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Technical Difficulties


Sorry for the delay in getting this up. I have a lot of technical issues to deal with regarding the site this weekend. Also, my laptop decided last night that I didn’t need an ‘e’ key so I have to buy another one at a time I would prefer to wait for the next browser that will replace Internet Explorer. I also don’t feel well enough to go out and buy a laptop. So I have plugged in an external keyboard that is super hard to get used to get buy for today.

Here’s an open forum for discussion. Just a reminder, please do not spoil TV shows in this forum. A spoiler is something that would take the enjoyment away from watching the show. “Y’all should check out Queen of the South it’s great!” is not a spoiler. “I’m so sad that Charile Brown quit Peanuts,” “I can’t believe that XYX got eliminated.” “I’m so glad that Rauol and Martha finally got pregnant” ARE SPOILERS. If you don’t understand what a spoiler is don’t discuss shows at all. Because this forum is a chance for us to talk about other things going on in our lives. There are better places to talk about TV shows on this site.

Now what is going on in your neck of the woods? Any gardening news? It’s too hot for me to even go out to count the dead bodies. I had two beautiful yellow bell peppers almost ready to pick and they COOKED on the vine!

P,.S. Anyone have an ASUS laptop? Do you like it?


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  1. Whyowhy

    Hey there!

    All good here in hot and sunny Sacramento! It’s 99 degrees and I’m curled up on the couch watching the Jason Bourne movies.

    Sorry to hear about the bell peppers. I love their flavor, but I don’t like eating them. I’ll cook with them and will eat them if they are mixed in with something. I hope there are more on the plant for you to pick.

    I had a bad couple of days. My birthday is this coming Thursday and I had a mini breakdown about turning 40. Getting old is lame.

    Internet Explorer is the WORST! I use chrome and it’s so good. My laptop is a Toshiba and it’s been really good. Not having an e is extra bad because almost every word has that letter in it. I guess you could use text speak and not use vowels. Haha!

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

    • Cat

      Happy birthday in advance!

      I hope you will see, 40 is not old. Not anymore.

      When I turned 40 (21 years ago…yikes!), I baked a cake for myself, and put 40 candles on the cake. It took some doing, but I managed to light all 40.

      I literally fell to the floor, laughing! The heat from the candles was so intense, the candles melted into the cake, scorching the chocolate chips that were on top. I almost needed a fire extinguisher to put them out. :)

      My point is: I hope you can have a sense of humor about turning 40. After all, it beats the alternative. ❤

  2. Minky

    Get a Mac Tamara! I love mine to bits and pieces. I have a desktop and a MacBook Air. They’re both a couple of years old and still going strong.

    • Matzah60

      If you’re a PC user, you may have trouble getting used to a Mac, but when my HP died, my son gave me his Macbook Pro. You don’t double click and I don’t even use a cursor anymore which took a lot of getting used to but now it is second nature. You use two fingers on the pad to swype. The Pro is around four or five years old. It does get a little hot and freezes from time to time, but if you use a laptop cooler under it, it’s fine. He gets his computers from his grants, so he had a Macbook Air that he gave to me last year and got a new Mac. I don’t use the Macbook Pro very much. I use it in my bedroom at night, but not that much. The Macbook Air is light as air, literally, so easy to transport from room to room.

      You’re welcome to the Macbook Pro. I know I am here in NJ and wouldn’t want to invade your privacy, but I could send it to you at a post office or something like that. I have erased it once and then starting using it again, but it’s very easy to erase my hard drive of my personal info on there now. I don’t really have much on it anymore. Groupon also sells refurbished PCs and Macs. I even have one of the original White Macs. It doesn’t have a big hard drive, but I still have it. It fell off my nightstand and while the hard drive still works, it makes a loud sound when I turn it on.

      ASUS is a good brand. There aren’t any really bad computers anymore and the prices have gone way down. Sam’s Club and Costco have a lot of well-priced computers as well.

      • tamaratattles

        I will not be using a Mac. I do not want to learn new things.

        And you are sweet Matz but this is my business now and I will be purchasing from the business account. It’s a tax write off. I just don’t like making decisions in a time of crisis. I’ll get it done. I’m just all messed up by the heat for one thing. I put an auxillary air conditioner that vents out a window in and I spend enough time frustrated with the fact that it keep falling in and out of the window and trying to fix it. I am tired. I will feel better tomorrow.

      • Matzah60

        I totally understand, Tamara, and I also don’t like making decisions when there’s a crisis. It makes me feel anxious.

        The heat is just brutal around the country and I imagine it’s horribly hot where you are as NJ has been 98 all week and I can’t stand being outside. My AC in my car is working, but the blower is not, so unless I’m on the highway, I am driving around in a sweat box and don’t have the money now to repair it.

        I hope you feel better and that the heat wave breaks soon. It’s oppressive going outside in this heat.

      • Erica

        TT – are you looking for a laptop or desktop? Windows 10 is actually not bad. I like it. Asus has been a good brand in the past – not sure about current models. I bought Sony Vaio for years – I think I had 3 of them… first one I wore out and just simply wanted to upgrade when I cracked the screen (I am HARD on machines. I can’t help it). My last one was fucking lemon and even though it was covered under warranty it took 3 weeks to fix at minimum (because they’d ship it to Kentucky).

        I have an Acer now, and it is a champ. It is pretty dirty right now… and no issues with the keyboard, etc. I don’t know if Costco carries them though.

        If you are looking for a desktop – Costco has great deals. I can’t remember the brand of the last two I bought for work (I act as the IT person, and bought them for two others). I was very pleased with the ease of set up, and the warranty, etc. Will look if you are looking for a desktop.

        Also… do you have a back up on the cloud? Learned our lesson at work and we signed up for Carbonite. Saved our bacon a month later. Compare the business and personal plans. Because individual personal plans had unlimited storage, and the business plan for our number of computers (quite small – only 5), each computer is backed up with a personal plan. No worries about what credit card to use – I as able to use the company card with no problem.

  3. checkeredapron

    There is a huge wildfire burning here and there is no escaping the smoke.The light coming through the window makes my apartment glow yellow/orange. The entire valley appears to be under the blanket of smoke.It is also 108! Yuck, not much to do but stay indoors and watch TV.

    • Minky

      Is it getting better up there? My front door was covered in ash this morning. And the sky was filled with smoke and that orange glow you mentioned. I’m in the South Bay.

      • checkeredapron

        No it actually feels worse it looks so weird, like a Mars landscape. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler so maybe they can start to contain it then.

      • Minky

        I’m so sorry you have to go through all of that. I read that 22 square km got burnt up and 300 homes were evacuated this morning. And that the air smelled like camp fires all the way to Pasadena. If we’ve got clouds of smoke and ash so far down south I can only imagine what it’s like in the valley. Stay safe.

      • Lawstangel

        Mine as well (ash) my car looks like it has a quarter inch of white soot. On Saturday the smoke turned the sun a weird orange color, made it look kinda creepy. That fire is really bad…..

  4. Michelle

    ASUS is a good brand . I work for Dell and the new Inspiron is good as well as there pocket Inspiron. I got a pocket Inspiron for my daughter for 250 refurbished and it is awesome.
    I watched Bring It last night and I think it is going to be my Friday show!

    • Margarett

      Isn’t “Bring It” fun. Those girls are just amazing! Coach D is tough, but she sure brings the winners. Mimi is my favorite mom. She is so cute and so is her daughter, Camryn. I’m glad to hear that someone else is hooked. Thanks, Michelle.

  5. rmICU

    I have to copy and paste the missing “s” on my laptop. I’ve been doing it for months now, not sure when I’ll replace my laptop. I have an Asus and I am not pleased with the battery life. I am looking into lenovo, the IT guys at work like them

    • tamaratattles

      Thanks for the info. I go through laptops about every 16 months. It’s usually some crackers in the keyboard that gets me so I already had aback up external keyboard. I hated my Toshiba but I really think it was Iternet Explorer that was the issue. It is the shittiest browser in the world. But I am used to it and hate learning new browsers when I am constantly needing to work. I love that the keys are engraved and not painted on. I rub off all the letters in a few months with my constant moisturizing. And I LOVE that the keyboard lights up. IE is being phased out for an better upgrade I believe. I was trying to wait for that to happen. I need the tax write off this year,but I am one with my laptop all day everyday and making the right choice is imperative.

      I did Lenovo once and liked it. But last time I was in Microcenter buying a new battery pack, I asked that guy, not the one who sells computers what brands are good and bad and he said to stay away from Lenovo and go for ASUS or.. Acer is what I think he said. You know me, I can’t remember shit. I don’t use my battery much. The battery on the Toshiba was good but Toshiba overall is supposed to be bad. It is filled with lots of crap you don’t need that takes up space. I bought my Lenovo online and the good thing about them is that they come with none of the crap on them and then you just download what you need.

      • Frosty

        Sorry to butt in, but you might try blowing out the keyboard with a pressurized air can (Dust Off)? Turn the keyboard upside down and direct the air into it. Crackers begone.

      • rmICU

        I use Mozilla FireFox for my browser, it is much faster than IE. The IT guy at work recommended it . IE is PAINFUL to use. Chrome is only slightly better.

      • Lisa j

        I’ve got an ASUS which I’ve dropped on cement, hardwood and into the sink. It’s like a Timex, this thing is a work horse.

      • Miele

        Microsoft Edge is the browser that has replaced IE. It has some nifty features (such as being able to draw on web pages), but they’re still tweaking and testing it in hopes of catching up with Firefox and Chrome.

        ASUS makes really good machines!!! Acer is getting better, but they’re really best for low-budget machines that aren’t particularly powerful. I’ve personally gotten great use out of my hp machines over the years, but I know they’re not a popular, top-brand.

      • Crazy idea here, but do you have a Costco near you?

        I believe their return policy on computers is 90 days. You can check out their website, see if you like anything for the time being and exchange it or get a refund for what you really want when you have more time to research it.

      • Erica

        Just posted a reply above recommending Acer! I’m on it now and it is covered with crumbs – and doesn’t miss a beat!

      • People still use Internet Explorer? BWAHAHAHA that shit is a relic & trash it.
        Mozilla Firefox is super easy & clean & fast & kinda pretty too.

      • Ah! I’ve screwed up my MacBook Pro the last 4 years summers while on vacation – I sit with the damn thing on my lap and get food in it. This time I dripped, “Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia” all over it, I was so engrossed in a movie on TCM . It just happened again this weekend. I’m so annoyed at myself. The mouse is all screwed up.

  6. Mamacita

    Hey Tamara, understand computer issues. I work mostly on a Toshiba but my side job requires MAC.. I hate going back and forth.. makes me want to just scream. It’s been over 100 for 3 or 4 days now.. 108 with the heat index . I am over 50 but let me tell you I hate the heat…I was out all day and my treat will be a nice big cold monitor.. wish you could join me…

  7. Mamacita

    Crap, sorry Tamara ..meant to say nice ,big,
    cold mojito. . Stupid auto correct..

  8. Katherine 2.0

    Hot, hot, hot in the mid-atlantic. But I have a vodka,watermelon,mint, lemonade concoction sitting beside me to cool me down. Tomatoes and peppers got in late, but plenty of blooms on the tomato and one pepper on the bush. Basil is popping! Pesto tomorrow. Tom Colicchio’s version where you blanch the basil and only use toasted pine nuts as a garnish. We’ll see.
    Stay cool everyone.

  9. Karina

    I need a new laptop as well! I eat to take the plung and get a Mac. My Mac mini is a desk top computer and the hard drive crashed already after only a couple years. I looked at the Mac’s and they start at about $1000-1200. I could use the write off but you can get a perfectly good Dell computer for around $400. I have to decide soon!

    Weather is grossly hot in New England so I’m heading to cape cod. Wish I had a laptop to bring with me!

  10. ingrid

    I had to bring the basil indoors b/c the damn bugs kept eating it. Now it is in a window. I tend to do more flowers, not vegetables since that requires the deer net thing, and I find them super annoying. I found a little frog living in my hanging plant yesterday, was so cute. It is in the high 90’s in NY and I dont have AC in every room, so I am roasting. Just spoke to my best friend in Santa Clarita CA, watching the fires from her back yard, I feel so badly for the southern CA people!

  11. Margarett

    Nothing exciting here near Houston. It’s just damn hot. My husband cooked shrimp for dinner. He got them at the dock yesterday. They’re 9-12s and just wonderful.

    It’s so hot and dry here that any plant, bush, or shrub that manages to survive can be called , “hearty”! Judging by the reports, a lot of folks are suffering from the heat. Stay cool, everyone, well as much as is possible! Enjoy you weekend!

  12. JustJenn

    Oh, TT. I’ve been waiting for this to melt into a big giant puddle of problems. There are so many things wrong right now I’m wondering what I did in a prior life to deserve this shit. I’ll survive..I always do. I hope everyone is well.

    • Miele

      Idk if this will be helpful, and I apologize in advance if it isn’t. I’ve personally been working on replacing “what did I do in a past life to deserve this” with “I was such a badass in my past life, the universe figured I could handle ALL of this”.

      I’ve found more peace by turning the way I (even half-jokingly) view the deluge of madness into a testament to my strength. It also supports the knowledge that I’ll get through somehow, like always, turning that idea into something more akin to steely resolve.

      Just wanted to share in case that could possibly help you at all. Take care of yourself. 💟

      • Minky

        Well, I must have been a terrific bitch in my past life. My life now could definitely be better. I’ve never hurt anyone. Ever. No lying, no stealing, no impropriety of any kind. I’ve pretty much always gotten the short end of the stick for some reason. Everybody else seems to progress in leaps and bounds and get much farther while doing half of the work. I don’t know how to handle the hopelessness that I feel sometimes. The desperation to just be on a level playing field. Karma, or a retributive system of past lives is the only way I can explain it. No, I’m not homeless, and I’m thankful for that. But there just seem to be so many constraints. When will it get better? I don’t know. I keep hoping.

        On a lighter note I had another ladybug land on me a day or so ago. It’s my second one this year. Apparently they’re supposed to be very good luck. I’m still waiting on the good luck from the last one. Le sigh.

      • Toni Lee Gildea

        I like the way you think, Miele!

      • natalie

        I do the same, it really works!

      • Margarett

        A big thank you to you all. And, a special one to you, Miel. If the Universe has confidence who are we to doubt ourselves.

      • Erica

        That is straight out of Elizabeth Gilbert kinda guru mentality!!!! Awesomeness!

      • Miele

        Thanks, ladies!!!
        Erica- I’ve never heard of Elizabeth Gilbert. Would you recommend her works??

      • Erica

        Oh gosh yes. Liz Gilbert is the author of Eat, Pray, Love (which was made into a movie – book is much better). I’ve heard her speak in person at the Oprah tour a year and a half ago.

        I follow her on FB and Instagram – but she’s taking a break from that right now.

        Start with Eat Pray Love. It is an autobiography. She also wrote a novel called The Signature of All Things. Long, but a wonderful novel. One of my favorites in a long time. You can also probably find her TedTalks online, or some of her Oprah interviews. I’m waiting until I am in the right frame of mind to start her latest non-fiction “Big Magic” which is about creativity.

      • Whyowhy

        I do not care for Elizabeth Gilbert. I couldn’t even make it through Eat, Pray, Love. I found her entitled, selfish and utterly annoying. Many people talk about how that book changed their life, but for me, she was just awful.

      • Miele

        Thanks for the input Erica and Whyowhy! I had no idea who she was. I might flip through a couple of pages of it next time I’m at a bookstore to gauge where I might fall on the spectrum between you two. Thanks again!

    • Cat

      I used to think the same way. Now, I realize that I go through all the crap and hard times so that later, I can help someone else who is experiencing the same things.

      The problems we face are not punishments. They are situations that teach valuable lessons, and help us grow.

      We need more empathy and compassion in this world. Those are the gifts that come from bad times.

      Hang in there! ❤

  13. Blondesense

    I am freezing my tatas off here in Australia. Our buildings and infrastructure are designed to stay cool so we suffer in winter. I have 4 external keyboards going currently. My son is a chubby kid, so I’ve had everything from pop tart to duck sauce take out keys. I have tried the silicon skins but find them annoying. Sorry to hear the site is giving you grief Ms T.

  14. Miele

    First, a big thank you to whomever recommended I take liquid B-12 a few weeks ago! It has really helped!!

    I am doing okay. Had an accident at home and suffered a concussion last weekend, so no vacation for me this week. However, the directive not to do anything mentally or physically taxing meant I got to spend a lot of time actually *watching* tv (instead of just having shows on in the background while I did a million other things). It was nice to watch some drama to escape that which my life has become.

    I really like “Queen of the South”, although I missed Thursday’s episode (and the thing labeled as the second viewing was actually Mr. Robot). I hope there’s nothing important in episode 2 because, for some odd reason, my On Demand had just episodes 1, 3, and 4…

    It’s good to be back up and (mostly running), though. My mother is coming for a visit to see me sing in my recital (makes me feel like a little kid saying that) and to help me get things more organized. I’m looking forward to seeing her.

    It’s entirely too hot for words down here in Texas. I’ve started taking water for my dog during our little 20-minute walks around the grounds. It’s too hot to even plan a pool day without fear of heat stroke… Part of what’s kept me here was the lack of snow, but not being able to really be outside for so much of the year is really getting to me.

    • Sweet T

      Which brand of b-12 are you taking? I am low on b vitamins but don’t know which brand to buy. Thanks.

      • Miele

        I’m taking the Nature’s Bounty. I didn’t do a ton of research ahead of time, but apparently this one is the cyano kind which may not be absorbed as well as the methyl kind, if that matters to you. It’s vegetarian and free of a bunch of the extra garbage in supplements (i.e. artificial colors & flavors, sugar, starch…). They were part of a buy one, get one free sale and I got one bottle of the maximum strength and a bottle of the regular. I’m currently using the maximum strength one.

      • BeetsWhy

        Hey B12 people, my b12 level is in the gutter and has been for years. I tried the shots and they did nothing, my doc told me not to bother with supplements because they don’t work. I have been taking acid reducers for years, there’s no way for me not to, and it turns out the two are linked. My hands and feet also have some nerve damage from the b12 being so low for so long and zing painfully at the strangest times.

        So here’s my point, my doc put me on a new b12, it’s a prescription called Nascobal. It is a once a week inhaler. I’ve been on it for three months and one week and I have just realized my hands and feet are not zinging. Doc told me to give it at least six months to get the levels up and see if I have any increase in energy. I’ve only noticed a small increase in energy so far but I am hopeful! Many docs have tried to figure ur what was causing my nerve zings over the years and it looks like it’s just a stupid vitamin deficiency, I was so relieved I can’t even tell you.

        Might want to ask your docs about it.

    • Sweet T

      Thanks I will try both options and tell my dad who can no longer travel to get the b12 shots

  15. tamaratattles

    I have now lost all of my favorites on my bar. It was the only way I ever came to my admin forum. I had to search my emails with hosting site folks to find the link to get here. I am worried I don’t know my Gmail pw and all my links and stuff are filed there. I guess I will have to hope I can get everything started up on the new laptop. I really should go buy one tomorrow. All my passwords are stored on this one. It’s going to be a nightmare. I really need to do all of this tomorrow but I’m not my best self right now and unsure I am up for the task.

    I have a lot of upgrades I need to make for the site before I lose Internet. This is the worst time for this to be happening. I am also in the middle of some legal matters where I intend to sue a message board site. It’s hot. My health is not good. I’m overwhelmed. It’s not a good time for me to be making a major purchase and learning a new browser. /sigh

    Sorry, I know the world is full of unrest with terrorism and fires and everyone has health and marriage and serious life issues. But between all of the tech issues and everything else, my brain literally feels heavy in my head. I just want to crawl under the covers. But all day every day (and night) I have to keep spinning the plates on a stick.

    Self pity post over.

    • Matzah60

      Tamara, a lot of computers come with a link band where you literally transfer all your information from one computer to the new one and you won’t lose anything. I think it’s called a band. It’s a linking cord to connect from one computer to the other to transfer all your information. Just go somewhere where there is someone who can tell you how to transfer all your info easily and bring in your computer or take pictures of of the side and back where your USB ports are located so they can guide you and the name and model of your current model.

    • Bridgett

      If you use chrome, it will save your favorites under your google account….then anytime you use chrome, any computer as long as you are signed in all your favorites will be too.

      • Sweet T

        Chrome is a good idea even if you don’t continue to use it as a browser later. It will move all of your favorites for you. Then when you move to a new laptop you can open chrome and move you ur favorites to the I.E. Browser

    • Miele

      I’m so sorry, TT!! I know how it feels to be overwhelmed like that! Just try to breathe.

      To take some decision pressure off on the laptop, you could check out one of the review sites (am I allowed to name names?). One of my favorites has(had?) a click-through guide to help you find the best laptop for your needs. If dealing with that is still too much, definitely just go with an ASUS. (OR you can email me what your criteria/favorite options thus far and I can pull and collate info on specs and differences for you tonight. I’m not a tech person by trade, but I do love research and my brain is currently like an unleashed beast, lol. I also could use a productive mental break from work/mom visit.)

      The transition to Microsoft Edge from IE shouldn’t be that jarring since Edge is basically the new IE. When you get your new laptop, it probably will have only the Edge browser, but Edge has tours to guide you through the differences. That way you don’t have to go through trial and error. I’d think any back-end site stuff would essentially be the same as well.

      At the Microcenter here they’ll do your data transfer for you when you buy a new computer, so that may be another option to take some of these considerationsites off your plate…

      Finally (and sorry I always write so much!), I know this is going to sound crazy to most people, but I actually just keep a couple of written copies of my passwords. One is in the pages at the back of my small planner that I take everywhere, and the other is in a ledger I keep at home. That way I’ll always have them someplace as a backup to whatever is stored or filed in my browser. (Oh and for filing/storing computer stuff, do you use Dropbox??)

    • Cat

      So sorry for your troubles, TT. But, there is no need to apologize. Yes, the world is screwed up. That, I think, makes personal issues amplified.

      We need some stability and sense of safety in our own little world. Feel free to join me in my tree. There’s a nice, cool breeze up here. The view is comforting. And the Window Lickers can’t climb. ❤

    • I lost my Favorites once too (Google). I found them in my Microsoft Word files “download.” So tired that you can’t buy anything anymore without reading some kind of stupid manual to operate.

    • I keep a spread sheet for passwords with username, password, date last used. At this time I have almost 200 sites that need passwords.

      Passwords are a ridiculous ritual: Must be 6-8 characters with an upper and lower case and a character and number. Makes me want to kill the internet. #FuCkTheINtErneT2016!*!

  16. Toni Lee Gildea

    Both my husband and I have Asus laptops and we love them. Swear by them.
    My tomato plants are huge and have lots of golf ball sized fruit so far, my fingers are crossed. (Northern Michigan) The deer decided to eat my shrubs this year, so there is that. :-( I was so mad, I made the hubby blush with the foul language!
    I stepped way out of my comfort zone and bought a plane ticket to Washington DC, to visit my BFF.
    I haven’t flown much, the last time was 15 years ago and now I am obsessing about carry on bags and worrying I won’t be able to walk from the gate to the pick up area. I am much too cheap to bail on going so I’ll figure things out.

    • Erica

      Toni – when are you going and what airport??? I just went in April to visit my cousin, I could give you a heads up! I LOOOOVED DC. Keep in mind that most of the museums (all the Smithsonians) are FREE. So don’t be afraid to splurge on nice meals (or a glass of wine and an appetizer at the POV, the rooftop bar at the W Hotel – two buildings down from the White House – you can see almost all the major monuments and we literally watched the Secret Service on top of the WH roof. Great wine selection too :)

      • Toni Lee Gildea

        I’m flying into Dulles on the 11th. My friend lives in Shepardstown WVa. I’m not very mobile due to fat ass and poor lungs. I wish they made senior citizen hoverboards.

      • Erica

        Dulles was not bad. If you check luggage (I never do) the baggage claim is where your friend can meet you and help with it. It is hot enough that you won’t have to pack any heavy clothes!

        I googled Shepardstown – some distance to DC, but definitely doable. Are you doing any sight seeing in DC? The metro stops are convenient, but you do some walking to and from the stops (y fitbit goals were smashed beyond belief!) I have wondered how my parents would do if we were to go visit… and there are several hop on hop off bus tour companies around. If they are anything like the ones I did in Europe, they would be able to take you to all the sites you would want. (Taxis and Uber are also another option if you are far away from your friend’s car or if you took the train station to DC. My cousin and I were at the Lincoln Memorial, and we were TIRED. Didn’t do the metro since it was so far away – caught a taxi right there to take us to her house in Arlington. It wasn’t too expensive either!)

  17. I recommend buying a Mac. We have the desktop (since 2009) and bought a Mac laptop for the kid for college 3 years ago. Both are doing great performance wise. Plus we’ve all ( three of us) have had iPhones for years. Apple Care ( the warranty) is the best money I’ve ever spent. They (Apple) have fixed or replaced the iPhone’s no problems! The Genius Bar at the Apple Store is awesome! They’ve fixed my iPad several times (no charge) after the warranty has expired. Enough of the Apple commercial… It’s hot as hell in Colorado Springs too.

  18. JoJoFLL

    My sweet, love, gorgeous kitty is sick and I’m scared to death it is serious. I can’t get her to the vet until Monday. She is eating and drinking a little but is very wobbly, dizzy, and had the runs a little.

    • Miele

      Oh no! Is there any way you or someone can get her to an emergency vet before that? Or- if you got her from a rescue or a breeder- perhaps someone affiliated has a relationship with a vet or veterinary nurse who would take the time to at least talk to you or maybe even see kitty? There are also those websites where you can ask a vet a question for free and they’ll send you the answers to “coach” you through it. I hope you can get your kitty feeling better soon!!

    • Erica

      At least she is drinking. I HATE that my vet no longer has weekend hours or someone on call. (My parents and I think that the emergency vet did nothing to save their dog, and still charged them a boatload of money) If my cat wasn’t 16 and grumpy, I’d switch to a Petsmart Bandfield Hospital, and an insurance plan. They are open 7 days a week at least.

      Good luck to you and your fur baby

      • JoJoFLL

        Thank you all. She just seems very dizzy. She is drinking water. I hate this, she is so sweet and my other two are just little monster assholes (but I love them like monster assholes).

        There are several emergency vets here but I don’t want to stress her out on top of her sickness.

    • TBD

      JoJoFLL- could it be the heat? I know it sounds too simple. But it’s been ridiculously hot. Our kitty is really quiet and napping in strange irregular places. He’s been drinking water, but his appetite is flat. Although cats and animals tend to self regulate instinctively. (So do people, but thanks to “modern living” we add too many shoulds or should nots to our lives.)

    • fivecatsownme

      I hope your Kitty is okay.

    • ingrid

      I am so sorry, keep us posted! My best Fluff cat had a growth two weeks ago and they had to remove and biopsy it, very scary time! He is fine, thankfully, but I understand the sentiment, it is an awful feeling

    • BeetsWhy

      Jojo, does your cat eat crunchy food? Consider soft/wet only with two TB of water each meal until you can get the baby to the vet.

  19. Naike

    It’s also, very hot here in Toronto. In a few months it’ll be winter once again, so I’m trying not to complaint about the heat wave. Beach Jazz Festival is on this weekend, so sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and that’s where I’ll be on Sunday. A wonderful rest of the weekend to you all.

  20. Theresa

    Asus are fantastic laptops. Definitely one of the most solid brands out there.

    Chrome is wonderful. I can go on any computer or phone or tablet and all my stuff is there. It isn’t that different from ie in layout. It wouldn’t take much getting used to.

  21. I was a die hard pc person for years, but the boyfriend got me my first Mac in 2008 and I will never go back! I love my Macbook. It’s way easier to use than the pc.
    My week began with my 91 year old mother falling last Sunday. She decided she needed to go to the hospital Monday morning. My daughter spent the day there with her and my dad so I wouldn’t miss work–bless my Angela. At first they wanted to put her into a nurse rehab, but by Tuesday morning she was sitting up in bed and eating breakfast, so my dad was able to take her home.
    I have started training in Blood Bank. I haven’t worked in that area since 1989! I was pleasantly surprised that the technology has not changed much and I remember the science. Most of what I am learning is computer coding. We did everything with pen and paper back in the stone age. I have three more weeks in there and then I am done with training and I get to go part time! Can’t wait.
    I woke up today and was too tired to leave the couch. Watched Kaine make his amazing speech, then binged on a sci fi/horror series on Netflix called Strager Things. Excellent, but not for the tender hearted.
    I heard it was hot and smokey out side, so glad I stayed in.
    Love you all.

  22. Whyowhy

    Would it be wrong to run through my sprinklers when they go on tonight at midnight? I’m so freaking hot. I have the air conditioner set at 72 and it’s been running nonstop since noon. It’s currently 83 in my house.

  23. ZenJen55

    The heat is very oppressive in Tennessee, I decided to go sit at the dam where you get a good water spray coming off the dam for the skies to open up! I didn’t mind getting wet but the driving around a curvy mountain road in the rain wasn’t fun!

    The local peaches are ripe. Tomorrow I’m making a peach cobbler.

    Tamara you deserve a Summer vacation. Hope you have something in the works for rest and relaxation.

  24. Hannah Norton

    94 in Detroit. Your writing always brightens my day TT. Thank you. Hope you feel better real soon.

  25. Skeeter

    Yesterday afternoon we checked the thermometer we stuck out in the middle of one of our gardens. it was 112 degrees in the sun!!! It was 94 in the shade. I am a hot weather person so when I say it’s entirely too hot – it’s entirely too fucking hot!!

  26. Erica

    I’m freaking out a little.

    The house is a disaster – serious cleaning and decluttering is needed. Wouldn’t let anyone in the door at this point.

    Been babying the fridge for a while – the freezer side stopped self defrosting a while ago and I defrost it myself ever so often. Not sure how long that is going to last – some stuff in the fridge side freezes. So not good. If I replace the fridge, the kitchen is small and visible from the front door, etc…. so I would also need to replace the microwave and stove to match (the microwave door has a visible crack in it as well… probably radiating my brain every time I use it).

    Flooring is also the pits – original to when I bought a model unit in my condo complex, and the builder went cheap on the flooring. I started to tear it up myself.

    Condo association is pestering me about a dent in my garage door – even though there are others in our alley that have worse dents. I have to clean out the garage now.

    Been planning for all this – budgeting, etc. It will be tight, but doable with a line of credit I have..

    But a half hour ago I heard a horrid noise upstairs.

    I think my washing machine just died. It will drain, but it doesn’t spin. Shit.

    I am trying not to cry.

    I am also low on wine.


    • Miele

      Is everything okay with the noise??

      Do you have anyone you could trust to help you with the cleaning and de-cluttering effort? Or perhaps you could find the funds to pay a service to help?

      Sometimes it’s cathartic to cry, so you might just need to let it out.

      I wish there were a wine teleportation service as I would certainly send you some of mine! I don’t really drink it, but I keep getting bottles as presents from clients faster than I can re-gift said bottles…

    • Hugs, Erika. That’s way too much to deal with at the same time. Can you focus on what is the top priority and let the rest go until that is taken care of?
      What can the condo fascists do to you if you put off fixing the dent in your garage door? Can you explain to them that you cannot afford to deal with that now because you have a broken freezer and washing machine?
      Miele’s suggestion about getting a friend to help with the clutter is great. If there is no one, and you are having troubled starting because there is so much, try setting a timer for 20 minutes. Work until the timer goes off, then you get a reward before you have to go back and do it again.
      Hugs again.

    • Erica

      Thanks guys.

      Woke up with itchy allergy eyes and a determination that “I got this”. There are people – but that really gives me severe anxiety for reasons I won’t go into (and I’m not sure of all the reasons)

      The condo fascists – they have said that they will do it if I don’t (meaning they would enter my home – something I think they have the right to do with warning like that.) or put a lien on my condo (or both). I HAVE put them off when I didn’t have the money at all so in some ways they have been somewhat patient. Finally get some money to fit it in the budget, and this happens. Ugh. Keep forgetting to ask my neighbors if THEY have been bugged about their garage doors – others have dents worse than mine. It just pisses me off that I have to make a garage door my top priority over everything else – a door that faces an alleyway and probably will be dented again because the builder went with aluminum instead of wood (I have to match everyone, so can’t just say fuck it and go with wood).

      However…. I googled, and there is this weird technique I’ve never heard of, but enough garage door companies have blogged about it for it to seem legit. You clean the panel, make sure it is very dry afterward, and then heat it with a heat gun through a sheet of aluminum foil. You then blast it with some carbon dioxide to super cool it immediately (from those cans of air you use to clean your keyboard. The dents should pop themselves out (or with a little coaxing).

      If my jeans will drip dry enough so that I can finish them off in my dryer, I’ll be going out to get the tools to try that (and buy more wine and maybe catch some Pokemon). Yes – the load in my washer were ALL my jeans. At least the water drains!

      I also googled the washing machine. I MIGHT be able to repair it myself if I am brave enough to open up the motor – the “symptoms” all fit this one $10 part wearing out. It is almost 20 years old – it isn’t worth bringing a repairman in. After a housecall, etc. I’d rather spend that money towards a new one that is more efficient.

      Fingers crossed that the garage door IS actually a DIY project!!!

      • Erica I’ve used YouTube to watch tutorial videos on how to do a routine fix on my washing machine. Just enter the brand,model number, and the tech issue you want to learn about and see what pops up. It saved me about $150 to clean out the clogged drain filter after it got backed up with a random stuff like tweezers, candy wrapper & rubber bands.

      • Erica

        Thanks UR! I am going to do that… I’m a girl who loves to do things herself. Replaced my own garbage disposal when it wore out a few years ago. Did google one possible answer – but frankly, the tools I’d have to invest in would make it not so cheap! (Better off buying a cheaper washing machine new!!

        Meanwhile… there is always a laundromat and handwashing! Let the college flashbacks commence!

  27. Cat

    Not much going on here. It’s too hot to go anywhere.

    I managed to get through the month without starving. So, that’s a plus. And with it being so hot, I have replaced my crock pot with my blender. I am now pretty much on a liquid diet. It’s just too hot to cook, and with the smoothies, I get extra water. It’s also cheaper.

    I do have to go “out there” tomorrow, and turn in my paperwork for my medicare part b. When they put that into effect, it will cost me $120 a month. That, along with car insurance in September, is going to hurt. That’s why I’m working now to get comfortable with this new budget.

    The cats are fine. So are the birds, squirrels and chipmunks that I feed on my balcony. And, yes, I am not required to feed the wildlife. But, I’ve been doing it for years. They depend on me. And they make me happy. :)

    Otherwise, I am staying high in my tree, and watching the madness of the world from a safe distance. One thing I learned from the “Alice” books: The world is insane. And we are all mad here. Once you realize that, and accept it, you can function better in that world.

    And smile, like a true Cheshire Cat.😸

    • Minky

      You sound like you’re feeling a bit better. That’s good. 😊

      I adore squirrels. They seem like the happiest little creatures on planet earth. I used to feed them peanuts, but they started to have an attitude about it, so I stopped. Like, if I would forget to put out the peanuts one morning, they would just stand there waiting. And then when they’d see me they’d start mouthing off like Porsha or Nene. So I said forget this. I’m not the squirrels’ butler! Haha!!!

      • Cat

        Haha! I know what you mean! If I don’t feed them by 1pm, they will press their little noses against the glass doors, and will literally knock on the glass.

        Kind of like Dustin Hoffman in “The Graduate”. :)

  28. Christine

    A couple of weeks ago someone suggested Wentworth on Netflix and i binged on all 3 seasons. Love it.

  29. CupcakeScholar

    Hope you feel better, Tamara! Running errands and trying to get away with as few clothes as possible during the heatwave! May get arrested for scaring the public.

    I am also organizing, cleaning, and making repairs around the house. My music is blasting and I am enjoying my OCD time because I can see progress with every task.

    Love this forum! Everyone have a great week!

  30. My son in law listened to me whine and wail re dealing w/Dell representatives……………Trust me, he said, if you get an Apple you’ll speak to someone just like me. It’s true……….easy phone wait……easy tech help I can easily understand….easy repair. Sometimes quality is worth the price. He was right!

  31. Margarett

    Okay. It’s official…I have lost my mind! I thought I had made an error; however, I don’t see it now. Sometimes I really hate getting old! 😩

  32. Whyowhy

    It’s so hot again in this house, I put my tank top in the freezer. Hahaha

  33. tamaratattles

    Thanks for all of the support you guys! It really means a lot that y’all continue to put up with me. I just read an email from someone who was checking out computers and pulled TamaraTattles.com up on all of the ones she was checking out. How awesome is that?

    So today I was just not up for leaving the house. I slept a good bit and then we had afternoon storms and the power went out AGAIN an came back on around 8 pm. So I threw together a couple of posts and am about to watch Big Brother.

    Erica, I hear you about everything happening at once. My fridge has been leaking all over the floor and I am in total denial about what that means. I am now just so happy to have electricity that I am focused on gratitude for that.
    Stay cool!



    • Erica

      TT – thank you! Trying to focus on the gratitude too. I didn’t really do my chore list this morning even though I woke up with a better attitude. Not panicking, know things will work out – but procrastinating.

      I can’t blame the heat – Washington state is the only cooler state of the lower 48 apparently. But I am thinking I haven’t been good about my thyroid meds. I couldn’t find the bottle yesterday, and now I can’t remember if I have taken them at all this week. I think I am in an allergy and thyroid fog.

      But… did start to clean out the laundry area. Found 20 bucks! If I don’t find my thyroid meds, I will go and buy however many pills that will get me. (Murphy’s law will dictate that I will then find my prescription bottle. )

      Oh yeah… also found a bottle of wine I forgot I bought in the garage, and had some leftovers for dinner. So didn’t have to go to the store today.

      • Minky

        Take your thyroid meds woman!!! I’m the same way. Out of spite, (for who or what I don’t really know) I’ll not take my Levo for a couple of days. Then I realize I feel like shit and start crying for no good reason. And then I remember that I haven’t been taking my pills and I say “Well, duh. No wonder my body feels like I got flattened by a steamroller!!!” I’m so stupid.

      • Erica

        I know, I know! Problem is, during high allergy times, I miss one day… I go into a fog when it comes to this! (I’m a terrible pill taker in the best of times – my dr has made me me look him in the eye and promise to fill my antibiotic RX and take the pills. He knows how much I hate them… I’m one of three patients that he has proscribed antibiotics over the phone for, and he’s a strong advocate of the theory that we take too many antibiotics!)

        Quick question – do you have allergies too? Been doing research that a sudden worsening of allergy symptoms can mean your thyroid is conking out. Certainly could be true in my case. They were bad when I was a kid (swollen eyes, itchy throat) but nothing like they were about 13 years ago. Ended up carrying an inhaler and an Epi-pen at one point. My internist certainly thinks I could be a case study (for a certain time period, he thought the fatigue and my blood work up might indicate lupis – we both now think my thyroid was showing early signs of having issues)

        I don’t get teary… but I get where I could sleep all day and night, hardly getting out of bed to pee. ON really bad days, I don’t even get out of bed to eat. Problem is – that could be a symptom of either thyroid issues or allergies! (Or depression for that matter)

      • Minky

        Oh girl! Lemme tell you… I’ve had ear, nose and throat issues my whole life. Not necessarily diagnosed allergies, but it sure does seem that way.

        Last year, I randomly got some weird uticaria on my back. It itched like crazy and I thought it was a bug bite. Went to the Urgent Care. Doctor looked at it and said “You’re probably allergic to something.” Prescribed some corticosteroids, and told me to take Benadryl and called it a day. I love it when they get really specific and technical like that. Grrrrrrr.

        Then later I saw my personal GP, because I had gotten some weird rash on my elbows and knees. I automatically though: “Oh, gluten. Celiac.” Had the blood test. Came back negative. Mind you, that I’ve been battling skin problems all over my body since the age of 16. (I’m 36 now). So 20 years of pustules and misery and itchiness and irritation.

        Also, my eyes get pretty dry from time to time and I certainly do get sinus, stress and migraine headaches. I’ve also had a couple of really fun cluster headaches in my lifetime. Needless to say, my giant jar of Advil that I get from Costco is my bestest lil’ buddy. I’m also no stranger to pink eye, sinus infections and ear infections.

        I had thyroid nodules, and a damn goiter since I was in kindergarten that my doctors never seemed to notice. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s only about 6 years ago. Since then I’ve been on thyroid meds. My last diagnostic imaging (CT or MRI, I forget which) showed that the nodules are gone. My goiter is gone!!! YAY!!! And I’m becoming less dependent on thyroid meds, which for me is now Levothyroxine. I think that this is in part due to the new dietary habits I’ve adopted. I used to do Armour, but my HMO won’t carry it anymore. Bastards.

        Since April I’ve been doing low carb/keto. My endocrinologist has lowered my Levo dosage, and my skin all over my body has basically almost totally cleared up. Less headaches too!

        Before I forget, regarding the allergy thing. When I was younger I used to be what Anthony Bourdain calls an “egg slut”. I loved eggs! Especially scrambled with cheese and onions. After about the age of 25/26 my stomach all of a sudden decided that it would no longer tolerate eggs. I’d eat my eggs, and then after about 30-45 minutes I’d get the worst stomach pain. Doubled over, horrible, and radiating into my back. It would refuse to let up until I’d go throw up. I very quickly realized it was the eggs. Same thing would happen with wheat products (bread, pasta, pastries, etc.), but not as severely. Just gnarly bloating. I quit eggs. And now, since April, I’ve basically quit all starchy carbs and sugar too. My stomach feels GRRRRREAT! It’s like a miracle!

        I don’t think I have celiac. Especially since my blood tested negative for it. But I do believe that the powers that be are fucking with our food. When I’d go to Europe and eat their bread and pastries, no bloating. And my skin would clear up just like it has now. When I’d come back to the U.S., and start eating our bread, the shit would start all over again.

        Boy that was a lot of info! I’m rambling like a nut. But I hope me telling you a little bit about my “journey” will help at least somewhat. Sometimes you’re your own best healer. You know your body better than anybody else.

  34. What a crap weekend. Started with having argument with my daughter. Then she left to visit a friend for the weekend. Saturday spent close to 6 hours (3 different calls) with tech guy over computer freezing problems. Then noticed my Pomeranian was limping. Spent fortune on right knee surgery last year and now it’s the left. Daughter comes home tonight limping (and sorry) and I think she broke her heel. Will find out tomorrow. Plus it was 118 degrees with heat index in SE Virginia today. Calgon, take me away!

  35. MariAnne

    “Sorry for the delay in getting this up.” That’s what he said!!!!

    • Margarett

      Good one, MariAnne! Thanks for starting my day on a happy note. I’m still giggling and my little dog seems to think that I have lost my mind! (He could be right.)

  36. Pip

    I don’t know who was discussing the Netflix series “Wentworth” in a recent daily tea, but OH. EM. GEE !! Thank you! I am hooked on this show! Heads up… I can’t understand a damn thing they are saying most of the time (Aussies… fast talkers), so I need the CC on.
    But anyway, it’s about a woman’s prison and it isn’t fun and silly like OITNB (which, let’s face it… Who doesn’t want to go to Litchfield for a week… looks like summer camp to me). But this show is hardcore and addictive. Plus there are currently three seasons up, so you can do some serious bingeing).
    Anyway, awesome show if you are into intense suspense.
    Urethra- you would really like this one. Give it a go.

  37. BeetsWhy

    Hi Pip, I mentioned Wentworth, glad you like it! I found another Netflix that is addictive, Marcella. It’s an 8 part British detective mystery. I always leave the CC on when watching British/Australian shows…so much easier for my little brain

    • Pip

      Hey Beets- I started Marcella and just couldn’t get into it (although I only watched an episode or two). That’s when I decided to watch Wentworth. However, I will definitely give it another shot when I am done with Wentworth.
      Thank you!

  38. More Tea Please!

    Our drought has finally broken in the North Georgia mountains. And the rain came just in time to fuel a bumper crop of gorgeous, delicious chanterelle mushrooms!

    I’m still waiting on my very late tomatoes to ripen. A few look about fully grown, so hopefully soon I’ll see some red. After that I should have a steady stream of ripe tomatoes theough September and i to October!

  39. tamaratattles

    So I bought a really expensive laptop. And I kind of hate it.

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