Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Αντίο Greece!

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I really liked this season and hope we get another one. I do think all the exterior crew needs to be recast. I would keep all the stews.  We are back with Bobby going off on everyone because they won’t let him bring his one night stand back on the boat. You know it is a good fight when production has to get in the shot. The girls basically tell Bobby they don’t want him on the tender. He gets off and his douchebag friend, Bryan goes with him as well. I think it would be great if they just left them both there.  The girls and angry and crying when they get back to the boat.

The next day Bobby goes on apology tour.  Julia has no use for Bobby anymore. She is not happy with his violent side.

The charter guests are a bunch of employees of a brewery. The boss is the primary. The guys were super easy and the charter was uneventful. The crew go 2k each. Captain Mark seems unaware of the issues among the crew.

The female crew decides to have a chat with Bryan about his misogyny. Bryan of course didn’t hear anything they were saying. He seems to turn everything back to the girls. He learned nothing from the experience.

Below Deck Med Jump


Everyone, including Captain Mark gather on shore around a campfire to reflect on the charter season. Captain Mark still thinks Bryan was great and everyone was awesome. Captain Mark leaves to head back to the boat.

Hannah makes a huge play for Ben. Bobby tells Julia he is in love with her. Julia is unmoved.

Ben and Tiffany hook up  back on the boat. We are treated to audio of the event. Bryan makes it a point to tell Hannah that Ben came to him looking for condoms.  Because, douchebag. Hannah actually say Tiffany and Ben banging.

Tiffany says she doesn’t want to be a stew ever again.

Julia hugs it out with Bobby. She wants to set down roots with Matty by moving in with him.

Bobby and Bryan plan to continue their bromance in Fort Lauderdale.

Jenn takes her goodbye with Bryan to tell him how she really feels. For some reason she points out to Bryan that Tiffany slept with Ben. Not sure what the point of that was.

Hannah and Ben have a sweet goodbye.

I really liked this season. Do you want a second season? Who do you think should be recast?


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43 responses to “Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Αντίο Greece!

  1. Randi

    Such a good season. I loved the interior crew so much. It was so nice to see all the women getting along and supporting each other.

    I didn’t see any previews for a reunion?

  2. MARC

    I really enjoyed this show. i hope it returns for another season.

  3. Denise

    I loved it too. I didn’t care for Bobby or Bryan. Bryan was a sneaky snake. I don’t understand how the captain didn’t see it.

  4. John Farmer

    Wasn’t a big fan of this spinoff, and I was happy to see promos for the Caribbean Below Deck returning in the beginning of September. Danny, for all his goofiness, was really one of the few things that made the show watchable, hence waiting until practically the very end before canning him. Ben was the second most watchable character. I kept forgetting that Jen and Tiffany were cast members. I loved to see how salty Hannah was over Ben going for Tiffany over here. And, of course, it has to be because of Ben’s deficiencies and lack of maturity. Hannah, I’m afraid, remained unlikeable for me from start to finish. I can’t wait for the return of that lovable, disdainful angel Kate Chastain.

  5. MaraJax

    I loved this season and hope it returns! I could do without Brian and Jenn though.

  6. Susan May

    I LOVED this season!! I really hope we get another season as well. I also noticed that there’s no reunion and wondered why? I like the interior crew and wish Tiffany would come back again. I’ve never been so glad to see someone go as Danny. I hate to admit it, but I liked Bobby, NOT a fan of King Douchelord Bryan. I hope to see most on another season and we will see Ben in September on a Captain Lee Beliw Deck!! Yay!!

  7. susan

    Julia is a beautiful darling

  8. More Tea Please!

    It is so refreshing to see some of the crew working together harmoniously. And what delightful guests this time compared to the toal D-bags from Sarasota that were on last week!

    I think the entire outside crew is expendable. My fear is it gives them that many opportunities to bring in loser douchebags to stir up the script!

  9. Babs0909

    As terrible as Bryan was, as creepy are his looks, as disgusting a drunk I’ve ever seen, they guy still looks like a good kisser! When the Tiffany- hot tub -scenes are repeated, as wasted as he was, his kissing skills were spot on. And his face is hidden. Otherwise he completely grosses me out!!

    This last batch of men seemed nice & appreciative, unlike those cheap, douchy guests from before. And those clowns thought they were funny, & big tippers. Ick.

    The show is a nice escape from reality, that’s for sure. Santoria was lovely.

  10. Spunky2015

    I loved this show. The scenery alone was worth it. Anyone want to go to Greece with me?

  11. misery chick

    Captain Mark seems nice enough, but he’s in his own little faraway world. Not a competent captain, please recast on show.

  12. BKSweetheart

    I loved this show except for Bryan who I hated with a passion. Even Hannah grew on me by the end of the season.. well outside of that whole constantly bashing Americans thing. Especially when on a show whose audience is primarily American based.

    I hope Jen comes back if she can loosen up and come out of her shell more. I loved how she stood up to Bobby on the tender. And her “sit on a dick” comment to Bryan LOL

    How gross was Bryan asking Bobby if he got some “titty action” – WTF is that? Is that a thing? Was he asking did Bobby titty f*ck her or something? Or just grab them? Either way, so lame/gross.

    So sad that it doesn’t appear theres going to be a reunion. I hope they come back for another season.

  13. Jennyblabs

    No reunion?! I was really hoping to get Captain Mark’s reaction to the side of Bryan he didn’t see…

    • Me too! Plus it’s always fun to see people’s reactions after watching themselves for the first time (by the 2nd season they’re already guarded & self-produced). I really hope we get a 2nd season! I enjoyed it even more than the original.

      p.s. So cool to see that the Reed’s Ginger Ale guys are so nice. I see it in all the stores (because, California) but didn’t realize it was a million $ company. Good on you, Mr Hippie Man.

  14. Theresa

    Buh bye Brian. Loved all of it except him and Danny. Oh wait, there was someone named Jen too. Added nothing really.

    Doing a reunion would be expensive flying everyone in from all over. OK. 2 of them. Wonder if we get one. I’m sure TT knows.

    • Andy missed a wonderful opportunity. He should have flown to Greece and had the reunion on the yacht right after the last episode was taped

      • Margarett

        What a great idea, 2late2care2000.

      • Theresa

        This would have been amazing. I still hope they do a reunion. I think only 2 are out of the country.

        They definitely didn’t maximize the scenery enough

      • Kimoe

        THAT would’ve set off everyone knowing Danny got a vacation the last week waiting on the reunion! That would’ve set ALL of them off. Might’ve been interesting to see.

  15. KaraW

    Would keep the interior, Ben of course, and Bobby. He had some issues after drinking, but he was fun to watch. I’d bring back Danny — he was hilarious. Misguided and a loose cannon, but worth watching. I’d get rid of Jen because I hated her talking heads SO MUCH! I wanted to smack her every time she spoke. She just didn’t seem to want to be there. At least Danny was trying to make things interesting. I have mixed feelings about Bryan. I wouldn’t want to spend any time with him, but he cared about getting the job done. I wonder if he’ll see what the girls were talking about when he watches the show. Would be great to have Eddie and Kelley or Jennice instead of Bryan and Jen.

  16. Toddy

    I loved this show. I liked Ben and Hannah’s chemistry more than Ben’s scenes with Tiff. I’d like to see all of them on a season again, with the exception of Bryan and Jen. Refreshing to see women get along on Bravo.

  17. Margarett

    I liked this season okay. Even better after Danny was gone. I’m looking forward to the Caribbean season and the return of Captain Lee. Is Captain Lee retuning? Ben is always my favorite.

    I spent about a month in Athens in the mid 70s…on a vacation from Libya. I was privileged to be there when democracy returned to its home with the arrival of Caramalise (?). It was a wonderful and beautiful country with kind welcoming people for the most part. My heart breaks for that country, the former Yugoslavia, and of course Libya. The world has changed in those 45 intervening years, and not always for the better. (Tamara, please, forgive my trip down memory lane. I know you understand.)

  18. CoBe

    I think the fact that there is no reunion does not bode well for a second season.

  19. Skeeter

    I commented on a previous BDMed thread on here about what a douchbag asshole Bobby is and someone said their father or some relative knew him personally and he was really a nice guy. Well, I still think he’s a douchebag asshole and if any guy ever yelled at me and said the shit that that hissyfit throwing baby said to the girls, I’d knock his fucking teeth down his throat. Oops, did I just type that??? I’m not a fan of Danny but I think he was relentlessly picked on by Bryan and Bobby. I wonder what Captain Mark thinks now that he’s had a chance to see the episodes. I’d like to see Bryan and Bobby recast. Jenn needs to be recast only because she said she hated it lol. I get the impression that Bryan is the way he is because of his control freak father. He just seems the type to me that his parents were afraid to get him a pet because he has anger issues. Straight up asshole IMHO.

  20. Amy V

    Tiffany herself said that if Bryan wasn’t such a Dick she would have had sex with him in the jacuzzi.

  21. Barbara

    Ben, engaging, funny, nice guy. Tiffany is a good match for him. She seems cool but we hardly got to know her. Hannah, okay but a bit of a ball breaker. Danny, looking for his big break to fame, weak and unproductive, but endearing nevertheless. Bobby, overall nice guy, but too much Bryan rubbed off on him with drinking and working with women. Bryan, hard worker but needs to watch his drinking and work on his delivery and personality. Julia, sweet, but sheesh, crying all the time, grow up girl. Jenn, passive aggressive, sullen, did not fit in. She could learn how to smile and kiss up a little on the job. Captain Mark, good boss, staying above the fray was wisest choice. Love the scenery, that was the real prize.

  22. cheychey

    I found it quite amusing that Hannah said after Bobby’s potential breaking the girls on deck rule and then cursing all the girls out that they protect each other and don’t rat each other out to the captain. Funny statement as many times as her Brain and Bobby run to the captain about Danny. I personally loved him and hated seeing him go. Not so sure I’d want to work with him as a deckhand but certainly as a stew where more contact with the guests is needed. The guests all loved him and that would definitely help tips. Jen could go next season and wouldn’t bother me. I really don’t need to watch a negative Nelly. I think Tiffany is expendable as well, just boring. The rest I’d like to see back. I liked the captain a lot. Very fair and not as grumpy as Lee.

  23. Jen

    Didn’t Bryan try sleeping with Tiff at some point and she wasn’t having it? I’m thinking Jen told Bryan about Tiff and Ben kind of as an “She sleeps around, just not with you” type of dig.

    This is my first time watching this show. I’d seen a few episodes here and there of past seasons, but honestly couldn’t justify adding another show to my DVR. But I really enjoyed it, so I guess I’ll just have to make room now!

    • DJFL

      Yeah, I think that Jen told Bryan about Tiffany and Ben just to get in a dig because Tiffany rejected him in the hot tub. I loved it!

  24. Sara

    I really liked Hannah and would love to see a second season. I do wish it wasn’t all American guests, I would love to see some Europeans.

  25. yrakme

    Loved this show! Loved the interior girls… hated Jenn. Loved Ben. Bryan and Bobby amused me with their stupidity. Bryan was a male cunt (a munt) who peaked in college but must have a permanent whisky dick for the way he acts towards women. Good luck picking up women. Oh who am I kidding, he will get plenty of hangers on who will enjoy his romantic way with words and misogynistic mentality. Jenn didn’t help herself AT. ALL. I wanted her to avoid the bad attitude and kill it with her work performance to stick it to the boys. It’s nothing new that women have to prove themselves above and beyond when working in a physical, male dominated field. Danny…Meh… glad he was fired. Oh and every time I saw the captain and heard him talk, he reminded me of the actor J K Simmons.

  26. Jenni jones

    Capt. Mark was a horrible leader & dull as paint drying. None of the guys had any respect for him since they all went against his “orders”. You don’t need a reunion to see what Capt Mark says as he sticks by his choices on Twitter & blocks anybody who asks an uncomfortable question or even just likes comments critical to him, same for Bryan. Hannah seemed 2 faced as she acted like her & tiff are friends but then she made those comments about Tiff being low maintenance woman & that Ben slept with her because he wasn’t ready for a real woman, guessing that supposed to be Hannah? Bobby might have great muscles but he’s missing brain material so he’s annoying & sad when chasing a girl who basically begging him to leave her alone. Love Ben and Julia!

  27. T D

    Keep the Captain and the sea cook. Put the whining woman and crying children into a get a life boat. All the hard working women should stay except Julia, my favorite, because she’s in love.

  28. Demeter

    I like Capt. Mark. He wasn’t manipulated into the nonsense that the producers tried to pull him into. He retained his dignity (and his future status as employable).

    I could not stand Danny. He is a complete liar. Broke all the rules and blamed others for making him obey.
    I would like to see everyone back except Jenn who didn’t add much.

    They could make a series where Bobby falls madly in love and is rejected every season.

    I think Julia favored Bobby and was unconsciously flirting with him. I think she was leading him on and then thought, “Oh, my gosh, my boyfriend is going to see this.” Then she would pull back and tell Bobby to leave her alone as if she had no part in it.

  29. Bryan was incredibly aggressive toward women, and his body language showed he intended to be threatening. I would think twice before having him in any position where he has authority. I’m curious as to Captain Mark’s response to Bryan’s on camera behavior.
    Danny was useless, and I’m shocked he was able to find work elsewhere in that industry. His insubordination and dishonesty alone were appalling. He’s more suited to a position like Julie has on the Love Boat. In fact, I think that show is where he got his idea of how his job was to be done.
    Bobby appears to be easily influenced, and had he worked for Eddie in Below Deck, would have had his halo untarnished. As it was, some of Bryan’s thug mentality rubbed off on him.
    The women on the boat were quite decent and hard working. Julia was particularly nice. My only question was were they trying on the guests’ clothes? As with the stews on Below Deck ridiculing their guests’ underwear, this reflects very badly on the crews and captain. As always, I loved seeing Ben at his best and worst, and even at his most condescending.

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