The Bravos: Worst Thing Ever Televised

andy cohen

This is really stupid and I can’t believe I am going to watch this, but I thought y’all might like a place to comment. Did I mention how dumb this is?

Gia is the Miss Bravo. Jenni Pulos hosts the west coast event with all the west coast Bravolebs.

Don’t Call It A Comeback Award

Craig Conover, Teresa Giudice, Stassi Schroeder, Sheree Whitfiel or Satan. The winner was Satan. Or the Felon. It might have been the Felon by Bravo.

Remember this walk off video of the felon?  Their next question was going to be about Heather Dubrow. Andy brings this up and Teresa blows it off. Anyone know what Heather said?

The Bravo Bro Award

James Kennedy,  Pol Pot, Ben Robinson,  Shep Rose, and Jax Taylor.

Jax narrowly beats out Pol Pot. James was played by a Amy Phillips. I think James is off the show.

Contour De Force

Erika Jayne, Katheryn Dennis, Ru Paul,  Lala Kent, Nene Leakes and Kenya Moore.

If there was a winner, I missed it


Thanks to Xanadude for sending me a picture of this nonsense.

Most Socially Driven

Donald Trump, Kandi Burruss, Bethenny Frankel, Nene Leakes, and Scheana Shay.

Kandi wins. But she looks a hot mess. Teresa pretends like she’s never met Kandi. Kandi says she is cordial with Phaedra.

Sorry Not Sorry Award

Bethenny Frankel, Erika Jayne, Hillary Clinton, Tamra Judge, and Caroline Stanbury.

Erika wins.

I can’t with the animal awards.

Biggest Bravoholic

Wendy McClendon- Covey, That one douchebag misogynist from Boston Public, Jerry O’Connell, and Chrissy Teigen.

The douchebag won. There is absolutely no way that anyone voted for this piece of shit to win anything.

Cutest Couple

Todd & Kandi, Lauren & Vito, Andy & Bethenny, Tom & Arianna, Ryan & Emilia.

Tom & Arianna.

Jumpsuit Acheivement

Erika Jayne, Khloe Kardashian, Nene Leakes, Prisoner 394831, and Kelly Ripa.

Khloe Kardashian.

The Girl Bye In Memorium was cute.

The Queen of Shade

Gisselle Bryant, Jeff Lewis, A golf umbrella, Reza Farahan and Phaedra Parks.

Phaedra wins. She is there of course. What else does she have to do? Now two of the three women on the couch have husbands in the same federal penitentiary!

Susan Lucci Award for Best Performance on a Reality Show

Lucifer, Patti the Yankee Carpetbagger, Kristen Doute, Vicki Gunvalson, and Dorinda Medley.

Patti won. This was rigged so that Andy would get to meet the cunt who is his idol. Of course she thanks her spawn, Norman Bates and makes it seem like the show is his project. Andy appears to have had some sort of accident in his pants.

Biggest Hustle Moment

Van McCoy, Asa Soltan Rahmati, Jeff Lewis, Luis Ortiz, Jacqueline Walters.

Jeff Lewis.  Voila is there! Jeff gave a funny speech.

Lisa Rinna won the Best Gif and Amy Phillips as Lisa Rinna accepted the award on vacation.

Notes; Dorinda was there to present an award. She told Andy about the reunion, ” I came in as a human and left in a body bag.”

This is the dumbest thing I have ever watched.


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54 responses to “The Bravos: Worst Thing Ever Televised

  1. MARC

    Heather said T shows no remorse or takes any accountability & all she talks about is yoga & her weight loss at Danberry CF.

  2. Victoria

    It was pretty insufferable

    • Meri

      I lasted only 10 minutes……horrible, ridiculous, boring and extremely stupid. Andy Cohen is a total idiot and will do anything to continue his pseudo fame. Bravo is an embarrassment to television and every other form of media.

      • Dexter

        Remember when Bravo was the arts network?

      • Miguel

        And, A&E, Dexter? Let’s face it, television has become low-brow; and I think, deep down, that’s what appeals to the masses. After all, we do delight in tearing Bravo’s reality to shreds – which, in turn, compels us to tune in!

        I’m ok with that; since, I thoroughly enjoy TT & most of the commentators, here! So, keep pushing the turds out, Bravo; and we’ll humorously flush ’em 😉

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Oooh! Oooh! And when The Learning Channel showed educational programs that you could…learn things from?

      • Goodness I forgot TLC was the learning channel.

  3. Diamonds

    I think heather said something to the effect that Teresa needs to be held accountable for her actions.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Being convicted and going to jail isn’t being “held accountable?” Maybe Heather would be happy if Tre had to do the walk of shame, Game of Thrones style?

      • SJ

        Trying to Help pay back the money to the victims would be an accountable act instead of trying to hide money. There is no remorse on Tres part. She didn’t go to jail, she was just away.

      • Dexter

        So I’m sorry. I am really really sorry. Is now part of the penal code ? Hey you mean mister robber. I don’t think you are sorry. You stay in jail.

      • Dexter

        I hereby sentence you to one year in prison, and you must be really sorry, be humble, and be nice to everyone you have been fighting with.

      • Miguel

        LOL, Katherine 2.0!!!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Oh poor, poor Tre! Heather’s words were more along the lines of, she would do well to show a little remorse – that’s what people want to see from her. Instead of continuing to pretend this happened *to* her for mysterious reasons and babbling about yoga.

  4. Theresa

    I had it on for about 15 minutes and just couldn’t anymore. It was horrendous

  5. JoJoFLL

    Dear God I tried and it was horrific.

    Thanks for taking one for the team TT.

  6. Chloe

    I agree wholeheartedly! I finally gave up and turned it off. Andy obviously chose the winners in the stupidest categories possible. Seeing the felon and her mini-me’s was enough to make me turn the channel, but I hung in there. Andy loves that Michael Rappaport guy, why I don’t know. And Khloe Kartrashian? What does she have to do with Bravo? As if the quality of the awards couldn’t get any lower, here comes a Kartrashian. This show was truly a major waste of time!

    • Matzah60

      I actually thought it was nice of Andy to give Gia a spot on the show where she gave out the awards. He kept her in the club house, away from all the drinking and craziness of the ‘venue’ or wherever these Bravo people were partying.

      • tamaratattles

        It was quite generous to have Gia stand in heels for an hour as a prop in order to keep her away from the partying in California. If not for Andy, she might have gotten in a car and driven cross country for a cocktail.

      • spunky2015


      • Minky

        LOLOLOL!!! I’m hoping that Dorinda and Motley Crue, circa 1984, up there were at least somewhat mindful of the things they said and did in front of a child.

  7. McNasty

    I feel stupidier for watching it

  8. Patricia Stack

    This is an all time low for Andy. What was up with Kandi? She looked awful.

  9. mary

    2 minutes & I was out.

  10. Bridgett

    I turned it on and caught Erika Jayne’s performance, that looked so fun!

  11. Ruthie

    I’m watching the RNC. Sounds like I made the right choice. I do love Anderson.

  12. Sara

    Who believes that these people won because of votes and not because Andy wanted them in the clubhouse. Patricia.

  13. Ms.Minnie

    It was so dumb lol, Stevie Wonder can see kandi don’t fu** with Phaedra and the way Andy eye’s got big and he turned into a little boy in the candy store when Phaedra came out to receive her reward was telling. Just a hot mess all around.

  14. Certainly no surprise on the winners on the LA side. They were the only ones in the audience with the exception of Zoila. Absolutely stupid show.

    Heather Dubrow did state about Teresa showing no remorse, but also made a good point that Teresa’s publicists should of been on the ball and tell Access Hollywood what questions were off limits.

  15. I had the same reaction about this crap fest. Ugh, seeing the felon and watching her kids being pimped out was disgusting. The rest of the show was equally disturbing….mainly because I was watching it.

  16. CheleyLee

    thanks for the laughs, your recap will save me from watching but I did notice the promotions for this “awards” show featured a lot of close shots of Andy’s wonky eyes. Andy, you can still get help to correct that lazy eye!! He has changed so much since the beginning…. and not for the good Im afraid. Stick to a full body shots and 3/4 profile (not straight on, which accentuates the wonky eye)

  17. Lisa j

    Watching now. Scripted slightly less than the housewives or less so, who cares.

  18. Complete and total waste of time – an embarrassment. Was Andy the person who came up with this terrible idea? If so, he ought to be punished. Severely punished. I could only handle 5 or 6 minutes – Dorinda and Teresa are apparently friends. Then it switched to Jenni and Erika Jayne, who looked stunningly gorgeous but isn’t any threat to anyone who can actually sing. Sad, pathetic excuse for a show. Let’s make it the first and last Bravo awards – anything more would be cruel and unusual punishment.

  19. Minky

    Huh? WTF? Why did this happen? Did Andy whip them backstage too? Why didn’t they show that part?

  20. rainidaze

    Thanks for enduring this horrid show, TT. Did Andy ever announce who supposedly voted for these people (not that I think anyone actually did, though)?

    • tamaratattles

      It was on the website. If was very difficult to vote you had to click around several times to get to a voting page only to discover all of Andy’s personal favorites as “the nominees.”

  21. 25

    Chrissy Teigen tweeted wondering if it was one of those award shows you have to be at to win the award. She was joking about her loss, but she was probably right. What an outrage she lost biggest Bravoholic to that disgusting goon!

    I’m dying DYING to know if Teresa & Phaedra discussed anything re: their husbands & Fort Dix.

    • Matzah60

      They did. Andy asked Teresa if Juicy met Apollo. She said he did and said Apollo was very nice. Phaedra that Apollo feels the same way. So we can now all rest easy because two Bravo felons became friends in a federal jail.

      Tamara, your post was just hysterical. It was definitely more fun than this ratchet show. I would love to know what the ratings were for this shit show.

    • tamaratattles

      Joe Giudice has run across Apollo and was not a fan. Apollo shows out in prison and Joe is trying to lie low. They are in different areas. They are not broing out in prison. Andy knows this. Every time Teresa is asked she says they met and Joe said he was very nice. Does that sound like Joe? Teresa and Phaedra have no interest in each other either and are not kiking about being prison wives.

      Therefore that whole little interchange was crap not worthy of my time to type. I left it for Matz lengthy follow-up essays.

  22. CupcakeScholar

    I hope they don’t repeat this debacle next year. What a waste of resources.

  23. Onawin

    TT you are so funny I’m still laughing😂😂😂👍👍

  24. Katherine 2.0

    Thanks for saving me the time, TT. I will delete from the DVR asap.

  25. I didn’t watch it and am patting myself for making a wise choice!

    Is Andy losing what little grip he has on reality. Totally grasping.

  26. Toonskie

    I recorded it, glad I checked here first now I can just delete it :)

  27. Left right after T walked out. It looked horrible and I certainly didn’t want to look at her. Ugh. I am just so glad that I don’t have to see Andy saying, “Did you ever wish Bravo had it’s own award show?” Ugh, no I never ever wished that and I never ever will.

  28. CanadaCat

    Thanks for the giggles, yet again, TT! I notice no Ladies of London in any of the categories and come to think of it, haven’t seen any promos for them. Isn’t it about time for a new LOL season?

  29. Marsha Marsha Marsha

    Erica Jane was awesome

  30. iloveearlgrey

    Did any of you see the taped part at the beginning with Nene? She did her nose again and it loks TERRIBLE. She looks like lil Kim.

  31. LauraJo

    Um, I’m kinda confused. Also concerned.
    About myself.
    I just watched this whole thing expecting something interesting, other than Andy massaging himself in places unmentionable. He’s an important tool, in his own solid-gold tool bag.
    Why can’t I quit watching all of his crap?!? He’s got me right where he wants me. Watching only Bravo. Damn.
    Tre huggers everywhere I praising the pimping out of the Guidice gals. Work it Guidices. According to my fame monitor, you have a good 2 years before we all lose interest, like the Kardashians. Good luck Bravo.

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