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RHONY Carole


I am unsure what happened to the beginning of the blog. WordPress seams to have eaten most of the first paragraph. I am feeling quite unwell, and this is the best I can do to fix it at the moment. Sorry for the mess.

There was some discussion about the tone of Carole’s blogs all season. She was literally offended by everything.   She came for Jules as well.  And also Dorinda,   Carole Comes for Dorinda. As I went to pull that link, I noticed a trend. At first her target was Luann. She said  reasoning with Luann is like trying to reason with a toddler.  I have probably purple penned Carole more than anyone else on RHONY this season because she has been bitter and anger and mean on every episode and each blog has been meaner than the last.

Then last night we got this nice, happy, civilized well mannered Carole.  Was it because Bethenny excused herself because she is too rich to enjoy gambling and was barely in any of the scenes this week?  I think the only reason they didn’t leave the entire casino trip on the cutting room floor is because  they needed a scene with Bethenny to put on the show. When Bethenny is not in the scene,  Carole reverts back to the easy going Carole we all liked in season one. So I was dying to see how she would explain her radical personality change in this episode. So far nothing is up. I’ll keep checking.

The only two blogs that are up this week so far are Jules, who just recounts the events of the episode. She mentioned the potty trainer and understands the crap she is getting for it, but it worked and was money well spent from her point of view. She also hinted that she enjoys laughter and humor.

The other blog that is up is Luann’s she also just did a mini recap and basically gushes about Tom and how happy she is. I’d be doing the same thing if I had found my soul mate and we were traveling the world and enjoying each others company.

Sonja is fixated on Tom and while she says she’s not jealous, she keeps bringing up her past with him even though we are engaged. She says she’s happy for me, but her body language and facial expressions tell a different story. I know that it’s hard to watch someone move forward while being stuck in the past but Sonja has to realize that my relationship with Tom is very special and that he may not have been the marrying type before meeting me, but he is now! When you meet the right person, this is what happens.  

Luann has Sonja (and Ramona) all figured out. She ends her blog with “kill them with kindness” and that has been her tactic all season. It’s a good look for Luann and it’s one of her best seasons ever.

I didn’t read Ramona’s blog last week, she is usually the last one to turn hers in. But I really want to address it now. Just remember this is from last week’s episode. She calls it Stop, Listen and Learn.  I prefer Vanilla Ice’s version, “Stop, Collaborate and Listen!”  I lyric I used many times with first graders. They loved it, and learned a new word.  Moving on.

RHONY Ramona

Ramona’s ENTIRE BLOG was about Luann. No mention of anything or anyone else at all.

After thinking and watching last night’s eposide, I can’t believe that Luann is in such denial. How can someone be that head strong just to find a man to get married at this stage of life…the second or third time around? I would think that from past experiences women would learn.

At what stage of life does it become a bad idea to marry someone who you love? Luann’s past relationships include a 16 year marriage and a long term relationship with Jacques that ended because he wanted to have children. In between there was a single life that she enjoyed to the fullest, dating lots of guys. I think her experience tells her that she prefers to be in a long term relationship, so she is getting married. Where is the denial you are accusing her of?

I am not preaching, because obviously I have had my own share of experiences, and all experiences are different. But that being said, if my friend knew what my fiancé was doing at the time I was engaged and I was told that he had close relations with friends of mine just weeks prior to my engagement, I would say OMG, this is a red flag! 

You are preaching. You want Luann to have the same reaction to the situation you think you would have.

RHONY Bethenny hush Sonja

These are facts, not lies and not exaggerations, and yes, I thought that I should be able to tell Luann. But she doesn’t have the capibility to listen! She shut it down and turned it around.

The only facts you have is that you went to dinner with Tom once or twice. Why would that bother Luann? Sonja is a known liar and exaggerator. Her first language is Hyperbole. She’s untrustworthy. And she wants to make everything about her. I don’t know anything about Tom’s character, but I would believe him over Sonja every day of the week.  She listened to you every time you brought the information to her in the snarkiest, most evil of fashions.  You didn’t say, ” Luann, I am so happy you have found love, I do have some information that I feel I should share with you…”  You cackled and said, “Oh that guy, he has a girlfriend he bought her jewelry from Christmas, I used to date him and Sonja sleeps with him on the regular. Really? You are in love with THAT Tom?”  Even your daughter was embarrassed for you. She shut it down, because you won’t shut the fuck up about it! You need to listen to HER when she says she heard you the first ten times and is unbothered by the information. Then you need to shut up.

The fact that she completely took the conversation to mean that I was jealous? I mean, like really? Jealous? Not a word in my vocabulary! Really? What would I be jealous of? I have never had a problem meeting men. Since my early 20s I’ve been the date queen! Yes, that is what friends have called me.

Probably because you are acting like a jealous ex girlfriend of Tom’s and doing all you can to try to break them up. That’s just my guess.

But Luann always seems so desperate for the attention, for the support, for the reassurance that a man is interested in her.  So maybe that is why she chooses not to listen and learn about what Tom has been up to?  She cut me off and cut me down to the point that truly I am not interested again in telling her like it is. I guess she will find out herself…

I wish it were true that you are not interested in “telling her like it is.” I’m sure Luann would really appreciate you stopping trying to make everything about you as you beg for attention and camera time.

Clearly, Ramona doesn’t have a ghostwriter.

I’ll keep checking for Carole…


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60 responses to “RHONY Bravo Blogs: Luann & Ramona

  1. Cat

    Sounds like Ramona is projecting. And confusing fact with opinion.

    Personally, I would never get married again. But that is MY OPINION, based on MY experience. It does not mean others should not marry.

    To each their own.

    • Minky

      Mmm hmm. I know potty training has been a hot topic here lately, so pardon the pun: But Ramona is losing her shit. And I think she needs a refresher course in wipe technique. No?

  2. MARC

    Please recap Carole’s blog. I cannot wait to hear her excuses for her malicious behavior all season & your purple pen analysis!

  3. MARC

    Please recap Carole’s blog. I cannot wait to hear her excuses for her malicious behavior all season & your purple pen analysis!

  4. Realityjunkie

    I’m annoyed with BRAVO for no longer allowing the public to comment on the blogs posted by these insane women. I’m trying to remember if they shut it down after the Faye fiasco.

    • Dexter

      I heard Carole was caught manipulating comments and they stopped. Thanks Carole. She also buys media followers.

    • The comments that actually made it to the bravo blogs were monitored with such a heavy hand that, if Andy liked someone (i.e. Jill Zarin) very few negative remarks would make it through. That’s how the whole “I Hate Jill Zarin” blog began – good times.

      • Matzah60

        Very highly monitored! I agree justanothermary. I actually prefer reading from a blog where there are a variety of opinions from commenters. There were are still presently plenty of unpleasants, downright mean housewives. That “I Hate Jill Zarin” was started by a blogger now deceased. Even if you hate someone on these shows, is it necessary to spew such venom towards a woman on a reality show. You can call a housewife out on her behavior without creating a despicable home page that opens always with the words, I Hate Jill Zarin.

  5. Minky

    Now I have an image in my head of a first grade teacher rapping Vanilla Ice to the children. MC Tattles. Too CUTE!!!

  6. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Meh, I’m sure some here know I have a different take on the Luann situation. I think Luann is a narcissist who has a desperate need to “steal” men from other women. Now I know, I know, you can’t really “steal” a man – but there are some women who make a point to go after men that are with other women, because if they’re successful, they feel they are somehow better than that other woman. Luann admitted she did this with Tom, but in her mind it’s because she is such a better catch than the other woman, and it’s “true love”. Luann wins and her ego is boosted. I think it speaks more to Tom’s character that he left with her, rather than to whether they’re soul mates. And recall, she also did this to Sonja with Harry – I see a pattern. Yet, she was upset that Carole went after Adam because he was supposedly with her niece – something Adam and Carole deny? I don’t dislike Luann, I’m just not buying this “soul mate” stuff.

    • Minky

      Okay. I see what your saying. I can also see the validity of it. Allowing for the argument that Luanne is a boyfriend snatcher, does it make that much of a difference?

      Even if Luanne were as bad as all that, I still feel that Ramona and Sonja are overreacting in a way that does not look very good on them. At the end of the day 😩, would you really want a serious relationship or a marriage with man who’s so easily distracted?

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I think the difference it makes is in how we view the reactions of the rest of the ladies. Maybe there is an element of jealousy where Sonja is concerned, but can she be blamed? This is the second time (we know of) Luann has done this to her. I can’t remember which of the ladies made the comment “Luann is very competitive with other women” – I’ve had the misfortune of knowing women like this and they aren’t people I like or want to be around. I can’t blame the rest of them for rolling their eyes at Luann’s over the top proclamations of love. I don’t think Ramona’s overreacting – maybe she exaggerated how many dates she and Tom had. But both she and Sonja have known him for years…I’m tired and I don’t even know what I’m trying to say. But one last point – Luann had “friend of” status last season and what better way to get back to a full housewife than an engagement storyline? I’m just too suspicious of her for too many reasons.

      • Michele

        While I hear what everyone is saying about LuAnne, Ramona, Sonya and all of their alleged relationships with Tom – everyone is overlooking the fact that the “wedding” is not until 12/31 – the entire world can flip around, more than once until that date. Personally I wouldn’t jump to marry a man, who was “50” and never been married; that’s a huge red flag for me, but again, that is just my opinion

      • Agreed about the red flag of never being married. But on the plus side, she doesn’t have to deal with any kids he might have had or an ex wife.

    • Renee

      I thought Dorinda intoduced Luann and Tom….

    • ArtArtist, my mother is convinced that Luann wanted to do Adam, herself but Carole snagged him away first before she had the chance. That’s why Luann made such a big stink about the whole thing.

      • Katherine 2.0

        I wondered about that, too, limebrain, but Lu’s close to her niece and I can’t see her doing that. I think her niece was hoping for a reconciliation, and that’s what had Lu’s panties in a twist.

        And let’s be honest – Carole and Lu weren’t best buds before all this happened.

      • Hey, if Martha Stewart and her daughter could date the same man, why can’t Luann and her niece do the same?

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Limebrain, I’m convinced of that also. The niece story is just a cover, but how are people letting it go that Luann admits this man was on a date with another woman, and portrays him leaving her for Luann as romantic, but is mad about Carole/Adam? She is a hypocrite! But anyways, yes, she wanted to do Adam, and her narcissist’s ego can’t take that he wanted Carole instead.

      • Minky

        I don’t think it’s quite the same. Here’s why: I assume that Luanne was not related to the the date that was with Tom on the night in question. Nor do I assume this woman was Luanne’s co-worker or friend. I could totally be wrong about that, as I simply don’t have any info.

        I don’t care who any of these women date. It really doesn’t matter. I would hope that Luanne wouldn’t do that to her own kin. That would be disgusting. I don’t care if Martha Stuart did it too. Ew.

        I still think Luanne overreacted to the Adam/Carole situation. But in addition to feeling bad for her niece, I kind of understand Luanne’s disdain for Carole. You don’t eat where you shit. It’s never a good idea to initiate a romance with someone from your work environment, even if it’s just a colleague’s relative or former flame. It rarely ever works out. And when it does fall apart, then you have to see that person at work all the time and endure the gossip and innuendo. Carole did this knowing all of that. I’m not saying that she should never have gotten together with Adam, but I do believe she could have tried fishing in a bigger pond. It obviously pleases her that Luanne was upset about it. That’s why she keeps bringing it up.

        I know, I know. Somebody already brought up Harry, and how Luanne allegedly poached him from Sonja too. I also don’t agree with that. Harry’s a skeezer. He’s fucked way to many of the RHONY. He’s a pathetic wannabe gigolo. If Sonja thought she had anything serious with him, then she’s truly an idiot.

        And no, I don’t believe that Ramona was/is trying to warn Luanne about anything. If she had any serious information about Tom and his love life, she’s the type of person who would have no moral qualms whatsoever about dropping that bomb right in front of the cameras, in her loudest outside voice possible. Because she’s a bee.

      • Matzah60

        Actually, Carole knew Luann and her niece before coming on this show. Carole revealed on her twitter during the rant war about Adam (when Luann called Carole a pedophile) that she was an au pair to Luann’s niece and was asked to be the bridesmaid for her niece’s first marriage. So, this must go back over a decade or so. Carole said that this is the real ‘backstory’ on her history with Luann and her niece. This must have been when Carole left her job after her husband’s death and moved far away from NY to write her autobiography, What Remains.

      • Congrats, Matzah! You just officially flabbergasted me.

      • Minky

        Yeah, that was some pretty heavy shit about Carole’s history with Luanne. Weird too. Now they’re on the same show together. Small world. No?

    • Sabrina

      Artist, I too have reservations. Without repeating what I posted on the NY recap, I have noticed a considerable deterioration in her standards for men since her days married to the count. The last guy we saw she travelled with was that strange-looking gent who was high at the cleaning party- she had agreed to travel with him to Belize, but could not stand seeing him at the party. She was clearly embarrassed – and had gotten pretty desperate.

      She appears to be very excited about the wedding – but to me, it comes across as excited about being engaged, having a ring, planning a wedding- she has known this guy six weeks. She travels in a very small circle, and it would not have been very hard to slow this down, learn about his background with her circle of friends, and check him out before making life time choices. It appears she has not wanted to learn about his past- because she certainly could have, had she wanted to. She simply doesn’t want to hear it and that speaks of desperation to me.
      She does appear to have contentious/competitive relationships with these women- heck , now she is on their level, when she , in her mind, was superior to all of them. Her comments quoting Tom’s about Sonja and Ramona have also been less than positive- that “boinking”( with the hand gestures) speaks very poorly of Tom and his view of women he has sex with- and even worse of Luanne to repeat it on TV- it is a real put down to her “friend” Sonja from Tom and her. She is pretty threatened if she feels the need to repeat it on TV.
      I hope this works out for Luann- just am not at all sure it is real for her in the ways that matter. I hope she gets to know him well enough in time, and that she is in love with him, not with love.

      • Sabrina, I agree with you. I believe she is marrying for financial security.

        When you look at it, she sold her mansion in Southampton and downsized for a place in Sag Harbor. Lower taxes, lower maintenance costs ( landscapers, housekeeping, heating and cooling the place, repairs, etc.). Cant blame her.

        Then she sold her place in the city, claiming that she had no idea where she would be in a year and didn’t want to tied down. (Hmmm…)

        And I don’t know how old her son is, but she probably doesn’t get anymore child support or is very close to it ending. Her only real source of income is the TV show and the countess collection.

        I don’t know if Ramona really is jealous of Luanne, or if she knows something about this guy that she won’t say on TV. It doesn’t matter. Luann is going to marry this guy come hell or high water.

        This is all just my trying to read between the lines, I really have no idea. It will be interesting to see how this will all play out.

        P.S. Another thing I find interesting is that he gave her a huge, expensive engagement ring, but someone here saw them in a Target store in Florida, where he didn’t want her to buy a vacuum cleaner but instead wanted to drag his down from NY. Who does that? Even most poor people wouldn’t do that. For some reason that just boogle’s my mind and is a red flag. Lol!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Sabrina, I totally agree. I think she’s laying it on too thick, and I just don’t believe her.

    • Matzah60

      I don’t even buy into the concept of soulmates. There are probably people you haven’t even met in your life that live clear across the country who could be a better match than the person you are dating and/or about to marry. Most of us search and/or find someone who is a geographical, financial, and mental match for us. Until you are living together, paying the mortgage, taking out the trash, yelling for someone to put the toilet seat down, watching her significant other’s looks change and perhaps, not for the better, vomiting, sitting in the bathroom prepping for a colonoscopy, sick with the runs in the bathroom, etc. you don’t really know a person through and through. It’s not how we get along with a friend/man during the fun, exciting times, but how we weather the storms of life together under one roof, 24/7. Love is a process, not something that just happens after three weeks together.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I don’t believe in soul mates either Matzah. Which makes Tom/Luann so unbelievable. Tom is how old, has been a player up til now, was never marriage minded…until he met Luann? No.

      • Janet

        The biggest red flag for me, in the whole soul mates thing, is that Tom has never been married before. I know there’s an exception for every rule, but long time bachelor’s don’t generally make very good soul mates. A guy that’s almost fifty and never settled down before, is probably not going to be good at hanging in when it’s not fun and the going gets tough. Every older bachelor I’ve ever known was either super picky and allways looking to upgrade or find fault, or just didn’t like women that much. That’s why they’re still on the market usually. I wish it weren’t that way but unfortunatly it’s fairly predictable, to the point of setting your watch by.

      • Dee

        MATZAH, so true! It’s how we weather the storms together. The fun times are easy. Illness, aging, not so much. 😉 Thanks for the reminder.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Janet, absolutely. It’s a nice fantasy (for Luann) that Luann was just so amazing that she swept Tom off his feet. I don’t believe that happens in real life with a man like this.

      • Michele

        IMO, and that is all it is, whether she loves him or not, “soulmate” or not, and (personally I detest that word with regards to a relationship), I still don’t think the wedding is going to happen. Apparently he has been a “man about town”, has never made a commitment, why would he do it now? So far, it is all smoke and mirrors, and whomever said before that Luanne might need the money is probably correct

    • Onawin

      Ditto, I also think she went to live with Sonja to block Tom from coming over.
      Luann is what we called in the 70’s the clean up woman

  7. Toddy

    I’m sure Ramona had the purest motives in telling LuAnn. Yeah, right. So jealous. Turtle Time needs some home training.

  8. Naike

    That purple pen be knowin’…Luv. It!
    Thank you. :-)

    I cannot deal with Roma; she’s a faux friend to LuAnn and jealousy is eating her alive. Where there’s jealousy, there’s no love.

  9. Diane

    If people cannot see the difference with Carole sans Bethenny then they are crazy.
    Last night was the Carole I always liked but like you said TT she has been mean and bitter and super sensitive.

    Happy for Luann. Ramona and Sonya are not happy about this engagement and its so telling. Let them ruminate in their unhappiness Luann.

  10. Kim

    Ramona talking about someone else wanting attention from men is rich. This is the woman that has been leaving cast events because there weren’t enough men for to check out her flaunting her new boobs. I’ve noticed when she leaves events early to “meet friends” she is dressed scantily, usually low camisole type tops. She practically climbed over all the women to get to the owner of that bar when they went away last season. She’s too newly single after being married so long to judge anyone. Sonja just seems too desperate. The opposite sex can sense desperation a mile away!

    Luann seems to move fast in her relationships in general, that’s her business. It doesn’t workout, also her business. Luann will find out like the rest of us do in time if the men we choose are right for us. Hopefully Luann doesn’t really consider these women her friends but recognize them for what they are..cast mates. Sour grapes!

    • tamaratattles

      I don’t think Ramona knows what a traditional date is. I don’t judge her for picking up guys in bars or wherever she does it, but that isn’t dating.

  11. What is with Carole wearing gloves all the time? Do her hands look old too. Because her face looks like it’s worn out two bodies.

  12. CoBe

    I’m really torn on Carole. When she is being chill, she’s quirky and funny. I like that.

    I also empathize with her because I’ve been caught in a friendship with a narcissist. When you constantly hear gossip and scathing things about a third person, it is easy to get caught up in it. I think this is what happened to Carole. Bethenny is vicious and has a scorched earth policy when it comes to people she wants to destroy.

    My gut feeling is that when Carole and Bethenny were developing a friendship, they spent a lot of time talking about all of the other women. Which is fine if that’s where it stops. My guess is that it just went on too long and became a vicious circle. This is normal for Bethenny, but I just don’t see it as a defining character trait of Carole. It’s one thing to gossip, laugh, and vent about other women. That’s normal. It is quite another to turn that into an ever growing circle of vicious behavior.

    In other words, I think Carole was hurt by Luann and confided in Bethenny. Instead of diffusing the situation, Bethenny trashed Luann in every way and convinced Carole to ice out Luann and bully (yes, I used the word bully) her off of the show. Carole probably would have been fine just to vent and be over it.

    Is Carole innocent in this? No. But I really get how easy it is to be swept up in the warpath of a narcissist.

    I hope Carole comes to her senses and separates from Bethenny a bit. I have a feeling she is beginning to realize just how far she overstepped the boundaries of decency. I’d love to see an apology and some personal growth from her. I think her gift to Luann was a step in the right direction.

    Fingers crossed.

    • Do you think its possible that when she went ice skating with Heather, that Heather talked some common sense into her?

    • kallen253

      @ CoBe, I’m not holding up for Carole but what line of decency did she overstep? LuAnn called her a pedophile, for gosh sakes! I don’t think she’s been all that nice lately but my line of decency must tolerate more than yours.

  13. Purple pen rocking! Lol Spot on observations of both Carole and Ramona!

  14. Barbara

    Ramona seems to be implying that Tom was screwing someone other than Luann. The way she worded it was interesting. Because if he was with someone else after meeting Luann, but before their engagement, I would say Ramona is trying to have her back as a friend would. It gets tricky because 1) who knows whether Tom was supposed to be exclusive with Luann while dating and 2) Ramona and Luann do not have a history of being super close friends, thus questioning the motive for telling Luann of such intimate relations. For some reason, I feel this is something, someone? other than Sonja with benefits that Ramona is talking about. She seems to be saying he was continuing relations with his ex girlfriend, right?

  15. JustJenn

    I love how Ramona states that she’s truly not interested AGAIN in telling Luann how it is, as if 17 times wasn’t enough already.

    And even if these ladies were right in the least, when someone in love they don’t care. You’re just wasting your breath…not all people share the same deal breakers when it comes to relationships. I’ve learned the hard way in life to not get involved in my girlfriends’ relationships as long as they weren’t in any imminent danger.

    • Minky

      I have a friend who came to me crying one day about how awful her boyfriend was being. That he was lazy and taking advantage of her and verbally abusive. My advice to her was that she should stand up for herself and not let him treat her badly and force him to pay bills equally and not mooch off of her. I didn’t say “leave him” because I know that love isn’t about logic a lot of times.

      Well, fast forward a couple of years. They’ve since gotten married and they have a baby together. I know this friend’s family and I know her mother hates him. Still. I wish I had kept my mouth shut. Even though I think my advice to my friend was pretty benign. Now I feel like an idiot.

      • JustJenn

        I had the same thing happen. My friend would call me crying and devastated and I’d give her honest advice…a few months later they eloped and we were never as close. I stay as far out of other people’s relationships now as I can even when they try to invole me..I just can’t imagine harping on like these women when it’s Luann’s relationship and she’s asking them to butt out.

  16. T D

    Strange that Ramona was able to deliver such a sermon without preaching one word.

  17. Naike

    Hmm. Had a friend who told us/her friends…”if you ever see my man with another woman and you tell me, I’ll stop speaking with you.” She was not joking.

  18. jen

    Ramona is a cunt. Luanne probably gives zero fucks what she says! Hoola hoop all the wah up the isle Luanne! !

    • Minky

      Haaaaaaaa! That was classic. I think she should hoola hoop down the aisle to her song “Girl Code”. Or Erika Jayne’s “How Many Fucks?”. That would be the best wedding ever!

    • Janet

      That’s true. I can’t stand women who act like they care about you, when you know they actually enjoy watching you suffering some betrayal or heart break. Personally, I stay out of other peoples relationships. Even when someone is venting and asks my opinion, I act like a psychiatrist and I ask how do you feel about it? Theyre the only ones who can gadge if its worth it or not, and if its something they want to stay in or not. They have to live with the consequences. Only one time, I did tell a woman, whose boyfriend had made an advance twords me. I only did it as a last resort, when I was really pissed off at him for some really shady things he had done to screw with my life. She dumped him for awhile over it, but I think they got back together. I hoped maybe he would marry her when they reconciled, as he totally fell apart with the break up, but nope he never has. I didn’t know her very well, but she seemed nice. You nice for him.

  19. Elizabeth

    Carole’s “blog” is up…. I think it is lame but maybe I’m not cool enough to get…#caroletocool

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