Big Brother Live Feed Update! The Secret Tunnel

BB18 Cast nude

By Lime Brain

OMG! I have officially chained Lime Brain to the radiator! Here is her first BB Live Feed Update!

July 25, Day ?

This will be quick because the HGs are not cooperating with me and sleep when I can watch. I may have my facts fuzzy (are they really facts then?) so, feel free to correct me.

In the morning, Michelle and Bridgette were the first two up and getting ready for the day.  Bridgette tried to talk to Michelle about why Michelle dislikes her so much. It went on for a bit but 3 things were revealed.

1) Michelle holds grudges. No surprise there.  

2) Besides being upset about the shaving eyebrow comment that Bridgette doesn’t remember saying but should have sucked it up and begged forgiveness BECAUSE SHE IS ON THE BLOCK, the main thing Michelle is upset about is Bridgette’s closeness to Frank.  Michelle is jealous and wanted him for herself.  Consider yourself lucky that you don’t have him, Michelle. You are doing fine on your own. Though I can’t figure out your game. Not that I care enough to think about it.

BB18 Frank


3) Bridgette tells Michelle that she has defended her when someone in the house has made fun of her looks.  Bridgette won’t tell her who said it or what was said because they are still in the house. It could affect their game. (Isn’t that a good thing, Bridgette?)  This does not sit well with a paranoid Michelle.  It wouldn’t sit well with me, either, but I’m not as devious as Michelle.  There will be hell to be paid for this later, I’m sure of it and I wonder who will get the short end of the stick when Michelle implodes.  As a side note, James was listening to all this and reported it back to Natalie.  She thinks it was either Victor or Paul and she claims it was her, not Bridgette that defended her.

All in all, this talk did not end well and Michelle still hates Bridgette and wants her out over Frank.

Other BB news that I am sorry to have to share with you is that while Z, Nicole, James and somebody else were in the storage room, Z put on a pad in her underwear while everyone was watching. You can see this lovely clip on TT’s twitter. Note: Ignore my other stuff I am a hot mess on Twitter. I watched with the volume off. Just seeing it was bad enough. No reason to listen.  She then proceeded to put her hand into a community bag of chips.

BB17 Van wins part one


As far as I can tell (since I didn’t listen) the other HGs seemed to have no problem with either action.  Or maybe Frank was right when he told everybody the prior night that nobody has a back bone and won’t say what is really going on. Either way, I just shake my head at this younger generation for what they find as acceptable behavior.  I prefer the good old days when if a man was annoying you, you just had to say the word period and he would run like rat on a sinking ship and leave you alone.

The only other thing I got to see yesterday, when I turned on my feeds in the evening, was Paul in the phone booth going through a tunnel.  He figured out the twist.  He got to pick an envelope that he can’t open until he gets evicted and it may contain a ticket to let him renter the BB house. There is an envelope for every HG if they can figure out how to get to the room.

Since Paul did this in front of everybody, I woke up this morning to see that they all seem to have envelopes. Let me know otherwise.  I am not sure that they all have them, but I think they probably do. Supposedly one envelope contains the “return ticket.”

I find this highly suspicious that this was all figured out a few days before Frank is set to leave.  More producer manipulation? Hmm… Frank will magically get a return ticket. Bet on it. 

If I left anything out, like maybe they are thinking of keeping Frank over Bridgette, let me know.  I know Michelle wants to keep him, and I can see Corey wanting to keep him since he used to watch his ass when Frank showered.  But Nicole wants him gone because he keeps throwing her under the bus.

Anyway, Tata for now,

Lime Brain

Nicole is always mad at Corey, while denying being mad at Corey. Apparently he found the tunnel before she did and didn’t tell them. Also Paulie and Paul have formed the PeePee Alliance for a final two. At least from Paul’s perspective. They seem pretty tight. Will Paul be Paulie’s Derrick?

Ain’t Lime Brain AMAZING at this?


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30 responses to “Big Brother Live Feed Update! The Secret Tunnel

  1. tamaratattles

    I’m watching After Dark now and Nicole and Corey are so made for each other. Nicole has a limited vocabulary and asks Corey if she is using words properly. This is probably the only person in the world Corey can feel intellectually superior to. I do NOT see what is physically attractive about Corey. Maybe it is because I’m attracted to the mind and personality first then the looks sort of match thosew feelings for me. But Ihave tried staring at him objectively, and even before I saw the first episode I didn’t find him attractive.

    • Deb in SF

      I SO agree about Corey! I see nothing attractive about him at all. Nicole is not so likeable this season…she’s just a young, dumb girl.

    • Bravocueen

      I think Corey is adorable! I wouldn’t want a relationship with him but he’d be good for “sport.”

  2. tamaratattles

    Am I having a psychotic break or does this page randomly have a woman saying “Can anybody help us? Don’t go it alone!” I can’t see a video playing…..
    PS Nicole is really worried about her edit on this season.

    • As a veteran of the game & the social media fallout from it, Nicole has surprised me the most with disappointment. She is completely useless as a BB player and has no entertainment value. All she does is whine about if Corey likes her or is mad at her. After she recovers from her bad case of dick-whipped, she will for sure regret how she played this season.

      • Sabrina

        Absolutely- I have been very disappointed in her this season. She has not won a single event and seems to be completely uninterested in formulating a solid strategy, seeing herself as a leader to help the newer ones, especially the women. At least she has articulated nothing.

        Maybe she is waiting to get to know people and let some time pass. And if her strategy is yet to be announced but present, I am having a very hard time understanding how she has played a number of the challenges. As UF said, she will be quite embarrassed when seeing this back, after her bout of puppy love.

      • I keep thinking about how she only broke up with Hayden a few months before coming into the house.

        She’s going to be doubly mortified!

    • monica

      She should be worried!

    • Deco

      Corey’s a Slug. Useless.
      Nicole is pitiful this season. Her cuteness and messy hair lost its luster long ago. She forgot she’s there to play a game. For 500k. Not title of BB 18 BJ Queen.
      Just UGH.

      • I heard that the returnees were paid a stipend of around $20,000 just to return and more if they made it to jury. Not much incentive to try and actually win if you are happy with that amount.

  3. Deb in SF

    If anything, Paul would be Paulie’s Cody. I hope not though. I want them both gone. I also hope Frank does get the return ticket, which is a total turnaround for me. He’s the only one playing a semi-honest game. Not afraid to say what he wants, like getting Da’Vonne out of the house. He’s become much more likeable since he isn’t top dog anymore. IMO, Michelle hasn’t been playing a good game; she’s just been safe every week because of the team factor…she was safe when Paulie won and she was safe when Frank won. I do not like her at all. Actually, I am not rooting for anyone right now, except Frank. Cannot believe it, but it’s true. Thanks for the BB post, Tamara. I’ve been missing your BB commentary!

    • tamaratattles

      That was Lime Brain’s post!

      Michelle is going to be fatter than me when she leaves the house, and I am as big as a house. This will please me because she was fat shaming on Reddit before she went in.

  4. Cat

    Great job, Lime Brain!

  5. Meowcat

    I’m also rooting for Frank. I’ve always liked him. Nicole is so whinny. I have to mute her she has gotton so bad. If she is so worried how she lookes to the public, she shouldn’t have done the show again.

  6. Welcome to the Radiator Lime Brain! Thanks for the recap.

  7. James is a fucking IDIOT for alerting the other house guests about the message on the screen. Imagine the fun if he had only kept it secret to himself & Natalie while the rest of the house slept they would have had an advantage. Big Brother is NOT a team sport. But I do have to say the 2 hours of feeds during the “hunt” was fun & crazy. I was waiting for a Hunger Game mentality as they stalked each other and waited each other out to find the secret. Paul was ruthless & shady trying to unlock the secret and lied about the envelope after he came back from the tunnel. Though his story of the Paris room wasn’t well thought out, he captured the essence of what BB is supposed to be. Mind Games all the way.

    • amisteree

      I remember James as being much more cunning last season, and always up for playing tricks. This time he doesn’t seem to be in game-mode as much as he is into Natalie. Am I missing something?

      • Sabrina

        Could not agree more- so disappointed. James was more cunning, more a leader with some spirit. Now he just quivers by little Natalie. He does appear to be “in like” and it is really getting to his thinking.

        I was watching both Nicole and James overnight, knowing the strategy becomes more intense pretty soon, and duos begin to be perceived as threats rather than helpful. it is not in their best interests to focus on these romances/showmances/whatever. At least James stays outside with the rest of the crew and has an idea what they are doing. From what I saw, Nicole and Cory were off in a bedroom completely unaware of happenings elsewhere.

        That may work for a while, but at some point they are doing themselves a real disservice, no matter how strong their “alliance” with others is. And day proved that point last night, as she attempted to work with Frank and form a an end game alliance with another single or two. Not a bad idea defensively at this point, when you are operating alone, actually.

        I agree with limebrain- while sometimes she has appeared to be asleep at the switch, Day is much more strategy focused than most of the others at the moment, especially the returnees.

  8. GirlMe

    I love the Lifetime show UnReal. I wonder if glimmers of it are true for every reality show.

    I’m rooting for Day. Just wish she didnt talk so much. Zak is gross. James is not playing smart. Why cant they see strings being pulled by Paulie.

    Zak should realize Paulie is over her if he is choosing to sleep with Paul instead of her.

    So pissed at the girls. The odds were stacked in their favor and they ruined it.

    • I am also rooting for Day, and agree that she “talk” too much! I could not believe she told James, we need to break up the show-mances. I was screaming at the TV, shut up Day!! I would also like to see James win, if Day get voted out!

  9. Hey! I see my name in lights. I’m famous!!! Lol!

    TT, can you do me a favor and chain me to the a/c? I might be more productive that way.

    And thanks for the warm welcome, everybody! Hope I don’t regret what I’ve gotten myself into. :)

    • tamaratattles

      Bitch please. It’s the radiator and you will like it, Now go get a new story, /whipcrack ask UF if you can bitch about accommodations …

  10. They have the camera on Corey’s chest and Nicole’s ass. I think he shaves his chest.

    I wish bb would tell them to fix their mics so I can hear.

  11. GirlMe

    Can’t believe they r keeping Frank and voting out Bridgette. Then they think Victor and Brodgette are nect tatgets if Frank doesnt go. Corey will keep him

  12. amisteree

    Thanks for the update, Lamebrain! I’m as addicted to this as one can be, without paying for the live-feeds. Reading re-caps and forum chats. I’m ready for Michelle to GO AWAY, and Nicole. And VICTOR, and Corey and Paulie…xo

  13. amisteree

    Did Paul tell Bridgette that Frank is campaigning against her? I hope that wakes her up, but Frank is too good at this and will probably still be able to overcome the breach. These women are so maddening! Is Da’Vonne the only female who is playing the game? I want her alliance with James to be real, but that may be wishful thinking. I’ve changed my mind about Paul every day; today I’m hoping for a James/Da’Vonne and Paul alliance.

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