Flipping Out Recap: Ready, Set, Glow

We're Pregnant!

We’re Pregnant!

I can’t believe it is has been a week since Flipping Out  was on . I have been muttering Todo Limpio to myself for a full week and have cleaned nothing and only made more mess. Between the excessive heat and my anxiety being riled up I have to force myself to eat. I had two containers of my favorite yogurt in the fridge and last night I checked the dates and they expired on June 22. This is the weekend to TODO LIMPIO.  Or just get some good sleep in. One or the other.

Valley Vista

I’m still not sure I believe that Jeff and Gage and Zoila are living on a job site. I’m also unclear on whether or not it is an actual flip or if they will be living there when the house is complete. I am excited to see Zoila right off the bat she makes me happy. And we got to the vagina texts. Really is this Bravo them that someone must mention vaginas in every episode of every Bravo show? Has the National Council on Vagina Awareness purchased promotional time on Bravo? Zoila got a sext from someone woman in Connecticut who was apparently trying to get someone to come perform oral on her and it mistakenly went to Zoila. Maybe it would be funny if I wasn’t so hot and bitchy today. It is pretty funny that Jeff is buying life insurance for himself and Zoila. Or maybe he was joking about Zoila. You never know with him. He is also making Gage his durable power of attorney.

Flipping Out Jeff
Wonder boy and Gage clone, Matt, has recommended a new intern, Ashlyn. It looks like she is going to be the new punching bag. Because there is always a punching bag. Jeff is irritated that Ashlyn is punctual. The title of this episode is based on Jeff’s brother’s new product Glow Sharks, which are apparently bathtub toys for kid. Everyone is mocking the commercial by saying Glow Sharks in a deep voice, but Ashlyn refuses to play any of Jeff’s reindeer games. Ashlyn is doomed. And I just gave her a tag. Jeff is going to pick at her about this until she cries and quits. Ashlyn is very good and has the same personality of a wet sock that Matthew (and Gage) have. But Matthew works for Gage. Ashlyn has to put up with Jeff, and I’m not sure she has the personality to roll with him.

Lucky #14

Lucky #14

Embryo #14

It seems that #14 is quite efficient at uterine attachment. Alexandra has had a positive home pregnancy test and Jeff wants to take her in for a blood test. Jeff and Gage are cautiously optimistic. I’m kind of worried about #14. Jeff just said they haven’t had a blood test yet but if she is pregnant the due date would be October 8th. On WWHL Andy said in just a few weeks the baby will be here. Would four months be “just a few weeks in Andy’s mind? Or do they end up having try again? I wonder when this was filmed? The doctor calls and confirms that Alexandra is four weeks pregnant. That would be possible it they filmed this in January. And everyone was wearing long sleeves this week. So fingers crossed for #14.

Chaz Dean Properties

Chaz is pissed that the projects aren’t going as fast as his other projects with a guy named Dave. Jeff is pissed  by the criticism. Chaz’s business manager, Nuria, is not intimidated by Jeff at all had not problem telling him that he needs to work faster. Jeff sort of went off about it. This could be problematic. I think the reason I don’t like the Chaz scenes is because he is a long time client and friend and I don’t find a lot of his scenes to be as unscripted as some of the others.

They meet again a few days later for a follow-up. Jeff feels bad for overreacting. Jeff has a new communication plan where Gage will email Nuria and let her know all the thing that are going on.

Bell Canyon

The gang heads out to meet with a new client in Bell Canyon, named Meera. It seems like they are going to have a ton of different clients each week which will make recapping hard. The demo on this remodel barely got started when the contractor discovered a serious water leak in the walls. The clients take the major budget increase extremely well. Because, rich.

Next week: More vagina as Jenni has some sort of fertility treatments and we get to watch. Again.


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27 responses to “Flipping Out Recap: Ready, Set, Glow

  1. Cat

    I believe most yogurts are still good for 7 to 10 days after the expiration date.

    I just finished off a gallon of milk that was still good 4 days after it supposedly expired.

    • nenesoldnose

      Those dates are actually the sell by dates. Many people throw out good food because they think the date means it’s expired.

      • tamaratattles

        Y’all go ahead and eat yogurt that is a month past the expiry. I’m good.

      • Minky

        @nenesoldnose Can I just say I love your CB handle. It’s so good!

        And I agree with you Tamara. I’ve had food poisoning before. I’m lucky to be alive. Trust me. You don’t want none of that!

  2. Minky

    I would be terrified of working for Jeff. He seems like the kind of boss who might set up a booby trap so that you would have no way of not fucking up just to see how you would deal with that situation. To see how far he could push you before you have a breakdown. I still love Jeff and think he’s great. But, just sayin’.

    • Cat

      I agree. Seems like he would be fun to hang out with, but I wouldn’t want to work for him.

    • lol …. Jeff basically did set up a booby trap when he installed hidden cameras which exposed Jeni’s loser ex husband ~

      • Erica

        Wasn’t he messing with the animals or something?

      • He was on Jeff’s computer and that was a huge no no. He also answered the phone and gave a restaurant name or something. Then he lied about it. He was a real jerk.

      • TBD

        I thought the guy was acting a lot like Jeff. A bit of a jokester gone amuck. I’m not condoning or condemning his behavior. But Jeff loves to push boundaries, then quickly draw a line in the sand behind his heels.

        I get a kick out of Jeff. But I would hate having to navigate him on a daily basis.

  3. Lisa j

    Eat the yogurt! Thanks for the recap! It’s a light heady quirky show where no one fakes disease!

  4. I hope once they have their child they pick an address and stick. Moving is hard on kids. As much as the Dubrow children have, I feel for them that nowhere is truly home.

    • Erica

      I think it depends on the kids. Had military students, and my cousin’s kids are also military. Two students I had were brother and sister. Their dad had retired from the military about 3 or 4 years prior to them being my students. They actually wanted their parents to consider moving even if it was to a house in the same district. They had itchy feet so to speak and and tired of the house they were living in. I know my cousin’s kids would be excited if they got an overseas assignment again. The oldest is trying to finish college in less than four years so she can go with them if it happens. Jeff and Gages daughter will be surrounded by a lot of consistency in some ways. Unless you are the punching bag like Ashlyn Jeff is pretty loyal to employees and makes them family. God knows I would have fired Zoilas ass last year if she talked to my significant other the way she talked to Gage. He might have a lack of flamboyant outgoing personality but he will be the other parent to her honorary granddaughter and is the man Jeff selected as his partner. At the very least he deserves respect as a co-worker and because she is disrespectful to him in his own home.

      But I hear you. I am an only child. And for a significant amount of time my cousins did not live in the same city. I would have found it difficult to move. But then I lived in the same house from the time I was2 to the time I was 14. Even then we just moved into the house that took us four years to build and I stayed in the same schools.

  5. You’re so right – Ashlyn is doomed. To start with, she seems to have no sense of humor and her bantering skills are non-existent. To work with that bunch, which I think would be hysterical, you have to be able to give and take, and I don’t see that in her. Even Zoila can dish it out, and English isn’t her first language. Still, even if Ashlyn’s a good worker, I think it’s going to take far too long for her to fit in. Come to think of it though, Matt isn’t exactly Mr. Personality and he’s still there. Of course, when I look back many, many years to when I was that painfully young, I would have been a fish out of water too, but I eventually matured into the raunchy old broad I am now where very little embarrasses me, so maybe there’s hope for Ashlyn. Love this show – it’s not nearly as scripted as most of the other Bravo shows. Hope #14 is doing well – can’t wait to see Jeff and Gage as parents.

  6. I quite simply love all things Jeff Lewis. The best show on Bravo hands down. Thanks for the recap-great as usual.

  7. Tamra I just read that yur anxiety is back in force so I just wanted share as I have severe bouts of anxiety also which are debilitating @ least they were. Have u ever tried klionipin? It’s in the same category as Xanax a benzodiazepine, the difference being that it’s is lionger acting than Xanax. I hav found many ppl respond btr tp this. For me the Xanax just wears off & u r either better or back to taking another. Klonipin can last up to eighteen hours & has very smooth calming effect opposed to Xanax which is boom & it’s effects are gone in a couple hours. U may ir may not want to try this. Even if I don’t use it regularly I know it’s there for me.

    • Matzah60

      It is difficult around here to get a doctor to prescribe Xanax because if a patient ends up abusing the drug ie. Whitney Houston, a doctor can lose his DEA license. Thee are so many more hearings nowadays where doctors are brought in for informal hearings on their script use of narcotics.

      Xanax is fast acting and much more effective than Klonopin, but Klonopin/Clonazipem is also a benzodiazepine that is less addictive and it has a longer half life meaning the dosage will sustain you longer than Xanax which has a short life because it is based on your metabolism.

      I use Klonopin and while initially, like the Xanax better, I have found this to be a better substitue for me, but it does tend to make you sleepy. I don’t find Xanax makes me sleepy during the day, just anxiety free.

      • Minky

        Isn’t that something? That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. How is it the doctor’s fault if the patient abuses the meds? They must keep track of how much of the stuff they’ve prescribed to someone in any given amount of time. And the pharmacy probably keeps track too.

        There must be a burning hot market for illegal prescription drugs. Ergo people like Kim Richards. I really doubt she gets her shit from a pharmacy.

        I say this because, try buying Sudafed (the good shit with actual pseudoephedrine in it), or Allegra-D or Zyrtec-D at CVS or Rite Aid, or anywhere really. They always ask for your ID to keep track of how much you’ve purchased. I think you’re only allowed so many milligrams of it in a 30 day period, or something like that.

      • Matzah60

        I hear what you’re saying, Minky. Some responsibility lies in the hands of the patient, but anyone is susceptible to becoming addicted to a narcotic. So, while a patient has to take some claim to what happens to them, it’s really the doctor who has to assess if the this patient had a past drug problem or if the patient has traits that would make them susceptible to a drug addiction. When I had my first knee surgery, my doctor cut off Vicodin after a month. He was unyielding about it and most patients who have had a total knee will tell you how incredibly painful it is. The second total knee, the doctor gave me three months of vicodin. I never finished it, but I did need it for the first two months. I never got addicted to it. I only took it for the pain. It’s hard on your stomach and I just didn’t feel the urge to take it after the the pain went away. Someone like Kim Richards might hoard her leftover meds and use them inappropriately, get high as a kite, get in her car, and possibly hurt someone. I might have done that in my college days, lol, but now, probably not.

  8. Jen

    I was out of town and only saw the first two episodes of the season on Wednesday. I spent the last two days going ‘todo limpio’ on my pantry and freezer, I even went to HomeGoods last night and bought pantry organization.

  9. tamaratattles

    Why are y’all trying to get me to eat yogurt that expired a month ago? In an attempt to avoid food poisoning, it went right in the trash.

  10. BeetsWhy

    I love the craziness on this show so I guess that explains all my yawns whenever Chaz Dean is on my screen. Number one, he is so disturbing to look at, like prehistoric not evolved kind of disturbing. Number two, that no soap shampoo crap he sells on infomercials is downright nasty, who doesn’t use soap??? Check the reviews, I can’t believe it’s still on the market. Maybe Jeff uses it on the dogs and by having the guy on the show he gets it for free?

    • Soul Sista

      LOL, “prehistoric not evolved”. Love it! Something about him disturbs me, but I don’t know what it is. BTW, he has a problem on his hands…there is a class action lawsuit against the WEN line & the FDA is investigating. The line is apparently causing hair loss & other adverse reactions. Maybe this will be the last season we see him & his assistant. They are no fun to watch on this show.

  11. Sam

    The text speak above nearly gave me a seizure. Klonipin, indeed.

    This is definitely the best show on Bravo right now. The Housewives have jumped the shark with all the sickness bullshit – bummer they still get all the comments. I’d rather hear about Jenni’s vagina any day. I hope #14 is on her way…

    (I did forget about Melbourne, though…it still holds up. Those women are catty and wonderful, just like God intended.)

  12. Sam

    I didn’t know there was another Sam on here. Maybe I should change my name to SamT if I can figure out how to, lol.

  13. SamT

    Well that was easy. I think I have the right sense of humor to work with that group, however the thing with Jeff that would be hard is he is often inconsistent and is moody. On some days it seems like he is OK with crossing the line and being really goofy and inappropriate while other days he has a stick up his ass. But I still love him and this show.

  14. Shae

    This show is my “feel good” Bravo show :) Love it so much, thanks for the great recap, TT. One of the few shows I get legitimate chuckles out of because everyone has such a personality. I’m thrilled Gage and Jeff are having a baby, I think it’s brave of Jeff to go forward with what he wants despite being such a rigid person, so particular, he knows a baby will up-end all that and he’s up for the challenge. I respect that.

    I cringe a bit with Ashlyn, too, because Jeff does target peoples’ insecurities and she’s clearly uncomfy with some of the joking they do with her. It only encourages him. She needs to make up her mind about the position before he rescinds the offer lol

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