Brandi Glanville And Joanna Krupa’s Lawsuit Continues to Stink Up Miami Courtroom

Brandi Glanville is paying out a lot of money for the attorney handling her defense of Joanna Krupa’s law suit. Her attorney, Susan Warner has been very busy lately.  A few weeks ago, I read that Brandi was asking for tax returns for the last five years or so from Joanna. The purpose of this is to prove that she was a legal resident of Florida at the time she filed her suit in January of 2015. Joanna seemed to live in Miami during her time on Real Housewives of Miami but has always maintained a home in Beverly Hills. If it turns out she is a California resident, the Miami case could be dismissed and the whole thing would be refiled in Beverly Hills. I never heard what happened with that request. I do know that Brandi and Joanna bump into each other from time to time. There is a new request now by Brandi’s attorney that will be heard next week in a Miami courtroom. Maybe the IRS request will be ruled on at the same time.

According the Miami Herald’s Jose Lambiet, the new request that will be heard next Monday is a request for her medical records all the back to 2000.  Brandi’s daughter is fishing (see what I did there?)  for any medical conditions that could cause an unpleasant vaginal odor. Basically, Brandi’s attorney is looking for credible evidence to back up the comment that Brandi said that Mohammed Hadid told her on Watch What Happens Live.

Drunk Brandi
Joanna’s attorney is arguing against the judge allowing this evidence because it is overly broad and is meant to harass Joanna.  I found this part of the Joanna’s attorney’s response interesting, “Joanna’s medical condition has nothing to do with this case. It’s just Glanville trying to put pressure on Joanna to drop the case.” Isn’t that an admission that she has a medical condition?

All will be determined on Monday.

Meanwhile, Lea Black decides to stick her nose into the twat issue on Twitter:


This concludes today’s news update in housewives vagina category.

So, do you think it is reasonable for Joanna to have to disclose all of her financial and medical history to pursue her slander  case against Brandi? Should this all have been dropped the first time?


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36 responses to “Brandi Glanville And Joanna Krupa’s Lawsuit Continues to Stink Up Miami Courtroom

  1. If this only involved Brandi and Joanna..I think dropping it would be easy…but Mohammed/Yolanda and LisaV have to be deposed …

    Brandi should have taken Joanna up on her offer to drop the case…for a sincere (my word) apology..instead…Brandi..scratches at the vagina publicly..for the last three years…

  2. Dexter

    If it’s allowed will be very limited. Seems awfully late in the game to be challenging venue. (Where suit is brought) and you waive venue if not raised in time. Medicals seem a stretch. I suppose they’d have to be limited to gynecological.

    • tamaratattles

      The venue has been at issue since the case was filed.

    • Lor

      I read once that the slander and libel laws in FL are very different than CA. Plaintiff doesn’t have to prove as much? Is this true?

      Health records are very private. And Brandi has been so out of control that I wonder if a judge would allow her full access to the records of someone she has been harassing? Again, any experienced lawyers out there to address this? I do know that there are many new laws protecting medical privacy. Many enacted because medical personnel were exposing info on famous people. I had access as a medical software engineer to client databases and we had to be very careful with their records.

    • Suzanne D

      Brandi and her attorney keep trying to focus on the odor comment. That was the least of it. Brandi basically said that Mo and Yo broke up over Jo for being a Ho. Brandi said it was Mohammed that said her pussy smells, and he said it in front of both her and LVP. Mohammed came out publicly that it never happened and he never said it. He also denied having an affair with Joanna, and she wasn’t the reason his marriage failed. Seeing what a crazy bitch Yolanda has been with her invisible illness, I think everyone will believe him. LVP has also said that never happened. Since Brandi is claiming Mohammed said she smelled and has no first hand knowledge, and Mohammed denied it, there really isn’t a reason to release confidential medical records to a well known crazy bitch like Brandi. This certainly will be interesting.

  3. JoJoFLL

    This is the dumbest lawsuit ever. We are going to Miami for Cuban food and the Marlins game Monday. I’ll see if we can detour for the hearing.

  4. Brandi is a pig. I hope Joanna slaughters her.

  5. MARC

    The only thing that will keep Brandi ‘s foul mouth shut is a huge payout.

    • Suzanne D

      Even if the case gets dismissed, Joanna has already won. She is burying Brandi with huge-ass legal bills. What is more ridiculous than the cause of action is that Brandi still won’t learn a lesson and keep her mouth shut.

  6. Minky

    Well, as ridiculous as this case is, it’s probably gonna set some sort of legal precedent. Imagine being a lawyer in the future who refers to this as a justification for whatever sort of coochie evidence in whatever sort of case! That crazy ass Brandi. What will she think of next?!!!

  7. Margarett

    She’s fishing? Oh Tamara you little scamp!

  8. T D

    Eau de low tide? Eau you should be more careful during de toilette? Gowanus Canal #5?

  9. Larry

    I think they should go on Judge Judy and call it a day. She’d get this taken care of in 5 minutes, and they’d get camera time which should make both happy.

    • LA_in_KY

      That would be amazing. What would Judge Judy have to say about this?

    • Suzanne D

      Being the Judge Judy fan that I have been for the last 20 years, I can see Joanna winning. Why? Because I know Judge Judy. When you have a litigant who constantly interrupts and acts obnoxiously after being told several times to stop talking, Judge Judy rules against that person. Brandi can’t keep her mouth shut. She would annoy the living shit out of Judy who would rule in Joanna’s favor. That would be almost as good of reality TV as it was watching Danny get fired on Tuesday night!

    • DaisyMarie

      I would pay money to watch that! I would pay money to make that happen! Is that would be priceless! And Judge Judy takes NO lip so Brandi would be screwed the second she opened her mouth!!! & Judge Judy with simply rule Joanna’s favor because Brandy won’t keep her mouth shut and would be digging her own grave! While Joanna stands there and keeps her mouth shut like that good & innocent girl she is NOT!!! Priceless! Somebody make this happen please

  10. Ruthie

    I can’t help it but this lawsuit makes me laugh every time there is a story on it. I hope we get to hear all of the depositions. It’s just so silly. Comic relief for what is actually going on in this world. 😅

  11. Brandi seems so normal on Famously Single so it’s good to get a reminder of her truth cannon insanity.

    • Theresa

      True words here. I was shocked at how reasonable she is on that show definitely the sanest of the bunch. I really like her…
      ..then I remember it’s brandi

  12. Allison

    This is honestly the dumbest lawsuit I’ve seen in a long time. The comment would have been forgotten ages ago, but it keeps being brought up with this ridiculous suit. Sad.

  13. mary

    Whoever wins this case will the loser have to
    Pay the winners attorneys fees?

  14. This is an intimidation tactic on Brandi’s part to get Joanna to drop the case. I thought the suit is really about the alleged affair. Joanna being the plaintiff is the one who has to prove her case. All Joanna has to do is show evidence on all the stories written about this: Brandi taunting her after-the-fact publicly; sending over fish at a restaurant; how it’s now in public’s minds – thus hurting her brand. Plus with Mo, Lisa and probably Yo denying it, I doubt Brandi could win. There is no smelly fish if the affair never happened. I hope Brandi loses. She’s only decent on this new show so she can try to change her image. What a stupid woman who blew so many opportunities.

    • tamaratattles

      Actually, what Joanna has to do is prove that what Brandi said was false. I’m not sure how she plans to do that. Sniff test? Even show if she brings in proof that her crotch doesn’t stink NOW it doesn’t mean it didn’t when Mohammed was allegedly her client. I don’t think she ever sued the website that was supposedly using her photos without permission to solicit acts of prostitution.

      • How can you prove a negative? Did Mohammad say it or not. If not, shouldn’t he be the one suing for defamation or something? And what is Joanna’s brand? Never watched the show so don’t know much about her.

    • It’s not whether Mohammad said it or not, it is that Brandi did say it. Truth is it’s own defense in that, if it is true that Joanna has an odor problem, then there is no slander. The tax returns may also have been requested to show whether nor not there were damages. The amount of the award would be to compensate Joanna for any financial loses Joanna may have had due to the malodorous vagina rumor being spread. (I can’t believe I’m typing this.) If there is no negative change in Joanna’s income since the occurrence of the slander, the award will be very small.

  15. Kim

    This whole lawsuit is such a waste of time & money. Wondering if either party thought it would get this far & now neither wants to be the one to concede..? I can’t even imagine being the judge having to rule on this. Joanna would’ve been better off giving this less attention, this would not still be in the press. The only ones benefitting from this lawsuit are the attorneys racking up their legal fees. So what..does Mohammed gets subpoenaed?? I’m guessing he’s not going to want to weigh in on this either way.

  16. There are so many things wrong with this whole situation. First of all, if Mohamed did indeed tell Brandi such a thing, then he’s a pig of the first degree. What kind of guy tells a woman that kind of thing about another woman she knows, especially given that Brandi couldn’t keep it to herself if her life depended on it? For Brandi to throw that in Joanna’s face was the act of a super-bitch; she’s nasty in every sense of the word. A true woman wouldn’t make any kind of remark that buys into all the crude comments that men make about women’s private parts, and to say it in a venue where it would be heard by many others makes it even more cruel. Brandi’s attorney is now compounding the crudeness of their defense by requesting permission to subpoena Joanna’s medical records, in order to prove she truly does have an unpleasant odor. Joanna is probably regretting her decision to sue Brandi – in my opinion, she would have been far better off ignoring the comment, especially since Brandi has such a reputation for not giving a damn what she says, or whom she hurts. She could have found more subtle ways to pay Brandi back for her big, spiteful mouth.

    • spunky2015

      Rich Wakile of RHNJ said wife Kathy smelled like fish. Real great husband. Would of divorced his ass in a hot second.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I take comfort in the fact that Joanna is at least draining Brandi’s bank account with this silliness.

  17. Jaana

    Mohammed is not a saint. As old as he is he stays dating women his daughters’ age. He is gross and creepy and yes I knew of Joanna before RHOM and she has a reputation. She allegedly paid to have the stories of her being an escort scrubbed from the internet.

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