Flipping Out Recap: Keeping It Moist!

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Tonight on Flipping Out Jeff is going all the way to San Diego for work. This seems either completely ridiculous or the sign of someone who is having trouble getting jobs in LA after getting fired by Living Spaces.

In other completely ridiculous news, Jenni got a vaginal steam. Or a V-Steam as the idiots call it. Speaking of idiots, if you live on the UES you can get Cindy Barshop, former RHONY, to be your vagina steamer. I am not kidding. For a mere $100 a former housewife will steam your clam. It seems like it is a requirement for all women on Bravo to discuss their vaginas at length and have as many odd treatments to them on camera as humanly possible. We are not finished with Jenni’s vagina this episode.

In other moisture news, Frank the contractor has to tell Chaz that due to moisture in the walls the new estimate on a job is three times more than expected. See? Moisture on your walls is bad ladies and can breed mold and bacteria.

Speaking of Frank, his wife and her vagina seem to have taken control of Frank’s business. She wants Jeff to provide a clear scope of work for each job rather than bringing in other contractors whenever the notion strikes him to complete parts of the project that he was initially contracted to do.  This caused Jeff to get steamed. But not vaginally. Just figuratively.

Flipping Out Jenni Sperm

Jenni and her bag of sperm…

In San Diego, Jeff, Gage, Vanina and Megan Weaver with the big beaver are picked up by a woman named Michelle. There was discussion about whether or not Michelle actually had a vagina. Perhaps she had some parts steamed off.

In La Jolla, Jeff and crew visit a friend of Jeff’s to reshape and remodel her lady pool so that it can properly retain moisture. They will of course surround it with a new lady garden.

In a quest for even more moisture in her vagina, Jenni goes to get some sperm shot up in there.  She is having trouble keeping her pregnancies and has had multiple miscarriages.  We watch as she gingerly carries a bag with a vaginal suppository full of her husband’s sperm and then we watch recline in a position where all 25 million swimmers can swim downstream.  I hope this is the last of Jenni’s vagina being front and center for this episode.

And it is. Until next week, when we gather around her vagina once again, to count gestational sacs.


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19 responses to “Flipping Out Recap: Keeping It Moist!

  1. StubbyG

    “Steam your clam”…I laughed so hard that I almost wet my pants. Thank you, I so needed that!

  2. Minky

    Oh my god!!! Is Bravo the new gynecology channel?! Vaginas by Bravo. What’s next? Genital mutilation?!!! I kid, but I am concerned.

    I figure Jeff and co. handled this subject much more tactfully than other shows. I hope at least.

  3. I loved this clever recap as well as Minky’s comment (which always make me laugh!).

  4. Lisa j

    Normally hate the Vag talk but I thought it so sweet w Jenni covering the sperm shot from direct sunlight. I’ve had several miscarriages and saw the glimpse of pain in her eyes. Best of luck to you Jenni! Still a flipping fan, just the right amount of sass and sweetness.

    • I agree. Jenni is far more sympathetic than Meghan and, while disclosing this stuff on tv (to keep the money from Bravo rolling in I assume), she did it with way more maturity and class than others have done. Good luck Jenni.

  5. More Tea Please!

    Hilarious! Amazing writing TT.

    I’m at least glad to see Bravo move from the back door to the front door this season.

  6. Jessica White

    I got caught up on flipping out yesterday. Oh, how i have missed Jeff Lewis. I love him

  7. Nina

    Can someone clear something up for me? I still can’t figure out their living situation. At the end of last season, they were in the Hollywood house with the rent to purchase option. Now they are in a different house that’s undergoing a huge renovation. What happened to the Hollywood House?

  8. Jeff is much nicer now than than when the show first started & his OCD was out of control. BTW, taking the train for a La Jolla appt. is actually a great idea. It is a short scenic ride south & the traffic is avoided. I take trains on both coasts whenever I can.

    • tamaratattles

      tell me about this east coast train you take…

      • Loretta

        I’m pretty sure grandma meant both ways, not both coasts .

      • Minky

        Ha! Yeah, that’s what we call it here Tamara. It’s all Southern California, but you can always go south-er. Don’t get me started about Orange County (no shade to the OC) and Oceanside and Vista. Lord almighty!

  9. T D

    In the depth of my darkest doubt, testing fate, I questioned if the almighty could deliver the inpossible, asking not for a child of my own flesh, but only for one to love. Ask and receive.

  10. Jim

    TT, from the preview, it appears that the doctor is discussing gestational sacks with Gage and Jeff. So I assume it would be their surrogate with the “second, small gestational sack”. Of course I had to google that. It seems it can be quite common with IVF and most likely it’s a non-viable twin. And it usually doesn’t negatively affect the other viable fetus.

  11. Joanplus2dogs

    It is sorta crazy the show about the ocd blunt boss is now the sweet show on Bravo. Jeff has definitely mellow out thru the years. He still has his moments & can be a bit abusive toward employees/contractors. It seems like now he has a number of long time people he can count on, he has realized they are part of his family & want success with him. I hope Gage & Jeff get their baby & it will mellow him even more. Hopefully Jenny will have another as well. So sad she had the miscarriages though sometimes Mother Nature knows best & there is a cutoff time for all women.

    I would be curious as to why Jeff never bought a small space for his business rather to keep moving it especially when market dropped. It has be work to keep changing numbers & addresses, business licenses, everyone updated. Plus it would suck as an employee to never know if office will be nearby to your home or outrageous distance.

  12. Elizabeth

    Scope of work

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