Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Frozen Assets

RHOOC beach Meghan, Shannon, Heather, Tamra


Is it me or are there too many Real Housewives shows airing at once? I need a break. At least I am not sick of this one yet, but it is only episode four.

As the sun is setting on the beach, everyone heads inside to have some shots. Am I the only one who avoids shots at all cost since I hit thirty? But Kelly not only has a bar on every floor, she has a bartender out on the balcony overlooking the ocean. I am not a fan of modern homes but I could totally get used to living in this one. Kelly even has a bar in her room sized closet.

Vicki randomly decides to hug Shannon and tell her she misses her and that they will talk afterward.  That Vicki is a bold one. She tells Shannon she is sorry several times and she sits down to chat with Shannon. She says you were right and I was wrong and I just want to put this behind us. Vicki says that she never lied. Brooks lied to her. Shannon is not buying it. Vicki just wants to move on. Shannon is not having it. Vicki leaves early crying all the way home.

RHOOC  Vicki and Briana Reunion


I am already sick of watching Meghan give herself a shot in her belly. I’m also sick of hearing about Jim’s frozen assets. He will be out of town working when she has all of her egg retrieval and implantation.

Jeff Lewis was right.

Vicki rushes home because Briana is having trouble breathing. She came to rush her to the hospital and Brianna doesn’t want to walk out the door because the cameras are in her face. I’m sure they would record it if she dropped dead. Because, Bravo.  Vicki can’t get her to the hospital because she keeps losing consciousness, so an ambulance meets them en route.

Vicki was at lunch with the boys when all of this happened so they were in the car. Once the ambulance took off with Briana, Vicki took the boys back to her house and called a sitter. Sarah ( Tamra’s daughter in law) just happened to be at the gas station so she followed Vicki and waited for the sitter.

RHOOC Yacht Heather, Terry, Tamra
Kelly heads over to Meghan’s with a bottle of Veuve for some girl time. Meghan’s kitchen has been totally demolished.  Over some champagne, Kelly and Meghan end up arguing over Vicki. Meghan wants Kelly to stay out of the Vicki situation with the others. It’s good advice, but Kelly has a role to play, and that is Vicki’s defender.

Brianna is in the hospital with a high fever and an unknown infection. This leaves Vicki to deal with both boys, who are quite the handful. I don’t see this resolving itself any time soon. Vicki has been Instagramming from the hospital with Vicki very recently.

Shannon is planning a 1970s disco party. Because, who knows why.  Later she goes to see Tamra for lunch at a Mexican place where they order grilled chicken with vegetables. So why go to a Mexican place. Shannon decides that the reason that Briana moved back before her husband was because of some selfish motive on Vicki’s part and she made it a condition of her buying the house for them. Clearly she was moving for better health care.  The diagnosis was that all of her lymph nodes are enlarged and compressing her lungs, but the source of the infection remains unclear. Shannon sent an invite to Vicki for her party. Tamra thinks the email was too mean. I don’t. I thought it was pretty straightforward, but Tamra convinces her to soften it up.

This episode was pretty boring. Next week, it’s the 70s party. Shannon throws Kelly out of the party. On her way out she says to David, “No wonder why you cheated on her.


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82 responses to “Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Frozen Assets

  1. Mark

    I find it interesting that Kelly Dodd says she doesn’t watch RHOC, but she knows Lynn Curtain, met Vicki several times through a mutual skin doctor/friend and also met Tamra with Lynn before she then later befriended Meghan? She’s a fame whore! And also, by looking at the trailer for next week it is amazing that this “Leapfrog” husband of Kelly’s can be so vile considering he was in a children’s educational industry. Is this what Kelly meant by having a loving family? PLEASE SEND HER AND HER HORRIBLE FAMILY PACKING BRAVO! THIS HOUSEWIFE IS A NEW LOW!

    • Sara

      She is an actual housewife and isn’t trying to sell me her hair extensions, wine, cookbook, clothing…

      • Minky

        …yet. Give it time. She’s already showing signs that she’s gonna make Tamra look demure in comparison.

      • tamaratattles

        I think Kelly is the best casting in the history of Bravo.

        I LOVE her at this point. That doesn’t mean I agree with everything she does, but she is sure a knife in the side of Shannon, and God forgive me, I love her for that.

      • Miguel

        Completely agree, TT & thanks for the recap; as I’m still fast forwarding any one-on-ones with Heather and/or Meghan!

    • J Stone

      I haven’t noticed anything absurd about Kelly’S husband Michael. What had he said/done to make him a part of the “OC Creep Squad”?

    • When they first come on, they ALL claim they’ve never seen the show-it’s ridiculous.

  2. Swizzle

    I think Shannon is spot on with why Brianna moved at such an inopportune time. Vicki has also clearly sent Kelly for Shannon this season. My dislike for Vicki grows every week.

    • KaraW

      I loved Shannon calling Vicki out tonight.

      • Meri

        Regarding Shannon and EVERYTHING she says and does….People who live in glass houses……. I can’t stand this woman. She is nasty, neurotic and has a pillow face. I didn’t watch the show because I didn’t want to look at her or hear her speak. She is just plain mean. The rest…meh.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Can’t stand Shannon. Her “better thee than me” siding with Heather and Tamra against Vicki makes me sick. Not that I think Vicki is an innocent angel, but she stuck up for Shannon when those two did their best to make her look like a lunatic. I did think their friendship was genuine.

        As for Meghan and her IVF BS, IDON’TCAREIDON’TCAREIDON’TCAREIDON’TCARE!!!!!! Gaaaah!

    • Nila

      I think Shannon needs to stfu regarding Brianna. She made up a reason out of no where with no facts on why Brianna moved back. Since Vicki loaned them the money to buy a second house until heir first house sells, I hardly doubt there was a condition added to that especially with Brianna’s health. Ridiculous that Shannon said that.

      • Swizzle

        She may have made it up, but it’s the first thing I thought of last week. Why else the rush to drive home when Brianna was recovering from surgery and with an infection? I think it was to accommodate the filming schedule.

      • Microop

        It could also be because she needs help. When you are having major health issues and have small children, no one pitches in quite like family. Her mom and brother are closer.

      • spunky2015

        Exactly. Vicki is so transparent.

      • Briana did say that she was moving back to the OC to get better health care (OK has very good health care) but also her mom hates to be alone. I think those two things, combined with the shooting schedule and you have Briana back in the OC.

    • I agreed with Shannon on Vicki getting Brianna to move to OC. It is ALWAYS about Vicki first – then everyone else is 2nd. This week Vicki leaves Brianna again just as soon as she gets home from the hospital! Clearly Vicki learned nothing from the first time she did that!

      There are people living healthy lives in Oklahoma and it doesn’t appear the doctors in the OC are doing any better at finding out what the infection is about.

      • PaganChick

        Vicky hired a round the clock home health aid for Brianna. Last week the aid was there and Vicki only left for a few minutes to get some papers and came right back. Is Vicki supposed to be at Brianna’s beck and call 24/7? What really irks me is that Brianna pulled that “the one time I really need you” BS when she knew that her mother was coming right back and she had help with her. People are constantly talking about what a narcissist Vicki is, but never do they point out that Brianna is not only the exact same way, she is willing to let people think the worst of her mother in order to continue being considered long suffering and level headed. It’s ridiculous.

    • I’m not a Vickie fan but I don’t see it as an inopportune time – Brianna is very ill and needs help/support with two young boys under three years old. I’m sure Vicki has been asking Brianna to come back for a long time because she is incapable of being alone and until recently Brianna had refused. Now with her health issues growing more serious and the doctors in Oklahoma unable to find the source, it’s the perfect opportunity for her to move back and hopefully get better health care.

  3. Amy V

    Why is it that everytime Ryan is on camera I get the creeps?

  4. Elizabeth

    Her picker is off like her mothers!

  5. MARC

    I don’t like Kelly at all. What happened to Lizzie ? I hope she is at least a FOH this season.

  6. I do think Briana wanted out of OK and go back to her old doctors. But, Vicki, with the other girls; hey, you reap what you sow. There has never been anything likeable about her even before Brooks-gate. If it was me, I would of gone in ambulance with Brianna and told Sarah to take kids home. Odd.

    • SJ

      I think they had to give production time to set up the Tamera and her daughter-in-law scenes

    • PaganChick

      But Vicky barely knows Sarah, why would she just leave her completely alone and trust her to get her grand kids home with no knowledge of what Sarah’s plans were?

      • spunky2015

        Pagan, Sarah ended up at house anyway? If this scenario was true, would you leave your daughter when someone else you knew (Sarah and Ruan were going to get married at Vicki’s) was right there to take the boys and ended up babysitting them anyway. I think this was a failed attempt for Vicki sympathy.

      • Meri

        Simple answer…Production them what to do and they did it.

      • PaganChick

        Spunky, Maybe I missed something, but I thought Sarah ended up at the house with Tamra, which would have made Vicki more likely to leave the two kids.

        But, to answer your question, in the same situation, I would have taken the two small and possibly very scared boys home and got them settled. Then I would have met my daughter at the hospital for two reasons. 1. the daughter would be worried about the kids and I could reassure her that they were fine. 2. I would want to have access to my car for when I had to leave the hospital to go back and check in with the boys at home.

      • Shae

        Vicki brought the kids home and put them to bed, Sarah then came over and agreed to stay until Vicki’s coworker came to mind them. Sarah was at the scene when it happened.

    • swizzle

      Most ambulances don’t allow non-patients to ride along.

    • RealE

      I have 2 young kids and if I was conscious and getting in ambulance no way would I want my mom to let someone else drive my kids home that I didn’t know. Briana is A type like Vicki. I’d want my mom to settle them and then come to hospital as quickly as she can. Even in desperate times, moms put their kids well being or comfort first. I don’t think it’s odd, But then again I don’t think Briana moving to be with Vicky while ill is odd. Maybe those judging don’t have 2 young kids or have just forgotten how hard it is or had other family support.

      Only part that seems odd, like others say, is the timing. But if it wasn’t Briana, say it was Brooks early in cancer story and Sarah just happened to be in gas station, we would all say “staged” “fake”. But it wasn’t right? Just a coincidence. So maybe the timing is also just a coincidence that Briana got worse and had to move toward begining of filming. Maybe viewers are looking a little too hard for lies or evil intentions that aren’t there.

  7. Babs0909

    Come to think of it, are there ANY men from RHOC that aren’t creepy? Laurie’s sneering son should soon be in prison (ADMIN EDIT PLEASE READ THE COMMENTING RULES), Simon, Eddie, Ryan, Ryan, all of Jeana’s sons & ex, Brooks, Lynn’s husband, Meghan’s husband, need I go on? Eddies creepy because he’s w/ Tamra and thinks she’s cool, brings her home to meet his mom. Her and her stap-on dildos indeed! Don was ok, and Vickis son is Ok. David, a creepy lizard. I can’t watch this hideous show any more but I sure enjoy the recaps.

  8. Zaoli

    Was Sarah at the gas station really a coincidence? Her make up and hair were just right, she had a mic on when she entered Vickie’s house, when she did get to Vickie’s house there was no sign of the boys, presumably down for a nap. So she followed Vickie from the gas station but didn’t get there until Vickie had put the boys to bed? The same boys who run her ragged and do the opposite of what she says in every other scene, easy peasy down for a nap? And then a perfect set up for Tamara and Sarah to get in a state of the relationship talk at Vickie’s house. Clearly they didn’t fake Briana’s ambulance, but Sarah just happening upon Vickie at the gas station was fishy for me.

    • tamaratattles

      I was buying into that. MY problem was with TAMRA just happening to be on camera when all this went down. Then I decided they recreated the Tamra scenes later.

    • swizzle

      None of that made any sense. Vicki was at lunch with just the boys but was fully dressed in work clothes? Sarah just happened to be at the gas station? When Sarah gets to Vicki’s house the boys are already napping? There was a lot of recreation in that whole scenario.

  9. CheleyLee

    I love Kelly! I have met her IRL & indeed this is excellent casting on Bravos part. She makes RHOOC exciting again! Authentic & great energy. Meghan’s husband is so detached it hurts. Vickis blue dress (& her decotellage) look fab! & Kellys house is better than Barbies dream house with a killer view. Tamara looks younger & less hard with softer make up this season.

  10. Lisa j

    I’m in the Vicki needed an ally in Brianna, Brianna hates Oklahoma so wam bam thank you ma’am and they both have contracts. Kelly makes good tv but I dislike any woman that stays in an unhealthy relationship plus her TMZ druken repugnant rant, passing on her. I’m a Tamara clinger, she’s good tv and I think she and Vicki come off a bit organic. Meghan is still like a slug on a rock. Shannon truly thinks that reality tv is real. Heather is bored and it shows. Love me some TT!

    • tamaratattles

      “Love me some TT!” I love the smell of fear in the morning. LOL.

      But for the love of God learn that your bitch’s name is TAMRA and the wise old fat lady is TAMARA. #petpeeve

      • Lisa j

        Apologies to you, I’ve no defense but auto text predictive and my not doing a screening before sending. If it’s any consolation I misspelled my own name earlier in the day as well, I wrote Lesa. My brain refuses to work clearly when it’s over 115 degrees. I’ll give myself 1000 lashes.

    • Mark

      I Love me some TT too! However, Kelly’s TMZ rant should not be tolerated in this day and age. She’s a loose cannon and both her and her husband are truly crazy!

      • Microop

        I completely agree. People that act like people of color are not desirable have to do way more then be funny on a few episodes for me to like them.

      • mdm

        @Microop – What do you mean, ‘people that act like people of color’? How do ‘people of color’ act, exactly? Please enlighten us.

    • swizzle

      You are so right…Heather is bored of the show antics. For any real adult, all of that would have to get old real fast.

  11. JentheAUBURNfan

    My favorite part was Vicki explaining, again in flashback, why Ryan stayed behind. How he talked to his superior and he won’t let him go and that’s our government. Does Vicki really think he can just up and leave? I totally see her emailing and calling his superiors and attaching her honey do list she has for Ryan and declaring her life a state of emergency and only Ryan can save her because brooks left her crying in the street.

  12. SJ

    I am always amazed at what the housewives are willing to do for face-time with the bravo cameras. Vickie wanted to have someone to film with that wasn’t angry with he so she risks her daughter’s lifer. How dare the military not release Briana’s husband early so she could get some good filming situations. Vickie wants everyone to pretend that she didn’t out and out lie about so many things…especially Tamra. Vickie lives in a very delusional world where she decides what is right and what is wrong and we all have to be perfect to correct her.

  13. Vicki’s statement “Welcome to our government” regarding Ryan not being discharged from the Marines in a timely manner….that made me laugh. As a military wife I know how it works, and no amount of whining and carrying on will make the process move any faster. I think Briana knew what she was in for when she married Ryan but I don’t think Vicki got the memo.

  14. Shannon is going to be to Vicki what Eileen was to LVP. No, they are not going to give you the apology you think you need and/or want to move on so just move on. These shows are full of women who do not take responsibility for their actions (Tre?!?) and cannot see that they could possibly be wrong. Get over it.

    • Microop

      I agree. I think Heathers approach is best. Treat her like an acquaintance if she can’t fully apologize but don’t isolate her or be rude.

      • librarygirl

        Any number of women on these franchises should take a page from Heather’s book regarding the social graces. However, what fun would that be, ladies being polite and concentrating on the more productive and happy aspects of their lives, lol Right now it is all a happy diversion from reality, for me.

  15. N

    I am so bored of Heather. Yes, we know you’re rich. Your children are aware you’re rich…we understand that you’re exhausted from building your house.. Wait that I do not understand. Heather is not physically building the house, she is picking out ice and inventing problems as she goes. What kind of ice?!? Five seats and someone is always off centered…major crisis. I think she keeps extending this project because what the hell is she going to do when it’s over?!?

  16. Just Saying

    Love Kelly mainly because she is pick pick picking at Shannon who I can’t stand.

    As for Brianna if she is that sick I can understand her wanting her own oc doctors and also understand Vicki bringing her home. Vicki has bills to pay and needs to work so she can’t help Brianna from a distance so the best solution since Ryan is leaving the military soon, is to move her back home earlier. I don’t see a problem with it but Shannon will always criticize anything Vicki does now. Can’t wait til next week to see Kelly call out Shannon and saying she understands why David had an affair because I don’t blame him either I sure wouldn’t want to be married to Shannon

  17. Jennk

    I used to like Shannon before this season however since her and husband on are “good terms” she would have no storyline if she didn’t harp on Vicki’s every move. I love Kelly and I love that in the next episode they call Shannon, “Mrs. Roper”. She really does look like her, I literally laughed out loud when I heard it. Also, David goes in hard on Vicki and it was disgusting. If he is calling her scum for lying well, he lied too only difference is context in which the lie took place in. David should be calling himself Scum too.

  18. I mainly visit this blog because Tamara didn’t give up on Vicki. I trust TT’s logic and admire her heart.

    I want/ can’t wait to watch Kelly put Shannon in her place. Shannon is “vile and disgusting,” just as the OG says. Saying all that crap about Briana’s move was so low, so mean. SMH

  19. Kiyoshigirl

    Tamara, just want you to know that when I’m at work and having a particularly crazy, rushed or political day; I try to take a moment, just like this, to read your blog. I sit down with a sigh and say to myself…”Tamara, take me away”, and you always do. Thank you.

  20. Vicki is one of those people who is incapable of admitting they lied or did something wrong, her ego just won’t let her. She’ll keep repeating her self-serving excuses over and over, in the mistaken belief that people will eventually believe them. It ain’t gonna happen, Vicki!! The other housewives remember all the convoluted lies you spouted all last season, and, even worse, you shoot yourself in the foot every time you open your mouth and the occasional truth comes out – for example, getting frustrated with Tamra and blurting out that she thought everyone was just out to get Brooks. The look on Tamra’s face was priceless – she doesn’t buy Vicki’s bullshit for a single second. Nor should she – Vicki’s attempts to paint herself as the poor innocent victim are pathetic. She already admitted she lied in various situations to make people feel sorry for her and so that they would believe Brook’s fraudulent storyline. Shannon shouldn’t accept Vicki’s apology – even though Shannon is a bona fide piece of work and unlikeable in her own right, she has no obligation to renew a friendship with someone who was such a bitch to her. Vicki has shown her colors – a needy, manipulative woman who’s not above twisting the truth for her own gain – and she’ll do it again, if necessary. Why have anything to do with her?

    • Cherry Bomb

      Vicki is a liar face and a hypocrite. I was hoping that Vicki would have gotten the ax this season but someone at Bravo likes the ugly and the felons. Still not sure what to think about Kelly. I’m not trying to like her or dislike her just waiting to see what she’s going to bring. I’m watching the show but feel that it’s moving along slowly for some reason… Just not too much going on other than the leftover fake cancer crap from last season.

    • Mark

      I had insomnia and read this. My sentiments exactly! BOOM!

  21. Poor Brianna’s face when she spotted the cameras . . . priceless.

  22. margroc

    Well I like Kelly and loved that she has already called Shannon out for being “aloof” I cannot stand sanctimonious Shannon. She always looks like she just smelled a fart and thinks she is above everyone else. “I’m 53 and if I want salt, I’ll eat it.” from Ms. organic, healthy detoxing Shannon – hypocrite. I feel sorry for Vicki because honestly, unless you can read her mind, she could have very well believed Brooks. If someone you love says they have cancer, you believe them and also support them however they want you to. Her “friends” were shitty to her all last season. I never tweet housewives but I tweeted Vickie last night to tell her Shannon is no great loss as a friend.

  23. Something Clever

    I agree with Shannon – Vicky is desperate for an ally and recruited her daughter. I think it is hilarious that Vicky fronting the down payment for the house, until the home in OK sells, is somehow her “buying” Briana a home. Vicky always finds a way to spin the tale to make herself more generous than she really is. She is manipulative and gross. I got a good laugh out of her non-apology to Shannon, and I’m glad that Shannon isn’t having it. I do hope that other ladies stand with Shannon this season.

    And Jim Edmunds’ attitude towards Megsn in this IVF process doesn’t make him look too good, either. I’m not sure if he could possibly look less interested. Get that man a “zero fucks” t-shirt! Long distance marriage, conceiving a kid when he can’t bother to be supportive to his wife – please remind me why they are married?

    • I was wondering if anyone was going to bring up Jim. Why did he agree to IVF or even marriage if he is so disinterested? Megan better plan on raising the baby alone because Jim will not be there to help out.

  24. Microop

    I kind of feel for Shannon. She and David have been miserable for years. And for whatever reason neither of them are just admitting it’s over. Thus they can’t be happy in life in general.

  25. CupcakeScholar

    You are stunned and depressed after losing a parent. Why won’t these ladies cut Vicki a break?

  26. Jonnell

    I HATE watching Meghan- I fast forward everyone of her invitro sceens, or scenes with her and her man. Otherwise it’s business as usual. Remember nothing about these shows are true reality.

  27. Kim

    So weird that Sara was at the gas station when Vicki pulled in. Where were Sara’s 4 girls?I thought that she worked? She had fake eyelashes on. Who has time for that in everyday life. So FAKE!!!

  28. Arizona

    TT you are my absolute favorite, and I always look to this site to make me laugh! I love y’all so much, i hope you have room for one more! I will try to follow the rules!

    If Vicki was still with Brooks, and Briana was this sick, what would Vicki have done?? Move Brooks out? Would she have still gone to get Briana and the boys? Hmmm.

    • Minky

      Very, very, very good question. Lucky for Vicki, she does’t have to make that choice this season. If that was the case, there would be no way for her to wiggle out of it any which way. NONE.

  29. fivecatsownme

    Jim is bored with Meghan period. That 70’s party !ooked so damn boring. As for Shannon wanting to look like Mrs. Roper, makrs me laugh. David kind of reminded me of Mr. Furley. I am suprised Shannon.didnt cry out Vicki Vicki Vicki.

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