Why Was Peter Thomas On Wendy Williams ?

Peter Thomas RHOA


Peter didn’t share any earth shattering RHOA gossip on Wendy Williams.  But the fact that he was there and the odd point he kept reinforcing was quite telling. Wendy came busting out to her hot topics chair to say she was very excited that Peter contacted her via intercom to let her know she was free to go in on him and no question is off the table.

First of all, Peter contacted the show asking to be on. So he has something he wants to put out there in the universe. He comes  out saying that the guys on the show never get a voice. Wendy jumps in, “Because it’s called housewives!” He seems to be on a talk show he invited himself on to talk about how reality show participants always have their business out in the streets. Peter found out that Cynthia filed for divorce on E! Wendy says he must have really pissed her off. Wendy asks, ” Were you cheating wildly? Did you embezzle money from her?”

Peter points out that they have never had a shared bank account.

RHOA White Cars Peter and Apollo
Wendy runs him through several photos and videos with women. Peter gives all sorts of excuses. Peter says he texts to Noelle all the time.

Wendy asks who he likes the least from the cast. He says Porsha with Phaedra as a close second. There has been speculation that Peter slept with Porsha. And possibly one other housewife. Something is going on there.

Peter speaks to Apollo once or twice a month. Peter blames Phaedra for Apollo’s situation. Phaedra apparently did not share her Bravo check with Apollo. He was not hirable as a felon with embezzlement and fraud charges.  So he went back to what he knew how to do. That is essentially what Peter said. Which makes you wonder about Peter.

Wendy asked if there was something he wanted to get out that they didn’t cover.  Peter said yes. He works very hard for his money.  He doesn’t take money from his wife.  He doesn’t want a dime from the divorce.

Peter is filming for the upcoming season and will for the first time get his own check.

Okay call me crazy but the guy basically called in to Wendy Williams to ask to be on the show to let us all know that he doesn’t cheat on his wife (Bwahahahahah) and that they have separate finances.

This seems like it is about more than Peter’s Jamaican pride. It seems to me like he is putting it on record that their finances are not co-mingled.  Why would he want to do that? Hmmm well, one reason would be if he was being investigated by the Feds and he was trying to keep Cynthia out of it.  However, just coming on a talk show and saying you and your wife don’t have a joint account would not have any influence on the Feds. They would have a record of every account you have ever had.

It’s not really the right time for this to be a promotional stunt for Bravo. They are focused on the three shows that are airing right now. Peter didn’t have one negative thing to say about Cynthia. What was the point of all that?


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  1. Why do you continue to watch Wendy Williams? She has lost all credibility going political and racial

    • Dee

      Hey there, thanks for the recap! I wondered why he was on Wendy’s show. I’m surprised to hear he will be on next season. I thought he would be gone since Cynthias divorcing him.

    • Cat

      Um….My guess is that maybe TT watches Wendy Williams because it’s part of her job?

      And I don’t see where Wendy has been “political and racial”. Yes, she states her opinion. No one has to agree with it.

    • Rubbish! Her show can be quite enlightening and is usually entertaining. You can agree or disagree – she’s not there as a political pundit she’s just giving her opinion. I enjoy watching her, but don’t always, and I’m glad to have Tamara filling us in on characters we’re all familiar with.

      • Minky

        Yes EnglishRose. Wendy has worked very hard for many, many years for her success both on the radio and on television. She’s like the Larry King of daytime talk shows that are intended for women. If she wants to comment on political or racial things she can do that. It’s her show and she’s expressing her opinion. She’s much more interesting and entertaining than most.

  2. Cat

    Peter has always wanted to be in the spotlight. I’m not surprised by this.

    As for the separate bank accounts, I think that’s smart. Makes the divorce much easier. And with no children (they don’t have kids, do they?), it should be just a matter of property.

    Will alimony still be an issue, I wonder?

    • Minky

      Hmmm. Sounds to me like maybe Peter is ready to have sit down with the Feds regarding Phaedra. My spidey sense is so strong it’s giving me a rash.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Could it be some kind of plea deal?

      • Minky

        That’s what my spidey sense is telling me. He’s working over time to make sure that Cynthia wouldn’t end up with any muck on her. And he seems to be inappropriately mentioning separate bank accounts when Wendy’s questions were about infidelity. As well as bringing up Phaedra’s name and the fact that he’s in contact with Apollo regularly.

        The latest scoop on Peter and Cynthia is that they’re splitsville. What the hell is Phaedra’s name being mentioned for? Couple that with Peter basically saying, in a round about way, that the one who SHOULD be in jail is Phaedra. That she drove Apollo back to a life of crime. Because she wouldn’t share her RHOA check with Apollo. And that hurt Apollo’s pride. So that’s why he had no choice but to commit fraud six ways ’til Tuesday. WTF?

        And why the hell is Peter coming back to the show? I think it’s because he has some shit to stir. With Phaedra. And Porsha. Don’t forget that Nene’s off the show. Maybe she’s smart enough to not put herself within striking distance of anybody there at this time. Some where Andy Cohen is whizzing himself.

      • Victoria

        Well Wendy asked him if he took her money. So that’s how the money came up. That’s a rumor out there. Wendy asked who were his least favorite HW, he answered Porsha and Phaedra. That’s how she came up. Wendy asked does he talk to Apollo, he answered that question. Seems like you didn’t watch his segment.

      • Minky

        No. No I didn’t watch his segment. I’m more puzzled by his answers than the questions themselves. Based on those answers, it looks to me like Peter has an ax to grind.

    • Cat

      Peter getting a peach was a bit of a joke at the Reunion. But, looks like he finally got his peach.

  3. SJ

    Peter is trying to get the Nene bounce from being a reality personality. He is attractive to many women and he kept on saying how Cynthia just couldn’t handle being married late in life and being part of a couple.

  4. A Little Birdie

    What I found odd was his explanation for the picture that. He wasn’t that detailed in his story to Cynthia. It’s like he had time to come up with a better answer. The whole thing was strange and he is not really the hot topic that he wants to be.

  5. bella

    The people who get “famous” from being on reality tv and are delusional enough to think they will be famous forever and have a lucrative career from reality tv are extra sad. Peter is one of them.

  6. Ms.Minnie

    This interview was pointless, I do however appreciate him for being a man and not taking Cynthia through a crazy divorce. Everybody already knows what time it is with porsha and peter, there’s no way I could film a show with 2 women who slept with my husband.

  7. bria

    Thanks TT, this is still juicy to me. Peter is trying to establish a point. And you hit the nail right on his motives. Peter is too smart just to call a talk show to ramble on irrelevant info. Man is working on a plan and i am anxiously waiting .

  8. T D

    This tea is strongly steeped with some Jamaican Jerk.

  9. Miguel

    Hmmmm … interesting tea, TT – can’t wait to see where this is going!

  10. Jaana

    Love your website TT! You are the best. My opinion on this matter is that Cynthia is worried about Peter being in Apollo’s scams and she wants to set a distance between her and Peter’s business deals. There is definitely some shady business going on and all of the cast know it, however it seems like Angela Santon is the only one speaking up. Peter being broke and taking Cynthia’s money hasn’t been a storyline for about two seasons now so it does seem suspicious he is reiterating that he doesn’t share a bank account with his wife. It was the cheating that was a big deal and he seems to be brushing that off.

    Just like Phaedra I think the feds are investigating Peter and Cynthia wants to be left out of that mess. When it come to Porsha and Peter I am not sure I believe they went all the way and slept together but I think there was definitely some flirtation going on. That showdown on the boat was tension flowing over.

  11. SharewLove

    When you choose your partner for life by getting married it’s what’ mine is yours and what’s yours is mine BUT smart people have learned to limit the amount and or access to it in light of the not so good people. In Cynthia’s case I believe it because she learned early on in their first year of marriage with all the bad choices that Peter was making and going into Cynthia’s money without her knowing or agreeing to the purpose. So she made sure that didn’t happen again and we see that recently a year or so she decided to make an investment in one of Peter’s ventures BUT she made a sound decision on which venture and how much.
    As far as Peter goes, I truly believe he loves his wife. I also believe he’s just not savvy enough when it comes to treacherous, manipulative, calculating women “top that off with him getting blasted in his clubs HE’S A PRIME CANDIDATE 4 SET UPS”.

    I have seen the likes of women like this and know all too well how they sucker men out ot their money or whatever they want just by getting them drunk or stoned. It happens alot in clubs, they slip you something and there you are “In a fine mess” and if you are not getting blessed at that moment you are out of luck.
    As far as Apollo, Phaedra is just not an honorable or integrit person “people forget that Phaedra IS PREMISCUEOUS” and She was SHAMEFULLY behaving over and over IN FRONT of the Cameras.

    I feel sorry for Apollo he really tried to please her and be a responsible person SHE used Apollo like a Rag Doll and there was “NO SHAME IN HER GAME” so to speak. She stepped on his pride, soul and manhood All at the same time with no remorse. I cannot imagine what it took for him not to kill her, I’m a woman and I say this not to condone this act but in realization of the fact that “Crimes of Passion” happens everyday.

    With that being said and again not condoning his actions BUT in society it is well known that SADLY most people with records such as Apollo’s in most cases will not get the time of day. I don’t believe he set about committing any crimes, I believe it was an act of desperation and saving face which ultimately “lured hm back into his old ways”. They say “behind every good man there’s a good woman, the same holds true about every good woman there’s a good man”. The reality is that when your partner is not backing you up, it is so much easier for evil ot lurk and have his way with you, which is why smart people keep good people around themselves at all times.

    I feel sorry for the future women in the lives of Phaedra’s kids because she is a ‘Baracuda with no morals” what do you think they are “Learning”? It is mother’s like these that “Create the Monsters of the Future” and I pray that the Holy Ghost touches her Soul and changes her for the Sake of every who’s life she touches, herself and mostly for “Her Children”.

    • Matzah60

      WTF are you talking about?

      • Minky

        It’s either Apollo or one of his friends. Who else would know how and when Cynthia intentionally invested money in Peter’s clubs or when Peter was “going into Cynthia’s money without her knowing or agreeing to the purpose”?

        Isn’t that some really specific information about Peter and Cynthia’s dynamic when it came to money? As well as timing?

      • Cat

        Someone is commenting using multiple accounts, I think. The style of writing is the same, but the user names are different.

        We definitely have a hole in the fence. Either that, or TT has initiated some kind of early release program for the WLS. Due to overcrowding, maybe?

      • Minky

        Oh Cat! You’re just too much! That made me smile. ☺️

        I wonder how many lickers TT has in lock up? And how many of them are HWs or Bravo affiliated?

  12. Opela88

    I agree with Nene, Peter is a bitch. But the bitch got his peach ! 🍊

  13. Rated R

    Oh gosh what a mess. I am dying just thinking about what he said about Phaedra getting a check for $1M and breaking Apollo off $50k to get himself setup. Did Phaedra not do enough for him. She put a roof over his head, he had food on the table. If he doesn’t have a hope for getting a job why does he need a BMW to drive around? oh that rights so he can make it to the strip club with Peter so they can cheat on their wives with dirty low down heifers. Such a shame that he is going to miss his children growing up into young men just so he could have fancy things. I really feel like Teresa should have been locked up longer. Watching her with her fancy Lexus and greasy lawyer proves everything that is wrong with this country. TT remember how Big Ang had to close down her bar because she is a felon? Does that mean that Teresa is no longer able to operate her liquor line now that she is a felon too?

  14. I don’t know why, or understand why Wendy is still on t.v. Period!!

  15. cheychey

    ShareWlove I respectfully disagree with your assessment of Apollo. I think he was well aware of who and what Phadrae was about when he married her. I believe he saw her as an opportunity for a come up when he got out of prison.she had good money coming in and access to celebrity with clients like Bobby Brown. A quite attractive life for a felon just being released. She used him as arm candy and he used her for the financial stability that he desired. As his unlikelihood to be hired, yes it would be literally impossible for him to acquire a posh little office job because he felt that stealing from other people for his own personal gain acceptable. That does not however prohibit him from busting his butt like the majority of Americans do. I know for a fact many blue collar jobs will hire you to do manual labor with a felony. If he wanted to protect his manhood and pride he certainly could have worked a job like that. As a married woman of 20yrs. My husband has never relied on me to protect, create or empower his manhood in any way. As the father, husband and man of the house he felt it his duty as that person to be the “man of the house”. His obligation to be a role model for our family and lead us despite any past indiscretions in his life, as we all have them. It’s up to you and only you to decide how your going to react to your second chance after making a mistake. No one forced him to flirt relentlessly with Kenya and who knows who else. No one drug him to strip clubs on a frequent basis when he could have been home with his family. He decided all in his own calculating mind that it would be a fine idea to one again steal from innocent people when he was obviously living a very comfortable life. I mean he and his family weren’t starving or about to be evicted. His greed and selfishness declared that if I can’t my money the easy way then I deserve to have at the expense of anything else. Its not an easy road when you make a mistake and have to start over. But it’s a testament to your character when you perpetrate that same mistake again when you were given a second chance at life.

    • tamaratattles

      This was WAY too much crazy to actually read. I got to the part where Peter isn’t a cheater and if he is it is because he owns a bar and was probably drugged into sleeping with all those women.

      • Minky

        Hey TT. I gotta question for ya. Is Apollo allowed access to the interned in prison. I’m asking for a friend. He’s very juvial. Like, juvial as a mug. 😂

      • tamaratattles

        He isn’t someone is posting for him. Remember Jodi Arias? She had someone she was in contact with post on her social media for her.

    • SharewLove

      Hi how are you…I have a few things to point out that either you conveniently left out or simply fail to realize the obvious. I will start with the fact that people for some Odd reason when referencing what Phaedra went through with Apollo “ALWAYS FORGET” that Phaedra “IS PREMISCUEOUS” and was DISPLAYING these ACTS and OPENLY disrespecting APOLLO for ALL to SEE in FRONT of the Cameras well Before kenya Moore came into the Picture.

      Did you forget the Strip clubs and later Mr. Chocolate on one of Kandi’s parties and how Discusting Phaedra acted? I’m sorry but your situation as well as the average Hardworking American is not ever “COMPARABLE” to Apollo and Phaedra because they are in the “LIME LIGHT” for All to See.

      These people compete to Show ones so called “Life of Wealth”, Apollo had to Deal with Phaedra’s “Lavish way of Living”…TOP that of with the THROW It in Your FACE MODE” that Phaedra often Boasted in her only but “True NARCISITIC Self” combined with the Reality that What’s hers wasn’t his even in MARRIAGE and You got a Recipe for “Crimes of Passion or Suicide” like that poor man that committed Suicide because His WIFE Spent all His money on the “LAVISH LIFESTYLE” she desperately “Portrayed”.

      Apollo is a Victim of Life’s circumstances, You see it all the time in the empoverish Areas. They grow up wanting more out of Life and at a young age get Sucked up by the Wolves who Use them and before you know it “they can’t see their way out” because of a record and or the Wolves that are on Top of them to keep working for them or assume the Consequences.

      Phaedra has been using Apollo for years for her “Schemes”, you see I see past the Flaws or bad RAP…i LOOK at your Body language, your disposition, your eyes and Expression.

      Apollo is still a child in mind, alot of people don’t know how to seperate an act from the true nature of a peson. I paid a lot of attention to Apollo and not in a Lascivious manner But in the way that I was Proud of him in taking advantage of the Platform and doing the Work out Video being a Role Model. What you saw in that Video was his “True Self” someone who has something to Offer and wants to Represent and Rise above the Filth.

      I want this to be an Awakening to the many that Do not understand “If you Don’t have a genuine Support System” that will Motivate you, Root for You, Empower you and Catch you if you Fall” and You have not been Governed in Life by a Morality and Integrity structure, YOU are Doom to Fail. These kids are taught young to survive by Hook or Crook, you have the Evil ones who Steal and Kill and you have the Ones who are Simply trying to make It.

      My heart goes out to All of those who are like Apollo “They DESERVE more from Us”. Apollo doesn’t have an “Evil Nature” about him. Infact he is very Sincere in his ways so much so He couldn’t even Hide his Admiration for Kenya to his Wife.

      It was “iNSTANT & AUTOMATIC”, all of his Reactions have always been Instant and Automatic. He doesn’t know How to Lie, now you maybe saying to yourself right now “Yeah Right” but Remember this “There are many of us that have Been VICTIMS of the Many who are Gifted at BEING a Con, cunning, Deceitful, a Camileon, a Manipulator and a Systematic Abuser” that Weaves their Webs very Well like many MEN and the Likes of Phaedra.

      Do you really think with “Phaedra’s knowledge and Connections” she couldn’t Hook Apollo up with a Good gig? At the very least when “Bravo was made aware of Phaedra” not sharing the Rhoa finances with Apollo, they could’ve extended a hand to Help?

      Society is too busing in being into “SELF PRAISE & WEALTH ILLUSION”, They Do not give a Patootie about Helping someone or someone with Potential. Phaedra has been Apollo’s nightmare, she weaved her Web and he got caught up STOP acting like Phaedra is this Innocent person that Needs protection. “SHE IS A VERY ASTUTE WOMAN”…

      iF Anybody ever paid attention to when Apollo first hit the screens of RHOA “you could see that he LIVED and BREATHED for Phaedra”, then He Slowly CHANGED.

      That was AFTER he saw the ‘TRUE Nature of the Beast he agreed to Marry”..I wish him well and Pray that a “True, man or woman of God” helps him when he gets out.

      • Cat

        For a minute there, I thought you WERE Apollo. But, I doubt he would use the word “Patootie”.

        Now, I think you might be Phaedra.

      • Cat

        Hmm…but, Phaedra would not admit to her own faults.


      • Minky

        That’s why I asked Tamara about internet access in prison.

        This can’t be Phaedra. She’s a damn lawyer. Right?

        But seriously, I am soooooooo gonna use that expression from now on. When someone gets smart with me I’m gonna say “I Do NOt GivE a Patootie!”

      • tamaratattles

        You really need to read the commenting rules. And take your meds. Seriously. READ THE COMMENTING RULES, or you will not be allowed to comment.


      • Minky

        I’m sorry if I’ve gone too far TT. I assume you’re addressing me because your comment is under mine. I’ll try to take it easy from now on.

      • tamaratattles

        No I was responding to ShareWLove, not you Minky!

      • SharewLove

        Sorry TT, I read your TOS and I think I figured out what I did wrong. It’s too long, I apologize for that ‘It’s that I work hard” and so I come in to chill for a tiny brief moment and I’m gone.

        I say all there is to say basically in one or two post and I’m out, sorry didn’t realize it was offensive. Thanks..

  16. Hmmmm, verrrrrry interesting TT. Could it be this was a fake “separation” and now divorce for criminal liability and/or liability reasons? Cynthia has always come across as severely dickmatized by this guy.
    As for Wendy Williams – I can’t remember if you blogged or commented somewhere on here that something changed in recent times re: having “Housewife” type guests on the show? There was a long period of time that she stopped altogether then has reverted…I think with an interview/maybe Teresa? But is now back to publicizing the Shows for some reason.

    • Grrrrrrrrrrrr…can’t edit. Didn’t mean to say “liability” twice….ETA: divorce for criminal liability reasons OR PUBLICITY reasons.

      • Minky

        I think that Cynthia found Peter appealing because maybe she saw him as a fatherly type. He does look like Father Time, doesn’t he?! 😂

        Add to that the possibility that she, like many women, never outgrow having a taste for bad boys with dangerous reputations.

        She should have stayed with Leon. He seems decent and normal. But NOOOOOO, she had to marry a man with like 2 dozen children by who knows how many baby’s mamas and a history of shady business dealings. She’s a gorgeous woman, and not a total idiot, but she might also have some serious self-esteem issues. Maybe she thought that she didn’t deserve better than a street hustler in a white linen suit?

  17. T D

    Peter kept his money seperate. Some in mason jars for himself and some in a secret place for Apoolo’s Pshawshank repeat offensiion.That’s his way of maintaining seperate finances.

  18. pokerplayer

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…if Apollo wrote a “tell all” book about Phaedra and I do mean “tell all”, it would be a smash no. 1 best seller! Also when he gets out of prison and started a business as a “personal trainer” for well to do women in Atlanta I think he would be very succsessful.

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