Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson Completely Absent From RHOBH Filming

White Party time!

White Party time!

Wednesday night was the annual filming of The White Party for the upcoming season of RHOBH. The White Party has almost always been held at Kyle’s house  except for that one year that LVP hosted it and Adrienne got self tanner all over her furniture.  But this year LVP has decided to have a huge blow out  at PUMP to maximize advertising for the business.  She even got the Dail Mail to sponsor it and made sure that E! News was there on the red carpet to interview her. She made sure to use that opportunity to tell everyone how she really wasn’t coming back for another season but Bravo just begged and begged and so here she is again. I’m always amazed that these women think anyone believes that kind of malarky and then more amazed to see the roaming LVP trolls on Twitter that buy it hook, line and sinker.

We learned a lot of things from all the interviews. First of all there appears to be a lot of harmony amongst the girls. The long rumoured casting of Dorit Kemsley as LVP’s new puppet for the season was confirmed. Kyle, Dorit, LVP and Erika Jayne are all on the same team.  And Kyle says Kim is coming back, because it’s good for her sobriety. Oh Kyle, still enabling and denying.  Sigh.

In other news, David Foster was there and all cozied up with LVP. She sure seems to like hanging out with Yolanda’s ex husbands.

RHOBH Rinna Eileen Kathrryn Limo

All three women gone?

So that is supposedly the news.  BUT THE BIG NEWS IS WHAT YOU DO NOT SEE.  A couple of weeks ago LVP seemed to verify that Eileen was back full time.  Lisa Rinna had already been confirmed.  But I cannot confirm either of them has been in a single scene. At the beginning of the month Lisa and Harry Hamlin went on a lengthy trip to Paris and stayed in the newly renovated Ritz Paris which just weeks before reopened after a nearly four year long renovation.  She was there for just over a week and then she went to NYC to do her HSN Show the following week. Then she and HH and the entire brood went Canada to stay on Lake Muskoka for a week and just left there yesterday.

I don’t know what the hell happened, because Lisa has never been offered a job she didn’t take. Things were always iffy with Eileen coming back, but was rumored and seemingly confirmed that Eileen was back full time.

And then nothing.

There is really no way that Rinna could have been filming. There is not a single hint that Eileen has been filming. In all of the press I saw about the white party they were not mentioned once.

What the hell happened?

Lisa posted a couple of “everything always works out for the best” kinds of quotes at the end of June and hasn’t spent a full 24 hours in Beverly Hills in a full month.

So I may be in the minority here, because I love Rinna and Eileen. But I think they are out.



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107 responses to “Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson Completely Absent From RHOBH Filming

  1. Michael Horn

    Don’t worry, TT, Rinna and Eileen were at Erikas birthday party and Dorit’s birthday party, which were both filmed. They were shown on Kyle and Erika’s snapchats about a week ago.

  2. ricki

    Eileen was as Erika’s snapchat yesterday, they shot at the set of Y&R and the Price is right…

  3. Jaana

    Eileen was at Erika Jayne’s birthday party. I need Lisa Rinna to come back. There is a certain kind of crazy in her and I NEED to see it. She will crack soon.

  4. Dee2

    Both ladies were at Erika’s bday party. Positive thinking because I love Eileen. Lol

  5. Noooooooo! I too liked Rina and Eileen. They had the guts to be honest. Ugh, now we are back to the same old same old. It won’t be long before they suck Erika in too the void as well. This is sad. Hope there is a reasonable explanation.

  6. tamaratattles

    YAY This is good news. When was Erika’s birthday party?

  7. MM

    If you get too lonely for Lisa Rinna, just stick a shaggy wig on Jeff’s head and send him to BH cos he totally stole her
    lips this season :)

  8. T D

    These two rolled in like a perfect breaking tide. Why would bravo wisk away such entertaining talent when they would gain so much. Lisa and Eileen are absolutely fab.

  9. maybe they are FOH..which I would be fine with..less chance of Eileen flipping out about her affair..I would be ok with them being FOH..sux that Kim may be returning…she lies to the courts..gets carried off by ambulance on her other show…huge mountain sized red flags…the camera is not where you should be…you should be in rehab…minimum one year..40 years of drinking/drug abuse..10 days will not do a thing..she can do that needs to be sober and enjoy her life and the new life that is arriving soon…

  10. Laura

    Rinna didn’t fly to NYC to do her HSN show. She doesn’t have an HSN show. HSN doesn’t tape in NY anyway.

  11. T D

    Why offer up a sibling as a figure in a glass menagerie when Andy loves the sound of fragility breaking? Tie a pork chop around her neck and feed her to Kingsley. Quicker and kinder.

    • Minky

      Good Lord! I almost forgot about the latest Kingsley fiasco.

      Why the hell is Kim coming back? What about Brandi? Her too? J’ai peur……

  12. Rose

    I’m back catching up now that the convention is over. I hope Eileen will be back in some way. I can do without Rinna.

  13. Minky

    I like Rinna and Eileen too. I wonder how Erika’s going to do this season? I was hoping for a LVP v. Erika event. I suppose I do enjoy a bit of drama.

    • Miguel

      Agreed on the LVP vs either of the Erikas, Minky! Also, methinks Eileen & Rinna may be a bit too real for Kim & Bravo – hmmm???

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I thought for sure it would be Erika v. LVP. Erika’s made her disdain pretty clear. I guess LVP is still the true alpha. Hail!

  14. Toddy

    I like Rinna’s mix of goofiness and shit stirring. Eileen is at her best when we see her at work or with her hottie hubby. I thought Andy loved the soap mavens anyway. Sounds like LVP likes to push the knife in, with the David Foster thing. As for Kim, I don’t see how this show is beneficial to anybody with alleged issues.

    • Every time Rinna laughs at her own unfunny joke and slaps her knee I want to throat punch her.

      • Sabrina

        We also agree here, justmary…Rinna makes me crazy with all the forced nonsense. – and it is completely unclear what she really thinks. She sells herself and her brain out to whoever did whatever it is that motivates/drives her thinking one minute,, makes a huge to do about it, and then reverse herself to create another scene supporting the opposite point of view the next minute. And she goes out of her way to find fault and verbally skewer people for holding one or the other opinion, when she has spent time supporting each- it is lunacy and duplicity rolled into one. .

        I am trying to understand her thinking and having real trouble save one thing- underneath it all , she thinks she is pretty smart, and has been a friend of Andy for along time, so in her mind both save her, no matter what. She truly believes she is a terrific comedian and is desperate to have the audience agree, and be paid millions to live it. My problem is, I don’t think she is bright enough to pull any of it off, or that she has enough backbone to make a decision and support it against disagreement, nor does she have a real storyline/role here, in terms of knowing herself. That fiasco with YOlanda was the worsst- and she doens;t know =- does she want to be the crisp thinking anaylst . and and

      • Sabrina

        Sorry- the connection was lost-
        She doesn’t know if she wants to be the analytical friend who sees contradictions in a situation, and discussed them- that need not lead to anything bad, but could lead to healthy help to someone in need- OR- in the end she decided she wanted to be an unquestioning friend who simply supported every word Yo spoke without questions. It mattered more to her to lambast anyone criticizing Yo, apparently, than it did to know the truth. She may have done it for a variety of reasons, but that is what happened.

        And that ties back to the unfunny jokes she slaps her knees at. I truly think Rinna is quite confused about her roles/priorities on BH- if longevity is guaranteed by creating controversy, she;\’ll create it at all costs- whether it makes any sense or not. BUt she wants to be a comedian above all- so she’ll throw a little big-mouth and- lipped joke in there to tell herself it’s ok, shes mostly just being funny.

        Very little of it was funny, LIsa R

    • Patricia's martini glass

      I’m with you on Eileen’s life. I don’t know why I am so interested in seeing her at work and around her home… But I am! It doesn’t feel like she’s selling anything. Rinna is always dialed up on the drama meter- which is good TV sometimes. If Kim Richards comes back, I will not watch.

    • Sorry but I think Eileens husband, Ginny is a bore Other than gambling what does he do?

  15. Johnny

    I’m glad Rinna’s back, I can’t imagine Andy ditching her or demoting her. He’d be crazy – she’s been great dramatic value on both seasons, regardless of whether you liked her or not. Eileen’s storylines have been a bit lowkey and you get the impression she’s trying to keep the dynamics of her marriage off-air (or maybe her husband just won’t agree to film often), so she may be better suited to FOH status.

    I have a feeling Erika won’t have as strong a second season as her first. I don’t think she’ll have the cojones to take on Vanderpump, and a lot of her “intuition” last season seemed to be based on Yolanda whispering in her ear, so I expect we’ll see an uneasy/fake alliance between those two this time round. She’ll probably sit on the fence and keep it nice with everyone in fact, which might make her dull to watch. I don’t think she’s emotionally invested in the relationships between the women as Rinna and even Eileen are.

    • Minky

      I totally understand Vince not wanting Bravo people in his house after the poker night from hell with Brandi and Kim. He’s smart enough to know that this is good for Eileen’s career, but also wise enough to keep the crazy out of his home and away from his children.

  16. Ugh. Loathe Rinna and Eileen. Would be happy never to see them again.

  17. Char

    I am not a fan of Erika. Not in the least bit. She needs to get over herself. She’s not the superstar she’d like us all to believe she is. I mean… really, who even knew she existed before this show? I find her to be a pretentious, dull, shit stirring coward. Rinna may be crazy, but she’s a fun crazy. LVP is pathetic. She’ll pimp anyone and anything out just to try to stay relevant. My auto correct changed pimp to “pump” which is quite fitting!

  18. As long as Brandi and Yolanda are gone, I am happy.

  19. Allison

    I love Rinna and Eileen-glad to hear they’re filming. Im once again in the minority-I like LVP.

  20. lori

    I cannot believe that Kim is back. I have zero desire to see her back on this show. Ugh.

    • Allison

      @lori I cannot agree more with you about Kim-she has proven time and again to be unable to keep it together while filming ANYTHING and what kind of delusion is it to say that the show is “good for her sobriety”? If the desire is to see her relapse and self destruct, film away. She continues to make poor choices seemingly supported by family. Some people around her must need her to stay sick.

      • Toddy

        We’ve wondered on this blog if Kyle is complicit because she gets tired of supporting Kim financially.

      • Allison

        @Toddy I have had the same thoughts-I almost feel like Kyle is looking for some validation, like “Do you see what I have to deal with???” and if thats the case I almost get it. Not the best way to go about it, but when you feel like youve exhausted all else…..

      • Of course Kyle wants her sister on the show……………..she and her husband are tired of supporting that lazy ass drunken criminal. PLUS they have a BIG lawsuit coming up thanks to their failure to bust Dim over keeping the dog and the dog attack in their home. ha ha

      • Onawin

        Teecee is that you?LMAO

    • If Kim is back, it just confirms that RHOBH has jumped the shark. I realize that all of the RH shows are beyond ridiculous, but come on, Kim Richards? She just needs to step away and focus on her health. Such a shame that her family and Bravo continue to enable her addictions (to fame, to reality TV, and whatever else her drug of choice may be).

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I have no desire to see Kim back. Will she be filming scenes with her biffle Brandi? BARF.

      • Sabrina

        Or filming with her turtle? No one else wants to be near her. Between failing to meet the judge’s demands for her arrest pleadings, ( she did neither the AA attendance nor the community service/labor), leaving her last show in an ambulance with a perceived substance abuse, (on camera), failure to keep the dog she swore she no longer had from biting friends, and then demanding the friend lie about the situation before allowing her to seek medical treatment, and then her failure to stay in any rehab program for any serious amount of time, I cannot believe that Bravo would allow her (or the dog) back on screen- she is a danger to herself and others, as is Kingsley.

        After this past year, it is clear that every RH show is failing, from lack of storyline, too much illness, feigned or real, an overabundance of negativity about nothing , and an unwillingness of the women to share their real stories, or highlight their cities and the events in them. We see too much substance abuse and too little facing reality and giving of oneself.

        If Bravo is bringing KIm back . it must beat the family’s initiation, and that would be a huge mistake. She has announced that the show is a problem for her. And the viewers have made it clear they have n interest in spending a single minute watching her again, especially since she has not hit bottom or been sober, without her meds, yet. She needs long stay at rehab and a serious companion/counselor who she will listen to/respect. So far, she appears to be very comfortable flitting around with noone able to hold her accountable.
        Bringing KIm back is the very worst idea you have had yet, Andy- and will seal your self-destruction. AAs it does hers. She is unable to get well o n her own. And is quite ill,

  21. Cindy

    I can not stand Rinna or Eileen and hope the beanies are both gone and gone for good.

    • I would rather watch Rinna and Eileen than Kim. Such as shame that she has no one in her life that will protect her from herself.

      • Allison

        I have a hard time watching Kim when she’s clearly altered and denying it, her almost violent reaction when she’s called out on her obvious using-and she gets away with it. I have experience in the field of addiction counseling and its so frustrating to see her use every trick in the book to protect her usage. She talks the talk but hasnt ever walked the walk, and talk is cheap. I feel like she is and was SO ANGRY at Rinna because Rinna called her out and stuck to it, but at the end of it, she still had Rinna apologizing. Her manipulation is breathtaking and not in a good way.

      • Miguel

        Exactly, Allison! Hence, I’m not sure if Bravo will limit or encourage filming between Eileen/Rinna & Kim? Of course and all the while, Kyle will be running interference.

      • Allison

        @Miguel and dont forget enabling the crap out of her. They have the most bizarre, unhealthy, co-dependent relationship.

      • JustJenn

        How many years are people supposed to protect Kim for, though? When RHOBH wasn’t an option she did a different reality show. I totally get not wanting her on the show and Bravo is evil for trying to exploit her issues, but nothing is going to change until Kim wants it to.

  22. Can’t believe I’m saying this. If Kim is back, I’m out. Such a shame, as I really did enjoy this show.

  23. MARC

    I am floored to hear that Kim will be back ; I would think she is a huge insurance risk for Bravo but she brings the network tons of free publicity with all the drama so I guess it makes sense…

    • Hopefully Kim is only a “friend of housewife.” She has nothing to offer full time. Unless it’s Kim and Kyle fighting the whole season. Six years is enough of that shit.

  24. Swizzle

    HW shows are not good for anyone’s sobriety. Kim and Kyle are idiots.

    Please make LVP go away. She makes up shit and everyone believes her. It’s insane.

    And I really hope Eileen is back. I enjoy her and was impressed that she was willing to take on LVP. Rinna isn’t my favorite, but she makes good TV.

    • Minky

      I don’t necessarily need for LVP to go away, but I would lim her to eat some humble pie. I think everybody always believes LVP because of her gorgeous English accent.

      Also, she’s really good at keeping a straight face while she’s bullshitting somebody. I’ve noticed that English folks are REALLY good at sarcasm. And that’s the thing about sarcasm: If people can tell that you’re doing it, then that means you’re doing it wrong. Pinky has a Ph.D in it.

  25. Cat

    Sad that Kim is coming back.

    Not because I don’t like her, actually, I’ve always secretly liked her. I remember watching her and Kyle as child “stars”. It’s interesting, to me, to see them as adults now.

    But I HATE that Bravo is exploiting her addiction. What is Andy hoping for, another cast member death?

    Kim needs to focus on her sobriety. It’s called Alcoholics ANONYMOUS for a reason.

    • Minky

      Yeah, some really big names go to AA meetings. The only reason I know this is because a friend of mine who’s ex-husband was a big wig in the accounting dept. of a major studio here in L.A. told me that she was at the park with her kids and the nearby community center in the park hosted AA meetings.

      She knew that a meeting was being held at the time because of signs posted and chatter from the other moms, and she told me the names of some of the people she’s seen walk out of it after it’s over. You wouldn’t believe who it was. I don’t want to say, and I doubt it would be okay to do it on TT’s blog. But trust me. Super Duper A-listers that you would never guess. I was floored.

      As far as I know the one particular celebrity I’m thinking about has never had any drunken shenanigans reported in the news. But she was a classic beauty in her hay day.

      • Cat

        Sorry. My point was that Kim needs to concentrate on her sobriety. Not on a stupid reality show where everyone goes to parties and the alcohol flows like a river.

        If she needs money, I’m sure there are other things she could do.

      • Minky

        You’re absolutely right Cat. I guess my comment was a bit convoluted. The thing is, a person who is serious will keep their stuff private to the point where you might not even know. There’s no shame in getting help. I wish Kim could see that.

      • Allison

        @Minky no shame at all in getting help. Especially when your (Kim’s) drunken/high antics are documented on film for all time. Help would be applauded.

  26. “Gingerland” again…stay outta my pants …and eat my butt with a must know me inside and out..huh…trying to straddle me …again..once will not ..enjoy the ride…so you read my posts..and what’s with the “ALL” the sites…you search for twitter…wow..didn’t realize you want me so bad…but to reiterate…no means no…buh bye “GingerIsland” …OMD!!

    • Allison

      If ever there was a window licker….

    • checkeredapron

      omg what the hell??????

      • Allison

        Thats what happens when someone forgets to lock the WLS door. Wasnt me-Minky? Miguel? ArtistFKAY? TT? Did one of you leave it unlocked? 😉 Come on, lets herd ’em back in.

      • Miguel

        NEVER, Allison!!! Remember, I’ve been accused of being the bouncer in these here parts. I did notice this previously & chose to side-step the depths of this murky post, especially as TT didn’t react. Just know, I’ll wrangle, as needed… LOL!!!

      • Allison

        @Miguel-between TT’s moderation and your bouncing, I feel pretty ok 😉 We’ve all just gotta remember to lock the damn WLS door! 😀

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Not me this time… :)

      • Minky

        Me? Leave the door open? Aw, hell no! I’ve got my candy bars and noodle bowls to protect. It’s like when you see some unruly dog pooping on your lawn with no leash and no owner in sight. Turn the hose on some them!!

        There’s actually a song called “Window Licker” by Aphex Twin. I just recently found that out. I laughed out loud too. The video is pretty good.

    • Cat

      What the Hell is a “laddle”?

    • I was responding to a disgusting/stalking comment made to me by “gingerland”…I prefer to not allow people to bash me ..when unprovoked..and this is my response to people that choose to bash me..I never had a convo with this human…and bam..there this vile comment from “gingerland” to me..

      I rarely comment..Tamara’s site rocks..honesty all the comment to “gingerland” is honest. I am uninterested in fights…what makes my sharing..and so far..I have shared on different stories on this site…

      What I want to do is comfortably/humorously interact..on this site..that is my goal…I will never start fights..I am supportive and don’t like to see people bashed…me included.

      so this is me..the only time..I respond in the above if someone is disgusting to me.

      btw …i did misspell ladle..oops..


      • Cat

        TT must have deleted the comment? I couldn’t find a “gingerland” anywhere?

        I was just teasing about “laddle”. I am NOT the spelling or grammar police.


      • Hi Cat…thanks..I knew you were kidding..I don’t have spell sometimes my words just get underlined…and sometimes..the words get underlined because I am using Canadain spelling…so I just left it spelled oops was a kind oops..not a snarky one..


      • Cat

        My tablet is constantly changing my words. I hate it.

      • tamaratattles

        One of the extremely bizarre things about this little exchange is that the comments by Gingerland were never let out of moderation……

      • yikes!! that is twilight zone time!!

      • Allison

        I think the first comment might have slipped by-

      • lori

        I saw it in my email, but not on the thread.

      • Jim

        I have to ask the question that everyone is thinking despite the risk of being sent to the WLS. What is deal with all of the periods (full stops)?

      • Sharon

        TT-since that comment by “gingerland” never left moderation and we couldn’t see it then is it possible that they are the same person? Just wondering as I have seen something like this happen on another site.

      • Cat

        I never saw anything from “gingerland”. And now, I hope I never do.

  27. RescueMom

    If we are going to be seeing less Eileen & Lisa R and more Kim Richards I will stop watching & just read recaps. Sorry to make TT watch for me. I quit watching Jersey 2 seasons ago, because felon by Bravo. I won’t watch this train wreck either.

    I was a huge LVP fan, but the veil has been lifted. As unstable as Brandi is, she was just doing a poor job of telling the truth about LVP. (That was hard for me to write – I can’t stand Brandi)

    We all know that Kim’s health is fragile and this show is toxic for her. Someone who truly loves her and has her best interests at heart needs to stop this.

  28. Lindsay

    I love Eileen. Rinna…not so much…if I have to watch her butthole mouth say “own your shit” one more time I might cry

  29. JoJoFLL

    Can someone please explain to me how the production company can get insurance to film with a liability like Kim Richards? She isn’t sober or working on it and tick, tock, seconds away from complete implosion.

    Why is her family still enabling her?

    We saw how she is unable to stay sober with the Mother Daughter Experiment.

    Can someone who has dealt with addiction issues at least explain this to me?

    I’m not judging, I’m just wondering.

    • Allison

      @JoJo I cant speak to the production/insurance end. But as far as her family constantly enabling her-she seemingly has surrounded herself with “yes” people, and we have seen her reaction when called out on her substance use. It would appear she has manipulated her friends and family into being too “afraid” to call her out on her bullshit-she’ll have a temper tantrum of epic proportions. Its the way she maintained her drinking/drugging all these years, and shes learned how to protect her addiction very well. She uses recovery “buzz words” and so far thats been enough to pacify people in her life. Until she has someone who can truly hold her accountable, refuse her bullshit, and say NO MORE, it will continue. Just my opinion, of course.

  30. Samara

    I liked Eileen because she was more relatable and she saw through LVP. It took guts to go up against LVP and her crazed fan club. I appreciate LVP’s advocacy for animals and the LBGQT community, I found her personally manipulative and disingenuous. I did not love Rinna because she was unnecessarily histrionic about stupid stuff. I think she was invested in the drama but not the person. The only thing I appreciated was her her calling put LVP because I do think she is honest whereas Pumpie is not. Looks like Pump wins again.

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