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BB18 Julie
I am trying to start a new discussion forum at least once a week for Big Brother for those who want to chat about it here. I love those of you who share in comments scoop from the live feeds. I’ve been super busy and a bit under the weather so I just haven’t been able to update as much as I should because I haven’t seen all the live feeds.

Tonight we have Redemption Island Battle Back where the first five eliminated houseguests fight for a chance to get back in the game. Since we never saw any of the sequestered guest in the same shot last night, We can assume they didn’t pay everyone for five week of sequester and therefore everyone has had a week of alone time in the house waiting for the next competitor and the loser went home shortly after.  I also think the final challenge tonight will probably be used to save Tiffany. I would be happy about this if it were not for the fact she has been a colossal disappointment. I hope it is either her or….. I can’t believe I am saying this…Bronte. Bronte might be able to gather up the girls and boys not in showmances and break up the pairs. This should have been done LONG ago. I include Frank and Bridgette in this scenario.

Urethra Franklin wants Jozea back. He is going to be sleeping on the couch tonight for that for even speaking it into the universe.


Round One Glenn Versus Jozea

They filmed this after the Berry Challenge and before breaking it down. So I am right, the did each one as soon as the next hamster was eliminated.

Jozea didn’t learn a thing from his elimination and over confidence. He talks a good game and falls off several times. But since he was playing against Glenn in the log competition, he won anyway.  I just realized the winner will have been spoiled because last nights studio audience is still there. Glad I didn’t have time to read spoilers today. It’s fun to be surprised about something on this show. But now I am worried that UF knew something when we tweeted about the show.

Round Two Jozea Versus Victor

It’s the tennis ball challenge with a twist. This time they have to bounce the ball and try to knock down five targets before their competitor does. Seems pretty random.

Victor winning this would be the worst case scenario. He would slip right in to the bro squad. This looks like this took HOURS.  And so Victor wins. Now I really need Bronte or Tiffany to win.

BB18 Bronte D’Acquisto

Round Three Victor Versus Bronte

It’s a true memory game. It looks hard. Surely Bronte is smarter than Victor. Bronte tells Victor that no one in the house likes him. This is a lie. But it’s a great, evil strategy.

Please GOD let Bronte win this!  They really need to double check ALL of their photos. Bronte is just moving random photos. Of course Victor wins.

Round Four Victor Versus Tiffany

We are getting a preview of this week’s HOH which will air on Sunday. Or at least a version of it. I don’t see how all the current hamsters would be able to play at once. It’s clear the HOH was played on Thursday as well.  This puzzle challenge is also very physical.

Crap. It looks like Victor is going to win. And he does. Because worst case scenario always happens. When Bronte lost she told Victor not to trust anyone. Tiff tells him to trust Frank not Day.  Because #GirlPower

New Twist: Instead of Pandora’s Box, we have a secret room. There are clues around the house for the houseguests to find. It’s unclear if they will be told they are looking for clues. Or maybe production will just tell Frank. It’s Pandora’s Box without the name. The secret room will be the “second HOH room” from previous seasons and the person who finds it will likely have to make a choice.


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55 responses to “Big Brother Discussion Forum: It’s Time to Battle Back!

  1. Natalie

    I completely forgot this was on. And of course the person I least wanted to see back in the house wins.

    • You’re lucky you forgot.

      I watched and wasted an hour of my life that I can never get back.

      The only thing that’s interesting to me about Victor winning is to see how Paul changes with his brother back.

      I’m glad Tiff didn’t win. She’s just to emotional for the game and she doesn’t need that stress. And I don’t need the stress of watching her cry. Lol!

      I wonder who will scoops Victor up first. Paulie or frank.

  2. lori

    I’m bummed. Are the feeds up now?

  3. Sherry

    Oh so excited for tonight. I am on the West Coast so no show yet, but I sneaked a peak online. WOW! Victor….hummmm….he has to be voted out, right? UGH. I would have liked to see Tiffany back, not sure she would have worked out either but it would have been interesting.

    Is there a solid alliance this year? I am having a hard time really being excited for one group. I like Nicole, but the Corey thing is weird. Does he really even like her? It kills me that the girls sit together and worry about if their man has looked at them today. That whole thing about Paulie not kissing whats-her-face….double UGH! Nicole telling her, no he likes you….. Meanwhile the boys are NOT talking about the girls and talking about how they are going to the end with just the BOYS.

    Check in here later to see whats happening.

  4. Theresa

    As soon as they talked about the room my daughter announced its in the room with the travel icons and the lion poster is a door (has seams around it). I guess they put their luggage there. I haven’t paid attention but I’m curious now to check out that wall and see if she’s right.

    I was hoping for tiffany or JoZea just for the drama they’d bring.

  5. Aerin

    Noooo. Not happy about victor winning his way back in. The show tonight was a bit of a disappointment. I realized I was rooting for Bronte to come back in, in a twist even I didn’t see coming. She annoyed me, but apparently the least of te rest of them, and I liked thinking about what the house would look like wither her back in the best. Victor back in just makes the house more likely to turn into a frat.

  6. Rosesandgin

    Damnit Glenn. How did he not beat The messiah!?

    Damnit Bronte. Mathematician. That was your big secret?! What the big secret is, is that you don’t even know you’re not one.

    Damnit Tiffany. I hope the Russos disown her.

  7. Theresa

    Dang James won Johnson and put up Frank and bridgette. Very aggressive move. I was bored until last week and it’s gotten good. Frank is pissed and seems to be tight with Paulie which surprised me

    • Theresa

      Not sure how hoh changed to Johnson:)

    • Theresa

      Is this allowed? I’m dying for someone to talk to me about how shady Paulie is being playing all sides.

      • Sherry

        Yes, he is! It such a strange season. One minute they are completely ratted out by a person then 5 min later they are making a new deal with them. As far as I can tell they mean them, but then turn around and make another deal. I feel like there are no true alliances. I am having a hard time sticking with the person I want to win. I like Nicole and James the most.

      • Theresa

        I love James. I have a weird little crush on him. Lol

  8. LA_in_KY

    I am really happy that I don’t have too see Tiffany any more. Thank God we don’t have to relive the Vanessa story anymore.

  9. I can’t help it. The messiness of Jozea brings me pure joy on the feeds.

    James won HOH
    Frank & Bridgette nominated.

    The HOH was an endurance comp that lasted 5 1/2 hours and we missed it due to black out.

    James convinced Day to throw it. Stupid move considering what he did to Shelli & Clay last year.

    Paulie’s hair cut is tragic.
    Natalie seems to have woken up & is playing the game now.
    Bridgette is still baking shit.

    • Thanks for the spoilers.

      CBS is ridiculous. They give us that stupid, boring episode to see which annoying hg gets back into the house. And then they don’t give us any feeds for another 3 hours, which by that point I’m asleep.

      I turn on the feeds and either I get fish or Victor’s gross mouth screaming. Meanwhile, they don’t let us watch the interesting stuff like the hoh challenge or Victor integrating back into the house and their reactions.

      Im glad James won hoh. But I wonder why he wanted it. I thought he told Natalie that they were good for another week before they needed to win.

      • Theresa

        I’ve heard James say more than once tonight he didn’t want this hoh. He shouldn’t have taken it. Day would have won and it would have been so interesting.

      • I just realized that it was awfully quick to make noms. Don’t they usually give them a day to think about it? We missed out watching all the plotting and planning on that also.

        Maybe its a good thing. We don’t have to listen to Paulie drone on and on about who to put up.

  10. tamaratattles

    Worse BB in house hair cuts than Paulie’s….

    • I don’t know. I think Paulie’s is still worse. But maybe that’s because I have to look at him everyday. Lol!

    • SaraSally

      Oh my TT, fab find my friend!
      I do not even remember this event on this season. I am connected on Twitter with Ju though. I forgot her game play. She was kind of meany weinie, wasn’t she?

  11. tamaratattles

    Supposedly Nicole and Corey got a lot of handy work in with the feeds off that carried over to when it is on. I am going to bed but I hear it is on Youtube.

  12. tamaratattles

    Actually, I think it just happened. Just after 2am BBT on cam 3/4

  13. tamaratattles

    Paulie is trying to get Bridgette out before Frank. Why do these idiots listen to him. Or has production already started to save them?

    • My question is why production wants Frank to win?

      I’m hoping that they are all just bullshitting Frank and vote him out.

      Did anyone catch Z talking to James about her relationship with Paulie?

      She was asking James about his relationship with Natalie and if he asks personal questions her life. James said yes and went into a whole list of stuff he asks and knows.

      It seems that Paulie only asks Z if she’s okay or needs something.

      I hope Z fully realizes that Paulie is not that into her and starts playing the game for herself and causes some waves, gamewise.

    • I heard that Paulie said that Derrick told him that if a guy gets to close to a woman, get rid of the woman. It will bring the guy back to you.

      After hearing that, and its true, then Day should be safe if Michelle uses the veto. The house wants her gone, but Paulie can’t chance that. He needs to get rid of Bridgette first.

      Michelle wants Bridgette gone also. Bridgette wants to leave before jury if she has no chance of winning.

      Damn. My hopes of Frank being gone are being crushed.

  14. GirlMe

    Then Z said she’d move on to Victor if he showed interest. Girls are looking for a boyfriend while the men are keeping their eyes on the money. Stupid girls.

    Does Nicole not get any male attention unless she comes on tv?

    At least Bronte came to play the game. I hope they are really getting Paulie or Frank out. They all seem to start only aiming for jury while 2 others aim for the money.

    • sandra

      Nicole and Zak are really stupid. They had a conversation about Corey and Paulie : stating that love is more important than money and Nicole would have Zak in her wedding to Corey. Zak then chose some names for her and Paulie’s children. I would love to see Nicole and Zak on the block together. Oh, how the tears would flow.

  15. Thanks for the updates. I’m glad James won, but Day was stupid to throw it when she know that Frank wants her out. It is maddening to watch the women play BB. They concentrate more on who to date in the house instead of winning the money.

  16. Cat

    Call me crazy, but I’m glad Victor won. The others were just to annoying, for me. And I believe they will eliminate him again, soon. I hate when they put eliminated contestants back in the game.

    I don’t understand why the live feeds are always down. CBS needs to refund everyone’s money.

    I hope Frank goes home. He’s an asshole.

    But then, Bridgette is super fake, and I hate that her mouth is always a gaping hole…as if everything shocks her. So, I’ll be glad when she is gone, too.

    Thanks for the spoiler. Now I can skip Sunday again. Thursday is my night to watch. Yesterday, I flipped back and forth between the Battle Back and a rerun of Bones. Wednesdays, I switch between BB and Master Chef.

    That way, I miss nothing.

    • Cat

      Oh, I also wanted to add this:

      The people on this show annoy me. The whole idea is to be the last one standing. So, I get really tired of the whining and crying and hurt feelings.

      “I can’t trust anyone in this house. I thought they were my friends.” Boo-boo. You are not there to make friends. You are there to manipulate the others. And they are there to manipulate you.

      Geez…even I know that.

      • GirlMe

        I know right. They need to quote American Next Top Model. Its not Big “Best Friend”. They should remove jury pay. Then everyone will play hard for the final prize or go home with nothing.

        Then maybe those stupid girls will keep their eye on the prize.

    • pokerplayer


  17. tamaratattles

    Just a few comments..

    This week’s HOH was an endurance comp. It lasted 5 1/2 hours. James is a beast at endurance. Day is not proven. Day knows James is pretty much impossible to be at things like hanging on to a wall. So when you hear that “day threw it to James” it’s not like when Paulie threw the mental comp to that dolt, Corey.

    After five hours of enduring pain, negotiations occur by who ever is left. If it came down to Day and James, Day would be hurting and James would have a lot left in him. Day would know she could not make it. So she would make a deal. She will drop, and the pain will end now if he promised to not put her up. James would agree to that deal to get off the wall because she is not his target, Frank is. They are on the same side. So it’s not like Day threw the challenge. She tried to win and then let James do the dirty work. IMO, It was a smart move for Day who was not going to win anyway.
    I am not that upset that Victor won at this point. He is essentially breaking up Paulie and Zak which really needed to be done. In my initial cast assessment I pegged Z for just wanting to find a man.

    Nicole is really embarrassing herself this season. Unless she is trying to get a sex tape, she is going to be extremely remorseful of her behavior. And her family is going to be disappointed in her.

    • Cat

      I like James. I hope he wins this time.

    • To play devils advocate here, it may not have been a smart move for her at the time. I heard she threw it after James promised not to put her up. Frank told her that if she dropped, he would tell her who was throwing her under the bus, so she did. Frank told her it was nichole.

      Day could have won because I heard James say that his arm was killing him. Im assuming they were holding their arms up holding something. I’ve seen Day on the feeds holding up her arms doing her hair. She has great arm strength, she could have beat him if my assumptions on the challenge are correct.

      Why wasn’t it a smart move at the time? Because last season in the endurance comp, James promised he wouldn’t put up Shelly or her boyfriend if she dropped. James went back on his promise and put them up. She was taking a big chance that he would keep his word.

      This morning, Frank was trying to get michelle to use the veto so they can back door Day.

  18. I’m enjoying Natalie’s and James talking in the hoh room. Natalie is playing the game now.

    She knows Nichole is very sketchy. She’s explaining it all to James.

  19. Guest Appearance

    Frank lost favor with BB as referenced by his comment that they call him “Stank”. He’s out this week.

    Michelle winning OTEV is perfect.

    Unfortunately these girls are going to give up money for a relationship. Has Corey told Nicole he is bisexual because Nicole did not believe he was gay when Davonne told her?

  20. Guest Appearance

    The secret wall is probably by the chess game

  21. Frank is working on Michelle to use the veto on him to back door Davonne. He is convincing. He threw Nichole under the bus, saying she approached him about a final 2. Michelle is pissed. She said he has opened her mind and needs to think about it.

    He “says” not to use the veto unless the plan is to backdoor Davonne.

    Everyone tried to come in the room and Frank threw them out saying he was working on the veto holder and leave them alone.

    For some reason they listened to him.

  22. Paul is calling frank out right now in front of the house.

    Damn! And I have to leave and miss this!

  23. GirlMe

    Paul is so stupid. He so wants to be important.

    Why confront Frank. Especially since he asks for permission to confront Frank. Funny

    I hate Day isnt gonna win. I like her but she talked too much. Since there us a jury house I want her in there because she got out unfairly last time.

    But Frank first. If they kick out Bridgette thats a waste. Like getting out Jackie last time. Still hate Steve and Andy. Didnt watch Derricks.

  24. GirlMe

    Wow so Day doesn’t suck in competitions. That was epic! Wow!

  25. Cat

    Puppy toes and rainbows? :)

    I don’t know why Frank is so pissed. He tried to make a deal with Dai, and PROMISED to “have her back”. Does he really expect anyone to believe that HE would not go back on his word?

    Well, I guess it’s OK for Frank, but not James to play the game. Frank would have people’s backs…so he could place the knife squarely in the middle of that back.

    That’s the game…BRO.

    Go, James! Time to take out the trash…finally.

    Great episode.

  26. tamaratattles

    James would never have lost that challenge. He won the endurance on his season. There is no beating him at that type of endurance. Day (who is kind of my favorite now) was just waiting for Brigdgette to drop. She knew she could not beat James. And everyone’s arm hurt.

  27. Paul just entered the the secret room!

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