Rapper Drama Comes Looking For Phaedra Parks

RHOA Phaedra


Just last month, Angela Stanton and Phaedra Parks’ very long legal battle finally came to an end with neither side admitting any wrongdoing.   At the center of that legal battle was a book, a memoir written by Stanton called Lies of a Real Housewife.  In the book, Stanton accused Phaedra Parks of being the mastermind behind multiple crimes that she, Phaedra’s husband Apollo Nida and others had all done time for. Stanton says she was introduced to Phaedra through her boyfriend at the time,  Atlanta rapper, Drama, who was a client of Phaedra’s at that time.

After shutting down my laptop around 10 am this morning, I took some time to focus on other aspects of my day. When I opened my laptop again, I was flooded with emails about Drama, who was released from prison sometime last year after serving a lengthy sentence.  One of Phaedra’s neighbors got off a plane only to have numerous texts from that little neighborhood group that Drama was threatening to blow Phaedra up with a bomb.



Multiple local news stations are showing video of a bomb squad going into a Lennox Square office building, which was evacuated after Drama strolled into a law firm he believed was Phaedra’s and demanded to see her. The problem is, Phaedra hasn’t seen the inside of a law office in ages, and it appears she has no ties to the office that Drama invaded. It has long been rumored that Phaedra rents an office within a law firm strictly for filming the occasional scene for RHOA but hasn’t been handling cases on her own for some time.  Phaedra’s current career aspirations seem to be focused on politics and becoming the next Al Sharpton.  Phaedra has been rushing in to the scene of many highly publicized political events involving black political matters and presenting herself as a spokesperson. She is currently in Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention attending Congressional Black Caucus events.


Drama entered the office that he believed to be Phaedra’s place of employment today and when he was told that she didn’t work there, he became extremely agitated and claimed to have a bomb strapped to his body.  The police were contacted, the building was evacuated and a bomb squad came in to screen the building for explosives. The search showed no explosives were present. Drama was carted off to jail and arrested on multiple charges including terroristic threats.

Just another day in the life of a Real Housewife  of Atlanta… and their neighbors.


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23 responses to “Rapper Drama Comes Looking For Phaedra Parks

  1. Toni Lee Gildea

    The next Al Sharpton….snort snort. First smile of the day for me. Thanks, TT!

  2. Opela88

    She’s a joke, “rents a law office” unbelievable . Lies, lies, lies . She’s an attorney , mortician , black rights activist , mother , who knows what else she claims. She stages cooking scenes with her kids, law appointments . Ugh I can’t even stand it… My favorite scene was that butt dial to Cynthia where she talked sh*t and showed her true colors .🐍

  3. Minky

    Does it make me a bad person if I’m kind of tickled by this news? No, I don’t want anybody to be hurt. And, yes, Drama sounds a bit psycho. But Phaedra cannot keep screwing people over the way she has been doing and never expect anyone to go a bit looney and try to get back at her somehow.

    She’s ruined so many lives. Where are the damn feds already?!!!

    I wonder if this makes it onto the show?

  4. Blondesense

    You have to be really angry to sacrifice your freedom again after a long stint in prison. Drama has obviously been stewing in his anger for a long, long time.

    • Minky

      Mmmm hmmmm. Now try to put yourself in Apollo’s “juvial” shoes. Imagine how he’s gonna feel after 8 long, miserable years in the clink. How does Phaedra sleep at night?!!!

      • T D

        Upside down with her toes clinging to the rafters?

      • Minky

        T D you’re just too much. If I may, for old time’s sake, invoke Nietzsche regarding Phaedra (or Vicki or Tamra or any ultra-religious Wife for that matter): “There was only one Christian. And He died on the cross.”

  5. Microop

    What’s the deal with the pop up asking us who we are going to vote for?

    There are very few venues where I vocalize my political beliefs, but I will be forthcoming about this: I will never ever vote for Phaedra. 😉

    • Minky

      Especially if Porsha is her running mate for VP. Their slogan “Don’t put a THOT in the White House. Put TWO!” Their campaign song: “Bend Ova” by Lil’ John and Tyga. Jesus would not be pleased. 😂

  6. beth

    Well, Phaedra has a story line now …

  7. sandra

    Congratulations, Tamara! Now, prepare for the thievery to begin.

  8. Margaret Shepard

    I am hoping her husband starts talking and she gets what’s coming to her. Prayer cloth on her lap. Make me gag.

  9. T D

    He was looking in the wrong place. She was slithering through the grass, with her prayer cloth, on her soft, yellow under belly.

  10. Allison

    I mean, hey, I’m all for getting involved for a change-is Phaedra Parks what the DNC and BLM need as a representative? I’d think not-but if she can use her (I’m gonna say “notoriety” instead of “fame”) to try and make some good happen, more power to her. Maybe its her way of lightening her karma load. Because phew-that shit had to be getting heavy, waiting for her to knock on the door. Karma, that is.

    • Microop

      The problem is she’s a fraud. I think if she were honest, I’d be all for her fighting the fight, but if she truly gets involved she will get exposed and distract from the message.

      • Minky

        Someone like Phaedra is the last thing the black community needs. They’ve already suffered enough! She would be like the next Marion Barry.

  11. All jokes aside…that’s so scary. I’m no fan of Phaedra’s, but I’m glad he got the wrong place.

    • Minky

      No, it’s very good that this guy got the wrong place and thankfully didn’t manage to hurt anybody. No matter how much I dislike Phaedra I don’t want her, or anybody else, to get hurt. I hope my comment above didn’t sound too horrible.

      I can understand this guy’s anger, but I definitely do not support any kind of violence.

  12. More Tea Please!

    Drama…wasn’t he one of Angela Stanton’s Baby Daddies?

    Guy was messed up before he was a one hit wonder, did time in 2000, then was arrested for three armed robberies for which he did 12 years. Shady Phae gets him furloughed so he can go on tour promoting his hit.

    He probably got out of the slammer after 12 years to find that he had dust in his royalties drawer and blamed Phaedra.

    Phaedra – you hang out with dogs, get fleas!

  13. T D

    Due to an unsatiable thirst this beast is naturally drawn to bodies of water that are surrounded by cameras and limelight, feeding off the pension checks of the elderly. Allegedly. Angela Stanton’s tocsin of truth.

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