EXCLUSIVE: Cynthia Bailey Moving On From Peter; Moving Out Of House

RHOA Cynthia House
Cynthia Bailey is moving on with her plans to divorce Peter Thomas. It’s time to sell the house. Tamara Tattles RHOA spies have sent me information that Cynthia Bailey has put the home she shared with Peter Thomas on the market. The four bedroom four bath house was listed yesterday for $699,000. The house has gorgeous grey hardwoods, a chef’s kitchen and it’s in a walking neighborhood.  There are retail and restaurants and the popular beltline all within walking distance.

Cynthia and her daughter have been spending a lot of time in Los Angeles in the last year. I expect her to be moving there or back to New York City sooner than you might think. Coincidently, Noelle’s father, Leon, has residences in both places. Noelle has aspirations in the entertainment field so I expect to see this family all living in the same place soon. If not the same dwelling at least the same neighborhood. Leon is very active in Noelle’s life and will likely be instrumental in guiding her through her career exploration.

RHOA Cynthia lake house
As for Peter, I doubt we have heard the last of him on RHOA. He clearly loved doing the show more that Cynthia did. Cynthia is taking an extremely high road getting herself out of this mess. Her public statements have all been very kind about Peter. She says she loves him, she just doesn’t want to be married to him anymore. Nene seems to remain quite friendly with Peter. This would piss me off because I am petty like that.  But Cynthia doesn’t seem to care that her on again off again BFF still visits with Peter when she is in Charlotte.

Currently, Cynthia has moved herself into a lake house with a dock and a boat and is finding her zen.  There will be no cunt punting of housewives from this dock. She has officially moved on.  The photo above is her new back yard. She is thrilled to be in her new place and Claudia Jordan has already promised to come visit.  Oddly everyone is wishing her a happy 50th birthday. I think it is just because of one of her hashtags where she says something about enjoying her 50s. I’m pretty sure her birthday is in February and she is 48.

UPDATE: I have exclusively verified that Cynthia bought the lake house.

Tonight she is hosting and AKA event in Atlanta.


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36 responses to “EXCLUSIVE: Cynthia Bailey Moving On From Peter; Moving Out Of House

  1. SLM

    I’m petty like that too, TT! And thanks for the tea!!!!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Um yeah me too. No way my “BFF” should be hanging out with my ex.

      • Librarygirl

        Good for her. She never did need Peter’s mess. And yes, Nene always had it for Peter, all of that bother on Nene’s part at the reunion regarding her flirting with Peter was because it happened, repeatedly. Greg was hot about it too.

      • Minky

        Nene is a stooge. Making goo-goo eyes at Peter is just one of the many, many ways she’s embarrassed herself over the years. Cynthia totally did the right thing by not acknowledging it at all.

    • Matzah60

      I guess I am petty too. I wouldn’t find that okay and in fact, after separating before my divorce, I found it deliberate when people with whom I thought were friends chose sides. They either spoke to me or to my ex. I found out most of my friends were really just social friends. Since he is a doctor, I felt they were drawn to the person with the most clout, not I. I guess I’m paranoid too, because that is my belief. I made less money, had less power, less importance. Maybe a big part of that is my self-esteem or lack thereof along with being paranoid. Still, I didn’t like it and still don’t. He is on his post third marriage/divorce relationship and since I am stuck having to come in contact with him forever it seems (our children’s wedding, graduations, grandchildren’s birthday parties), I am forced to be civil and even try to be cordial for the sake of my kids. It would seem petty to be otherwise, especially to my kids. I even speak to his new girlfriend. I feel obliged to say hello, how ya doing, etc. She had nothing to do with my divorce and is nice to my sons. She never tried to be my replacement or pretend to be their stepmom. She is also nicer to me than my ex. I’ve got to give her kudos for all those things. She’s a better person than I might be in the same situation.

      I had a very good friend who was a social worker who has since passed away from stage 4 melanoma. She told me the difference between having your husband die and divorcing your husband is that you bury your deceased husband, but you ex shows up at the door every other weekend to pick up the kids. It is a truth that used to bother me, but once she told me that little diddy, it gave me some comfort and used to make me laugh when I saw my ex driving up to my home.

  2. beth

    is the lake house in or near Atlanta?

  3. wow..staying friends with the person who abused his wife…your on again ..off again..bff!! Geez NeNe..Cynthia..like all humans..teach people how to treat her…

    if she has low self esteem..her friends should be zooming to her side…not buddying up to the abuser..

    i hope she doesn’t leave Atlanta..she worked hard and paid attention to her businesses….for some reason..I don’t believe Cynthia will divorce him..or if she does..she will take him back..again witht the self esteem issuse…

    what an awesome location for Cynthia.

  4. MARC

    First we got rid of Yolanda, now Peter please dear God get Bethanny off my television…

  5. Ms.Minnie

    I’m so happy for Cynthia, I never understood why she stay’s on this devilish show just to make Andy Cohen richer. I feel the same way about Nene and Kenya, how long can you sell your soul to these devil’s that want nothing but to make you look like a damn fool. Life is to short to be arguing and wasting months filming BS storyline’s. All the best to Cynthia and whichever direction her life goes.

  6. Minky

    I hope this divorce heralds the beginning of a stronger, more confident, won’t take no shit from nobody Cynthia. I understand about wanting to get her zen back, but she can still be a kung fu master too. 😛

  7. More Tea Please!

    Kick that pig the curb Cynthia and move on with your life. You deserve to be happy and respected!

  8. I AM OK NOW

    I love you for saying that TT..I do not like the flirting or the ex loyalty stuff..ive been looking at Nene and Peter sideways for years..especially after the emotional breakup when she called him the B wird..What was that all about….

  9. Jaye

    I wish Cynthia all the best! Here’s to life and NEW beginnings!

  10. Twilly

    She should have left him years ago. Very happy for her and Noelle. And I’ve always loved her ATL house!!

  11. Alicia

    GOOD FOR HER!!! She is too good for that broke mutt. Spending her money left, right and sideways on businesses that ends of failing.

  12. Lisa j

    WTG Cynthia! Wishing her a happy blessed life.

  13. Allison

    I saw the listing and it is a gorgeous home. Good for her though for starting fresh, a lakehouse makes everything better. So does ditching your money grubbing, cheating ex.

  14. Home

    Hats off to Cynthia!

  15. Peter has always been a conniving,controlling guy and Cynthia could do so much better, Hope she doesn’t come out of this divorce poorer than she went into the marriage.

  16. Miguel

    Thanks for the tea, TT – per usual, it’s delish!!! I’m so happy for Cynthia – good for her!!!

  17. Does she still have her modeling school/agency or was that just for the show?

  18. NeverBeenJaxed

    Hoping to see more Cynthia and Leon together. And Claudia always seemed like a girl’s girl. I love that about her. Cynthia probably feels a hundred pounds lighter after dumping the baggage that is Peter. Good for her!

  19. I wish I had the money…I adore her house.

  20. ZenJen55

    I’d take a lake house over a house in Atlanta anyway! Looks like Lake Lanier to me. What a great place to film.

  21. Jen

    Good for Cynthia! She’s way too smart and pretty for that o Poppa Smurf Peter, anyway. Get your life Cynthia and be happy. I hope she marries Leon! Xoxox.

  22. Rach

    I would love for Cynthia to join NY housewives. She’s been a friend of Luann, Ramona and Jill for many years.

  23. Navymommy

    I hope the water and incredible view help to calm and heal her. I hope she gets her groove back and becomes very successful.

  24. I really can’t stand the gray wood trend. It’s usually plastic crap. It won’t age well. And it’s EVERYWHERE.

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