The Judge Has Signed Off On Bethenny Frankel’s Divorce

RHONY bethenny new hair

Everything Bethenny Frankel experiences is the worst scenario ever, from fibroids, to childhood issues and her divorce, Bethenny has the worst possible situation. The nearly four year battle has come to an end and the divorce has been finalized.

It was very much a war of the roses when Jason and Bethenny both refused to leave the apartment that Bethenny designed while married to Jason.  I envision tape on the floors marking their territory kinds of crazy going on in that apartment. While most of the terms of the divorce are not being disclosed to the public, it is clear that the apartment is going to be sold. Jason finally moved out at the end of June.  She immediately went in and began staging the apartment for sale making it clear that an agreement had been reached by the couple.  The judge signed off on the agreement today.

RHONY Bethenny Vegas
Bethenny is in Vegas celebrating with her man, and oddly retweeting someone who suggests using Bethenny’s book about relationships to get their man back in their lives.  I do not understand anyone buying a book on relationships from this woman. The world is full of idiots.

She also posted the above photo of her by the pool. It has to be hot as HELL in Vegas right now. Who goes there in July?



Jason’s attorney Bernard Clair gave the following statement,”Jason is thrilled that this chapter of his life is over; he is extremely pleased with the settlement that was reached. Jason looks forward to the future and enjoying that time privately with family, friends and most important to him, his daughter.”

But you know he was screaming FREE AT LAST! somewhere.


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53 responses to “The Judge Has Signed Off On Bethenny Frankel’s Divorce

  1. This is awesome!

    I’ve gone back and forth with Bethenny…she is vile one season…then 8 seasons later..she is vulnerable..(last season) and this season ..she seems to be enjoying her head spinning techniques..

    Bethenny has an awesome life…I don’t know why she is so bitchy..unsupportive or encouraging to others…she has everything she wants (til her list changes)…her little girl…and being the devil spawn on RHONY..

    She has business and books…and treats…etc…

    what is she going to bitch about…she will find something..cuz she had all of this..before her divorce.

  2. Johnny

    I hope details of his settlement leak. I’m guessing “thrilled” = a not so skinny-sized pay-off.

  3. CupcakeScholar

    I like watching all that crazy that Bethenny brings but I don’t like it when she is abusive and those around her condone her poor behavior. Why doesn’t anyone stand up to her and tell her when she is out of order?

  4. I have a feeling that the new man in her life has something to do with her agreeing to finally settle.

    Either she is actually happy with this new guy and she says, screw it and let’s get on with my life, it’s not worth it anymore. Or since he is going through a divorce, she doesn’t want to appear as big a bitch as his soon to be ex wife is.

    Either way, Congrats! to Bethenny and Jason.

  5. Minky

    Well, judging by the picture it looks like she’s one of about 2 or 3 people at the pool. God I hate hot weather. Like the devil hates holy water.

  6. KatCall

    I can hear “ding dong the witch is dead” blasting in the background. Congratulations Jason! At long last!

  7. Happygal

    We all see the ring on her boney finger that she is prominently displaying in an ackward pose.

    And she is really something criticizing Jules when you can clealy see she is under weight in this pic herself with her ribs showing. I don’t body shame anyone but how hypocritical of her when she is claims Jules brings up her moms issues – if anything Jules is bringing up HER issues with food.

    • Sometimes, you’re the last person to realize how you really look. I grew up as the tallest kid in my class in elementary school and was so skinny throughout high school that my nickname was Olive Oyl. Many years later, I was running to a school function with another mother and she made a comment about me not keeping up because of my short legs. It was only then that I realized I’d gone from tall (5’5″ at age 10) and skinny to short (still only 5’5″) and fat. I call it the “WTF? Syndrome”! Bethenny apparently sees herself as much bigger and curvier than she is, without realizing she, Carole and Jules are all very similar in size. She needs to shut up with the weight and anorexia comments and just live her own life.

      • You are so right. They all weigh about 90 pounds I reckon! lmaoo

      • Minky

        Bethenny knows she’s tiny. The way she deals with the thinness issue is disturbing. Posing in your 4-year-old’s pajamas is just weird. In the pool pic above she looks like she’s had ribs removed. I’m not saying she has. But that’s how small her waist looks. It’s the same width as her head.

      • Yes, how dare Bethenny and Carole comment on the topic that Jules brings up again and again and again!

      • Minky

        How dare Bethenny and Carole make fun of someone with an illness, whether physical or mental, period. I don’t care if Jules has talked about it a lot.

        If Jules had a mental health issue (which ED’s basically are) that’s weighing heavily on her mind to the point she’s obsessing about it and talking about it a lot, that still wouldn’t mean that it’s open season on her.

        Add to the mix that Jules’ marriage was en route to its demise during filming, and her gnarly vagina injury, her husband being a massive jerk and cheating on her, and her first time around on the reality TV tilt-o-whirl. They need to cool it and stop being a couple of miserable hyenas.

    • Candymule


  8. Lisa j

    I’m just waiting for the whirling house to fall on her.

  9. Lawstangel

    It’s about time! I used to be a fan, but her behavior, eventually became too much. I’ve never liked the truth cannons (Ramona) that think they can say anything that is “true” as long as they are telling the truth. I’ve listened to her show a couple of times in the car, never for more than 10 mins. or so…….she just is not my cup of tea. Good luck to Jason!
    I hope Bryn remains relatively unscathed by all of this.

  10. Rose

    I still say poor Brynne. Jason is definitely singing.

  11. JustJenn

    Her hands freak me out., they look like they should be featured on Halloween decorations everywhere.

  12. Just Saying

    I know I’m one of the few Bethany fans here but I’m def not a fan of Jason. He was verbally abusive to her on their ever after show and I just felt some bad vibes off of him. I hope their daughter will continue to be a priority and they don’t use her to hurt each other

    • Katherine 2.0

      I think many of us are/were Bethenny fans. Just not this season.

      • CheleyLee

        Her Ego is so enormous & I never want to see that unprofessional, Mousey “shrink” of hers again. His approach was whack. My grandmother had better advice than him.

    • I think he was a bad man too JustSaying. Leaving every light on always to jack up her bills! What a bitch move. Hopefully he saved tons of money while he squatted in her apartment. Even the judge deemed him a fraud and her signature as forged on that phony agreement granting him rights she never agreed to. He is the good boy con artist. I’m sure he was the one needed that confidentiality agreement. Hoped he cried for it, the bitch! 😀

      • Ktina

        You’re taking the word of this woman? She has lied about everything including her childhood. She’s FOS

      • Bethenney is way to smart to not know every little in detail for him to pull over on her She chose to leave the apartment and he stayed, probably for the child’s sake so Bryn would not be totally uprooted in two places, her new apartment and if he left for another place of his own I think she did not want to give a penny thus this 4 year divorce

    • Auntie Velvet

      Agreed! He was a real gaslighter, in my opinion. She needs to own her own behavior to Jules and others, but when it comes to the divorce and even some of her out-of-nowhere breakdowns on RHONY the last two seasons, I do think Jason’s mind games had much to do with it.

      • tamaratattles

        Please. #TeamJason always have been always will be. I can’t believe y’all think that Bethenny’s viewpoint on the divorce is rational when she is always attacking people. She has ZERO CREDIBILTIES TO GIVE.

      • Minky

        Yeah, I can’t trust anything Bethenny says anymore. I didn’t used to feel that way about her. No, I never liked Bethenny very much, but I didn’t think she was deranged. If she treats him the way she treats EVERYONE else who displeases her… Oh Good Lord Jesus!

        This man is lucky he’s got the shirt on his back, and not wandering the streets of the city looking like he just woke up in a dumpster, muttering nonsense and smoking discarded cigarettes.

      • Dexter

        Yeah because her one and only weakness was the schmuck she chewed up and spit out. The big fight was over money and her trying to screw him one more time. The tears were temper tantrums. She wasn’t getting her way. She should have married Carole

    • CheleyLee

      He was verbally abusive ?? When ? When she wouldn’t stay to visit his family ?

      • We have all heard her vicious attacks! I do not agree that Jason was abusive, just tried to get her to be reasonable-in all aspects of her life it’s her way and that’s it!

    • N

      We must have watched a different show..what I saw was Bethenny acting like a dictator all the time and God forbid Jason have an opinion! Not being a “yes man” doesn’t make you a gas lighter… Once again, Bethenny felt she could act however she wanted (because of her childhood) and Jason , his parents, her staff should just role with it. She had no money when he met her, he did not want to work for her, she insisted and all the “nastiness” of the divorce has come from her camp. I’ve yet to read an interview Jason has done trashing Bethenny, but Bethenny sure has had a lot to say about Jason! Not flushing a toilet and leaving a light on are not forms of abuse. It was their apartment, not just Bethenny’s. If it were the other way around we would be furious if people were referring to it as just the man’s apartment.

    • Ktina

      When was he verbally abusive on the show? Was it before or after he realized she only wanted a sperm donor and someone likable for a spin off show?

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Agree about Jason. Bethenny being a bitch or a harpy or whatever anyone wants to think about her doesn’t automatically make Jason a good person. He was a manipulator and a gold digger.

  13. Sali

    I wonder if Jason will ever have a similar opportunity as Bethenny to tell his side of the story. I hope so.

    • Microop

      I don’t think he cares to, which is the difference. I don’t know what went down between them, but it does bode well to me that he has remained private. Brianna need one private parent.

    • Ktina

      I’d pay to hear his side but I’ll bet she made him sign a contract.

  14. Microop

    Well now she has no excuse to be a bitch

  15. Harleigh

    I just got back from Vegas last week. I spent every day at the pool and loved it! I live in an area where it has been 95 degrees and HUMID and miserable every day. I love the sun, so 103 degrees and NO humidity??? YES PLEASE!!!

  16. LuAnne’s hair is very flattering on Bethenney in that pic. :)

  17. amisteree

    Almost…! : D

  18. Rach

    What is she gonna blame her deplorable behaviour on now? divorce is over, old apartment for sale, she’s reached out to her mother, Luann will no longer be a countess. What excuse is Bethenney gonna use to prove to the world how bad she has it?

  19. Candymule

    It’s incredible to me that Bethany complains time and time again about going through difficult periods “all alone”. Of course she is alone! She is incapable of forming longterm, supportive attachments. Both of my parents are dead, but if I were ever to have a health crisis, I have many close friends who would be there for me. I would not feel alone. She seems to only have cast-mates from a reality show and paid employees for “friends”. It’s because of HER actions. And her inability to really care about or empathize with others.

  20. MARC

    I doubt even her cohort Andy Cohen would help her if needed ; her behavior towards others is abominable.

  21. Shae

    Good, finally. I can’t imagine having to drag that shit out with a man trying to take whatever he can from me, that he didn’t earn. Regardless of who did what in that marriage, he was not entitled to what he claimed to be. Just cut your losses, move on, and come to an agreement about your child. No respect for men who do that. You didn’t help her build that empire, back off.

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