Perhaps Vicki’s Bravo Blog Can Clear Up Some Misconceptions



I get it. You guys hate Vicki. I’m not sure why I don’t. You have valid reasons for feeling the way you do. She doesn’t own her mistakes and rarely admits she lied. She’s a flawed person. Her tagline this season is something like “Before you judge me, you better be perfect.” I’m certainly not and I can identify with her flaws. I judge lots of other housewives harshly for probably a lot less.  We all like who we like and dislike who we chose based our own life experiences.

That said, I was disturbed at all the accusations about Vicki in this weeks RHOOC comments. It’s obvious to me that Briana is very sick and the doctors don’t know what is going on. Vicki’s daughter who she loves very much was seriously ill, half way across the country with two young boys and a husband who was unable to provide much help. I don’t understand all the scrutiny surrounding her bringing her kid home.

Maybe Vicki can explain it to you in her Bravo Blog:

Wow, I’m in shock watching tonight’s episode on how Shannon weighs in on my daughter moving back to Orange County. She hadn’t spoken to me in many months when this aired, so how dare her comment anything about Briana and Ryan’s decision to move back to CA. What does she know? Nothing!! What is she talking about “strings attached”? We are a family and we do whatever we can to help one another out. Let’s see how she handles things if one of her daughters moves away, and is extremely sick. Let’s see if her and David assist her and her husband moving to be closer to her and to get better quality healthcare. Every time I hear Shannon weigh in on something that has nothing to do with her, it makes me cringe.

Shannon is going to trash Vicki all season. I’m okay with that. She needs a storyline, and if it is not this it is emasculating her husband or maybe more of the things Shannon sticks up her butt storyline.


To give you more information about my daughter moving back to CA, Briana and Ryan discussed her moving back before he was released, to get closer to me so I could help her out with the kids and also to be closer to her doctors. They wanted to do this prior to his retirement release date so she could get their new home ready and to enroll the boys in pre-school. Ryan has been able to come back every few weeks, and she has gone out there several weeks at a time which has actually worked well for them. He is on the home stretch of getting released which is good news. It’s all working out as they planned.

Interesting that Ryan is still in Oklahoma and that Brianna flies out to Oklahoma to see him. Isn’t she too sick for that?

Their house just sold in Oklahoma, and their home here in the OC is almost ready for them to move in so now all we need is the release date for him.

Wow she really did move home early. I think when you are that sick, you just really want your mama.

Fun times in Mexico!

Fun times in Mexico!

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes for Briana. She’s had really good medical treatment here in California which is a big improvement from where she was. Briana has decided to keep her health issues as private as possible, however we were filming at the height of her health problems and unfortunately the cameras caught some of it. I am respecting her wishes to not disclose everything, so I ask that you respect that as well. One thing you can do is to lift her up in prayer, because that’s the one thing that can be done when you feel helpless as we do.

Wow, it sounds like the might have a diagnosis. And it’s not good.

For those of you that commented last week on social media that Briana drove the whole way back from Oklahoma to California, I want to clarify that and say that couldn’t be farther from the truth. She wanted to start the drive off as she gets extremely car sick, and she wanted me available to help with the kids while she was driving. We have a very close relationship and if there was ever any time where I felt she was not well enough to drive, I would have taken over. We switched off every few hours and our mission was to get her home as fast as we could. The doctors did not approve of her flying, so we did the best we could do under the circumstances. Again, thank you for your concerns and comments, however my daughter is my priority and I would never do anything to put her health in jeopardy.

I know that Vicki is not the perfect daughter, and Briana is far from the perfect daughter, but you have to believe that last part, right?


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141 responses to “Perhaps Vicki’s Bravo Blog Can Clear Up Some Misconceptions

  1. Lindsay

    Shannon is entirely too much. Can they not get anyone else?

    • sjp

      I think Shannon is projecting her anger at David onto Vicky. Shannon’s comments about Brianna were cold hearted and out of line.

  2. Ktwallis

    I would say Shannon is the worst, but Landon is the worst. Not even close.

  3. Coco

    Two things don’t make sense to me about this whole scenario. Why didn’t Vicki call an ambulance to take her daughter to the hospital and why is she rushing back to work when her daughter comes home and is in distress with two busy boys running around. But her daughter is her number one priority?

    • PaganChick

      Vicki hired a home health aid who was there when she and Brianna arrived home with the boys. Vicki drove five minutes to work, picked up some papers and came back home to finish her work day. Apparently, Vicki did call an ambulance en route to the hospital because we see the ambulance take Brianna to the hospital. She then arranged for the two boys to get settled at home with care and left to meet her daughter at the hospital.

      • I rewatched the last 2 episodes to see what you were referring to on the home health aid.

        Brianna’s reference to “Home Health” was “The doctors decided to put a PIC line in my arm to give me IV antibiotics at home with home health (to administer them) for as long as I need.” That’s all Home Health can do is check the PIC line site and administer the IV drugs and any other medical necessities. Not to watch the kids. Insurance will NOT pay for an RN’s services to do anything but this (and they charge a lot) and believe me insurance will know exactly how much time it takes to administer a certain quantity of meds through an IV. Strict records are kept by the RN of what services are rendered.

        Vicki clearly asked Brianna if she had a problem with her leaving her at home alone so she could go to back to work. Brianna’s reaction was just venting in relation to Vicki’s request to go to Kelly’s party and Vicki leaving Brianna home alone with the kids right after she got home from work. Clearly not leaving for just 5 minutes.

        I do have to say that by the 2nd trip to the hospital it is obvious Vicki is becoming painfully aware of that Brianna’s condition is a lot more serious than she thought. And is attempting to step up to the plate on it. Brianna says she’s going to go take a shower and go pick up the kids (before she collapses in to bed sobbing)…tells me that no one was home to help with the kids this time either.

        BUT, the fact that Vicki goes BACK to work “for a 4:00 and then she’s done” after Brianna’s 2nd trip to the hospital – so I’m not buying the 5-minute trip to get paperwork.

        Vicki had a home office once before and I’m sure she didn’t close it to move locations. Instead of setting up her home office and having her secretaries, assistants and/or officer manager bring her everything she needs to work at home is quite surprising to me. Clients are quite understanding of creative appointments when they learn that a family medical emergency has come up.

        Sorry, for the lengthy post.

      • PaganChick

        Observer, I don’t know what you are talking about. I don’t remember the show referencing anything about the Round the clock care aid that Vicki hired. There may have been an assigned health aid from the hospital as well to monitor the pic line, but Bravo clearly edited around the person Vicki specifically hired to look after Brianna. I never said anything about the person being responsible for looking after her kids. And I was referencing two separate occasions. When they first arrived in OC with the boys, there was a health aid hired by Vicki there to help Brianna. It really bugs me that Vicki is getting shit for things that in the real world would be up to Brianna and Ryan to sort out, like arranging child care and health care for Brianna and the kids.

        And will people stop claiming that Brianna was left all alone with her kids? There was a full production crew there. There was also the health care person that Vick hired, and if Observer is correct, there was the aid provided by the hospital to check on her pic line.

      • Nila

        I agree. This is ridiculous. All this speculation on why Brianna didn’t stay in OK or why didn’t they fly or why did Vicki go to work…the truth is, it’s none of our damn business. Vicki stated last week she hired her a nurse and a sitter, end of story. To suggest she bribed Brianna into coming to CA with a house is stupid. Brianna already owned a house and as we have all seen Brianna is a head strong woman, who is married with two children, quite capable of making her own choices. No matter what you think of Vicki, she loves her kids. Shannon was ridiculous with her comments, especially since she was basing them off nothing.

      • I think a lot of this speculation is caused because Vicki has lied so much, many of us simply don’t believe much of anything she says and she has proven to be very self-absorbed we like to point out that flaw in her personality as well.

      • Chloe

        Well said…

      • Sabrina

        I hear your responses but have to say that, given that Brianna came home for health reasons, a number of Vicki’s decision just don’t make sense. These scenes were shot to be on a show, hence they were meant to be seen and commented on.

        My biggest issue is this- the minute someone has trouble breathing , let alone a nurse who has a swollen lymph node issue, you call an ambulance. It is NEVER safe to move someone with trouble breathing by car if you are seeking hospital treatment- if you need an emergency room, you need it now- not when traffic lights and traffic allow a private car to get there. Things happen very quickly in an emergency and breathing issues are vulnerable and may require immediate action. It is never safe for a lay person to decide to drive their own car when there is a serious breathing issue. And if she wasn’t getting in enough oxygen, her thinking wasn’t clear anyway.
        Home health aids are not babysitters. She needed a babysitter for the boys.

      • Alyssa

        It can take up to 9 minutes to get an ambulance. If you are located close to a hospital and also happen to be a nurse, I’m pretty sure you could convince your mom to just drive you. It obviously got worse so they called an ambulance on the way.

        9 minutes is a very long time when you are having breathing issues.

      • Dexter

        Thank goodness you were there to clear things up

      • Sabrina

        I don’t pretend to know the specific time frames involved in getting emergency response care to Vicki’s home or her hospital ; I have no idea what 9 minutes relates to, or where. In general, it is ALWAYS recommended to get medically trained personnel to the scene when breathing issues are involved, and for virtually all emergencies , for that matter. They have resources and knowledge that can save lives that a lay person cannot, which mitigate any time benefit from driving, in saving lives, as the industry perceives it. Also, think of the responsibility the driver is taking on, without the benefit of all the above, if something went wrong. It was a VERY BAD idea for Vicki to drive, rather than calling an ambulance. ( And I am speaking about her sense of personal responsibility, not even touching on legal matters. That is a hornet’s nest)

      • Cat

        A lot of cities have cut the number of 911 operators due to budget cuts. Here, in Kansas City, 99% of 911 calls are put on HOLD.

        Some have waited as long as 17 minutes, just to speak to a 911 operator.

        Most stay on hold, while they drive their loved on to the hospital. Some don’t make it.

        THAT is reality.

  4. Coco

    I think Shannon is obviously still in her feelings from last year and is trying to make Vicki pay for it this year. Shannon really is the worst.

    • Vet

      Shannon acts like Vickie cheated on her!!!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Maybe she’s displacing some of her anger at David onto Vicki?

      • Miguel

        I agree, Yoya – hereafter, anyone who betrays Shannon shares in her wrath for David. Unfortunately, based on next week’s preview, he’s ready to shift the role of the disgusting scumbag (quicker than you can say the word, adulterer) to Vicki.

      • Minky

        I don’t care how much Shannon needs a story line that doesn’t involve ass play. Can’t she pick one where she DOESN’T look like a bitch?

        If she’s gonna have a go at somebody, why can’t it be Meghan? Turn your hose on Meghan, Shannon! That would be television!

      • Miguel

        Yes, please, please, Minky!!!

      • Librarygirl

        No Vicki just lied and used her.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Miguel David is taking what’s being handed to him…a scapegoat in the form of Vicki. Shannon and David are two disgusting people.

    • Vicki dragging all the women into the cancer scam and using them to further her story line was pretty awful and requires more than some blanket sorry/not sorry apology. Frankly, if someone I knew did that to me they would no longer be welcome in my world. These women work together and have to interact but I really don’t see Shannon as being over the top on this. If Vicki had kept her mouth shut about Brooks “cancer” and waited the appropriate amount of time (whatever that may be) to announce that he had suffered through cancer but is now cancer free due to this wonderful juice that you can get through a really nifty MLM called Club Detox, the whole scam may have actually worked. The fact that Vicki started blabbing and then lying was the big downfall in the plot.

      • spunky2015

        Just Mary: I totally agree. Well said.

      • cheychey

        Vicki certainly did not drag anyone into the cancer lie. Those women intruded when asked many times not to involve themselves in the cancer situation. It was surely not any of their business whether he lied about being ill or not. They weren’t adked to participate in any supposed “dr” visits or health care. If your intentions were to solely protect and help your friend and not be judgemental and cruel, then you would be a sounding board when she needs to talk, an eraser of gossip and not creator of one and compassionate person. That lead the way for a friend to confide in you and say I think maybe my boyfriend is lying about cancer when they feel comfortable to do so. Was Vicki’s lying right hell No, but when she figured out he was lying she probably felt like she was too deep in with her protection of him and felt like a fool. Your reaction to a situation is yours. If you choose to react in a vile way because of someone else’s wrong doesn’t that make you just as guilty. What’s worse people who lie or people who judge others and try to punish said lies by gossiping and condemning them for them. I pretty certain that the judgment job is already taken. Apologies were necessary but, she made them. Why try and degrade someone who is supposed to be your friend by requiring her to come out and say exactly what she had done wrong out loud. She acknowledged that she was wrong. Shanon was clearly willing to accept an apology from her husband that cheated on not only his wife but his family. He publicly embarrassed her, he lied about his whereabouts and had the audacity to flaunt his mistress all around the town where his family lived. Yet the lie by someone else’s man should be dealt with as if he committed murder.

      • Briannatozer16

        That whole comment is one giant hypocrisy.

    • Meri

      Shannon is a neurotic and a paranoid person. She takes everything personally and everything is ultimately about her and all sins are committed against her. She is a mess and needs therapy. I don’t enjoy watching someone like this on television and think that she should devote her extra time to getting well instead of appearing on a reality show. I feel sorry for her children. Vicki is who she is and NOTHING that she is doing affects Shannon in any way but because everything is about HER, Shannon is pissed off and complaining. She is treating Vicki worse than Vicki ever treated her and is a bully. Shannon needs to go…she is not entertaining or enjoyable to watch and makes me very uncomfortable. I feel badly that she is apparently mentally ill but I don’t want to watch it.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I agree Meri. Shannon is a very bitter lady. She IS treating Vicki worse than Vicki ever treated her. I think she lacks compassion. I hate to say it but TAMRA has more compassion for Vicki than Shannon does. Tamra believes Vicki lied, but I think she kinda gets that Vicki was also a victim of Brooks. Shannon is not having it.

      • Jules

        Vicki admitted that she laid in the street to prevent Brooks from leaving her. Does that sound like the actions of a woman that was duped and lied to?? I think not.
        I hate to even think it, but how tragically ironic would it be if Briana was diagnosed with Lymphoma- the same disease Brooks and Vicki lied about?!

      • tamaratattles

        You hate to think it, yet you gleefully post it? What is wrong with you people?

      • Well said, Meri! I agree.

      • Matzah60

        I agree with you that Shannon has mental health issues. I don’t think that Vicki was involved in a ‘cancer scam’. I do think Vicki is a liar and doesn’t own any of her bad behavior. Andy started all this crap by dubbing her the OG of the OC. Vicky seems to think that she started this franchise and has made every new housewife go through a living hell on their first season on RHOC. This is the first season that Vicki isn’t calling all the shots or harassing newbies on the show. In fact, the new housewife is currently her only friend.

        I do believe that Vicki is a helicopter mom and has been micromanaging her children’s lives forever, but she is still a very good mother. She is a decade younger than I am and I can safely say I wouldn’t have the fortitude to travel for 20 hours in a car with two toddlers. How can anyone fault her for that????!!!!

        I don’t really care for Vicki in general, but I don’t like it when mothers make judge mental comments on other people’s mothering skills. Shannon’s comment that Vicki was bribing her kids with a house to move back to Orange County was a huge assumption and frankly, none of her business.

    • RL101

      It’s very simple. Vicki engaged others in the cancer lie for a casserole. Meanwhile, bashing Shannon for not being a good friend when Shannon went all out getting appointments for best doctors in town to help SAVE Brooks. Vicki also bashed her own daughter Briana as a sxxt stirrer.

      Vicki hasn’t accepted any accountability. Deny, deny, deny. Vicki is a horrible person for her part. She’s a liar and couldn’t keep all her lies straight. Still no accountability.

      Meanwhile, cancer sufferers believing in the Brooks/Vicki protocol of no sugar, vitamins, and clean diet.

      Shame on Vicki. Bravo Shannon for standing up for the truth.

      • I completely agree RL101. I also think that if you made a rational argument to Shannon about her behaviors, Shannon could absorb that, apologize for real and make necessary adjustments. Vicki is completely unable to accept responsibility for anything negative and wants to twist the entire event around to make herself the victim. I’m still trying figure out if she’s stupid enough to be duped to the extent she wants us to believe she was duped or if she was in on it all from the beginning. Either way I would never do business with her.

      • Cat

        As a cancer survivor, I can tell you that a clean diet and no sugar is important. It is NOT a scam.

  5. Sharon

    As an RN, I know that Brianna’s doctor would have told her that she would be at higher risk for a blood clot if she flew immediately after surgery and with having an active infection. So I believe Vicki is telling the truth in this instance and they did show Vicki driving towards the end of their trip so I assumed they must have switched on and off driving. Vicki does seem to really love her kids and Brianna is lucky she has her help. Briann NBA a looks sick and swollen and wondering if she has an autoimmune condition causing enlarged lymph nodes and as bad as that would be it is better than a Dx of leukemia or lymph ca.

    • I was thinking autoimmune as well…….

    • Amy Lou

      If Brianna winds up with cancer after the whole Brooks cancer scam that would be some kind of karma payback for Vicki – eek. I hope that everything turns out okay.

      • Nila

        I had cervical cancer, I in no way shape or form believe it was caused by karma, not even my mother’s karma.

      • Amy Lou

        That’s not what I meant – what I was saying is that Vicki had all of this fake drama around her boyfriend’s cancer and now she might have a daughter who really has cancer. It’s Vicki’s karma and real pain vs. fake story line – I did not say Brianna has cancer because of karma. And fwiw I lost both my parents plus multiple friends and family members to cancer – my mom was only 48 and I was 23 when she died.

    • Jules

      Another nurses opinion here: long car trips can cause deep vein thrombosis even without having surgery. Doctors usually recommend to avoid all travel if possible in the 6week post op period. Physicians have varying opinions on the safest mode of travel if it’s absolutely necessary- my husband had an emergency open appendectomy while we were on vacation and instead of driving home as planned, the surgeon recommended flying home.

      • tamaratattles

        Wow. Too bad that Brianna, who is a nurse, with her own medical team, didn’t have you to advise her on her method of travel. She was stuck listening to her own doctor who told her to not to fly but to drive and take frequent walking breaks.

  6. JoJoFLL

    I don’t have a problem with Vicki at all. I think she is a good mom.

    I will admit tho that I am not watching. I can’t stand watching Heather, Tamra, Shannon, or Meghan so I’m done with this franchise.

  7. Dandy Lion

    Each person cares in their own way, just because it’s not what we would like it how we expect doesn’t mean that they are a bad mother. Vicki is no saint but I do believe that she loves her daughter and is doing the best she can do within her capability.

  8. Briannatozer16

    I mean Vicki admitted already she was glad they were coming back bc she was lonely. She has serious detachment issues if the lady is laying the the street crying for someone that embarrassed her on national tv and tarnished her image. I’m totally on Shannon’s side. Not saying Briana isn’t sick but there are tons of moms that manage to take care of themselves and their kids their ailments. Not everyone can have their mom purchase a house for them. I also don’t get why Ryan isn’t flying to Briana.. The military is pretty lenient when it comes to family emergencies and sickness. Also, Briana was the one that said “it probably wasn’t a good idea to drive 19hrs while I’m having complications after surgery”….. I feel sorry for both of them. I don’t think Vicki is wrong and I don’t think Shannon is wrong either.

    • Briannatozer16

      And their^

    • Ktina

      You hit the nail on the head. Sure Vicki loves her daughter but that love comes with conditions. Shannon has every right to treat Vicki like the POS she is. How do you give a pass to someone who does something like that?

  9. bella

    I understand people disliking Vicki for the cancer scam last season, but it’s clear that Briana is very sick. For Shannon to make those comments at lunch with Tamara was low. Of course she would want the best team of doctors if any of her 3 daughters were sick.

    • margroc

      Shannon would probably give them a colonic and have her witch doctor wave his hands over them, then to the dentist for jewel encrusted crap in their mouths. Not only is she vile, she’s a loon.

    • Bella. Shannon has found doctors before to help Vicki. She didn’t know the whole story with Brianna anyway. Yes, it was snarky, but has Vicki said and done some terrible things to her too with her classic statement “it’s not all about you Shannon.” Vicki at reunion stated that no one was there for her and even Andy pointed out Shannon was. People have short memories and that is what Vicki is counting on and why all the recent Shannon bashing. Shannon was under the impression that they were real friends, not coworkers. Shannon is a little out there, but not a malicious person IMO.

      • Briannatozer16

        I totally agree. I really don’t get how everyone can hate Bethenny for blaming her childhood on the way she acts but not hate Vicki for always blaming “having a big heart” (aka self gradification) every time she is wrong. It makes noooo sense all the Meghan bashing when she was accused of calling someone out for lying about cancer but to not actually bash the person who admitted to (then retracted) lying about cancer. Lmao. Shannon was looking stupid sticking up for Vicki and then Vicki turned on her in the blink of an eye. I also commend Shannon for not being fake. She tells Vicki how it is to her face. It’s also a double standard for it to be ok for Vicki to let everyone eat shit bc of her feelings w dumbass brooks but it’s not ok for Shannon to be caught up in her marriage and letting it effect her feelings. Clearly she felt betrayed by Vicki at a time when she was also being betrayed by David … They are both suffering but everyone hates Shannon and loves Vicki? Dumb. Shannon’s feelings about Brianas health were said bc she knows Vicki and her caring (self gradification) ways.

      • Miguel

        For the record, I disliked Meghan & her husband from Day 1 – long before Cancergate, Briannatozer16!!!!!!! She was, is, and will never be my cup of tea. I find her vacuous and annoying, is all – not everything is about Vicky!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I can’t stand Shannon, but it doesn’t mean I love Vicki. I think Vicki lied to an extent, but I don’t think she was anywhere near masterminding a cancer scam. I think her motivation for lying was to prevent feeling embarrassed about her situation rather than for financial gain.

  10. PaganChick

    Thank you for this, Tamara. I feel like a Vicki apologist half the time, even though I am anything but. I just happen to understand Vicki’s reactions, or find her entertaining. It doesn’t mean I approve of the way she handles specific events, even if I understand where she is coming from.

    And I totally understand people disliking her. I just don’t understand people investing so much time into hating her that they would accuse her of endangering her daughter’s life for a storyline.

    Brianna is an adult married to another adult. She s perfectly capable of making her own decisions. She and Ryan are perfectly capable of making decisions that benefit their children together.

    So why is the assumption that Vicki should have done something different? Why aren’t people asking about Brianna’s wishes in these circumstances? Why aren’t they asking what Brianna and Ryan agreed to? Obviously, they had a say. Otherwise, why did Brianna film with Tamra sans Vicki last year?

    I guess that is rhetorical, because Bravo has championed the idea that Brianna is still a child, so much that even the things she and her husband happily signed off on are minor to Vicki’s status as a RH. But you, TT, seem to be the only person who realizes that these are not just decisions made by Vicki or Bravo. You get that Brianna and Ryan have a say in how they handle their lives and their children’s lives.

    Thank you for that.

    • Minky

      I guess I’ve been a bit harsh in my criticism of Vicki. My thing is that I have a hard time trusting her after all of the stuff from last season. I would expect any mom to do whatever she has to for her kids. I just can’t erase the image of Vicki as a grifter and/or as Brooks’ co-conspirator last season. It’s tarnished my opinion of her and I’m gonna have a hard time changing my mind about that.

      • Librarygirl

        I have never cared for Vicki. To me she is a loud, obnoxious, overbearing, lying female. At this point I wouldn’t believe anything about Brinna’s health unless it came from someone other than Vicki. This woman should not have been asked to return to the show, but i feel that it is Andy wanting his pound of flesh, because none of the others want anything to do with her.

      • I’ve never liked Vicki on any level and I’ve never found her entertaining, add to that grifter and liar and I don’t see any reason to change my heart about her.

    • And Briana can be rather spoiled and bratty, in my opinion. Her mom loves her, but she allows Briana to dictate quite a bit. Something most moms don’t do. I’m almost positive Vicki is most in love with Briana, maybe because Briana needs her most.

      • Librarygirl

        I agree Marie. Brianna is a chip off the old block. The both of them use each other and then cry when their expectations are not met. However, I do see Brianna’s mental health to be a direct result of her Mom. Vicki has used and abused her daughter since we have watched them. Oh well, they both have tough roads ahead.

      • spunky2015

        Library: Brianna saying her Mom doesn’t call me a fucking bitch anymore was real sad to see. Vicki is one nasty piece of work.

    • Christi

      Thank you for saying this. I like Vicki too and people act like she murdered puppies or something.

      • Having any part in a cancer scam, then refusing to come clean and trying to sweep it all under the rug is worse than killing puppies in my opinion.

      • Sabrina

        Exactly,justanothermary. Vicki continues to see life through only her eyes- and her view is extremely limited. The apologies we have seen have been no such thing- she says, “I’m sorry, let’s move on” and thinks she owes no one answers for her behavior, no promises to change and makeup for it- in her mind it continues to be only about Vicki . Her arrogance is overcome only by her stupidity. She cares not a whit about what they went through trying to help her , to understand as she demanded support she did not deserve, – she has no grasp on how she impacted them, wants it all forgotten without acknowledgement and to move on- with no concern for anyone but herself. She is a pampered prima donna . She neither deserves nor has earned their friendship, care or the concern of any of them. After all the lies and her demands that they blindly support her without questioning facts contrary to every standard she has lived with, she now demands they forget it all.

        Vicki says she wants friends but she fails to be one to anyone- she does not care what she put them through, how little they feel they can trust her after all the lies, and she again demands blind friendship now, with no acknowledgement of her and Brooks actions- she continues to find fault with their desires to protect her from her scam artist liar boyfriend. it is only, always, about Vicki.

      • Matzah60

        It’s interesting that when people who defend Tereresa and state that she didn’t murder anyone as a defense for her crimes are crucified, as they should be, but when people criticize Vicki for her egregious lies, betrayal of friends, bringing a grifter into her home who made salacious comments to her own daughter, these same people are called unforgiving and unkind. Vicki even calls them despicable.

  11. Cat

    I’ve always liked Vicki, but I try not to voice that opinion these days. I’m tired of the lectures from the haters.

    Briana’s condition sounds serious. Hopefully, she will be OK. And maybe, this will make her appreciate her mom a little more.

    • oh Sheila! you a good Judy

      i agree with you Cat–on all fronts!

    • Miguel

      I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again – #team Vicky all the way! I’d take 10 lying Vickys over any one of the other mewling and puking RHOOC, any day!!!

    • Sali

      Vicki annoys me, yet I hold a soft spot for her. It might be her genuine love for her family. I do think she did a lot of what she did with Brooks because she was in love with him. Not rational, but I can see it happening that way.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I agree Sali. I don’t “like” Vicki really, but I think her motivations were not malicious. She wanted to save face, not perpetuate a cancer scam for financial gain.

  12. oh Sheila! you a good Judy

    i don’t hate Vicki !! out of the motley lot of RHOC women, she is the best! if she leaves the show, so do i. that’s all (spoken in me best RuPaul voice).

  13. therealdeb

    I love to dislike Vickie, she is so fucking needy and always has been. She must be adored by everyone and serious self esteem issues and is obsessed with money. I do admire her work ethic, she is a hustler from the word go and that is great, and her love for her family is very obvious. I think we all should remember the time Vickie “bought” her daughter a mercedes, and then she had to make the payment, to me that isn’t a gift, not in the true sense of the word. I dispise Shannon and cannot wait until next week when her ass gets handed to her. I feel for Vickie, she was scammed by Brooks for a long time, he was a totally douche’ yet she needs to be loved so much that it blinds her to the scams. i actually feel very sorry for her.

    • SJ

      Thanks TT for your insights. Vickie’s helicopter approach to parenting is a real button pusher for me. (Vickie also spanking her assistant with a spoon keeps playing in my head over and over sometimes) (I had some really bad work situations).

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I agree that was not a nice gift. Vicki got to pick Brianna’s car, but Brianna had to pay for it? Wtf? But maybe Brianna had wanted to lease that car, and Vicki put the down payment and had it all arranged, who knows.

    • Vicki is a scammer too. Vicki told Briana and Shannon that Brooks was deathly ill after a treatment and Vicki called Dr. DuBrow who called a colleague who then went to Vicki’s to give Brooks an IV.

      All this for a casserole. Nope. She was part of the cancer scam. All for her love tank needs to get filled. Ugh.

      Never would I buy insurance from Vicki. Never. I’m surprised her business is not hurt by her sham. Vicki is greedy. Many balls juggling. Wine, Vodka (lawsuit), vitamins, and stinky perfume. All for more $$$.

      • She has stated that her businesses WERE hurt by the scam. She has said that she has to rebuild Coto Insurance after last season. Maybe that’s why she has to go to work when Briana needs her so badly.

      • I think the damage done to her business is why she co-founded “Kill All Cancer”. They are trying to get non-profit charity status but the web site was really a link to her insurance business. I’ve seen a lot of different places trying to sell “cancer insurance”. Maybe Vicki saw that as a way to keep the cash flowing.

      • Difficult for me to believe Vicki’s Insurance Business suffered and how that translates to $$. First, Vicki is a liar. Enough said. But I wouldn’t be surprised that the insurance business didn’t grow as much as she liked but not likely for just the cancer-gate but perhaps all the ‘failed new businesses’.

  14. Jane

    My problem is how Bravo has milked the sick story over several series and over several years. Unfortunately, Brianna is the victim of all the crying wolf. As for Vicki, I was done after the cancer cure scam. The woman sells insurance, for God’s sake. She would have resources to investigate health claims.

    • Elizabeth

      I agree Jane…..just when I am about to like Vicki again, I’m reminded that she def. had the resources to check out everything to do with Brooks. Plus, as a cancer survivor the whole thing was so beyond awful. BUT Vicki really has a problem with men…..more to that story I am sure of…Although I did like Don..

    • Librarygirl

      At this point is can justifiably wonder if this not another illness by Bravo, meant to redeem Vicki. That whole ambulance scene was such a set up. Of course Tam calls it a gift from God that Ryan’s daughter’s Mom would show up at the opportune moment to get her a paycheck.

    • Happygal

      Vicki would not have any more access to Brooks medical records than anyone else due to HIPPA laws regardless of her being in the insurance business or not. Her accessing them would be a felony.

      • Dexter

        No. You forget Vicki had all of his records and kept them
        In a big binder all color coded and tabbed. Oh wait. She admits she was lying about that.

    • There was no “cancer cure scam”. SHOW ME where she ever said that Club Detox cures cancer. I’ll wait.

      See, this is a good example of how people comfabulate things in order to feed their confirmation bias.

      • The Club Detox site does have Vicki and Brooks on their web site with their testimonials and has claimed to be able to cure many diseases with the healthy lifestyle they promote.

      • Swizzle

        Vicki said many times that the juice and the BS recipes she posted would starve the cancer and cure many other illnesses like MS and diabetes. Total BS, but the FDA doesn’t regulate what claims people make on social media. That should change.

      • She described the theory of what the juice detox would hopefully achieve. That is a far cry from saying, “THIS JUICE CURES CANCER!” which is what people here are claiming.

    • margroc

      It would absolutely never even cross my mind to investigate my loved ones’ cancer claim. That is all kinds of f-up’d

  15. Happygal

    I like Vicki. I think she believed Brooks and at some point she may have suspected he was lying but probably will not even admit it to herself because that would mean he never really loved her and was just using her

    However Brooks has nothing to do with her love for her kids. She is a good mom and is trying to do all she knows how to get Brianna help. For Shannon to suggest otherwise is sick and evil. She can forgive David for his long term affair but not Vicki for what – perhaps lying about what she knew when about Brooks lying to her?

    Meanwhile all of the ladies are aware Vicki admitting to much of anything about Brooks would have big implications on her business and unlike Shannon and high and mighty Heather and Meagen – Vickie is her sole financial support system since she did not marry rich!

    vickie is so insecure and so desperate for love she very well may have been sucked Into Brooks scam at some point when it was too late to turn back – you think they might have some compassion for her as I’m sure they are well aware of her insecurities but Nooooooo they continue to judge her and rather than just try to move past it and say thank God I have a good man in my life and try to build her up as her friend they keep trying to Tear her down even more .

    • Librarygirl

      It appears that Vicki’s cast mates have been understanding of the conundrum that is Vicki for many seasons. They have lost all of that in the face of lies and decptrion. Ugggh

      • Hmmmm you mean like Tamara is tired of her – the same Tamara that encouraged her grown son go basically rape her drunken cast mate Gretchen on TV and accused same of faking her engagement to her dying finace? Or maybe Shannon the pillar or the community who has pimped out her kids wellbeing for fame while showcasing her husbands infidelity to the world so that her children’s class mates can make fun of her? Or perhaps you are referring to Meagan who met her husband while he was still married to someone else – that is not deceptive in the least. Or maybe the kind hearted Heather who constantly complains that Terry works too much all the while shopping for four different types of ice makers and building a 30 million dollar boutique hotel yet to be moved into and claiming endlessly that it is Terry that wants the big house – deception much there – the man is never going to be home to even enjoy it!!

        They ALL have been guilty of many deceptions and most have forgiven each other and moved along but they are trying to push Vickie out and it sucks. They aren’t any better than she is. There ‘mistakes’ are not any less forgivable – it is what is – nobody is perfect – she said she is sorry – let it go – forgive her. That is what friends do – they forgive each other.

      • tamaratattles

        Tamra is on a TV show. Tamara owns this site.

      • Happygal

        So sorry TT !!

      • Miguel

        Well-said, happygal 😉

      • Minky

        At this point you can just go ahead and assume Tamra’s identity TT. Apply for credit cards and loans in her name. Who would know? 😜

    • Dexter

      He has nothing to do with her love for her kids – except she chose him over her kids. She loved him more than her kids.

  16. kkbella

    I come from a family that believes in living in the same area for ALL the generations. Sunday dinners! We go out in the world, but it serves us to come back. My grandmothers were my “nannies”. My grandparents took me around the world, paid/took me to music and riding lessons, assisted with college, etc. I spent time in the garden with them. My children did the same with my parents. Now I drive 10 hrs a month to go and care for our first grandchild, and stay in the guest room away from my husband and our life 2x a month. Their careers are going to make it tough to come back, but we will figure it out. Children should have interaction with extended family.
    Who is Brianna’s support group outside of Ca, with 2 boys under 4, sick or not? I realize there are many out there who do it solo, but I ask, how fucked up is your thinking that a grandmother should not be a part of your family, (make it a priority) or that a grown daughter shouldn’t rely on or expect her mother ‘s help?

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I agree kkbella, Brianna and Ryan had no family out there, and found it hard to even make friends. I wouldn’t want to be out there alone and sick.

  17. kkbella

    I am not knowledgable at all on thyroid related issues. Isn’t that what Brianna has? Except her wound won’t heal; is that a complication? I don’t want to start a shit storm of speculation (!) , but if anyone can shed light on what her health issue is, that would be appreciated. At least to the point of filming. I realize she may not want any new stuff flung on the Internet.

    • Sabrina

      She said years ago she had many lymph nodes swollen in her neck, and the surgery was to biopsy and remove some of them. They seemed to expect a cancer diagnosis but didn’t get one in the biopsy.

      This time the surgery was on her leg but it became infected and she was not feeling well , so she said she was returning to Calif. to see her old doctors. This week the statement was she had swollen lymph nodes pressing on her lungs which were impacting her breathing. I think they also said she had swollen lymph nodes in many places but no diagnosis for them. There are two primary diseases , each of which could be diagnosed by biopsies, which would have explained this, were it a usual case, and treatment would have started after the surgery years ago, or at least now, had that been the diagnosis. So they are dealing with something rare, and clearly have brought in specialists to help determine what the problem is.

      A poster earlier interpreted, and it does sound like, they have now got a diagnosis Brianna chooses not to release. Vicki asked for prayers which seems to imply it is not good, but we all ask for prayers with illness, so hopefully she recovers quickly and is well soon. I know we all hope Brianna is well and back to feeling good quickly.

  18. Karenn

    Shannon’s comments regarding Brianna and the “strings attached” reasoning for moving back made me sick.(no pun intended). She made that bitch comment either before or without even saying “gee, I hope she will be ok or recovery quickly”. Who know what they edit out, but a normal, non-narcissistic like person would have said that as well as questioned “how are the kids? Will Ryan be able to come and help? Does Vicki have help balancing this shit show?” But, no.

    My theory s that being Shannon is such a Medical expert wannabe, as well as a nosey, meddling and board woman….that by not being on speaking terms with Vicki it was killing her that she couldn’t pull out any of her crap theories about yeast gut or the need for a home colonic for Brianna. Instead of being able to spout off her list of prominent physicians she “knows personality” she had to sit there, stewing in her own yeasty shit, leaving her with the only thing she could think to say which was to accuse Vicki of using strings attached to get her family home. Shame on her. The only strings Shannon should concern herself with are the puppet kind she maneuvers her husband with.

  19. Swizzle

    Ditto. I’ve disliked Vicki for years and the cancer scam was the final straw for me. She’s a loud, obnoxious, narcissistic, closed-minded woman. I just have no interest in watching her. I do wish Brianna good health. Sounds like she’s having a crappy journey.

    • Felt bad for Brianna at reunion when she happily said that Vicki doesn’t call her a f-ing bitch anymore. What mother does that. That scene in OK where they were sitting outside and got into it and then went into house to avoid cameras, but mikes were still on, showed me what a nasty women Vicki can be. Like or dislike Brianna, she wanted Vicki to wake up before Vicki lost everything dear to that grifter. Men come and go, daughter is forever if you’re lucky.

  20. I think Brianna is a whole lot sicker than we know and that’s why Vicki brought her back home. I’m sure there are great medical institutions in Oklahoma, but OC is where Brianna’s original doctors were, and if she has to have any kind of treatment that will make it hard to take care of the boys, it will be a lot easier to do it with her mom there to run interference for her. It would probably be even easier if Brianna and her family just moved in with Vicki until she’s better, but maybe that’s a little too close for comfort. Wishing Brianna a full recovery – she looked so miserable in the last episode. Being really sick is hard enough, but when you have two extremely active little boys to take care of as well, it has to be exhausting. Hope she has someone to take care of them when Vicki’s at work – there’s no way she can do it all right now. Anyway, best wishes, Brianna. Hope you’re doing a whole lot better.

  21. Lisa j

    Vicki loves her daughter and Brianna loves Vicki. Is it healthy? Probably no more or less than anyone of us on here relationship with our mothers. I think that’s a no-no to go their. The mother child bond is the most complicated relationship in the world. Everyone wants to be loved, what is wrong with that? These are ADULTS we are discussing not children.
    Shannon is projecting and she may be right about the dynamic between Vicki and Brianna. I wouldn’t be surprised. Karma seems to come quickly these days.

  22. Laura

    Here’s the thing Vicki can be both a liar when it comes to Brook’s cancer scam (Vicki was pushing a lot of detox ‘treatments’ last season with Brook’s, which is perpetuating a fraud.) and a concerned mom with Briana’s illness. I don’t think there is anything at all shady about Brianna going home because she is sick. In OK she had no support system, admitted making friends was hard because of the show. She needed some support. She turned to her mom, I would.

    But it is also okay for the women who were smeared and in some cases lied about by Vicki (Heather/Terry and Shannon) and they were all accused by her of not supporting and bringing her a casserole, to want a genuine appology from her and admit that she was wrong. If I were her ‘friend’ on the show I would never trust her again. I think Vicki is a con artist who got involved in to big a con last year.

    • Vicki was not “pushing a lot of detox treatments last season”. Funny how people remember things that never happened. There was ONE very short scene where she and Brooks met with that Club Detox woman to discuss what it was about. That does not constitute “pushing a lot of treatments”.

      The other women were not smeared or lied about by Vicki. She said they weren’t supportive. That’s true. They weren’t! If any of them looked bad, they did it to themselves. For example, no one forced Meghan to play internet detective and go hunt down Brooks’s exes attempting to dig up dirt, she did that on her own. And she looked very bad indeed.

      • Briannatozer16

        Whatever you’re smoking can you pass it down….

        They played scenes from Vicki lying and changing her story over and over again. Lol.. She lied to the ladies on Brooks’ behalf multiple times. that’s why they are mad at her… Ya know “boyfriends are temporary and friends last a lifetime” well.. Vicki treated them the other way around lol.

      • Laura

        There were more than one scene with different alternative medicine people and at least TWO scenes with club detox. One in an office talking about a coffee enema and a ‘earth grounding scene’ and even if it was only scene, Vicki was promoting and getting PAID for a alternative ‘treatment’ for Brooks’ cancer that DIDNT EXIST, that is fraud and it’s disgusting. I don’t if she only did it once, it was low and disgusting. And it shows her character and I believe 100% she knew Brooks didn’t have cancer, and didn’t care it was gonna get her sympathy from her friends and make her money a win win for Vicki.

        Oh and didn’t lie about her cast mates? What about the whole ‘I called Heather and Terry came over in the middle of the night and Brooks an IV’ lie.

        You can like Vicki all you want, but there is no denying she’s a liar and a fraud.

      • Minky

        I think that the reason the audience didn’t get to see more of “Club Detox” and Vicki’s shilling is because the other Wives pretty much put the kibosh on that straight out of the gate. It seems to have been a concerted effort with just about every other cast member involved, as well as Vicki’s own daughter.

        Brianna kept reiterating that there were a lot of things having to do with Brooks and Vicki that she was very concerned about that didn’t ever make it to the show. One can only imagine what that might have been. All Vicki ever sees is dollar signs. Brianna was livid for a reason. She turned to an outside party (Tamra of all people) for a reason. I believe it was because she was desperate to steer her mother away from a path that might have very well ended in some serious trouble for Vicki if she had kept going with Brooks. We’ll probably never really know why. It just seems like Club Detox was the very tip of the iceberg.

        In regard to Brianna’s illness: The danger here is that because Vicki was probably lying for Brooks all along, then people might worry that Vicki’s taking advantage of her daughter’s poor health to secure a story line for herself in the show and rehabilitate her image. I’m not saying she is. I actually believe that she isn’t doing that. But she definitely hit an all time low, even for herself, and set a precedent for calculating, nasty behavior last season.

      • Sabrina

        Agreed. And, Vicki has a tendency to inflate what facts she does know to such a degree that they often come across a crises, whether or not they are in fact . The level of hyperbole adds to the doubts- everything is a crisis she can’t handle- and they are all about her, and her emotional reaction , instead of factually relaying the medical news. An ability to separate one from the other would enhance her credibility quite a bit. But after the last experience, why would anyone who considered herself a friend and was 1) trying to help by getting docs, for example, and 2) then hearing stories that made no sense, who was then3) treated with hostility for asking questions after getting involved, and 4)deemed a bad friend while denied information, and subsequently 5) received a one word apology with an expectation that all would be forgotten and forgiven with no true effort to acknowledge either the friendly help offered and mistreated.

        This isn’t friendship. It is selfish mistreatment of supposed friends .

  23. btw, Tamara I am trying to like Vicki. I actually came back to watching the show because she was so nice to Shannon last year and stood by her side – something totally unlike anything I had seen of Vicki in previous years.

    But then when things started coming to light about Brooks…the way she reacted at first (the night Shannon and David went to dinner with them), I could even understand that reaction. Her last ray of hope in Shannon was faltering and she was afraid her bubble of happiness was getting ready to pop. Even tried to cut her slack because of losing her mother. But some things you just don’t say no matter what, and she went there.

    Anyway – watching to see how Vicki handles herself this season. If she goes back to the screaming insane person, I’m out again.

  24. Kim

    I like Vicki too. Obviously most of her recent hate still stems from Brooks. Yes, he was a dbag but shes moved on. I’m completely over the Bravo exploitation of fake illnesses. Shannon I can do without. Vicki owes her nothing. I don’t buy her perfect marriage story BS now. I feel it’s only a matter of time before Shannon’s husband is willing to chew his own arm off to be free of her. Not cool how Shannon didn’t show much concern for Briana. I think she got some sort of cross contamination in OK & probably chose to get her to better known specialists in California, where Vicki was better able to care for her & support her more with the boys. I’m hoping Shannon sniping Vicki isn’t her whole storyline this season. *eye-roll*

  25. BlaseBlase

    I cannot stand Shannon! This little shifting of friendships & alliances is ridiculous! Why is she on the show? Why do her frickin’ eyes bother me?! She is always looking at someone with “judgy eyes” I about laughed my butt off when her husband, David gave her that ugly necklace as a gift at dinner! The look on her face “What in hell is this?!” He looked so proud of his gift! LOL!

  26. Shae

    As much I don’t particularly care for Vicki, I would never doubt her love and care for her daughter. She is reckless with herself, in relation to shitty men, but I don’t believe for a second she would jeopardize her daughter’s health. I’m sure she’s being honest in that they did what they did for Briana and her family’s benefit.

  27. Shae

    Also, I love Shannon, but she was out of line suggesting Vicki was bringing Briana home, separating her from her husband, for manipulative reasons. I get it, when you think a woman colluded and lied with her ex on a cancer scare, you probably don’t put much past her, but I see her family as different.

    I think Vicki knew and lied to protect Brooks, but I don’t think she’s behaving the same shady way re: her family.

    • swizzle

      I think Shannon is spot on with why Brianna moved when she did and why Vicki bought them the house. I had the same thought when I saw Brianna moving at such an inopportune time. I also always believe that production is in the ears of the cast whispering shit to get them riled up (yes, I love UnReal). I wonder if someone from production told Shannon that Vicki bought Brianna a house in the OC with the understanding that she would move in time to film this season. I’m sure Brianna wanted to come home, but I bet the timing was related to filming. Why else would she drive 20 hours after surgery with an infection in her leg? She should have at least recovered from that surgery and cleared up that infection before traveling. She’s clearly been healthy enough at times to travel back and forth to OKC since then to see Ryan. I like Brianna, so I wish her much happiness and good health. I know how hard it is to have a narcissistic mother, so I feel her anguish.

  28. Spot on as usual TT. You’ve summed up my Vicki feelings much better than I can…and in the past also how I feel about Brianna.

  29. Chloe

    I think we do tend to question Vicky after the whole Brooks debacle, and still her unwillingness to take responsibility for her involvement. She apologizes but then says she believed Brooks and accuses the girls of being non-supportive. One minute she says she was duped by Brooks and the next, that he didn’t have cancer.

    I have to say that if I lived in OK, I would be a little offended by all of Vicky’s trash talk and criticizing the medical care.

  30. Chloe

    One thing I’d never question though is her love for her kids…

  31. I think Vicki is a woman who has never felt love, or enough love, she equates providing financial things as love, as she has shown since the beginning. I feel she was swindled by Brooks for the most part and had a hard time accepting what a monster he was until it was proven in black and white to her. I guess, if that were to happen to me, I would hope my “friends” would show me empathy and support and not be vindictive and bitter.
    When she apologized to Tamra, I felt she was sincere. Tamra of all people would not know a sincere apology.
    Having been a military wife, I can attest to not always getting the best medical care. The military makes it known you are not priority. Briana, has always come off as entitled to me, but yes some of that is on her mom. But, as much as she complained about her mom. her mom is the one she wants around when she needs help. With two active little ones ,and an impending military discharge, I don’t blame her one bit for wanting to go “home”.
    Plus, with editing, I take some of the timing of footage to be questionable.
    Loving that Kelly is comic relief with Vicki

  32. Deirdre

    Vicki is addicted to being on the show, she needed an ally/story line not connected to all the other cast members distrust of her, Brianna needed a way out of OK and help with her kids, and Ryan needed a lifestyle post military.

    OT but really military can retire with lifelong pay packages at his age?

    PS I like Vicki

    • my speculation exactly..unless he is medically retiring..that’s the only thing that makes sense.

    • Laura

      My ex retired at 28 after 10 years in the service with great benefits. When you decide not to ‘re-up’ your contract in the military they call it retirement. You can usually do it at 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years.

      If the military chooses to not ‘re-up’ your contract they call it discharged (with different terms depending on if they are kicking you out for a reason or for budget cuts).

      They could also be medically retiring him too. But he’s been in long enough to qualify for normal retirement too.

      • spunky2015

        Laura: You have to have active military service a minimum of 20 years before you can collect a pension with health benefits. Believe you can qualify for GI Bill after 4 years of service. Medical discharge I’m not sure on Ryan’s case. With your statement this country would be bankrupt paying out benefits for a minimal amount of time. 😃

      • TAT

        Thank you. Yes. You do not retire after 3, 5, 77, etc years. You retire at 20. And no, Ruan hasn’t been in long enough to retire under normal rules but it sounds very much like he is asking to be medically retired/disability. The benefits are “great” until you have to use them for specialist care and they are getting “greater” as Tricare becomes the arbitration arm of your healthcare.

  33. Sam

    I can’t believe half the things I’m reading here. Yes, TT, it’s clear that Vicki loves her children. These people obsessed over a likely scripted “cancer scam” – it’s just nuts. They didn’t start a Go Fund Me page, for gods sake. I don’t get the hate, at all. It was pretty clear from jump that Brooks is a creep. The whole thing was stupid and overwrought and has pretty well ruined the entire franchise for me. Particularly since Bravo is still pushing health issues as story lines. Ugh.

    ericzu is the only sane person commenting on this whole thing, in my humble little opinion. And with that, can’t Cancergate just fucking die already?

    • Laura

      I think it would die if Vicki would own her part in it. I don’t care that they didn’t start a go find me account. They used a national platform to talk about and push alternative ‘treatments’ for a man that was NEVER sick. And Vicki is just as culpable in it as Brooks was. People who were sitting at home actually suffering maybe dying from cancer might have looked at what they were selling and thought ‘I need to try that it helps Brooks’ and that is disgusting and wrong.
      She needs to own what she did and apologize for her role in it. With no caviates , just ‘I’m sorry for everything I did’. Then ‘cancergate’ can end.

  34. SJ

    I have very successful in business women friends who do the same thing Vickie has. They find men who just don’t treat them well. Vickie’s first husband abused her, Brooks scammed her and Don just wanted to work in the garden and not work hard at filling her Love Tank. I wish everyone could find the person that suits them. I think the younger generation of women have found a better balance at that than the over 60 club that I belong to. It is OK to be both successful and part of a loving partnership. I hope Vickie finds it.

  35. TAT

    Promoting an alternative treatment is t fraud. There are thousands out there. I challenge anyone to show where Vicki said or implied it cured cancer. Many cancer patients try multiple alternative health treatments concurrent to standard medicine. Not fraud. Many alternative treatments actually help you in a secondary way by getting you into a more healthy lifestyle. Giving up x, y and z while taking in vitamins, minerals, distressing, etc. I am very much ambivalent about Vicki at times. The over the top who-hood pluck my nerves. But bottom line is that nothing she did impacted these idiots so significantly that they get some righteous hall pass to act like cunts. And Brianna is a brat and her statements are designed to get the most bang for the much. Notice how she did the pitiful little me act with her comment that asking her Mom to stay wouldn’t have done any good? Trust me, Brianna holds her own. And says just enough to get the planned reaction. And whoever said Vicki has used and abused her for years is stretching it.

    • JDog007

      AMEN to every little morsel of your post.
      Vicki’s yelling in that midwestern accent makes me want to pluck my cochlea out with tweezers.
      Alternative treatments do have impactful secondary benies in terms of the broader self-care, if nothing more.
      None of the others were impacted, meaningfully, by Brooks in any way. In fact, with the attention the whole thing got, they may well have benefitted from the storyline-Especially Megan, ’cause who the fuck cared about her personal story anyway? Hell, Bravo even helped circle the cancer story around to Heather and Terry’s dopey QVC/resveratrol goo.
      Briana on my TV is a sure way to get me to save on my electricity bill-Sucker goes right off. When she outed her mother’s very very very personal marital business with Don, while teaming up with Tamra at a reunion, that was it for me. What kind of codependant freak show was that? And defending her husband’s complete lowlife behavior toward’s Lydia’s mother? Holy moly-Just, no. Briana can have her privacy, I’ll be ever so greatful.

      • Sandra

        Thank you. I was wondering if anyone was going to touch on that one point: Briana’s disloyalty to her mother. That has always been a sore spot for me in this whole Vicki/Brooks storyline.

        To each his own but, I don’t get the hate directed towards Vicki as it relates to this lie. The venting I get. Hate, no. I certainly don’t condone lying but, come on – lies are par for the course on these shows. All of these housewives lie and have been deceptive at some point – most of them heinously so. Vicki is in good company on that front, lol Holding against her that we believe she lied about someone else’s diagnosis is like throwing the baby out with the bath water. No one really knows all the facts surrounding if, how or even when she knew. Frankly, I don’t care anymore. She didn’t scam anyone out of money, she did nothing to personally harm a castmate so, I am over cancergate. Disappointed yes, but I certainly am not ready to burn Vicki at the stake over Brook’s behind when the only harm she did was to herself and her own livelihood. There are plenty of disgusting things to shake a stick at on this show. ALL of these shows.

        What I can’t move past however is a grown child who goes against her mother on national TV for the world to see…. and with a bunch of nasty hens who genuinely want to take each down for their own personal reasons depending on the season. These women change alliances like they change their underwear – sometimes simply for lack of a storyline of their own. Brianna’s behavior in this regard wasTOTALLY unacceptable to me and I don’t give a freak what her reasons were. I thought it was disgusting and unforgivable and the ultimate betrayal in my book. How must that have made Vicki feel? Your own daughter? I know I would expect a daughter to have my back as I would my mom, against any and especially these pirannahs (sp?) even if I had to speak my mind about it in private. Nothing comes before family when you know in your heart they love and want the best for you – even if your relationship needs work. It’s your last line of defense. Where do you go after that? Vicki is not so horrible that she doesn’t deserve her daughters loyalty. This is the “crime” in this whole debacle that stands head and shoulders above everything, imo.

        I don’t have kids yet so, outside of my own beautiful mother I have no other reference. THIS though, convinces me a mothers love is the greatest love of all. I don’t know if I could come back from that. I would still love her but, I couldn’t get over that. That alone makes me root for Vicki. I “ain’t” mad at her. Sorry for the rant. Lol.

      • Briannatozer16

        When you know someone personally that is batteling or died from cancer is a slap in the face for someone to repeatedly lie for a casserole and sympathy. I don’t think the ladies are mad so much about the lie but about the way it was handled. If Vicki had just said “look I don’t know exactly ladies but I will sit down with brooks and see how we can support him and see what help he really needs” that’s one thing but to lie and drag other people into a lie is nasty. Then, to float between admitting to lying and wanting sympathy for being taken advantage of by a con artist but yet not wanting that con-artist to leave you and cry “in the middle of the street” for them to stay is bananas. If Vicki can’t recognize health fraud in her own house then I’d seriously wonder about her business. To all those saying he didn’t steal money or anything .. How do you know he was financially scamming Vicki? If not he was a horrible “con-artist”.

        I agree with whoever said Ryan is a a loser. What he did to Lydia’s mum was soooooo crazy to me. Then to see Briana back him up made me scared for her. The apple usually doesn’t fall far from the tree and if Ryan was so willing to call out brooks to Vicki and deflect from himself I wonder what goes on in Briana’s household.

  36. Sam

    Wow, it only got dumber after I left. Jesus, people. Caviates? Ok.

    It’s official, I hate this show now. I’m starting to hate the type of people that feed off shit like this even more.

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