Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Boogie Fights

RHOOC Cast Season 11
It’s time for another episode of RHOOC and my new laptop just finished updating to all sorts of things I have no idea how to use.  So this may take a bit longer than usual.  Like now, I am trying to do a search in my search box and all I get is a blue circle. Sigh. This laptop was too expensive not to be the fastest thing on the planet. It’s possible things are still updating in the background.

Forgive me for sticking  to the big issues tonight, and I appreciate y’all filling in all of the stuff I don’t spell out here that was of interest to you.  Heather is pissed that Terry has to be out of town on Mother’s Day. She is actually pissed that he is working so much he basically never sees the kids. Which is bullshit. She knew what she was getting into when she married a plastic surgeon in Orange County.  The work apparently never ends.

Jim could not be any more disinterested in Meghan’s IVF.

Look at us being happy!

Look at us being happy!

Shannon’s Party

Let’s just skip to the good stuff.  I just looked up and is Kelly wearing a wig for the party or extensions for daily wear? I have no idea.  Shannon seems a bit confused about what is the 70s.  I was in elementary school in the 70s, but my big brother was a hippy living most of the time in Switzerland in boarding school. I was in Libya which was more like the 40s or 50s at the time. So I am no expert either.  I do remember my parents bitching about my brother’s field trip being flying to London to see Hair.

Shannon, in some sort of bitch move invited this Jackie person who is apparently Kelly’s mortal enemy. She points out she knows Kelly and the guy she used to date when she was separated from Michael. I must say that Kelly brought it up first. So there is that. I guess I will keep an open mind about Jackie, but it is clear to me at least that Shannon invited her to needle Kelly.

I love that Vicki and Kelly called Shannon out for providing cheap tequila. I also love Heather’s “fuck it” I can deal with Vicki and let God sort it out attitude.

This may be the most pathetic party in housewives history.

I admire Tamra for her dedication to her fitness regime. And her willingness to forgive Vicki. Why did Meghan bring her mother to this particular fiasco? Couldn’t she just film with her at home? Although I must say her mother seems to fit right in the shit show.

Everyone seems legit drunk except for perhaps, Tamra. Kelly says that David looks like a pedophile and we are off to the races!

Meanwhile Heather thinks this is a great time to talk to Terry about his busy schedule. Terry seems very remorseful about missing time with his kids. The both seem very rational despite Heather having had a lot of Champs.

Shannon really does look like Mrs. Roper. Jaci is telling Shannon all the dirt on Kelly. Who is the Nina bitch? Nina moved Vicki’s purse?

RHOOC Yacht Vicki Kelly

Kelly confronts the coven of bitches and tells Shannon she looks like Mrs. Roper and Shannon throws her out of her party. But not before, David goes in of Vicki for lying about Brooks cancer.  Shannon dashes over to her husband to say that Michael and Kelly are calling her dumb.  Seriously,  I mean I’ve never been married, but I’ve had plenty of LTRs and I would never go grab my man to fight my battles over someone calling me dumb.  If Michael was hostile, maybe …but calling me Mrs. Roper and dumb? What an idiot Shannon is.  When I taught first grade I taught my kids this concept. A kid would come screaming to me that someone called them stupid.  I’d ask them if the were stupid. They would look at me horrified that I said “the s word” and say no. I would say, “So they are wrong, Who cares?”  It rarely took more than twice for this exchange to happen and the SIX YEAR OLD would look at the other person and roll their eyes.  But Shannon has to call in her husband?  David is berating Vicki, a woman, way more than Michael, who merely called Shannon Mrs. Roper, yet Shannon is over there wanting her man to confront Michael. REALLY?

Then Vicki and Kelly and Michael leave. Vicki is drunk and drunk dials Brooks. Oh, sweetie, we have all been there but bad drunken mistake.  She wants Brooks to fix everything and deal with David. I so understand this moment, Vicki, but tomorrow you are going to regret this moment SO MUCH.

Even Tamra needs a drink at this point. She calls Shannon the hooker version of Mrs. Roper. Shannon and Tamra run out in nekkid unitards. Seriously?

Next Week: More Drama. And Brianna is doing 50K in renovations to her new house?  On a nurse and a military guy budget?


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191 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Boogie Fights

  1. Elizabeth

    Shannon totally set kelly up no doubt! That Nina awful…..

    • Shannon totally lied about not setting Kelly up. She was filmed telling Tamra that “this isn’t going the way I thought.” Those two women were quite possibly the trashiest women every to appear on HW. Guttersnipe is a nice word to use to describe them. Total trash. And Shannon isn’t much better, bringing them to the party.

  2. Lisa j

    Cannot stand Kelly Dodd. Shannon sweetie, sit down and let your Bulldogs do the dirty work, that’s why they’re sitting next to you talking about Kelly sleeping around. Vicki got Brianna a contract I am sure, she’s getting more air time than the embryo lady who’s name I honestly can’t remember.

    • Matzah60

      Good call, Lisaj. It is becoming clear why Brianna returned to the OC without her husband. Vicki must have secured a contract for her because she appeared in almost every scene of this episode except that shit show 70’s party.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Lol @ the embryo lady. Can she please just go away? I don’t know who cares less, me or Jimmy.

      • SLM

        Hahaha! @TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya! But I think Jimmy cares just a little bit LESS than any of us…because he never actually directly looks at her and we as the viewing audience occasionally do….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Christina

    That Nina chick was shady to move Vicki’s purse and then be so super agressive about its whereabouts. She and Jaci sucked and David’s a douche.

  4. Jaana

    Shannon totally set Kelly up then lie about it. What a nut she know we can clearly see it right?

  5. Matzah60

    I wonder when this was filmed. Vicki gets into the limo to go home with Kelly and her husband and calls Brooks. Ends the phone call with I love you. That would mean that Vicki never stopped seeing Brooks as she has said and is probably still in contact with him.

    Vicki and Kelly went there to trash Shannon. It’s my guess that the reason Kelly never liked Shannon from the get go is because Shannon knows a lot of Kelly’s dirty secrets; all her affairs while she was married. The two ‘friends’ of the Beador’s were clearly a set up because they were both had on microphones.

    Nothing would have happened if Tamra hadn’t run over to Kelly to stir up the shit reporting on what Shannon and her two friends were talking about. Tamra hasn’t changed much. Still a low down conniving bitch.

    Kelly’s husband was trash talking Shannon, so honestly, he’s just as bad as David Beador. Furthermore, David didn’t start a fight with Vicki. Vicki came over to the bar to trash Shannon saying how she was fighting at her own party. It was deliberate on Vicki’s part. Vicki walked up to David to get in his face and call him a cheater.

    Kelly Dodd is a drunk psycho. Pure trash. I’m sure it won’t be long before she and Tamra are best friends.

    It’s amusing that Kelly says her husband (whose name I do not know) has narcissistic Personality disorder because it is she who has the disorder. I actually don’t think her mother and brother live with her because that is part of family’s heritage, to take care of the rest of the family. I think they live there so her husband can foot the bill for Kelly, Kelly’s mother, and her brother. I also think it’s telling that during the last episode, she told Tamra that her husband would ‘rather pay the lawyers than give her and her family the money’. That’s a crock. He was going to pull the plug on her mother and brother, so it was easier to stay with her husband and have him support the whole offing family.

    Too many drunken, trashy people on this show. What a disgusting group of women.

    • Matzah60

      P.S. The Beadors and Dodds, Pot meet kettle. Both have lying, cheating spouses and they’re both calling each other names. They’re both alcoholics and they’re both trash, IMO

      • Minky

        I agree with everything you wrote here. I also totally believe Vicki is still carrying on with Brooks. The only reason she showed her hand with Brooks tonight is because she was drunk. What about Vicki’s new beau? SMH. It’s interesting that Vicki is gravitating to this Kelly person.

        Where does Bravo find these women. In the drunk tank at the county jail? Sober Tamra is no better than drunk Tamra. She’s always trying to get people to fight each other. Yuck.

      • Matzah60

        LOL!!!! “Sober Tamara is no better thank drunk Tamara.” I felt like I was watching the Jerry Springer show!!!!

    • Shae

      I agree Matzah. I felt like I needed to take a shower after watching that display from Kelly. What man has to drag his wife kicking and screaming like a wild hyena out of a party, with her yelling about how other ladies are “ugly” and whatnot, has any self respect?

      That was definitely shady of Tamra to act all aghast the ladies were chatting about them in their absence. But then again, that’s exactly what these shows encourage you to do, stir the pot, and Tamra is quite experienced.

      • Sabrina

        I sat down to see this after a difficult day with serious issues, and find nothing relaxing or enjoyable. Except for Heather’s, all the other women’s issues are made up garbage about self indulgent people not controlling themselves, or creating fights, or making poor choices in life- or all the above . None of it is enjoyable, entertaining, or inspiring. It is all low-life . Kelly is not deserving of a minute of film. There is nothing interesting or appealing about her.

        Vicki just proved everyone’s belief- she is still with Brooks, and she called him to save her just as Shannon called on her husband to save/protect her from those criticizing her. NO growth, no change, now we see why Vicki has not apologized- in her mind, she is still doing what she did and has done nothing wrong.

        And the medical issues continue to be way over done. IV’s administered at home should not be in bed- in fact, they are best handled sitting up, with an IV pole next to the patient, so the correct level of gravity is in place. The patient is best sitting in a chair next to the pole.

        I am struggling to understand what here is of value, and why I should watch. Bravo apparently brought Kelly in 1) to film with /support Vicki and 2) apparently to bring more conflict/fights.

        It is clear they are late in learning that formula no longer works. Don’t see why I should watch again-I need not see Kelly again- and the vocabulary of most of the others appears to be limited to four letter words spoken with alcohol-laden tones! When do they grow up and learn? Vicki, Shannon, David, Tamra?

    • Cat

      “I love you” does not automatically suggest a sexual or otherwise romantic relationship. If it does, then I need to stop saying it to my cats. :)

      • Matzah60

        Of course not. There are many different kinds of love one has for another person. The fact that Vicky laid down in the middle of the road to stop Brooks from leaving and the fact that they are still in contact on a “regular basis” (said Vicki on WWHL), strongly infers that Vicki still has romantic interest/feelings for Brooks. Additionally, there seems to be diminished postings if any of Vicki and her new man.

        Vicki was “mchammered” when she left that 70’s party. She used some liquid courage to give Brooks a call. Not to mention, she said she was going to call Brooks to tell David Beador to stop being mean to her. Is Brooks going to fly in from Florida to tell David off? Probably not. Finally, when David told Vicki at the party that Brooks was a liar, Vicki tersely and affirmatively told David that Brooks was not a liar.

        I don’t dislike Vicki because of her feelings for Brooks, but I certainly don’t understand why she is still grieving a relationship with a man who lied about his cancer to both her and her friends. After the sadness, one would think Vicki would be angry at Brooks for betraying her.

      • Cat


        I don’t know the gritty details, since I don’t watch the show. I can only go by what I read here.

        And, I suppose I’m projecting a bit. My ex betrayed me, but I still have feelings for him (although not romantically).

        I just find it sad that it is now considered horrible to express love. But, that’s the world today, I guess. How sad.

      • librarygirl

        I am with you Cat. My boys (kitties) hear it every day. And, I will say that to friends quite often. I said it to my dentist last month, meaning that his work is beautiful, never any pain, been a patient for 20 yrs, etc. I nearly fell out of the chair when her returned the compliment, lol. So, perhaps I should tone it down, I really was just joking around. I think when Vicki says that to Brooks it is force of habit. However, I would not be surprised if Brooks is Vicki’s emotional crutch, still. I see them getting back together down the line, that is if they have actually been apart all of this time. If so, this is going to piss off Brianna big time, as she is just as emotionally tied to her Mom (love life included) as Vicki is to Brooks. Vicki really does not care for sick people, and her only way showing love is either by emotional smothering, or by writing a check. It really is a messed up situation for them. That being said, I can not support Vicki or her family situation. They are not lovable folks.

      • Matzah60

        Cat, I think both of us are projecting because I think like Tamara wrote in another post that we bring our own life experiences into play as to how we react to someone.

        I applaud you for being about to maintain a friendship with your ex. Like you, my ex betrayed me, but as I came closer to the end of my marriage, I realized what a fool I was. He had been involved with so many different women that I felt like a fool for staying with him as long as I did. There were also two young kids involved, one who was aware of my ex’s betrayal before I was, but that was my oldest who is 6 years older than his brother.

        I felt like most people were aware of the state of my marriage and that I was the only one unaware of what my ex’s side life was. I tried to forgive him and I was always civil and polite to him in front of our kids, but he is still angry with me for filing for a divorce and it’s been around 17 years, three years shorter than my marriage. He didn’t want to stay married to me, but he didn’t want to divide any assets.

        Your comments are always positive and I think you are much more forgiving than I am. I am glad you remained close friends with your ex. So, I apologize for foisting my own thoughts in my comments without considering yours.

      • Cat

        No need to apologize, Matzah. Everyone has different life experiences, therefore, everyone has a different point of view on things. I accept that.

        Don’t get me wrong. I was crushed when we split up. But, I realized soon after that he and his “girlfriend” did me a huge favor. Although there was never any physical abuse, he and his mother completely stripped me of any identity. I was an empty shell when he left. No wonder he cheated.

        I am a completely different person now. Better, stringer….like the Bionic Woman. :)
        Just kidding.

        I do, however, seem to have 9 lives. And get better with each renewal.

        Anyway, he came back 6 months later, and told me he had made a huge mistake by letting me go. I was strong enough then to say, “Too bad.” That was quite satisfying. We did remain friends for years. But gradually lost contact. I have not seen or heard from him in over 20 years.

        However, I hold no grudges, and have no regrets. It would have been easier to stay with him. I hear he is quite wealthy now. But—I would rather be my own person, and poor, than rich and empty. A non-person.

        I am no longer a Stepford Wife! I am Cat—Hear me meow! :)

      • Cat

        Haha…Stronger. Although, I can be stringer, too, I guess. :)

    • Karen

      I’m in contact from time to time with my ex who I know I shouldn’t have anything to do with. Loneliness makes you make phone calls you later regret. It also doesn’t help that she has to continuously hear his name.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Matzah, you and me both on Kelly being the true narcissist. I’ve been keeping a close eye on that one ever since she made that claim about her husband. It was an “off” thing to say.

    • You said everything that I think of! I guess I don’t have to write anymore comments, just say ditto! Lol

    • Rosesandgin

      I hadn’t thought that the reason Kelly was nice to Vicki against Shannon was Bc Shannon had dirt on her… Thank you for pointing that out. Helps clear some questions I had about the Kelly/Vicki dynamic.

      I loved when Kelly drunkenly said something along the lines of, oh yea we met but you look like every other blonde plastic woman from the OC. Bravo to her for pulling out that diss while completely wasted.

    • Pip

      Although I thought I was done with these shows, they still pique my curiosity and then I’m sucked in again. Just watched this and the previous episode.
      Matzah – I really agree with you on almost every point.
      Holy crap- Kelly is fucking awful. She behaved like a really, truly horrible human being.
      However, I will always think Shannon is a riot and I want to party with her. She almost always cracks me up. I’m glad she and David have resolved their issues. They seem like a tighter unit now. Sometimes you have to go through some bad shit together to get over the mountain. I wish they had kept it private, but, whatevs. It’s their life.
      I fucking DIED when Stella asked David if he had wet dreams. Kids… OMG!! 😳
      Best costume… Vicki! I love a pucci dress! And honorable mention goes to Eddie for that kick-ass wig.
      I thought this party looked like a blast! I am these women’s age and I fucking love the 70’s.
      Also, anyone notice Eddie in the background eating and watching the shit go down? He’s always in the background eating with giant eyes when there is a fight. I love that. I’m with Eddie.

    • Janet

      I don’t care for Kelly either, and her husband seemed to be enjoying the drama way too much. It’s funny because he’s not loved at all but now I don’t feel as sorry for him as he creeped me out with his big shot eating grin and glassy eyes. I don’t like that she went for the low side of calling someone out on their looks. Very shallow and immature. I loved that Shannon gave it back hard like she did. I probably would have run to my husband if people at my house were so mean like that too. Shannon had the catch in her voice that meant she was on the verge of crying. If I had been Kelly I would have ignored the other guest rumour of talking about me and acted like a lady. But Kelly is an egotistical drunken fake thinking she’s the hottest thing on the planet, because she’s married to someone older that she looks good by comparision. I bet she has an affair and hoped to break out of that marriage to be with,someone she’s acrually attracted to.

  6. therealdeb

    Shannon is a cunt, she set Kelly up and it is obvious she wanted to start shit, when even Tamra comments on it you know it is huge. Jelly is a drunken mess, and I still am not sure about her but she didn’t deserve to be set up. Shannon was such a little whiner and couldn’t fight the battle she started and had to run to her creeper husband. I loved what jelly yelled, cracked me up. I so cannot stand Shannon and David.

    • Purple Lover

      They are both slugs and Kelly was set up for that. Vicky just got away from the situation and David went off the deep end on her. There was no excuse for him getting in Vicky’s face. Only an abusive man would do that. Shannon acted like a complete ninny!

      • kallen253

        Not to hold up for David, but Vicki walked over and said something nasty ( I don’t remember what) about Shannon and that’s probably why David and her got into it. And Vicki was in his face as much as he was in hers.

      • therealdeb

        She said she was in her element, I don’t consider that nasty in the least.

      • swizzle

        Vicki made a rude comment about Shannon in front of David. That set him off. I really don’t understand Vicki’s crap about how you should speak to a woman. I’m not much younger than her and I don’t think a man should talk to me differently than another man. It’s such an odd, old fashioned mindset. She acts like she’s some delicate flower.

      • Shae

        Also odd vicki has such ideas about how men should “speak” to women, but apparently it’s ok to date con men who berate you, berate your family, threaten you and lie about fatal illnesses. Because she was going on tv saying she was afraid of Brooks, he had been abusive, etc. just after the whole scandal broke…but that’s ok. David defending his wife when she runs her mouth in front of him, however, crosses the line lol

      • Janet

        Good point. Vickie has so lost any moral authority on how men should talk to women after her long term SITUATION with Brooks. Remember all the excuses and how amazing he was according to her. I won’t dignify it as a relatiinship. I think men are just as entitled to tell a woman off as another woman is, and they often do. Remember also Vickie screaming like an insane idiot, at Shannon, right in front of David, just over the telling, of what the other ladies were saying, about Brooks cancer. Vickie NEVER has showed as much concern for anyone but that loser low life. Not Donn or her kids or any friend. Vickie has zero room to talk.

      • Auntie Velvet

        I think the reason Vicki kept stressing their different genders is because he called her a pig at the outset of the confrontation. To my mind, that crosses the line, although we’ve all heard worse.

      • Susie

        I agree with Purple. David should not get in Vickie’s face to tell her that she is scum. Maybe this party is an example of what cheap tequila does to people! What a disaster.

        Shannon is hardly a “fun” person so the idea of a party hosted by her sounds horrible. There is no way she is going to pull this off.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Vicki said “Shannon’s in her glory right now” while you could hear Shannon fighting with Kelly in the background. I consider that pretty nasty, and why Vicki would be dense enough to think she could say that in front of Shannon’s husband and not have him react, I can’t fathom.

  7. Minky

    All of the women in this cast are awful. Worst RH cast ever!!! Shannon is a mess. Nothing has changed. They’re making Tamra look okay. Wow.

  8. Blondesense

    If you cover the bottom halves of the Beador’s faces in that picture of them (on a plane?) they have the craziest eyes ever. Ramona level crazy eyes. Imagine dying from the inside out on international television. How fucking depressing.

    • David looks like a guy who went to hell, came back and realized he was just in a different hell. I used to think he was a fairly decent looking guy, but now? What in the hell happened to him? Oh, wait, kissing up to Shannon day in and day out is what happened to him. He looks awful – I’ve seen dried-up lizards in the garden that were more attractive than he is these days. Poor guy, if he keeps this up they’re going to have to call his segments Tales from the Crypt. Vicki sure let the cat out of the bag with that drunken phone call to Brooks. That wasn’t a call from a woman who was repeatedly lied to and broke a relationship off, that was a call from someone who’s keeping up her lying ways and was phoning someone she had obviously been in constant contact with. What a lying wench.

      • momoffourkids

        I use to think David was pretty sexy looking, but your comment about Crypt Keeper is straight on. I wonder if Terry did some bad plastic surgery on him? Especially around the eyes area he looks strange. Maybe that is why Shannon and Heather are all buds now? It could mean cheaper plastic faces for Beaders or fear of bad press or lawsuit for Terry? I am so disappointed in how Shannon is now. I had high hopes for her at first. Liked her craziness, now I think she is just flat out crazy.

      • Barbara Swaim

        Too funny!

  9. Happygal

    I’m not sure but I thought Vicki said all I did was love u to brooks as in I loved you and belived you about the cancer – past tense – not that she said I love you now – but I can’t be sure and I was watching it live I did not record it

  10. JentheAUBURNfan

    Holy shit balls! I am just watching from the beginning and zoned out while Shannon, David, and kids are costume shopping UNTIL I hear “wet dreams”. Yes, David just had a discussion about wet dreams with his daughter, including her badgering him about how many he has had lately.
    Please tell me this is as fucked up as I think it is!

    • Toni Lee Gildea

      It is fucked up.

    • Cherry Bomb

      Shannon and David are so inappropriate around their children…. What’s wrong with telling their young girls that the questions they were asking their father were inappropriate…. Also where are the boundaries? Why don’t their children know that asking their father those questions is bizarre and why don’t they know that asking those kinds of questions in a public place is just wrong …. Just plain creepy and gross ! I guess they don’t have boundaries because Shannon and David discuss his cheating and his fishing up her ass to find an enema tube parts in front of them. So wrong and so gross.

      • Cherry Bomb

        Oh yeah … And definitely worse housewife party ever !!! Worse than Bethenny’ s birthday barbecue with The Countess hula – hooping for friends routine.

      • JentheAUBURNfan

        I was thinking I was the only one who thought that it was overboard crazy, with Shannon laughing in interview then the wives blogs saying how wonderful Shannon and David handled it.
        I thought I was just being a prude.

      • Cherry Bomb

        No girl… Your momma raised you right.

      • Laura

        Maybe I’m strange, but how is asking questions of your parents on topics you just learned in school about normal bodily functions weird?

      • JentheAUBURNfan

        It would have been less disturbing if it were just innocent questions, however there’s the whole time and place thing and it is not ok for a child to ask her father about how many times he has had wet dreams and has it been recent.

      • Pip

        Laura- I agree with you. When your kids ask, you try to handle it as gracefully and tactfully as possible. Uncomfortable subject? Oh hell yeah… But you don’t want to shame your kids for being curious about human sexuality. I thought he handled it appropriately considering he was uncomfortable.

      • Janet

        I saw it that way too. To me, it’s ok to try and answer a sex question ,and best to not react with shame ,about the subject of sex and our bodies. To inject a bit of humour into to the subject was human and fine with me. I prefer that honest approach, rather than being all closed up and defensive about normal bodily functions.

      • Allison

        I am as open and honest with my children as they come-id answer any questions they had in an age appropriate manner, and they learned proper names for body parts, and to never be ashamed. But they were also taught some things were private, and I feel like shannon was loving Davids discomfort-had the conversation happened at home, off camera, that’s a different story. But the whole thing seemed planned and contrived, like the daughter was coached to grill him on camera. There’s a time and a place for those discussions and they should never be at someone’s expense. Like David’s.

      • Janet

        True and I have sympathy for the person who is the lone gender. Their family is all females with David being the only male. It wasn’t ideal.

      • Great comment, Cherry Bomb. Those girls have never been taught appropriate boundaries in their dealings with their parents. Hard to watch, and the sad thing is that Shannon and David think it’s funny.

      • Amy

        That was so disturbing. So gross.

  11. Sara

    I don’t understand all the Brianna hate. As a parent I would do exactly what Vicki is doing, especially if I had the means. As child I would love to have a mother who could take care of my family like that if I was seriously ill.

    • Minky

      I don’t think anybody hates Brianna. I know I don’t. I feel sad for her. She seems trapped by the circumstances her mother has pre-fabricated for her. And her husband seems like a douche.

      • kallen253

        Brianna isn’t stupid. I think she’s just used to Vicki’s money help and also they are very close. Vicki has spoiled her but I think Brianna handles it pretty well. Vicki brought Brianna and the kids early to CA because of Brianna’s health. Where would Brianna have been if she’d been in OK when she thought she couldn’t breathe. She has no support system there.

    • librarygirl

      I don’t care for Brianna. I comes from the fact that she is in a very strange codependent dance with her Mom. I get that Vicki loves her daughter, but that love comes with strings. I think that Shannon was correct when she mentioned to Tamra the fact that Vicki wants Brianna around because she needs the emotional support and a filming buddy at this point in time. However, Brianna always falls for her Mom’s needy act and then ends up being disappointed and angry when she figures out that she has been used. Gifts and financial help are wonderful, but Vicki is not equipped to provide the type of support that Brianna is looking for.

      • Vet

        Shannon would do the same. It was inappropriate to sit her daughters down and tell them that Daddy was screwing the lady that was supposed to be her friend. She used her kids for emotional support, so how is she any better? I guarantee you those girls will be a lot more screwed up than Brianna. If I was Brianna I would want to come home too, something is really wrong with her health.

      • Janet

        I think it would be so hard to keep secret about an affair that threatened to blow up a marriage, and all the emotion and drama that springs from that Most parents do not live up to that standard, and want to call out the offending parties. I’ve seen several famlies go through this, and the kids usually are told. But even if they’re not, as in the case of my brother in law, who was I feel, too embarassed for his kids to know that his wife cheated on him, and so did keep it secret, were pretty badly hurt anyway. They were left wondering what the hell happened and why did the family split up? I’m not sure there is any way that kids can be completly spared, because that kind of betrayal is so HUGE, and not all of us are equipped to keep that kind of pain and uncertainty under wraps, and kids hear and sense so much on their own. Thats why I didnt judge the Beadors on the way that handeled it. Who is prepared for that? There are no perfect parents.

      • Janet

        I’m opposed to leaning on children for emotional support, unless absolutely necessary. To me, that’s not the case with Vickie, and she should let Breanna have her own life. If Breanna wanted to move back fine, but not if it was because Vickie doesn’t like being alone. It’s Breannas time now to shine and soar and choose to live her life as she sees fit.

  12. sarah

    I remember when Vicki said that she was flying into Oklahoma every 3 weeks to help Briana. If Vicki has $$$$, why doesnt she just hire childcare help for Briana ? Lots of people do it who are middle class range. Just a thought.

    • PaganChick

      Ryan and Brianna should be responsible for hiring child care for their children, not Vicki. I think Vicki just wants to make sure she is a part of her grandchildren’s lives and if she can also be of help to Brianna while she is sick then it serves two purposes.

      I have noticed that Vicki is in a weird place when it comes to things she does for Brianna. Either people are asking why didn’t Vicki just hire movers, or hire childcare for Brianna. Or, they are accusing her of trying to manipulate Brianna by buying her a car or a house. She can’t seem to win.

      I think if I were Brianna I would be mortified if I needed my mother to make my moving and childcare arrangements for me at that stage of my life, especially if I also had a husband who is supposed to be my partner in my marriage and in raising my children.

      • Vet

        Brianna needs her mother, her husband did how many tours in the middle east and had spinal surgery. She was left across the country with a incapacitated husband, two toddlers, and two jobs.

  13. ingrid

    That had to be the stupidest fucking fight in Housewives history. The streaking at the end was funny though.

  14. timtoodles

    I like her but if Heather mentions “Champs” one more time I am going to scream! I thought the conversation with Tamra and Megan where Megan said the F word was cute. I am not a Vicki fan like TT but I thought she looked AMAZING tonight! I’m not sure how I feel about Kelly yet. She was definitely set up tonight those mean girls had microphones on.

  15. O.O

    The end of this episode was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while . I can’t stop laughing at Shannon being called Mrs Roper nor her running to her husband stuttering that people are being mean to her and calling her stupid
    . Kelly’s comebacks were hilarious and that David is disgusting, his true colors shone through tonight . I thought he was your basic cheater but no he’s an abuser , no man gets in a woman’s face like that who isn’t .

    • therealdeb

      right? She was almost crying…. Shannon can dish it out but cannot swallow it.

    • O.O: Vicki walked over to David and got into his face. Vicki is all indignant because she thought she could say she’s sorry and all is forgiven (being the OG) and why she’s mad about Shannon. Vicki was no victim of Brooks, she was a co-conspirator.

      • librarygirl

        I agree, and where I come from females and males can have confrontational conversations without running for help or calling foul. I don’t get why some of these women think that they are fatal flowers in this day and age. Brothers and sisters fight, couples argue, and the board room can be very adversarial. Vicki especially should understand this. And Shannon is no babe in the woods either. But without these ridiculous fights we wouldn’t have the HW’s.

    • Vet

      I’m so happy I wasn’t the only one laughing.

    • Kimoe

      When Shannon ran to David actually sputtering because she was SO outraged I fell all over laughing. What did she expect him to do? I’ve never expected anyone to fight my battles. Tattle telling doesn’t look good on a grown woman.

  16. Loved Kelly…wish she was just a lil bit less drunk, because her zingers were hilarious until she repeated them too many times.

  17. Dandy Lion

    Shannon was positively glowing as Jaci and Nina threw shade. Of course this was no coincidence. Then running to David to tell on Vicki and Kelly was beyond ridiculous. Go lay down, Mrs. Roper.

  18. Sierra

    Kelly yelling “I would never be friends with you because you’re ugly.” Made me kinda hate her. Vanity like that will get you shitty friends. Tamera knew she stirred the pot and seemed relieved the blowup took the pressure off the fact she is a snitch. Vicki, brooks is over you and I feel bad for the denied drunk call, it sucks. Heather, I think we are all over your chefs nannies and Mother’s Day demands, terry seems afraid of her. David talking about his wet dreams with his daughter made me rewind to see if somehow my sick brain edited in the words “wet”… It did not and more horrified I could not be that he went on to answer her, the 12 year old has to tell them they are being gross, says a lot.

    • kallen253

      If Terry didn’t work all the time could Heather afford that ridiculous mansion she’s having built? Come on, ice cubes??

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I know, it irritates me too. Always harping on about him working but she sure seems to enjoy spending the resulting money.

  19. mary

    Drunk Heather was great!
    Shannon totally set Kelly up because those 2 don’t like each other.
    The look on every one’s faces as they heard Kelly shouting something about knowing why David cheated on Shannon was hilarious. David looked like his head was going to explode. And the rest of the cast acting shocked when all the rest of those Bitches have said (and in the future will say) below the belt insults to each other.
    Shannon got served.

  20. Erica

    I’ve been annoyed by Shannon from the get go, but FUCK YOU KELLY…. MRS. ROPER WAS AWESOME

    Seriously, why dis Mrs. Roper??? She totally meant it as an insult.

    I also love drunk Heather, and how even if she is drunk off her ass, she and Terry still speak respectfully to each other even when drunk and/or irritated.

  21. Jim

    Well that was upsetting… both the ‘wet dreams’ conversation and the 70’s party! Kelly was right to suspect that she was set up but her drunken insults were pathetic, embarrassing and repetitive.

    And those trashy fucking Beadors! If her rich daddy doesn’t cut her off from the family wealth, I will be very surprised. She and David have disgraced their entire family with their awful behavior.

    As a compassionate person, I wish I could work up a little sympathy for Megan. But I just can’t. She really should rethink her decision to have a baby with her disinterested husband. This marriage is already over.

    • Matzah60

      @Jim, I agree that Meghan is foolish to have a child with Jim. Jim is certainly not in love or like with Meghan. Jim doesn’t make eye contact with Meghan, hears her but doesn’t listen, and it seems he has hopes that Meghan having a child will distract her from bothering him. There are so many things wrong with bringing a child into a loveless, dysfunctional marriage and Jim clearly doesn’t give a shit about Meghan or the child she is bearing. Meghan, he’s just not that into you and you are doomed to be a single mother as this marriage is dead.

      • SLM

        YES @Matzah60 !!!! Jim couldn’t give a hoot about Meghan. He doesn’t want work of a divorce, but clearly doesn’t want any sort of real relationship with his wife, either, so he’s hoping throwing motherhood at her will keep her happy and out of his hair and he can live his life/career unfettered as far away from her as possible. I like how he magically can’t be in town for any of her appts…yeah, right. I can’t for the life of me figure out why he went ahead and married her? He acts like he can’t stand her already and they’ve been married less than 2 years, am I right?

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Is it possible she’s not aware she’s a beard?

      • Miguel

        Hahaha, Yoya!!!

      • Allison

        @TheArtistFKAY- DOH! Beard…::snickering::

      • Kimoe

        I can’t figure Jim out and why he married Megan. He’s SO checked out and she can’t see the forest for the trees. A beard is the only thing that makes sense of this situation. I bet he thought being a housewife would keep her out of his hair but now it’ll be a baby too. Also read rcently they put up their house for sale.

      • Matzah60

        Yoya, I think you’re on to something. That is the only viable answer for what is going on in that marriage. I think you hit the nail on the head.

        Tamara, that may indeed be her real mission, but this guy doesn’t even like her. He doesn’t even talk to her or discuss anything with her. I am surprised he was willing to go through with the IVF.

      • Allison

        @matzah youre right about Jim. He’s probably thrilled that theyre using IVF, he doesnt have to actually spend time with her to get her pregnant. I dont predict things will end well for them either, and I feel bad for Meghan. He’s never seemed all that into her, but in her defense, he doesnt seem all that into anything but himself and baseball.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Allison I don’t feel bad for Meghan, she seems like a horrible person.

      • Allison

        @theartistFKAY I know Meghan isnt popular here, but I dont find her as offensive as everyone else seems to. There are only a handful of housewives I dont care for, but I dont know how any of them are as people or IRL, its television. We see these women as Andy wants us too. I just dont believe a reality show with questionable reality at times is an accurate representation of these women as a whole. I’m sure theyre multi-dimensional, and we dont see everything. We couldnt. Like kelly-I am not fond of her, but I would like to think theres more to her than what we see. People dont behave normally on tv.

    • Purple Lover

      Meghan is so out of touch with her husband, if you can call him that, that it is crazy. In her blog she talked about how he is not even interested in her whole IVF process, but how he will be interested when she has her baby girl. What a blind fool she is. She is a fool if she thinks adding a baby to the mix is going to make her marriage better, or even worthwhile. So immature and out of touch.

      • tamaratattles

        In celebrity marriages, every wife’s goal is an “anchor baby.” She knows what she’s doing.

      • Janet

        So true. I can totally see why she would want a baby, I don’t see what’s in it for Jim since he’s not enthusiastic about her, allready has kids, and it’s going to cost him royally.

  22. SLM

    Many, many years ago when I was still a dating gal, I once drunk emailed an ex sounding just like Vicki in this episode, only in WRITING ….I STILL cringe thinking about it…so I REALLY feel for Vicki here!

  23. SLM

    Amd, yes, TT, I agree with you – I couldn’t believe a grown woman (Shannon) would go grab her husband and whine that, basically, the other girls were calling names and she kind of wanted him to go beat them up! It was so juvenile and weird. And Jim could care less about Meghan. I seriously think he went ahead with the IVF because he thought it would distract her and keep her occupied and out of his hair. In every scene where they are together I swear I can see his eyes darting around the space mapping the fastest exit route…

    • JentheAUBURNfan

      If we rated all of Shannon’s panicky meltdowns last night would have to be number one. In the past she may not have made any sense to anyone but herself, but last night she was a stuttering mess all the while bringing out the crazy rabied owl buried deep down in kelly.

      • Onawin

        I think Shannon was telling her husband about kelly and her husband Vicki had walk away and had upset David. Kelly and Vicki went to the party to F with Shannon and Kelly got
        Surprised. I heard Vicki say to David
        he still does have cancer. What happened to Kelly in the 70’s we would call that check mate.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      @SLM it was extremely weird, as in Shannon’s mental health problems run far deeper than we could ever imagine.

  24. LoriNYC

    I though Vicki was DONE with Brooks? He’ll be back!

  25. Anita Mann

    Vickie Drives me insane, She acts like she has the perfect family, which is nowhere near the truth, she was all sad and soft spoken when she thought she had no friends, then kelly comes into the picture, and now she asks all ballsy again, She is a liar threw and threw, and hanging around a latina is funny to me when she has said many racial slurs regarding the culture in season prior, shes the type of girl in high school who didn’t get attention, and now is mean and hates anyone that does. I wish she would leave the show, calling brookes was proof that she still likes and has contact with him.and lying to her friends yet again, she better not let her daughter know. Shannon’s friend that are supposed set ups to get Kelley, Who cares they looks liked bitches I loved the dark hair one who hid the purse she made such a face when she did it, and with her accent acting all uppity was hilarious, and called her trash I was rolling on the floor, If me I would have threw my drink in her face and went for it, with all the sequence, glitter, hair and color flying around would have been exciting. The best scene of the night was when the daughter asked David if he ever had a wet dream, can;t get more real than that.

    • tamaratattles

      And ladies and gentleman, this is the target Bravo audience. Women who think stealing purses and daughters discussing wet dreams with their fathers is good TV. I could have gone all day without this being the first illiterate comment I read today.

      Just GROSS.

  26. JentheAUBURNfan

    Does anyone else look differently at Kelly’s husband after hearing her screech “whooooooo”
    Over and over? If that man has to hear that or anything close to that during arguments he should be awarded a Medal of Honor for not needing a permanent bed in the closest mental hospital.
    At least we all know her spirit animal is a screech owl with rabies.

  27. Dexter

    I stopped watching this show. Vicki is so gross. Tammy so disgusting. All really unlike able. These shows stopped being fun and have become stressful. No thanks. No more Bravo for me.

  28. Nance

    The party could of been in Shannon’s garage, maybe the alcohol budget would have been higher. I was on the fence with Shannon before this season started, but now she is just trying to hard on all levels. I have to agree with a few people on here about David, what happened to him? He has aged 20 years. Maybe it was the pubic hair wig he had on at the party but he was just vile and nasty when ripping Vicki.

  29. Shae

    Ok, so on last year’s reunion Vicki admitted she lied for compassion and fabricated whole stories about Brooks’ cancer to that end- begging forgiveness from everyone. This season, she’s insisting she didn’t lie, didn’t know he didn’t have cancer and is now the victim of everyone daring to hold a grudge over lying and smearing them all last season- while simultaneously apologizing but not apologizing to everyone. She’s sorry, but she didn’t do anything.

    Let’s say for a minute anyone believes this latest story, not last year’s, and she’s in fact, Brooks’ hapless victim- she has no idea, he scammed all on his own. Isn’t keeping contact with this guy a slap in the face to everyone he screwed over and scammed? I would think if you were truly fooled by a conman and felt badly he dragged your family and social circle into it, you would have the self respect not to communicate with this person anymore. Not to mention be furious with them. She’s clearly not. And while I know relationships are complicated, Vicki is full of shit. I don’t buy it. She knew, she got caught, she admitted as much then took it back, and now she’s playing the poor me card.

    It’s very well and nice if the ladies want to be friends with her despite this, more power to them, because I sure as shit would not and I don’t blame any of them for deciding not to. It’s not “holding a grudge” when someone proves to be manipulative and dishonest and you choose not to associate with them anymore. It’s just smart. Kelly, of course, can’t fathom this. She comes waltzing in, no doubt knowing all about the brooks issue, and acts like everyone is overreacting to some silly fight they had. Sorry, I don’t respect airheads and that’s just stupid. You know damn well why they’re upset and why it’s a good reason, don’t act like they’re just “being standoffish” or catty.

    She’s also a hot, drunk, mess and her husband creeps me the fuck out. He looked downright sinister yelling at Shannon. I know she’s not popular around here anymore but I love her and I would be outraged, too, with people talking to me that way at my party. I don’t think she set Kelly up, but those ladies def didn’t like her. Nina was out of line, big time, but that is no reason for Kelly to act so rude and low class. It was embarrassing. She gets on my last nerve.

  30. Wonder Woman

    All of these women on all of these Housewives shows justify their identities based on Male approval. Really sad. All of them are treated badly. It amazes me….the lack of self-awareness they choose to endure. Or is it the money for all of them?

  31. Allison

    Kelly is a drunk drunk drunk, and not a nice one. Ya’ll remember the video of her outside the restaurant a few months back, slurring all kinds of shit? Clearly it wasn’t a one off, a bad day, or misrepresentation.
    The wet dream convo? Horrified. That didn’t define “close family” for me, just showed a creepy lack of boundaries.

  32. Another season of seeing a bitter Shannon. David showed his real personality last night talking to VIcki like he did. He s no prize. I felt like Kelly was set up with Shannon’s “friends” being there and being “miked” out of all the other party go-ers.
    Tamra again started stuff and somehow gets away with it.
    Heather is a whiner; would love to have her problems.
    My “cc” said Vicki said “loved” and that’s what I thought she said.
    Meghan so boring -nothing to report.
    Brianna, Vicki and the grandkids were cute to see.
    Still Team Vicki and Kelly.

  33. tamaratattles

    Just a test comment to see if commenting with Google Chome is easier. It is but it’s still not perfect.

    • Matzah60

      I love google chrome. I’ve tried so many other browsers, but google chrome seems to have the best features for my computing purposes. Congrats on your new computer, Tamara. I hope you’re enjoying it and that it is making your blogging a much more pleasant experience.

    • SaraSally

      Chrome is a heavy power consumer than other apps. I like the program, but do expect to be charging a lot & do take your cords with you if you are working at a satellite location.

  34. Nila

    Terry is clearly over being a father/husband. His comments in Turks and Caicos were just sad to hear. Heather wants Terry to care and heck I think even Terry wishes he cared but he clearly doesn’t.

    I don’t care for Kelly but she was clearly set up here, especially when the blonde friend said “well that didn’t go as I expected”, when Kelly & Vicki walked away instead of engaging. I felt like Tamra went after them because she wanted the fight to happen. The lady with the dark hair was so transparent and over the top trying to get a reaction. Shannon running to David was just like Megan running to Jim last year and I believe Shannon have her shit for it, lol. The whole who/you thing was a bit funny because I believe Kelly was asking who was she having an affair with and Shannon just kept saying you not understanding Kelly’s question. I thought it was quite funny.

    Megan’s situation is uncomfortable to watch, Jim clearly does not care and picks at her, (it’s not crazy, it’s science), insane that she does not see it.

    I don’t know why people are still talking about Briana, of course she is in more scenes, she lives with Vicki right now.

    I heard it as “I loved you” and I was embarrassed for her. It was a drinken emotional call that was rejected:(

  35. Katie West

    Though in different cities, my darling brother, his partner and I watch this show (and comment) together. They’ve suggested Andy Cohen doesn’t really like women and the castings are starting to reflect it. Not interesting television anymore.

    • tamaratattles

      LOL It’s been obvious since 2001 that Andy Cohen hates women. And yet, we make him rich. So he’s winning!

  36. Mysupercutepistachio

    I see both sides of this altercation and they are both base, baseless and pretty low. Kelly was going after Shannon from go with Vicki whispering in her ear clearly trying to kiss up to the “old g of the OC.” These two women are low and have total personality changes when they drink. However I don’t think
    The woman with the husky voice who was asking Kelly what her handbag looked like deserved to be dragged into it so fast. It seemed to me she likely remembered she moved a purse and was genuinely trying to help. Both ladies of the OC showed their true colors and they are ugly.

    • Onawin

      My thoughts also, she definitely did ask Kelly what color was the purse several times and Kelly said I don’t know I’m just helping her look for it then one of them said that did not go as I expected.

    • Allison

      I dont know if Nina knew that it was vicki’s purse she moved, but she sure picked it up and made a face like it was covered in feces when she moved it.

  37. SLM

    I thought the whole 70s party was a major goat rodeo shit show, and not even in a fun RH disaster kind of way (think the Alison DuBois at Camille Grammar’s BH dinner party). No one deserves to be cheated on, but in my honest frank opinion, if I were David I would have LEFT Shannon and divorced her years ago (upfront and legally) and then found a new mate. She’s AWFUL. She whines, brays, dictates, screeches, cries, falls apart, gets aggressive in an endless cycle and is about the least fun person I can imagine.

  38. Margaret Shepard

    I agree this episode was a bad shitstorm. I did find it funny when Kelly said to that blonde sitting next to Shannon. She said you look like every orange county woman, blonde hair and big boobs.Lol just like Vicki standing next to her.

  39. Randi

    Tamara, what about the best moment in Housewives history when Heather fell down on the roller skates because Terry pushed her? I rewatched that about five times. I have NEVER laughed so hard at anything on the entire Housewives franchise.

  40. Felicia ledbetter

    I think Shannon is being too hard on Vicky remember when everyone was talking about David’s affair Vicky stood by her when the other housewives were calling her crazy Vicky was there for her, I don,’t think Vicky knew Brooks was lying about his cancer we still don’t know if it is a lie just because he didn’t show his medical records to the nosey housewives and Meghan helped stir the cancer pot because she doesn’t like Vicky. Vicky did say I loved you.

    • Brooks didn’t just fail to “show his medical records to the nosey housewives”, what he did show was forged and fictitious. Not the ear mark of an innocent man. Also, anyone who has lived with a cancer patient, especially one as ill as Brooks claimed to be, wouldn’t be able to miss the signs of treatment. Perhaps something was wrong, but nowhere near the seriousness and dire situation that Brooks and Vicki claimed. Vicki has even admitted she lied so that he would get sympathy. Of course, Shannon will beat this horse forever – she’s a quietly vengeful woman. She might look as though she’s forgiven David, but I don’t see it; his punishment will be subtle and constant. It’s not in her to actually forgive, so why should we expect that she should “forgive” Vicki? In fact, I don’t like the word “forgive” in this context at all. Nothing Vicki did actually impacted anything in Shannon’s life. Yes she was pissed off at all the lies and the fact that Brooks lied about seeing the specialist Shannon recommended, but big deal! If you find that your friends have lied to you, just stay away from them. If you’ve suffered no material loss, write them off. – if you’re forced to be in social situations with them, you don’t need to interact, just don’t make a scene.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        EnglishRose you said it – nothing Vicki did really affected Shannon’s life in any way. She’s displacing her anger at David onto Vicki.

  41. Cat

    I miss the 70s. Best decade EVER.

    Mrs. Roper was VERY 70s. So, that comment should have been taken as a compliment. It would have been worse to be compared to MR. Roper. Or Chrissy.

    Forever stuck in 1976……….Sigh.

  42. Miguel

    The highlights of the night (though, I must admit, I still fast forward each and every scene that Heather and/or Meghan film on their own or with each other) were:
    1) Heather’s fall; and
    2) Shannon’s blubbering, when trying to retrieve David.
    I couldn’t decide which was more hilarious!!!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I FF Meghan this season as well. And I’ve never FF’d a housewife on any franchise, ever. My husband said “did you just FASTFORWARD HOUSEWIVES?!?!”

  43. rel

    Kelly is the biggest drunk mess i have seen since Tresa flipped her table!

  44. louieb2009

    This is the episode where it became super clear that Kelly is going to get a 2nd season, and Meghan is not going to get a 3rd.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I hope you’re right about Meghan. One of the worst housewives ever. Why is she here?

      • Re. Meghan: Cuz Andy has a hard on for the Cardinals, Jimmy’s team.

      • Vet

        Even she knows she boring and is useless. She is trying so hard to make her IVF happen. Nobody cares!!

      • tamaratattles

        Yep I was just coming to say BECAUSE ANDY HAS A HARD ON FOR THE CARDINALS. And their gay players. Allegedly.

      • Purple Lover

        She is there because Andy ia a big fan of her husband. He is from St. Louis and a major St. Louis Cardinals fan where Jim is like royalty. She will be there unless Jim tells her she can’t do it any longer and Andy will do anything Jim wants.

    • Miguel

      Yaaayyyyy, louieb2009 – one can only hope; as I can’t understand how, for the life of me, did Meghan get a second season?!?

  45. cheychey

    Vicki does not hold a monopoly on women who have stood up for their man even when they are completely wrong insert Shannon for David, Tamera for Simon and the list goes on. She’s not the first to lie to family or friends because she was blinded by love. I get it she made a terrible mistake but how long is necessary to pay for that mistake? I really don’t think she went in with the intention of lying but once she realized the lie she foolishly kept it up to save face. That doesn’t make her an inherently bad person. As for im Brianna very sad she has gone thru this illness. That doesn’t change the fact that she is a spoiled brat that Vicki has facilitated with her money and she has gladly reaped the benefits. I’m just of the mindset that other people’s problems are theirs not yours. If you go digging long enough you’ll find skeletons in everyone’s closet.

  46. TAT

    I don’t get why the Vicki call is such a pearl clutcher. She called him and said she had loved him, basically all this was his fault, and told him to call the idiots and tell them that. No big mystery. Shit I had friends take sides during a break up and after one night out I emailed him and asked him to talk to them and tell the it was fine to be friends with both of us. That it was up to us to make them know it was okay to like us both. I didn’t want to get back together with him. I just wanted to clear the air on both sides so our friends could move on. Same situation as Vicki’s. Minus the go-go boots.

  47. Microop

    I might be alone in this but I think some (not all) of Heathers shallowness is due to filling the void of Terry’s absence. I do think she’d be willingness ng to settle with slightly less to have him around more.

  48. Court

    Heather always complains about how hard Terry works, yet she has spent 3 years building a house the Shah of Iran would be embarrassed by; how does she think he is able to pay for it all?

    • Allison

      Heather was def hard on Terry-what did she think was going to happen when they decided he would do botched and not just that, a plastic surgeon in the OC-I’m sure the goal wasnt for mediocre success when he started out. She was able to spend like 45k on doorknobs or something ludicrous like that because of his practice. I guess now that the house is finished she’s bored. To throw the kids in his face and be passive aggressive about it was yucky.

      And love how Tamra started that whole scene but scurried away and watched from the sidelines. Never change, Tamra, never change.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I have to wonder if Tamra even advised Shannon to bring backup to the party…

  49. Cherry Bomb

    I am now a licensed nurse…. Or hey maybe even a MD. I know all about cancer and how to administer ivf shots. I know about Lyme disease and know that a whole family of models can have it. I know all about the various coochie coo ailments that can afflict us women folk…. So watching all the various housewife franchises was basically like going away to some Caribbean medical school with the exception of pina coladas and beach volleyball. Why can’t they just focus on fun stuff ? Oh wait …. It’s because there is no longer fun stuff happening on these shows just a bunch a fifty year old women and one millennial all trying to out do and one up each other… Pathetic ! Why can’t.they all just get along !

  50. Kelly may have zero redeeming qualities but watching her get under Shannon’s skin is the only interesting thing going on this season. The rest is just a snooze fest. I seriously thought Shannon’s head was going to pop off!

  51. Lisafromoz

    All I can say is Kelly you should have eaten that cheese plate before the party

  52. lo

    The party was horrifying, but I’m loving Kelly and Vicki. They just want to have fun. Shannon comes across as ridiculous and self-important. The streaking was cringe-worthy as was the segment with Shannon’s daughters asking David about his wet dreams. I mean, really?

  53. Ms.Minnie

    I love kelly, she’s everything I’ve ever wanted to watch lol. Shannon is so damn fake and I loved how Vicki and kelly put Shannon’s husband on blast about cheating, he was mute from there on after.

  54. AshK

    Finally watched this episode.. anyone else think David feels so strongly about Vicki because he wants Shannon to focus on something/someone else besides his affair??

  55. I don’t know if anyone mentioned this above, but Kelly’s husband looks like a mutated freak weirdo. He has the face for a horror flick.

    • Allison

      @Urethra YAASS!!! He was so weird-standing there with that creepy leering sort of grin-he reminded me a bit of the bald guy in Melissa Gorga’s strippergate. Not just the baldness but the pointy features too.

    • Janet

      I thought the same thing. The way he stood with his arm around his wife in lock step, and participated and looked all glassey eyed, drunken and weirdly excited , was freaky. I couldn’t take my eyes off him but was grossed out at the same time. It made me feel he was as nasty as his wife, and that’s why they’re a couple, despite her loving his money and not him.

    • Lisafromoz

      Yes I thought that too!

  56. Mark

    Shannon has no reason at this point to argue with Kelly. Nothing has happened between them and if anything nasty little comments were made to Shannon by Kelly. But let’s be clear, this is the beginning of the season and they don’t know each other. She has no reason to pick on a new cast member. Kelly is taking this and running with it. Aside from this incident and her “friendship” with Vicki, she has no storyline and will not be here next season because she does not fit with the other housewives. She’s trying to be a lighting rod, but she is only making sparks.

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