Shahs of Sunset Recap: Mr. Shouhed’s Wild Ride

Shahs Asa


I cannot believe that Reza’s mother would agree to be on this show. Does she watch her son on this show? How is she not humiliated? Will Reza call his mother a bitch at this lunch like he does every other human on earth that he interacts with? She seems like a really great lady. Reza doesn’t think he is like his dad. But he is.

Asa, Adam and Reza are chilling in Palm Springs. Reza thinks Palm Springs is just like Iran in the 1970s.  Speaking of ridiculous, Asa …girl… you know I love you and I am all for wearing jewelry in unexpected ways, but I can’ with you and the whole necklace as a face mask thing.  We spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at a potential investment property for Reza and Adam.


MJ is spending a lot of time with Tommy to decide if they are ready for her to get inseminated. She definitely wants to get married first.

Reza and MJ go out for ice cream. Reza let’s MJ know he is very happily married but is uncomfortable with the word ‘husband’ and prefers ‘partner.” Then they move on to gossiping about Jessica and Mike.  Jessica has changed her phone number.

Shahs Shervin and GG


For some ridiculous reason, GG agrees to go to lunch with Shervin in an empty Mexican restaurant. Shervin can’t seem to grasp why Reza screaming in her face and mocking her illness would cause HER to have a moment of rage. In the flashback, we see Reza quite clearly screaming in the face of a woman who has an illness basically telling her she is faking it. Shervin said that Reza was not talking shit, he was asking questions. Shervin seems to think that Reza’s screaming and mocking is something she needs to listen to. Shervin is an idiot.


This week we get Asa the photographer. This time she is taking photos of Adam and Reza out in the dessert.


It seems that the blond girl on the date from hell, Annalise has been selected the designated beard. Her best qualification for that is that she lives in Australia. It’s a girlfriend with no intimacy possible. Perfect.


Oh look, Mike is trying to pass off some bullshit scheme again. I don’t believe any of this. I wonder where he got those pictures of shoes.

Mike thinks he is a changed man. I do not think Mike is a changed man. Asa helps Mike write an email to Jessica. Asa doesn’t believe any of this bullshit. She’s giving an academy award winning performance. When filming was happening everyone was pissed at Mike and on Jessica’s side.  Then again, this looks like when they found out about her new man and that changed everything.

This shoe story is such a farce. Customs doesn’t work on Saturday? And he is selling new product as an unknown “shoe designer”to Kitson?  This was filmed in November after the Belize trip, so probably mid to late November. Kitson announced they were going out of business on December fourth and had a huge fire sale to get rid of all of their products. They were not making purchases at all let alone from Mike Shouhed, a guy with some Mexican shoes and no business skills. Hell, he even admits he has no idea what he is doing.  Clearly Kitson was in desperate need of revenue so the got paid by Bravo to host this fake event. And Mike got to “sell shoes” for fifteen minutes at Kitson.

Ha! They pointed out at the end that Kitson went out of business “a few months later.” Technically they didn’t close the doors until February but they announced the plan to shut down on December 4th, a couple of weeks after this farce.

Somewhere, Mike Shouhed is shit faced.

Next Week: I can’t even explain the crazy I saw in the preview. Seriously.


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19 responses to “Shahs of Sunset Recap: Mr. Shouhed’s Wild Ride

  1. OMW that whole scene with Mike and the shoes was like Twilight Zone crazy. Who waits to the day of an opening to get their product? What if something was wrong? They must really think we are total idiots. I keep flashing back to Mike being on WWHL totally wasted and not being kind about Jessica at all. Changed man ….changed into what? He is so emotionally lazy it isn’t even funny.

    Didn’t go for the jewelry thing with Asa either. But I love her. Everyone needs a friend like her. I really LOVED seeing the shots of her and Jermaine. I also love that she chooses to keep that private and respectful.

    I love crazy Tommy. Little nervous about next week……

  2. Mike may not have any business skills ~ but he has white teeth…

  3. Minky

    Not as bad as last week, but still loopy. I shudder to think about what might be in store for next week. Will they literally crucify GG?

    I also think Asa’s jewelry is a but much. Why is she glamorizing something that means oppression for so many women? I don’t necessarily know a lot about it, buy my Iranian friends think that the chador and other kinds of covering are stupid and one of the reasons why they like living here better.

  4. BeerWenchinTX

    Did anyone else notice that the True Gold logo looks like the logo for Xbox One’s Games with Gold? Somewhere Mike Shouhed is shit faced and…. Playing Xbox…..

  5. Matzah60

    I really liked Shervin last season. He seemed to be the voice of reason. This year, he has no personality, no storyline, no job that I know of, and has a make believe relationship with a woman who live across the world though their last date was such a dud that he ended it early.

    The whole season seems disjointed and fake, i.e.. the shoes as you stated, Tamara. Michael’s mea culpa is to cop to one, ONE, only ONE affair that he had BEFORE they were married. There are girls that came out of the woodworks before and after he was married. Mike isn’t sorry about what he did to Jessica. He is only sorry that he got caught and his life became unhinged. He caused Jessica terrible pain, not to mention her parents who sprung for the expensive wedding. Mike even lied about lying about the other women. I am completely done with him. People don’t change in a matter of months. He is the same shit he was when he married her.

    Reza is a putz, and has been horrid to GG about her RA. I still don’t care for GG. She doesn’t have a job, doesn’t support herself, walks around her house with big, motherfucking knives to protect herself. Who does that??? She is disrespectful and mean to her sister, and ungrateful to her father who has kept her above water her whole life.

    I like Asa, but she is sometimes way over the top for me. I also don’t care for the cador. It’s oppressive and indicates that woman should not speak or be heard, They already cover themselves from the top of the head to the bottom of their feet. It’s as if they are on earth only to procreate. It reminds me of Ultra-Orthodox Jews, many of who emanated from the Middle East, but just as many who started the practice here in the U.S. It is a big turn-off to me. While they don’t wear the Cador or Chador, they wear wigs over their own hair and are not allowed to wear pants. Skirts must be well over the knee and no sleeveless is ever allowed. Even sandals aren’t permitted and in the middle of the summer, they still wear dark black tights on their legs. This is unacceptable to me and I only say this because I am Jewish. I am not mocking Jews, but the extreme right of the religion.

    I have come to dislike this show, once one of my favorites. I don’t know how, but the show no longer seems to have a rhyme or reason. It’s a shame it went downhill so quickly.

    • tamaratattles

      So you are just mocking Orthodox Jews and traditional Muslim women because their religions are unacceptable to you. And you have the right to judge other people’s religious choices because you are Jewish.


      • Matzah60

        I am not mocking either religion, but pointing out the similarities in that both religions oppress women in many ways. I see where I wrote I am not mocking Jews, but the extreme right of the religion. That was not worded properly. What I meant to say is that I am not mocking Jews, but find the extreme right rituals as unacceptable. I still feel that way.

        My mother grew up in an ultra-orthodox home. I used to go to my Zayde (grandfather) for holidays and every Shabbat. I actually enjoyed going to services at the conservative shul we attended. Men and women were on an equal playing field. I voluntary went to Hebrew School until the end of my senior year of high school. I have read both the old and new testament. I had been searching for a place for myself in my own religion and wanted to learn as much as I could.

        At my Zayde’s shul (synagogue) women had to sit on the second floor of the temple. They were not allowed to pray with the men on the main floor. Women were not permitted on the bemah (the ‘stage’ where the Torah is read) because women were considered, in part, unclean because they menstruated each month. On the second floor of the temple, there is a cloth curtain across the railing so no one can look at or be distracted by women.

        My Zayde was opposed to both my sister and I attending college. He said that women were too stupid to go to college, but he offered to pay for my brother’s attendance at college because he was superior to us. He said it was a woman’s role to have many children and keep the house.

        Everything about the orthodox religion is oppressive to women. I am not mocking it, but I am an opponent of treating women that way in any country. It is archaic, impractical, and unfair to the extreme.

    • Nila

      You’re actually speaking of Hassidic Jews and only women cover their hair AFTER they are married because they believe that their hair is for their husband only. Just like Hassidic men do not look women other then their wives, directly in the eye. I don’t find these customs as “repressed”, I see it as walking the walk and not just taking the talk of their religion. I admire their dedication to their faith. I claim to be Catholic but I do not follow even 50% of what I should.

      • Matzah60

        Yes, Hassidic Jews are quite religious, but there is a sector of Judaism even more conservative than that called Ultra-Orthodox Judaism. I worked at a Hebrew Day School like this for the first three years when I first moved to New Jersey. I was not permitted to wear sandals. Stockings had to be worn even in the dead heat of summer, preferably black tights. We had to wear long sleeves even in the summer. In a science class I taught, I had a doctor bring in a preserved heart; someone who had passed away from lung cancer. The Rabbi came in and had his son, one of my students leave the room. They were Kohens, one of the 12 tribes of Israel that were descendants of Aaron. They are not permitted near human remains. They will not even enter a room where a deceased person, in a burial box during a funeral. He called me in at the end of the program to ask me why it was necessary to teach biology in this manner. Why couldn’t we use models of the human body. The Rabbi had recently had quadruple bypass surgery and I asked him, politely, if he would have been comfortable having doctors who had no experience or training with an actual human body. He conceded he would not be, but couldn’t find it acceptable to teach in a high school science lab. I had to do as I was told.

        As an aside, the school was closed which was the reason I had to leave. The Rabbi who had 13 children, 6 of whom lived in Israel, was embezzling money from the coffers which included tuition and huge contributions from donors to keep the school afloat. One might say this was an isolated incident, but it is not an anomaly. Just as an example, there have been several Ultra Orthodox schools in New York where Heroine was sold to make the necessary money to keep the schools afloat. The reasoning was the the teachings of Judaism trumped any illegal act used that was necessary to keep the door of the schools open. I have a huge problem with that.

  6. Chris

    Asa does look totally silly with that thing covering face. LOL

  7. RosesandGin

    OK, I liked the shoes. But Im not a man, so I guess it doesn’t matter at all since I wouldn’t be buying them. That, and there appeared to be maybe 50 pairs tops, and that was it. SO much for True Gold. But lets leave that behind, since it was an absolutely ridiculous premise that he just came up with these shoes from Mexico (on the day of the “GRAND” opening, in which the shelves where the shoes were supposed to be were empty since he was driving them back in a car… no thats not a shady operation at all!) and then all of the sudden miraculously had them in a department store… a department store that went under almost immediately after “the debut.”

    There is a part of me that is offended that Bravo even attempted to pull this off as legitimate storyline. Oh and the line that he did this for his and Jessica’s future, is equally as laughable. I just can’t with the shoe nonsense, its quite possibly one of the most ridiculous story lines ever presented by Bravo, and as we all know, there have been quite a few. And they knew it!!!… with their little disclaimer at the end that Kitson went under not long after. Ugh.

    Final note, I hope things go well for MJ and Tommy, and this proposal isn’t ruined by her mother. I just adore Tommy for her, he seems to be able to put up with her crazy, and seems to genuinely care for her. Id be very sad if that didn’t end up being the case.

  8. Frankie

    Mike wants to act like Jessica comes from such a very well-off family….
    I’m not sure what her father does but I read that her mother was a waitress all of her life…. nothing wrong with that of course but Mike wants everyone to think that her family are millionaires

    • Hmm, her mother may have been a waitress but her father is a very well to do executive…like senior VP of Sales-North America of a major beverage and wine conglomerate

    • Shae

      It’s been mentioned several times that her father is a main executive/shareholder of Fiji water and she’s very well off.

  9. Kika

    How does she clean that thing on her face after she uses it. Is it plastic or metal? Great receptacle for germs. Wouldn’t her face get kind of warm and/or moist? And the fact that there was absolutely no explanation of it on the show is weird.

  10. Shae

    I didn’t care for Mike’s shoes. Not liking him aside, I just don’t think they were very special, they looked like brightly colored clown shoes. He needs to get his act together, to say the least.

  11. Lei

    Am I the only one that noticed that Mike said let’s call the Mexicans or that Sleza tried to pull a fake cry about being sensitive in the mom scene, but act ridiculous about GG’s presence??? *insert side eye here*

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