Big Brother Live Eviction: The Perfect Shot



By Lime Brain

Yay! It’s Eviction Night and I’m hoping that Frank will be leaving on a one way ticket to Paris.

Good Lord! We start off with Julie wearing a hideous drab olive green dress that looks like a Project Runway reject made using a potato sack.

Julie mentions the secret room and how it can change the game.

Back to the HGs. After the veto meeting is finished Frank says being on the block with Bridgette is the worst thing.  They show Michelle ragging on Bridgette and Natalie lamely tries to defend her.  Natalie doesn’t want to make any waves and have anybody notice her.  That’s her secret strategy for the game.

Michelle is regretting not using the veto on Frank so Bridgette will be the one to go home. She’s afraid if Bridgette stays, Michelle will be her target. (As a side note, Frank was trying to talk to both of them to get them to work together. I doubt Michelle would ever consider it.) Michelle tells Frank that if she used the veto, she would have 9 angry people going after her.  I’m sure it’s all Bridgette’s fault in Michelle’s mind.

Next is a Bridgette and Frank lovefest as they comfort each other about one of them going home this week.  Frank considers her a true friend. Lucky to have her in the house.

BB18 Frank

Now we see Michelle crying hysterically in the storage room with Frank, because she couldn’t save Frank. Then Z, Day and Nic come in.  I’m sure Paul makes an appearance also. He always shows up. Frank asks her why she is crying. You could have saved me! Frank is angling for her vote.

Enough of that silliness. Something important is about to happen! James and Natalie walk into the living room. A message flashes on the tv screen that says to keep this message a secret and there are clues all around the house. So, James does what James does best in these circumstances and calls a house meeting to discuss this. Go James!

All the HGs start searching the house and we unfortunately get a DR of Paul telling a long winded story of how he figured out the clues to get to the secret room because he is soooo smart.  I realize why he annoys me.  He sounds exactly like the drunks at the local bar retelling stories of their “glory” years when they were younger. I instantly hit mute until he is finished.

So, Paul gets the first ticket from the secret Paris room.  When he gets back, the others are questioning him about it and he is being very sketchy. He doesn’t want anyone else to go down there.  On the feeds, he later said that he wasn’t allowed to lie about anything in that room.  BB told him so. Could be true because it KEPT GOING TO FISHES while he was down there.

BB18 Victor


Victor was the 2nd one to go figure it out and get to the room.  I’m starting to wonder about this guy and maybe he actually does have a brain. He did beat the math nerd and Vanessa’s sister to get back into the game.  Gotta keep an eye on this guy.

Just before it goes to commercial, Julie comes back on to tell us that next up they will be interviewing 4 former HGs to get their opinions on how these HGs are doing.  It’s gonna be Justin, Meg, Boogie and OH MY GOD!!! And Hayden! I am excited to see Nicole’s ex-boyfriend and see what he has to say of Nicole’s “game play”.

When we first get back, Jason is the first one shown. He’s still living in the basement at his moms, working at the same grocery show and still single. He talks about Days game and how she got caught up in some of her shit she started. But D wants the showmances broken up and she should lay low on it, because soon the showmances will come to the forefront and make them targets.

Then it’s Meg talking about James. She denies there was any romantic talk between them and it was always a platonic relationship.  She wants to warn James to be wary of Da’vonne. She doesn’t trust her.

Yay! Now we have Hayden. He says they started dating in the BB house and dated for 1 ½ years. They are still friends. He says it’s weird to watch the feeds.  And he says this is not good for her game.

Boogie says he hates to be an armchair quarterback, but Frank is playing a horrible game. Frank’s biggest mistake was telling everybody that he won road kill.

Now we have the live vote. Frank gives a speech about how wonderful Bridget is and he says the opposite applies to the other HGs. Bridgette says she is happy to be there.

They have the vote and it is unanimous. Frank is toast. And best yet, he didn’t have the return ticket! Yay!

I’m going to skip the rest because I want to go to sleep. They have the Hoh comp off feeds.

We are finally back and nobody looks happy. Except Paul. He won! And he is yapping away. Another story to add for his glory days retelling.

One final note. Did Corey even appear in this episode? I don’t remember seeing him.


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46 responses to “Big Brother Live Eviction: The Perfect Shot

  1. Yay! This is up. So much happened after the show. Paul wants Bridgette gone and wants to put up a guy as a pawn, so either him or the pawn can win the veto.

    Paulie seems to have convinced him to put a girl up as a pawn because he’s afraid the girls might flip the house and vote another guy out. Paulie actually wants to keep Bridgette and get rid of Day. Paul still wants Bridgette out first.

    Talk turns to which girl should be put up. Nichole and Z want Natalie to be put up, but Natalie and Victor agree that it should be somebody who has never been on the block before.

    Nichole told Corey that if she is put on the block, she will hold a grudge against Paul because that’s just the way she is.

    All the while, these girls are stupid for not realizing the boys are targeting them to leave the house while they remain safe. Why aren’t they asking why the boys aren’t volunteering or being considered?

    I’m not sure, but Paulie may have volunteered to go up.

    If Paul refuses to tow Paulie’s line of who should go home, this could be an interesting week of a battle of who’s the head honcho in the house.

  2. Good recap. Everything was so anticlimactic last night, the show and feeds after. I don’t care for the Paul & Paulie duo. To Derrick and Cody like, which made for one of the worst seasons of BB.
    And Da’, she spent so much time on getting Frank out and I think Paulie wants her out more, well seems like the whole house really does. Fingers crossed something happens, because this season is going downhill fast. The girls needs to win some comps and get a clue and start dumping some boys. Stop wasting all your time on each other.
    As for the vote for the HG’s this week, I am voting all Paul & Paulie, the better prizes are coming up over the next few weeks. I don’t want them to get those, so vote for them to win the slop pass and they can’t win again.

  3. Thanks for all the recaps & info, LimeBrain! You are doing an awesome job!

    I really appreciate these updates as I’ve been unable to watch lately. Keep the spoilers coming! 😃

  4. It’s rumored that Day may have the envelope with the return ticket because she picked envelope number 8 and that is the number on one of the signs with the clues.

    This gives me hope!

    • Cat

      I hope so! Either her, or James!

      • I really hope so also! Paulie has Bridgette in the safari room right now, grooming her to be his Victoria. He’s telling her that he is going up on the block as a pawn and that she is a pawn also.

        Davonne is the real target. They are going to back door her. And if Davonne wins the veto, Nichole will go up or possibly Natalie because the house hates Natalie right now because she “gloated” when she won the first prize given out of not being a have not for the rest of the game.

      • Paulie is telling Bridgette that James wants Davonne gone. That James had told him some shady stuff about Day.

        Is this true or is Paulie making shit up? BTW, Paul in his hoh robe is in the room with them now.

      • Cat

        It might be true. He seemed rather upset when she suggested that all the showmances be broken up.

        When he said, “But, I’M in a showmance”, she quickly suggested that she did not mean he was a target.

        But, he has to be.

  5. Paul is completely ridiculous. I hope Bridgette is not buying this bullshitting and is just humorist him for info.

    If only those girls weren’t so mean to her. She needs to be a lone wolf. (Paulie just compared himself to one). Oh, good god. She’s got that stupid smile on her face. She’s buying it hook, line and sinker.

    She asked Paulie a question about Frank and Paulie lied. I was hoping that she would pick up on that.

    Oh, no. She asked his opinion about James and he’s off to the races. He had fresh meat who hasnt heard his stories a gazillion times so he is never going to shut up.

    He’s going on about how to read people.

  6. tamaratattles

    Care Package Twist:

    Never Not Pass
    – “The winner of this care package cannot be named a Have Not for the rest of the season. So long slop!”

    Eliminate Two Eviction Votes
    – “The winner of this care package could single-handedly flip the house by preventing two Houseguests of their choosing from voting in this week’s eviction.”

    Super Safety
    – “The good news is, the holder of this care package will be safe for the week. The bad news is, this Houseguest must also wear a “Super Safety” costume all week long.

    – “This winner automatically becomes Co-HOH, sharing all HOH perks and responsibilities for the duration of the week, including choosing one of the two nominees.

    BB Bribe
    – “The winner gets $5K to bribe one Houseguest! Bribes may influence voting, competitions, vetoes or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one Houseguest for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.”

  7. Paulie and Bridgette are on the block.

    Paul is with Bridgette telling her how much he wants Day gone. He is giving her sort of the same speech/advice that Paulie gave her and then FISH!

  8. lori

    I am so happy that you find Paul as unbearable as I do limebrain. What a blowhard! I can’t take him any more. It’s like nails on a chalkboard at this point. And speaking of nails on a chalkboard, Paulie’s throat clearing thing that he does constantly irks the living shit out of me. To make matters worse, when I’m watching bbad, I use my headphones a lot so I can hear what they’re saying when they are whispering. I have to turn it up loud, and then Paulie clears that damn throat of his and practically blows my ear drums out. I try to pay attention to the deep breath he usually takes beforehand so I can quickly turn the volume down. I just had to get that off of my chest! Lol. Thanks so much for your recaps limebrain. I’m really enjoying them.

  9. NFLNana

    Nicole and her getting pissed at Da tonight (basically she said game on and that her blood is boiling because Da is aware of Nicole’s scheming and doesn’t trust her) has me wanting to climb inside the care package and arrive in the BB house, to shake her ass silly. She’ is the worst. She’s a conniving slithering snake, right along with Paulie. Ughh!! She infuriates me. Da isn’t allowed to be hip to her game, but it’s OK for her to have been side stepping the entire time. Ughh!! Again. Plus, these girls are idiots. They have numbers!! Paul(HOH) can’t vote and Paulie might just stay on the block. Paulie is running the house. If they weren’t morons, they’d send his cocky ass packing this week. After all he did volunteer to sit on the block. You should never be too comfortable in this game. Also, I’m sick of his Derrick and Cody stories like they are Big Brother masterminds. Their season was one of the worst ones to date. Rant over.

  10. One more thing, Paulie, Nicole, Meech and Corey are all jealous as hell they didn’t get the care package. Natalie is now targeted because of it. They are all talking about her really bad. Paul and Paulie calling her FT, which means fake titties. Meech and Nicole can’t believe either or them or Corey didn’t win. They think she got it bc she is attached to James. These girls are catty bitches all the while the guys are talking shit about all of them. Just dumb.

    • lori

      Ugh! That’s awful!

      Also, Zak is the worst with her ridiculous joke of a relationship with Paulie. She’s making herself look so stupid and nasty. I’m not even in that house, and I can feel the extremely uncomfortable tension surrounding every interaction they have. It’s hard to watch. What is even her purpose in being there? As a bonus, besides the maxipad incident, I’ve also seen her pick her nose and flick it on the floor a few times when she knew damn well that the camera was on her. It’s just so gross.

      Michelle’s another extra nasty one. It’s a shame that James is playing such a stupid game. I’m hoping that this is all part of his master plan, but it’s getting harder and harder to believe that. It’s too bad that as nice as Natalie is, she is sort of useless in this game. She has a hard time grasping even the most basic strategies or how this game works at all, and this far in, that’s pretty bad.

      It’s hard to decide who I most want to see on the block or out the door at this point. There are just too many to choose from. Top of my list are Paulie, Paul, Michelle and Zak. I am dying to at least see Zak and/or Michelle sweating and crying having been nominated. They need to be knocked down a peg or two. I’m tired of those mean girls walking around so comfortable in this game. I really hope that James wins next hoh and wakes up and starts playing a smarter game. He really needs to make a big move. Or if Day ends up staying and SHE wins the next hoh. I wouldn’t mind that at all! I think she needs to go for a bigger fish than Nicole though.

      It’s almost time for the “This is the worst season ever!” phase. lol

  11. Lori, I’m hoping Bridgette wins it also. This way, if they put Davonne on the block, she will blow up Paulie’s game and maybe people will start giving him the side eye.

    And, if she does get to be the one voted out, that she has the return ticket so she can continue ruining his game and Paul’s (since he will have been the one to have put her up.)

    This will make it worth paying for feeds.

  12. Sequoia

    Thanks for all the updates and posts, limebrain.

    Did you know that season 19 of BB is going to be broadcast on “CBS All Access” this fall? I think that kinda sucks. .

  13. tamaratattles

    Playing in PoV: Paul (HoH), Bridgette and Paulie (nominees), Victor (chosen by Paulie), Natalie and Corey.

    PAULIE FUCKING WON POV. God I hate him.

    I’m watching a movie but I’ll try to get a lay of the land regarding what Day knows at this point.

  14. tamaratattles

    Victor was talking to the live feeders, he does NOT like Natalie. APparently Natalie of all people left Victor a mean goodbye message. I can’t believe this, but this is what is being reported.

    Also there is a lot of jealousy, particularly from Z that Natalie was the first one to get a package from America.

    Victor tells us that Michelle is cool with everyone. The thinks Paulie is down with nominating Z.

    Victor blames Nicole for his eviction and thinks she is a liar.

    VIc thinks he is final three with Team Pee Pee Corey and James for the final five.

    Nicole and Corey were close by when he was talking and over heard some of it. Not sure what yet.

  15. tamaratattles

    Supposedly Day has been sleeping all day. No one hs bothered to clue her in that she is getting backdoored.

  16. tamaratattles

    I watched pretty much all night last night. And a few interesting things happened in the wee hours of the morning.

    First of all. Z was being her usual cunty self. She is super jealous of anyone going near Paulie. Since Nat won her “prize” everyone has been jealous of her and also oddly trying to be close to her thinking she is America’s sweetheart. This applies to both Paulie and Z. Paul paying Nat the slightest bit of attention sent her around the bend. She made all sorts of comments that were digs toward Paul. Paulie was especially pissed about her comments that all professional athlete’s cheat. Paulie considers himself a pro athlete because he briefly played on a “professional” soccer team.

    So they snapped at each other all day, and the it came to be bedtime. The bed situation had to be all sorted out because Have Nots did not restart until today. So Z pretended not to care where she slept downstairs because she feels completely entitled to the HOH bed every week. Paulie and began to try to make each other jealous like a couple of 12 year olds. BTW Paulie lost his virginity to a HS girl when he was 12. These two were at each other’s throats all day.

    So bedtime comes and Paulie is of course sleeping with Paul and Z felt sure that she should be there too. So it was LATE like 3 am their time (here comes the sun, my time) and when Z comes up, Paulie basically asks her why she is in HOH as they are going to bed now. SHe said she thought she was sleeping in HOH two he says he felt like they decided against that earlier (because they fought all damn day). He pretty much tells her to get to stepping and sends her back downstairs with the other losers.

    She goes into Safari and sobs and cries to Michelle for a good long while.

    Paulie and Paul go to bed along. They spend about 15 minutes talking serious game. Basically, the plan is to get down to just the guys. Paulie, Paul, Corey, Victor and James. But Paulie pointed out that they have to consider that the girls could actually win something at some point. They can’t really fathom it, but if the girls win, they will do whatever they tell them to do. I would normally call them misogynistic pigs about now, but it’s actually just the truth. Right now as I type this, Z and Nicole are in the kitchen making slop for their future husbands.

    Team Pee Pee talked about how and win to cut Victor. Paul says the girls need to send him home. Bridgette is now right in the middle of the Bro Alliance and will do whatever they want. If she wins they want to convince her to send Vic back out. Day was agreed upon to go this week. Paul is worried about causing too much drama because he is unprotected during the double eviction.

    So after that bromance, they cut off the lights and try to go to sleep because it is POV comp day. Only Paulie gets up fairly quickly and goes downstairs and talks to Z in the Safari room it was a painfully long conversation. He was furious with her. He lectured her for maybe 45 minutes. He kept repeating things over and over like, “Don’t focus on your failures!” “Don’t feel useless because you are bad at comps.” “Have a positive attitude!” “Look at how Nicole is in the house. She is bad at comps too but she has a great attitude!” Over and Over like that and that was after they spatted about the whole issue about professional athletes and cheating and an issues between Paulie and Natalie where they talked about Natalie giving Paul a manicure.

    The point of the story is that Paulie was a giant douchelord and Z was cut down to size and is now completely compliant and back under Paulie’s thumb. Like I said, she is making his slop and practically spoon feeding him.

    All of these girls deserve to get picked off.

    As for my boy, Paul, the longer he is in the house the more comfortable he gets telling stories that clearly let on he is from a wealthy family. This is NOT wise of him, but the idiot has barely watched a season. He had no idea who Zingbot was, or Pandora’s box etc. He also does not get that people get all granola crunchy liberal anti “rich people” at the end and think the winner should be someone who needs a handout.

    And they have alcohol and MY BOY is getting wasted. I wonder how much of Paul’s drunkeness is fake. He has partied all over the world. I don’t see three beers getting him drunk. But then again he is only 23.

    • tamaratattles

      OMG! RIGHT NOW I am listening to Z telling Paul that she thinks “THEY” are just letting some people slide through. Z thinks they need to get rid of the people that aren’t doing anything. Like Natalie.


      • tamaratattles

        Z thinks JAMES is just sliding by.

        Yeah, that five and a half hour endurance comp when was just him being a floater. I am listening to this on BBAD and I keep trying to switch feeds!

      • She did tell Paulie to be careful of Paul. That he could win the game.

        Paulie, being Paulie, scoffed at the idea. The jurors will vote for the better game player, not the most popular. Thats why they voted for Derrick not Cody.

  17. tamaratattles

    Paulie just told Z that he and someone, maybe his brother, were thinking of starting a charity called “Fight the Bull” where they would be angel investors for people who want to do things other than the regular 9 to 5. Z wants to open a Goddard School franchise. That’s a daycare center. She says it is $75K to purchase the franchise license. She seems to think that is the entire start up fee. LOLOLOL.

    Anyway, Paulie said, “Maybe you can be our first Angel donation reciepient.” Then they roll around on the bed making out.

    Seriously. These two. Last night Paulie told Paul he had absolutely no interest in Z outside the house. She is way too much drama for him. Paul told him to please just keep her placated until they could get her out.

    I hate all the girls in this house.

    • tamaratattles

      Cut to drunk nicole telling Corey that one of the other girls is in love with him and she is jealous. Meanwhile he has been begging her not to throw up because they will never get alcohol again.

      • Ive been watching tonight, and I am seriously considering canceling my feeds after this week if Day goes.

        I really don’t care for any of these people.

        On another note, Day has spent all evening cleaning the kitchen by herself. When Z is in there with her, they are not even talking. No talk or campaigning at all about the noms.

        She followed Paul up to the hoh room to get the broom. Still no talk about noms.

        So weird.

    • She also thinks she only had to show up once in a while to check up on things. smh

  18. Davone is on the hammock with Paul. She thinks Bridgette is going home this week.

    Paul said if Paulie uses the veto on himself, it doesn’t matter, Bridgette is going home. Day didn’t even ask who he would put up as a renom.

    Meanwhile, Paulie is playing pool with Vic. He’s planning on Day leaving this week and Z leaving next week.

  19. amisteree

    This is so frustrating to watch unfold, and yet I can’t turn my head away. The girls/women(??) are delusional, and have been completely out-played by the guys. Ok, I know this is a STRETCH, but in an effort to rationalize my mind-numbing obsession with BB, I am struck by the parallels of this errr…uh…”social-study” (BB) and our presidential race. The sexist similarities. I don’t particularly trust or care for Hillary, but I acknowledge the life long fight and single-minded determination necessary to make it this far. She is a fierce competitor at the expense of being warm, approachable, vulnerable or beloved. She is nobody’s pawn. I know BB is a silly reality show, but it is a glaring reflection of women’s conditioning to be subservient to men. On BB, with the exception of Day, the girls are acting like they are on the Bachelor. Actually some of the guys are, too. Even so, I still like Paul and James the most! I need to put away my laptop and participate in life…nah.

  20. lori

    Wow. Thank you everyone for all of the updates. It’s sounds torturous. I haven’t watched bbad or any youtube videos for 2 days. I have them recorded, but after hearing all of this, I don’t even think I can stand to watch. I cannot deal with these girls! I cannot stand almost everyone in the house, but the girls are absolutely infuriating. I loathe Z. She’s up in the the top of my all time most hated hg’s ever. Just when I think she can’t get any more awful, she does. I WISH WISH WISH that Day would push Z over the edge to the point that there is no choice but to send Z home this week. It would be so easy. As a matter of fact, she could probably easily be pushed to the point of security needing to be called in.

  21. timtoodles

    7:29 EST Paul and James talk strategy. Nichole and Michele talk about crushes on boys from BB15 &BB16 and who recruiting though thought they would be attracted to on BB18. Z probably wrapped around Paulie somewhere.

  22. Day is up in the hoh room now telling him she doesn’t want to go on the block. To put up someone else who hasn’t been on yet.

    He’s telling her to trust him. He’s a man of his word.

    He has to ask the house.

    She asks as a favor if he decides to pick her to tell her before hand, not to let it be a surprise.

    Paul is such a liar.

    As she’s leaving, he asks her to send Bridgette up.

  23. Jesus. He really has nothing to say to her, yet he made her limp up the stairs with her bad knee. Jerk.

  24. Day has been put on the block

    I just can’t figure out if she knows she is the target or still thinks Bridgette is going?
    Part of me thinks she does but then she talks with others and I get confused.

    Fingers crossed, if she goes she comes right back in guns blazing. Now that means she actually will have to win comps. Something I am not to confident in with these girls

    Seen some talks and Z and paulie had sex last night. I think in ne of the bumper cars. Good for them if they can pull that off.

    Also I hate all the boys

    • tamaratattles

      I think Day still believes Paul that she is a pawn. Zak and Michelle both want to vote Bridgette out. Natalie seems up to join them. They would need four to get a tie. They stupidly talk about this in front of Nicole who they KNOW runs to tell the boys every damn thing. If they could get a tie, I don’t know if Paul would want to get blood on his hands by voting out Day.

      I don’t think the girls have the balls to try anything like this and will likely fold.
      Michelle was having trouble sleeping last night and apparently James or someone was pranking her. Natalie ended up sleeping with Michelle somehow and now there is trouble in paradise between James and Natalie. I think James was also pissed that Natalie was being flirty with the guys.

    • lori

      And today Paulie talked so bad about Zak, and how she let him toss her all around and that she thinks she has him like a little puppy dog but she doesn’t. I can’t wait for her stupid ass to learn all of this after the show is done.

  25. Tried to watch BBAD but Paul actually gave me a fucking migraine. Please, make him STFU!

  26. Omg! I may be wrong but please let me be righrighht!

    Paulie and Nichole are talking in the hoh room about Z.

    And Z is in the Paris tunnel listening!

    No idea if Nichole is in on it.

    Please please please let this be true!!!

    I will keep my feeds for another weerk if so.

  27. Omg!!!!

    It is true!!!!!

    They just flashed back and held the camera on Z listening!!!

    We just got an early Christmas present!!!!

  28. Damn. It appears she didn’t hear anything said while she was in the tunnel.

    Paulie is now berating her in the Paris room.

    He is such a dick. And he is no Derrick.

  29. Paulie makes Frank look good. I hope Paulie can never procreate. I would feel sorry for the kids having him as a parent.

    He is a sick puppy.

  30. Sundays recap is now up. If anyone is reading my latest commernts here about Paulie being a dickhead. Please comment about them over there. I’m setting up camp over there to talk shit about him.

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