Jules Wainstein’s Husband Frolicking About Town With Mistress

RHONY Jules pensive

Daily Mail has exclusive photos of Michael Weinstein and his lover, Elyse Bensusan, gallivanting around NYC buying items for their love nest. He could not shack up with her because she is still married as well. Isn’t that special? Go read the story.  For some reason DM is all over this story. It has done by far the most reporting. I know they pay for articles and photos, but who is selling them? They have talked to Elyse’s family as well as Jules family.

Basically what I see is that Michael has a type. The thing is, he is trading Jules in for an older, less attractive version of her. Why? Is it worse when the woman is less attractive than you? Or is more attractive worse?


RHONY Jules and Michael 2


The part is that there are two families with small children involved here.  I really want to hear what you all think about these photos and the story. I wish I felt up to writing more, but I will enjoy hearing your thoughts.  Think of his as sort of a reverse blog where you do the talking.

Talk amongst yourselves.


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108 responses to “Jules Wainstein’s Husband Frolicking About Town With Mistress

  1. Lor

    I just wish they would keep it all private until the divorce(s) is/are final for the sake of the kids. Parading around your new lover does not make it easy on the immediate and extended family you are leaving, as well as your mutual friends. Can’t things end with some grace and dignity? Is being a mature adult really that difficult?

    My brother did this and I just never understood why he had to keep hurting his wife with women before she filed and during the divorce. I thought dating was fine but the selfies, moving them into his home where they proceeded to take racy pictures around the house, taking exotic vacations with pictures posted, etc. throwing money around on women but suddenly becoming a scrounge for his daughter’s wedding and blaming his wife. Really destroyed his relationship with his daughter even still, years later.

    • Miguel

      Thanks for your poignant post, Lor… what more can be said? I truly, deeply feel for people in this situation.

      I hope Jules holds onto her recovery from (and, management of) her eating disorder.

  2. Sarah

    I mean she is shorter than him…could he really be that pathetic that he felt he needed a shorter woman lol

    • I noticed that! He doesn’t look too attractive to me – then I remember he’s a Venture Capitalist & of course their millions make them all George Clooney!

      I like Jules, I think she fragile, but quirky & with definite fighting spirit. I feel she’s overwhelmed by her kids, but I’d imagine filming, little ones and a crumbling marriage are going to raise the demons of her eating disorder, which is of course to sap her strength.

      Probably not a good choice to join the Real Hags of NYC, but I’m enjoying her. She doesn’t deserve to be treated so shabbily by him – if you are unhappy try to fix it or get out, don’t cheat.

    • Dee

      OMG! I was thinking the same thing, she is very short. Her children are young too. So sad for Jules

    • Lisa j

      LOL we all must have had that thought as it was the first thing I noticed as well. Napoleonic

    • SaraSally

      Now, who will get things out of the top cupboard for him?

    • SLM

      Yes, Sarah, I TOTALLY believe he could.

  3. Having been a cheated on wife, it was hard to deal with, I can’t imagine having all my business all over the media for people to put their two cents in on.
    He seems to have a type for sure. Thinking he suffers from being short in lots of ways.
    I don’t like that his new gal pals family puts it on Jules.
    He was married, he chose to step out of it. Blame is on him.

    • Minky

      Not only does the family of the mistress blame Jules, but they say that she “needs help”. Scum.

      Michael is an oily little man. Maybe he has the problem.

      Oh, and BTW, who called the paparazzi? Michael or the mistress?

      • I’m pretty damn sure she needs help – she has small children, ill health & her asshole of a husband has been cheating on her with a supposed close married friend!

        I’d say those two need some help in regard to acting with integrity – or as Jennifer Aniston said get a sensitivity chip!

      • Patricia's martini glass

        I totally agree with you! They hope she gets help??? How about just being decent human beings and let her get over the marriage for a minute before your “well adjusted” family member is out and about with her husband. But I think they’ll keep drinking his Kool-Aid and talking about her needing help. As the saying goes: if they’ll do it with you, they’ll do it to you.

      • Dee

        I think the mistress called, she looks right at the camera. UGH! I like Jules.

      • tamaratattles

        I think if it were her, she would have washed her hair and worn something cute.

      • Miguel

        Uh huh, Minky!!! :)

      • Dee

        So funny Tamara!

    • Beth Epstein

      I agree. However from what I’ve read Elyse Bensusan had been separated from her husband and is now divorced having received 4 million on her settlement. I agree all this should have been kept private. The children are the ones who will suffer from all the nasty things being said about their parents from all the people posting nasty insensitive comments about their parents. It’s ok to voice your opininios but when children are involved we must all be very careful what we post. There really is no need to call people names or make assumptions that may not be true. Just try and remember that these children will grow up and read all you post. Don’t give those children more to have to deal with. It takes a village to raise a child . Be responsible about what you post.

  4. Diane

    He is a dog. Jules can and will do better. Jules is much prettier than the one wearing a magic carpet dress that is way too short.

    What a scum bag. He has small children. I know it takes two and yadda yadda but have some decorum buddy.

    Side note ~ Carole blocked me and some others last night after Jules posted a comment Carole made… which was so tacky. She deleted her comment and block block. If she keeps that up won’t have any followers on Twitter LOL

    Stay strong Jules!!

    • Librarygirl

      Michael is a short tub, with a new lady, also short and tubby, or pregnant. They both look greasy and pretty much made for each other. Mazel!

      • BlaseBlase

        LMAO!!! That’s hilarious Librarygirl! Short tub, Short and tubby and they both look greasy! lol!

    • tamaratattles

      See, people on Twitter want people with shared interests that they LIKE on their notifications page. I literally block or mute idiots all damn day. Literally dozens of times a day. I don’t understand people who think being blocked is some sort of badge of honor and not just someone not wanting you around.

  5. Joanplus2dogs

    I do feel sorry for the kids being subjected to public divorce & being part of show they didn’t sign up for. I did notice new lady is shorter than him & is thin but not skeleton thin. If article is true, she is also quite a bit smarter. Being on show probably not a good decision for them.

    • Beth Epstein

      Yes I agree with you. People are making things worse for the situation of all involved. There are some really insensitive things being said that are not called for. It’s ok to comment but to be mean is bullying . These people think they are entitled to say anything even if what they are saying can he hurtful to the children.

  6. ninjapanda1

    I love how this friend of the whore describes her as a member of Mensa more high class than Jules so its Jules fault she lost her husband. Kind of like Luanns comment to Ramona the other night- Tom let go of his dates hand to shake mine and I left with him because I’m a grown woman i do what i want. Whaaaaa?

  7. Michael is a selfish, self-involved, loathsome cur. Jules deserves so much better, and her bright spirit will hopefully attract a wonderful man. Fingers crossed for her!

  8. JKR

    Coming from experience? It may sound awful, but I think the mistress being less attractive is worse. At least with a hot, younger, new number you can almost “see” (never understand, regardless) what they “have” that you don’t.
    When I was pregnant and realized the other woman was younger, less attractive, with nothing much to offer (other than drug company) I constantly pondered what could possibly be wrong with my character, over my physical appearance. That is a worse feeling.
    P.S. Thankfully I realized he was worthless, not me.ANYWAY-
    Quite frankly, parading around in front of cameras when there are children involved- Jules is better off. She will be stronger for it. I never liked the jerk after that episode he spent on the phone at dinner. What a prick.

    • Shae

      Sometimes insecure men can’t handle a woman they think is too attractive for them, as in, more than they deserve and one they have to worry about leaving them…so going for the low hanging fruit is easier and more comfortable.

  9. CupcakeScholar

    That DM article made me so sad. I can’t help but like Jules. Jules probably thought that her marriage was going through a rough patch but would improve not end with an affair as a culminating event. I really hate cheaters because that makes them liars. “Everybody knows” that liars will steal as well. Ugh!

    • Minky

      People get married with the best intentions in mind, usually. I assume most people don’t plan for a divorce while they’re getting married. That being said, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. People either grow apart or realize that they got married for the wrong reasons.

      The civil, mature thing to do is to part ways as quietly as possible without hurting each other any more. And to make sure that if there are kids involved, that those kids are okay and don’t get the idea that it was their fault.

      Parading around in front of cameras with your new woman, while besmirching the name of the woman who’s born your children is an asshole move. The MENSA genius mistress who’s going along with this and aiding in Jules’ humiliation is just as much of a braying farm animal as this Michael person. As our Phaedra would say: She’s acting like a goat. Instead of keeping it private and classy they’re carrying on like Peg and Al Bundy. Ew.

      • JKR

        I completely agree, Minky. Unfortunately, in general and in my own personal experience- I have found that women who flaunt being with taken men often find some sort of pride in being the “winner.” As if they have received a prize.
        I have also found that the failure to realize their victory will be short-lived with someone like this- who would publicly embarrass and shame their children/children’s mother- often ends with these men repeating history. As they say- If he did it with you, he will do it to you.

      • Shae

        Exactly, JKR, easy come, easy go. What these women have “won” is a scumbag man who will leave them same as the left the first woman.

  10. SB

    I saw the photos of the mistress and thought she looked a bit pregnant.

    • RealE

      I thought same. Thin but pregnant.

      • tamaratattles

        Except it’s clear in the last photo that it was just the wind blowing her tops around. Or else she lost 15 pounds when the wind stopped. And she’s smoking in public while pregnant.

        She’s NOT Pregnant!

      • Minky

        Yeah, not pregnant. She just has a certain round look to her that, if she’s wearing ill-fitting, billowy clothes like in the photos, can be mistaken for pregnancy. And, as Tamara pointed out, the smoking.

        Though I have, unfortunately, seen plenty of pregnant women smoking in real life. No, I don’t live in the trailer park on Crack Street. But it’s much more common then you’d expect.

  11. So much for Michael’s attorney denying that Michael cheated and making Jules out to be an abusive wife. You would think that, if nothing more than for the sake of the children, he could be a little more discreet until the divorce is finalized. No matter how he behaves, I hope Jules gets him for everything to which she’s entitled, gets her head on straight, and then finds a (much) taller, handsomer, more faithful man Good luck, Jules. It’s too bad she’s going through all this in her personal life and, at the same time,has bitches like Bethenny and Carole picking on her for the very thing she’s battling. So much for women sticking together…

  12. Kay

    A few of the photos look as if the mistress may be expecting

    • Mags

      I think this is just messy. The mistress and her “prize” look ridiculous and they probably leave a slime trail behind them. Good riddance Jules – you may not feel it now, but you are better off! Grass is always greener. Wait until they have to pay bills together and deal with the everyday BS – it won’t be so sexy anymore!!!

  13. tamaratattles

    I don’t think the mistress is pregnant. She is wearing a long sleeved shirt that is blowing out in the wind. It’s the camera angle. If you scroll down to the photos where she is standing behind an SUV with sunglasses on, you can see she’s not pregnant.

    And she was smoking.

  14. T D

    Must be nice to frolick and gamble until it’s time to pay the house for the losses. Way to sleep away an estate.Sooner or later most people fuck up. Only an elite d’head fucks down.

  15. Elizabeth

    I feel bad for Jules…. He is awful…:(

  16. Billie_bee

    I mean. He’s leaving Jules, his younger wife, for an older version of her. He wants to be mothered.

  17. Allison

    I find it amusing that his new one is shorter than him-and she’s wearing heels. She must be 4 ft nothing, because he’s a midget. Hopefully Jules will come out of this stronger and better, and find a decent man with integrity. Michael always seemed annoyed and disconnected-there was no real chemistry that I could see between them. He seems like a greasy, slimy, yucky little man. And Jules looks painfully thin-if photos add weight? Yikes. I hope she takes care of herself. And takes him for everything she can.

    • Elizabeth

      Maybe losing him will help her health! I had a friend in a similiar situation and her health has never been better!

    • Minky

      I’ve only seen actual, honest-to-goodness fashion models a couple of times in my life. On was a friend in college, but she wasn’t a high-end model. Not scary thin, but pretty damn skinny.

      Another time, in Europe I was walking by some ruins and they were doing a photo shoot. The girl, who couldn’t have been more than 20 years old, looked scary skinny. Like, I had to do a double take to make sure it was an actual human being. These models don’t look so bad in magazines or print ads. In real life, it’s very disturbing.

  18. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    I seriously think he’s so insecure that he was embarrassed by comments that Jules was dumb and that he was shorter than her when the show started airing. So he finds a woman who allegedly belongs to Mensa and that he’s taller than thinking we’ll all think he’s a big hero now. What a loser.

  19. iloveearlgrey

    The mistress is probably the one giving these comments and saying she is a relative. Michael is a greasy little pig, and the mistress is short, bloated, and ugly. At least pick someone better looking.

    This whole thing seems fishy to me.

  20. CoBe

    Shocked to see that so many folks think a relationship is based on physical attractiveness. Who cares which is more beautiful or which is younger? What matters is the feeling between the two people in the relationship.

    It’s clear that Mike and Jules have spent quite a bit of time demeaning and using each other. He was cheating on her, which is a cruel thing to do, but she was also shirking her duties as a mother while simultaneously acting as though she was a martyr simply for having two children in her home (potty training is probably the easiest thing in the world to do for an involved mother. You just show the kids where to go and they are eager to poop and pee like mommy or daddy).

    From the little I’ve seen of their relationship, it’s healthy for both of them to be out of it.

    But from what I’ve seen of their personalities, this is going to be a long divorce with two people seeking to hurt each other regardless of the fact they have children together.

    I don’t have a good feeling about either of them and hope the kids have good nannies to raise them, and, hopefully, instill some decency.

    • tamaratattles

      Who cares which is more beautiful or which is younger?

      Short men with Napoleon Complex.

      Who judged someone’s overall abilities to raise her children by comedic skits on a reality show?

      You apparently.

      • CoBe

        Just going off of what I see. It didn’t appear to be a healthy, supportive relationship in any sense of the word.

      • jen

        So you have potty trained? It’s the easiest thing in the world??? Not one mom I know would agree with that statement.

    • Nila

      Whoa. I can’t believe you just compared his infidelity to her lack of potty training skills. So had she ordered the Elmo dvd instead to teach toilet training instead of hiring someone, their marriage would have lasted? Because Michael was so involved with the kids???? I don’t u sera tabs everyone freaking out about the potty training. Everyone is acting like she shipped Rio off to potty training school! She had someone come into their home, while she was there, to help the process. Pretty much the same thing as using grandma, a dvd, your nanny to help. I don’t understand how this relates to “using” her husband. Ridiculous.

    • Z

      Um, potty training is NOT “the easiest thing in the world”. I consider myself an involved mom, but I’d totally pay someone to do that for me if I could! Does that mean I should expect a divorce?

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      CoBe, I don’t agree potty training is easy, but I concur with you that I don’t have a good feeling about either Michael or Jules. To be frank, she seems like an idiot, though perhaps a well-intentioned one. But that doesn’t excuse him behaving like this.

  21. Misha11

    OK first of all I am sick of people always, or should I say 99 percent of the time, blame the woman or call her a whore, etc. If they’re together they both decided to be together. If married, he/she decided to leave. No one pulls someone out of a marriage unless they want out. It’s painful for the one that wants the marriage of course. But people change. Maybe Michael just grew apart from Jules, maybe he likes a shorter woman with a different personality. God knows he’s been mocked enough about his height or lack thereof. Jules is sweet and smart and will be fine. The sooner she accepts that and moves on the better. She won’t be alone for long. I wish her the best.

    • Happygal

      Hmmmm I believe Nene said it best … Keep your legs closed to married men.

    • JKR

      I don’t blame the woman alone. I blame them both. The fact is, if she was clueless it would be different. But being aware of their family situations, they are both just as wrong.
      If it was people changing, growing apart, liking other women- perhaps wait to find such women until your marriage is actually over? Get divorced before you screw other people? It doesn’t matter his reason for checking out, cheating is wrong. And if they decided to be together, I think the problem is that any self-respecting woman and mother would have enough dignity not to be parading around before your marriages are over.
      I don’t believe anyone here thinks she “stole” him from a marriage. They’re both garbage.
      I agree about jules being better off.

  22. I was traded in for a less attractive woman who mutual friends describe as lacking in intellect and personality. It made me crazy trying to figure out what she had that I didn’t, and the more people commented (he left you for that?) the more humiliated I felt/feel. I question myself a lot. Did i not give enough in bed? Am I just a terrible person? But i have come to believe it js about him and not me or her. My ex is tall and handsome, but he is a little man (in character and personality). He couldn’t reach my standards or expectations and likes being with someone he doesn’t feel like he has to improve himself for. He is happy with someone who is grateful for minimal attention and doesn’t care if he gets fat and lives in sweTs, who forgets birthdays and won’t help around the house and has erectile disfunction. Sorry this is so long, it hit a nerve!

    • Miguel

      Youch, blondesense!

    • JKR

      I had a very similar situation blondesense. It didn’t help that I was 6 months pregnant. It’s not so much about the looks, but moreso that you drive yourself crazy trying to SEE what was offered that you didn’t have. I spent many months trying to be the “better” woman- until I realized he just wasn’t a better man. He found someone who didn’t want him to step up to responsibilities like being a father, holding a good job, or being a better person. When I contacted the other woman to find out the truth, she laughed and nastily told me that she didn’t care that I was expecting, because she would do whatever she wanted.
      Becoming a mother changed my perspective completely, and I realized he was actually doing my daughter and myself a favor. Although, I did find a small sense of satisfaction a few years later to hear through the grapevine that he was repeating history in their relationship. Petty, but karma is a beautiful thing.
      We are worth so much more than little boys in grown male bodies.

    • Shae

      Yes! I’ve had this happen to me as well, and I chalked it up the fact he always suspected I would leave him for someone better because he wasn’t “good enough”, so finally he decided to do it before I did.Get with a girl who is less attractive, less interesting, less RISKY so he can be comfortable and not feel like he has to measure up to high standards. I know some women might be insulted but when I saw who my ex cheated with, I laughed first and pitied her after.

      Mike will reap what he has sown.

  23. I love that his lawyer described Michael as a “diminutive but brave husband.” Priceless!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      How bizarre! Lol!

      • Minky

        That one line from the article is what makes me side-eye this thing real hard. This whole thing looks like an obvious set-up by Michael and his girlfriend. An shameless photo-op for the both of them.

        That lawyer’s statement sounds like something from a Bugs Bunny cartoon. Just try reading it in Mel Blanc’s voice. Then you’ll see what I mean. BTW, they need to hire a better lawyer, who’s a better writer than a 15-year-old in an English Lit Comp class.

    • T D

      Diminution is a better description unless the legal ace is talking about his client’s content of character or man bits.

    • Sweet T

      That was my favorite part of the article. I’m surprised I had to scroll so far down to find a comment about it. Diminutive make my day.

      Also, he’s a douche.

  24. Skeeter

    In the picture above with Michael standing in the foreground, whatever the blurry thing is above his head makes it look like he’s the Samurai played by the late John Belushi in his SNL skit LMAO

  25. BKSweetheart

    I am a little late to this party but did see the pics on DM this earlier. What a slimy douche bag. The guy couldn’t even wait until the divorce was finalized to be parading this slutbag around town. I really feel for Jules. She seems like a nice person at heart and this has gotta be tough for her and the kids.

  26. Mindymctx

    Sweet mercy. Not going to question why anyone might seek a divorce–everyone has their own path to travel. Might be better for all involved (mostly their littles) if they waited that short (legal) period before letting the world know they were getting a new travel companion.

  27. Opela88

    I truly didn’t realize how skinny Jules was until I saw these photos! I feel bad for her and I agree with TT I would have washed my hair and looked good ! Lol

  28. JMoon

    I like Jules . She really wet through a lot this season . Bethenny and Carole were so mean to get when they first met her . All they did was criticize her weight, her husbands height, her house in the Hamptons. Than when she confided in bethenny they took her for a brief moment only to start talking behind her back and judging her more . I’m glad she stood up to bethenny because bethenny loves making people feel weak and insecure . She actually tries to break people’s souls just to make herself feel good ! Hopefully Jules will be back next season !!!

    • Erica

      I still like Carol and Bethany you can shoot me. I do think Jules is not in recovery but is active in her disease. I don’t think Carol and Bethany’s reaction to this is good by any means but I also think this is triggering for Bethany. Again their delivery leave something to be desired however I would like to make the point that jul said to both of them to call her out on her s*** if they see her acting weird about food. I’m kind of paraphrasing of course because I’m too tired to look up the exact quote. Joking about spiking the food with drugs and then putting utensils in them is not a joke. No matter how much jul try is to say it was funny to Bethany. It was strange. And if I have been Bethany chowing down on a calzone that I found out jul had put stuff in that is not edible I would have been irritated. If I had been Carol and saw the utensils baked into the food when Jules had also joked about putting in her drugs I probably would have knocked the fork out of Bethany’s mouth and freaked out right there.

      No matter the arguments no matter the excuses I can’t get over how weird jul was over that calzone.

      Please pardon the misspellings of names and lack of commas. I’m using my voice app to type this out instead of the keyboard app.

      • Microop

        Calling someone out can be done kindly though. And Bethenny should have been honest with Jules from day 1 if her illness was triggering her. It seemed like an excuse when she was confronted with her cruelty. For someone who supposedly tells it like it is, I’m surprised she wouldn’t have shared that with her earlier, if that was indeed what it was.

      • Erica

        Sometimes shit triggers you and you don’t even realize it.

  29. From reading the article, it sounds like to me both Michael and the other woman were being followed by private detectives. The source waited several hours for the woman to come out of her apt. They knew Michael had been waiting in his SUV on another street.

    They were being watched in the park and knew which entrances they came by, etc, etc. NYC is a busy city and it seems them being watched was very coordinated.

    I alsdalsdo have the feeling that it wasn’t Jules that was doing this, but the other woman’s husband, Tsion, who is.

    If Jules does have a private detective following them, I doubt she would sell the info to the papers because of the kids. I can see Tsion doing it to publicly shame his wife.

    I wonder why to the Daily Mail, though. Is it because they were the only ones that would run such a long story? Or did he want to make sure that the source couldn’t be traced back to him so use a paper from another country and let it be picked up by other papers?

    He owns nightclubs, so he must know a lot of paparazzi.

    • Minky

      I believe that Michael and his new woman called the paparazzi. If the girlfriends’s husband did this that would be a really stupid move. Especially if his goal is to use the detective’s evidence in a court trial. Then it could be argued that the husband was just harassing them and deliberately trying to humiliate them publicly.

      A good number of celebrities have openly admitted that paparazzi photographers know when and where a celebrity is going to be (shopping, lunch, salon, etc.) because the celebrity (or an agent) is the one who tells them! The only possible exception to this is airport photos, as I assume that celebrities travel a lot for work and the airport in a major city would be a good place to find one on any given day. Hell, I’ve seen a good number of celebrities at the airport. And I wasn’t looking for them. They were just there.

      Anyway, I think Michael, his girlfriend, and possibly the girlfriend’s husband, are taking advantage of this divorce situation and Jules’ newly achieved RH fame to promote their stupid nightclub/business ventures. It all stinks to high heaven of greasy desperation.

  30. G.

    Maybe it’s not only about looks — he clearly does have a type. The New Lady has a career and might know how to make tea and very likely knows which way to wipe. Maybe she has more to say about the world. Suffering from an eating disorder can be utterly consuming (I know, I have one) and lots of people I know from treatment lost relationships. I say all that liking Jules, she has genuine charm and there are way more honorable ways to end a relationship and move on than what’s going down here. (Yuck.) But we don’t know everything here and it may not only be superficial, even as Michael seems like a jerk.

    • Nila

      If not knowing how to make tea is a good reason to leave your wife then I say Jules is the lucky one! Jules does have a career, before her children and she is currently trying to break into the “juice” business but even if all she was is a stay at home mother, that should be enough for your spouse. Michael would not change a diaper if Jules was not home or even get his child a glass of milk. He’s a douche bag even without a mistress! If your wife has an eating disorder, that’s when you step up as a person, not step out. Michael knew Jules her whole life, he’s such a disgusting little man.

      • G.

        One of the things I might have clear is that I’m assuming Michael is beyond terrible. Just as you say: he’s a super crappy father and husband and I can’t see why Jules wanted to be married to him – apart from the usual transactional justifications of many a hedge fund wife that her living in the Flatiron District. Bethenny has been talking (on her radio show?) about knowing as Jules was coming onto the show that the couple would soon be separating, which makes then wonder how much (if not everything) between them was shot on a completely staged way. (Maybe everyone has come to know this and I’m just being slow.) And, again, I say all this having been won over in many ways by Jules (who I didn’t expect to like), but I don’t really get the show she sometimes puts on. If Modern Alkeme is a cleansing beverage that she helped develop in part through knowledge that came to her through her family/mother whose base ingredient is … green tea matcha and of course Jules knows how to (lol) make tea. Does she think she needs a shtick that includes I don’t know how to boil water? I have no problem at all w/ her hiring a potty training consultant, but Jules also seemed really stranded w/ out a full time nanny. She’s a stay at home mom who has a few filming obligations and beverage mtgs. Why was she so undone if, for years, her routine has been running her household? I live in NYC and have encountered lots of women like this; it’s part of what made me wonder (FIT degree and brief career taken into account) if Jules is someone who has much to say about the world. And I’d say that about most of the housewives (and their spouses). On the issue of staying w/ one’s spouse and disorders, I said this in a more general way than about Jules and Michael, but divorce rates are higher where there’s been addiction and other illnesses, even when people recover successfully. It takes a toll. One of my closest friends is going through a divorce where they’ve jointly seen each other through depression and a suicide attempt and painkiller addiction. Jules will very likely always be vulnerable to relapses, as she talked about on the show. That someone is experiencing that doesn’t mean their spouse might not have reasons for separating – again, that’s meant more generally than just this circumstance. I’m happy for Jules that she’s free of Michael; I was reacting in part her to so much focus on Michael trading in Jules for Elyse on the basis of looks which seems oversimplified.

  31. Cat

    What goes around, comes around. Women who go out with married men, breaking up families, eventually discover that that same man will cheat on THEM, as well.

    And, no, I’m not blaming only the woman. Men who cheat are dogs, and don’t deserve good women.

    Just my opinion.

  32. JustJenn

    This is just so gross – the mistress going home to her husband and kids after picking out home furnishings with her side piece for their new place. Michael still dragging Jules along while having full blown affair is disgusting. Being a giant and having dated a few short men in my time there always seems to be an insecurity issue with the height on their part. They will walk up to me wearing high heels while towering over them to ask me out..no problem, in fact I always joke when I go out the the shortest guy in the room will find me, but after a while it’s like “do you HAVE to wear your heels?” Maybe they start getting shit from their friends, Lord knows Michael did from the housewives on his very first meeting with him, but it’s not something that a secure man would ever even worry about.

    Jules will have no problem finding someone else and the kids are still young enough that they won’t realize what a scum bag their father is until they are older and Google him. I always feel bad for the older school aged children of the messy RHW divorces.

  33. Dandy Lion

    Agree that they should be thinking of the children. Wow he sure does have a type alright. But little Napoleon is an oily scumbag with no regard for anyone except himself.

  34. RHofND

    If he cheats WITH you, he will cheat ON you. Karma, baby.

  35. RHofND

    If he cheats WITH you, he will cheat ON you. Karma, baby.

  36. Toddy

    Someone obviously called the paps. He’s too nondescript to have been recognized.

  37. Trish

    Jules has grown on me this season. I do feel sorry for all the children involved.
    Men who wear loafers with no socks, just, plain, bother the hell out of me.
    I hope Jules can get through this transition in her life without it re-kindling her eating disorder.

  38. Rach

    Elyse looks like she’s with child. Or is it just me?

    I really like Jules. And with her eating disorder I hope she has support around her right now.

  39. Years ago my ex and father of my oldest daughter ended up with an older, less attractive woman. Rich. I don’t think it hurts any more or any less than any other break up. Altho’ my younger self wasted a lot of time and thought on the subject.

  40. This man is a major fraud in many ways. He claims to be a devout Jewish followers as we saw on film sharing their family tradition, yet he is having an affair while married This behavior cannot be accepted in his religious devotion-fraud!

    • Is the other woman Jewish? I’ve always been told that married Jewish men are allowed to sleep with other women if they aren’t Jewish. If I’m wrong, someone can correct me.

  41. Sam

    Damn, Jules is alarmingly thin. I think she also lies about her age, though I guess bulimia ages you? The skank her husband is with is actually 35. What a sad state of affairs. Oh look, a pun.

    Without the antics of the group all together, this show sucks. No Sonja? This one won’t film with that one and all that bullshit? Ugh. NY and OC were the only ones I still watched. People argue over OC like they’re related to one of them. I just don’t care anymore. It’s not entertaining.

  42. Barbara

    I feel sorry for Jules. He got bored and wandered while she stayed with the kids all the time. Michael is no prize, except for his fat wallet. Probably they have an iron clad pre nup and her time ran out on one if its clauses. Like he has to pay more if the marriage lasted X number of years.
    Elyse is trading up to a wealthier Wall Street guy. Probably got bored and lonely while her husband was running his clubs, gone at night, opposite schedules, etc. They probably deserve each other. I’m guessing she uses those Mensa skills between the sheets. Yeah, right.

  43. Just wanted to share that it is a theory that short men are notoriously good in bed, they aim to please. I read this after I had a whirlwind stint with a man about 5’3 & I am 5’6, I gotta say he was the best lover I ever had. I read that the reasoning for there xtra X & Kiss #Prince, is they definitely hav insecurity issues but compensate wth that xtra time to please due to this. It all made sense then.💜RIP

  44. jen

    He is a douche.

    Jules can do SO much better
    She is gorgeous. The mistress is gross

  45. TBD

    I wonder if she’s Asain? Or Jewish? Perhaps Both? The whole thing is right up Andy’s alley. Bravo will probably offer her a job.

  46. HazelHickory

    Uuucchhh! The mistress is a fugly midget – shorter even than Michael – with stringy, greasy thin hair (complete with receding hairline), and a chin reminiscent of the wicked witch of the East. No wonder Bethenny likes Michael – bc his mistress is no threat – but Jules is, because Jules is prettier, skinnier, and sweeter.. but then .. almost anybody would be prettier and sweeter. Evidently, the mistress is a shrink? I would say that maybe she shrunk Michael. But how much shorter could he get? Jules deserves someone so much better – and who does not need a ladder.

  47. Microop

    Is this woman a clinical psychologist or a researcher? If you have clients it doesn’t seem super smart to be so public about an affair. While I understand that life is complicated, I think I’d hold my mental health professional to a higher standard. I’m not sure if I would want to see a therapist that I knew contributed to breaking up a marriage and possibly violated her own.

  48. Meri

    Out of all of the HW’s I find Jules the least annoying and the least fake. She seems like a really nice person and a good friend. I am sorry that she married a dog and that she has the burden of an eating disorder and hope that she finds happiness. I’m sure that she will be better off without Michael because someone like him is no asset to one’s life. I wish her the best and lots of strength and courage. She isn’t the only woman who has had to deal with a man/boy who flaunts his bad behavior but she has the advantage of being a good person and she will have a lot of support and love from the people who know her because of this. This too shall pass and Jules will come out the winner. Michael has made himself look bad and since NY is a small town…many will remember what he did to his family and how he behaved.

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