Nene Leakes Gets Some Furniture


It’s been over a year since Nene Leakes bought her new house in Atlanta. There has been a lot of discussion since the move about her lack of furniture.  She even got really pissed off while on The View  when someone asked where her furniture was during her appearance. Nene was claiming for a while that she was going to be a furniture designer and sell her own line of furniture.  You really should click on that link, it’s a great post if I do say so myself. And as usual I was right, there is and never was a furniture line.

Someone has been sending me lots of Nene related interviews lately. It seems as though Larry King has taken his cancelled TV show to the  Internet and one of the people he has interviewed was Nene. When she was asked what she liked best about being famous, she said, “The perks.”  Even though she is still striving to receive some perks.

Leave it to Nene to find a way to get free furniture, at least for one room.

There is apparently a channel I am unfamiliar with called  The Design Network with a show called Space off  where designers are paired to furnish a space against another pair of designers.  Nene’s house was the final challenge.  So she got to pick from two choices of furnishing for her living room. Check out the video below!

Pay attention to how empty the kitchen is. It’s like this house has never been lived in.   Do you think she made the right choice on the furniture?


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49 responses to “Nene Leakes Gets Some Furniture

  1. Lanita

    I would’ve chosen #2 as well. It’s more fantabulous.
    #1 is too Chicago apt in a high- rise to me.

  2. BamaBelle

    I’ll put up with Nene on RHOA if it meant more of this Greg. He was eloquent and truly apprecitive.

    Side note- Anyone else notice Nene’s comment “oh my god we have furniture!” at the first reveal. This may be the first honest Nene we’ve seen on camera since season one. She was so happy to finally have furniture.

    • Yes! The “we have furniture” part was hysterical.

      I preferred the 1st design but thought they both looked overly crowded. It’s probably because the designers didn’t get to see the space before they shopped (you need more than measurements & photos).

  3. CanadaCat

    That Gregg Leakes is such a fine, gracious, true southern gentleman!

  4. Oh my is she an over actor! She did not pick what I would have, but that’s Nene. She truly has found another way to work the system. I wish people would stop buying into her. Bye girl bye!

  5. Ruthie

    My question is how has she not furnished anything in that house at all? Hasn’t she owned it for 2 years now? Not even a coffee maker or a set of knives from target? Geeze.

  6. Minky

    Wow. That’s a tough choice to make. I don’t know which set I would’ve chosen. They were both very good.

    And I love seeing Gregg. He’s more entertaining than Nene. Go Gregg!

  7. 25

    A room of free furniture and a free design for 2 mins of camera time? Good for them. I like #2 as well. #1 was too much of the same color grey.

    Is that cowgirl drug lord stuck in a flood look part of her HSN line?

  8. T D

    Jeff Lewis cringes at fifty shades of no you didn’t.

  9. Happygal

    For my taste I preferred the first choice but both did a fantastic job however if I were competing I would have been pissed that after a long competition it all boiled down to a housewife taste and not a panel of designers like other shows that have this concept. Btw side note I have the same chandalier Nene appears to have in her kitchen – lowes special ordered it for me 😉

  10. T D

    What’ the point of the Cheval’ de frise’ accents?

  11. beth

    I thought the karate-chop to the pillow look was passe, like 10 years ago. Looks so stupid. Neither design was to my taste, but both seemed appropriate to the style of the house.

  12. Michelle

    Have to give it Nene she is a hustler. I wish my furniture was free. And the shade at Larry King smh

  13. JoJoFLL

    I can normally relate to Nene’s aesthetic (hey, I live in ripped jeans, white tee shirts, and stilettos) but number 1 was my first choice.

    Did this low rent show really let Nene and Greg keep the furniture? That rug was expensive just because of the size.

    I was obsessed with those two chairs.

    That house has not been lived in. Did they buy it or are they renting?

    Nene better stop buying Louboutins and fake Birkins and better start buying sofas and mattresses.

    • Tuffy

      Gosh JojoFLL
      Get out her wallet. She makes the money. Seems like she can spend it how she wants to.

      • JoJoFLL

        Why would I want to get in her wallet? I have my own wallet, my own furniture, Louboutons, and Hermes.

        That doesn’t make sense.

      • Minky

        For the love of Jebus! It’s getting to be that nobody can say anything critical about anyone without being labeled as “bitter”, “jealous” or a “hater”. Nene is full of beans!

        Okay, she bought a house. Good for her. So why didn’t she have a single solitary stick of furniture in there. Not even any stuff from her old place, if I’m understanding this correctly. Where do they sleep? On a bale of hay?

        Where is all the money she allegedly makes? She sure as hell isn’t wearing it. Those clothes are not “straight off the runway”. Whatever she spends it ALL on, it sure as hell ain’t furniture. Begging is begging. A handout is a handout. I don’t care if it’s done on a TV show.

      • Cat

        I think there’s a hole in the fence again, Minky. :)

      • Dee

        Yes Cat! I noticed too!

    • There’s something fishy about this whole thing. It’s been a couple of years, why no furniture. It was this way when RHOA first started. Nene had very little furniture in her house outside of the kitchen. It’s shady.

      • SLM

        I remember it that way, too, justanothermary. I recall even from first season thinking, “Why does she have so much empty space in her house?” In the past, did she rent a massive house every season just for filming, but couldn’t afford rent-a-furnishings to go in it? And is this house bought or rented? I always thought it was all very odd.

  14. T D

    The design leaves options for the antique Chateau Sheree air mattresses recently purchased with that Donald Trump check.

  15. Behoro

    The 2nd one made the room seem much smaller than it is. I liked it but so much wasted space behind that couch! So I probably would’ve chosen the first one.
    Is it just me, or does that kitchen seem veeery small for a house that size?!

  16. Cat

    What was Nene on?

    I skipped to the end. She was so FAKE! It was kind of scary. Like Stepford Wives scary.

    And who wears a hat like that in their house? Was she hiding her new haircut? Even her hat was right out of Stepford Wives.

    I liked #2 as well. But thought both were pretty boring. I prefer a few pops of color, at least. Flowers…something.

    • Toddy

      I agree, she was even more fake than usual. Uncomfortably so. I’m ok with touches of gray, or maybe a gray sofa, but I wouldn’t want it so monochromatic. But I’d take it if it were free and even wear a dumb hat while I did it😎 Gregg was so gracious, loved that.

    • Joanplus2dogs

      She was wearing the hat to hide the fact she didn’t have her eyes done. No eye makeup or fake lashes, evidently show nor Nene wanted to pay for pro or show has no viewers so she didn’t want to waste her time on makeup & hair.

  17. TAMARA

    I like mostly everything about the first choice except for the bookcases. I liked #2 bookcases a lot more. I’d also never be able to keep a white/ off white couch white so that’s out for me as well lol.
    Hated the way she talked in this episode bough. It was so annoying to me. And why buy a big house that you can’t furnish yourself? So stupid!!!

  18. Hmmmmmm. Nene is like ten different people depending on the venue.

  19. ingrid

    I watched it with the volume off, I liked the first room better, but only if it is more of a living room. If it is a family room I would pick the second, though I really do not love either of them. I HATE the “fake books” thing, putting out books just for show. If you have books they should be read, and if you read, pick out your own books. If you dont read, dont fake it. How can a designer pick out BOOKS? Always hated that.

  20. I’m happy for her and all but all the extra acting was so not needed. I did not care for either look. It was kinda cheap and industrial looking. Not warm and homey. Furthermore, I would prefer to pick out MY own furnishings for my family. I guess when you are working the system you will take what is GIVEN to you.

  21. Carl

    Jesus Christ she’s wearin’ ma hat!😩

  22. Valerie

    This probably was filmed when her house was first built, shes dressed winter/fall attire. I like her choice

  23. pipermoon007

    So after two years they finally get some furniture? Nene and Greg are like Gretchen and Slade. They’re won’t get married til someone will pay for it, and nene and Greg won’t get furniture til someone pays for it. I guess Joy Behar from the View hit a nerve with nene when she called her out.

    • getreal2014

      You know it. What does Gregg do for a living? This man doesn’t seem to have had a job in eight years. They are both always looking for a handout. Can’t stand either one of them.

  24. Noellemybelle

    Clearly she didn’t have a glam squad for this shoot. Maybe she assumed no one watches this channel and only wanted the free furniture. But then again she looked exactly like I look when I go to Home Depot on Saturday morning while working on home improvement projects.

  25. DJFL

    “She’s also a successful entrepreneur and author”. WTF??? He’s not serious, is he?

  26. DJFL

    I would need Prozac if I had to live in that house. There is absolutely NO color anywhere in that living room. It’s just boring.

    • tamaratattles

      I love the grey. I liked the second one best with the roundish couch. I hated the first couch. I preferred the first shelves. The only books in that room should be coffee table books. And it totally needs pops of color. A pillow, a shawl, flower here and there.

  27. TD

    “Nene Leakes get some furniture”. That should be the title of her next reality show, if she ever planned to have one.

  28. WhitD

    Not to sound like a hater, but I think the kitchen was actually a green screen. It just looked fake.

  29. Karen

    I preferred the simplicity in the first teams design, and I don’t like light colored sofas, so…I think she made the wrong choice. Then again, Nene is all about over doing everything, so perhaps she made the best choice for her.

  30. Truthseeker

    I don’t know what is more annoying Nene’s fake exaggerated voice or her scam artist husband Gregg’s con man sugar tongue routine.

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