Is This Supposed To Be Phaedra’s New Psuetor?

Phaedra face2

So someone sent me a photo suggesting that this gentleman could be the new dude in Phaedra’s life. They both published the photo below on their social media. His comment was about hanging out all day with Phaedra for #SundayFunday and watching Power for the first time with her.

I have no idea if this is the gentleman cast to be her date to all the housewives functions or not. And if the  photo itself were not so odd, I’d likely never have shared it with you. But please, click through to see it.

RHOA  Phaedra and Suitor
Y’all know I don’t do photos, or Instagram, so you’ll have to tell me if there is some sort of “Alien Eyes” app and why people would use it.


Also, is it just me or is this dude quite pretty? NTTAWWT But I am curious if he is actually going to be presented as a suitor or…


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43 responses to “Is This Supposed To Be Phaedra’s New Psuetor?

  1. Joanplus2dogs

    Her new face/look whatever you want to call it is scaring me! Now this guy! All this freaking looking surgery/fillers is making folks look more like aliens than humans.

    • Alyssa

      Yes. Maybe reality stars of the future are traveling back in time and getting mistaken for aliens!! Also, if you’re reading I LOVE YOU GAMMY! ❤

  2. Minky

    He is very purty. He looks like Cynthia Bailey would look if she shaved her head, drew on some thicker eyebrows and put on a costume beard.

    I don’t know about all the different Instagram filters. Either those two are using the Korean anime filter, or they’re both stoned out of their minds.

  3. Blondesense

    I can’t stop giggling at ‘psuetor’. That is a snapchat filter that contours your nose, cheeks and forehead and imposes a sparkle effect over the eyes.

  4. BeetsWhy

    unless you are in an ’80s glam rock band men should NOT wear eyeliner. Spread the word.

  5. MARC

    Another former client ?

  6. True Joy

    He looks plastic!

  7. FarFromPerfekt

    Dear Jesus, is it too late to fix it??? 🛐 They look lIke siblings to me.

  8. Margarett

    I swear I would never recognize this woman if Tamara didn’t tell me. I’m not even going to blame my poor facial recognition skills. She simply is different in every photo.

    I understand about fillers, and lifts. Her formerly round, not terribly unattractive face is now long. Is that even possible with cosmetic surgery or is it some computer magic?

  9. He looks like her gay hairdresser.

  10. Jen

    Might be the beauty filter on snapchat. Either way, they have matching eyeliner.

  11. Rose

    They don’t look real. Psueter craved me up!

  12. Ana

    She looks like Geneva Thomas from Blood Sweat and Tears in that picture….

  13. sharon 4023

    Ii wish the DMV would use filters on my driver’s license picture

  14. JustJenn

    Bitches do this all day on Facebook and I’m all “Harpo who dis?” Seriously. Stop. We all know what you look like IRL.

  15. Allison

    She’s def using some type of filter-but her makeup is heavy-handed and horrific. Spackle with a spatula, anyone? Dang.

  16. 25

    NTTAWWT, but he looks like he usually wears a wig. The number of filters on that photo, chiiiile.

  17. O.O

    Yes, I’m glad you said it . I was thinking quite pretty too!
    Maybe she had the fat sucked out of her face, it looks 50% smaller .
    That’s all I got.

  18. Keya

    Some things just make no sense. This is one of those “things”. She can’t be in her right mind to post such a feminine pic of a “man”…can she?

  19. yvon

    im guessing her storyline is going to be about how holy and sanctified she is and being able to turn this man straight ??????

  20. Skeeter

    OMG TT my eyes are at it again!!! Is that supposed to Phaedra in that pic?? If it is what the fuck did she do to her face?

  21. Dandy Lion

    Are they using that “face swap” app?

  22. Miguel

    Now, if she could only find a “personality filter”…

  23. BKSweetheart

    He looks like a wax figurine..

  24. CupcakeScholar

    I am not a fan of Mrs. Nida. She and Apollo made beautiful children though.

  25. Katrina

    The picture is a snap chat filter.

  26. tamaratattles

    I know you will never see this, but we like to have conversations here. We actually read other people’s comments.

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