Shahs of Sunset Finale: OMGG!

Shahs Cast

I’m so glad this season is over. I had never been as excited for a show as I was for Shahs when it first came out. Sadly, by season three the whole thing had become unbearable. These shows are always best when the cast is brand new. By season two they start all the fake storylines and in the case of this show in particular, they choose one person to shit on for the whole season. It’s not fun watching a pack of bullies attack one cast member all season long. This season was particularly bad because the guys were targeting a female who suffers from a chronic illness.

We start with MJ accepting her marriage proposal from Tommy. I really hope that Tommy makes her happy. I’ve always liked MJ.  I hope she will spend more time with Tommy and less with Reza and her mother. Speaking of Vida, she has a fit after the engagement. She is particularly bothered that Tommy is so handsy with MJ. It was a bit much, and she blames it on his drinking.  After the fondling session, Tommy approaches Vida.  Tommy is Shouhed wasted and sobs and shouts and splashes spittle all over Vida while drunkenly begging for acceptance. It so very unattractive. MJ wants to show Vida the ring and Vida asks if anyone has a magnifying glass. I feel so sorry for MJ.

I love the scenes with Asa and her mother checking out OK! Magazine. I have always received copies of anything of mine in a tabloid in the mail from the publisher. Perhaps there was no financial transaction involved for this piece ?  Anyway, watching Asa and her mother is such a sad contrast to MJ and Vida.  Asa entire family is very supportive of everything Asa does. Even the really out there stuff. Asa’s very lucky!

Shahs MJ


MJ goes to meet Vida. You can just look at Vida and see how much she loves being on camera. I know some people think that perhaps Vida is acting a role for the show, but I sadly find it very believable. No decent mother would even pretend to say such horrible things to her daughter on national television. MJ sets some firm boundaries with Vida about Tommy. Basically she says that she has put up with Vida being disrespectful toward her, but she will not allow her to treat Tommy the way she treats her.

Reza and Mike get together so that Reza can trash talk GG. Reza seems quite worried that GG has a video of Reza giving some dude at the gym head. He says it could destroy his marriage. This to me means that the video exists and occurred when he was with Adam.  Up until then I thought it was just GG talking shit.

It’s time for Asa’s photography exhibit. One of the things that I like about Asa is that she uses the show to explore not just business ventures  but artistic endeavors. Her fashion show proceeds all went to City of Hope. She’s done projects in the past about Muslim women and how they can choose to wear the veil or not. She her storylines are always genuine and have something of substance about them.



Asa’s photography exhibit is the same way. She gets to share her passion for photography with the world just was she has done with her music and her videography in the past.

And then there is Reza who comes to a photography exhibit about togetherness and love with an angry bitter agenda against GG. In his twisted little mind, he seems to think that GG owes everyone an apology for being bullied by them all season.

The photography is amazing and very moving. I continue to be impressed by Asa.

GG has a small bouquet of flowers delivered to everyone with a handwritten, very serious and meaningful apology for everything she has ever done wrong to them.  It was quite touching. However, where are the apologies TO her?  And how do we get from this point to Reza screaming at her again with ten minutes left in the show?

Holy Shit! Reza wrote all the letters? I did not see that coming. What an asshole he is.

That was the saddest ending to a season I’ve ever seen. It was just very, very, sad.


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77 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Finale: OMGG!

  1. Reza is a very cruel, self=centered individual. I never need to see him again.

    • Meri

      Yet, Bravo gave him his own spin-off show which will air this Fall. They can’t get enough of the nastiest cast members from all of their shows. Who runs this network, a bunch of sadists?
      The only solution is for us to stop watching their crap. Reza is a mess and needs psychiatric help. I don’t get why Adam is with him since he seems like a decent person. I am not as fond of Asa as you are, TT but she is resourceful. Her fashions are lovely and her photography good but she never stops with the “shows”. Does she have a life beyond this? No marriage and no children are fine for some but Asa seems to be filling some need.
      I don’t know if Golnesa is a f’ed up as Reza portrays her to be but she really, really needs to get away from this crowd. None of them are really her friends. I am hoping it’s pure story line and not for real.
      Vida is a devil and MJ is similar to her in many ways. I feel sorry for Tommy. I don’t buy that MIke is reformed or that he will change his cheating ways either. How sad that a once interesting and entertaining show has turned into a typical Andy Cohen debacle that is mean spirited and cruel.
      As for the underage bartender and Andy’s drooling over him….yuck. Andy is disgusting.

      • Minky

        I’m starting to look at Asa with a hairy eyeball too. She’s okay at sticking up for herself, but does she sit back passively when someone is being abused? In GG’s case it looks like Asa has not only taken the path of least resistance, but also contributed to the abuse by accompanying GG to her chemo appointment just so she could snark about it with Reza later. I’m thoroughly disgusted with this show.

      • Jim

        Meri, Asa is in a long term relationship with Jermain Jackson’s son. By all accounts they appear to have a good relationship. Apparently he chooses not to be a part of the show.

  2. Bushwick

    It was so obvious Reza was trying to manipulate everyone against Golnesa. It was disgusting. No surprise he got to MJ, she’s got her head far up his ass. Someone needs to back GG up and put Reza in his place already.

    • Minky

      I agree. The only person in this cast who possibly could help fend Reza off of GG is Asa. Maybe Mike too. But that’s a very small maybe. But Asa seems to have turned to the dark side too. I predict that Asa will be the target of Reza’s bull honkery next season. He’s already run through Mike, MJ, and GG.

      • Lindsay

        Ohh Reza’s going to be sorry if he comes for Asa, she will destroy him…ok so now maybe I hope he does!

      • Janet

        Asa is the nicest one and the happiest by far. She can hold her own and is very fair. I don’t see why Reza would ever go after her, unless she took Golnessa’s side after releasing the sex tape or something Reza is going to look so phoney after insisting Mike come clean on his cheating. I hope Reza and Adam can make it though.

      • Minky


      • Chris

        There should be no next season.

    • Ktina

      That was disgusting…I thought something was off when the letters began with “I called you old, fat and a tranny”. Who does that? Reza, that’s who. I cannot stand this bitch and yes, he’s a bitch. I can’t believe he’s getting a spin off. After the finale, NO ONE will watch.

  3. HazelHickory

    Reza tried to mask his hatred for GG by saying that GG had wronged everyone, thereby trying to make his personal beef with GG into everyone having a problem with GG – so he could get everyone to attack her – and not just bully her, but mob her and ostracize her. Reza raises douchery to a whole new level. Sending those apologies to everyone is such a dick move. And speaking of dicks, GG should rent a venue, throw a party, and send Reza “I confess and beg forgiveness” notes to everyone — while watching Reza do his D thing to that random guy on a big fat screen.

    • Exactly. It was his way of reminding them of all the things in the past that they had forgiven and maybe forgotten. His way of stirring and bringing all that to the top so everyone would go against here and forget “the tape”. Like it or not Asa put her soul into her project. . She wanted to share it and remind everyone of all their time together. What he did was not only disrespectful to GG but to Asa and everyone there. He is the nastiest person on Bravo, with Andy a close second. But hey, it worked because he gets his own show. I wonder if Andy is the guy on the tape? OMW I am being so nasty now. Don’t like it. NO MORE SHAHS for me.

      • Minky

        If Andy was on the tape there probably would have been no mention of it on the show, period. Not that I think Andy’s an angel. I just mean that Andy has his reputation to protect.

        To me it seems that Reza’s horrid behavior towards GG is serving a dual purpose. He wants to bully and intimidate GG into submission via the smear campaign, and by extension reinforce what he believes is his Alpha status in this group, BUT he is also simultaneously bringing MORE attention to the tape. To me it seems he’s getting off on the idea of people knowing that he’s had sex on film, and he might even enjoy the tape being “exposed” because of his own twisted sense of vanity.

        I don’t believe that Reza cares one whit about his spouse. Reza’s been unfaithful to him before their marriage and there’s no reason to believe he won’t repeat that behavior. If Adam and Reza have an open relationship, that’s their business. But every single move Reza makes regarding GG, the tape, or any other cast member or issue is to pump up his already overly inflated ego. Notice the attention always, without fail always turns back to Reza. That’s by design. If Adam gets emotionally hurt, then Reza probably wouldn’t worry too much about that.

  4. What a fucking asshole Reza is. Why didn’t anyone get nto why Reza decided Asa’s event was the appropriate place to pull this shit? GG could have handled it better but I don9blame her for going for Reza’s throat. Too bad Adam was in te way. Now he is going to spew more shit on WWHL…..

  5. Dancing Matisse

    I couldn’t take another moment of Reza screeching and bullying his cast mates so I stopped watching some time ago. Sounds like nothing has changed.

    I agree that Asa and her parents have a special relationship.

  6. Aerin

    I know we don’t see the whole story, but I don’t see exactly what GG would have to apologize for at this point. The letter thing was very strange. Reza is definitely trying to make the focus on GG for some reason, and encourage people to dislike her. I hope see they it. Also, Asa’s pictures were quite beautiful. She has a great eye.

  7. A Little Birdie

    What Reza did to GG was cruel. To send those flowers and humiliate her was extremely low. And he made a beautiful event so ugly and took away from Asa’s moment. He’s so hateful and selfish.

    MJ has the patience of a saint. Her mother is unnecessarily mean. I really hope Tommy proves Vida wrong. She deserves to be happy.

    I now agree with you and think Asa had some work done. I also agree with how she uses her platform. I love her spirit.

    This season was hard to watch. GG did not deserve that. I will be glad when Bravo gets off the celebration of illnesses. It is a horrible storyline and no one should have to deal with the cruelty displayed on top of being sick

  8. Sabrina

    I was confused about the apology letter set up because I feel like in a real life situation as soon as GG heard the first letter being read and then signed by her if she didn’t do it she would be ripping cards and letter out of people’s hands demanding who wrote it. I can’t imagine her standing there listening to ALL OF THEM and not saying a word.

    • BeerWenchinTX

      I think GG was mortified and trying to figure out what was going on with the letters and who did it. With Asia’s mom being all emotional I think it made it hard for her to figure out what to say. Plus everyone being all touched. It put her in a terrible position. Plus as the roses were being delivered and Reza saying do I get one? What an ass.

      • BeerWenchinTX

        Oops reeatching it was Adam who asked if he was getting one too. But Reza looked like the cat who ate the canary as those roses were delivered. Also, notice how Reza said in his letter to himself that GG harbors resentment towards him. GG just looks dumbfounded.

    • I thought exactly the same thing. Why didn’t she speak up immediately and ask who sent the flowers and letters?!! Reza is a sick, manipulative, loud-mouthed, horrible person – as twisted as they come. Reza screws up every social situation the group is in – from his childish antics when they went camping, to his sociopathic behavior. By asking GG is she had a video of him giving someone a BJ at the gym, it was obvious that he knew there was such a thing in existence. An innocent man wouldn’t even be bothered by it – he would laugh it off as someone being a troublemaker. Poor Adam – he deserves so much better.

  9. Sabrina

    But I do love her and setting her up like that was such a dick move.

  10. Disgusting Reza has been given his own spinoff, Yours, Mine and Ours. Yup, Andy rewards the most horrible people.

  11. Opela88

    I’m so glad I’m not the only person that thinks Reza is a jerk and he’s so awful towards GG. GG has always been a little out there, but to harass her over how she lives her life is gross.

  12. Misha11

    Am I watching the same show as the rest of you? doesn’t anyone remember what a complete and total bitch gg is? Everything Reza wrote in those apology letters is true! She’s insulted everyone and fights with everyone has been more of a bitch than anyone else in this cast. In fact I do question her Ra that she calls her disease. I watched her walking up the pyramid and coming way back down and then I saw her sitting cross-legged on the ground and springing right up from cross-legged position. As someone who does have ra there’s no way in the world I’d be able to do that. If she does have it, she must be in the very beginning stages because ra is very painful. And no one who really wanted to cure themselves of ra would be out partying smoking and drinking the way she does. The IV therapy is basically just to suppress the immune system and is a total different therapy than used for cancer. i think she just needed a story line and wanted sympathy for her past pathetic behavior. I think her disease is more of a mental one. She’s a little shit stirring gossipy p.o.s. and I’m glad Reza called her out on it. And what’s up with her and shervin? Anyone could see she wants him. Weird. Weird. Weird. I’ll take Reza over gg any day.

    • tamaratattles

      Cleary you are in fact NOT watching the same show as the rest of us. I don’t believe you have RA either.I think you are just here seeking attention.

      How does that make you feel?

      • Misha11

        I guess we all see things differently. Still can’t stand Gigi, not exactly crazy about Reza but I just think he has more redeeming qualities. I wish I was joking about the ra. It is a condition that people don’t understand because you could be in pain and still look good. But it definitely affects the way you move. And I never heard her mention that she had ra before this season so if she did then I’m wrong on my part. I don’t wish anyone pain.

      • Cat

        A list of Raza’s redeeming qualities:


      • Misha11

        OK, OK I’m trying think of something…
        doesn’t he have a cat? I think he has a cat and THAT is at least one redeeming quality or I thought he had a cat, now I don’t know. But if he does or did have a cat that would be one redeeming quality. Gg still has none. Btw, love your little avatar if that’s what it’s called.

      • Cat

        I wonder if he will be upset that I misspelled his name? Oh, well.

      • Cat

        Reza has a cat? Poor cat.

    • A Little Birdie

      She’s spoken about her RA extensively since the first season. This wasn’t something new and Reza knew about it all along. I’m sure the drinking and smoking doesn’t help but it’s what she uses to cope… She has said a lot of things to and about all of them but they have all with the exception of Asa did the same. Every season Reza flips on someone. Last year it was Mike and the year before that was MJ. He is a horrible person.

      • Misha11

        Didn’t know she spoke about her ra. Guess I missed a bunch of shows. I usually agree with Tamara on almost everything but still can’t jump on the gg boat. But I’m curious to see what comes out at the reunion. Maybe that will clear things up for me.g

    • Karyn0220

      Misha, I totally agree with you. Although I believe GG may have RA it’s obviously not anywhere near as serious as she would like everyone to believe it is. The medication she is getting through her IV is the same medication I get in my medical port for Crohns Disease every 8 weeks and it is not anything like chemotherapy. I have never had any of the side effects that people get when they are on chemo for cancer. There is a big difference….she is getting maybe 1/100th of the dose that people fighting cancer are receiving. The only side effect I have gotten from it is complete boredom from sitting in the hospital for 6 hours waiting for the entire dose to go in.
      If GG is as sick as she says she would not be smoking because it is the worse thing you can do when having autoimmune disease. On top of that she is drinking and partying and vacationing. People who are in pain don’t do that. I wish I could do half the things GG can do. It’s hard for me to see her living it up and then trying to play on people’s emotions with her disease… That is the only part that is sickening. If she is that sick then she needs to be taking better care of herself and listening to her doctors.

      • tamaratattles

        She is on the same medication (for a different illness ) as you are, yet here you are preaching that “people in pain” don’t do what GG does. We’ve never seen her “playing on people’s emotions” because she is ill. We’ve only seen assholes like Reza, and you, accusing her of that. What we saw is someone climbing mountains literally and figuratively despite her illness and never making it a focus until this year when Reza decided to make GG’s illness his story to tell.

      • Jill

        Thank you, TT. And I’m sorry you have to go through that Karen0220, I really am. Anyone who is sick with any chronic illness has to go through their own shit and everyone’s bodies are different. Can’t we just agree to that? We won’t all have the same side effects to the same meds, plus generics can carry other side effects depending. I know you probably know this, I just want you to keep this in mind, PLEASE. As someone who’s lived my adult life with a chronic disease that carries chronic daily pain, I try to empathize first with anyone going through any condition before trying to “assess” the severity of their illness based on appearance. I also have a small daughter with moderate autism that I’ve had to haul out of public places while people judged me and even yelled at me to take her home so they can enjoy their meals. Of course she needs to do what the doctor says, that’s common sense. But last I checked, I wasn’t perfect.

        My assessment of GG and her partying is: she’s mentally hurting and she’s going through it. Smoking and drinking makes her feel good and helps her escape from dealing with her illness. She even said that in the show! People with chronic pain drink and smoke pot ALL the time in addition to their pain meds. I know because my doctor has tests and counselors set up to speak with patients about it as yes, it’s a big bad terrible risk for people in her (and my) condition. But GG’s behavior should signal to everyone around her she doesn’t need a lecture or guiilt trip, she needs support and kindness. She’s got to set to that place of stability on her own, no one can force her, yell at her or guilt her into stopping these things. She is grown. Point blank and the period.

      • Cat

        Some people have a high tolerance for pain. Others are determined to push through it.

        I have a good friend who has Lupus, RA, and several other serious conditions that would knock most people on their butts.

        Not my friend. She runs marathons. She’s amazing.

        Maybe GG simply hides her pain because of asshole friends?

      • Lindsay

        Same. A very dear, lifelong friend who does all of those things and holds a very high level corporate job that requires her to travel. And also has a toddler. I know she’s not “making it up” or fishing for sympathy. She was dealt a raw deal and has refused to give up the life she has worked so hard for.

    • HazelHickory

      What is wrong with you Misha11? I guess you caught the Jellie Germ from Reza – it sucks all compassion and right behavior out of a person and leaves them a raging, green eyed, mobbing bully, craving to take down those who they are insanely jealous of and who are also vulnerable. I hope you do not start growing a mustache.

    • Daysma

      Hi, Reza. A little too obvious here.

  13. Janet

    It’s obvious that Vida doesn’t want MJ to find anyone ever, so she’ll allways be avaiable to her and be alone like her. Terrible selfish mom. I’m glad MJ is standing up to her and hope she continues to do so. With Reza, what I don’t get, is if there’s a tape out there of him he doesn’t want out, why go out of his way to piss off the one who knows about it? I’ve never understood people who get agressive against someone who’s got the goods on ya. But it happened to me one time, and the guy kept doing horrible stuff against me, until I ended up telling his girlfriend about the pass he had made. I’m totally the type who doesn’t usually tell anything. But if you piss off someone enough, then anything can happen. So that’s why I don’t get why someone wouldn’t be smart enough to leave that person who has dirt on you the hell alone. It didn’t end very well for the guy that acted like that to me. I guess they hope to get everyone to go after you and exclude you and some how that will protect them, or they’re just STUPID.

    • Minky

      People like that count on your decency to protect them. Like, you don’t want to hurt the girlfriend’s feelings and if you say something they just deny it and hope the girlfriend thinks you’re crazy.

      In Reza’s case he had probably known that GG had known about the sex tape for a good long while. That might be why he initiated this smear campaign against her and worked so hard to put doubt into everybody’s mind regarding her RA. I mean, why else would you do all of that horribleness to someone who you allegedly consider a friend who’s sick? Evil!!!

      • Janet

        Very true. In my case a few people have said that he probably thought I was too sweet to ever fight back no matter what. Unfortunarly for him, I had a few details that the girlfriend would know I was telling the truth. And unfortunatly for him he mistook my kindness for weakness. I felt guilty for two seconds but then thought nah he deserved it.

      • HazelHickory

        Spot on!

  14. More Tea Please!

    What a total douchebag move on Reaz’s part. He needs to apologize to Asa.

  15. First Time Commenter

    Great recap! I also thought most of them were bullying GG the entire season and felt sorry for her. I’ve watched Shahs since the first season, but this is my first time commenting on the show. What finally motivated me? Reza’s bitch act at Asa’s show. I’m so disgusted and appalled at how conniving and cruel he was in trying to humiliate and shame GG. Reza thinks he’s such a good caring friend, but someone who did what he did would NOT be someone I would want to know. What’s laughable is that he’s the one who wants to cut GG out of his life. If I were GG, I’d think, “No loss” and find a new set of friends, except for Shervin, I’d definitely keep him and maybe Asa.

  16. One thing is for sure, Reza has made this show HIS. It’s all about Reza, and if you try to steal the limelight, he WILL come for you.

    However, GG has made this show unbearable to watch. Her treachery has no bounds. If it means she can get an ounce of sympathy out of anyone – she’ll do it, no matter what it is.

    These 2 were bound to clash and unfortunately for Asa – it was at her art show. But then again, we know these get togethers – especially the last one of the season – are total dramafests.

    There should be an interesting Reunion coming.

  17. beth

    Has anyone in the cast, Asa for instance, tried to stick up for GG?

  18. i was thinking maybe gg’s knees hurt climbing those stairs was from the night before when she was dancing the funky chicken or whatever that dance move was,with all those bent knee moves. i believe she has r a though, she masks the pain with booze and painkillers.

  19. Theresa

    Reza should of kept his mouth shut. If he had GG might have actually had a awakening.

  20. GG looked so amazing at Asa’s event, I wish she wouldn’t had tried to attack Reza at the end. Just let him look like the ass he is by himself. Those letters were so stupid and the fact everyone felt they were “owed” those apologies says a lot more about them then it does GG. Especially Asa’s fake ass (literally)..why would she say the letters were right about GG faking her condition for sympathy? Asa is so passive aggressive is nauseating. I’m soooo hoping they move Shahs to the east coast.. EJ of NYC has a persian friend named Sanaz from NJ and her crew (that are actually rich) would be 10000 times more entertaining than these “fake it til you make its”.

  21. Meri

    As horrible as this is, I believe that the letters were a set up by production and GG didn’t respond because it was part of the “script”. This is beyond cruel whether it was Bravo’s idea or Reza’s and I suppose that getting paid is more important than dignity to some. This show is an embarrassment to the Persian community and to human beings everywhere. In the “reunion” clip it shows Asa going after MJ which puzzled me since I saw no evidence of a rift during filming of the season. I wonder what happened to make Asa turn against MJ. A couple of seasons back she turned against her with Reza leading the parade so what happened this time?

  22. LauraJo

    I will poke my eyes out with burning hot needles before I watch that mustached, bitch, whiney assmunch be a star in his own show.

  23. Misty

    This isn’t time that Reza put a nasty shadow on Asa’s event – he continually has to be the center of attention. He did this to MJ, Mike and GG – and Asa every time she is focusing her talents at an event she has planned, Reza can’t stand to see anyone do better than him. Asa is very talented and that can be a challenge when you see the world in the opposite of others. Reza put Adam through hell over the engagement to give himself some more attention – he is an attention grabbing old bitty – Adam better wake up or he will be the next to be dragged down the Reza street of humiliation. Sherv – give me a break …. quit acting like you are an idiot. You started the show with a sense of humility and also came on as someone who had his own morals, and now you come across as a bimbo — good job falling into the stupidity trap. Mike you messed up but then you finally came clean. I hope you can move forward and learn from your mistake and become a better person. MJ and Tommy – they seem to be trying to hard and while the relationship is hot, it will cool down when reality sets in. GG battling her illness (Bravo get off the sick focus of your shows) is a personal thing. Everyone approaches their life challenges in their own way and who are we to question or judge if they are ill – when did friends become so distrustful of their friend. If you don’t agree then shut up and just be supportive – have we all lost the ability to accept our friends for who they are even with our perceived flaws…..who among us walks in perfection. Reza having his own show is a joke – his style is nothing I would seek and his attitude needs an adjustment.

  24. RealE

    Couldn’t agree more about the assessment: hooked first season, interested second season and then the show became about nastiness. I stopped watching but do enjoy your recaps. From the little I have watched & what I have read, I would surmise that GG is ill and is also playing it up for sympathy. But trying to get sympathy for something you actually do have does not mean you are lying. The way the cast treats her is disgusting.

    Reza used to be snarky and now is cruel. Maybe he changed, maybe he just got a nice edit before … But I can’t stomach the show. It’s not fun watching people be mean.

  25. Just watched Reza and Asa on the Bravo aftershow. Asa was agreeing with every word that came out of Reza’s mouth…it was just sad.

    • HazelHickory

      If Asa does not stick up for GG, I am buying no Asa Kaftans and not sending any to friends as gifts. She seems to be the Shep of Shah’s. So tired of fence straddlers who just stand by and let others get clubbed and badly hurt. Not buying any of your stuff, Asa!

  26. Jill

    It does feel like all this attacking GG is the same Bravo formula in 2015/2016 for having someone with an illness (Brooks on RHOOC, Yolanda in RHOBH, GG in Shahs) and have everyone running around doubting the validity/severity. I even feel that story line was drawn out a bit on Southern Charm with Kathryn and her second pregnancy complications / paternity. Someone needs to send Andy a certified letter or something that this formula is played out and we viewers are tired of it. It was detestable at first but I think if you architect the same storyline across multiple shows in your “stable”, we “might” catch on. Just saying’. But now we have the Vag Monologues over in New York too. Seriously, reality TV and seeing how “THESE women” lived was supposed to be the draw of these Housewife shows. But the interference is getting so tired that it’s getting repulsing. Now there are so many new and better truly scripted shows out there, they need to just get new and different Housewives every year who need no storylines as their lives are interesting enough. I mean really, haven’t we learned all we can from Vicki Gunvalson and Pinkey? I know people love them and I love some of them too, but real talk.

  27. I seriously love your recaps!! We are totally in sync on this one!! 😂

  28. T D

    Hopefully this will be the last of charades of sunset.Bravo? Bravado? Boo, Hiss TV.

  29. Erica

    GG still scares the shit out of me with her knives, etc. and I don’t think she really has a sex tape but that was disgusting of Reza. Everyone has said it, no need for me to give more on that.

    But VIDA. She is really evil. Everything else is disgusting – but that behavior and her black heart are EVIL.

    I think that while so much is fake, etc. – Mike and Asa were genuinely shocked and appalled. I think there was one quick glance that Mike gave MJ like he couldn’t believe she had to put up with this shit, and Asa looked shocked and disbelieving. I think it explains a lot about MJ and her weirdness sometimes.

    This is strange, because I really don’t give a shit about this cast… but I was proud of MJ when she told her mother that Tommy didn’t deserve it. I wish she would come to the realization that SHE doesn’t deserve it either – and I hope that if Vida does not change her ways and behaves that way in front of her child, if she has one, that she limits contact or cuts her mom off from Tommy and the baby.

  30. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    I pretty much gave up on this show after the Belize trip. The constant bullying of GG did it for me. She should have just quit the show, then who could they pick on? Nothing worse than so called friends that are “concerned” about you to the point that they call you everything but a child of God. I can’t with these two-faced phonies anymore.

  31. Dexter

    Rezas problem with GG was the sex tape all along. He thinks if he yells loud enough he can shut it down. He things if he gets everyone to hate her no one will listen. But guess what? Everyone believes Reza was bring a pig and someone filmed it. Adam is a fool to be with such a selfish nasty pig.

  32. T D

    Like ring around the bathtub and Lady Macbeth’s hand no amount of scrubbing can remove rezadue.

  33. Diva Dee

    I actually liked Reza until last season, but somewhere between seasons & that quilted patent leather bedskirt of a stache has driven him T-Totally batshit crazy…who would use their bff’s (Asa should certainly ? his motives the others were friends not so long ago) to spew venom, make everyone there awkward as Farrakhan @ a Klan Rally, ruin an amazin showing, all because GG, isn’t sick enough to please this clown..I mean damn, how many x”s are we going to cross this bridge & beat a damn dead horse?! Why didn’t HIS bestie smack him outta that obvious state of delirium cause its her night, not the mf Reza Show as the other 364 days of the yr! Why does Adam seem as if he’s going to b placed in timeout on the equator if he mans up to control his hoe, is he like a battered woman already in this marriage! I can’t take another season of MJ, Veda, Reza or Shervan’s blonde beard! Stop insulting my intelligence Bravo, this ppl may be financially stable but mentally (Asa excluded) not so much..they should all b placed on a 5150 b4 it’s too late, fix their friendships because no one on God’s tilting earth will b ok w/the ridiculously petty bs their beyond adult shallow asses do to one another…they wouldn’t last thru 1 round of cocktails…& as for Veda, I give MJ’s marriage about as long as Jessica & Mike’s cause she can’t cut the apron strings to her mommy, & her mommy is Norman Bates mom w/an accent.. hopefully Tommy doesn’t lose his shit & beat them both w/one of MJ’s cow tits..oh, & on a lighter nope I absolutely luv, luv, luv Asa’s personal style & her kaftan line is amazeballs no one can rock a turban quite like she & Gandhi…I could almost certify she’s my girl crush, along w/Khloe Kardashian

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