This is The State of America


At a US State Department Briefing today, Admiral John Kirby was addressing the press, and some piece of shit was PLAYING POKEMAN GO!

I can’t.

I’m going to bed.



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46 responses to “This is The State of America

  1. T D

    Disparaging. This is the world we live in, these are the hands we’re given. This behavior reflects the disconnection from from the real world for pursuit of virtual nothing. Poke this!

  2. Karebear

    Amen agree to that
    Wake up America please

  3. Lisa j

    Want your faith in America restored? CSPAN the DNC. America is great, following the disasters, that’s where you will find the angels.

    • Matzah60

      Amen! I’m with you!!

      • Minky

        Oh Lisa J! That’s what warms my heart about this crazy, mixed up country of ours. The U.S. has so many good hearted people who want so much to help their fellow man and love one another. People of all colors, ethnicities, religions and walks of life who just want to live up to their full potential and contribute to this world. It’s out leaders that seem to bungle everything. And no, I’m not a political person regarding party loyalties. I don’t trust politicians, period.

      • Minky

        *our politicians

  4. Miguel

    This is so F’d UP & this shit is happening in Canada too!!! I fear, as a species, we are fast-becoming the most obtuse & least critical-thinking we have ever been. Don’t you love how technology has made everything faster, easier & better? Everything but our minds and souls… I am becoming increasingly grateful for not having children!!!

  5. Matzah60

    CRazy!!! I don’t understand how or why a game that requires a GPS generally used in a car is permitted to be used while driving. This should be banned. I love video games, but this is unsafe and insane.

    • Minky

      I’m a less government kind of person, but I think people who have bad driving records should have their cell phones taken away. You wouldn’t believe how many people don’t notice that the light has changed to green because they’re reading through their damn text messages. It’s obscene!!!

  6. Well it’s nice to see the DNC finally decided to display American flags……….

  7. Miguel

    Thanks for this counterpoint, Michelle – well-expressed and -taken!!! :)

  8. Swizzle

    Clearly this reporter should lose his job, but Pokemon go is not a bad thing. It is getting kids out. Michelle’s daughter is a perfect example. My kids are loving it and come home after hours roaming the parks or different towns.

    • Vet

      That reporter was at work, and should have been working. That being said my son who never leaves his XBox downloaded the game and was outside playing the game at 7:00 AM ( I live in Las Vegas). I told him I will play with him during the summer.

  9. Sara

    So fucking disrespectful. I don’t even know what to say besides that.

  10. misery chick

    Awww, man-what an uplifting story, thanks for brightening my day 😍

  11. SamT

    I agree with Michelle that for a lot of socially awkward kids like my son this game has helped immensely in getting them out of the house and around others. But there is a time and a place for everything and it is ridiculous for some adult to be doing that during a press briefing. At the local high school my son says many of the kids do nothing but Snapchat all day in class. I think we are going to see some seriously negative repercussions in our society of all of these smartphone obsessions. I can admit that I even struggle with putting the stupid thing down at times.

  12. Blondesense

    That’s wonderful Michelle! Hopefully game developers follow suit and create other ways to get people out and mixing again.

  13. Two weeks ago I had a dinner date with an adult 40-ish friend at a steakhouse. He was late 30 minutes & texted me that he is running late because he was playing Pokeman in his car while in route. I got up and left the restaurant without replying to him, and then I called another friend to meet me for dinner across the street. Now the Pokeman playing friend is mad at me for being rude. Me? The rude one? I don’t think so.

    • Well yes, you were rude..two wrongs made your dinner “right” but also made you leave the poor guy standing alone at a restaurant looking for you,exasperated after trying to get to you….at least he called….which btw would’ve been a good opportunity to say ‘don’t bother’

      • Lou

        I hope you’re fucking joking right? UF I would have walked out on his ass also.

      • TBD

        Yep, I agree. He did let you know. But it is a little passive agressive. I think he did you a favor of letting you know just what his (juvenile) priorities are. And somehow I think there’s more going on here.

      • Minky

        Yeah, I understand why Urethra walked out and went to enjoy a nice dinner with somebody else. I would have been extremely annoyed too. The friend could have made a much better excuse for being late. Like car trouble, or an important call they just had to take for work. But playing a video game?! Oh hell no!!! Fuck that shit.

    • Sara

      You weren’t rude. He thought it was more important for him to play Pokemon and waste 30 minutes of YOUR day than to be on time. If he wants to waste his day and his time that’s fine. But when you start wasting other peoples time that’s rude. I get why you walked out.

  14. I work for the postal service and we got a notice yesterday that we are not allowed to be playing that game during work hours, DUH! Apparently some of the mail carriers have been distracted by the game and it’s becoming a problem. Also there have been many accidents around the Pokeman sites, people walking off curbs or into walls and posts. The downtown Minneapolis USPS parking ramp apparently had one of the little critters in it and there was some kind of accident. Really people???

  15. Nila

    It’s not the game but the people playing the game. The guy should be fired, period. We don’t ban texting, talking and such, no need to ban a game. It’s the responsibility of the person playing the game, not the game, to make sure you don’t walk into a wall, drive off a cliff or play during work hours. Unbelievable that people are blaming the actual game instead of te user. Takes some accountability!

  16. Sam

    Anybody excusing this shit on any level is delusional. People are leaving the house because of a game? Oh, well, let’s all just rejoice. Problem solved! Look, if you’re relying on the phone to be “social” – do I really need to go on here? WAKE UP.

    Not the first time I’ve heard that excuse and I still don’t get it. I guess you can find any reason to justify terrible, careless, potentially dangerous and disrespectful behavior – as long as no one touches your precious phooooone. Urethra was absolutely right to leave that restaurant.

    Technology has so much potential to make us great, and just look at what we’ve wrought instead. Self-centered, juvenile assholes navel gazing ALL DAY LONG. Pathetic.

  17. Natalie

    I don’t understand the hate for Pokemon go. Sure people should not play while driving or while on someone else dime. It is essentially a fad that causes no harm to anyone.

    • I have a hard enough time driving down the road trying to avoid people crossing the double yellow line because of texting, talking on the phone and applying make-up. Now I am on the look out for kids on bikes zooming out in front of me.

    • Cat

      Except the guy who was shot and killed. And the two guys who walked off a cliff (they survived). And the people lured to bad areas at night, so they could be robbed.

      Other than that, yeah. Safe game.

      You know, for years, there has been a conspiracy theory about the “elite” (government, Illuminati, whatever) having a plan for population control.

      Maybe this is it? :)

      • Minky

        I’ve stated before, I love conspiracy theories. Do I believe all of them? Absolutely not. But you gotta admit, sometimes they hit a little too close to home.

        I can’t believe this Pokemon Go is even a thing. Is it some sort of Darwinian experiment? Do you win a prize? WTF is going on?!

      • Cat

        Just a fad. Like those little keychain pets we used to have back in the late 90s. If you ignored them, they died.

        I used to be a real conspiracy nut. Not anymore. I finally realized that it doesn’t matter how you connect the dots. If the dots are not numbered, you can connect them in an infinite number of ways, and get a different picture each time. Doesn’t mean the picture is correct.

        It had me really paranoid, too.

      • It’s not the games fault that some people are idiots and don’t pay attention while they are playing. I play and I think its super fun, and we go out as a family on the weekends to play together.

      • Cat that is absolutely hilarious! Good on ya

  18. John Farmer

    These press briefings are usually deathly dull, and I don’t fault anyone for looking for a distraction.

  19. Katherine 2.0

    Sequoia, what a shitty thing to say. You dont fuck with someone’s kid. Jesus.


    Three peopoo le we’re hit my an Amtrak train playing that game, it’s ridiculous people this virtual reality game can get you hurt. Is the game more valuable than your life? I sure hope not

  21. Sam

    OH, I get it. You can’t keep your nose out of your fucking phone. 10-4, good buddy!

    If you don’t get that this is also a site where people share, nor that this is a post addressing exactly what I am ranting about, then I feel a little sorry for you. TT’s cultivated something here that’s beyond “tv characters” – and I like it quite a lot.

    The pokemon morons are just the tip of the iceberg. The National Holocaust Museum? Speechless.

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