#RHONY Reunion Tea And The Fate Of Carole’s Cookbook/Relationship

RHONY Bethenny


A TamaraTattles commenter has sent me the following recap of party of Bethenny’s radio show this week. I am not sure how or if she wants to be identifed. I’ll let her out herself in comments if she wants to. Meanwhile, I pulled out my purple pen to respond to all the tea! 

I only listened for maybe 45 minutes in the car (wasting gas) during her two-hour show.  It was broadcast from the Hamptons. Carole was on in the beginning of the show, not really saying much except agreeing with Bethenny and still complaining about Lu’s opinions and lies on Carole and Adam. (Yawn).  Carole was sitting there during the whole show.

Let’s think for a moment about how Luann handles the RHONY meddling in her relationship compared to how Carole deals with Luann’s comments about her May-December romance with her niece’s former boyfriend that she met in her home.  First of all, Carole’s relationship impacted Luann’s family. Luann’s relationship with Tom had zero impact on Carole’s world.  Carole won’t shut up about Luann trash talking her for picking up her niece’s boyfriend in her own house. Luann on the other  hand says that she while she hoped her “friends” would be happy for her, their attempts to sabotage her relationship with Tom are falling on deaf ears. They are happy, and traveling the world and preparing to get married while the bitter Bettys try to bring her down. If Carole was happy with Adam, she’d just ignore Luann who has not mentioned a word about her relationship with Adam this season.

RHONY Luann tom

Bethenny was saying how she has very good reliable information on Tom and was hesitant to tell Lu but she’s tells the truth, and we will see next week.  She said she couldn’t say too much.  Other than saying calling LuAnn a whore wasn’t her finest moment, Bethenny didn’t say too much on Lu from what I listened to. (Last week’s show Bethenny was ranting again about Lu being a whore. Found her tirade really disturbing)

How in the world does it impact Bethenny’s life if Luann is sleeping with six random strangers every night of her life? What does she hope to gain by slut shaming Luann? It’s obvious that she and Tom have been together since the first night they met.  How on earth would Bethenny be receiving this damning information about Tom’s fidelity if she were not actively seeking it out. Why would Bethenny hunt for dirt on Tom? Why would someone send it to her and not Luann or Sonja or Ramona or Dorinda? Why is she so invested in Luann’s relationship?

Both Bethenny and Carole said the rest of the cast are liars and are nothing like how they portray themselves on the show.  They were both mad at the reunion that the ladies kept pointing out how close they are, and Bethenny and Carole couldn’t understand it, and so what if they are? Both Bethenny and Carole agreed it was the ugliest reunion ever for NY and took Bethenny a week to recover.  (Poor Bethenny)

Poor Bethenny indeed. Jules was her usual upbeat self right after the reunion sitting in the clubhouse for a WWHL taping right after the reunion. She’s going through a divorce and did a very lengthy reunion for the first time, and came out a champ. 

Bethenny said there is a lot of drug use going on.  Didn’t say who or if it was said at reunion.  (IMO if she said this at reunion that must of set off everyone)

I suppose this is in addition to their Adderall addictions. #Deflection  Bethenny already accused John of doing coke. And rumors abound about Dorinda. 

The reunion went well until after lunch.  Bethenny said they fought from 2:00 pm till 9:00 pm.  Bethenny had to battle four women (didn’t say who) while having strep throat and 102 degree fever.  She said she really freaked out on her behavior, and even though she didn’t say she was embarrassed, you could tell, because she complimented Lu on her calm composure considering all the shit thrown at her.

Bethenny has been a bitch all season. I’m thinking the strep throat is an easy excuse. The fact that she seems to think the reunion will make her look bad, must mean she was even worse than usual. 

Sonja is trying to sue Bethenny and has contacted Gloria Allred. Bethenny said she didn’t know in the Bravo contract that you can’t sue other castmates (right).  Even Carole piped in surprised.   (I read Bethenny is trying to trademark Tipsy Girl, as one word.  Get the full trademark war info here. )

Bethenny said she spent the whole season defending her business brand and how the other ladies were always coming for her (right). That’s why she was such a bitch. She used as an example, again, how Lu was taking credit for naming Skinny Girl.

Bethenny said that Dorinda got away with murder during the reunion and couldn’t understand it.

I understand it. Dorinda has really tried to “make it nice” all season and Bethenny has acted like an ass toward her in her own home, and at every event she hosted.  Dorinda is likeable. Sure she has faults and issues, but compared to Bethenny and Carole, she’s Mother Teresa! 

RHONYcaroleCarole was asked a question on the progress of the cookbook.  She said it’s not going to happen. She and Adam fight too much about it. Bethenny made sure to say they are still in love.

I predict that this relationship is already over and we won’t see Adam again. 

The rest of the show that I caught bits of was people calling in about sex questions, sex toys, and people kissing her ass on how wonderful she is.  Stupid stuff.  Carole came back on to inform the audience that she started using a vibrator at 13 and Bethenny was 30; who cares – yuck. (They both acted like giddy 15 year olds)

Why Bethenny is given a 2-hour show is ridiculous and unfair to the other castmates since they can’t defend themselves except on Twitter?

Because, Radio Andy.

OT:   On another Radio Andy show that interviews the housewives, Tamra Judge was on and said that Ryan and Sarah have moved back in together and she’s trying to keep out of their business.  Also she and Vicki have a big fight towards the end of the season.

I wonder if Vicki sued Tamra over the ATV accident. I’m betting yes. 


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61 responses to “#RHONY Reunion Tea And The Fate Of Carole’s Cookbook/Relationship

  1. Bethenny always seems to have an excuse on why she’s a bitch.

    • She’s the only one who can fix it…if she doesn’t like it, that is.

    • blaine

      She’s like an oblivious abuser that way.

      She behaves in an abusive way then comes up with immediate excuses as to how she’s not herself or its just a reaction to what the victim has done so the victim deserved it. I’ve had strep and it gave me a sore throat. It didn’t force me to behave like a sour snatch bitch. And as soon as I started antibiotics the symptoms alleviated.

      Thanks to the reader for sharing and TT for the purple pen!

    • Babaloo

      I wish Bethenny and my little Pony would go away, they are both retched bitches.

  2. T D

    Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. Skinny and skinnier, despite their superior intelect, aren’t smart enough to know to say nothing if you haven’t anything nice to say. How were you able to listen for forty five minutes while driving? One minute is enough to leave one with a stabby feeling.

  3. Nila

    So weird…I have a question about taping verses airing..Betenny said in her first WWHL that the season went fine and she guessed that they would all go out again (like last year) after the reunion taping for dinner.. Was the reunion taped much later then the first airing? Could she have been that self involved that she thought the season went “fine”? Do you think the Bethenny back lash is surprising her?

    Bethenny said the person who sent her the texts had no dog in the fight..so why send it at all and why to Bethenny? Bethenny was dogging because she is only happy when everyone else is miserable.

    • Minky

      I would answer yes to all of that. Bethenny seems truly stunned that anybody would characterize her behavior as inappropriate. “Inappropriate” is the mildest word I could use.

      Now that the season’s filming and the reunion filming are over she’s beginning to realize that being protected by Andy is only valuable while she’s filming with the other Wives, not on Twitter, blogs, or any other format. And she’s realizing that basically everybody in the cast secretly loathes her. Eventually she’ll realize that includes Carole too.

      She’s having a slow and dragged-out rude awakening from her narcissistic coma and she’s still having trouble figuring out why she’s getting such a backlash. She’s just as delusional as Sonja, but in a different way.

  4. When Bethenny was slut shaming Luann at Dorinda’s home, I said that Luann must have slept with one of her friend’s husband or something. I guess it must have been her friend that Luann stole Tom away.

    When Ramona was recounting the story of how it happened, didn’t she say she heard it from Bethenny’s friend?

    It’s the only thing I can think of why she is so invested. Otherwise, I would think it was Bethenny herself. But none of them could keep that a secret and not let it slip. Especially, Ramona.

    • Minky

      Good catch Limebrain. Who is this mysterious “friend”? Could it be a former cast member that’s still on good terms with Bethenny? I give up.

    • Deb in SF

      Which is exactly what she is doing with a friend’s (ex-friend, most likely) husband. Hypocrisy abounds!

    • Marybelle

      I’ve heard Luann knows the wife of Bethenny’s current boyfriend. You know, the guy she was seeing while he was still VERY MUCH married, and that what set her off at Dorinda’s was Luann asking her who she was dating. So Bethenny tried to rip Luann down as a so-called warning, think – like I’ll cut you before you cut me. But, of course, if Luann truly knows this woman, she hasn’t spilled anything yet and not for love of Bethenny – either. Interesting to see what will happen there if this is true.

      Also, Bethenny and carole were trying to get Lu fired, but that also backfired. Now that she’s getting married, I predict she’s also getting the ol’ Bravo spinoff, which is the ultimate F-U to B&C. Pooooor Bethenny.

    • I think she is friends with the wife of the Guy Beth is banging . lu said something to the effect of “well, who are YOU dating?” and Beth went ballistic

  5. sandra

    Love the purple pen….I agree with everything you wrote. Bethenny and Carole are miserable bitches. Yep!

  6. sunkissed748

    The writer isn’t writing a cookbook for her 20+ years younger bf which has been her SL for 2 seasons? Talk about tall tales from HW’s. Predict as the gracious host does, they are broken up & he’s gone.

    • How hard can it be to write a cookbook when your boyfriend is the one coming up with the recipes?

      I mean, Theresa from HWONJ was able to crank out a few no problem.

    • It was pretty obvious from that clip of Carole and Adam – Facetiming while he was in Chile (or wherever) that he and his friend were waiting for someone to show up – someone who caused him to terminate the call as soon as they walked in. That’s when I noticed the shift in their relationship.

      • Brentjohn

        Totally agree. Adam looked so bored at having to FaceTime with Carole. There was absolutely no spark in his eyes towards her and he couldn’t wait to get off the call with her. It seems in many of their scenes Carole is giddy and fishing for compliments and he looks like he’s thinking, “God, she’s so needy.” Clearly he’s over her. Move on Adam.

      • Auntie Velvet

        Minor caveat, but “receipts” IS a correct, albeit old-fashioned, word for recipes. My mother says it sometimes, even. Of course, she also asks the waiter for “the chit” at the end of a meal, which usually leads to confusion all around. 😉

      • Minky

        You’re momma sounds like a hoot. I heard about “receipts” being the old word for recipes on “Two Fat Ladies”. One of the best cooking shows ever. Clarissa and Jennifer were too cute. RIP

    • Dexter

      No no no. Carol and Adam entered their beautiful love knowing it might not last! In a desperately romantic way she came on strong and he said whatever. She expresses her love and how many Summer’s they have and he wonders what that grandma aquarium is doing in his apartment. He probably thinks it’s so weird dating his mom.

  7. T D

    When your flavor profile includes bitter with and acidic finish you miss out on the sweet and pungent spice of life worth savoring.

  8. Deb in SF

    Thanks for this great tea, TT! Can’t wait for reunion shows!

  9. T D

    Recipe from Carole and and her best beastie forever..Cog au vinegar.Two stringy, old boney hens. Cook in a pressure cooker untill the sun bumps into the moon. Nothing can tenderiiize or warm this dish. They serve it cold over shaved glass. That’s what they set upon their table. Maybe there’s one less bell to answer and egg to fry because you can’t cook without heat and the oven is frozen.

    • Dexter

      I am so sad. Their love for each other shined through the recipes and intro he was not allowed to write. I loved that Pulitzer Prize wining hipster premise, so sophisticated and wry, how falling in love with a child made an old hag who hate crap become a reluctant vegetarian, reluctantly eating vegetables when her boy toy was around. Such an an uninteresting “whoo hoo everybody! Look at me! I am cool and so witty and cool. Me and my boy toy are doing something cute”. Except Adam can’t stand her and no longer needs the exposure

  10. BeetsWhy

    Ahhh, cocaine! That’s what has been throwing me off about Luann’s scenes about Tom. She is over the top happy, a bit anxiously desperate, and just a little too in your face. I believe she is happy and in love but now that I know coke could be a guest at the party her odd behavior all makes sense.

    • Brentjohn

      I have always felt that Luann’s scenes this season have been very strange and very staged. Like bad acting – I just don’t buy what she’s selling. I like Lu but something feels very off about her proclamations of love and bliss. On the other hand her scene with Bethenny where she accepted her own invitation to Mexico was brilliant. Master Class Luann – Who’s the Boss?

  11. Christi

    I find it interesting that Bethenny would have a fit if people were talking about her business to the press but she can go in her radio show and call them sluts and accuse them of using drugs. Those women need to let her know she needs to cut that crap out.
    It’s really crappy of Andy to give her that platform.

    • Rach

      I agree 100%. She feels she can say anything about these women yet throws the most embarassing hissy fits if something is directed at her. Awful woman

    • Dexter

      Yeah what did christen task man do? Say “Bethenny is lovely” to a reporter and Betheny ripped her a new one. don’t talk to about me to the press! It the same as Carole “I’m a princess but I don’t tell anyone. Stop calling me a princess! You didn’t? Oh because I am a princess. And I was married to John johns cousin and best friend. DO NOT TALK ABOUT JOHN JOHN. it was so sad when he died. But I never talk about it”. Bethhy loves the press but says please don’t ever mention me yet is jealous Luane or Sonja get press

  12. Microop

    I really hope Vicki didn’t sue Tamra. I think if you get in the vehicle that is the risk you take.

  13. Microop

    I’ve stopped watching RHONY. I can’t tolerate the refusal to apologize. Usually when people behave badly they at least can say sorry. The entitlement is unreal. I honesty feel differently about the whole Jill situation now. Jill did not behave well when she was scorned but Bethenny used her and then was mean to her on top of it. I think Jill would have been happy for Bethenny she just wanted to be included in her life. Jill was annoying but would have been a loyal friend. Bethenny squashed her for caring, and having her feelings hurt, then begged her to be on her failing talk show.

  14. Miguel

    Excellent, as always, Tamara – can’t wait for the Finale and Reunion!!!

  15. Dandy Lion

    Thanks so much to the anonymous reader and to you, TT for the fabulous purple pen! Bethenny is supposedly so happy; she’s rich, has a child and is dating. Yet she oozes with bitterness. Everyone is right, each time she is embarrassed by a tirade she excuses it with some health issue: fibroids made me do it; I was blinded by strep. Come on! Carole is just pathetic and I doubt Adam is around or interested.

  16. Auntie Velvet

    Dorinda tweeted after the reunion taping that she left in a body bag, so I doubt she’d agree with Bethenny that everyone took it easy on her.

  17. Carl

    Wait, I’m confused. If the Bravo contract says you can’t sue castmates, how is Sonja & Vicki doing so?

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I too am a bit confused. But isn’t Sonja’s liquor guy the one that hired Allred to sue on Sonja’s behalf or something? I can’t recall, I think TT had a blind about that but seem to remember they were attempting to sue Bravo, not Bethenny?

    • Nila

      Sue for financial gain or sue period? I know several housewives have served each other with orders to stop them from talking (or threatened/tried to).

  18. Jane Grey

    In regard to Bethenny attacking Luann for claiming to have had a hand in naming the skinny girl margarita: Bethenny autographed a copy of one of her books for Luanne and wrote, “you helped me invent the skinny girl margarita.” You can see this in the episode where Luann was having the auction at her old Hamptons house.

    • Dexter

      It was also on film. They met for lunch. Bethenny ordered a skinny girl margarita then explained to waiter how to make her watered down swill. Luanne said I’ll have one too. And she said this is great! You should market this! And skinny girl Margarita is a great name. Use it” and Bethy was ah yes you may have something there… It was of course staged to highlight her skinny girl idea. But she played along. Is involved Luanne

  19. There is a theory that Bethenney is engaged to Dennis Shields and wanted that to be the focal point of next season’s show. But, LuAnn got their first. I can’t confirm this. Anyone with any valid info on this, please speak up.

  20. Elizabeth

    You would think Bethenny would not act like a total lunatic on camera and/or radio..Jason could drag her into court at anytime and show just a clip of some of this behavior….I used to think she was funny….not now…ugh

  21. Jaded

    Has Bethenny ever had a finest moment? Just asking.

  22. monica

    I have never cared for Bethenny. She comes on too strong. Always.
    I use to like Carole but not since she has attached herself to Ms. Frankel.
    Bethenny needs to go take a seat next to Jill Zarin.

  23. ChrisT

    I am sick of Bethenny accusing other people of doing drugs. This season she has not only accused John of doing coc, but she also accused both Ramona and Luann of doing crystal meth. Now this radio show. In reality, Bethenny and Carole are the only ones who come across as potentially habitual drug users to me. Bethenny just can’t stop maligning her co-stars. She has become just pure evil to me.

  24. Pantaloons

    She acts like she has the power to bust up relationships.e.g.Dorinda and John. Telling to her face that she was surprised that they didn’t break up after the bra party. Frankel was dead serious about that.
    She has the balls the size of cantaloupe calling Dorinda, Dorinda Meddler.
    She is wack this season and may I add, misery loves company. Hence her trying to bust up any kind of relationship of the housewives.
    And for Godsakes, she is not the catch phrase queen. Zero fucks and get off my jock have been around the world wide web for ions. She’s a fuck face.

    • Dexter

      Cool. I am making a tee shirt that says cool. No one use that but me. I made the tee shirt. “Where’s the beef?” Same thing. Mine. Ask me a question. I will answer “cowabunga! You sure want the details!” Or I can say “oh no you didn’t. Bye Felicia”. I am so witty and funny and quick it is amazing!

  25. JKR

    I just scrolled back to find a NY thread I could put this on (I apologize if this is somewhat off for this thread.) I admit I am late to the game, and haven’t had any desire to watch this franchise this season. However..
    I just caught the dinner conversation on ep 15 where Jules admits her bulimia. Bethenny makes me sick. Someone tells you they have struggled with a disorder that endangered their life (still struggling), and is genuinely emotional- and all you do is make it about you?
    I used to like Bethenny. Not anymore. It was disgusting to see how nasty she was to Jules. It must suck to have made all that money and realize at the end of the day you are a more miserable bitch than you started out. That is all.
    And Carol with the “oh, jesus.” I wanted to punch her.

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