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By Lime Brain

Recap of Tuesday, 7/26/16

Nothing happened.  There, I’m done.

You think I am kidding?  It seemed every time I turned on my feeds I would see Nicole whining about Corey to somebody so I would turn my feeds back off.  I would hope BB would have the cameras on somebody else if something important was going on.  But then again, you never know.

I guess Tuesdays will be the days of calm before the storm.  They nap all day waiting for Wednesday, when the real campaigning will begin.

So, today I am going to try something different. I will give my scanty details of yesterday and the action that I COULD NOT HEAR (thanks Big Brother) that was going on around 6:30 this morning and happening now and leave it open for everyone to post anything going on and see how this works.  It will probably fail because the HGs are most likely going to sleep right after this posts.

But first, I am going repost the beginning of my recap of Sunday’s show where I rant about Frank and why I want him gone.  My post got lost in the mail, and I thought Frank was a goner but you never know in the BB house. Good, let him stay so I can keep ragging on him. Though, I am sure he is a wonderful, delightful person in the outside world. Hmmm…

BB18  frank bridgette


So here’s the important thing from my original post:

“You should also know my biases on the players and where I am coming from.  First off, and most importantly, I WANT FRANK GONE!!!  Did I type it loud enough?

Not only is Frank rude and crude, farts on people on purpose to make his points, and called people sluts, slapped Day’s ass, trying to sexually harass her, gaslights people trying to convince people that he never says or does these things, called James a racist name last night on the feeds, etc., etc.  

He does the most unforgivable thing every day.  He leaves his dirty peanut butter knife in the sink on purpose to aggravate the other HGs.  He told Bridgette that last night when she tried to wash it.

Why is this passive aggressive action so unforgivable?  Because, as he lies, gaslights, and intimidates his way through the game, the knife is the one piece of physical evidence to snap you back to reality every single day that FRANK IS A DOUCHE BAG and you are not the crazy one after all.

The other thing to know is that I am riding the Davonne, James, Natalie trains all at the same time.  The Davonne train slowed down a little bit and I almost hopped off. But it’s picking up speed again. She hasn’t done anything worse than what the other players have done.  But she’s a woman and for some reason her manipulation is held against her, while the men are lauded for it.  She’s also working on her own and doesn’t have a showmance to hide behind or help her out. So, more power to her.

Before this recap begins (sorry so lengthy) is that the “word on the street” is that Paul and Paulie have a final 2 deal made in the first few days of the show.  I heard this today.  The alliance is called “Friendship” and they are openly mocking people by using the word all the time. I have no clue if this is true or not, but just keep an eye on this and do a shot every time it is said.  I thought Paulie and James had a final 2 deal made before the show started and I am looking for that also.  Oh, hell, Paulie probably has a secret final two deal with everybody.  He can leave right after Frank and we get to watch the hamsters scramble in the aftermath. “

Ok, I’m back.  If there are any Frank fans, go ahead and try to convince me why he should stay other than the house would be boring without him.

Other things I saw on the feeds yesterday, was Paul doing infomercials to the camera on beard and tattoo care.  It went on forever. All the while, he had this one, really long gray strand sticking out so bad that I had this uncontrollable urge to put my hand through the screen and pluck it. Cory was giving Nichole piggy back rides and Michelle told Paul and Davonne that French people hate Americans because we are fat.

When I woke up this morning, Davonne, Paulie and Paul were having a powwow about Frank trying to flip votes for him to stay. I tried so hard to hear what they were saying but to no avail. I could hear Nichole’s name popping up.    Paul went to talk to Bridgette to tell her that Frank was campaigning against her and the votes have been flipped because he told everybody that she wanted to go home.  They are trying to get her upset and give them info about Nichole and Corey. Paulie went to talk to Frank to make him think the house might keep him.  I guess they want to pit these two against each other and rat each other out today.

So that’s where we stand as of 8 am.  I have to take someone to multiple dr. appts. today, so I will be watching feeds and hopefully they won’t be sleeping and I will post if anything interesting happens. Feel free to add anything going on.  

And I will leave you with this question, who do you think Paulie trusts the most in the house and why?


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25 responses to “Big Brother Live Feed Updates

  1. tamaratattles

    Thanks for the awesome update, Lime Brain!

    I am hoping for a Paul win at this point. I think he is playing the best game. His social game is great, he talks to everyone and talks game with most everyone as well. He can’t stand Frank and uses his crude and rude behavior toward the girls as his in with them.

    The only problem with Paul is that he is from a wealthy family and family and it makes that obvious to the others so he may have the rich people penalty if he makes it to the end. On these competition shows, the votes are often given to someone “who really needs the money instead of who played the best game. OTOH I feel like the jury will be mostly newbies and they will want to vote for a newbie.

    As for who Paulie trusts the most, it could be Paul. Or possibly Corey.

    • sandra

      TT, Paul and Nicole had an interesting conversation starting at 2:00pm BBT. Paul is asking lots of questions and Nicole is giving interesting answers.

      • tamaratattles

        Well, too bad you didn’t share any other them and make the comment actually useful.

  2. Cat

    Great recap, Lime Brain! I thought TT wrote this, at first. You have a similar sense of humor.

    I have no idea who Paulie trusts the most. These people flip flop and lie so much, I can’t keep things straight. I would be terrible at this game.

    All I know is, Frank needs to go. Hate is a strong word. I’ll just say that I really, really, REALLY dislike him. Times infinity.

  3. Belinda

    Paul is from a wealthy family ? Obviously nouveau riche white trash. You think Frank is an obnoxious pig ? Well Paul was probably his teacher.
    What does ANY guy see in Nichole ? She is not sexy, has a face like a chipmunk, whines about everything and has speech patterns where she drags out her words and whines at the same time. I truly want to smash her face in but I’d probably be arrested for abusing rodents.

  4. SMPersephone

    Frank call James “yellow” which means cowardly and he also referred to him as not having a backbone, So clearly he thinks James is not as strong as he portrays himself. He was not being racist when he said that, although it’s unfortunate that he chose that word to refer to an Asian-American.

    • I have to apologize and take back the racist comment. It wasn’t yellow that I was referring to. I never heard him call James that. I heard him call him “mook” when he was pissed for being on the block. I thought he called him a “gook”.

      My mistake. Sorry, Frank.

      But I still want you gone!

  5. MzKRB

    Tuesday night was filled with uncovering of lies and deception.. It was discovered that NiCorey has been playing both sides of the fence with Fridgette, which gets Da on the war path and she summoned PPZ (Paulie, Paul, and Zakiyah) to try and uncover the truth of it all. Of course, Paulie is not going to readily accept that his ride or die Corey has his hand in other cookie jars, so Paul and Paulie devise a plan to separate Bridgette and Frank to find out the truth. Paul takes Bridgette, who essentially admits to the final four deal with NiCorey; and Frank confirms with Paulie that Nicole has been playing both sides. (Again, Paulie is refusing to believe Corey’s active involvement) Now, while Paul is getting the low down from Bridgette he proceeds to drop a little bomb of his own and tells Bridgette that, Frank has gone against his word of not campaigning and is going around the house telling people that Bridgette wants to go home and to vote for him to stay.. Well this crushes the heart of the peonies flower that is Bridgette and she has a mini meltdown with Z, Da, Paulie, and Victor. Where Victor and Z also confirm that Frank has asked for their votes for him to stay, further crushing her spirits (#foolnevercared) After things settle down, Bridgette goes outside to which Frank finds her and mists her with his magic and she forgives them and they lay out by the pool watching the sun rise.

    Meanwhile back in London, PPZ and Da, AKA Double Stuffed Oreo (a name Paul wants them to go by) start to talk about how sketch Nicole has been and all her misgivings. Now that Frank on the block it has had her extremely worried that he may let some cats out the bag. (Honey, they are and are roaming and scratching everywhere). Plans start to get hatched on how they plan to “clip” Nicole soon and what do they have to do to save the sweet innocent Corey (PP’s). Z and Da are trying to tell the boys that if Nicole was in on it so was Corey, but alas boy power trumps common sense. During all of the Nicole revelations (she has been super shady about everyone including who is supposed to be her bff Z), Z is extremely hurt that someone who she trusted has since betrayed her. However, now she’s back in good with Da, but Paulie still has plans to “clip” her soon too.

    Sorry for the long post, but last night was definitely not on the slow side. lol

    • MzKRB

      Also, Paulie does appear to becoming close to Paul and they did discuss a final two but that has only been very recently. I firmly believe that Corey though that his #1 was going to be Corey and he will do his best salvage that. He’s been doing his damnest to fight against Z being his #1 but her loyalty to him continues to show and now he’s been including her more and more into his plans (when they are not having lover’s quarrels and he wants her on the block to teach her a lesson).. I think Paul is going to end up taking Corey’s spot because Corey is really along for the ride and not really contributing or showing loyalty.

  6. Marsha Marsha Marsha

    To quote Lidia from RHOC ” here’s a quarter for the douche jar” Frank. Zakiyahi here’s a quarter for the maxi pad jar. Paul and Paulie are now Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum twins. James lost me at showmance as did Nicole. Corey is boring. Victor is doing better second time around but it is too soon to tell just yet.Would love to see DaVonne, Michelle,Natalie and Bridgette fight it out at the end. Love the Big Brother recap limebrain. Tamara love your site.

  7. I like Frank. Yes, yes he is all the things mentioned above but I love the gaming part of BB and unfortunately sometimes bad people play it. I don’t care about showmances and all the other fru fru stuff that has become BB, I’d take a gamer over that any day. He schemes, lies, competes, etc…all my favorites. Just hope when he leaves someone else will step into his spot. Fingers crossed it is Day. Oh, if only those two could of secretly teamed up and took that house out.

    • Stackedbbw

      I agree. Frank and Davonne could have ripped through that house if they had worked together to secure a final two deal for themselves. But I think in the end they couldn’t trust each other enough due to their respective diehard game play to make that happen.

    • Bravocueen

      I totally agree with Lala0507. If (when) Frank goes, the house will be boring, unless maxipads and showmances are your thing. I hope he gets the magic return to the house envelope.

      • Rosesandgin

        I seem to be flip flopping as much as the house guests. Bc one minute I like someone. And the next I can’t stand them. (And may I just say I’m getting tired of the word flip flop… Kind of like blood on the hands. From now on I’m going with oscillate).

        Day was driving me NUTS in the beginning by not just learning to not always stir the pot and make up lies. But this week it appears she had toned it down. Got off the nomination track. And for that. I hold out hope.

        Then there is Paulie. Loved him in the beginning. So cute. Now he’s like the next little dictator frank.

        I liked Z. Didn’t like Meech. Don’t love Z. Can’t even remember that Meech is there half the time.

        Bridgette. Is a meany mc meanster. I can’t not believe some of the things that come out of her petit little mouth.

        Corey. Blah. If he wasnt with Nicole. I’d forget about him too. As I had hoped Nicole would actually play. Her in the showmance is pointless. And a waste of her time.

        I can say I haven’t liked frank. He called Brigitte fat or chubby or some version of her needing to lose weight yesterday. On top of all the other hateful ridiculous things he has said. It’s time for him to go. So you make the perfect point LimeB. He’s good for entertainment and things may be more boring with out him. But that is no reason to knew him. And sadly, we have Paul to take his place. I can’t get behind a Paul win. He thinks he’s so great. And he’s really not. I’m looking forward to seeing him leave shortly. And I do wish that Day would gather the girls and make some moves. But I really doubt it will happen.

        Lastly. I think Paul has moved into the rank of Paulies number two.

  8. Bravocueen

    Great comments. “Friendship” {gag me}

  9. Frankie has just turned up on celebrity BB UK

    And renee mob wives is about to appear – I predict lots of bitch slapping

  10. amisteree

    Thanks Limebrain! And thanks TT for providing a place for us to sound off about Big Brother. I wish the women would realize they need to get over the petty jealousies and band together. Paulie is planning to “clip them off” one at a time–yikes. It really unnerves me when he says that. Reminds me of Andy Cohen’s flagrant misogyny. I want to shake DaVonne and tell her to stop trusting Paulie, round up the other women and get it done. On the other hand, I agree that Paul is playing a smart game, and I wish that he and DaVonne would align with James.

  11. sandra

    limebrain, Thanks! You’re good at this. I don’t like Paul, but can you imagine the maximum craziness a HOH win would bring from him? I’m keeping an eye on Natalie. I think she has been hiding some intellect and athletic skills. I really like her and hope she is there to play.

  12. Cat

    Yay! Frank was the cockroach of the BB house. James was the Raid.

    Thanks, James, for putting that couple up.

    I kind of hope Bridgette gets HOH. I want to see how she plays without Frank telling her what to do.

    • amisteree

      Cat, me too-I’m really curious about Bridgette sans Frank. I hope she loses the giggle and finds her strength. James told Natalie not to underestimate Bridgette. He said that even though she had a bad ankle, she hung in the HOH competition with him for 5 1/2 hours.

  13. Thanks for the recaps, LimeBrain! You are doing an awesome job! 👍

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