David was that he is the host of the party and he should make all guests frel comfortable. Plus, im just over that argument and dont want to hear it anymore.

    • BlaseBlase

      “David! David! They’re calling me stupid!” Then Mrs. Roper’s pulling on his arm and he just stands there! LOL!

  6. Opela88

    I agree, I think it’s only logical for everyone to hate Shannon. I did make a post about the subject on IMBD and she apparently has some die hard fans! Lol

  7. Microop

    Can I say I like that Gretchen is not in that photo? She was one of the worst housewives in my opinion

  8. Well I’m a lurker, not usually a poster, but I must say Tamara, your blog on wine was excellent!
    I don’t think it was a set up, kelly is a wanna be, Tamara is much nicer sober! Vicki is a bitch! Claiming men can’t yell at her when she yells at him is playing both sides of the women’s lib idea! Treat me equal, but men can’t yell in a fight with women! Shoot tamarra you said it better.

    • Minky

      @Mary Word to the wise:

      Tamara = fabulous, witty, adorable writer of this blog

      TAMRA = drunk ass ho from the OC show

      Learn it and know it.

    • Swizzle

      I hate the double standard. Speak to me like a person, I’m not a delicate flower. And if Vicki is going to get in someone’s face, she should expect them to do the same.

      • Minky

        Swizzle? I am a delicate little flower…that cusses like a drill sergeant. Haha!!! Vicki needs to chillax. She always takes everything to the maceta.

  9. Minky

    Why can’t I just hate everybody? Vicki, Kelly, Tamra, Heather, Shannon…Did I miss anybody? When it comes to this show I turn into a big ol’ misanthrope.

  10. Lisa j

    I’m with whomever said team #nobody. Every time I want to give Kelly a chance, I remember “The Video” and nope. And she brought ketchup to the table. Cupping LOL yep that was the best part because you just know Shannon does it with the lights off. Ugh grossing myself out.

  11. Microop

    Also I think those girls planned attack at the 70’s party didn’t work bc Kelly and Michael have an open relationship. Kelly can be with other men… As long as they aren’t black given she’s racist.

    • Briannatozer16

      Wait how do we know she’s a racist and where’s this video? Lol I hate kelly already

      • Microop

        Tamara has a link to the video at the top of her post. Basically Kelly drunkenly acting appalled that she could ever find a black man attractive. Which I find laughable, if she met a richer one than Michael I personally think she’d suddenly be down.

      • Miguel

        LOL, Microop!

    • BlaseBlase

      Speaking of racist comments, Shannon with that indian comment in the restaurant. Not good.

      • Minky

        WTF did she say?! I can’t wait to hear this! She really needs to shut up. Especially with all of her holistic, alternative medicine malarkey. Isn’t a lot of that Native American?

      • I’m not a huge Shannon fan but I’m Indian and I really was not offended by Shannon’s comments. She just said that Kelly’s outfit looked like and Indian. It did. It looked like typical Hollywood Indian garb. I don’t care if people call me Native American or American Indian or whatever. I think we all need to lighten up a bit.

      • G.

        That was insane! I replayed it twice b/c I couldn’t believe she said: you look like an Indian. I didn’t even understand the context.

      • G.

        @justanothermary: Ah, I really missed what was going on. It was her clothes looked Indian as opposed to Mrs. Roper like? I still don’t get how this would matter.

      • Briannatozer16

        I think she was pointing out that it’s offensive to make fun of someone based on what they look like bc it can offend more than just the person it’s aimed at.

      • I’m definitely not a Shannon apologist (the only enjoyment I get out of this franchise is watching Kelly drive her crazy) but I thought Shannon’s Indian comment was about Kelly’s costume not being on theme for the 70’s party. Kelly, doing her job of fucking with Shannon, tried to turn it into a racist comment but I don’t think that was the original intent.

      • Maybe but how did Kelly’s costume look Indian? The Indian part came out of left field.

      • Gabriella

        Wasn’t it some fringed outfit?

      • BlaseBlase

        Maybe Shannon should’ve said “well your costume looks like an indian and not at all like the 70’s” ? Shannon thought Kelly called her ugly and Kelly clarified what she meant, maybe Shannon could’ve done the same.

  12. Barb

    First time poster but I have to ask am I the only one annoyed with Shannon’s talking heads? Repeat the question she was asked and answer with exaggerated yes or no? I’m starting to hate her for this alone…grrrr

    • Minky

      i’ve read that a great way to spot a liar is when they repeat the question they’ve been asked. Apparently they do it so they can have some extra time to come up with their lie.

      • Gabriella

        Yes I’ve heard that. I always knew when my son was telling porkies because he would answer, “Wassat?”, again, giving himself more time to concoct an answer!

    • You needed to see WWHL tonight. Love her or hate her (Jenni Poulos acted as if she did) Kelly did a SPOT on impersonation on Shannon. I hollered.

    • Huntersmommie

      Her talking heads are beyond annoying! Her high pitched screeching voice is like nails on the chalkboard for me.

    • Sachmo

      Actually, I have found her repeating the question asked by the producer and then answering like she’s the queen kind of funny and have been doing it around the house. I sir annoying…… Probably

  13. LA_in_KY

    I am always scared that my ceiling fan is on too high and that somehow it is going to come off the hinges and going to crash on me while I was sleeping. And I am always too hot but I’m am more scared of my fan. I adjust it in my sleep all the time.

    • Minky

      Damn. Now I’ve got that image in my head. Thanks for the new phobia. LOLOLOLOL!!! 😂

    • CanadaCat

      Same! No matter how hot it gets, I never turn my fan on the fastest setting as it shakes like a MoFo and is right over my bed…I’m afraid of it!

    • Gabriella

      You’re not alone. In my last house the fan in the bedroom was right above the bed and I couldn’t have it on at night either

  14. Briannatozer16

    I really like Meghan this season.. Shes matured and looks amazing w no makeup and glasses. she was also a class act w heather on her trip to DC..I think it was really sweet for her to thank heather over and over bc it’s not easy for heather to leave her family. I kind of feel bad for her about Jim but he’s hilarious in all his bluntness so it makes good tv.

    I also think it’s quite telling how Kelly’s mom thinks she should smooth it out w Shannon… I don’t think she was setup. She already said everyone knows about her and Michael and they bragged about their situation.

  15. Ms.Minnie

    Kelly gives me Kenya Moore (RHOA) season 5 tea’s, she’s definitely bringing the drama and getting under Shannon’s skin and I love it. Idk who TF Shannon think she is but it reminds me of Phaedra when she started spreading rumors about Kenya, OK Kelly likes to drink so damn what. #TeamKelly

    • Minky

      If I had to choose to root for Shannon or Kelly? Oh god that would be a tough choice. At this point in time I vote for Kelly. Shannon really gets on my nerves. Neurotic, passive aggressive people, who think that whining about every little thing is a good way to get attention, get on my nerves in general.

      • Microop

        I don’t like how Shannon behaves, but I just really feel for her. I think she would be much more fun and easy going but she’s trying to make this completely unhealthy broken marriage work and its seeping into the rest of her life. I think she has major trust issues, and is in a really insecure place. She definitely needs to get it together, but just like Vicki wants compassion I really think Shannon should get a little bit too.

      • Latina2014

        I agree with u. I liked how Kelly has seen the Mean Girl attitude since the Getgo and wasn’t afraid to say it. I am sad that I really liked Shannon last first season, she came across Fun, Fresh, Cray Cray and Likeable. This season since the first episode I was like “who the heck is this Shannon and where is the other one?” Makes me wonder if first season Shannon was an Act…. This unlikeable one is acting so Entitled and defensive.
        Team Kelly. Bcs I did see she showed vulnerability and bcs she calls it as is. She also admits her faults.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Latina I think that Shannon got a great edit her first season. I now look at things in a different light. This is the Shannon she’s been all along, and it was plain for Heather and Tamra to see. But she got a great edit, Heather and Tamra ended up looking like evil wenches, and Shannon was the fan fave. Heather and Tamra then had to swing to team Shannon because everybody hated them so much. But I think they just saw this Shannon way back then.

      • Latina2014

        I can see some great editing too, but just sooo unlike able this season to the point I fast fwd all her scenes without another HW. Tamara had a blind item I thought was about her and Mbe not being picked up for a 3rd season, hope they give her the Ax! Too entitled and makes things about her so much.
        Ohhh n Meghan gosh so hard to watch her. IMO doesn’t bring entertainment at all. 2 new HW please.

    • Microop

      Except for Kenya is much much more intelligent so her zingers are funnier and she may bring the drama but she never looks like a complete idiot, just sometimes a trainwreck.

      • Minky

        Seriously!!! Knowing what we know now, (about Porsha, Phaedra, etc.) think back to Kenya’s first season. She seemed crazy at the time. But was she right, or was she right?

        If Kenya was in the OC cast I wonder how she would deal with them all? Or New York?!!

  16. OK, am I the only person who thinks Brianna’s kids are undisciplined brats? Really cute, but brats. When Vicki asked the older little boy to stop drumming on the foot rest, he didn’t pay any attention to her at all – just said he wanted to do it and kept right on doing that. Running around the house screaming and fighting while Vicki is trying to get stuff done? No way. Then one of them takes the car keys and locks himself in the car and Brianna thinks it’s adorable. OK, I know it’s kind of bad to trash little kids, but it’s not their fault. They need to be taught that ‘no’ means ‘no’, and that there are times and places to run around and be crazy, and times when they need to play nicely. Basic stuff, especially when Grandma Vicky is watching them. If they don’t learn to listen while they’re young, what will they be like when they start school? They’re not doing the kids any favors by letting them think they can do whatever they want, regardless of what they’re being told.

    • Shae

      I don’t even like kids and I didn’t get that impression. They seemed like normal little boys to me. They’re awfully little.

    • swizzle

      They seem like typical rambunctious little boys to me, but I was shocked at how Brianna and Vicki let them run around that construction site. Really dangerous.

      • Jim

        I think it’s refreshing that Biranna and Vicki don’t hover over the boys. They let them run around and be kids who fall down and scrape their knees. It seems that children are raised in protective bubbles these days and aren’t allowed to experience real life and get boo-boos.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I don’t take it as trashing the kids so much as the parenting. To be honest I didn’t really notice this but kids who don’t listen are my pet peeve. Indeed they need to respect when an adult says “no”.

      • Minky

        I cannot stand unruly children. Parents need to control their kids. I might be accused of being curmudgeonly, but when I see children behaving that way, not only do I blame the parents, but I also side-eye the parents’ motivations for allowing that sort of behavior. The parents are using the kids’ rowdiness as a way of saying “fuck you” to the people around them. It’s a passive aggressive way for the parents to be obnoxious, territorial and difficult.

        We’ve all seen this. If you’ve got friends who have kids and they come over to your house to visit you with the kids, and those kids start wiling out (touching stuff they shouldn’t be touching, turning over potted plants, making a damn mess).

        You try to be a good host and not say anything, all the while waiting to see when the parents are FINALLY going to tell their kids to cut it out. If they don’t, then you know what your “friends” really think of you, i.e . they don’t like you and they don’t respect you or your home.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Minky every time my 6 year old niece comes to visit, I have to retrain her to listen to adults. She lives with her grandparents (other side) who seem to let everything slide. They tell her not to, she does it anyways, and…nothing happens! She’s a really good kid but she’ll blatantly ignore when adults are telling her not to do something she would prefer to do anyways. It only ever takes one time out to remind her that at Auntie and Uncle’s, you have to listen. Some parents don’t want to invest the time or effort, some indulge because they feel bad disciplining children (though it’s for their own good, I can’t imagine why anyone would feel bad!) Then they whine that the child is running the show. Well, I wonder how that happened!

  17. Kelly lost me at ketchup with filet mignon.

  18. Happygal

    I do think Kelly was going to say she was sorry for her part of her bad behavior at the party but she also wanted Shannon to say that she was sorry for her part of her bad behavior thua each owning thier part and maybe moving forward

    But in typical Shannon fashion she refused to admit any wrong doing so kelly got mad all over again

    Shannon set her up and even Meagan knows it.
    She got all bent out of shape when Kelly saw her phone cover and said university of spoiled kids and she replied very annoyed no successful like it was the biggest insult in the world when her kids were not around and it was just a joke

    • Briannatozer16

      Lol how can you “setup” someone that came up to you asking questions. Lol.. Kelly walked in on them talking privately … They didn’t ambush her. Kelly also brought up running into the one lady and the lady clerfied … Then Kelly and Michael both laughed about the fact everyone knows about their story so what’s the big deal?

      • They were invited by Shannon to bring up Kelly’s ways on TV. Shannon would never be friends with those women in real life. Those are the type of women that she’s trying to keep David away from. Those women looked like the typical whores of Newport Beach.

    • I think it’s possible that the two women who were there may have been there to set up Kelly, but I don’t think Shannon was in on it. For one thing, Shannon would really like to have a party where everything went well. I just don’t see her being in on it.

      • Maybe it was Russia. 😁😂
        Sorry I had to.

      • Jim

        Parties with no drama aren’t a feature of the Housewives franchise. Haven’t you noticed? I assume that production told Shannon to invite guests who weren’t afraid to stir the pot and cause drama.

    • Jim

      Shannon’s kids don’t got to USC. None of her kids are old enough to go to college. Shannon Must have went to USC. So Kelly was insulting her directly.

  19. I like Shannon – imo she’s a hoot. She’s game for anything and doesn’t take life too seriously. But she does get a little over the top when she’s drinking. I hope she’s done with the punishing Vicki thing though. Either you forgive her or you don’t – not necessary to keep talking about it.

    Kelly’s the OC version of Taylor, crazy. Hopefully Bravo learned from Taylor that it’s not a good idea to keep that much crazy in one group’s cast. Her husband is has a major creep factor too.

  20. SLM

    I’m really so glad you brought up that Jim seems gay, TT. I’ve been thinking king it since season 1 where he walked into that dance prep suite for his daughter and her friends and had to sing out, “Whose Michael Kors bag is THIS?!” I remember my husband turned to me and said “Who is Michael Kors?” In that moment I thought – yep, my straight husband wouldn’t recognize a bag designer on sight to save his life, or even know enough to just NAME a make of bag…YET Jimmy knew from 8 feet away AND called it a bag….🤔

    Megan’s entire marriage only makes sense (to me personally, just my opinion) from the standpoint that Jim needed a beard and he felt she was super presentable, but too young and clueless to notice reality. I think Meghan is still in the stage of denial where she thinks he’s just kind of a self involved absentee ahole…which he IS, don’t get me wrong…but I don’t think she’s really come round to see how messed up things truly are in her “marriage” or why.

    • Miguel

      Perhaps, she doesn’t care; and, like TT proposes, may only be interested in securing her financial interest, with her anchor baby???

    • That was the exact second I thought the same thing. I said “That dude is gay” to my daughter when we were watching him say – Who’s Micheal Khors, rich girls have expensive purses. Holy shit my husband wouldn’t know the difference between a Louie and something from Target. No shame Jimbo – just own it… Be free dude

    • Gabriella

      I’m really surprised he agreed to her having a baby, I thought in the first season he’d said he didn’t want more children.

  21. I don’t know why, but I prefer the New York housewives fights to these ratchet OC women…they are always so vile, fake and totally scripted, and obviously can’t act their way out of a paper bag. P.S. Kelly’s mom looks like a drunk in a bad wig.

  22. Jane

    I vote Kelly “Most Likely to Improve” RH this year. She is going to see how she appears and comes across to the world and make changes. During her meeting with Shannon, we saw brief flashes of vulnerability and she did appeared to be trying to come to some sort of truce. Shannon wasn’t giving an inch. Anywho, will be interesting to watch her at the reunion.

    I still don’t believe Shannon was part of any sort of set-up at the party. Completely believe the two girls, Nina and Jaci, colluded to get some air time and a possible shot at being on the show.

  23. Jellyfish

    I had this weird thought that maybe Brianna’s husband was munchausening her or it crossed her mind and that’s why she was so hot to trot back to the OC. That or he’s getting close to letting his fist fly. I’m sorry but there is something deeply troubling about that man.

    • SLM

      I don’t get a Munchhausen vibe off him, Jellyfish, but there is something WAY OFF about the man and their relationship. It could just be a case of him being a total douche to Briana in general and not giving a shit about her genuine health priblems, letting her work 50 hours a week on medical shifts because he is “injured” (eyeroll), and not pitching in with the rambunctious boys. I kind of got the impression Briana was headed for a nervous breakdown. I haven’t always been a big fan of her, but I felt for her – I think something’s up on that home front.

      • sue kaye

        I pegged him being an AH when he was being mean and abusive to Vickis guests a few seasons ago…but where Vicki is picking up the tab..and he is not around much he seems like he has behaved…I would put money on it that with Brianna and kids away…getting the house ready…for him…he is playing around…she feels like a single parent because she is…good thing she has mama…..just sayin…

    • Jaana

      Brianna is a spoiled OC girl she wasn’t going to make it in OK. Her husband seems to be of no help to her because if he is not working Briana should never be under so much pressure with the kids. Especially with her being sick. He seems a bit inconsiderate to me.

  24. RHofND

    TT, I agree that Meghan is getting a better edit than last season except for her speech. They made her look incoherent and it was painful to watch. Shannon is batshit crazy and they always play up this special type of crazy at Dr. Moon’s. Her speech pattern is like nails on a chalkboard. If i hear one more ass-gas-function from her or creepy-eyes David, I’m out. Kelly can barely contain her distaste for her husband and he is difficult to watch. She definitely spices up the show though in a Brandi Glanville- type of way.

  25. Miguel

    This was the worst episode EVER!!! Imagine my horror at an episode not only crammed with Meghan scenes; but compounded with Heather? At this point, I fast forward these two unless in a group setting; as nothing they say could ever interest me. Hence, I was left with a 15 minute episode of nothingness.

    Is this season a get Shannon season, again? Meghan, Tamra & Heather don’t seem to be the types who forgive & forget; and they seem pretty eager to call foul on her for setting up Kelly. The difference this season is that Vicki won’t be there to film with her when the wolves turn on her, AGAIN!

    Thanks, as ever, for the recap, Tamara; since I’d never know what good deeds Meghan & Heather are performing! Looking forward to the dinner from hell next week, though…

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Ugh I haven’t watched yet but I ff all Meghan’s scenes. So I’ll be left with nothing?

      Personally I can’t wait for the wolves to turn on Shannon once again. Ain’t karma a bitch, Shannon? The main reason I dislike her so much is because Vicki DID stick with her when all the others were against her. Love how she’s returned the favor. Not that I like Vicki, at all, I just think Shannon is really disloyal and it bugs me for some reason.

      • rainidaze

        But Shannon stuck with Vicki, as a real, off-camera friend to both Vicki and Brooks, trying to get him into specialists, etc. It wasn’t until Vicki refused to own her part of the cancer story or recognize that Shannon had tried to help them, that Shannon decided she didn’t want Vicki as a friend any longer.

      • Jaana

        Shannon’s problem with Vicki became irreparable when Vicki’s sister in law pointed out to Shannon that Vicki stood by her when David’s cheating was exposed. She can’t forgive that. She said Vicki was talking behind her back.

  26. Bridgett

    Not a Kelly fan, not a Shannon fan, but…you could tell Shannon was lying by her voice. When she was lying her voice would go up an octave while yelling/screeching, when she wasn’t she was just yelling.

  27. I wanted to like Kelly but this episode ruined it for me. Do I think she was set up? Yes….but whether the set up was by Shannon or production is the qeustion. Her personality seems very volatile. I can’t put my finger on it but something about her personality is “off” like Danielle Staubs “off” Her hubby is creepy as hell and I swear he was getting off on the fight at the party…..he was actually smirking! Kelly’s appearance on WWHL was more painful to watch than when Lala and James Kennedy were in the clubhouse!

    • rainidaze

      I wasn’t sure about Kelly and was more than willing to give her a chance – until I saw her on WWHL. I saw a woman who was mean and angry (heck, she even admits she has anger issues) and who fights dirty. She really turned me off. While I often find it hard to back Shannon, if it’s a question of choosing Kelly or Shannon, I have to choose Shannon.

  28. BlaseBlase

    Okay, is just me or did David looks like Don Knotts with a curly perm🐩 at the 70’s party✌🏼?! I laughed my butt when he was trying to act all aggressive with Vicki! (all I could do I is stare at his wig) 💂🏼

  29. MEL

    Note to self: Do not google BDSM while at work……

  30. Brentjohn

    Kelly’s dinner scene was very revealing: Beach-front multi-level property, incredible closet, very expensive furnishings, then well done Filet Mignon and ketchup. Lipstick on a pig!

  31. John Farmer

    You should have caught last night’s WWHL with Kelly and Jenni from “Flipping Out.” It’s well known that Jeff and Jenni have a friendship with Shannon Beador, and there was palpable tension between throughout the two the entire episode. Jenni was to Kelly’s left and was practically hugging the left side of her chair, as if she wanted to be no closer to Kelly than she absolutely had to. I also thought she was definitely trying to get digs in but doing so in a super mousey, passive-aggressive way that is totally Jenny’s MO.

    The icing on the cake, though, was Jenni claiming that as a woman who had been cheated on, she didn’t like Kelly’s remark about Shannon being cheated on. And for what it’s worth, by the day of Kelly and Shannon’s lunch date, Shannon was already misremembering what was said. Kelly never said that her husband “should have cheated” on her; she said “no wonder you cheated on your wife.” And wasn’t Shannon just sitting with a woman a few minutes earlier who implied that, unlike Kelly, she doesn’t have to “suck dick to pay my bills?” And didn’t Shannon pretty much devote her entire storyline last season to dissecting every gory detail of David’s infidelity?

    • I think Jenni’s body language spoke VOLUMES!!!!! This episode of WWHL will definitely go down in the history books! LOL!

      • SLM

        You know what was funny?? I was watching WWHL last night and DIDN’T remember Jeff and Jenni being besties with the Beavers and I couldn’t figure out why Jenni looked like she wanted to leap off the set and into a waiting cab so much!! I thought she was deathly I’ll or something! 😂😂 Then she made that comment about the Beador friendship and I suddenly remembered!! THEN I thought Andy can be such a shit-stirring asshole to have chosen those two for the same show!

    • Nila

      I was shocked at how juvenile Jenni was! I usually like her but yes the tension was awful. Andy pointed out twice that he didn’t notice any tension, oh shut the fuck up! This was obviously matched up to cause drama. Ridiculous.

      • Jujue

        It was terribly uncomfortable to watch, and I don’t think Jenni did herself any favors to behave the way she did!

    • Shae

      That’s the same thing, basically. It’s saying she feels the cheating is justified, like “no wonder” he cheated on you. I see no significant difference.

      • J. Farmer

        I don’t agree with that. I think she was basically trying to say that Shannon was so unlikable it’s understandable why David would cheat on her. That’s really not the same thing as saying he should have done it. And frankly, I can see why he cheated, too. David is obviously p-whipped and has to cater to all of Shannon’s ridiculous health-related neuroses. Look how much she emasculated him during the first season. That doesn’t make what he did right. If he’s unhappy in his marriage, he should get out. But to understand something is not to excuse it.

      • Briannatozer16

        Lmao why is everyone dissecting a low blow comment? Saying that about someone you don’t know is an I nsult to any person who has been in a relationship w someone that cheated. There’s no real reason she said that besides to hurt Shannon’s feelings and shock everyone. Pathetic

      • J. Farmer

        Of course it was a low blow comment, that’s usually how fights work. But that’s no reason for Shannon to overdramatize it, and “no wonder why” and “should have” are qualitatively different things. And again, Shannon had just sat there and listened to mean things being said Kelly and was apparently privy to cheating gossip regarding Kelly They were all drunk and belligerent and acting like fools. But Shannon’s pearl-clutching over Kelly’s remark is just drama queen behavior.

      • lori

        I don’t think he’s p-whipped. Isn’t that when you LOVE your woman’s hoo hah and that’s why you do any and everything she wants/says, especially for fear that she’ll hold out on you. I don’t see that being the case at all with those two.

  32. Nila

    I feel like Shannon was set up by bravo to invite those girls. Tamra encouraged it by bringing Kelly and Vicki back in that room but no one seem to notice that.

    I don’t think Megan is getting a very good edit. They show the worst parts of her marriage (gosh I hope these aren’t the best parts!) and made her look like an idiot at her speaking engagement. I still find her super annoying, I just don’t think she fits in with the cast. It irritated me that she kept calling Leann her friend and she wanted to know Leann was looking down at her and proud. I realize there is nothing wrong with any of that but I guess because I find Megan annoying it bothers me. I’m glad no one is bashing Vicki for not buying Brianna a house INSIDE the gates!

    • PaganChick

      I can see why you were irritated with the Leann stuff. Megan is exploiting Leanne’s death for a story line. Even though Leann left children behind, Megan is making Leanne’s death about her and how it affected her.

      • Nila

        Yes! That’s what I meant. I couldn’t put into words why it made me so uncomfortable. I didn’t like her saying she happens to be my girl’s mother, like she was a birth parent or something. They are not your girls Megan!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Meghan has exploited Leann’s situation from the get-go and made it about her. One reason why I can’t stand her.

      • Minky

        Oh my god! Leanne died?!!! That’s so sad. And her poor kids.

        Now I remember one of the reasons why I detested Meghan in the first place. Last season I believe Leanne was very much alive and her cancer was in remission. And Meghan still talked about her in the past tense like she was already dead! Truly sickening, horrible person.

      • Jim

        Who has custody of Leann and Jim’s kids? Why aren’t they living with their father and Meghan?

    • Erica

      Im actually ok with her just talking about how she loved Leann and how her death effected her – she is keeping her step kids off the show. I’d be more offended if she kept talking about how Leann’s kids were handling their mother’s death (beyond calling Vicki out on her shit at the last reunion – I thought it was completely appropriate)

      I think that Megan cares for Jim and Leanns daughters – she wouldn’t have counted herself as Leann’s friend otherwise. I think Leann must have felt the same, otherwise she wouldn’t have appeared on the show. And if you were dying – happily remarried, and your daughter’s father married a woman who you could not only be civil to, but who proclaimed she considered you a friend AND loves your daughters (even through their ugly teenage times), wouldn’t you ultimately be happy for your kids? Megan talking about her step kids so nicely is sure a difference from douchebag Simon and other step relationships we’ve seen on the RH and frankly, in real life. Dying sucks, but dying knowing your kids are left to an evil stepmother who hates their guts would be fucking hell.

      FYI – Leann’s daughters are of age, and so no one has custody. I imagine that the younger one splits her time between her stepdad and Megan and Jim, if she moves home at all.

      • I agree Erica. It wasn’t a secret that Leann and Meghan were friends. I recall Heather saying something about how much they liked each other to Shannon last season and Shannon said personally she could never befriend a new wife of her husband’s. Meghan is from the Midwest and I think that means she treasures her friendship I don’t see it as exploiting a death for a story line at all. Her storyline is her IVF and her a-hole husband. This cancer event was a one time side-trip.

        It’s so funny that someone can try and raise awareness for an actual disease, because they know someone close to them that actually died and face criticism from 90% of the readers here but Vicki can makeup an entire story line for her BF to be accepted and fake that he’s dying from cancer and everyone is fine with it. ..Mind=blown.

      • Gabriella

        I only heard Megan refer to them as “my step daughters”, not “my girls”, unless I missed that? I like her better this season so far, and except for the beginning of her speech on bowel cancer, I thought she did an ok job

  33. Cat

    All I got from this recap was a craving for wine. Red.

    And, I never drink red wine. (Allergic)

  34. Buttercream

    Can’t seem to get into watching this HW show .. and it was the first one of the francise and I loved it!
    Less screaming matches ..
    Lee Megan
    Less Heather
    Less Vicki and any mention of Brooks

    Who’s left? Kelly and Shannon .. I’ll pass …

    Maybe next week will pick up??

  35. So over Shannon- she definitely feels she is secure in her position on the team but those bitches will turn on a dime and stab her in the back… So don’t get too comfortable Shannon. And I do think she set that up!

    I admire Tamaras dedication to fitness, BUT it’s getting boring and I don’t know why but her trainer/spiritual adviser gets on my nerves. Please have a fuckin drink Tamara Ughhh. Train when u aren’t filming please!

    Megan – I just can’t help but feel bad for her. I had invitro as well and shes a bit over dramatic about it. Everybody reacts to pain and discomfort differently so not gonna judge. That’s also all she has for a story line besides the one sided conversations she has with her husband (who is absolutely gay and a complete asshole). She’ll realize one day she deserves better than a prick that makes fun of everything she says and plays golf during the egg retrieval of their child. She’s hoping he will be more excited when the child actually gets here. He may be but he will undoubtedly still be a douche bag to her.

    Kelly – not sure about this one yet. The whole family is trying way to hard including her kid. Her house reminds me of Miami Vice and the 90s. Not feeling it.

    I completely get the whole ceiling fan thing. I pack my fan everytime I travel… Mine recently broke and I had to get a new one and it’s completely QUIET… Who wants a quiet fan – so pissed.

  36. StubbyG

    Shannon makes me hate that my first name is Shannon. She is such a hot mess.

  37. OmgOmg

    Kelly is crazy. That view is stunning. I only caught 10 min of this while on vaca and it does seem like Meghan is getting a good edit — I don’t like her but you root for her. Your “anchor baby” hilarious. I used to love Shannon but I just can’t this season. Heather has become super boring. I still like Tamra and Vicki. I’m just not feeling any of the RH like I used to, OC used to be my fave but I’m worried Kelly is a crazed fan who got on the show. Andy was grilling her on this on WWHL. She is super pretty though, I give her that.

  38. JennLovesAndy

    Tamra’s abs were very odd looking. Never seen anything like them🤔.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Is it lack of a belly button? I always notice it in the intro. I heard you sometimes have to sacrifice your belly button for a tummy tuck.

    • We know she has no belly button but her abs looked weird and bumpy. Like bad lipo.

      • Shae

        Yeah, she had some type of health condition/emergency surgery and no longer has a belly button. She explained it recently. I thought her abs looked good, just having no belly button is odd.

      • lori

        I don’t know why she doesn’t get one tattooed on there. They do the 3D nipples that look so real, surely they can do a belly button.

  39. Kiyoshigirl

    Meghan may be getting a better edit this season, but it’s a hella boring edit. Fast forward is my favorite button when she starts showcasing her IVF journey.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      The scene where Heather was giving her the shot was too much. Why? Why does anybody at Bravo think this is interesting? Why would you go visit your friend so she can give you a shot? Ugh.

  40. T D

    Orange is the same old crap there’s nothing new about this hue.This orange dinghy is faded and filled with over inflated egos.

  41. Mark

    Came for the comments after I paused the cancer thing. Now that I’ve realise that people thought that that was ok, I’m a bit perturbed. Just sayin.’

  42. Margarett

    I just can’t with these folks. Slowly but surely Bravo is dropping off my tv.

    The RHOA has been gone for at least 3 seasons. This will be the second season for the OC. I’ve not watched NY except a couple of episodes. I’m not interested in NJ so this will be the first season I’ve not watched.

    “Vice Principal”, “Queen of the South”, and “Deadliest Catch” will be plenty for right now!

    • Gabriella

      I don’t know if you TT fans in the US know, but there is also a RH of Cheshire, the RH of Auckland starts here in Australia next month, and the RH of Sydney starts here next year. TT says Bravo won’t show the overseas shows there for some reason.

      • huh? Grabiella, TT Recaps RHO Melbourne already and it comes on here.. it just used to come on at an odd time but she’s always recapped it. RHO of Sydney sounds exciting lots of money over there in Darling Point!

  43. lori

    Shannon’s voice makes my ears bleed. Holy Hell. It wasn’t nearly this shrieky her first season, was it? I think every year it gets worse. Or is it just because I hate her more every season? Could be both. Anyone?

    WWHL was beyond uncomfortable. That was an extra shitty move on Andy’s part. He must not like Kelly at all. Looking forward to your recap of that mess.

  44. Shannon’s TH’s she thinks she’s a comedian? Do producers feed her funny lines like they do with Teresa?

  45. Pitypat

    Shannon is loudly playing up the talking heads and I agree, she thinks she’s hilarious. I had to change channels when she was at Dr. Moon’s yelling ow 400 hundred times. I couldn’t even stand seeing her face.

  46. Shannon has her issues but Kelly is garbage. Someone that gets arrested for assault and is ordered into AA had no business being an mchammered trainwreck at a party on reality tv.

  47. sue kaye

    I absolutely hate everything about Meghan…her voice, demeanor, her looks, her personality ….everything. If Jim is gay I can see him marrying her for appearances sake…because she is so stupid and desperate. She really comes across so phoney and fake…esp with the speech about colon CA..She is as motivatonal a speaker as an 18 month old…..She is a fame whore who wants people to think she is SO wonderful, deep and sensitive….She is as deep and sensitive as a Ken doll and is a HORRIBLE motivational speaker!!! She looks like a fool…is not credible…and should be highly embarrassed to tackle such a sensitive subject….all to get her name out…And her sidekick, Heather, she is another disgrace….Don’t you people know…she is the most self promoting of all??? She is a fame whore and needs to get as much publicity she can to sell her skin shit and pay for that ostentacious house she is buildin and bragging about…and NOPE…I am not jealous…..She looks like a phoney thanks to the guided hand of Terry and his knife…every time I see her she reminds me of Minnie Mouse….just looks like her..I like Vicki and altho she may have some problems along the way…(so glad Brooks is gone….HE was a major one)…compared to some of these women….esp Meghan…they look like attributes.

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