Phaedra Parks Goes To Washington, To Embarrass Atlanta Again

The Christian Southern Belle on RHOA Gif by T.Kyle at Reality TVGifs

The Christian Southern Belle on RHOA Gif by T.Kyle at Reality TVGifs

This is more embarrassing than when the Salahis  crashed the dinner party on their episode. Phaedra and Porsha got nosebleed tickets at the DNC,  and Bravo cameras were there. Phaedra thinks that she is the next Al Sharpton. I am not exaggerating. She may very well be. Between Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson there is always some horrible person that shows up to try to lead the community who is only interested in camera time.  It’s sad.

No one seems to care that while Phaedra was trying to thrust herself in front of the cameras, her former client wanted to LITERALLY blow her up with a bomb.   She is surrounded by felons and married one. This country is not going to get better with scammers like fucking Phaedra Parks.

So anyway, Phaedra and Porsha are there. Not because it is American history in the making. But because Phaedra flocks to every camera when it comes to politics because she wants to be front and center.

So my sources say, she was acting like she was a delegate, and interviewing people in front of the Bravo camera. Then, when they were hit with the True Entertainment disclosure agreement,  people were appalled that it was RHOA. They felt like it belittled the DNC to have a moron from reality TV there.

Onward Christian Soldiers...

Onward Christian Soldiers…

As for Porsha, she felt like it was an opportunity to hook.

There is no way that Andy doesn’t know that there are ALOT of rumors about Porsha’s prostitution, drug use, heavy drinking, etc.  He has seen her violently attack three women online. She has pending criminal charges on two of them.

It is WRONG for these women to be filmed at the DNC. I hope the election will not be marred by this. Phaedra may be teflon when it comes to the Feds, but PEOPLE ARE LITERALLY TRYING TO BOMB HER.   Porsha has several men in Atlanta that are done with her and ready to talk and Oh and she may have slept with Peter.

As for Phaedra… it seem like drugs are also an issue according to this site.

God Bless America.


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59 responses to “Phaedra Parks Goes To Washington, To Embarrass Atlanta Again

  1. More Tea Please!

    I agree with the delegates about reality TV belittling the political process. Bravo was pandering and Phaedra and Porsha were front and center. Disgusting attention whores,

  2. T D

    The gif that keeps on giving says a thousand words.

  3. Minky

    Now I am absolutely without a doubt sure we’re living in the Twilight Zone. Andy is Bravo’s version of Rod Serling.

  4. Coco

    Thanks for the tea, TT! Phaedra’s mother has to be so proud of her daughter (NOT). There is no way Phaedra didn’t know that Apollo was up to his old tricks again. Instead of Phaedra trying to force Apollo into the funeral business, she should have used her connections to get him a legit gig so he could be home raising the boys with her. Very sad!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Oh please, she was the mastermind! The funeral business was clearly a scheme so they could steal identities.

      • More Tea Please!

        Maybe also launder money…and provide a cover for Apollo but he did not wabt to play ball, dumbass!

      • Minky

        If, and I do mean if, Apollo didn’t want to play ball, that would be great. He’s not very bright but nobody likes prison.

  5. If anyone is deserving of the “Crooked” nickname, it’s Phaedra.

  6. Miguel

    Thanks for explaining WHY, in the world, the two P’s would be at the DNC. They may have been more at home with a fellow reality TV show persona, like the “Celebrity Apprentice” guy (just saying).

    • Sam

      Miguel, all that chanting “lock her up” would have caused Phaedra to sweat like a wore in church.

      • Miguel

        Thanks, Sam – your comment made me roar with laughter & earned me a glower from my wife, whom was speaking on the phone!!! This was hilarious!!!!!!!

  7. Keya

    Not surprised at all. Phaedra’s delusional. Porsha’s a whore. They probably are doing drugs. Attention whores.

  8. Cat

    Wow, I was kidding in my comment about Bravo covering the election.

    This is really disgusting.

  9. Sam

    My Eyes! Yikes, that first picture of the Christian Southern Belle is enough to cause sudden onset nausea.
    Anyway, are tickets to the DNC so readily available that these two got in? Are there no qualifications for attending?
    I could definitely see drugs being a factor in this equation.

  10. I absolutely LOVE this post —-Thank You TT !!!!!!

  11. SarcasticMan

    This is scary and nothing to joke about, Phaedra has done a lot of people wrong and karma is coming to her soon. And Porsha escorting to the highest bidder every chance she gets isn’t good neither, how in the world is her new boyfriend not concerned? The cop’s will come knocking for Phaedra and those drugs Porsha is doing to cope with all the men she sleeps with to continue living a glamorous lifestyle, will not protect her from the wives that will find out and whoop her ass.

  12. Tara

    You are such a miserable, nasty, lonely, pathetic BITCH!!

  13. Margaret Shepard

    Atlanta needs a cast shakeup. I live here and so its all the more embarrasing. I gotta admit I want to see Kenya’s finished house and Kandi’s son Ace is beyond adorable. That’s all I got.

  14. Happygal

    I know in general Andy does not like woman but he seems to be going out of his way to portray black women in a really bad way.

  15. joanne

    Jesus, TT, I’m just recovering from 3-4 days of the worst stomach/intestinal ‘flu’ ever and one of the first things I see this morning is that GIF! Seriously, perhaps a warning:”Caution: Don’t Scroll Down If You Are Queasy!”. Just a thought.
    On the other hand, the only bright spot in my week was the convention and I refuse to let the presence of those two despicable women ruin the memory of it. I am, however, furious at Andy and Bravo for facilitating this egregious spectacle. I just can’t imagine that Andy’s BFF, Anderson Cooper, would find this anything other than crude, opportunistic and the height of disrespect for a serious and important democratic institution – a crucial part of our electoral process. (Hopefully, both will soon officially be felons, thus excluding them from the process!)
    But, the bottom line is: I am beyond thrilled that we have a competent, capable and, most importantly, sane candidate to combat the ignorance, fear and outright lies that are spewing from the narcissistic dictator wanna-be. Having closely following politics for most of my 65 years, I am not so naive not to know that anything can happen (we elected a fucking B-actor TWICE!), and I am truly frightened if our country doesn’t wake up. This this the most important election I witnessed in my lifetime, so PLEASE, get out and VOTE, PEOPLE (or get an absentee ballot like I do).
    Sorry for the rant, TT, I hope I’m not violating any commenting rules by veering into politics. Your great writing inspires me!

    • TBD

      I think Anderson Cooper and Pheadra may have more in common than you’d think. They both falsely ensconce(d) themselves into scenarios (publicly) where they really don’t belong only to further themselves under the guise of a narrative to get where they want.
      Cooper (of Vanderbilt ilk) was eventually legitimized as news anchor. Pheadra (of reality show ilk) could be on her way given NBC’s predilection on how much attention she can drum up. What a world.

      • tamaratattles

        I am going to assume since it is Friday night you are drunk and or high on something and didn’t just compare one of the most prominent journalists in the country who has won multiple emmys and a Peabody and and covered every war and national disaster in the last two decades with intelligence and incomparable journalistic integrity to a woman on a reality show who attempts to thrust herself in the middle of the TV camera every time there is a grieving mother or a political event she thinks she can use to get on TV.

      • Cat

        Comparing Anderson Cooper to Phaedra Parks is like comparing Donald Trump to Einstein.

    • TBD

      No, of course not. The only thing I’m really suggesting is the “fake it till you make it concept” is alive and well. It is used by the legitimate (and illegitimate) alike to further people.

      Anderson Cooper (his first job) faked his press credentials to gain press entrée into Myanmar (traveled on his own dime) to then sell stories back to his small affiliate for who he worked.

      Pheadra (unscrupulous as she is) keeps working (situation and cameras) to parlay a more important narrative than the one she has. Maybe as an attorney, sympathizer activist? Who knows? And Bravo seems completely happy (and unembarrassed)
      to have her do it.

      But I did have an outpatient thing yestday, and subsequently on something. 😳 Apologies for my hyerbole.

  16. ZenJen55

    My understanding about the DNC was alot of seats was left vacant due to Bernie’s supporters decision to not attend. The Philly newspaper (sorry if I just broke a commenting rule) ran an ad for a casting call for actors to fill the seats. They was to be paid a stipend of $500! IMO I bet they collected a check!!!

    • That doesn’t make any sense. Many Sanders delegates were hoping for an upset right up until the roll call on Tuesday. You can’t vote for your candidate if you’re not there. Also, why go to all the time, expense, and work to be a delegate just to not go?

      • Minky

        I will preface what I’m about to write by saying that I try to be as apolitical as possible. I can’t follow politics because it all makes me physically ill. When I used to read the newspaper I would become despondent. So I stopped in order to preserve my mental health. I’ve gotta say I’m much happier now.

        That being said: This election is like a Three Stooges movie. It’s ridiculous! Pheadra and Porsha tweaking their way to Washington are just the icing on the cake. Heaven help us all.

      • Minky

        *twerking Not tweaking! But maybe that too, based on TT’s recent reports. Who the hell knows with those two!!!

      • Cat

        A bunch of his supporters walked out AFTER the vote, and after he turned his votes over to Hillary.

      • I did see on the news where there were hundreds of empty seats in the arena. Apparently the states that had gone to Bernie were seated further back in the arena then the states that backed Hillary so if Bernie’s supporters did walk out it would not ruin the visual of the place being packed.

      • Minky

        @Cat Yeah, I saw some video of that. What a disappointment of a man!!!

        @justanothermary I also saw some video done by a Bernie supporter delegate. Turns out that they hired actors to waltz in well before the scheduled time to reserve 10 seats each in the Bernie section. The reason for reserving them is so they would remain empty. Paid them $50 for the day to do that. These were allegedly people hired by the Hillary camp. That’s supposed to be why the place looked so empty. On top of that they put white noise machines in the pro-Bernie section to drown out their cheers.

        Did I not tell y’all that this election is a fucking Three Stooges movie? Hmm?

  17. ZenJen55

    My understanding about the DNC was alot of seats was left vacant due to Bernie’s supporters decision to not attend. The Philly newspaper (sorry if I just broke a commenting rule) ran an ad for a casting call for actors to fill the seats. They was to be paid a stipend of $500! IMO I bet they collected a check!!!

  18. Wait, they went to Washington too? What happened there?

    I don’t see how the election could be “marred” by this. Will it even air before November 8?

  19. Joanplus2dogs

    See this plays into my theory of why Porsha & Phaedra are “close” friends. Obviously Porsha family ties with black politics are well known. By being her friend & involving her in politics, Phaedra has an easier entry in the close knit civil rights crowd though she still has a long way to go in proving herself. Bravo is only bringing reality TV even lower by showing those two at DNC.

  20. Billie_bee

    I think they were there playing Pokemon Go and stumbled into the DNC by accident…

  21. T D

    Phaedra inserts herself into history in the making moments. The film footage should be put together chronologically and released as a docu-drama. Poorest Rump. An uncancelled check magically floats in and herstory begins.

  22. T D

    There’s no need to travel when you do a perfectly fine job from the comfort of your own cul de sac.

  23. From the very first days of watching RHOA, I thought Phaedra was the sneakiest, phoniest, most artificial member of the cast. It was hysterical to watch her go from her slow-talking, ladylike, proper, Southern belle persona, to her ghetto side that showed up when she really let loose. That cackle of her was worth the price of admission alone. I’ve also never seen anyone who has a many ugly expressions as she does – just not a pretty lady, inside or out. I’m dating myself horribly here, but she reminds me of the old, black, really funny comedienne, Moms Mabley, who used to give her whole performance with her false teeth missing from her mouth. Sorry, Moms, didn’t mean to insult you. It’ll be interesting to see what unfolds in Phaedra’s future – I don’t think it’s going to show her in a good light.

  24. Microop

    Can we please have Porsha’s johns come forward on RHOA? Please?

  25. Lisa j

    😮. The blinds were just 😮.

  26. The purity shit has sailed. We have a reality person as the Republican Nominee.

  27. Onawin

    Andy is no fool, he is giving the two fools enough to rope to hang their selves.I need a lawn chair with an umbrella and a cooler to watch the Feds parade them through Atlanta all the way to The worst federal pin in the USA.😂😂😂

  28. Onawin

    Tara, I read the book that Angela wrote just this week
    While in Va and Minky is 100% correct.
    And this is for you Tara keep hanging
    With dogs, you will have fleas. Miss big mouth.

  29. JoJoFLL

    The shameless entitlement with some people with some people is just off the charts.

    Reminds me of the 20 year friendship my husband and I just ended. We turned our heads at a lot of shady things.

    Living in a 1.5 million dollar home that you haven’t paid a cent on in over five years while having a yacht and another boat docked out back and a driveway full of Mercedes Benz.

    Oh wait, they should get a reality show.

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