EXCLUSIVE: I’ve Got Your Piping Hot #RHOA Casting & Filming Tea

RHOA Leilani


I’ve been sitting on so much EXCLUSIVE RHOA tea this week because my exclusive sources are finally coming through with so much information. So let me sort through it all in some sort of cohesive way because different information came from different sources and I need to weave everything together. Let’s start with the three women I know of who are testing. Then we will get into what is going on with each of the housewives so far, and pop some popcorn because it is juicy.

Leilani Collier

Leilani is a friend of Sheree Whitfield’s. She is a realtor and has two kids. She was filmed at Sheree’s son Kairo’s birthday party recently.    She was also at a made for TV birthday party for  Porsha over the weekend. Of the three women, she has done the least amount of testing. I think she will be an FOH or just be around in a few scenes. I don’t see her having a peach when Sheree doesn’t even have one yet. I’m not sure if she was at Kenya’s housewarming. This one probably has more dues to pay.

Maryam and Sheree at Porsha's Birthday party.

Maryam and Sheree at Porsha’s Birthday party.

Maryam Aytec

Maryam Aytac and she is the owner of  three Mediterranean restaurants called  Café Istanbul.  She filmed with Porsha, Phaedra and Shamea at birthday party for a makeup artist held at Café Istanbul 3. She has filmed with Phaedra and Porsha on other occasions as recently as today (Saturday) but we will get to that later. I like her from what I see, she could bring something different to the show with her Iranian heritage. I may be just hoping for a little bit of Asa from Shahs of Sunset added to the show. We need a calm, zen person.


Kandi, Porsha, Lena Filming yet another birthday party for Porsha on 7/16

Kandi, Porsha, Lena Filming yet another birthday party for Porsha on 7/16

Lena Chenier

Lena Chenier, the longtime fiancée  of Robert Lavelle “R.L.” Huggar who was the lead singer in the band NEXT back in the day is the frontrunner at the moment. She has spent three seasons trying to get on this show. She and RL have been engaged for years and she wants to get married on the show. She and RL are both pretty vocal about their religious beliefs. I expected her to come on with Phaedra because of that, but she is actually going to be #TeamKandi because of their music industry friends they have in common. I am as sure as anyone can be that she makes the show this season as at least an FOH. She has done a lot of filming it would be hard to erase her because of that. She is also at least a social acquaintance of Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas had some sort of relationship with RL . Out of these three Lena is the most likely to grab a peach and get a Wedding by Bravo.


At the reunion last season, Nene, Cynthia, Kandi, Kenya and Sheree all seemed allied to try to get Porsha off the show because of her multiple physical altercations.  Things have changed a bit. I’ll save the big reason why for later in this post.  In the meantime, I sounds like Porsha had to do anger management again to get to return. She’s got a peach and the other ladies seem to be just dealing with it. Except for Kenya.

Kenya had a housewarming and did not invite Porsha. She is not interested in filming with her let alone having her in her home. Production sent Porsha anyway. Kenya did not let her stay. That will be made into a big deal. It’s really not. Kenya just doesn’t want to be around Porsha any more than she has to be. I don’t blame her.

RHOA Porsha Party Cynthia Sheree

On Saturday, July 16, Porsha filmed another birthday party. He birthday is June 22 and she turned 35. She had a million different parties that she threw for herself. This one is for the cameras. There was a lot of the usual twerking involved. It was described as a  pool party but not everyone brought a swim suit and most people had no interest in getting in the pool. Cynthia and her sister  Malorie, Kandi, Sheree, Maryam, Shamea, Lena and Leilani  were all there.


Kenya was filming out of state. You can expect to see Matt back this season. Despite what other sites are reporting, the drama between Matt and Kenya is absolutely real. I know someone who has actually witnessed it. Kenya has trust issues and something that happened in Mexico triggered her and caused a serious problem in that relationship. It seems like they will be trying to work those issues out to repair their relationship.


Phaedra was not at the on-camera party but went to several of Porsha’s real parties around her actual birthday. That seems weird to me because Phaedra doesn’t have anything going on. Phaedra has been filming at her house and Porsha has been over at her house to film (Porsha’s brother was there too but he seemed to just wait outside).  My most recent reports from Phaedra’s neighborhood were about the staging of the scenes. Those sources text me and it’s often very unclear what they are seeing. Apparently  production was reshooting scenes several times. They neglect to mention what the scene actually is. If I had to guess I would go with pulling in or out of the driveway as they would have no idea about inside filming. The neighbors’ reaction was that it was all fake whatever it was. And of course there was this.  I am thinking that Cinderella coach was part of one of  the many Porsha birthday events. I’ve also heard that Phaedra has some new man filming with her as a love interest. He just showed up recently and seems like just someone for her to film with.  I also don’t believe she is in the process of divorcing Apollo.

RHOA 7 Reunion cynthia kandi

and Todd’s new restaurant will be their big storyline. It is almost ready to open last I heard. Kandi has been filming at her house with the new baby and Mama Joyce. Speaking of Mama Joyce, Sheree has a new hairstyle and I have mistaken her for Mama Joyce on several occasions since I saw it. Her story line will once again be Chateau Sheree. She seems to have had a falling out with Kenya since the housewarming. Apparently, Kenya renovating her house from the ground up and living in her dream home has chapped Sheree’s hide in some way. It takes a lot of money to complete a house, Sheree.

Cynthia has purchased a new house on the lake, hopefully we will be seeing a lot of it once she is fully moved in. It seems another housewarming party will be in order.


Guess who hasn’t filmed at all in the first five weeks of filming. Did you guess Nene Leakes?  Nene doesn’t have a contract yet. I was initially told that Nene would be filming around her other obligations. I took that to mean that she would film as long as she didn’t have another gig. Apparently, it means she is going to gallivant around doing these one hour “not comedy” tours for a few months before she hammers out a RHOA contract. It’s unclear whether any of those will be filmed.  Nene is the one with the most other opportunities.  She has several other sources of income going at the moment with her game shows, her HSN line, her t-shirts, her emojis,tour etc.  She’s done the best of this group when it comes to setting herself up with other job possibilities when this is over. On the other hand, she is a bit like Sonja, Jill of all Trades Mistresses of none while others are focused on a single product  line. I expect her to turn up for the second half of filming or at least pop in for the season trips.

So, do you see now why it took me so long to get this post together? I had so many things to tell you about!


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59 responses to “EXCLUSIVE: I’ve Got Your Piping Hot #RHOA Casting & Filming Tea

  1. Minky

    Whew! So much tea. It’s coming out of my ears. I don’t blame Kenya one bit. And I actually hope she and Matt work things out.

  2. Allison

    I hope Kenya and Matt work things out as well. Funny, didn’t Sheree and Kenya make a bet about who would be in their house first? Insert side eye…
    I’m disappointed that Porsha still has a peach. She’s 7 layers of gross and all the anger management in the world probably won’t make her “safe”. Yummy tea! Hot and sweet, just how it should be 😉

    • getreal2014

      Yes to all of this! I’m sorry to hear that Porsha will be returning as well, but ecstatic that we won’t see Nene from Day One.

      • Bridgett

        Well, with the way they love to patch things together and out of chronological order, she may be in the first episode!

      • Miguel

        LOL, Bridgett!!!

      • tamaratattles

        Exactly Bridgett. I think they will film a couple segments of Nene traveling and her comedy show and throw those in from episode one until whenever the fuck she decides to show up. I think her contract bargaining reached it’s limits financially, so now she is negotiating less work for the same money. That is basically how it worked all last season.

  3. Ms.Minnie

    I’m so excited for these three potentials and a word of advice to you women, please do not act out of character just to hold a peach this season, Andy and Carlos are gonna try you all but if it’s meant to be it will be. Let your personalities shine through the camera and you’ll earn your spot, I’m so proud of Kenya for not letting the producer’s carryout the same Porsha&Kenya storylines, it’s 3 seasons old. Nene even though you get on people’s nerves your making that coin hunty, and don’t let producer’s carryout that porsha feud with you either if you do make an appearance this season. I’m excited and will definitely be tuned in if Maryam and Lena make it on, let’s make this season great.

    • Ms.Minnie

      One more thing, please give these new women a chance Bravo, y’all let boring Kim Fields film a whole season, so I feel they deserve a chance and shouldn’t be fired mid season. Beverly Hills has had a great first week of filming with new housewife Dorit, so give us something fresh other than Porsha and Phaedra shaking they ass.

  4. Sara

    I don’t understand Bravo and the logic behind Porsha returning, nothing about her is interesting. Why bother with anger management classes when they don’t have to offer her a contract.

  5. ThatOtherChick

    Cynthia has been boring for the past 3 or 4 seasons. Put her as a FOH if she must be on the show, but she’s too uninteresting to be a full timer.

    Nene needs to go. Hate her.

    I just hope the casting isn’t like last season where they introduces 3-4 new women, not have them as cast members & then make them all disappear half way through the season.

  6. mccoyt2

    Do you think it’s possible to get two new housewives this season? I think it would be nice to see some change.

  7. Robert

    Search just this post alone for the name Porsha and you will understand why Bravo keeps having her back. Right or wrong they want people to keep talking.

    • Minky

      Then Bravo and the producers who keep bringing her back on the show should also go to jail with when her temper finally takes her past the point of no return.

      I’m not being facetious. I truly believe they should shoulder some of the blame when Porsha beats people on camera. They keep encouraging it. So they should pay the price for it too.

      • Miguel

        Preach, Minky!!! (I’m sorry, if it seems I’m merely echoing many of the posts; however, there are so many great points being made here.)

        Thanks, as ever, for the tea, TT;)

  8. QueenB

    I am a Kenya fan but I am also a realist. If everyone is willing to film with Porsha except Kenya, that puts Kenya in jeopardy. Bravo keeps bringing Porsha back because she has more fans than other current cast mates and a daily tv platform to promote RHOA. I think Porsha would have to lose her Dish Nation gig, her fan base and/or stab someone to lose her spot.

  9. SarcasticMan

    People have to realize, for bravo this is the ghetto franchise for them, yes they have Potomac but those women bring something different. Bravo has tested several classy women for this show but yet each season Kandi, Phaedra, Cynthia, Porsha and Kenya always make the cut. I finally understand what Nene was saying about bravo needing to have married, successful women on the show because at this point the show is no longer good. Unfortunately and for unknown reasons we won’t be getting a refreshed lineup, and I also disagree with the commenter saying that porsha is on the show because of her celebrity because that isn’t true, Unlike Nene who works for what she gets cancelled or not, Porsha has slept with many men for the jobs she gets (Allegedly). Best of Luck to the three ladies testing.

    • tamaratattles

      I don’t understand how y’all read this and don’t see any hope for a shakeup. Looks like there are two peaches up for grabs amongst Sheree and the new three and all three look like they are headed for airtime. That’s THREE NEW FACES. Plus they might even drop Porsha after she has her next ratchet attack on a cast member…

    • EJilla

      Ghetto? Interesting. What about New Jersey? New York? Oops, those are the white franchises, so despite their appalling behavior they could never be ghetto. GTFOH!

      • tamaratattles

        Well Dallas was pretty ghetto…

      • SarcasticMan

        Yes you heard right, watch Potomac another mainly black cast and Atlanta another black cast and it’s night and day.

      • Minky

        I’ve been saying this for a while, but I would love to see any of the Atlanta cast in any of the other franchises. I believe the casts are segregated by Bravo.

        Hellen Keller could see that Bravo is racist as hell. Can you imagine Nene telling the New York cast what’s what? Or going toe-to-toe with Tyrannosaurus Bethenny? Or Sheree telling Carole to fix her face?

        The way New York has been going Nene would be the classiest broad of them all. I think she and Luanne might be a great dynamic duo.

      • Dallas wasn’t really ghetto, it was pure trailer trash. No offense to anyone who lives in a trailer intended.

      • Keya

        I agree with every word.

    • Chandler

      Don’t forget Marrird To Medicine if you are listing the Ghetto programs by Bravo.

      • Minky

        I think M2M was one of the worst they’ve ever done. Right up there with the Shahs. Pure ratchetry! By learned doctors! How?! Why?! I wanted to like that show so much. And I tried so hard. But I just couldn’t! It was just too ratchet! 😩

  10. Dan

    Please make 2 of these chicks main housewives and call it a day. I am so over the current cast it’s not even funny. Kandi, Porsha, Phaedra, & Cynthia all need to hit the bricks.

  11. BKSweetheart

    Porsha is 35?? She acts like she’s 16. I really can’t stand her.

    • Minky

      The worst part of all this is that if Porsha just did an attitude adjustment she would be okay. All she has to do is stop beating people. And stop calling herself a THOT. That would be a big step to cleaning up her image.

      • hannahkingrose

        Minky those things would be a step to clean up Porsha’s image but she continues to act like a spoiled brat even though she is 35. Porsha can’t seem to learn the concept “use your words not your fists” that most children learn by kindergarten. She also doesn’t grasp the concept that when she is called a THOT it isn’t a compliment. When she happily proclaims herself the Princess of THOTlandia, she makes herself look like an idiot. Even after being made to attend 2 Anger Management sessions, who knows if it made an impression on her. I bet time outs didn’t work on her as a kid if she ever got one. The way she acts, I doubt she did.

        If she was in high school, she would be kicked out for violence. If she was one of us regular people, she would be in jail. Bravo doesn’t seem to be able to make her play nice with others or even sit on her hands when others make her mad. I think it’s time she gets expelled from RHOA because the timeouts (Anger Management, threats of losing her job, other wives not wanting to film with her) haven’t worked.

  12. Stephanie

    TT, you said there was a big reason why things changed from the reunion till now between the other girls and Porscha being that at the reunion they were trying to get here off the show. In your Porsha post, you said you’d get to the big reason why later in the post. Did I miss that reason? I re-read but I can’t find it. Can you please help me? Sorry if it’s there. And thank you.

    • tamaratattles

      Yeah, I sort of lost that train of thought. I started putting this post together a few days ago and have been unfocused lately. I think Nene not being around to lead the charge took some of the air out of it. Cynthia and Sheree would have both blindly followed Nene away from Porsha. Without her there neither has the balls to stick to the plan. Except Kenya.

  13. Everyone always comes down on Porsha yes she acts really immature and desperately needs to keep her hands and feet to herself, but it seems like everyone doesn’t hold the other ladies to the same standard Kenya, Kandi and Cynthia all start a lot of shit and we know NeNe does but people constantly call her names and belittle her. I would like to see all the original ladies start acting like adults and show their fans that they can work our their differences out and work together people have issues at times with one another but they could show all woman how to co-exist in spite of their issues NO FIST FIGHTING–CALLI G EACH OTHER BITCHES and THROWING SHADE AT EACH OTHER every chance they get. Get It TOGETHER Ladies or they Should All Go

    • tamaratattles

      Um, Porsha is the only one who needs your little lecture, sweetie. SHE HAS ATTACKED THREE PEOPLE ON CAMERA!

    • SarcasticMan

      Nobody is doing anything to porsha, it’s not right that the other women have to prove themselves filming for months and she gets a pass because she’s sleeping with someone at ___ and he’s the reason she will always have a peach for free. Everything isn’t always what it seems and no we aren’t blind to what the other women do but they have standards on what they will do.

    • Dwight

      I agree Shavisa. Yes, she is a little quick on the trigger, but the other ladies have a tendency to stir things up. We all know how sneaky and backstabbing Kenya Moore can be. I like Cynthia, Kandi, and Phaedra but sometimes you don’t know what side of the fence they will fall. They are just as guilty.

      • Allison

        @Dwight I don’t care how much shit stirring is or isnt done, Porsha has PHYSICALLY ATTACKED 3 people on camera. ON CAMERA! Usually, ppl think twice before doing shit like that if a camera is around. Not Porsha, and that speaks volumes. There’s a difference between being “quick on the trigger” and outright physically attacking 3 different people. I dont understand what is so hard to get about that.

    • Keya

      Porsha belittles herself. No one is going to go out of their way to show Porsha respect when she chooses to have none for herself. If she can dish it, then she can take it.

    • Cat

      Cynthia in a fist fight. Hmmm….that would be something to see.

      But, no. Cynthia is the most “adult” on that show. She is too classy to lower herself to Porsha’s level.

  14. pfffttt

    Phaedra seems to be the weak link. Since Apollo is in jail she has no story line. Sheree reconnecting with Bob, Chateau Sheree and a possible feud with Kenya is more interesting than Phaedra whining about being a single mom because she decided to marry a criminal.

    • Minky

      I would like nothing more than to see Phaedra go bye-bye from television. But that’s about as likely to happen as it is for Teresa to do a huge mea culpa and apologize for all of her fraud and all of the people she’s hurt.

      Andy’s waiting for Phaedra to get in some deep doo-doo with the feds. He needs to have Bravo cameras around when it happens. It would make Teresa Guidice look like Mary Poppins.

      How long is Apollo gonna have to stay in prison and think about the stupid choices he’s made in his life before he goes ham and rats Phaedra out?

      Remember who-called-the-feds-gate from last season? Oh boy! I’m surprised Cynthia and Kandi are being so quiet about it. They obviously know exactly what’s going on.

      • tamaratattles

        One might think that it was the Apollo sitch that caused Cynthia to finally divorce Peter. She’s well aware he has been cheating for the majority of the marriage. It was about the time the car was mentioned that she decided to consciously uncouple whilst telling us all she will always love Peter but she doesn’t want to be married to him anymore.

        It certainly wasn’t a little video clip of inappropriateness…

      • Minky

        Mmmm hmmm. Add to that the seemingly unsolvable conundrum of how broke ass Peter has managed to acquire the funds needed to open, and then very briskly and silently close, so many bars/clubs in more than one city.

        What gets me is why Phaedra’s so openly hostile to Cynthia and Kandi. Does she have them between a rock and a hard place? Would snitching on Phaedra also mean snitching on themselves? And how does Nene and Cynthia’s on-again/off-again friendship factor into this?

        So many questions. I need a boyfriend.

      • tamaratattles

        Well broke ass Peter suddenly had six figures to set aside for his BFF Apollo once he is out, you know to just help him reestablish his life. Thank goodness the FEDS would never ever monitor social media. It’s just good friends talking. The guy whose businesses failed in ATL suddenly has all this money in Charlotte. Thank god the secret service doesn’t monitor financial transactions. And Hey! Reality people never go to prison anyway. Right?

        I think I’d file for divorce and buy a lakehouse too.

  15. Fantasia

    Speaking on Porsha I do think her Dish Nation job has something to do with still being on the show because on a daily basis she can plug the show & reach a different audience so they allow her reckless behavior for ratings, tearing someone down, violence, hitting folks, throwing things, throwing drinks & jumping across tables is what many tune in for & if you’re not doing that you’re considered boring! She has no reason to stop putting her hands on folks when she’s not losing anything, not her peach or her dish nation job, if anything she got props for having such a cute mug shot! They often joke about it on dish nation it seems to be cute & cool to assault another woman or drag her as she did her assistant. She has to want to change, anger management is designed to help you “manage” your anger but some need to learn where all that anger is coming from & how to deal with it! Speaking as someone who was quick with the hands in my twenties & kept going to jail for a few hours before bonding out & I actually wore that arrest record like a badge of honor I would be quick to say you better check my record, all my friends cosigned my behavior & it never affected my job being in jail for a few hours… Until I got into a fight on a FRIDAY & spent 3 days in jail with no shower & lost my job and was all of a sudden ashamed when my work friends found out so I had to get to the bottom of my anger & she won’t change until she wants to & needs to until she loses a job or someone she cares about makes her feel ashamed of her behavior instead of glorifying it.

    • Minky

      Good for you for getting your act together. That’s a beautiful thing.

      I never thought of it the way you described it. I figured that Porsha is possibly not well mentally. Or that she’s too slow to realize that beating up people is just not okay.

      I can’t believe that her colleagues on the Ricky Smiley Show keep telling her how cool she is for beating people up. Isn’t Smiley a Christian?

      Just like I believe Andy and Bravo are waiting for the Feds to show up a Phaedra’s door, I also believe that their waiting for Porsha to seriously and severely fuck up and hurt someone really, really badly. Shame on them for encouraging violence and criminal behavior!

      • Minky

        *they’re waiting for Porsha

        Ugh! That keeps happening a lot lately. I don’t know why. Is it autocorrect? If so, autocorrect needs to go back to school and get its GED!

      • Cat

        The last time I saw them mention Porsha fighting, she outright denied it. Said it never happened.

  16. Torrie Green

    Saturday Phaedra was in Hampton, Virginia at the HBCU Hampton University for a speaking engagement. On Sunday she was in NYC for some engagements there.

  17. louieb2009

    Man, all the offseason musical chairs in each francise is nuts but Atlanta really does take the cake.

    Nene will probably snatch a peach, whether its from the beginning of the season or halway through. Kandi, Cynthia, Phaedra, Kenya and Porsha for sure have peaches, and it doesn’t sound like Maryam or Leilani will be anything more than a “friend”.

    So those jockeying for a each are Sheree and Lena. It is promising that Lena could support the Kandi/Phaedra feud and the Cynthia/Peter drama. Sure, Porsha can do the prior and Kenya can do the latter, but it sounds like Lena could bring a bit more than those two can (with RL’s relationship with Peter and with her strong relationship with Kandi).

    It’s a good sign that Sheree has drama with Kenya- she needed some sort of conflict with the cast. I think if she wants a peach, she has to have her romantic life factor into her storyline, in addition to Shateau Sheree. It would be interesting to see her dating or reconciling with Bob.

    So just like last year, we have around 10 ladies (Shamea, Tammy, Amiyah, Sheree, Nene, Kandi, Cynthia, Phaedra, Kenya, Porsha, Kim was last season’s crew).

    I predict we’ll wind up with 7 peaches this year, and 2 “friends”. Leilani sounds like she’ll be the Amiyah (basically edited out). Maryam sounds like a good “‘friend”. So if I assume Nene snatches a peach, that leaves the last peach to Lena or Sheree, with the loser being a “friend”.

    So I’m going to go with a main cast of Nene,Kandi, Cynthia, Pheadra, Kenya, Porsha and Lena, with Sheree and Maryam as “friends”. Not so shabby

  18. I really did thinkthat was Mama Joyce.

  19. pdt090

    I really, really hate seeing people defend Porsha by saying the people she attacks provoke her. It’s the height of victim blaming. Why so many people jump to defend that violent moron is beyond me.

  20. Karen

    So…where did you say that Cynthia is leaving the show as is being reported? Was the blind item about her?

    • tamaratattles

      I didn’t. Some people are misinterpreting my story about her selling her house. I don’t have any idea how they came to that conclusion. She’s BEEN filming!

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