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I think it’s time for another Daily Tea.  The world is such a crazy, sad, scary place lately. I think we all need this song, and the video that celebrates athletes around the globe coming together. I only the countries, governments, religions and political parties could do the same.

Here at the ghetto shack, Banjo and I are having a hard time coming together and there is only two of us. He’s desperate for some playtime, of really something, anything to happen to break the monotony. I really must get it together enough to play with him or walk him. I bought him a new ball yesterday and he has been desperate to run around me in laser fast circles taunting me with it. I just haven’t had it in me. I’m trying to pull myself out of the hole and get some tasks done. And it is happening, things are improving at a glacial pace, but there is improvement.

Sample picture of Tabasco Peppers

Sample picture of Tabasco Peppers


On the gardening front, my cheat plant has been producing pretty well but for some reason the fruit that remains is in no hurry to turn red. I did manage some watering yesterday so hopefully that was the missing ingredient since we haven’t had any rain in ages. We got some thunder and lightning yesterday, but no water was able to make it to the earth.

I have a question. Has anyone ever grown Tabasco peppers? I bought them because it was an heirloom plant and I had no tried it before. I’ve been waiting for them to get bigger, and then I realized DUH, they are the peppers that you buy at the store in the bottle with the vinegar. I have a couple dozen or more and I suppose it is time to pick them. It’s hard to say. I guess I’ll Google that. Okay I googled and pulled that picture. They grow upwards just like that.  They will eventually turn red are as hot as cayennes! “Tabasco is one of the most popular hot peppers with a Scoville heat level of 30,000 to 50,000. These peppers will get hotter as they turn from green to orange to red.” I have to figure out what to do with them!

In the meantime, Stay Cool and Stay Woke it’s crazy hot and just plain crazy out there. And, well, in here too.

P.S.  I meant to post LisaMia’s stupid petomato, Kyle. (she killed Kim) It’s some sort of FRANKENSTEIN thing growing in a bottle or something. I’ll let her tell you about it.

Petmato Daily Tea

Also who the hell is that next to the garden gnome?


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    The world is one huge mess and it makes me very sad. I worry about my children’s future as each day Passes. Thankfully my children are young and know nothing of what is going on in the real world. One day they will, but for now I hope to let them live in fairyland.

    Summer has been hotbher in tx. Yesterday my downstairs AC broke. It sucked. On the plus side upstairs(where the kids and I sleep) AC was working just fine. We’ve got it repaired now but I’m sure a day and a half of a broken thermostat will raise my rate somewhat next month.
    I failed to grow anything this year other than flowers. Maybe next year I will try again with veggies.
    Love you TT hope you start feeling better soon. Sending Banjo some extra thoughts tonight ( if that’s a thing😏)

    Ps. TT who are your hopefuls for the challenge finales?!?

    I love Sarah. Bananas is a dick.
    But id love it if Wes won. ( bananas was clearly screwing nany while he was with Heather teter the Olympic snowboarder)

    • tamaratattles

      I missed the last episode. I have two other more important shows in that timeslot now and MTV didn’t rerun the episode that night. I have to try to catch it on demand. So shhhhh. :)

    • Jaana

      Bananas is a real dick. Nany did nothing to him for him to treat her like that. This season has been pretty tame but maybe it’s because more of the really dramatic people left early.

  2. Make pepper sauce with those sport peppers, TT! You know how to do it – heat up some apple cider vinegar, pour that into bottle with a stopper, shove your peppers in it and let it sit. You could get fancy and put your peppers into jugs based on heat so you have all one color per jug…dammit, my new crazy pills are failing me and it it time to go back to the originals. I’ve tried the lexapro for a month (instead of Celexa) and I have had bags under my eyes for a week and am grumpy as fuck…GAH.

    • tamaratattles

      I probably will make pepper sauce with most of them. But I don’t think apple cider vinegar is the way to go, though I have plenty of that. I think you use a white vinegar for that. And I don’t think I would even heat the vinegar. I dunno. I have to say the tabasco pepper plant lives through a lot of heat with no water. It’s a tough one. It just keeps making more peppers. It’s really pretty like an ornamental pepper plant. It is by far the best plant of the season health wise.

      Not to be one of THOSE people but Sam-e and an organic diet and tons of electrolyte water fixes my crazy. I have a giant box that has been sitting on the dining room table for weeks. I know that less alcohol, more movement, SAM-e, eat as much raw stuff as cooked or at least one raw thing a day, no processed foods… easy peasy sanity.

      So why am I drinking whine and eating crap and not going to bed at a reasonable hour? I bringthe crazy on myself and once it gets a hold it’s HARD to do all those simple things. Hope you get back on the good foot soon.

      • Margarett

        We love pepper sauce on cabbage and greens. Like my grandmother did, when needed we add vinegar and it lasts for ages! You can just keep using the same peppers over and over again. We do heat the vinegar by putting it in a measuring cup and using the microwave. And we use plain old white vinegar.

        Now I need to go learn about Sam e. I’m always on the lookout for a way to increase sanity!

      • tamaratattles

        I don’t have a Costco membership but they have big boxes of SAM-e for free. THe studies say you have to take about 1200 mg I think for it to be effective with depression but even low doses help if you have hot flashes. I don’t have that problem but when I take it I am cold all the time like I was in my 20s.

        The electrolyte water is even more beneficial for me because I am chronically dehydrated. The cheapest place for that believe I or not is WHole Foods. I buy their 365 electrolyte water 1.5 liter x12 for less than $14 with the case discount. Muchlike my Sam E on the dining room table, my case of water is in the trunk because I can’t carry it in and go out and pull bottles 3-4 at a time.

        It doesn’t work if you don’t ingest it.

      • Dee

        Love the Petomato, it has really grown since last year! Ugh the heat is bad!

      • Lou

        My husband made a few jars of the Tabasco sauce and white vinegar. They are hot hot hot hot and the longer they sit the hotter they get. My stepfather who is black and part Native American ( so he has an interesting skin color ) put some on a ham sandwich and my God …I never saw a person get so red. I literally thought he was having a heart attack… I guess maybe it could cause one… From your blood pressure going to high ? We tried to tell him “pop …it’s really really hot …just a dab her two” He put like 20 on his ham sandwich. I have never been so scared in all my life.

      • RebeccaBartholow

        Ok, this Yank has no idea what pepper sauce is (even though I live 1 mile below the Mason Dixon). I would ask if it bears some resemblance to salsa but I don’t want to go to the WLA.

      • tamaratattles

        Well dear, you probably haven’t been in and oldtimey southern dinners or cafeterias, but round these parts any legit southern restaurant that sells greens and black eyed peas will have a bottle next to the condiment on the table that is clear with tiny green peppers inside. When you shake the bottle out comes some white vinegar that has been soaking in the peppers and it gives your greens or peas a bit of a kick. I buy it all the time, its the vinegar I want and not the peppers and the peppers take up most of the room in the bottle. I’m excited to bottle my own soon!

  3. SB

    tt, you can make a nice hot vinegar with the tabasco peppers, just fill a small jar/bottle with the peppers and add vinegar.

  4. Margarett

    Good heavens. Is that Little Kyle? Unbelievable!

    The world has indeed gone mad…again! I’m not sure if it’s worse than the other madness I’ve seen in my lifetime. Perhaps whatever madness one is experiencing at the moment feels like the worst.

    Since there’s nothing I can do about it, I just stay in out of the blazing heat and watch another old movie. I went through a period of activism in the 60s and early 70s.Did I make a difference? Who knows.

    Have a good weekend, everyone. Try to stay cool and, when it all becomes just too much, I recommend turning off the news. Enjoy a movie or a good book.

    • tamaratattles

      I’m trying to figure out what I can do about the race issue in this country. It infuriates me that we are still dealing with this. There are some generations above me, particularly in the south that need to die off naturally before everything will be dealt with. I don’t mean that in a mean way, it’s just the racist times they lived in.

      • Minky

        I blame the damn media. There, I said it. People are incredibly stupid. TV absolutely does influence the way they think. Couple that with a very poorly educated populace, and there’s your recipe for disaster. I keep trying to give my fellow man the benefit of the doubt, but it’s becoming harder and harder to do that.

        I’m also a bit of a conspiracy nut, so I don’t necessarily trust the media, which is also one of the reasons I place a good deal of the blame there. People can actually get along just fine if you leave them alone. Yeah, there are some crusty old people who refuse to let go of their ridiculous racist, homophobic and xenophobic beliefs, but usually people who are like that are pathetic in so many ways, on so many levels. And that generation is already on it’s way out and has no power when it comes to decision-making.

        They need to stop portraying people of color, people from foreign cultures, gay people, and everybody really, as one-dimensional caricatures who have a very set way of thinking and who ALL behave the same way. It’s becoming so ridiculous I can’t even watch most TV without feeling sick, literally.

      • Margarett

        At going on 70, I am one of the old folks … I am absolutely not crusty!

        Please remember that the civil rights movement began in the 60s. Things have changed a lot since. (The movement made tremendous differences. Whether I myself did…)

        Then in the 70s equality for women and little things like Roe v Wade came out. Women still average less pay than men, but I think opportunities have increased.

        Sometime, over the 50 years or so since then, the ball has been dropped. Is it a change in the nuclear family, or increased materialism, or whatever. I don’t know. What I do know is that few 70 plus year olds are out there causing havoc and mayhem.

        Thanks for a place where it’s safe to express myself.

      • Margarett

        Oh yeah, I am so happy that your armpits can pass for European, Tamara! And, you get to keep your arms…yippee!

      • Minky

        Please note that I said SOME crusty old people. Not all. And there are still a lot of closet racists out there. Who are very good at giving the impression that they’re progressive.

        The Civil Rights movement was a great thing. Unfortunately it hasn’t been a complete success. Hence the recent events. And the still horrifyingly high incarceration rates for people of color.

        And the feminist movement has been, in my opinion, little more than a way to give misigynists still more reason to have contempt for women. If I need a movement or an ideology to tell me that I have the right to live my life as I see fit, then fuck it all. Feminism has become a joke and an annoying trope.

      • Dee

        Minky, perfect! One dimensional, so true!

  5. More Tea Please!

    Put the peppers in a ziplock baggie and freeze them. No blanching required. Then use them for stir-fries, etc. I do that with Thai peppers.

    Today I pulled one pepper out of my freezer to make Ahi Tuna Poke. Google the recipe; it comes from Tommy Bahama’s restaurant and is dynamite. I use the frozen Ahi Tuna from Trader Joes, each package has two 1/2 # fillets, you only use one fillet for the recipe. Just barely thaw it before cutting it in 1/4″ dice for this recipe. One recipe was a generous appetizer for 6 people.

  6. SashaV

    Wow, your peppers look beautiful! I would just keep taking pictures of them. And Banjo, maybe he needs a stiff drink. Life can get tough for the hounds too.

    Spending the evening listening for the next time my son vomits…..poor guy. Todo limpio!

    Will be catching up on your blog between pukes as I am behind by quite a number of days. Thank you for blogging. I appreciate you. The past weeks, months really have been depressing but I do enjoy your humor and commentary every time I come here. Truly, thank you.

    • SashaV

      Oops got pulled away when I read this the first time and now see this was a pepper pic off Google. Dang I was impressed lol!

      • tamaratattles

        Mine are pretty impressive but all still green. They are apparently really hard to kill because I let them go without water in the excessive heat and they just kept making peppers.

        None of the gardening pics are ever from my garden because I am a luddite with no cell phone. I HATE phones. One of my sources asked me why I didn’t just TEXT him the other day. It’s kind of embarrassing to tell people I don’t have a cell. I hate cell phones. It’s like an electronic leash and so expensive. I have a landline that I never answer and I use for when I want to talk to someone. I don’t understand why people like to be reachable 24/7.

        Bless your heart, todo limpio indeed. This too shall pass. xo

      • Minky

        Get a cell phone TT. You don’t have to get the latest one or the flashiest one, but get something. I have an iPhone and I love that little bitch. It can save your life if you’re car starts acting crazy and you end up stranded somewhere. There are no pay phones anymore. Which is stupid, but whatever.

        And you don’t have to give out your number to anyone. You can just give it to people you really trust or like. And you don’t even have to answer your phone either. Just put it on silent and go about your business. Treat it almost the same way as you treat your landline.

      • Margarett

        Excellent advice! Lots of folks have our land line number, but only three have my cell number. I didn’t get a smart phone for ages, but now I don’t feel safe if I realize that it’s not in my pick-up. Even so, I don’t always answer.

      • Cat

        My new phone was only $10, and the phone plan is $11. Prepaid is the way to go, especially if you rarely use your phone. I have only had one call since I got this phone. The silence is wonderful.

      • SashaV

        Sorry TT to go back two weeks to respond to your comment but that is how I roll lately! I was a late comer to cell phones as well for all the same reasons but finally broke down a year ago and bought a basic one. I do like to check my emails when out and about for work. I leave my phone by the charger when I am home and treat it like a land line. If I answer I answer, if I don’t I don’t! Virgin Mobile is not so expensive. You might like the texting feature if you are not such a fan of talking on the phone. I think you may come to like it over time. I swore it off forever too…Take care!

  7. Minky

    I think that’s a figurine of either Bill Clinton or Bill Maher next to the garden gnome. I love garden gnomes!

    I’m gonna have a little time off now. How I’ll use it, I don’t know. Hopefully I can get some cleaning done and get my shit together. And shopping. Not fun shopping, like department stores, but practical shopping, like toiletries and some food that’ll keep well in the freezer and pantry. Very exciting!

    • tamaratattles

      These are valid guesses!

    • Lawstangel

      Speaking of Bill Maher ( I find him to be pretty darn funny) he is going to be “reporting” from the RNC all week. One long comedy sketch! I can’t wait to her what he comes up with. Hope he is going to be on Youtube, as I cancelled HBO.

  8. tamaratattles

    Okay when you live alone, hate talking on the phone and have purposely cut yourself off from the world, sometimes you just need to tell someone what a crazy fucknut you are.

    So tonight, I am thrilled to report I have armpit hair! Why you ask? Well first of all, I have ba luck with razor blades. I just bought new ones yesterday but I haven’t used them yet. They just get clogged up, it’s dark in my shower, I always miss spots and so fuck it. Ain’t no body looking at me that close anyway.

    Secondly, my memory is crappy and my shower schedule is lax when I’m in the crazy. So the other day I realized I had no hair under my arms. In my no concept of time brain I decided it had probably been ions since I showered and did the full shaving experience because I threw out all my razors. And then I realized I had zero armpit hair. which of course meant I had cancer or some sort of rare disease that would require a double arm amputation because I am currently living on the fringes of crazy town.

    So tonight I discovered I do in fact have underarm hair and probably just shaved my pits like I normally do and the razor worked for a change and I will be keeping both of my arms.

    That is all.

    • Iprefermyteaunsweetend

      What a relief to know I’m not alone! You should see my freshly shaved legs. Got a pedicure yesterday and while I was getting my legs massaged with hot rocks (feels amazing btw), I noticed that I completely missed all hair on the front of my left leg. I have no idea how it happened but I’m walking around with one relatively smooth leg and one that kinda looks like it belongs on a yeti.

  9. tamaratattles

    Also, because LisaMia is the relatively happy one amoungst or strum und drang, will someone please guess who the little man statue is? Because she is probably canning fucking tomatoes from her Frankenstein plant or off to Malibu to work on her tan. Bitch.

    Maybe Carole is right, we do talk about our friends behind their back. But only when we are jealous…

  10. DJFL

    Years ago I had a next-door neighbor who planted what he thought was a bell pepper plant but turned out to be the little hot peppers. He didn’t want them, so whenever there were a bunch on the bush, I would pick them and give them to a guy at work who made salsa with them. He said it was HOT!

  11. Jaana

    Do we believe in astrology here? I read up on my sun sign and it said I was going to be a widow and have two marriages or long term relationships. Now I am scared to get married.

    • Minky

      That cannot be accurate based on just your sun sign. No way in hell.

      Even if you were to get your natal chart done it would be a serious stretch for an astrologer to make such specific predictions. Possible trends, or relationship patterns? Yes. But that kind of pinpoint accuracy? No way.

      • Jaana

        I did the one that you enter your exact time of birth. I really shouldn’t take it so seriously 😞

      • Minky

        Don’t worry. Just find another program. It’s supposed to be fun. 😊

      • Minky

        Joanna: I hope this helps you feel better about marriage and relationships:

        “To all the girls who are in a hurry to have a boyfriend or get married, a piece of Biblical advice: ‘Ruth patiently waited for her mate Boaz.’ While you are waiting on YOUR Boaz, don’t settle for any of his relatives: Broke-az, Po-az, Lyin-az, Cheatin-az, Dumb-az, Drunk-az, Cheap-az, Lockedup-az, Goodfornothin-az, Lazy-az, and especially his third cousin, Beatinyo-az. Wait on your Boaz and make sure he respects Yoaz.”

        I don’t know where that’s from. But doesn’t it make sense?

  12. The stupid deer ate my beans. They were growing nicely over the fence and now I have dried, chewed up beans. Tomatoes and cucumbers are doing great.

  13. G.

    We use electrolyte drops in filtered tap water; this works well and can be significantly cheaper (and better environmentally) than bottled water. Stay cool and I hope you’re feeling better!

  14. I’m taking a huge leap of faith this afternoon. I am going to drive 200 miles to attend the wedding of my niece. I love her so much and she called and asked me to come even though it is my husband’s family and the separation from him is very new. I don’t know why I agreed to do this but I got a hotel room away from everyone else and I’ll be sure to stay away from the booze at the reception. This is probably the last time I will be seeing any of these people and I love a lot of them. It will be interesting. My stomach hurts.

    • spunky2015

      Have a safe trip, Mary. The family probably likes you more than the ex. Your neice will really appreciate you being there.

    • hannahkingrose

      justanothermary, go to the wedding and enjoy yourself. She wouldn’t have asked you to come especially that far unless she really wanted you to be there. After separating from my ex I attended his mother-in-law’s wake and funeral for my children who were young at the time. Even though I had remarried and so had my ex, his aunts, uncles and cousins welcomed me just as if I was still part of the family in front of my ex and his new wife even inviting me to their home after the service. My ex-husband and I are now friends after a long time which is a good thing. I am still in touch with his family. Just because my ex and I no longer had a relationship didn’t mean his family didn’t still love me.

    • Dee

      Mary, this is so exciting! I hope you have a great time!

    • I think its great that your niece called you personally to make sure you come.

      Just because your husband is being a dick and wants a divorce, your niece grew up loving YOU! You will always be her aunt. Nothing can take that away.

      Bring some chamomile tea with you for when your nerves start to get bad. It helps me. Sometimes I have to make it a double.

      • I went and it was lovely. I’m truly glad I didn’t chicken out. Two of my step-sons and their wives hung very close to me in case I got nervous and that was very sweet. My husband was kind and we talked a bit – nothing deep but not hateful either. I don’t believe I will ever do it again, but I’m glad I went this time. Thank you all for your kind words and concern – it helps more than you know.

    • Matzah60

      Go, justanothermary. In February, I was in the very same situation. My ex’s brother’s son was getting married. They have never stopped calling me their aunt. My ex didn’t want us to communicate, but my niece and nephew somehow found me online around 8 years after my divorce. They live in Tennessee, transplants from Syracuse NY. The wedding was in Alabama. I had one more trip left on my frequent flyer card and I decided to go. I was worried about the money for a hotel and then I got an email from my sister in law, my ex’s brother’s wife. She said they rented a house for five days and they wanted me to stay with them. I offered them money to help with the rental and they refused. They said it was already paid for. They are not rich, but life has been better for them since moving to Tennessee. My ex was always embarrassed by his family, including his mother and father.

      Anyway, it was the best time I have had in a long time. I had so much fun and it was so good to see my family from my ex’s side. A caveat, they are not close to my ex, but he was there. He was so annoyed that they invited me and tried to start an argument about it, but I simply walked away.

      Do yourself a favor and go. You will always be an aunt to your niece. I am so happy you were invited and your niece made a special call to invite you to this auspicious event! Go, enjoy, and laugh and don’t forget to dance!!!

    • SashaV

      So glad to read you had a nice time justanothermary!! How nice of your stepson to watch out for you😊

  15. SaraSally

    Oh God! Is that petmato sitting on a Portmerian Botanical Garden plate? I hope not. I might have to confiscate that dish & place it with my set otherwise. Okay, I have to go calm down now & quit thinking about some folks have too much money! 😉 wink!

  16. SaraK

    I took yesterday off and was super productive. Painted the hallway..I still hate the 4doors I had to paint/tape around, mowed the side and front yard…..and got my feet done….Go SaraK. The green pepper plant continues to grow yet no peppers. Today is cleaning house, washing car and lunch with cousin. Got to go with the energy spurt while it is here. Give my client a quick walk around the block. Both of you will feel better for it….and you will major bonus points for being productive. You have been out in the world a lot lately..it takes a toll. Just remember…,for every asshole in the world there are 100 decent folks (per a scientific study I did in my head) focus on the decent.

  17. I think the little dude standing next to the gnome is Einstein – just based on the hair.

    • Dee

      Yes Mary! I think it is Einstein too! The hair, yes!

      Tamara, I love what you wrote on Twitter to CNN, respecting the dead. I can’t let you know as my account has been hacked.

  18. Dee

    Tamara, like you I’m very worried about our country. Has everyone gone crazy or is it the instant news? People say don’t watch the news; when its being force fed to us 24/7 kind of hard to ignore.

    • Minky

      Turn off the boob tube! You need your head to be wired right so you can get through your own day and do your own shit. You and I can’t help the situation. We’re needed by our families, friends and co-workers. Those people rely on us. Be the best YOU that you can possibly be in your daily life with people that you know.

      I’ve got police helicopters circling and circling and circling not very far from my home tonight. They’re allegedly looking for a shooter. I’m terrified. Is there anything I can do? No dammit! Not a mother fucking thing.

      I thought I heard fucking gun shots a little while ago and I hit the deck like a mad woman. The helicopters sound like they’re farther away now, but I won’t be able to relax until their totally gone.

      This shit has been going on every other night around here. Suicides, shootings, stabbings, horrible car accidents, brush fires. WTF!!!

      If the news scares you then move to L.A. Anywhere on the south or east side. Try South Gate. Helicopters all up in the motherfucker every night flying so low that the buildings shake. As well as police chases, ambulances and fire engine sirens. Welcome to paradise.

  19. RHofND

    Such a random thought but I am watching older episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County and over and over the girls say “….we need to talk about the white elephant in the room”. That is not the correct phrase and it drives me crazy! It’s ” the elephant in the room”… white elephant is a gag gift.

  20. Robert

    Storms without rain are the bane of my existence. It’s like 5000 degrees in Central Florida and I feel as if Im gonna melt at any moment.

    We have tabasco peppers everywhere in my yard. We like to make pepper sauce with them of the birds dont get them first.

    Here’s a piece of useless trivia for yall: Birds are not affected by the capsaicin in peppers. That’s why we call tabasco peppers “grove peppers” around here. The birds eat them then pass the seeds all over.

  21. I have a gardening question. My eggplant is getting mauled by flea beetles. Does anyone know if there is something I can make at home to get rid of them, that won’t kill my plant? I’m knew to this gardening business.

    • This probably won’t help you now, but I have a platform bird feeder and bird bath in my garden. I want to attract the birds so they eat the bugs along with the birdseed. Thankfully, it seems to work.

      The only thing the bugs don’t like to eat are slugs and I don’t blame them.

      I also have flowers (like cosmos) in the garden to attract the bees for pollination of the veggies. Last night I had around 10 goldfinches having a ball eating the cosmos and black eyed susans seeds. I never had any gold finches before even when I had a thistle feeder up.

  22. Pip

    Hope everyone is hanging in. Summer is incredibly busy and fun for me but I haven’t been completely unaffected by all the turmoil in our nation and world. Sometimes people are just too affected by these events (I am one of those), so I find it best to just read the paper in the morning and then avoid all news throughout the day. I stay off the daily mail and the other salacious sites because they just live for this shit.
    Anyway, no spoilers here (I know better!) but when “Game of Thrones” finished the season a few weeks ago I thought I would go into withdrawal. It was probably the best season yet.
    The other things I am watching are “UnReal” (on Lifetime)… Great depiction about the backend of reality shows.
    I also just started “The Night of” on HBO. A new series that is going to be excellent. It’s a drama, kind of moody and suspenseful. I think that it’s going to be really good.
    Also, I started a Showtime series called “Roadies”. It’s a bit fluffy but kind of fun. It’s a Cameron Crowe show, and it is TOTALLY Cameron Crowe if you are familiar with his work.
    And of course, “60 days in” which starts August 11th. That is really the only reality show I watch anymore.
    I’m sorry, but I gave up on the housewives, Big Brother, etc. Too much drama and crazy for me.
    I’ve been way more in to scripted TV.
    Oh yeah… But I did see some “Flipping Out”(s) on my DVR. I’ll give those a watch. I enjoy their disfunction.
    Finished season 4 of “Orange is the new Black”. After the ridiculousness of last season, it was a pleasant surprise. Pretty intense.
    Anyway, sorry I haven’t been around. Just busy as usual. But I’m thinking about you guys and hope you are all managing okay. Try and stay away from the news if you can. It helps me. I’m an anxious person and God knows, I don’t need to subject myself to the horrors everyday.
    Much love to all and happy summer!

  23. Tamara I just recently read a pretty convincing article about the Sam-e, so I am thrilled u brought this up. I am definitely going to try it, but it does recomend u start with very low doses., they say it really helps ppl suffering from the in disease ” fibromyalgia” oh Lird please help these ppl & their gentle “hugs”. Lol

    • sandra

      Ellie, Fibromyalgia is unknown cause of pain. Doctors don’t know what is happening to a lot of women, but something very real is going on. I’ve been ill for several years with pain every all over my body and Yes, gentle hugs it is. I don’t think it is LOL!

      • hannahkingrose

        sandra, I almost wrote a comment before you but changed my mind then saw yours. People can’t see the conditions I have by looking at me except that I only weigh 104 lbs. now and look frail. I don’t have fibromyalgia but I do have Complex Regional Pain Syndrom/RSD, COPD, osteoporosis, Degenerative Disc Disorder, 3 crushed vertebrae in my back that caused me to lose an inch in height and several vitamin deficiencies. I’m in constant pain. I have learned to live with it and occasionally bring it up but I try not to cram down anyone’s throat constantly. I cracked a vertebrae 5 weeks ago trying to pick up a 45 lb. dog and a week ago I hurt my ribs just by reaching over the arm of a chair to pick up the remote. I do count my blessings because someone always has it worse than I do. But yes when someone hugs me it has to be gentle and I’m not laughing either.

  24. fivecatsownme

    Mark Twain is the statue. I fell and broke my arm last Monday. I have surgery this Tues. Been sick and in and out of the hospital since May.This is the cherry on the sundae of my shittu life. Managed to get a good haircut today. I cut off a foot of hair.
    Take care TT.

    • Dee

      FiveCats, so sorry to hear! Missed you!

    • hannahkingrose

      fivecatsownme, I am so sorry that you are going through such a hard time right now. You are in my thoughts and prayers and I am sending you positive healing vibes. Being sick and dealing with medical issues over an extended time can be so tough and draining both physically and mentally. Try to remember as my Mother used to say “This too shall pass.” At least as you said you got a good haircut. That will make taking care of your hair easier for you after surgery. Take any little success, added to the next and soon things will look better. That’s how I live my life. Sounds silly I know but I just made chicken salad for everyone and I feel good about it.

      • fivecatsownme

        Tjanks for all the kindness HKR and Dee. Surgery went great. Finally got a short arm cast today. They will pull the pins next month.Getting strtonger and realizing evety day I pass the mirror test is a good day.

  25. JustJenn

    I’m in tears right now I just finished watching Fruitvale Station – it’s about the shooting of Oscar Grant. It’s a movie that absolutely everyone should see regarding the BLM movement.

  26. Madashell

    Watched the 5 part documentary special on ESPN : OJ made in America. It was extremely well done and puts it in the context of the historical conflict of the LAPD and the African American community. Feels like that conflict is reaching new heights again, but all over the country.
    I got nothing done today, because I had to watch it all. Highly recommend viewing it.

  27. Lynn

    Would the answer be Al Sharpoon standing on the sill with your gnome? That’s my guess, though Einstein and Mark Twain were great guesses, too

  28. Iprefermyteaunsweetend

    I feel ya, TT. This world is a mess and like you, I haven’t felt like doing much of anything. As the GOP convention is slated to start, I’m still dumbfounded that Donald Trump is a serious contender for POTUS. Seriously thinking about moving to Canada. It’s all too much to digest. The things happening in this country and around the world have my mind reeling. There is so much hate and greed… I know there is also a lot of love- I have to believe that but you don’t hear as much about it as the horrible things that are being done and said. I think the media should be required to report 2xs as much good news as they do bad. Is it any wonder so many people have anxiety issues?! Thanks for letting us vent, btw. Thank goodness we have you!

  29. JustJenn

    So even though I am not in the mood to date, I ill sometimes check out POF and more specifically the “Meet Me” portion. I haven’t been on in awhile so there were a lot of profiles to go through..my two favorites were a man who wrote under hobbies that “his kid and his dog are shit.” Did he mean his shit? His favorite shit? I’m still not quite sure. My second favorite was a man in falling down pants and a baseball hat pushed back off his head, holding a Mike’s Hard Lemonade, while doing some sort of symbol with his other hand. My selected age range is late 20s to early 40s. 😂😂😢

    • Margarett

      Oh dear. I should think that would put anyone off dating. Thanks for a bit of humor, JustJenn. It’s sorely needed.

  30. Katherine 2.0

    Funniest thing I have watched in ages: Jim Jeffries, Freedumb on Netflix. I think I will go watch it again because I need a fucking laugh.

  31. Margarett

    I have seen a few comments about the show “The Bridge”. I loved it, too. Now there is a show on USA called “Queen of the South”. It’s kind of like the other side of the bridge.

    It is a bit dark and grim. But, if you liked “The Bridge” you will probably like this one as well. The 4th episode is coming on tonight. It’s on On Demand, and it should be watched from the beginning.

  32. Lisa j

    It’s 5000 gazillion degrees here in Arizona so nothing grows. We’ve dont drop below 100 until around midnight so who the hell wants to even step a toe outside the door between May and October. I’m so grouchy lately. Due to the world going crazy I keep the TV on Bravo or Netflix and hide away. TT, no joke, you’ve probably saved what little bit of sanity I’ve got left. Your blogs are my high point the last few months. If no one has told you how valuable you are, please allow me. I see the same names posting, that’s comforting. It’s one of the few things that remain stable in the world, even on the post that discuss the world, there’s a kinship that we are all in this together. You’ve shared your life with us and created a safe place for us to do the same. Thank you for that.
    PS- I say a prayer for you every night when I pray. Xoxoxo

  33. Jill

    I love this Open Forum and like hearing everyone’s take from all over. That’s is truly what makes America a melting pot of ideas and people. I think we all agree your site is our sunshine on many a dark day so thanks TT for being there for us even when you are going thru it.

    I like hearing about everyone’s garden and their successes and struggles. I myself used to do well before I had kids but now I live in an area with lots of rocks and very clay soil. I have tried “raised planting beds”, replacing the clay with “good” soil only to find it washing away and my tomatoes/peppers/jalapenos drowned thanks to all the clay soil that surrounded it. Lesson learned. I found that replacing the soil you often can “transplant” in problems like fungus that never goes away, thus giving your tomatoes things like “bottom rot.” Isn’t that pleasant sounding? Imagine seeing the best green tomatoes you ever saw and as soon as the tomatoes start to turn red, the bottoms turn black and fall off. Fan-freakin’-tastic.

    One thing I found out about from a friend and heirloom orchard owner (who knew there was such a thing, but…) was about a great heirloom exchange catalog/seed service called the “Seedsavers Exchange.” I know I’m not supposed to mention other sites here (please don’t hurt me TT) but they are not-for-profit heirloom seeds exchange/sharing program and their paper catalogs are a JOY to receive in the mail in the middle of winter when you need a good pick me up. He gifted me a membership later that year and I have supported them by killing their heirloom tomatoes (NOT ON PURPOSE) for the last 10 years. I couldn’t talk about gardening and not talk about how great Seedsavers was.

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