Blind Item: Nobody Fires Me!

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I have a lot of RHOA tea brewing but I am not feeling up to putting it all into a readable format today. I do not know how it got to be ten o’oclock so quickly. But I do have a good blind for tonight.

I was speaking with a source recently about something totally unrelated when a comment was made that amused me. This reality show participant was a production nightmare. I was surprised to hear this back when filming was going on. She seemed like the punctual professional type to me.  While filming long scenes as soon as filming stopped and before it restarted she would make demands. Usually for water or a snack.  She would set limits on her schedule. She would ask for breaks. She was a holy terror. And very condescending.

By then end of the filming season a producer essentially told her that she was done and if he never saw her again, it would be too soon. And she responded, “Nobody fires [insert name here!] .  Then she began telling the media she had decided to quit. The policy of the company is not to publicly disclose the nature of the talent and the company parting ways so we often see fired cast member claim to have decided to move on.  I really believed it when this one claimed it was her decision. But it was not.


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75 responses to “Blind Item: Nobody Fires Me!

  1. Toni Lee Gildea

    Did Tootie get tossed?

  2. RescueMom

    Kim Fields

  3. Ms.Minnie

    Kim “Toot Toot” Fields

  4. Diane

    Kim Fields

    Unless the lead in with the RHOA was one thought but the blind is about another ?

  5. Ms.Minnie

    Or maybe Demetria, hmmm ☕

  6. Diane

    ? Why is my comment hanging to be moderated? Did I break a rule TT?

  7. Jeremy

    This BI is obviously Kim Fields. I don’t know why people are suggesting Demetria….

  8. Dawn

    What about Katherine Edwards of RHOBH?

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      That’s what I thought too. I loved Kathryn! Kim Fields seems too obvious, I never believed she left willingly.

  9. Roark

    I think it’s Kim Fields… I always thought it was strange that she announced her departure so early. I think the reunion hadn’t even started airing yet…

  10. SB

    Kim Fields, I could totally picture her acting like some kind of movie star diva during filming.

  11. Will

    TT says she’s not up to putting any RHOA tea out tonight, so I don’t think it’s anyone from RHOA.

    That makes me think, weirdly, that it’s Heather Thomson, who totally started telling media like Us Weekly that she was leaving RHONY before Bravo had confirmed it (like they did with Kristen Taekman), so I’d be very surprised, but given how demanding Heather could be with people, I could imagine her directness REALLY rubbing crew members the wrong way. Anyway, that’s my best guess.


  12. Vanessa

    I immediately thought Yolanda from BH but Kim Fields is also a string possibilty.

  13. lori

    Hmmmm… a big surprise to me would be if it was Eileen Davidson, but since you said she was asked back as FOH, I guess is not her. If it is Kathryn, that I could see.

    • lori

      Oh yeah, and Kim Fields I can TOTALLY see, especially after that “I’m Kim Fields” comment (or something along those lines) she made while on the show. Yes, I think I am going with Kim. I just don’t find it surprising is all.

      • Minky

        The “Nobody fires (fill in the blank)” sounds like someone who believes she’s a living legend. Like a Norma Desmond type who’s still mentally stuck in the glory her past achievements and resting on her laurels. So, I’ll vote Kim Fields too.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya


  14. Toddy

    Yolanda? She strikes me as condescending.

  15. Okay, TT was talking something unrelated to RHOA so it must be RHOOC because they just recently started. I believe tomorrow is episode 4, so my first guess would be Vicki Gunvalson because the ladies seem to want nothing with her.

    The second guess would be Sharon, because she makes mountains out of a grain of salt and if it wasn’t for her meddling too deep along with that new girl that’s married to that sports guy “The ladies wouldn’t have turned on Vickie”, because she would’ve had time to explain in peace on her own time what’s going on with Brooks or atleast what he was feeding her.

    On a side note I am living proof that you can love someone so deep that even when it’s right in front of you…you simply don’t ever give it a second thought and totally believe what your “Love One” is say so in Vickie’s defense and i hope she’s not lying “I would say to give her the benefit of the doubt”…thanks,

  16. ZenJen55

    I’m reading this as TT was speaking on another TOPIC about RHOA and her source made an off topic remark. Just means they switched the topic not the show. Given that Kim Fields and Carlos! Kim was very nasty about people being late not realizing that this is how the script goes. Productions gives different times. Tamara even said one time that a limo drove around with a cast member around town in order to be late.

  17. katy

    Yolanda Hadid. There were rumors last year that she was disrupting the RHOBH shooting schedule – the crew would pack up all of their gear and drive the long trip to Malibu, only to have Yo decide upon their arrival that she was too ill to film that day. And that when she would film, she would often be condescending and arrogant towards the crew. Just rumors, but they seem to fit what TT wrote.

    And I know Yolanda said she quit, but I believe she was fired. Her popularity took a nose-dive last season, and viewers quickly tired of the Lyme/Munchausen debacle…couple that with the rumors of her difficult behavior, and I think Bravo was happy to hand her the pink slip. Just my opinion!

  18. Sali

    I’m 100% stumped, but intrigued.

  19. Angela

    The title of the article alone made me think Yolanda…

  20. RealE

    I would definitely think Kim Fields for this blind. I could totally see this because she is used to working on scripted, union Productions where there is craft service and tons of staff on hand catering to your needs, even for d-list productions. So I could see her being unprepared for what reality filming really entailed. She should have figured it out and adjusted though, so maybe she’s just a demanding B.

    • RealE

      Uh – oh awaiting moderation. I’ve read rules but please please let me know if and what I did wrong so I can avoid. Or does moderation have nothing to do with that? Please excuse how naive I am with this as I dibt post in any other blogs.

  21. DutchTulip

    Love TT’s Blinds and the guessing of all posters.
    Tons of fun and smiles from my end.
    Kim Fields it is… Prima Donna Extraordinaire.

  22. Amy V

    I believe this housewife never gave Bravo access to her home and that in it self was MAJOR. Blind Item is Heather

  23. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    Please let it be Porsha.

  24. Nelly

    My first thought was Heather from NYC but I hope it’s not. I’d hate to think she’s a third person type.

    Hoping it’s Tootie – can definitely see her being outraged at being ousted and she refers to herself by name.

  25. Miele

    I don’t think it’s Kim Fields bc TT told us many times that RHOA production loved Kim. It was her cast matea who weren’t fans…

    Also, TT tells us it’s unrelated to her RHOA tea, so it could be any of the franchises. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough about them to make my own guess… :(

    • Miele

      I’m going to join in on saying Heather from RHONY. I’m taking the “Nobody fires [own name]” to be a general “I’ve worked with very demanding people and always rise to the occasion and never been fired”. She did work for Diddy, JLo, and Beyoncé and I could see having those relationships create a sense of “Who are YOU to fire me?” towards Bravo production. And I could see her coming up because she was recently a camera buddy for Carole on an episode (iirc)… There’s my limited knowledge vote.

  26. Matzah60

    The “nobody fires me” has to be someone that is stuck in a time warp concerning her past fame. The fact that she set “limits on her filming” makes me believe it is a person with young kids. My vote is Kim Fields who announced she quit the morning after the third part of the reunion aired.

    • Auntie Velvet

      Especially because it wasn’t “Nobody fires me!” It was “Nobody follows ,” meaning a person who talks about herself in the third person. We certainly know Kim did that.

  27. Definitely Kim Fields. For some reason she thinks she’s a star – right.

  28. Ruthie

    It’s Kim Fields.

  29. Ruthie

    Long time reader. Love TT. Just now got the guts to try and post a comment.

  30. For me..Yolanda ticks every box..but hmm..I am never sure what I’m supposed to do with blind are talking to your RHOA lead…Kim fields would shock me.

  31. Lor

    Thanks for the tea! I’ve always wondered how the producers and crew feel about the individual HWs. Any tea on that or even a blind like this is wonderful!

  32. Bettina Stokes

    Way wrong! It was kenya moore, she got fired from a cooking show! She wouldn’t leave the set

  33. pfffttt

    I doubt it was Heather. Heather filmed RHONY this season with Carole. If production hated her they wouldn’t have invited her back to film.

    This is obviously Kim Fields. She said many times on the show “I’m Kim Fields.”

  34. Mz greenize

    Kenya Moore

  35. tulsateacher

    It’s Kenya and the celebrity cooking show she filmed recently. I remember TT posting Kenya’s promo pic with her story. She had on a cute yellow dress and apron and was holding a dish of enchiladas. TT wrote of the rumors about Kenya’s behavior while on the show and said she had a hard time believing them because Kenya had always been known for her professionalism etc and even though it was being said that Kenya was the first voted off the cooking show it was hard for her to believe she really did show her ass as was being said. Maybe TT has been given enough confirmation from this recent source that she now believes it to be true.??

    • Minky

      That’s a totally possibility. But it says that this person made it to the end of the filming season. If Kenya got eliminating after her first cooking challenge, then why would she be there for all the rest of them for the remainder of the filming season?

      • tulsateacher

        Touche Minky. I was so excited at the thought of guessing one of these blind items that I must have overlooked that when I read the post. Damnit.

  36. CA2GA

    I vote for either Yolanda or Heather. I hope it’s not Heather because I always liked her. But both claimed they quit. And both seem like they would be punctual and professional, so it would be surprising that they weren’t. Yolanda makes more sense for the filming demands due to her “illness.” I can see her being condescending to others. Heather just didn’t come across that way to me.

    I don’t think it’s Kim Fields. TT mentioned before that her sources said Kim was great to work with from a production standpoint. So it wouldn’t make sense that TT had heard this person was difficult to work with while filming was going on, as stated in the blind.

  37. Auntie Velvet

    Holy terror = religious = Kim?

  38. Twilly

    Tootie and Yolanda seem too obvious. Heather would make sense as a professional business woman you would expect her to behave professionally but I can also see her being very rude and demanding and setting time limits due to her work and family.

    That being said, I can’t think of who, but someone who acts more demure than those 3.

  39. KaraW

    I notice it says reality show participant and not housewife or former housewife, so I’m trying to think of people from other shows like Below Deck and Shahs. Could it be Tabitha Coffey? She seems like a punctual professional, but clearly she can also be condescending. It wouldn’t be a surprise if she was a terror as that was her whole role. For that reason, I don’t think it’s her. Also, I don’t know that she quit or was fired. She still appears on those Bravo commercials which makes me wonder if they’ll bring the show back.

  40. My guess is Nene. Last season she claimed she quit to persue other options. Also, ever since she bacame so popular she has become a Diva.

  41. Jane

    Kathryn Edwards

  42. lori

    I didn’t even think about Heather. I know some of her past employees have said that she is a horrible person.

  43. There were rumors about Cameran Eubanks leaving Southern Charm… I want this to be her!! Condescending is the perfect descriptive of her from last season!

  44. Cat

    Wow. There are too many to choose from.

    Why has no one mentioned Claudia? I know we all love her, but weren’t there rumors going around about her getting dropped from the show? I seem to remember some back and forth there. She quit…she got fired….she was in negotiations. Round and round we go.

    I know Claudia seems like a stretch. But she fits TT’s description. She always seemed level headed and professional…but, who knows what went on behind the scenes?

    And she did stress that she quit the show. Hmmmm….

  45. AshK

    I’m going w/ Yolanda

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