Flipping Out Recap: Todo Limpio

Flipping Out Jeff and Gage

I was happy to hear that Flipping Out’s regular night will be Thursdays. On the other hand that is live eviction night for Big Brother and tonight was a super good episode so I got all caught up in the lives feeds. So, Flipping Out recaps won’t ever be right after the show ends like most Real Housewives recaps.

Valley Vista

Zoila has been promoted to house manager. This is sort of an honorary promotion because all the cleaning is getting to be too much for Zoila. Jeff loves Zoila like his mother and she will be living with him forever. He situation with Jeff is much tighter than Gage’s actually. I totally forgot to include in my WWHL recap that a caller asked about wedding plans for Jeff and Gage. Jeff said they were not in a hurry to get married; however, his attorney recently informed him that in California they have been living together long enough for Gage to get palimony so now he thinks he should get a pre-nup and get married.  Zoila doesn’t want to piss off the workers by telling them what to do. Since when?

Jeff does what Zoila didn’t want to do and walks around telling all the workers “todo limpio” which he says means clean up everything. He says this eleventy billion times. Zoila does take over once he leaves. Then she tells the new young girl to say it and she doesn’t want to. She’s afraid it will be insulting. Pretty much the same way Zoila felt. Yet Zoila doesn’t like the new girl.




Well this is new and exciting. We haven’t seen much of Jenni’s life after her breakup (divorce?) in the early seasons. Now that she is happily married to a hot surgeon with a kid, cameras are back in her home.  Alianna is so big! Where does the time go? She’s so adorbs. And quite the handful. As Jenni says, Jeff prepared her well for tantrums and button pushing.

Valley Village

Kelly is the owner of this property who is six months pregnant. It seems that this is just an interior design job for someone he is old friends with.  I love this house. It’s more in the traditional style. I hope Jeff doesn’t modern it up.

Kelly is having twins a boy and a girl. Jeff helps her pick out a color for the nursery with is stocked to the gills already with rich people baby clothes. There is a rack of pretty pink things and a rack of lovely blue things. So they pick a “gender queer” (don’t ask) gray. Which is Jeff’s favorite color.

The Embryo

Lucky #14

Lucky #14

It’s embryo implantation day and Jeff and Gage are headed to Orange County to be with the surrogate. Jeff is nervous so he is taking it out on Gage on the drive down complaining about his driving. Why is Gage driving?

I am SHOCKED they picked the first surrogate they interviewed. I would have expected them to interview the entire population of California and ranked them all and had lots of color coded data analysis.

So they implant #14, who looks cute already right? Jeff and Gage are worried they will mix up the embryos. Oh, Jeff is just trying to freak Gage out. But during the implantation, both of them are dead silent and nervously on their phones. It seemed like it took forever, but everything went okay. They will know if the embryo attached in two weeks.  Gage drove more carefully on the way home. They are both so adorable. After dropping the surrogate off they are awed by the fact she is carrying their baby. They are terrified of getting their hopes up. If it doesn’t it will hurt too much. Jeff is going to be terrified until someone hands him the baby. And then he is going to be even more terrified.

Newport Beach

Since the boys are off impregnating the surrogate, Jenni is on her own to meet with Mary about the remodel. Jenni has her first parent teacher conference today and got to the site early to do the pre demo work of removing appliances and some electrical. As scripting luck would have it, the crew they hired didn’t have a ladder tall enough to get up to the very high ceiling to remove a chandelier.  They go off to Home Depot to get one and now they are behind schedule.  Oh the drama!  To top it all off they got an extension ladder that was basically unsupported. So the mission really should be aborted in my opinion. And yet, they press on.  If I were the home owner, I would never allow this. But somehow they pull it off.

Jenni dashes off to her parent conference. But she gets caught in traffic. She manages to text ahead and they wait for her despite being 45 minutes late. Basically, she a very smart little girl who bosses the other kids around. Jenni is so sweet. That little girl is going to grow up to be a BOSS.

This was a cute episode.


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18 responses to “Flipping Out Recap: Todo Limpio

  1. Minky

    Oh my goodness! More cuteness!

    I can’t believe that Jeff and I have the same favorite color. I LOVE grey. And gray too. It goes with everything and it’s adequately dignified, but not too somber. Just enough gravitas, but it still knows how to relax and have a good time.

  2. Great recap, thanks, TT. OMG, this was such a cute episode. I hope they don’t all kill each other living with that construction going on around them. Poor new girl! I agree the whole chandelier/ladder thing had to be staged because Jenny cannot be that dumb and Mary would have been ready to fire them.

  3. Elizabeth

    Love this show….. I do hate that the ladder scene was staged! UGH!

  4. Brittany

    I think Alianna must spend a lot of time with Uncle Jeff!!! She sounded just like him. She is absolutely beautiful though.

    • Lawstangel

      I like this show and have watched it since season 1. It’s a little surreal for me, since my daughter named my granddaughter Alianna! My daughter & son-in-law love the show, it is the only “reality” show they watch ( though my daughter occasionally watches the “K” people). When my granddaughter was born, they had three names they liked and Alianna won!

      I think Jeff got screwed by Living Spaces, I don’t think he did anything wrong, unless there is footage we are not aware of. That woman was clearly trying to sabotage them (Jeff’s team) due to whatever her personal animosities were that they hired Jeff. While I agree with much of what his lawyer said, I am a little surprised they did not try a threatening letter with some teeth in it, to try and get Jeff some more money. If they had settled prior to filing a lawsuit, there would have been no threat of paying the other side’s legal fees.

      In any event I look forward to seeing h the season rolls out

  5. mary

    So happy this show is back!

  6. Sherry

    Great show and great recap! Oh and BB was amazing last night. I stayed up late to read all the feeds. CRAZY!

    I loved seeing Jenny’s house and her daughter is soooooo cute. Happy for Jeff and Gage.

  7. I am in flippin heaven. It is so nice to watch a Bravo show and not feel like I need a shower afterwards.
    I am wondering if he came back because of finances. Sounds like they took quite a beating over living spaces debacle.
    I am just glad they are all back and it’s funny how things are changing. I am excited to see the changes that will occur in Gage and Jeff when they become parents.
    Jenny’s little munchkin is just so adorable. Zoila is as feisty and adorable as ever.
    Happiness is Flippin’ Out!

    • Margarett

      Yes, sundayhare3, yes! This is one Bravo show that creates happiness.

      I just love everyone on the program. They’re individuals who blend into a family. No one has to give up who they are.

    • Queen of the Nile

      I add my vote that this is a great Bravo show! I’ve gotten so bored with the Housewives and their silly drama. (Agree with the shower need…) Jeff makes me laugh out loud and there’s so much warmth under the humor from all of them. I just know I’ll boo-hoo when Jeff and Gage first hold their baby. Good stuff.

  8. tamaratattles

    I loved it too. And I love the photos that came up for the related stories, Jeff being Jeff, Zoila screaming CHUT UP!,, and dancing paint cans.

    I am a big fan of gray but I think gray walls look a lot like an institution if you are not careful.

  9. Lou

    Does anyone know if they took? Gage grew on me after time but I always love Jeff .

    • More Tea Please!

      You mean the embryo? I believe the pregnancy is a go, with baby girl expected to arrive this fall.

    • tamaratattles

      Something took because the baby is due within weeks as of Jeff’s appearance on WWHL this week. Now whether the baby is #14 or not… THAT we don’t know, because This seems like it was filmed long enough ago to have had another implant or two. I don’t know. I’m saying that it all ends well but we could know in two weeks that this one didn’t take and still have a baby soon. I am not sure when this was filmed exactly.

  10. SashaV

    I am going to use Todo Limpio with my kids all the time. So glad this show is back on. I love Jeff and his whole crew. Hoping this season has more episodes than last season!

    • @Sasha,
      LOL! I’ve already sceamed todo limpio at my kids so much they’re already annoyed! So glad this show is back on. Reminds me why I started watching Bravo in the first place. 😃

  11. RealE

    Great recap! Your last sentence summed it up perfectly, this was a cute episode.
    Jeff and cute.. 2 words I would not expect to go together but it is accurate.
    Jeff used to be so much more tightly wound and mean, but still funny and charming. Not sure if it’s Gage or what, but as the seasons went Jeff really found a balance and I love him. Always loved his whit, but now he shows heart too.

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