Shahs Of Sunset: Til Death (Or Vida) Do Us Part

Shahs cast season 5


It’s the penultimate episode of Shahs of Sunset, and I am ready for it to end, because I’ve had more than my fill of Reza Farahan and his attacks on GG this season.

MJ is having a yard sale to make room for Tommy, but she is having a hard time parting with clothes. I am the same way when it comes to garage sales. If someone wants to buy it, it makes me want to keep it. I still miss my fat clothes now that I am huge again. At the time I just knew I’d never gain weight again.

Golnesa gets acupuncture three times a week for her RA. I am sick of the health stories.

Reza is trying to make Adam take his last name. They find out at the marriage license place that they are not actually married and need to do yet another ceremony. They end up redoing their marriage with just Asa and MJ there and Adam finally gets to say some vows.  Reza thinks Obama legalized gay marriage.

On the flight to Belize!

On the flight to Belize!

For unknown reasons, Asa decides to do a photo shoot with Mike and his dogs where she has to stand in traffic. Mike is sad that Jessica has moved on.

MJ’s (non vaginal) Rejuvenation Party

Shervin takes Tommy ring shopping. #FreeWeddingRingBy Bravo.  Tommy is nervous that MJ might say no because her mother will be there. He seems to have gotten permission from her father.

MJ takes Vida for the cake selection. Vida chooses everything. Apparently, the change that MJ is undergoing is to stop being controlled by Vida. Vida still hates Tommy.

MJ wears all white to the party and carries flowers like a bride. The party is at a cemetery with a casket involved. Typical MJ.  It’s like a funeral for her old life. Or something. There will be a choir and the releasing of doves. Tommy is busy getting drunk.

Golnesa cracks me up. The cake is a hot mess. This is all pretty hysterical. Vida asks where Mike where Jessica is. He ignores her. Vida is being a shit disturber. She goes to the casket and opens it. Mike tells her to jump in. This makes me giggle. Vida says, “No wonder Jessica is not with you,.” Mike responds, “No wonder your husband left you a long time ago!”  Buuurrn! Tommy calms Mike down because everyone says that Vida is an elder who must be respected regardless of her nasty behavior.

MJ throws costume jewelry, blush and birth control into the casket. Because, MJ,  Tommy gets up and proposes. She says yes, and the doves fly. Everyone is happy except Vida who starts to throw a fit. To be continued…

Next week.:  It’s the finale. Asa has her photography exhibit, Reza and Adam disagree about kids. Vida continues to be a bitch. Reza and GG’s estrangement comes to a head over her claims she has seen his sex tape. /shudder


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75 responses to “Shahs Of Sunset: Til Death (Or Vida) Do Us Part

  1. Christina

    Thany you for the recap TT! I turned it on after traveling in a car for several hours, to the story line of the marriage not being official….and I just couldn’t. The show is just a trainwreck.

  2. SLM

    I don’t think I can sleep nights anymore knowing there is a Reza sex tape out there somewhere…ewwwwwww😲🙁😦

    • Minky

      Yeah. I think celebrity sex tapes are tacky in general. Is Reza a celebrity? Is he gonna have someone “steal” the tape and “leak” it to TMZ? Oh my good Lord Jesus!!!

      • Minky

        @SLM BTW The emojis you used are perfect! Those faces are the three stages of watching a Reza sex tape. First horrified, then stunned, and, finally, numb. Haaaaa!

      • SLM

        Thanks, Minky! I think my face looked exactly liked those as I processed what they were saying about it last night…it’s a terrifying concept..hahahaha (and that’s kind of scared laughter…)

      • Cat

        Isn’t that how “Kanye’s wife” (who I will not name) became a “celebrity”?

  3. Aerin

    Now mike is prone to fly off the handle, but she was really pushing him hard. It seemed like Vida just wanted to pick a fight. I feel madly for MJ. Vida might be right about some things, but she’s so blunt and rude that it basically erases any credit I can give her.

    • Minky

      Vida’s very bitter about life. And she’s a killjoy who can’t stand to see anyone having a good time. She thinks her shit don’t stink and that’s why she can ‘”tell it like it is” to everyone. Like an elderly, bottle blonde, Persian incarnation of Bethenny.

      • KatCall

        Couldn’t agree with you more! Vida and Bethenny should be locked in a room together for a week.

      • Ktina

        I don’t respect anyone who uses being truthful to hurt people. She’s an ugly person both inside and out. I’m surprised MJ still gives her the time of day. Just because she popped out MJ doesn’t make her a mother. Sorry, but I don’t respect elders just because they’re old. If you’re a nasty piece of shit, you will be treated as such.

    • Erica

      Minky – admittedly I’m a Bethenny fan, but even if I wasn’t, that is unfair. Vida has no competition. I feel like if Brynn started dating a guy B didnt like, she’d say her piece once, and let it go – and consult her attorney in setting up a trust for Brynn so the dirty bastard taking advantage of her daughter couldn’t benefit :).

      There is no scenario that I could EVER imagine Bethenny telling Brynn “no, I am not proud of you”. Vida is some sort of special visitor from hell. Mike is a nasty cheater, but loved him for breaking the cultural boundaries to call Vida out. It is a wonder that MJ isn’t even more fucked up than she already is!!!

      • Minky

        Okay dammit. I’ll go ahead and take back the Bethenny comparison. Just this once. Just for you. 😜 We have no way of knowing how Bethenny would be about her daughter’s nuptials. I’ll give you that.

        And I do agree with you. I have no problem with Mike “going there” in his comments to Vida. Would I do that? No. But Mike was probably shit-faced, so… And Vida’s a nasty piece of work.

        How some people allow themselves to piss all over everybody and never expect any splash back, I’ll never know.

      • Dexter

        The Bethenny – Vida comparison is a good one. Bethennys degeneration into a Vida is not over. Wait until Bryn chooses daddy. What till Bethenny is still not happy and decides she will be happy if only Bryn does X y or z. Bethenny is Vida.

      • Shae

        I agree. You would never, ever, see Bethenny treat her daughter as Vida treats MJ. It’s a whole other level of cruel to behave that way toward your own child.

    • Librarygirl

      Mike letting loose on Vida was perfection. I was cheering him on. Not nice of me, I know. But the woman is aggravating beyond belief.

    • Dexter

      Vida is acting. She is not that mean. She is sitting next to GG sister or someone calm as ever during the proposal and the Asa is next to her and then she gets upset. I call BS acting. This show needs to be cancelled. Reza is a pig in so many ways. They are all really shitty people.

  4. Matzah60

    I don’t think that Vida will accept anyone who is not Persian or someone who is not Muslim. I don’t think it is something that is acceptable to her. I think she has the right to feel that way, but she has no right to degrade her daughter or Tommy. Her disdain for her own daughter’s weight, appearance, drinking, job, clothing, and so on says to me that there is nothing MJ can do that will EVER make her happy or ever be satisfactory to her. What Vida doesn’t understand is that she is pushing her daughter further and further away and ultimately, MJ will stop reaching out to her in hopes of getting her approval and eventually, they will become estranged. It is very sad to see. I will say that it was hysterical when Mike when he told Vida to jump in the casket. Mike was way out of line, but he said what others were thinking. He has become very unfiltered this season.

    Unless your grown child is potentially marrying a drug addict or ex-convict, I think you cause an irrevocable rift between your grown children and yourself by denying your child’s feelings and love for a man you may not approve of. I was married to someone who was/is Catholic is an atheist now. Our kids were raised ‘celebrating’ both religions, but never formally taught either religion. Now that their father and I are divorced, I have embraced my own faith again, but I’ve never been all that religious. Still, I was taken aback when my oldest son dated and then married a woman who is Hindu, American born whose parents were born and raised in India. My youngest son is living with (and will probably marry) a young woman who is Muslim, born in Saudia Arabia, and her parents were born and raised in Palestine. That was a bit uncomfortable considering the long struggle of Israel and Palestine, but we don’t discuss it because she believes that it is difficult to separate your feelings from your ‘roots’ and I agree as well. I just love her, but I was initially shocked. You have to suck it up and accept that your children have different beliefs about religion, marriage, traditions and the like. They are grown and it’s their decision whom they choose to marry. If you object, complain, or reject their partner, your child will only end up rejecting you. I couldn’t ever imagine that or missing out on my grandkids.

    • Matzah60

      Addendum to above comment. I love my daughter in law and my other son’s girlfriend, but I am just stating that I was ‘silently’ taken aback. I never expected my sons to marry anyone of a specific religion or to marry someone Jewish as myself. This is not a criticism of my daughter in law and son’s girlfriend’s religions. They love my sons and my sons love them. The union of both was a bit out of my comfort zone, but I never let my sons in on my personal feelings. Their life partners are their choice.

      • Minky

        You sound like a very good mama Matzah. As our Andy would say: Mazel!

        As an aside, there was a totally adorable Jewish guy I was in a flirtation with many years back. He was so cute! And he really wanted me to be/become Jewish. Like, a lot. He told me what the process of becoming Jewish entailed. What I found so interesting is that you have to keep going back to ask the rabbis, like 3 times. All I have to say is: WOW! Oy gevalt! You guys are really serious. I love it though. ☺️ Also, my best friend in high school was Jewish. I’m still in contact with her to this day.

      • Nayda

        You’re a good matzah? lol Do you know a matzah is an unleavened flat piece of bread? Sorry just thought it was funny. No offence intended lol

      • Matzah60

        You’re a rockstar, Minky. I love your oy gavalt!!! I’m glad you didn’t convert Minky. Just my two cents. Yes, it’s very true that Jews/Jewish families always want their kids non-Jewish girlfriend/boyfriends to convert and you very rarely ever hear of someone Jewish converting to another religion. I think it’s an awful lot to ask of a person. It’s like asking them to change who they are, their roots, their culture. While I am not religion and don’t belong to a synagogue, I was still born a Jew and I couldn’t see converting to another religion in order to marry someone and I couldn’t imagine anyone converting to my religion just to marry me.

        My younger’s son girlfriend who is Muslim has a best girlfriend from high school who is Jewish so she knows all the little Jewish sayings. Her father is very opposed to their relationship and he has been to her house for dinner once, but her father wanted him to return to his apartment after dinner which was an hour an a half away. Her mother has softened up to the idea and just wants her daughter happy.

        I hope you find a really terrific guy who is deserving of you and all you have to offer. You are so articulate and intelligent and you deserve the very best. Never settle. Remember, marriage is overrated, and you can be perfectly happy living with a guy or being single. Thanks for the kind words! You’re a hoot and I mean that in the best possible way! Always hysterical reading your posts.

      • Ahepburnisboss

        I think vida is just insane w a personality disorder. She’s a snob and I bet she wouldn’t care if my married a non Persian or non Muslim if he was super RICH

      • Shae

        I just want to say I’ve really enjoyed your posts, Matzah! A pleasure to read :)

      • Matzah60

        @shae, thanks for the kind words!! 😊👍🏻

      • Matzah60

        @Ahepburnisboss, LOL. Aside from Vida’s very critical nature of her daughter, I don’t think it’s a far cry to call her ‘insane’ with a personality disorder. Your comment really gave me a good laugh because it was a good assessment of Vida. I would think that a woman living in Persia when Vida was married and then walking out of her house, away from her daughter and husband had to be very frowned upon in their culture. Your assessment that it’s not about being Persian or Muslim, but all about the $$$$$ seems to be on point!!! Loved your post!!

      • Nayda

        Oops just realized you call yourself Matzah. I was wondering why someone was saying matzah was a good person. My mistake lol

    • sarah

      I agree Matzah. However I believe it was mentioned that MJ was not raised by her mother, something like after her parents when MJ was a very small child her mother moved out and she was raised by her father. When you dont raise your kids, you cant expect them to listen to you when they are grown. MJ is indeed a hot mess – she may have a thriving career, but even by American standards she is pretty wild for a 40 something. In a lot of cultures, grown children are expected to always heed their parents advice, just like the parents still help out their grown children if they are in need. However, Vida’s comments to MJ are always said in a very insensitive way too.

      • Matzah60

        @sarah, you are so right. Your post reminded me of some of MJ’s meetings with the therapist and/or maybe even before that. It was her mother who walked out, not her father. It does happen, but I guess I hear about a husband walking out more frequently than a woman. That has to be a horrible sense of abandonment for a young girl. I believe that Tommy went to her father for MJ’s hand in marriage and he gave his blessings. Your comments make a lot of sense and clarify why MJ is the way she is and why Vida and MJ have such a terrible relationship. Thanks!!

  5. BKSweetheart

    Thank you TT for recapping this. I can’t even watch this show anymore.

  6. MARC

    Vida is a nasty piece of work. Bethanny & Carole on RHONY take heed or you both will end up just like her.

    • KatCall

      Bethenny has surpassed Vida. Insufferable!

    • Matzah60

      What a good point, Marc. Anger and bitterness are toxic not just for yourself, but the family and friends in your life.

    • Minky

      Yes MARC! So true. I remember Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie. He holds the little girl up to the mirror above the sink while he’s cleaning her up after she’s gotten food all over her face. And then he says: “Here, look at yourself. You see what a bad girl looks like?”

      Cutest scene ever. But seriously, Vida, Bethenny and Carole should all take a good look in the mirror.

  7. So, did Adam know their first marriage wasn’t legal and was apparently just a set-up for the show? What a bunch of crap that is. Why wasn’t it legal? It took place in Palm Springs, right? Makes you wonder if anything real on this show any more. I can’t stand MJ’s mom. I thought parents like that disappeared 50 years ago, but I guess in certain cultures nothing has changed. For people brought up to respect their elders no matter what, and never talk back, it’s very hard to stand up to them. I know, because I was in a similar situation in the mid-60’s. Luckily for me, my parents gradually came around, but I’m not sure Vida ever will. MJ needs to stick to her guns and follow her heart. Even if Tommy turns out to be the wrong guy for her, long-term, she’ll never have to look back with a lot of “what ifs” and “if onlys”. My husband probably (definitely) wasn’t the wisest choice for me, but here we are 50 years later, and I wouldn’t trade my son, daughter and grandchildren for a million dollars. Hang in there, MJ!

    • Erica

      It is more believable than you think. My cousin and her now hubby wanted to get married in Italy. Her brother got ordained online several years ago. He conducted the ceremony, and when they got back to their home state, ran into issues with the legality of it all. They had planned a reception in one of the sets of parents backyards – so the cousin who was the officiant got up during the reception and said that there is some question about the ceremony’s legality – and promptly asked the couple if they solemnly swore, yada yada yada, and before we all knew it – we were witnesses to their legal marriage!

    • Jen

      They were supposed to get a license before the ceremony, the officiant (Asa) was then supposed to do something with the license at the ceremony and then they had to use that for the name change. They had gotten a license for their original Bali ceremony so it’s not like they didn’t know, or at least should have known. You can’t spring a (legal) surprise wedding ceremony on someone because they have to be present to obtain the license first.

  8. Danny

    If a Reza sex tape does exist, I hope it never sees the light of day. I’d rather eat glass than watch a Reza sex scene.

    • Minky

      The thing is, Reza is not a bad looking guy. If he’d just shave off that horrid cookie-duster mustache and stop being so awkward and self-conscious he’d be a total cutie pie. I still don’t want to see him doing the nasty. Just, no.

      • Meg

        Somehow I missed that there was a sex tape?!?! Can you give me the short story on this??

      • New kid

        GG was complaining to, Asa i think, about Reza doubting her RA. In the same conversation Gigi said I know of a sex tape of Reza with some guy. Maybe a hairdresser or something? I wish I could remember the specific details. It was right in the episode a week or two ago.

      • tamaratattles

        I think GG was just blowing off steam because she was angry at Reza, She said someone from her gym had some video of Reza having sex with someone. Idle threat I think.

    • Blondesense

      Amen Danny – pass the eye bleach…. 😵

  9. SLM

    I had a female relative EXACTLY like Vida who, the older she got, the more she had to make sure to shit on everyone’s picnic at evey turn. She was so deeply unhappy with herself and her life that seeing anyone happy, pleased, or feeling good about themselves sent her into relentless beast mode. She would say the meanest things out of nowhere (to friends and family) and work REALLY hard at undermining anything good anyone had. It’s all based on a bottomless well of jealousy and personal hatred they can’t admit, so they direct it all out into . Vida is toxic.

    • Kim

      I co-sign. Vida is very bitter and she exactly told MJ, she needs to be perfect. Poor MJ needs a patient Tommy in her life because Vida really messed her up. MJ needs therapy so she can realize when she starts turning into Vida, she can catch herself.

      • Great comments. Can you imagine having a mother who tells you that she’s not proud of you because you’re not perfect or near-perfect and you’ll only be perfect when you do everything your overbearing, evil, joy-sucking mother tells you to do? Horrible, horrible thing to do – it’s a wonder MJ is as sane as she is. People like Vida only get away with their bullshit because in the Persian culture, as in many others, you wouldn’t dream of talking rudely to an older person. Even though I can’t stand Mike, I’m glad he said the things he did to Vida. She’s a nasty, jealous excuse for a mom, and the more people confront her, the better it will be. I doubt she’ll ever change, since people like her are always convinced of their superiority and righteousness, but I really hope MJ gets the strength to stand up to her and live her own life. She’ll never be good enough in her mother’s eyes because her mother is incapable of being happy for those who “disobey” her oracle of wisdom. Tommy is definitely a diamond in the rough but I truly believe he adores MJ, and what mom can ask for more than that for her child.

    • Ahepburnisboss

      I know a vida as well
      A trouble maker shite stirring bad mother
      Who only cares abt social status and chronically unhappy- she had money and friends and a husband. Still miserable and mean. These ppl r just born wrong and should be shunned. They r just jealous and want to hurt others.

      • Minky

        Everyone has a Vida in the family. The thing that the Vidas of this world don’t understand is that they’re an object of fun and that people talk mad shit about them when they’re not around. My only fear is that Vida will blame MJ for Mike’s words.

        MJ is getting married to someone who seems like a nice guy. It’s supposed to be a very happy time in her life. SO, here comes her soul devouring, demon of a mother to rain on MJ’s parade and turn her wedding into a nightmare. Good God almighty I hate women like her!

      • Ktina

        My mother-in-law is Vida; a horrible woman who messed up her three children really bad and I’m married to one of them. She’s always right and never apologizes for anything but expects respect in return. It’s bizarre that they still keep trying to please the bitch.

  10. SLM

    Oh, and just an addendum to my above comment. This relative of mine liked to hide behind the “I’m an elder, so you can’t say boo to me about anything” just like Vida. Only I don’t really think this is a defense or justification when someone is perpetually and sadistically working to hurt people. I frankly don’t think there’s any excuse for that.

  11. Vida is the worst mother I have ever seen on TV. She is a sadistic, bitter old woman, who is nothing to write home about — yet she never has a nice thing to say. I am astonished MJ continues to have a relationship with her at all, and is always civil to her.

    Can I also mention the clothing last night? Is sausage casing a real trend? Clothing that can get no tighter or more revealing? ugh. Seems the ladies have doubled down with their outfits recently. Give me Asa’s caftans.

  12. Amy V

    “It was like heroine…I wanted it to last forever.” Queen Of The South. Thanks TT!

    • Margarett

      I’m happy to hear that others are enjoying “Queen of the South”. It would be such fun to read TT’s recaps.

  13. SB

    I loved when Mike gave it back to Vida! She’s such an angry old bitch! I can’t believe how patient MJ is with her. She needs a daughter lifetime achievement award for putting up with her.

  14. Anna K

    I really enjoyed what Tommy said before he was proposing and while proposing. it seemed very heartfelt and legit. And as someone said even if he’s not the perfect guy for her on the surface, he might just turn out to be in the future!

    and Mike was driving a TOYOTA CAMRI to that weird only-place-you-can-see-the-sunset-in-all-of-LA photoshoot. Poor guy… no wife, no Mercedes, no decent house to live in!

    I thought the pics looked good though!

  15. Chris

    I don’t get why people are not seeing the truth between Jessica and Mike. Not even Jessica seems to realize that Mike was disloyal to her in a more significant way than cheating. I applaud her for kicking Mike to the curb. He clearly chose his friends over his wife. The lesson for Jessica and others? People from foreign lands are never loyal to Americans.

  16. Onawin

    I am have my mouth
    Wide open😮 Now I’m Lmao I have said that also.

  17. KayD

    I continue to watch Shahs because I don’t think it is as scripted as some of the others.
    Also, Vida. My mother is exactly like that. She threw me out of the family 20 plus years ago and I am glad of it. I watch Vida to remind myself that trying to make up with her would be useless.

  18. Margaret Shepard

    I agree that Vida is a horrible person. I think the only way she would be proud of MJ was if she married a rich Persian doctor. I agree about the jump in comment Mike said to Vida. It made me lol.

    • Toni

      I don’t think Vida would be happy with anyone for MJ. She’s an unhappy woman and fears being alone. Who else does she have?

      Mike’s comeback was awesome! I laughed my ass off. Vida deserved that. Tommy stepping in for her may help in the long run with family relations. im really liking Tommy for MJ.

  19. Chandler

    Vida, in my opinion. wanted a ‘perfect’ daughter and in her eyes MJ disappoints -overweight and busty semi- alcoholic, middle age and single insecure woman who supports herself but without a man worshipping MJ on a pedestal and showing gifts to both mother and daughter. Vida wanted a daughter who was a ‘catch’ so a proper suitor would be found and provide them both with the life Vida feels she deserves. She is bitter that her wishes will never happen and in her eyes MJ is a disappointment. It is not the life Vida feels she is entitled and her bitterness is the guilt she spews onto her daughter. Mental and psychological abuse is still abuse – perhaps the worst kind as it eats into the very soul of an innocent child and later vulnerable adult.

    • gapeachinsc

      In my opinion, you are spot on regarding Vida and MJ. I was happy for MJ and glad she said yes. She needs to stick to her guns and stop trying to get her mother’s approval for things. Once Vida realizes that MJ is no longer seeking her approval she MAY lighten up. If MJ sets boundaries and sticks to them, Vida may even start respecting her.

      My Lebanese grandfather was a tough man to please and drove two of his children away with his constant berating. I spent a lot of time growing up with my grandparents and saw their interactions with their own children in a different light. I came to realize that the biggest reason he didn’t respect those two had everything to do with the fact they never stood up to him or stood firm in their convictions. I took note of that and never let him ruffle my feathers and even though I was the most rebellious one of the bunch, he never had a problem with me and we were really close. He lived to be 98 years old.

  20. Tommy is obnoxious but I actually think he’s good for MJ. I hope things work out.

  21. SpringSprung

    I guess the hideous mask of Temp Cheap Fame has finally caught up with this troubled Clan. They started out interesting and grew into a Narissistic Monster.! The best thing about this show is them pretending to give a shit. Notice…the majority of them don’t hav to work for a living. Forever acting like teenagers, complaining but still finding a way to sell their tacky shit and entitled behavior all over the world.

  22. Diva Dee

    when they did release the doves to fly I thought, ” yep, this is definitely what Prince meant by & this is what it sounds like when doves cry”! Vida needs therapy like last millennium! who tells their child she won’t b happy w/her until shes perfect or very close? I’ll tell u who does..That old confederate, post menopausel, meddling ass, Ms Cravitts w/out the window Vida thats who! She should b banned from any activity that involves human emotions or compassion…I’m sure MJ will break Kim K’s record of a 72 day marriage unless, she grabs her nutz or tits & puts this insult happy bitch in her place! Her place isn’t on tv, it’s @ a damn psychiatrist office, on the long brown leather couch, working on her own issues.. I think Vida has some weird incestrial crush on MJ, & if she can’t have her no one can…i was so prayin for Mike to run over to that casket, & Clydesdale kick that lady into an empty grave, a’la Cynthia Bailey style!

  23. TinaLaFlambe

    We don’t know Vida’s story. Walking out on your child is not usually done easily with no consequences anywhere. Unless you wear “c___t” necklaces laced in gold and live a lavish new life selling sex appeal in which case I guess it’s ok. Why does Vida have to like that bunch? Did you catch Tommy saying “no matter my past you love me”? What is he an ex con? Maybe ol Vida thought the Hollywood burial/marriage proposal was ick. Maybe she too needs a Bravo check and resents the job getting it. She may be uptight and old school and is not proud to see her daughter judged on TV. Mike has no game so he plays the story of love lost. Boo hoo she left you. It’s
    Not like you kept your vows. Price to pay. Reza knows he won’t pay for Adam when the Divorce happens which won’t since they had 2 sham marriages. In one season. There is no real here..except Vida. Like her, hate her she does it “her way”.

    • Minky

      “Her way” involves treating her own flesh and blood worse than garbage on national TV. Vida’s about at real as a $3 bill. She’s taking advantage of this show to browbeat, abuse and publicly humiliate her own daughter. If she doesn’t like the shit she doesn’t have to hang around to smell it.

    • tamaratattles

      Where the hell did this moron come from? Everyone gather round, it’s a Vida fan. Be very quiet. I’m not going to WLS her just yet, this could be fun!

      • Rosesandgin

        A Vida fan. How truly terrifying. I really only have sadness in my heart for MJ when her mother is in a scene with her. There is no bad edit with Vida. She’s just that horrible to her own daughter. That’s not scripted. A compassionate mother would never agree to say those things on television. I simply wish MJ happiness with Tommy. He may not be perfect, but he might just be her kind of perfect.

        And for the first time ever, maybe we can be thankful, that somewhere Mike Shaloud(sorry I don’t know how to spell his last name) is drunk somewhere, telling off Vida.

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