Real Housewives of New York Recap: Countess Bride

RHONY Luann and Tom

Photo: Luann’s IG

How many times is Ramona contractually obligated to point out that “she” got everyone suites? We get it. The hotel is paying for the promotion. Enough. Of course Carole and Bethenny plan to sleep together. They immediately start talking about the others. Carole offers up Dorinda as a pot stirrer and Bethenny jumps right on board. Bethenny is going to torture Sonja less than usual on this trip.

Dorinda shares that she used to be a step aerobics instructor. So Bethenny needs to one up Dorinda and do a yoga move, a headstand no less on the restaurant floor. I can’t believe they are taping at a black jack table. I thought that was illegal. Does that mean they are not actually betting in this scene? Bethenny announces she is too rich to gamble and goes to bed.

That was the most noneventful housewives trip ever. I suppose it is because the Mexico trip was cancelled and this was the replacement and they didn’t have time to script any fights.


Carole’s agent says he likes the cookbook idea but he is concerned because it is a long term project. In other words, he doesn’t think the relationship will still be around when the book launches. Neither one of them seem to think the relationship will be still going on in a year. I suppose that depends on if Carole is still a housewife that can promote Adam.

RHONY Luann and Tom


We get a fake shopping trip where Sonja tells Ramona how happy she is that Bethenny is talking to her again. The girls want to throw an engagement dinner for Luann. You know, the girls that have been treating her like shit and bringing up their real and imagined prior relationships with Tom.  The editing of this episode is just ridiculous. Luann is not taking Ramona’s calls so she texted Tom.


Bethenny and her paid lackey, Julia are packing for a trip to Aspen with Brynn. Julia packs the bags and hands Bethenny her medication and then tells Bethenny that she is in denial about her illness and she should not be traveling. Bethenny doesn’t want to cancel because she doesn’t want to disappoint Brynn.

RHONY Luann Dorinda

Photo: Luann’s IG


Ramona meets Dorinda at a coffee shop.  Dorinda tells the waitress she is stealing some Splenda because she is out at home. Really? Don’t normal people just toss a couple in the to go box or discreetly drop a couple of pack in their purse? Ramona announces that she wants to be involved with Luann’s engagement party. Dorinda knows this is a bad idea so she wants to throw it. However, the worst fights ever tend to break out at events hosted by Dorinda. Most of these women don’t even like Luann, so the whole situation is ridiculous storyline. Somehow, Ramona  get mad at Luann all over again because Dorinda said the smart thing to do is to let her host the event. I mean it went from wanting to throw a party for her good friend to “fine fuck that bitch” in three seconds.


Jules has hired a potty training expert to train her almost three year old daughter to use the potty. Seriously? She old enough to say her dolly can pee pee out of her asshole but she’s not potty trained? #Judging  The new nanny has the most fantastic death stare that she shoots at Jules frequently. Jules literally doesn’t know how to wipe herself after going to the bathroom.

Luann’s Party

Apparently, Bethenny goes to Aspen because she is not at the party. It’s just the remaining girls and Luann is the last to arrive. But before she does, Dorinda announces an all cast trip to Hawaii!  One presumes this is because the casino trip was a total dud.  Sonja and Ramona immediately start talking about their prior relationships with Tom. Because we have not heard enough of that.  Then we get Carole, who hates Luann being super nice to Luann in a confessional and at the table. Carole even brought Luann an engagement gift. She lets us know she is taking the high road. This episode is just so weird and disjointed and all about nothing.  Everyone is all dressed up and Luann arrives in jeans looking freshly fucked and super happy.

Luann shows off her ring, it’s a beautiful canary yellow diamond with white trillion cut diamonds on either side. Sonja makes fun of the quality in her confessional. What jealous bitches these women are behind Luann’s back.  In person, things seem to go as well as can be expected.

Next Week: Is that the Hawaii trip? It looks like Florida. And it’s just more bitching about Tom and Luann.


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132 responses to “Real Housewives of New York Recap: Countess Bride

  1. MARC

    Carole seemed genuinely sincere when she congratulated Luann but then I remembered this was the Princess Radziwill character she introduced us to in previous seasons.

    • OK, so if Carole is being snarky, she’s a cunt, but if she’s being gracious, it’s a “character”. How can she win?

      • Minky

        Sometimes the best way to win is by not playing any games at all.

      • Ugh, fine, I’ll re-phrase. How can she do anything right? With you people, she’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.

      • Dexter

        She can leave the show.

      • Librarygirl

        Either way, I like that less dour, more civilized version of Carole. I think that she wants her seat at the adult table back. If so, good for her. Hanging with Beth is not fun, and Beth doesn’t really like Carole anyway. Maybe Carole is catching on.

      • Sequoia

        Neither Bethenny nor Carole are going to get a break here. It’s simply not going to happen… It’s about bashing them post after post. What fun.

      • Allison

        @sequoia I tend to agree. I know I’m in the minority, but I like Carole and bethenny. I just don’t see Carole as the horrible witch, and bethenny has always been outspoken, brash and take no prisoners. If she were a man it’d be unnoticed, I feel like. I don’t know where the refusal to film with Sonja is, we just saw scenes with her and Sonja. Unless that’s future episodes, I don’t know.

      • tamaratattles

        You seem to not know a lot of things. And excuse a lot of others. And then suggest Bethenny is just acting like a man. Are all of the men in your life abusive? Did you defend them too?

      • Allison

        I do know you do not deal well with opinions different from your own and I do know you can be disrespectful to readers, loyal and not. I do know it is a tv show, and there are edits and there are edits. Why, yes I have been beaten by a man, bones broken, ass kicked and face punched, and did not excuse it, but thank you for asking. I also know that comparing Bethenny to THAT is a stretch and a half. I do know that your attempt to belittle me with domestic violence just made you look like a bully

      • tamaratattles

        Allison, first of all, I have been offline all day so I hope you are still around to hear this. In fact I will email it to you as well. I had an idea that you were abuse because you seemed to dismiss Bethenny’s bullying and constant verbal abuse as something a man would do. No man or woman should behave as she does. It would actually be worse if a man did it. It’s not about having different opinion about housewives, it’s about you dismissing abusive situations. Apparently, you think I am a bully for having opinions of my own on my site. I have just as much of a right to have opinions as you do. And in MY opinion, you are condoning Bethenny’s bullying. THAT is why I said what I said. I hope at some point this makes sense to you otherwise you are destined to be in bad relationships.

        I’m terribly sorry that you had bones broken and physical abuse. This has apparently set your level of abuse very high. The level of abuse I have suffered has let me know the signs. And Bethenny is in my opinion abusive. There is no need for anyone to accept abuse at any level. and you seem willing to accept constant needling about Jules eating disorder as OK, it’ not. And in addition, you don’t seem aware of the history that has gotten many Betheny fans to this point. As a survivor of abuse, I refuse to tolerate it or accept your tolerance of it without pushing back. It’s NEVER okay to be belittled and mocked by anyone of any gender. I believe you are in a small majority along with Sequoia who finds this acceptable behavior. I hope at some point this makes sense to you. Sooner rather than later.

      • Allison

        Tamara- I appreciate your extensive response and email reply as well. I took a while to take in what you said. And really thought about it. While I understand your position, I just cant equate her behavior with intimate partner violence and abuse. I cant. These women are essentially being paid to interact with her, so if it was that horrific, stop. Is she abrasive, thoughtless, and hurtful at times? Absolutely. But she’s had her own trauma, that is NO EXCUSE, but a fact. As far as my situation, it certainly didnt numb me into a higher tolerance, in fact, quite the opposite. But I use my experience to give back. Maybe your experience made you highly sensitive to the definition of abuse. Thats your experience. I have met and married a wonderful, kind, gentle and amazing man who has helped me heal and taught me the opposite of what the other one tried to learn me, and for that, I am so happy and grateful, so the risk of me re-experiencing those situations is nil.

        Yes, this is your site, and obviously, you run it as you see fit. But while you are calling Bethenny abusive, I have seen you tell other posters you want to “bash their fucking face in” and call them “cunt” and various other pretty awful names, for what seems like just having a different opinion. I’ve been the subject of your vitriol once or twice. Wouldnt that be abusive behavior, though? Again-your site, you run it how you see fit. But before you call a celebrity “abusive” you should re-read some things you have said to others. Unprovoked. I appreciate what you do, read your site multiple times a day, and think you deserve all the success you have and more. And as busy as I am sure you are, I appreciate your response. I know you had no way of knowing my experience when you said that. But I feel you did try and rectify it, and you didnt have to. So thank you.

  2. Sonja is still talking about Gstaad.

    • JoJoFLL

      I died laughing at this.

      I have a feeling this is her last season. She’s really getting a boring or bad edit.

      • Suigeneris

        If she goes it will be a victory for Bethenny who iced her out as much as possible this season, and was hateful & vindictive to her. And she does this to Sonja knowing that it’s her only paycheck. Bethenny does this knowing Sonja has never been nor ever will be any kind of threat to her. She does it because it makes her feel good. Bethenny is at the very least is boderline personality disorder, if not worse.

      • Mimi

        I was wondering the same thing…she reminds me so much of a woman I worked with who was B.P.D. But I have always wondered what a psychiatrist would think of Bethenny and how she functions in relationships.

      • Minky

        Amen. Sonja’s situation is sad. We keep referring to her living situation as “Grey Gardens” for a reason. She’s just a hop, skip and a jump away from relying on the “kindness of strangers”. Bethenny’s behavior has been deplorable towards everybody but Carole this season, and in my opinion last season as well.

        Heather is gone. Heather also butted heads with Bethenny last season. Coincidence? Who knows?

      • Matzah60

        I think it’s her last season too. Up until the last few episodes, we have hardly seen her in any of the shows. I believe that Tamara wrote a post that she and Luann were holding out on their contracts for more money which would account for some of her absence, and the rest would be attributed to Bethenny’s refusal to film with her.

        When Luann started living in Sonja’s house, I believe Sonja felt assured she’d have a filming buddy, but Luann found Tom and those plans were shot to hell. I think Sonja is resentful with Luann for this, thus the shade about the engagement ring, but Sonja isn’t doing herself any favors by icing out Luann. Sonja is barely friends with Ramona, has been unable to attend any group events because of Bethenny, and is now making an enemy out of Luann.

        I have always had compassion for Sonja, but her financial plight is much of her own doing. She got a huge pay day from her ex and seems to have gone through that money in lightening speed. I realize she went through a bankruptcy, but that too was because she decided she was going to get into the movie business. Her townhouse is no longer for sale, but it is now refinanced. Tamara wrote a very detailed and excellent post on how Sonja got herself in this mess.

      • Sabrina

        I wondered if Bethenny’s unwillingness to film with Sonja was related to the Bravo payroll negotiations- TT said she and Luanne were arguing they deserved checks more like Bethenny’s; I think in fact Bravo argued to them that their pay cuts went to fund Bethenny’s increase. Hence I bet all the women are delighted to do all they can to ensure Bethenny looks bad, gets no increase this year, and hopefully from their standpoint, has a reduced role next year. To them, that should translate to more cash to each of them.

        Sonja has had NO STORY to tell this year, save Luanne moving in briefly- which was probably a convenient explanation of them filming together after the negotiations ended, Her only other story was filling around Luann/Tom- her “long standing” sex relationship with him. So then all she can tla about is topping drinking and begging for Bethenny to accept her for filming, whatever that was really about.

        I am so sorry for each of the women, truth be told. They are each acting out of desperation in their own way- literally each one of them. I could go one by one naming them. Not a single one had an open,long- standing, comfortable relationship with a man- and its impact on them is reflected in their behavior. I wish it didn’t matter to them- but it appears to , on many levels, for each of them. Add those vulnerabilities to their relaxation device/substance of choice,. most of which are indulged in to excess, and you get a group of women who may wish each other well big picture but are fighting it out to survive and they each feel they must, which leaves very little room for true trust and relationship building. The environment pits them against each other as they are expected to generate tension; here’s an example where I wish the women could get involved in a great project and each of them could bring something special to it reflecting them, rather than going after each other. That is what is missing here- something positive and constructive. –

    • Dexter

      I went to Gstaad with John John and Madonna all the time. Even when he was dead. It’s how I met Carole.

      • Erica

        I still feel that that instance of name dropping was disgusting and deplorable. Even on radio Andy, the very few times Carole has been on, she only refers to the tragedy as her friends dying. She never referred to them by name and she is never the one to bring up the subject it is always the interviewer. So or Sonia to claim oh I am important because I partied with John F Kennedy Jr when she is on the show with his cousin in law who also counted JFK Jr and his wife as close, best friends is reprehensible and disgusting.

        For those of you who have not read Carole’s book, John and Carolyn were basically Carole’s support system as her husband Anthony got more and more sick with cancer. Anthony was near death when John and Carolyn left for a family wedding (RFKS youngest daughter, fyi) , although no one really spoke of the possibility that Anthony was close to the end. Carolyn checked in with Carole before take off of that last flight, and said she would call when they landed. She and Carolyn were close, and John and Anthony were closer than most cousins. It was Carole who was worried about them, and called to see if they had landed… it was she who called Senator Kennedy to say she thought there was something wrong. Imagine… the most of your five years of marriage are dealing with your husbands cancer, and both of your main supports die in a tragic accident… and your husband succumbs to his illness less than a month later.

        So… Sonja name dropping him off all people…. and using a nickname that NO ONE who knew him used…. just who’s how pathetic she is.

  3. Luann is so happy.

    Mohegan Sun was dead empty. Maybe the HW scared everyone away. . .

  4. Miguel

    Great recap, Tamara – especially loved the “Ramonja” :)

  5. JoJoFLL

    Sonja is an asshole.

    Murky yellow 8 carat diamond really?

    What a cheese dick comment.

    • I thought that was horrible too. She is seething with jealousy.

      • I just watched this episode and I am really appalled by Sonja’s behavior. What a bitchy thing to say! I think Sonja needs to pour herself a big glass of wine and mellow out. She is NOT charming or cute sober and I think I’d rather put up with her drunken sluttiness and delusions than the bitch she has become.

  6. Maggie moo

    Did anyone else notice that Jules was missing from the dinner table at the casino? Saw her as they were being seated then she disappeared.

  7. SLM

    I’m just absolutely speechless at how petty and seethingly jealous these batches continue to be of Luann….😑😮

    • spunky2015

      Bethenny has brought out the worst in these women by turning it into her show, picking fights, no one else can talk. It’s her way or the highway. Hopefully Bravo will eventually give her the bad edit. We can only wish. Listened to a little of her radio show yesterday and she was insufferable.

  8. SLM

    ^ I meant BITCHES, not batches…sorry TT. My fat fingers on a touch keyboard and autocorrect are once again a bad combo

  9. mary

    Carole & Adam – uncomfortable to watch. The game of telling each other at once how happy they are with each other….of course he said 10!
    They way Carole acts I think when it’s over its going to be devastating for her.

    Sonja – so jealous of Luann.
    Bethany – we get it your wildest dreams come true lifestyle is so depressing. It’s tough to have access to the best Healthcare & be such a good mom & not cancel the Aspen trip. (Fyi…I totally think she loves her kid alot) But that was too much

    Dorinda- now that Jon is not in every episode I like her. Jon just makes it all feel so sleazy.

    Jules oh Jules you seem so nice & then the cameras catch you saying the dumbest things
    Does not help your cause.

    Luann – I love it that she is so happy. It’s great that she gets to arrive engaged & glowing.
    Why does Ramona get a free pass and not a ration of shit for being out every night? She’s not drinking tea nor sleeping alone (I bet)
    It still gets me that Bethany was slut-shaming Luann. Yeah Bethany the picture of a demure chaste woman.

    • Ktina

      That scene with Bethenney was vomit inducing. Brynn’s 5 or 6; she’ll get over not going to Aspen. These types of trips are for the parents. She won’t remember much of it when she gets older

      • Dee

        Very true K, I don’t understand Bethenney sharing her bleeding with her child. What Mom does that? Her child needs to feel safe and secure. I wonder what else she shares? So sad for Bryn.
        Who knew potty training was an occupation?

  10. therealdeb

    I think the thing that disturbs me the most is Jules seeming stupidity about parenting, and the lazy way she seems to go about it. Who in the actual fuck hires a potty trainer? Seriously, what is that son of hers watching youtube vidoes without supervision for? really? I like her about half the time as she is so vulnerable and all.

    • JoJoFLL

      Who hires a potty trainer for $2000 and brags about it on national tv?

      Jules house depresses me for some reason and I can’t figure out why,

      • Sara

        The cardboard boxes that have been stacked up in the corner bother me, maybe that it?

      • Megan

        Sara, yes! What is it with the boxes? Who keeps those in the living room? I think one was Oriental Trading Ci, which is basically crap.

      • Nila

        She has two small children, I’m guessing it’s for class parties, favors, crafts for her kids.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        It feels cramped and white walls drive me nuts.

      • One of the boxes was from Oriental Trading Company. This company makes cheap party favors and cheesy craft things for little kids. It’s very inexpensive, as it should be. What would Jules be buying from there?

      • Cat

        Maybe she has cats? I have several boxes in my living room. :)

    • kkbella

      It’s a thing here in Ca, for the busy, young, “rich” set to hire potty trainers. Don’t get me started- it’s messed up, and it can cause psychological issues later. Just wait.
      This topic dove tails with my rant about Vicki and Brianna a few days ago- grandma should handle the potty training- it’s one of the things we pass on!

      • Nila

        I don’t see how having a “professional” potty trainer coming in for two days will cause psychological issues later in life..I have absolutely no idea who potty trained me, like at all? I understand where you come from grandparents help parent and all but in my family, my mom only wanted to be the grandma, not the mom. She didn’t want to discipline or do homework, she wanted the fun role, she already paid her dues in that department.

        Happy looks good on Luann!

        Sonja was so jealous it actually made me feel sorry for her. I think despite all her sexy single fun, she really loved being married.

        Carole and Adam were beyond awkward. I loved how she said they were the most “normal” couple and that whole how happy are you thing…sad. It was nice to see her bring Luann a gift, maybe she’s not so bad when she’s by herself.

        Oh dear Bethenny! Bryn knows mommy is sick but she doesn’t know HOW SICK! She’s five, she doesn’t need to know and you’re suppose to make her feel safe and secure. I love how her assistants know how ill she is and remind her to take her meds..on camera, so we all can understand how sick she is! If you’re so ill and you promised your kid skiing, then take her to White Tail, Ski Liberty, the freaking Poconos. Very short distance away, not as lovely as Aspen tho! I guess Bethenny is just too rich to go anywhere else..kinda like she can’t gamble. Did everyone else notice the Skinny Girl glasses on the bus? Nauseating.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I recall episode 2 where she did not know how to give the children a bath. Yet claimed that she does all the parenting work and Michael doesn’t help her out. What exactly DOES Jules do that’s so taxing? Sometimes I like her but I think people are blinded because Bethenny has been mean to her. Jules kind of IS an idiot.

      • tamaratattles

        NOt sure why this comment went into moderation, but it makes me a lot easier to answer it.

        Jules kind of reminds me of Jessica Simpson. A long time ago Jessica had a reality show with Nick Lachey. She said a lot of stupid things. I think this was just her form of humor, playing the ditzy blonde. She is smart enough to be rich as hell from her clothing line and multiple businesses.

        I bring this up because I think that Jules thinks dumb is cute. I’m not convinced that she is as dumb as we think. I think all of her scenes in her apartment are stunts. The nanny interviews, the potty trainer, all of it are just things she thinks will be seen as funny. Anyone else feel this way?

      • Dee

        Yes, Tamara! She is trying to be funny, I can see that. Thanks

      • Minky

        I feel the same TT. Didn’t Jules have some sort of fashion business before? I see her as a Rachel Zoe type. Zoe also seems as dull as paint and very poker faced, but she’s obviously got brains and great business acumen and she knows what the cameras like.

      • Allison

        yesssss. I agree-I think her idiocy is overlooked as well because Bethenny noticed it first. I kept trying to give her passes but she makes it hard. I think she is out of touch, lazy and clueless, and relies on others to do the important stuff.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        TT, I do think Jules thinks dumb is cute. But I also think she is, in actuality, a bit dumb…not dumb exactly, lazy of intellect? Like, she probably never bothered to give the kids a bath because she thinks it’s adorable that a rich New York lady like herself is so rich she doesn’t even know how! Or how to make coffee! I’m guessing she’s actually AVOIDED learning how to do these things in life because she thinks it’s super adorable.

      • tamaratattles

        See, I don’t know how anyone believes she doesn’t know how to do any of that. I don’t believe she ever really had a nanny. I think she wants us to believe she doesn’t have to lift a finger.

  11. Trish

    Something was really off about this episode or it was just the really bad editing.
    Thank God NJ Housewives is back!
    NY used to be my favorite. But, I’m ready for this to be over. Almost makes me miss D.C. housewives!

    • CheleyLee

      yes, it did seem off.. maybe its boring now – Sonja’s sober, Bethenney’s world, Ramona’s weave, Jules ridiculousness but at least a little pepper in the show tonight. I want to be wowed by something, Andy! throw some more money at RHONY its getting boring.

  12. captivagrl

    Luann explained that she wanted a different ring, because her prior engagement diamond was white and locked away somewhere. Sonja was very jealous and spoke about the ring she had (not locked up somewhere). Sonja can’t figure out why she didn’t receive a proposal. After all she slept with him too, so…

    • Minky

      Sonja also can’t figure out why being perpetually drunk and pilled out is not necessarily a good thing. Or why that might be a big turn-off for a potential suitor.

      Are these women so stupid and so slutty that they haven’t figured out how to keep a man’s attention without exclusively using sex? I’m not trying to slut shame anyone. I promise. And there’s nothing wrong with enjoying lots of sex, but that’s not all you do in a relationship. There’s also talking, and going places, and admiring each other, and living a life together.

      • Ktina

        Especially when your over 50! Ramona and Sonja are still in the 80’s where you could get anywhere by flaunting your stuff.

        You should be able to have a conversation with a man without using sexual innuendos. It’s desperate and trashy

    • Dee

      I think Luann’s ring is gorgeous! Sonja was an ass. If I can see the sparkle in a grainy photo, I bet it’s something.

      • Allison

        There is something about the Tom and Luann engagement I cant put my finger on-I think Lu is happy and thrilled and sincere-maybe I dont know enough about Tom (and its none of my biz, I get that) but theres something about him that doesnt sit well with me. I have a feeling this engagement wont last, I hope it does, for Lu’s sake-maybe it was too quick, maybe its his seemingly shady history-just something about it.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I can’t blame Sonja for being a bit bummed. I don’t think it’s ok for a man to use a woman as a casual hookup just because he doesn’t see her as “marriage material” – what kind of way is that to treat another human being? This Tom guy sounds like a douche to me. You can argue that Sonja sets herself up to be treated this way by men, but does that really make it ok?

      • tamaratattles

        What makes you think Sonja was used? She’s said many times they were fuck buddies.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Well, she does seem a bit bitter about the situation. It seems she’s a bit stung that he’s marrying Luann and may be wondering why not her.

  13. Bethenny can’t feel too bad doing that head stand. Yes, TT, you’re right, she’s showing up Dorinda. What a joke with Bethenny’s assistant fawning over her to take her medicine, doesn’t look well and shouldn’t go on trip. Bethenny is just a selfless mother – ugh. Bet she partied it up in Aspen.

    Sonja really jealous and probably embarrassed. She keeps saying she never wanted to marry Tom – right.

    Like I said before, Jules is an enigma wrapped in a calzone. She acts like her kids just popped on her doorstep yesterday.

    That is all.

  14. Would You Like Some Tea??

    I am ashamed that I like this show. I spot at least 3 women with eating disorders. I know people that have bragged about eating once a day. It really boils down to a control issue. “I control when I eat.”

    • You’re right Tea and along with that feeling of control often comes feelings of superiority-I CAN control what I eat, why all those around me are weak and succumb to their hunger-it can give you a feeling of power. It’s funny – Carole and Bethenny remind me of alcoholics – (I’m in recovery) we always watch what other people are drinking – those two are hyper aware of what Jules is eating while no one else seems to give a shit-and it’s not because they care…

  15. CheleyLee

    Love your site, TT! big fan for years – congrats on the success.

    Trip to Moehgan Sun, I loved Jules saying that maybe Bethenney is bad for her recovery- you bet your kosher bagel she is – she’s toxic for your recovery! Triggers abound for the three of those very skinny ladies. It is very impressive how much liquor this bunch can guzzle. And great to see Sonja sober but she’s lying to herself if she thinks she is as whacky as when she is wacked out! But she is still fun spirited without the spirits. Love the praying by Jules too!

    Corale’s talk about her relationship feels rehearsed. But she does have a point that no one seems to have it figured out… in the group and in general nowadays. and if she & Adam are happy then good for them

    As I am watching Sonja’s talking head tell me how much she appreciates Bethenney ad nauseous I think to myself, would the ladies all try so hard (especially Sonya) if Bethenney was not so stinking rich.

    Bethenney proudly announcing that Bryn says “Mommy bleeds when she pees” is really troubling. I am tired of hearing about her uterus. 80% of women have fibroids. Its menopause,,, my mom told me she bled like a stuck pig for many years but I know little as even though I was a grown woman she didn’t insist that everyone knew all about her situation.

    Hiring someone to potty train your 3 year old?? of course because if you have enough money you can buy most everything. Her scene is cute and TWO GRAND!!!! for 3 days. I know I can do that job. and Jules must be joking because all girls know FRONT to BACK always.

    Proseco & oysters. Love the ladies in black! makes me miss NYC. and no wonder Dorinda has such great shoulder and arms, she’s the step queen! and she looks fabulous in that vest. I like Romana’s long hair but there is too much there, less would be more believable, no?

    The love triangle/Luann discussion before she arrives is par for course. I am learning a lot about the social dynamics of women. Luann looks in love! She is shining as bright as her beautiful ring! Congrats! Sonja can’t help herself but remind us her ring was soon much better.

    • Luann looks lovestruck- she reminds me of young people in love; so happy, carefree, pretty self-centered but that’s how people in love act. Her lifestyle has probably taken a hit in the last few years. I’m sure it’s a big come down from the multi-million dollar townhouse they were renting to a small apartment on the west side or staying in a hotel when she’s in the city.
      She’s back on top of the world! The other women preferred her when she dumped by her husband, divorced and taken down a peg -no longer the Countess but now she’s moving on up to the East Side-to a deluxe apartment in the sky, complete with terrace! These bitches can’t stomach it.

  16. Lisafromoz

    God Luanne is so happy ! She’s positively glowing and it’s nice to see someone truly happy on a housewives show- usually choc a bloc full of angst, pettiness and downright bitchiness. Congrats Luanne! You go girl!

  17. I’ve never seen LuAnn look more beautiful – she looks fabulous in that orange dress. So happy for her. This show has gone downhill so badly – all the scripting of scenes has become so obvious, and Bethenny’s evil, oozing, self-absorbed, narrow-minded venom has become almost impossible to watch. Still, I love Dorinda, get a kick out of Sonja, and like watching Jules stick up for herself, so I guess I’ll still be a RHONY fan.

  18. Onawin

    TT, thanks so much for this tea I thought I had lost my mind watching
    This episode.

  19. Pamela Jenkins

    Remember when Jill tried to get people not to film with Bethenppnny and her argument to Jill was that that was her only source of income and she didn’t “have a Bobby”…. she is doing the same thing to Sonja….m

  20. Barbara

    You know what I think? The ladies are not jealous of Luann’s relationship. They can’t stand that she has confidence. And optimism. It drives them crazy that she can’t be taken down by life and them.

    She has consistently been in loving appropriate relationships, so clearly she is a good partner. She likes men and it shows.
    She has zest for life, likes to have fun, looks to the future and always tries to remain cordial. I’m a fan because I like her attitude. She is the most functional and well rounded of them all. Go Luann. Best wishes on your engagement.

    • mary

      I think you are spot-on! Luann was devastated by her divorce but she moved on. And I think she handled it appropriately in the media unlike how Bethany ‘ s divorce played out.
      She moved on to another long-term stable relationship it ended & she kept living. Sonja needs to take some lessons from Lu.
      I think Bethany started off the season portraying Luann like some desperate fan who kept inviting her to events & parties…oh the horror
      I wonder if Luann will be back next season once she is married?

    • Librarygirl

      I agree with you Barbara. Lu had two relationships that we saw her cry over, when they failed. However, she kept it moving and remained positive. Lu is a fun filled, confident and intelligent woman. Glad that she leads with that and not some of the other traits displayed by her cast mates. Ramona should realize that her inflated boobs are matronly, and that no one is interested in seeing Sonja’s butt hanging out. And Beth’s bitch act is a bore. Do i think could be an interesting woman if she continued to focus on her life without John. She has potential.

      • Sabrina

        For her sake, I hope so. And I sincerely wish her the best But my antennae are up. She has the Count had a very unusual relationship their last years, and she has been aggressively partnering – her choice- with men the past few years. The last example we saw was that drugged out guy who went to Belize on a sojourn with her. He was at the dry cleaner party, and he was not of the caliber I would expect for Luann; it felt to me like she was getting desperate/changing her style. All of which is her right- but not true to the Luann we have known to be concerned about her position is society, etc. .

        I remain concerned that she has jumped for this guy quickly- and I sincerely hope she and Tom prove me wrong- but as she shared her news with the women, she has seemed most elated talking about being in love, and “getting married” and “getting a ring”. I hear true, real joy, almost awe at getting engaged- no question- but it feels like a possible focus on the wrong things here.
        If I was even considering dating someone who had been traveling in the same, very narrow, very well-heeled circle she has been in in the NorthEast side of men and women, and knew he had been single and dating a very long time, I would certainly have checked out who he dated and what his relationships were before getting too involved. Maybe there is just a difference between us here, but she moved in with him VERY quickly and then got engaged before women he had known for years even knew he was seeing her let alone before she had heard from him about his relationships with other women- or she would have known about , at least, the former wife he still talks to frequently and buys gifts for- even if Sonja and Ramona’s stories are false- and my bet is there is some truth to them, but not all. She moved VERY quickly- I just hope it is for real. He does appear to have an interest in women on the show. I just know most women don’t make lifetime commitments without knowing about the partner’s past and present relationships- and get to know them in depth. She’ll have the time before the wedding now- I hope it is for real. If I gather from things TT said the women are not great friends with Lu;; if they we, I wish she would sit quietly with them to learn their perspectives, without the cameras, before she’s committed.

  21. Cat

    Is that the secret to becoming fi!thy rich? Stealing Splenda packets? Why can’t she just buy a box…or send an intern or assistant or someone on the house staff?

    Does informing the waitress make it OK? Seems rather low class, to me.

    • tamaratattles

      Dorinda doesn’t have house staff nor does she fake any on TV.

      • Minky

        Maximum respect to Dorinda. With this bunch that takes a good amount of self confidence.

      • Cat

        Thanks, TT. I did not know that.

        My point was, with her money, why does she have to take packets from a restaurant? Someone has to pay for them.

      • Minky

        I understand where you’re coming from Cat. It is a bit tacky. I have trashy relatives who would steal a lot more from restaurants. I’m talking flatware, napkins, salt and pepper shakers, sugar bowls, condiments, etc. And ashtrays, back in the day when you could still smoke in restaurants. Don’t get me started on how they would dismantle hotel rooms.

      • Allison

        I dont find swiping a few splenda packets offensive or low class, in the grand scheme of things. I buy splenda buy the box (20 bucks for 1000 packets at sams) but when running out, have been known to stick a packet or 2 in my bag. If that makes me low class I can live with it. 😉

    • We’re, “comfortable” financially and occasionally I’ll take a few packs-especially when we’re traveling and I need some for my tea in the hotel room. Do I tell the waitress? No, but big deal-I just paid for the meal-what’s a few packs of Splenda? It’s not like I’m running off with the table cloth.

      • kallen253

        Dorinda probably mentioned it on the off chance the camera would pick it up and if she didn’t explain, she’d feel bad when she saw it. She strikes me as that sort of person. But what do I know?

  22. Shae

    Something I noticed was when Jules referred to Bethenny as someone who claims to know “everything about ED”, i think that’s flawed. Unfortunately, Bethenny only experienced the sickness of ED, not the recovery side, so I doubt she has any experience whatsoever with someone in recovery from an eating disorder. Her mother never got well, according to her. So in that way, I agree, maybe it’s not best for Jules, someone struggling with an ed, to be around Bethenny, someone who has been subjected to a close family member with ED her whole young life. It’s like growing up with an alcoholic or drug addicted parent, it’s mental illness, often people want to avoid encountering it later. I doubt Bethenny or Jules are equipped to deal with one another’s issues on the topic. I can see that, from both sides.

    Ramona is just batshit insane, almost no point in commenting on how clueless she is anymore- acting angry that Luann might have an issue with her throwing the party? Get a clue. It was just pure shade Sonja talking about Luann’s ring that way, why do you care? It’s so petty to demean something like that, so incredibly tacky.

    • Dexter

      Surely Beth has recovered from her own eating disorder? Has Carole recovered from her’s?

      • Shae

        I don’t think you ever “recover” from an eating disorder, it stays with you forever. You can be in “recovery”, as in, you are trying to be healthy and not engage in your disease but the issue does not go away. Just as it does not with addiction.

        I’ve said a few times on here, I don’t think Carole has an eating disorder, and I don’t think Bethenny necessarily does. I don’t think she is anorexic or bulimic, but she may have an unhealthy control issue with food. Just because you aren’t starving yourself or throwing up doesn’t mean your eating isn’t disordered. You can just be overly preoccupied with food and your body image and controlling both- I think she eats healthy and is fit, but she might have more than your average person’s preoccupation with food and size. Would not be a far stretch given what she grew up around.

    • mary

      Sonja looked totally pathetic talking about Luann’s ring. And she needs to shut her mouth about Tom (as does Ramona) it’s beyond gross at this point & it’s obvious the exaggeration of her stories if not just put right lies.

    • Cat

      ED? Erectile Dysfunction?

  23. Allison

    Sonja just HAD to make it about her by bashing Lu’s ring and boasting about hers. Keep saying you arent jealous, Son, if you say it enough you might believe it. Bitter, party of one is just butthurt that Tom kept her a dirty little secret but claims and is proud of Luann. 10 years is a long time to be a secret, Sonja-either it wasnt that good, or he didnt want to be a laughingstock since everyone seems to have had a turn. She’s a joke.

    I cannot BELIEVE a potty training consultant is a thing-I had 5 children and potty trained 5 children, that is just lazy to me. It takes a little effort, Jules, you can do it if you actually try. I need to get into that line of work-2k for 2 days work? Just using common sense? Maybe Jules needs a refresher course herself since she is a gown woman that doesnt know how to wipe herself. Incredible. And wtf is her kid watching talking about peeing out assholes? Time to maybe, I dunno, supervise internet usage? Or maybe she can hire someone to do that.

    I like Carole-I know she’s less than popular around these parts, but I havent jumped ship on her yet. I thought it was sweet, the crystal heart she gave Luann.

    • Shae

      I don’t understand how a stay at home mother who has live in nanny help has to pawn potty training her young child off to someone else. If you aren’t doing these things, what are you doing as a stay at home mom? There are mothers who have to work who would give their right arm to be able to have the ability of being home to teach their kids such things. And just be there every day.

      I don’t get it.

      • Allison

        @Shae girl, me and you both. Potty training is a rite of parenthood, and a bonding experience. Is she gonna pawn off teaching them to ride two-wheelers? Or maybe when Rio is old enough to get her period, she can hire a maxi-pad/tampon trainer too.

      • Nila

        It’s not like she left her kid with the potty trainer. There are people who use DVDs to assist and teach their kid, Elmo’s potty dvd is huge! Jules is not very good at putting her foot down, I can see her needing assistance and how to handle the situation; what she should be saying and what she shouldn’t. I had a head strong three year old who refused to use the potty. My doctor told me basically it’s the one thing I can’t MAKE her do and she’s holding on to that. She would go to my inlaws and use their potty but once home, it was pee all over the house city. I tried everything, every single damn thing I could think of! In the end, one day I just lost “my shit”, that finally did it. I think I scared her a bit and she looked up at me and just said ok mommy. Never an accident after that. Wish I had let loose about six months prior to that! I don’t think it’s a huge deal to pay someone to assist you.

      • Minky

        My mother would just put me on the child seat and say: “Alright. Go ahead.” And she’d stay in the bathroom with me, whether I did any business or not. If I didn’t feel like it, she wouldn’t try to convince me or anything. No attitude. No pressure.

        Eventually I made the association between the toilet and doing my business. No tantrums. No bad vibes. I’ve been shittin’ like a pro ever since! Ha haaaaa! 😃

      • Nila

        Jules is launching a business, she doesn’t just sit home all day but even if she did, what she chooses to pay someone for is her right.

      • Minky

        ITA Nila. I’m just saying that every mom has her own way. Or Dad. I don’t know why toilet training is such a big deal. I guess my point was that too much emphasis on it might be even worse than treating it as a non-issue.

  24. CupcakeScholar

    Laughed out loud trying to read the recap and embarrassed myself at work. Who attends events with a bunch of women who can’t stand you? Hate the story line.

    Dorinda is my favorite right now because she is the only cast member not making her story line an infomercial for yet another crappy product. Who is buying all of this crap?

  25. Sierra

    Side Analysis: Jealousy is Brewing

    *Carole- for some reason is jealous of how skinny Jules. My husband thought her asking Adam to place a numeric value on their happiness reminded him of an ex girlfriend he had in middle school.
    *Bethany- So tired of Skinny Girl Shit everywhere.. it’s painfully obvious and reminds me the show is set up, which I hate. She should at some point go on an apology tour like Kristen Doute.
    *Ramona- I love her because she is like Nascar in Gucci. Also, the faces she makes never match the words that fly out of her mouth.
    *Sonja- Is really insecure and it’s making me almost feel sorry for her… Until I remember she inherited a small fortune as a Morgan from crooked wall street money and flashed her twat on national TV.
    *LuAnn- Kinda Fucked up she knew Sonja was sleeping with tom and she moved in on him, anyone think it’s a clever that he is loaded?! If my friend did that i would be irate too. It also seems maybe in a little way they women know he is a playboy and at that age they don’t usually change, she will get her heart broke and that is sad if so.

    Bring back Miami I say.

  26. Bugg

    What has been said about the cause of Sonja’s divorce? To this day I’ve never read speculation about what happened.

  27. Auntie Velvet

    Carole, you don’t take the high road and then SAY you’re taking the high road. I mean, I’m not a princess, but that much I know.

  28. Madashell

    I put my daughter in an exclusive preschool…caveat was she had to be potty trained. I lied and said she was -when she wasn’t.(was trying at home w videos etc) My thinking was. .. that if she had an accident- I would blame it on her school surroundings.. ..I also knew she was smart and would see the other potty trained kids using the restroom. Voila! she learned in one day.

    • kkbella

      I’m sure she’s smart, but it’s all about control- our own, over situations etc. I still can’t go unless I’m really in a secure, clean environment, and even then, I have to be there for a few days. When I travel? Not so great. See my comments below. Mentally. I’m forever a work in progress…!

  29. kkbella

    Has anyone on this site taken any psychological tests to qualify for a job, etc? They are all about the loo (poop)- holding it, losing it, watching it, what you relate it to, wetting the bed, etc. For fucks sake, it is a big deal on how you learn about your bowls, and how you learn about the retention response! Otherwise, we would all shit wherever, and whenever. It registers mentally from whom you learn. You may not remember, but subconsciously it’s all there. Ask Freud.
    I realize this episode was about other dynamics, but pooping is directly tied to your future relationships, and mental health. Experts, weigh in please.

    • Nila

      If how you learn to poop holds such a prominent position In your life, then I say Jules was right, hire a professional!

    • tamaratattles

      I’ve never seen a poop question on the MMPI.

      I’ve gotta weigh in and say this is the weirdest most ridiculous thing I’ve read today.

      First runner up is Minky who remembers being potty trained.

      This is just like the guy I used to date who claimed to remember being born.

      • Minky

        Sorry TT. While I was typing it I thought to myself; “TMI? Naaaah!”

      • tamaratattles

        It wasn’t the TMI it was the super-duper memory. Someone needs to preserve your brain for science or something.

      • Onawin

        TT, you were correct when you refuse to give the tea on the New York housewives in the past.

      • kallen253

        That’s so funny, Tamara. It’s like you read my mind. No…wait. Maybe we just have acceptable IQ’s. Hahaha

    • Cat

      I’ve taken all sorts of tests like that, but never remembered that subject coming up.

      And I’ve had some pretty shitty jobs in my lifetime.

  30. Hello Tamara, I have a question. Do you ever blog any of the love and hip hop shows on Vh1? I don’t actually watch them anymore but I would love to hear your thoughts on them.

  31. Hello Tamara, I have a question. Do you ever blog any of the love and hip hop shows on Vh1? I don’t actually watch them anymore but I would love to hear your thoughts on them.

  32. Lisa j

    I’m sure all the people in Hawaii love being called “just tacky enough”. Ugh over these petty women and their concocted drama.

    • tamaratattles

      Why didn’t they just go to Mexico as planned without Bethenny? Surely Bethenny is not going to get on a 13+ hour flight to Hawaii. Why not just go to Miami and call it a day?

      • Allison

        I assumed the Mexico trip didnt happen because since it was Bethenny’s trip she’d be “paying” for it, so if she didnt go it wasnt happening. At least Bravo wants us to believe that the hw’s pay for their own trips…..

      • tamaratattles

        I would think the tickets would be non refundable. Why not just have Bethenny say, sorry I’m too sick to go, but since everything is already paid for, y’all go have fun.

      • Allison

        If they were flying first class, the tix would be refundable-but your idea makes too much sense, TT-why ever would they do THAT? 😉

      • Lisa j

        It’s just become the Bethany show 24-7. Now I’m super curious as to who pays for all of these trips. Do they get a yearly budget or a vote? Someone on RHOC said on WWHL that they didn’t get that trip…. TT, any Intel on how these things work?

  33. Nila

    I wonder if they change the trip to Florida so Bethenny can go? Didn’t someone say they thought they went to FL?

  34. Marzipan

    Still trying to figure out what Carole meant when she said this episode would be amazing. Did I blink and miss it?

  35. Why is everyone so shiny in the pics? I am around their age and I don’t shine in the pics my daughter forces me to take. Maybe. Not as hydrated? I just don’t get it.

  36. T D

    Sonnja’s jealous that having seen/ had more ass than a public toilet no one even game her a dime. Nor two bits.

  37. Pitypat

    I kinda like Jules. Didn’t she say something like “you have to have fun sometime” after the light a match comment. If she is being funny, she deadpans very well.

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