Shannon Beador on WWHL: Watching Paint Dry Would Be More Interesting

WWHL Shannon Beador


I literally feeling like my brain is decaying. I’m serious. My brain feels heavy in my skull, I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open and my eyes are blurry. I think between the heat and all the serious decisions I’ve had to make lately, I have fried and possibly pickled my brain. But I shall try to recap this nonsense as best I can.

Heather can sing? Apparently so. She sang the national anthem at the Angels game recently.

Right away Andy plays the clip of Vicki calling Brooks. I don’t get the big mystery here. She is being ostracized by the group for a situation he is ultimately responsible for, and she loved him even though he was horrible to her. She left a party feeling alone, and she drunk dialed.  Am I the only one who has ever drunk dialed the last person on earth I’d ever want to see sober? I guarantee you before Vicki even open her eyes the next day her first thought was “Please tell me I didn’t really call him.”

Next week Shannon and Kelly get together to work things out argue some more. Shannon denies setting Kelly up with the two bitches at her party. She claims one of the women was instrumental in “helping Heather and her with their HOA.”  The problem they had with their HOA was that everyone hates them for filming in the neighborhood.  It could not be anymore obvious that those two were there to attack Kelly.


Shannon and David 1/16/16

Shannon and David 1/16/16

The number one question for Shannon is why can you forgive David, but not Vicki? Really? Apples and Oranges. Shannon basically said because David kisses her ass everyday and she can hold it over his head forever.

Shannon was asked about the beef between Heather and Jeff Lewis. She  says it was at a restaurant and she wasn’t present when everything went down. Um, where was she exactly? It was her birthday dinner and the issues were started by how Heather treated the waitstaff so it was probably during dinner service.  Was she late and they ordered without her?

Whose side are you on, Shannon or Kelly? Shannon wins with 62%  Again, these polls cannot be real. I can’t believe people side with Shannon about anything. Kelly is a basketcase, but Lucifer should win any poll against Shannon.

This was an incredibly boring episode. Maybe it was because her kids and David were in the audience? I thought for sure she would get a lot of calls about how inappropriate the wet dream conversations between the girls and David were. I am skeeved out just typing that.  Just so wrong on so many levels. Can you imagine asking your father if he’d ever had a wet dream? EW. Just so gross.


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62 responses to “Shannon Beador on WWHL: Watching Paint Dry Would Be More Interesting

  1. Cat

    That’s the state of the world today. Being criticized for expressing love.

  2. Nila

    Ridiculous. And boring.

  3. Onawin

    TT, Shannon did say she forgave Vicki
    She even said she forgave her long ago, they just won’t be friends again.

    • tamaratattles

      Not sure what that has to do with WWHL… but I know that and I would not forgive Vicki if I were Shannon either. She was wa good friend to Vicki and she fucked her over.

      I’m still team Vicki. Perhaps that makes me a horrible person.

      • Elizabeth

        I’m so team Vicki too! Shannon I just can’t….

      • BlaseBlase

        I have the feeling that Shannon’s nasty personality would’ve emerged sooner or later though. Vicki she did lie to her and that is not cool. Shannon says she’s forgiven Vicki but doesn’t want to be friends. She probably feels relieved since she’s not the woman that everyone dislikes and picks on, that was her 2 seasons ago HA! All these women act like Vicki cheated on them or something! They all want apologies then Vicki does apologize, it’s not sincere enough, blah blah blah.She should quit apologizing, they don’t want it! Even after all these years, I still think Vicki’s the most entertaining! I’m team Vicki too! (the length of my comment is probably more than you care to hear or read but I was on a roll, Tamara! Lol!!! :-) P.S. you are not a horrible person and neither am I!

  4. Shannon looked really weird on WWHL llast night. It wasn’t just that she was boring as hell – she looked royally pissed off at the world the entire time. With the way her eyes looked, she was positively unbalanced looking. What’s that old saying? “If she’d have been a horse, I’d have shot her”. Yup, she looked that crazy.

    • P.S. I know I’m not the only one commenting on how awful David looks lately. In every front view photo I see of him, his eyes are really buggy too. Can you imagine the strain of living with her and having to kiss butt and keep the peace all the time? I know he was a cheating asshole, but I really do feel sorry for him. He should have bitten the bullet when Shannon found out about the affair and gone ahead with a divorce. He said that he was really happy with the other woman. Of course, divorce wasn’t in Shannon’s plans. Like she said, that word wasn’t in her vocabulary, but apparently making her husband unhappy for the rest of his miserable life is a challenge she accepts.

      • tamaratattles

        David’s eyes scream thyroid problem do guys have thyroid problems?

      • Kelly

        Yes- I have Graves and I’ve thought that about David’s eyes for a long time.

      • Sara

        Shannon will make him an appointment with Dr. Moon, he’ll give him a whack on the knee and a pinch on the ear and he’ll be cured.

      • Minky

        Yeah, David does not look well. If he has Graves he needs to get to an endocrinologist toot sweet. His heart rate must be a mile a minute. And he looks malnourished.

        Judging by the coloring of his skin he might also have an adrenal issue. Addison’s disease. That’s all assuming he doesn’t sunbathe or go to tanning salons or get spray tans.

      • T D

        Looking for that lost applicator tip may have caused permanent eye damage.

    • Nila

      I agree, she looked angry. David looks ill to me. Very grey.

      I liked Shannon the first season, liked her for the first three episodes of last season but then her behavior just turned me off. I actually like her on some of her talking heads but when ever she is in scenes, ugh. It’s like she’s four different people with four different personalities or something. I’m assuming all the lovey dovey scenes are simply to remind the mistress she has David back. I think for Shannon keeping David was a game.

    • it’s those damn, “judgie eyes”

  5. Dexter

    Shannon does not belong. Tammy is done. Stick a fork in her. Vicki is repulsive. Go away. Meghan is really boring and really annoying. New girl is really annoying. I forget if anyone else is on show. Oh heather. Ick. I don’t watch this show anymore.

  6. McNasty

    Could she have been any more blah. Lighten up!

  7. Margaret Shepard

    Shannon just seems to have a giant stick up her ass all the time. I think David would leave but Shannon or her father has all the money. What job does this guy have anyhow?

    • David owns a highway construction company so he does make great money. Just my opinion—I think he will divorce Shannon when the girls are older/out of the house. I don’t think he’s happy at all, but he wants to keep the family together.

  8. Linda miller

    I think after watching housewives since the beginning of time, I’m done. NJ is awful along with NY, Atlanta and Ca! I’ve kicked my addiction!!!! Can watch WWHL either!
    Still like other Bravo shows but I’ve moved over to Netflix. Enjoying the British shows a lot along with all the top viewed shows.
    I will still read your stuff cause I love you.

  9. Deby

    I detest Shannon, Heather, Tamra & Meghan. I still watch it though. And just to tell you truth, I’m pretty close to detesting Brianna. IMO she treats her mom very disrespectfully & she just seems like such an entitled little monster. Pretty sure she is a liar as well, I mean I’m pretty familiar with the field of nursing & unless she has like 3-4 full time jobs, I don’t see her making “6 figures” a year. I mean unless she is a Nurse Anesthetist or something similar and then I still have my doubts. Can’t recall her having gone to school that long. But, all I know for certain is that myself nor any other nurse I have ever known is making that kind of money.

    • You are right. My sis is a CRNA and definitely makes six figures, but Brianna is an ER nurse (that’s what she has said) and the ONLY way she makes six figures is if she works a lot of over time. Regular 40h/week RN’s don’t make six figures.

    • Vet

      My aunt was an RN, with a Master’s Degree and she only work pysch hospitals. She made well into the six figures.

      • She made six figures when she had been out of school just a few years and in a regular nursing job like Brianna? If so I am very surprised —but that’s great if she did !!

      • Shae

        Briana finished nursing school in 2009, so she has over seven years experience, that’s not exactly just out of school. I live in ny, and I know many nurses who make over 100k- yes they do work ot, but starting salaries for nurses here are high. Especially in the city. Nurse practitioners make a ton.

      • Dandy Lion

        Yes and in California, the pay rate is even higher

  10. Sam

    David’s eyes are definitely getting worse, I agree with the thyroid suggestion and have wondered if that may explain it, or if it is crazy eyes. He looked like a hostage in most of the “look how happy we are” pics that Shannon posts.

  11. Coco

    I’m not watching this show anymore. It’s not an escape for me. Watching grown women behave like high school mean girls is no fun. Please bring back the first season’s cast before they all became nasty to each other. I was so happy to see Jeana Keough this season. TT, thank you so much for your recaps. I will always read them.

  12. David’s eyes indicate a thyroid problem? How so? (That’s one of the things I just was blood checked for.)

    Glad I didn’t stay up for WWHL. Thanks for the recap, TT, and I hope you feel better soon.

  13. Happy gal

    I simply cannot believe nobody asked Shannon about her daughter asking her husband about his wet dreams and her husband NOT shutting that conversation down !

    What is wrong w Shannon that she did not go to production and ask them to not include that? I can only imagine how much teasing those kids will get

    Does Shannon not think that was inappropriate !

    It never would have crossed my mind to want to know about my dads sex life, wet dreams or errectios

    Those kids need counseling and Shannon and David need parenting classes and need to set boundaries with their kids as to what is appropriate for them to ask

    Shannon should be ashamed for pimping out her kids to try to prove how close her family is when I fact all it did is show how damn disfintional they are

  14. RHofND

    I can’t believe how Shannon can lie about those two vile women being a set-up. Kelly gets on my nerves but she didn’t deserve Shannon having these low-class women doing her dirty work.
    Vicky calling Brooks….WTH? When was this filmed??

  15. Lisa j

    I guess I’m a big prude because there’s not enough alcohol, drugs or insanity in the universe for me to ask my DAD about wet dreams. Shannon seemed to take pride in this. WTF??? David has Stockholm syndrome I’m convinced.

  16. T D

    Hope it was a nocturnal ommision, the answer better left unsaid. Now if only those words could be unread.

  17. Annoyed

    Ah man shannon is annoying and delusional. I dont enjoy her

  18. Vanessa

    Was it just me or did Tamra seem like she was annoyed by Shannon’s “set up” act?

  19. JKR

    I know the wet dream conversation was technically the episode and not the WWHL (even though I barely watched either,) but am I the only who thought-
    Shannon, your children asking about wet dreams doesn’t show that you are such “a close family.” It shows that your children have been exposed to the sexual relations of their parents and are so used to it, they thinks it’s normal to discuss those things with you. Realistically, it is a telltale sign of not having healthy boundaries within your family unit. I can’t.

    • Shae

      The girls said they learned about them at school, when they had their “puberty” talk. So, I imagine if it was discussed in school that young boys have wet dreams, sex ed, etc. they thought it would be fine to ask their own parents about it. I can’t imagine why they should think they can’t discuss with mom/dad what they learned in class about sex/ their bodies.

      Frankly, I think the greater danger is having kids who think they CAN’T discuss any sexual or biological issue with their parents, especially ones they’re taught in school. Then they’re relying only on school for info, and who else, peers? That’s a recipe for disaster. It may have been awkward, but they’ll be better served than the kids who can’t come to mom or dad about anything like that.

      • Pip

        I totally agree with you.

      • tamaratattles

        There is absolutely no need for young girls to ask their fathers about his wet dream history. It’s particularly bad to do on national television. The girls seem to be just as willing to humiliate their father on TV as their mother does. It is not normal, or some sort of acceptable dialogue about sex ed they learned in school to interrogate their father about his ejaculation activities. It is perverse and WRONG. There are boundaries between girls and fathers that should not be pushed and rearranged.

      • Minky

        Yeah, this whole family dynamic with Shannon and her daughters is really skeevy. On what planet does a child ever ask that kind of question to a parent? It is NOT NORMAL to think of your parent in that way. EVER!

        I imagine that Shannon is going full throttle and talking mad shit about David to her kids when he’s not around. Or maybe even in front of him as a sort of revenge. I shudder to think what she might be saying about him off camera to her own children.

    • JKR

      @Shae I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say. I think it is perfectly acceptable to question topics on sex if there is something they are curious about. I just don’t think this specific line of questioning was appropriate or indicative of healthy boundaries.
      I was raised in a very close-knit family, as a child of teenage parents, and encouraged to discuss things I was curious about in terms of sex. I still felt this was extremely inappropriate.
      @TT – That is my point exactly. The entire scene made me cringe. Nothing about the conversation read “healthy sex education” to me. At all. Questions? Normal. Sexualizing your father? NOT normal. THAT is a comfort that has been brought around by unhealthy discussion of your parents’ sex lives.

  20. Spunky2015

    Shannon was embarrassed on WWHL. She was also nervous on what questions were going to be asked. That wet dream thing was disgusting. So sick of all the sex and vagina talk on these shows – it’s boring.

  21. lo

    David’s face (as evidenced in your picture above) always looks as though he in on the verge of snapping and going on a murdering rampage. He always looks on the edge of a breakdown of some sort. He’s spooky.

    Shannon is horrible. She’s so desperate for attention that it’s just sad.

  22. ann

    Shannon is boring I fast foward when she talks. I hope she gets fired

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